Rustic outdoor plant pots

Rustic outdoor plant pots DEFAULT

Whether placed on your patio or on a pedestal at the end of a long allée, planters are an integral, and stylish, part of any garden. The art of container planting is believed to have been popularized during the Renaissance, when ornamental terracotta pots were employed at gardens like Villa d’Este and Villa di Castello. Today, planters are as at home with boxwood topiaries in a formal garden as they are with agaves and native grasses in a cactus garden.

With endless planting possibilities, planters provide a place to experiment with color and texture in the garden. Transform them with new plantings each season or move them around to completely reinvent your outdoor space. Use them as a focal point on a terrace, to add ornament to a shade garden, or to create height in a parterre. They are also useful in small spaces, like apartment gardens, and for growing herbs in a kitchen garden. Any outdoor space can benefit from a planter overflowing with colorful flowers and trailing vines!

From garden pots to urns, tubs to boxes, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorites this season. Happy planting!


Rustic Flower Pots That Fit Your Natural Home

Extra Large Rustic Planters 

Finding large rustic flower pots for sale can be difficult. If they are large, they usually aren’t high quality. If they are high quality, they are overpainted and no longer rustic. At Ten Thousand Pots, we have premium rustic ceramic pots in various sizes. Any color or texture of rustic pot can be found at our store. 

What colors go well with rustic brown? Many colors fit into the rustic brown style. Rustic red, yellow, and green are commonly mixed in. Gray, black, and white can always be thrown in too. As long as your colors aren’t intensely bright, you can play with any color. Here are some of our best options: 

  • Large clay flower pot – For a large rustic pot, our clay flowerpot is ideal. It is simple and fits any rustic home. While we don’t have traditional rustic terracotta pots, this pot is extremely similar.
  • Rustic urn – The rustic urn is a good example of utilizing gray and white in your rustic home. 
  • Rustic low bowl – The rustic low bowl is an amazing way to incorporate blue into your rustic space. The blue is natural and rich, so it will fit right in. 
  • Lying vase planter – Our lying vase planter lets you add a rustic piece to your garden or patio.
  • Asian-style plant pots – This pot is a great way to add a brighter color to a rustic home. The antique aqua color adds a pop of color.

Rustic Pots for Indoor Plants

If you are buying pots for indoor plants, we have something for you. Our colorful plant saucer comes in a rustic clay option. A saucer will protect your surfaces from water damage. Rustic pot feet are another option, that will allow airflow so that the water dries before it causes damage.

For outdoor rustic flower pots, you can get away without using a saucer. If the pots are on your patio, however, it is still recommended. All of our pots at Ten Thousand Pots are indoor and outdoor. Try mixing and matching, any of our rustic pots will pair well together.

Where to Buy Rustic Pots Near Me?

If you need rustic plant pots, come to Ten Thousand Pots. At Ten Thousand Pots, we have the largest selection of ceramic planters and yard art in Texas. Come see all of the different colors and styles we offer! For landscaping with pots, there is enough variety for all of your customers. We provide free consultations from our team every day. You can reach us at (512) 584-8889 or learn more about the services we provide. Learn more about what we do here. If you don’t live near us, we ship anywhere in the US.

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The 7 best places to buy planters for your home

Everyone knows that a touch of green(ery) can make a big difference in a room. But before you head home with a new fiddle leaf tree or fern, be mindful of the fact that your plant deserves a beautiful place to grow.

Whether you’re looking for handmade ceramic planters, copper urns or classic terra-cotta pots, we’ve rounded up the best sites to find an indoor or outdoor vessel.


With a little something for everyone, Wayfair really delivers when it comes to great pots and planters. From sleek and chic to rustic and stylized, you can find a great range of planters at equally great prices.

Pro tip: We like to check the review section before we buy, and find that customers often provide more information than the basic descriptions.

Pottery Pots Basic Round Pot Planter, $89, Wayfair

Bloomingville Ceramic Pot Planter, $94, Wayfair

Ceramic Pot Planter, $64, Wayfair

D&M Depot Brink Terra-Cotta Pot Planter, $44, Wayfair


For versatile planters that have plenty of personality, try Target's eclectic selection. We're always pleased to find planters with perks like a removable wood base or integrated saucer.

Threshold Earthenware Wood Base Planter, $35, Target

Modern by Dwell Magazine Blue Terra-Cotta Planter, $25, Target

3R Studios Ceramic Fluted Flower Pot, $30, Target

Smith and Hawken Round Concrete Planter, $30, Target

West Elm

Sophisticated and design-driven, West Elm’s selection of planters is truly top notch. Their designs often come in a range of sizes, making them perfect for grouping together near a window. Keep an eye out for their fantastic collaborations, like this season’s partnership with New York City-based plant design and delivery shop, The Sill.

The Sill Planter + Plant – The August, $48, West Elm

A Question of Eagles Carved Horizon Planters, $35, West Elm

Speckled Texture Planter, $55, West Elm

Mid-Century Turned Leg Tabletop Planters – Reactive Glaze, $19-39, West Elm


A Cincinnati-based site intent on bridging design and nature, Fern boasts a range of elegant, neutral planters from some of our favorite designers. Those looking for a work of art to house their greenery should definitely check out this site, though we find the range is best for smaller plants.

Kati Von Lehman Crocheted Hanging Planter, $80, Fern

Light + Ladder Archromo Planter, $50, Fern

Modernica Case Study Desktop Cylinder with Wood Stand, $89, Fern

AQOE Ball Foot Planter, $48, Fern


Painted planters and colorful pots are abundant at Anthropolgie. If you're looking for designs with plenty of charm and character, rather than something shiny and modern, this is a great place to start. We like buying small, medium and large sets of their smaller planters to create a visually interesting corner.

Pierre Color Contrast Pot, $68, Anthropologie

Rossum Metallic Plant Stand, $48-98, Anthropologie

Netara Planter, $14-68, Anthropologie

Ridged Terra-Cotta Pot, $12-34, Anthropologie

Home Depot

For a country home or more traditional setting, Home Depot has a large selection of antique-looking urns and planters that are well priced. These are especially good options for oversized plants and trees.

Cast Stone Sharp Leaf Urn, $52, Home Depot

Dark Blue Ceramic Rivage Pot, 10 inches, $31, Home Depot

Home Decorators Collection Ella Square Black Resin Planter, $59, Home Depot

Margo Garden Products Round Terra-Cotta Cabral Clay Pot, $19, Home Depot


Pretty pots and saucers that keep the focus on your plants are Terrain’s speciality. If you’re searching for simple vessels with a touch of character, it’s definitely worth checking out this outdoor-living mecca.

Ceramic Rose Pot, $8-38, Terrain

Small Fiber Concrete Barrel Bowl, $78, Terrain

Windowpane Weave Planter, $16-28, Terrain

Double Band Earthenware Pot, $28-98, Terrain


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