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Pulp Riot launched in June in the United States by David and Alexis Thurston. They created a professional brand of Permanent and Semi-Permanent hair colour that is now a worldwide name and well known in the hair industry selling to salons all around the globe. Pulp Riot only uses the highest quality Crutely-free, Vegan friendly and Paraben-free ingredients for the hair. Their commitment to using the best ingredients mean that hair is healthier, allowing for longer lasting beautiful colour. With the perfect consistency for the FACTION8 permanent hair dye, it offers easy application, laser-focused placement and the ultimate, seamless blend. The bold range of colours are all cool based. Pulp Riot offers not just Permanent and Semi-Permanent dyes but also a range of Toners, Developers, Lighteners and more. They use pigments with deep rich colours that help to increase the longevity but also fade beautifully while staying within the same tone as the original shade.

Sours: https://www.huntordye.co.uk/hair-c3/pulp-riot-hair-dye-c

How Long Does Pulp Riot Color Last?
That&#;s the question we get asked most often. With semi-permanent hair color, you shouldn&#;t be asking how long it lasts&#; instead, you should be asking, &#;How long does it fade?&#;

After application, the hair goes through a vibrant period, and then over time the hair goes through a fading period, where sometimes Pulp Riot colors can look even more beautiful. How long the colors stay in the vibrant period, how long they go through the fading period, and how beautiful they look during the fade are dependent on 3 things; the quality of the dye, how it is applied, and aftercare.

Quality of Dyes
Not all dyes are created equal. The dyes used in Pulp Riot are the very highest quality of dyes. They&#;re more expensive, but they&#;re more vibrant, they last longer, and they fade true to tone. Cheaper dyes are less vibrant, the vibrant period is brief, they fade quickly, and they fade poorly (the pinks fade to a salmon color, the greens fade to a muddy color, etc.)

Proper Application
Pulp Riot should be applied to clean dry hair. Care should be taken to make sure the hair is fully saturated. No developer should be used and using a conditioner or treatment prior to application because some can create a barrier. Pulp Riot should process at room temperature for 25 to 40 minutes and then rinsed with cool water, without shampoo.

Proper Aftercare
We recommend that you wait a couple of days to wash your hair for the first time. When washing, a high-quality sulfate-free shampoo should be used on the scalp area, and you should just let the shampoo run through the ends while rinsing with cool water. Dry shampoo is also a great option.

We also strongly suggest that excessive time in chlorinated water or well water will shorten the life of the color. Also, it should be noted, that while rare, certain medications and hair porosity issues can sometimes have a significant effect.

So, how long does Pulp Riot color fade? With proper application and aftercare, the lighter colors fade beautifully up to 25 washes, and the bolder colors fade beautifully up to 42 washes.

Sours: https://www.stellaluca.com/orlandos-first-pulp-riot-salon/
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Pulp Riot Formula: Livable Lavender by Alexis Thurston and Rickey Zito

Multi-colored hair is a culture shift, not a trend. Once, you could only have variations of blonde, brunette and red. Now, every color of the rainbow is available for individuals to express themselves. Pulp Riot stylists Alexis Thurston and Rickey Zito give us the details on creating this lived-in lavender hue.


Natural level 5

Formula 1: 40 g lightener with 60 g volume developer

Formula 2: 30 g lightener with 50 g 7-volume developer

Formula 3: 40 g Pulp Riot Velvet with 1 drop Pulp Riot Noir

Formula 4: 30 g Pulp Riot Velvet with 30 g Pulp Riot Mercury

Formula 5: 30 g Pulp Riot Lilac with 20 g Pulp Riot Mercury

1. Divide the hair into four sections. Starting at the nape and moving toward the front hairline, take ½-inch sections and apply Formula 1 to the midsections. Process 20 minutes.

2. While Formula 1 is still processing, apply Formula 2 to all the base. Continue processing both formulas for an additional 30 minutes. Shampoo, rinse thoroughly and dry hair.

3. Now, re-divide hair into four sections. Starting at the nape, take ½-inch sections and apply Formula 3 to the base, Formula 4 to the midstrands (about 2 inches away from the ends) and Formula 5 to the ends. As you work, blend the colors together where they meet.

4. Repeat the procedure throughout whole head. Process 40 minutes. Rinse thoroughly (don’t shampoo) and condition ends.

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Sours: https://www.modernsalon.com//pulp-riot-formula-livable-lavender-by-alexis-thurston-and-rickey-zito
Pulp Riot Purple Balayage - Plum Hair Color
FACTION8 is the only permanent color offering consistency created specifically for easy application, laser-focused placement, and the ultimate, seamless blend.

This Italian made permanent color is made for the modern hair artist, and utilizes the newest advances in hair color technology. It provides % grey coverage with long-lasting results, and leaves the hair in peak condition.

In a non-metallic bowl, mix 1 part FACTION8 color to 1 part Pulp Riot developer. Apply to dry, unwashed hair.
Process 35 minutes. Rinse and shampoo well with Bangkok Shampoo.

For optimal grey coverage on % white hair, we recommend mixing ¼ to ½ of the Natural series to your formulation. Use shades from the Double Natural () series for intense grey coverage.

They’re cool based.

In a non-metallic bowl, mix 1 part High Lift color to 2 parts Pulp Riot developer. Process for 45 – 55 minutes. High Lift colors are best on levels 5 and higher. We do not recommend mixing High Lift colors with other target shades.

MSDS - Safety Data Sheet

Sours: https://www.maritimebeautyshop.com/product//pulp-riot-factionviolet-booster-2oz

Hair pulp riot purple

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Pulp Riot Lilac - Lavender Hair Color Tutorial

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