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Classic, Stock the Bar CoEd Wedding Shower Invitation for Bride & Groom to Be



Introducing Kitty Meow's Classic, Stock the Bar CoEd Wedding Shower Invitation for Bride & Groom to Be

Loving this design, but prefer it for a different occasion? Not a problem! Fill out the event information form accordingly, and I'll do the rest.

Each 5"x7" invite is printed on a card stock of your choice (all lovely options!) and comes with a white A7 envelope.

Interested in kickin' it up a notch and including colored envelope or liners? Please reach out personally so we can chat different color options and additional cost.

If you need more than invitations, please contact me and I'll be happy to set up a custom listing for you.

The low down on the KittyMeow Boutique design & production process:

  • Make sure you fill out the event form completely when checking out. Super important to make sure your ducks are in a row before purchasing.
  • A digital proof will be emailed to you by next business day.
  • Once you give FINAL approval on your design, your order will be sent to print immediately. Any possible reprint charges incurred after client's final artwork approval will be at the expense of the client. Please proofread diligently before giving final approval. Orders sent to print cannot be canceled.
  • If you are adding on Envelope Addressing please email over your complete guest list in spreadsheet format to [email protected] 
  • Order will then ship out in 2 additional business days via USPS Priority Mail.
  • Your beautiful invitations will be in hand in 3 additional business days!

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How to Plan a Stock the Bar Engagement Party

by HewittAvenue

Hi, lovelies! Yesterday, we talked about how fun a beer tasting couples shower would be as an alternative to a traditional bridal shower. And we&#;re back to share another favorite: a stock the bar engagement party, which also works great for a wedding shower for couples. Here are some fun ideas on how to plan a stock the bar party for your favorite engaged couple. What is a &#;stock the bar&#; party? What do you need to plan one? What kinds of gifts do you give to a couple that are fitting for a stock the bar party theme? Read on to find out all of that&#; and more! Enjoy!

A stock the bar wedding shower or engagement party is a festive soiree thrown in honor of a newly engaged couple. (If you prefer, you can throw a stock the bar couples shower in lieu of an engagement party.) This type of party theme is ideal for the couple who already owns many of the typical wedding registry essentials (like cookware, bedding, kitchen gadgets, etc.) The name is just as it sounds: you&#;re gathering people together to toast to the happy couple and bring gifts related to their home bar. This may include things like:

-bottles of champagne, beer, liquor, or wine
-glassware for their bar
-bar tools
-mixers + salts + rimming sugars
-and more!

This engagement party theme is also the most fun way to toast to the couple in excitement for the planning ahead! And who doesn&#;t love that?!

For starters, you&#;ll need an awesome invitation. Here are a few we love!


These coaster wedding invitations are ideal for a stock the bar party! By HewittAvenue.

stock the bar engagement party

buy here

Here&#;s another design we also love: &#;let&#;s stock their bar&#;! By LuxuryBellaPaperie.

buy here

And another favorite: an invitation for a co-ed bridal shower for stocking the bar. I like the envelope design, too! By Carrie ONeal.


stock the bar engagement party

buy here

Here are the envelopes (you can get them addressed for free, one thing left to do on your party list, yay!)

stock the bar engagement party

buy here

This invite has a cute little poem on it to help guests know what to bring! A wedding registry like this is also a must-have for every couple (and it&#;s OK to put on the bridal shower invite!) By NolieSmiles.

stock the bar engagement party

buy here

These cups from RubiandLib will go great with it!

buy here


After you send invitations, it&#;s time to start thinking about your decor. Here are a few examples.

This garland is by ConfettiMommaParty and looks great!

stock the bar engagement party

buy here

Everything you choose doesn&#;t have to say &#;Stock the Bar&#; on it. You can play up the words a bit and opt for this garland that reads, &#;Drunk in Love&#;. Cute! By LuluDesignsNC.

stock the bar engagement party

buy here

Party cups are always nice to have! These are personalized stock the bar party cups by the lovely Rubi + Lib.

stock the bar engagement party

buy here

For another fun design, try these by Sip Hip Hooray:


stock the bar engagement party

buy here

For the actual party itself, you&#;ll want to decide if you plan to serve fun cocktails of all kinds OR focus on a wine tasting party or beer tasting party. This will help you to narrow down the drink choices and figure out the best decorations for your space.

Don&#;t forget plenty of coasters and drink napkins! I love these stock the bar napkins by Sip Hip Hooray as one example. The foil adds a little something extra. :)

stock the bar engagement party

buy here

These napkins are also adorable and they&#;re by Just Simply L. The option underneath it is by For Your Party, both great places to buy your engagement party or co-ed bridal shower napkins.

drink on love coasters

by just simply l

drunk in love napkins by foryourparty

by for your party

And these, by SequinsAndLipstick.

stock the bar engagement party

buy here

You can add fun, personalized stir sticks to the occasion, thanks to these by For Your Party. Get them here.

buy here

Streamers and party balloons are must-haves, especially these fun balloons by CheeseAndU. Buy here.

buy here


A stock the bar party always includes a toast to the happy couple. The host can provide one, or you can ask the Best Man or Maid of Honor to say a few words.

Signature Drink

You can offer the couple&#;s favorite drink(s) as a signature cocktail. Here&#;s a sign to make it happen! By Mangolia Papers and Co.

buy here

It is even more fun if you add extras, like garnishes and rimming salts or sugars. These are by Dell Cove Spices; don&#;t they look delish?

buy here

buy here

buy here

buy here

buy here

See more of these salts and sugars for your party here.


For food, the casual fare is best at this type of party. Pizza, wings, appetizers&#; you get the idea! And don&#;t forget festive cookies and a cake for cutting after the food is served.

These beer cookies &#; complete with fizzy bubbles! &#; are by TheLittleBakerCo.

buy here

And these Modelo cookies are also a fun touch! By TheCookieExchange.

buy here

If your party is more geared towards wine-related bar-stocking, here are some cookies for it! By Nicolettsy.

buy here

Here&#;s a fun assortment of &#;Whiskey Bent&#; cookies for a stock the bar engagement party, co-ed shower, or bachelorette party! By Borosimplysweet.

buy here

Jack Daniels, anyone? Another fun stock the bar engagement party dessert by BentleyBakeryCookies.

buy here

And a few more, both by SugarSugarSweetShop:

buy here

buy here


Play some fun drinking games! This stylish one is called Drinkopoly and it makes a nice gift for the couple to keep after the party. By Refinery and Co.

buy here

Here&#;s another option and this looks like a fun one: Drink-o-rama! Check it out here.

buy here


Last but not least, don&#;t forget party favors! Here are some of our favorites.

How about some custom drink koozies? We spotted these at Sip Hip Hooray. Available in MANY colors and styles (see them all here).

stock the bar engagement party

buy here

You can edit this design from &#;housewarming&#; (as shown below) for a stock the bar engagement party or bridal shower. It says, &#;I helped UNstock the bar&#;. Haha! Also from SipHipHooray.

stock the bar engagement party

buy here

Shot glasses are another great favor to give your guests. These are perfect and I love the design!

stock the bar engagement party

buy here

This &#;Cheers&#; bottle opener is a fitting take-home favor for guests. By Beaucoup.

cheers bottle opener

buy here

Or this corkscrew, which also says &#;Cheers&#; on it! By Beau-coup.

cheers corkscrew favor

buy here

This next one is a wood coaster (personalized!) with a built-in bottle opener. Great idea! Buy it here.

coaster with built in bottle opener favor

buy here

A popular favor for a stock the bar engagement party? A heart wine bottle stopper, like this one! Buy here.

heart wine bottle stopper favor

buy here

I also like this bar tools keychain, from here.

bar tools keychain favor

buy here

And last but not least, check out these engraved wine glasses from Scissor Mill.

celebrating custom wine glasses

by scissormill

engraved wine glasses by scissormill

by scissormill

Or these stemless wine glass favors by Beau-coup.

buy here

Gifts for a Stock the Bar Party

What kinds of gifts should you give the couple for a &#;Stock the Bar&#; engagement party or bridal shower? Here are a few suggestions for this type of theme.

Ice Bucket

Andrew and I registered for a similar ice bucket for our wedding and we LOVE it! I use it every time we have a party and it is such a great accessory to have. The ice bucket here is a great one. I like the addition of garnishes &#; mine doesn&#;t have it! Cool idea. Buy it here.

buy here

Bartender Tool Set

A set of bar tools is an excellent gift for a stock the bar wedding shower. This one by Stock Harbor includes a cocktail shaker, double jigger, corkscrew, strainer, muddler, bottle opener, bar spoon, and ice tongs. Great reviews on this one! Buy here.

buy here

Beer Caddy

This cool, rustic beer caddy is a great gift for the couple. You can add your own six-pack of beers they&#;ll enjoy. By RefineryandCo.

buy here

Whiskey Barrel Decanter Set

This cool whiskey barrel decanter set has a SHIP inside&#; and two matching drinking glasses! By The Wine Sevant.

buy here

Whiskey Barrel, Personalized

This wood whiskey barrel can actually age your beverage inside! It is personalized with the couple&#;s names. By Sofia&#;s Findings.

buy here

Engraved Whiskey Growler

You can get a fun whiskey growler engraved for the couple from here.

buy here

Wine Opener Set with Custom Box

This beautiful gift set is perfect for wine-lovers! The wine tools are packed inside this beautiful personalized box with the couple&#;s names on it. By AmericanStationery.

buy here

Engraved Whiskey Decanter Set

This is the most beautiful decanter I&#;ve ever seen! It is personalized with engraving on the front, back, glasses, bottle &#; everything! By MagicWoodShop.

buy here

Stainless Steel Drink Bucket

This will come in handy for any party they throw at home! It&#;s a beautiful design by ChilledDesigns.

buy here

And there you have it&#; tons of inspiration for your Stock the Bar Wedding Shower or Engagement Party! What do you think of this party theme? Are you planning one, or hoping someone plans one for you? I love this idea for housewarmings, too! It&#;s a fun way to stock your bar and have a memorable party with your family and friends.

Share your thoughts in the comment box below!

Have fun!


Updated to reflect new finds!

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How to Throw a "Stock-the-Bar" Shower

Traditional bridal showers involve giving gifts to help the couple set up their new home, but there’s a new type of wedding shower trend on the rise. Stock-the-bar showers are an alternative (or additional!) shower that celebrates a couple’s engagement with gifts of bubbly, booze, and bar tools to keep their liquor cabinet stocked with everything they need to entertain and celebrate in style.

What Is a Stock-the-Bar Shower?

A stock-the-bar shower is a co-ed wedding shower where the couple is given bottles of booze or barware to fill their bar cart and toast to their engagement.

While bridal showers have been around for centuries, stock-the-bar parties are a modern twist on this classic tradition. To help answer all your burning questions about how to host the perfect stock-the-bar shower, we consulted with Aspen-based wedding planner Juls Sharpley. “A stock the bar party is one of my favorite kinds of parties,” says Juls. “The best part about a stock-the-bar party is that you may end up receiving more eclectic bar items like really specialty bitters, aperitifs, and new tools.”

Meet the Expert

Juls Sharpley is the founder of Bubbles and Bowties, a wedding planning and event firm based in Aspen, Colorado, and serving the surrounding Rocky Mountain communities.

A stock-the-bar shower is a unique celebration, but it does require some planning to ensure the couple ends up with gifts of booze and barware that they’ll actually use. We fill you in on everything you need to know before you plan a stock-the-bar shower, along with a step-by-step guide to pulling off this saucy shindig.

Stock-the-Bar Shower Etiquette

Who throws the stock-the-bar shower?

There’s no hard-and-fast rule for who throws this kind of party. Some couples even decide to organize it themselves as an alternative to a housewarming party if they’ve just purchased a new home. Whoever throws this shower should be somewhat organized in order to balance the guest list, invites, and registry. “Ideally, they would create a list (hidden from you) of cocktail ingredients that are being brought,” says Juls. “No one needs multiple bottles of Angostura Bitters, but everyone needs multiple bottles of Luxardo cherries!”

When do you throw a stock-the-bar shower?

Anytime! A stock-the-bar shower can double as an engagement party to toast to the couple’s upcoming marriage, or it can be held as a last hurrah months before the ceremony. It’s totally up to you!

Who gets invited?

“Any friends, especially those you enjoy having over on regular occasions,” says Juls. “Bonus points if they make a great cocktail and can teach you and others at the party how to make it as well!"

Who should consider having a stock-the-bar shower?

It goes without saying, but stock-the-bar showers should be held for couples that like to drink, especially those that like to experiment with craft cocktails or enjoy various spirits. It’s not for everyone, so don’t feel pressured to have one if you don’t think you’ll use the items you’re gifted.

Where should it take place?

“Ideally it takes place at the home of the person/couple being gifted/celebrated,” says Juls. “There’s nothing worse than having to haul a bunch of heavy bottles home after a party!”

How should you word the invitation?

Make sure to mention that the party is co-ed, and consider alerting your guests to any type of liquor you could do without. 

Does the couple need a registry?

It might be a good idea to have a registry to ensure you don’t end up with multiple bottles of the same spirit. Look into registering at local wineries or distilleries near your area. Thirsty Nest is another great option; it's the first registry of its kind that provides a registry of wine and spirits, along with glassware that can accompany alcoholic beverages. 

How long should it be?

If you’re serving food, allocate hours for a stock-the-bar shower. “We always recommend serving something to nibble on when alcohol is involved,” recommends Juls. “These parties are also great come-and-go housewarming style parties!”

What kind of menu should be served?

Plan an array of cocktails, beers, and wine for your guests to sip on throughout the party. Consider serving your own signature cocktail, or asking your favorite winery to create custom wine labels on your favorite bottle for the party. Make sure to have some non-alcoholic beverages on hand for the designated drivers. 

To ensure your guests enjoy responsibility, make sure there’s plenty of water available and easily accessible. Cocktail party snacks like cheese and charcuterie boards, dips and chips, and other finger foods will ensure your guests don’t overindulge on an empty stomach. 

What games or activities can you play?

You don’t have to play games at a stock-the-bar party, but if you want to, a blind taste test is a great option. Have your guests taste test different spirits or cocktails to see who knows their liquor the best. The winner takes home one of the bottles! You could also have a short class or demonstration with a sommelier or bartender to teach the art of wine tasting or craft cocktails. The possibilities are endless! 

Should the host give out party favors?

Party favors are a thoughtful gesture to thank your guests for celebrating with you and showering the couple with love and gifts. A few party favor ideas include small bottles of wine or spirits, personalized wine stoppers, or custom glassware. 

Steps to Planning a Stock-the-Bar Shower

Decide who’s hosting. 

Talk to your partner and decide if this is a party you want to host yourselves as a housewarming party, or if you want to leave it in the hands of your trusty MOH. Either way, make sure the party planner has plenty of time to plan – a stock-the-bar shower involves a little more coordination than your run-of-the-mill house party.

Send invitations.

Decide on your guest list and send out invitations. Don’t feel the need to keep your guest list small. A stock-the-bar is a great opportunity to celebrate with friends who have been a part of your social circle for many years, as well as new friends who are always down for a good party. Unless the stock-the-bar shower is formal, e-mail or digital invites should suffice. Spend your party budget on the small bites and specialty drinks.

Register for gifts. 

If you want to register for wine, spirits, and barware, make sure to do so at least a month before the party. Let your guests know where you’re registered, as well as any items you don’t think you’d use or enjoy. 

Prepare the venue. 

If you’re having the stock-the-bar shower at your home, make sure it’s ready for guests. If you’ve just moved in with your partner, make sure you’ll be settled in your new house before throwing a party. Set up different areas of the house or venue to make it easy for people to sit, sip, and chit-chat all night long. Don’t forget about the backyard! 

Plan the food and drink menu. 

Drinks are obviously the most important aspect of the stock-the-bar party, with food following close behind. Make sure you have plenty of both to last your guests at least hours and an equal amount of drinks. The finger foods should be somewhat substantial, but don’t forget about the classics like a cheese board and chips with dip. 

Organize activities.

Consider hiring a bartender to pour up one-of-a-kind cocktails for your guests, or having a sommelier give a tasting. At the very least, make sure you have a few bottles of champagne to toast to the happy couple towards the end of the night.

Celebrate responsibly. 

You can help your guests celebrate responsibly by having a firm cutoff time for drinks, or even purchasing credits from a ride-sharing app to help them get home safely. Ask one of your bridesmaids or groomsmen to be on high alert for anyone enjoying the party a little too much. A stock-the-bar party can be loads of fun, but it’s not a college frat party. Your guests should prepare a safe ride home if they plan on drinking. 

How To Day Trade Listed Stocks
Click on an invitation for an order form with more information and pricing.
Stock the Bar Shower Party Invitations are a great way to get your guests excited about a fun shower that can include both the bride and the groom. The future Mr. and Mrs. will appreciate that you chose to use a printed invitation to mark this very special and memorable occasion. Years later the couple will look back at their Stock the Bar Shower Invitation and remember the fun they had. Stock the bar parties are a fun way to start a couple's married life! Sometimes these showers work perfectly for an older couple, or couple who already has everything, or two of everything. But you still want to celebrate their union! Two Bottles of wine is much better than 2 blenders!

Stock the bar showers are also great for a couples shower even if it is for a couple just starting out. The guys will be much more interested in bottles of tequila than bottles of soap bubbles. So if you are interested in the guys attending, these stock the bar shower invitations might be the perfect start since they are not too feminine. Both the bride and the groom.


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