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Yesterday, Patrick and I took Tobie to check on the house and we are so excited! Things are really moving along and the drywall is almost done. It is starting to look like a house! We still can’t believe we get to live there! 

I wore my new comfy overalls from Walmart to the house and they are part of their maternity items. In my 3rd trimester, I feel so much more comfortable in maternity clothes rather than sizing up in regular women’s items. The only issue…. Maternity clothes are not something you want to spend a lot of money on because you only wear them for such a short period of time. I found these overalls, and some great maternity summer dresses from Walmart for such a great price and they fit perfectly. 

I’ve had some questions about how to feel confident during pregnancy and wearing clothes you feel comfortable in is my number one advice. I highly recommend that my pregnant mamas have a few go to maternity items that they know they feel good in in their closet. All your pre-pregnancy outfits can wait! It is all about feeling comfortable and wearing items that fit well. 

As far as maternity items at Walmart, everything fits true to size. I ordered a medium in everything and felt comfortable and nothing was tight. I am almost 31 week pregnant. 

I have linked everything for you to shop below each photo! 

Thank you Walmart for sponsoring this post! 


Where has the maternity section gone in Walmart????

Hi All! It has been 12 years since my last pregnancy. I know things have changed but really did not realize how much until I began to look for maternity clothes. The last time I was pregnant, I went to Walmart and found great deals on maternity pants etc. I attempted to look at their clothing this time, online at first, to determine what I liked so I would not be at the store all day. I could just locate what I wanted and grab it. To my surprise, Walmart no longer had a maternity section- AT ALL! I do not feel comfortable purchasing the clothing online because all clothes fit differently and I had recently lost 60 lbs before I found out I was pregnant (I had high cholesterol). I guess I didn't notice its abscence since I haven't been pregnant in so long.


Anyone have any suggestions on where to go in the Dallas/Ft Worth area to get maternity pants (like slacks for work). Also, if you did purchase your maternity clothes online, how were you able to determine size? I don't want to swim in my clothes!


Thanks in advance for reading and your comments.

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If you’re on a budget and expecting, it can be really hard to justify spending over $50 on one maternity dress. At the same time, if you’re anything like me, the bigger you get the more you want to look cute to minimize any insecurities you might be feeling as your body rapidly changes. I’ve been hunting for deals for the last few weeks, looking for cute maternity clothes, and I’ve stumbled on a hidden gem. is a treasure trove of cute and affordable maternity clothes. I know you’re probably shocked because most Walmarts don’t even carry the maternity lines in-store. I’ve put together some of my favorite finds that I ordered for myself in the last.

  1. Lamaze – Maternity Nursing Full Coverage Sleep Chemise – Picked out this nursing nightgown for my hospital bag and for the several months I’ll be breastfeeding. I figured I need to have at least a couple of sleeping options for the hospital, in case it becomes an extended stay. This gown is very soft and should allow easy access of the boobs for bub.
  2. Time & Tru – Maternity Front Tie Tee  – Grabbed this tee with a fun tie to have more bump-friendly tee options between Le Tote shipments. It’s really comfy and hangs loosely on the bump, which is great because with each growth spurt my belly gets so itchy.
  3. Oh! Mamma – Maternity Off the Shoulder Dress – This dress would be great for Easter or really any Sunday at church. I love that it works for warmer weather while having some sleeves. I find that if I’m wearing sleeves my newly enlarged chest looks less imposing. I’m particularly excited about this one.
  4. Jason Maxwell Sport – Pull on Drawstring Jogger – Wearing these joggers right now as I type. They’re not maternity but at such an affordable price I had to get them. I sized up to a large so they’d fit nice and loose around my hips and so far I’m pleased. They’re really comfy and not squeezing in any awkward places.
  5. Nurture by Lamaze – Maternity 2-Piece Nursing Chemise and Robe Set  – This is another pick for the hospital bag. I’m thinking I’ll wear this chemise and robe combo right after baby boy arrives and I’ve cleaned up for some “he’s here” pics. It’s also very light and airy while at the same time being modest. The top part of the chemise unclips to allow access to the ladies for feedings.
  6. Planet Motherhood – Maternity Striped Sleeve Body Con Midi Dress – I got this dress in the mail and immediately wore it. It’s so comfortable! Doesn’t squeeze in any weird places and clings in a good way to all your new curves. I will say if you’re feeling a little lumpy it’s probably best to wear with something underneath but if you’re embracing that bump life it’s a great comfy dress.

Make sure you follow me on Instagram where I’m always sharing my fashion finds and how I style them. Also make sure you sign up with your e-mail address for blog post notifications so you never miss a new post. Things to look forward to include my second trimester recap, Nursery decor, and pregnancy fit tips I’ve picked up along the way.

Let me know in the comments if there are any affordable maternity brands that you’re loving and you think I should try; just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t still be a fashionista.

Sending you lots of light,


Like this:


WALMART Maternity HAUL - Review, Regrets \u0026 RED FLAGS

Are Walmart maternity clothes good?

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Pregnant after 35

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Not buying yet...but yeah the pants are getting snug Smile So since I haven't bought maternity clothes in at least a decade, I was wondering if anyone has bought Walmart stuff?

 My local Walmart does not carry maternity so I was checking out the site and they seem to have great prices. I would probably be looking mostly at capris/shorts and tshirt, summery things. Not for work since I wear a uniform-I'll have to have a chat with the uniform salesman about that!

eta-I did check out motherhood maternity's site too but it was a tad hipsterish for me...nothing wrong with that, but I'm a bit old for it!

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Maternity clothes walmart

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Affordable Maternity Clothes at Walmart
If you're looking for affordable maternity clothes, you have to check out Walmart. In just the past three years, I've noticed them roll out the cutest styles for pregnant mamas, from great basics to fun & trendy pieces. I mean, this bundleincludes a tank, tee, leggings and dress for just $39.99. Can you even?!

I wish I had these options with my three pregnancies! Luckily, I did discover Walmart'ssoft nursing brasafter I had my daughter (who is soon to be three years old) and they are the BEST!

I've rounded up some of my current favorites—enjoy! And if you're looking for more options, check out my post on the best places to shop for maternity clothes.

WALMART Maternity HAUL - Review, Regrets \u0026 RED FLAGS

The 10 Best Places To Buy Maternity Clothes of 2021


Aside from round-the-clock comfort, support for your growing belly and body is key when shopping for maternity clothes. Blanqi’s line of support wear is tailored for maternity, postpartum, and beyond—and their leggings are long-time best sellers for a reason. All styles have built-in seamless support, light compression, and are made with breathable moisture-wicking fabric. 

Blanqi fans love the brand’s traditional over-the-belly support leggings because they help lift and redistribute the weight of your bump and have added back support. They also offer hip-height leggings for everyday wear, SportSupport legging designed for workouts, and postpartum high-waisted leggings with gentle mid-section compression to smooth and secure your post-baby belly. 

The leggings, along with the rest of Blanqi’s game-changing support wear, come in mostly neutral colors like black, grey, white, and blue so they won’t go out of style if you plan on expanding your family in the future. And they make great shower gifts!

The 9 Best Maternity Leggings of 2021


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Walmart Maternity Must-Haves

Happy Fancy Friday! I am so excited to share this blog post that will hopefully help all the mamas-to-be out there! Finding maternity clothes that are actually cute and don’t cost a fortune can be hard but I am happy to report I found several options at Walmart that are great quality and all around $10! From a simple body con dress every pregnant girl needs to basic tanks and undergarments, I’ve got you covered. Scroll down to see my Walmart maternity must-haves and be sure to share this post with anyone you know that’s pregnant!

maternity must-haves - maternity tank leggings and denim jacket

You guys know I have been finding so many cute pieces at Walmart the last couple of years so I was not surprised when I fell in love with several maternity items. This body con dress that comes in three colors has to be my favorite piece and a must-have for any mama-to-be. These are my absolute favorite dresses to wear because you can literally style them with anything. I threw on a denim jacket but I’ve also worn this with a long kimono, layered a knotted graphic tee over it and plan to wear a cardigan with it once it gets cooler. The fitted style of the dress is super flattering and it’s currently on sale for $10.50!! This short sleeve dress (on sale for $9.50) and this longer sleeveless dress(only $8!) is the same brand and material so I would scoop those up as well! They come in size small all the way to 3X and Walmart orders ship free when you spend $35!

Since I am officially at the point where none of my tanks or t-shirts cover my bump I knew I had to get some maternity tanks. I was SUPER impressed with this 2-pack for $9.99 because they are made of the softest, stretchy material. They also come in a 3-pack and have been so handy. I’m not exaggerating when I say I’ve been wearing them almost every day around the house with shorts or joggers but they are nice enough to style with an outfit to wear out!

My last Walmart maternity must-have are these thigh shapers. I have a few dresses that are on the thinner side so wearing these underneath has been perfect. They’re ideal for under nice dresses or any skirts, pants, etc. where you want to keep things looking smooth and flattering. I couldn’t believe they were only $12! They also come in black and you can get them here.

maternity must-haves

*See how I styled this ribbed midi dress 2 ways!

I hope this post of maternity must-haves was helpful and don’t hesitate to comment with any questions you have! 

Thanks for reading!

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Thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this post. As always opinions are my own!

Photos by: Angie Garcia


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