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After several months of downtime, we are finally re-opening our beloved Hostel Beirut!


Since 2014, Hostel Beirut had been welcoming visitors from all over the world into a vibrant and loving community in Geitawi that was about so much more than just accommodation. With the help of volunteers and patrons, the hostel operated as a non-profit organization and maintained a space where you’d meet folks and make friends, while giving back to the community.

In early 2020, the hostel, like all of Lebanon, began to struggle under multiple crises. First the economic collapse, followed by Covid-19. After the devastating August 4 explosion in Beirut, the hostel community quickly mobilized to restore and fix the parts damaged. But the hostel, sadly, remained closed due to ongoing challenges.

Today, we are reopening the space and running it as a worker-owned cooperative. We have big faith in coops as an economic model that can sustain during crises and are looking forward to rebuilding an open and welcoming community around Hostel Beirut. 

We welcome your bookings, visits, and ideas for collaboration!

















Beirut is a cosmopolitan city in Lebanon dotted with remnants of a troubled past. Its landmarks and neighbourhoods clash and contrast: luxurious new builds stand next to war-damaged architecture, and western influences sing alongside eastern culture and traditions. There are archaeological sites offering glimpses into ancient history, while museums tell the city's story. You can wander vibrant souks fragrant with incense or drop into a vintage bar for a quirky cocktail in a disused factory. There's always something new to see here, plus plenty of places to order a mouthwatering mezze platter.

At most hostels in Beirut you can expect free Wi-Fi and social spaces like outdoor terraces for meeting other travellers. Bonus extras can mean free breakfasts, and some Beirut hostels have their own bars and cafés. Help out refugees while you stay in Beirut at a government-approved hostel where proceeds go towards educational projects, or stay in an old public school that now houses an exhibition space for young Lebanese and Arabic artists.

There are four must-visit neighbourhoods in Beirut. Hamra is a liberal cultural centre with theatres, street events and historical cafés alongside buzzing pubs, while Downtown Beirut is a glamorous district filled with luxury hotels, high-end boutiques and the city's souks. Kaslik is the modern end of Beirut, where you'll find streets filled with international shops and gleaming storefronts. For nights out, head to Mar Mikhaël where industrial buildings have been reimagined into retro-themed bars, cosy pubs and top cocktail spots.

While in the city, check out the frescoed tomb at the National Museum of Beirut, then marvel at the Byzantine mosaic floor beneath the cathedral at the slightly spooky St George Crypt Museum. For a day trip, visit the Roman temple at Baalbek, which in the summer hosts the Baalbeck International Festival for music and theatre among the ruins. Stay downtown on Sundays to experience the authentic frenzy of the Souk al Ahad flea market, making sure to barter over locally crafted goods.

Beirut-Rafic Hariri International Airport is a 10-minute drive from the city. The easiest way to travel is via taxis that are regulated by the airport with set rates, whereas local taxi fares will vary. The city is fairly compact and roads can get jammed with cars, so walking between places is often faster than driving. If you do need a car, you can jump in a servees (shared taxi) – look out for the Azizah ones decorated with Lebanese flags for a truly patriotic journey.

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Hostels in Beirut, Lebanon

This section is dedicated to take away all your "I wish someone had told me that before I went!" experiences. This way, you are better prepared for what to expect, what not to expect and can spend less time settling in, and more time making new friends in your chosen hostel. We share our insider knowledge of tips, tricks and important things to look out for in Beirut. To help you make friends with Beirut before you visit, we've included a few helpful and fun things you should know about the area. Enjoy!

Beirut, Lebanon, is the charming capital of Lebanon and often referred to as the "Paris of the Middle East." Beirut has a vibrant cafe scene and street life and is worth staying a few days.

Do not let the news footage you see every day about the Middle East stop you from visiting Lebanon. Despite the situation in the neighbouring countries with the ongoing war in Syria and the conflict in Israel, Lebanon is a safe destination to visit. While it is recommended to stay away from both borders, Beirut and most other cities and sights worth visiting are totally safe.

Beirut is the heart of Lebanon. Not only is Beirut the only metropole, it is also very centrally located due to the size of Lebanon, and with the extensive public transport network, you can eventually visit most places of interest in Lebanon as a day trip from Beirut.

Beirut itself is a pleasant city to stay in, and you should definitely reserve a few days to explore it. Beirut is a vibrant city with many cafes, pubs, and clubs. In contrast to most countries in the Middle East, drinking is legal in Lebanon; the nightlife in Beirut is said to be the best in the Middle East and lives up to European standards.

Beirut is also a city where you can easily get some exercise. Popular are cycling, jogging, and walking; Beirut has a pretty promenade on the Mediterranean Sea coast that lends itself perfectly for any of those activities. You might as well go scuba diving and witness shipwrecks and more beautiful nature underwater.

You have a few options for hostels in Beirut, Lebanon; the first opened its doors in recent years and serves a dual purpose of tourist accommodation and a charity trying to improve the living conditions for refugees in Lebanon. Many hostel guests stayed here for a longer period and were involved with volunteering. Recently, more hostels in Beirut, Lebanon, have opened and by now there is a small hostel scene. Points of interest in Beirut are spread out, so it is worth checking in advance in which district you will want to stay. Downtown and Hamra are the most lively districts and very central and thus the best area to book your Beirut, Lebanon hostel.

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Written by local enthusiast for Beirut hostelsMartin Straatman
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