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Hermès bracelet in lacquered wood Multiple colors

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Huge and fabulous giant minimalist curved bracelet Made in Vietnam by Hermes in his collection of lacquered wooden bracelet.
This specific model is the most impressive of the collection and presents itself in a marvelous intelligent palette mixing a deep red and a bluish-brown-gray!
superb, it will delight fans of fashion lovers of modern art!

Model: GM
Collection: Lacquered Wood
Size: Size M(diameter 70mm)
Signature: Hermès, M(waist), Made in Vietnam
Composition: Lacquered wood
Diameter: 70 mm inside, 130 mm outside, 60 mm thick.
Palette: Red / Brown-Gray
Condition: micro scratches, 2 smaller deeper stripes and a more striking shot with loss of material 1 to 2 mm in diameter near the edge, see on the last two photos the flaws.
Manufacturing: France, Vietnam

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Brand : Hermès

Dimensions : Taille M, 7cm de diamètre

Condition : Correct condition 

Fabrics : Wood

Colors : Multiple colors

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Hermès Bracelets

Today, while Hermès’s broad range of luxury goods is still inclusive of the fine saddlery it has always produced, the legendary house has also built a reputation around its jewelry, which includes long sterling-silver necklaces, modernist rings in rose gold and a variety of other alluring accessories.

When Thierry Hermès founded his Paris workshop in 1837, he quickly became the go-to harness maker for the aristocratic set, championed by top-notch clientele such as Napoléon III and his empress, Eugénie. With a nod to refinement and simple good taste, the European beau monde flocked to this master for gear that matched the status of their prized horses (which, after all, were the 19th-century equivalent of a sleek new Mercedes).

Innovation and growth have always been characteristic of Hermès, owing in no small part to the expertise of its in-house artisans. In the 1920s, for example, it was a simple pivot for leatherworkers and metalsmiths to move from harnesses to dog collars at the family-owned brand; belts for its sophisticated clientele followed soon after. The same spirit of versatility yielded the creation of the first Hermès handcrafted leather handbags in 1922. This, of course, eventually proved revolutionary for luxury and led to an international legion of Birkin collectors, the faithful members of which today endure lengthy waiting lists for their dream tote. As always, the focus at Hermès was on craftsmanship, and the same goes for the brand’s coveted jewelry.

Hermès’s first piece of jewelry was the Filet de selle bracelet, which debuted in 1927. Its motif — a small-scale silver horse bit on a leather strap — was, like many of the luxury house’s objects, a play on the brand’s equine origins. In 1938, Hermès released the Chaîne d’ancre, a chain-link bracelet inspired by a ship anchor, and it spawned a line of earrings, necklaces and more. And by the 1940s, elegant women everywhere were sporting calfskin leather Collier de chien bracelets and cuffs, sleek, gold-plated pyramid-studded cousins to the canine collar that preceded them. It’s safe to assume they were every bit as appealing as the original crafted for man’s best friend.

Today, find a wide variety of Hermès jewelry on 1stDibs.

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Hermes Clic H Bracelet HONEST Review! Is it REALLY worth it!?

HERMES Bracelet in Fuchsia Lacquered Wood

For Hermès, what began as a maker of leather equestrian goods for European noblemen would eventually grow into one of the most storied fashion labels in the world. In 1837, German-born French entrepreneur Thierry Hermès opened a saddle and harness purveyor in Paris. Gradually, the house extended into accessories and luggage for its riders, and today, in paying homage to its origins, the family-run luxury brand resurfaces horse motifs in everything from clothing and modernist jewelry to pillows and handbags.The first top-handled bag ever produced by Hermès was the Haut à courroies, which made its debut in 1892. A tall bag secured with a folded leather flap (fastened with bridle-inspired straps), it was designed to transport riding boots and a harness. As the world made the switch from horse to automobile, the bag adapted, becoming a multifunctional travel satchel instead of a designated saddlebag. Today, 120 years later, the HAC remains in Hermès’s line — and its distinctive flap and clasping straps have laid the groundwork for some of the house’s other iconic bags.In the 1930s, Robert Dumas (son-in-law to Émile-Maurice Hermès, Thierry’s grandson) designed a smaller, trapezoidal take on the flap bag with a handle and two side straps. Later, actress Grace Kelly, then engaged to Prince Rainier of Monaco, is said to have used one of these bags to conceal her pregnancy during the 1950s. Because she was photographed constantly, the coverage catapulted her handbag to international popularity. In 1977, Hermès officially renamed the model for her, and the Kelly bag was born. Each Kelly bag takes between 18 and 25 hours to produce, and its 680 hand stitches owe solely to one Hermès artisan.Robert Dumas was also responsible for another one of the brand’s most iconic offerings: the launch of its first silk scarf on the occasion of Hermès’s 100th anniversary in 1937. Based on a woodblock designed by Dumas and printed on Chinese silk, the accessory was an immediate hit.Today, vintage Hermès scarves, typically adorned in rich colors and elaborate patterns, serve many functions, just as they did back then. Well-heeled women wear it on their heads, around their necks and, in a genius piece of cross-promotion, tied to the straps of their Hermès bags. Kelly even once used one as a sling for her broken arm.In 1981, Robert Dumas’s son Jean-Louis Dumas, then Hermès chairman, found himself sitting next to French actress and musician Jane Birkin on a plane, where she was complaining about finding a suitable carryall for the necessary accoutrements of motherhood. After the two travelers were properly introduced, Birkin helped design Jean-Louis’s most famous contribution to the Hermès canon: the Birkin bag, a roomy, square catchall with the HAC’s trademark leather flap top and the addition of a lock and key. Owing to the brand’s legendary commitment to deft, handcrafted construction, the Birkin is an investment that is coveted by collectors everywhere.While the Kelly and Birkin may be standouts, gracing the arms of everyone from royal heiresses to hip-hop stars in the past few decades, the handbags are but a small part of Hermès’s fashion offerings. Since the 1920s, the brand has produced some of the most desirable leather goods in the world. There’s the Constance bag, a favorite of Jacqueline Kennedy, the recently relaunched 1970s-era Evelyne and, on the vintage market, a slew of designs dating back to the 1920s.Good design never goes out of style. Find a variety of vintage Hermès handbags, day dresses, shoes and more on 1stDibs.


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