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Ami Stottlemyer

I'm not really happy with how this event worked at all and I admit most of it is my own fault, but I feel like if there are future sky showdowns some consideration should be taken to deal with the issues I and others faced with this. I registered for the first showdown and even set an alarm for the time it would start so I could make sure not to miss it, since the 90-minute window is ridiculously small and I play the game daily but not necessarily that frequently and had things to do that day. Unfortunately, when I set the alarm, it was the night before and i was practically half asleep. Since i'm not used to 24 hour time, although normally I have no problem converting to 12 hour time, I mistakenly set the alarm to register for 12 pm (which was fine) but the alarm to fight for 6 pm et (which ended up being half an hour too late). I was angry at myself that i messed up so badly while trying to be careful, but that was my mistake and I understand that. Still, when I saw last night that I could register again, I was excited for the second chance! I even set an alarm again, for 6 am this time, 2 hours before I need to get up for work, because I figured sacrificing some sleep was worth the second chance...only to wake up and find out that it was just a "display error" and I don't get to play after all. The 10000 g compensation just felt like an insult to my tired brain and I was angry about it for the half hour I tried to get back to sleep just now before I started writing this. I'm not angry now and I realize that not being able to participate was my fault, but please consider extending the actual fighting period if the sky showdown happens again so people who register for a time they can't play after all can make it or allow people to withdraw for one if they didn't get to actually fight. I was looking forward to this event and the fact that i didn't actually get to participate makes me not want to even look at the app anymore for a while because I'm angry with myself over it.


I’m going to attempt to break down how to think about Top Showdown for players who may be struggling and need a second perspective. There is a lot that needs to be said so buckle your seat belts we got learning to do.

Context: I have been able to rank 100 in both Normal and Hard mode for all 3 weeks of Top Showdown so far. I have seen the kinds of restrictions and teams that the CN server got so I have a rough idea of how the content will be panning out in the global server for weeks to come.

What is Top Showdown?

Top Showdown is a new mode under the Daily events tab that unlocks at level 80. Each week, players fight a team made by developers, with Food Souls at the same level as the player. Players get rewards for clearing the team and can rank based on how many seconds it took to clear the stage.

  • The Normal stage has weaker Fallen Angels and Artifact Togis than the Hard stage and they may or may not have the same team restrictions.
  • All Food Souls have x15 their normal HP and healing received is x5 more potent! This changes quite a few things compared to Showdown and Sky Showdown, especially in terms of artifact skills.

Some of the team restrictions are, but not limited to:

  • No URs
  • No SRs
  • No Healers
  • No Defenders
  • No Strength
  • No Magic
  • Restriction of a random set of Food Souls
  • A combination of any listed above

Why should I care about Top Showdown?


Mirrors and Tonkotsu Ramen shards (only way to get the Food Soul). In the future, Tonkotsu Ramen shards will be switched with Weisswurst Shards. Neither of those SRs are meta so no need to worry about missing out on them if your team is not strong enough to clear the teams.

Help I’m stuck on Normal/Hard mode!

First of all, I want to clarify that Top Showdown is catered towards long-time veteran players who have put in the time and effort to participate in rankings and work on their teams. Despite the minimum level to participate is 80, no level 80 would actually be able to clear the stages. While it is completely possible for minnows and f2p players to be able to participate in this new function, even the richest of whales would not be able to clear the stages if they haven’t put in the time to build the account.

From what I heard and my experiences, Normal mode is very doable with the right Food Souls and Fallen Angels. However, Hard mode has given people a lot of trouble depending on the restriction, including myself.

Since the teams and restrictions rotate every week, it would be too difficult for me to crank out a new set of guides for every single week. Therefore, I’m going to list general guidelines to go about clearing stages more effectively:

  • The enemy team template is: 1 Defender, 3 Strength/Magic, 1 Healer
  • The best way to fight a team with Artifacts is to use a team with Artifacts. If you do not have high * URs with decent artifacts and Resolute FAs (all gold speed, Tsuchi or Ume, multiple +13, +12s, etc.), chances are you won’t be able to clear the stages. You should also safely be in top 500 Disaster.
  • Wait until later in the week to start doing Top Showdown and copy whatever setups people in Top 100 used. If just clearing is your goal, you should be able to find something that you can get inspiration from towards the bottom of the ranking. Don’t wait too long or else weaker teams will be booted out of the ranking by that point.
  • You only have 20 tries for BOTH stages! Be strategic about your attempts; if the team you’re using barely makes a dent after 5 tries, it might be good to try something different.
  • Because of the x5 heal boost, Healers are far more viable to use here. However, having both a Healer and a Defender is overkill and not efficient for damage so if you’re adding a Healer, remove the Defender; if you’re adding a Defender, remove the Healer.
  • CC Immunity! Some of the Food Souls in the team will be immune to CC because of their artifact. Check out each Food Soul’s artifact to look out for this as well as other gimmicks it may bring to battle. (Example: Cloud Tea’s t3 gives silence immunity to everyone in the team so Peking Duck would be a very poor choice for your team.)

Ranking for Top Showdown

  • The ranking  is cross server! This means both Gloriville and Light Kingdom players are competing on the same leaderboard.
  • The rough idea is that if you are not even reaching Top 100 in Disaster, chances are you probably can’t rank top 100 in this either.
  • Top 10 is most certainly whale territory and requires a strong repository of artifacts for players to even have a chance.
  • Two people can have the exact same team and one person can end up in Top 20 while the other can’t even break Top 50. There is unfortunately a lot of RNG involved in getting a good time.
  • How well you rank will ultimately come down to UR ascension, Fallen Angels, artifact progression, and togi levels. Your level of understanding of artifacts will make or break your chances to rank.

Specific Food Soul Advice

Understanding what the enemy Food Souls can do is very important in discerning what counters you will need to bring to beat the teams. Here are some examples of the gimmicks the enemy Food Souls have:

  • Buddha’s Temptation - stuns on energy
  • Whiskey - large AOE damage, self cc immunity
  • Cloud Tea - Team silence and charm immunity
  • Tom Yum, Longjing, tanks with arti in general - % missing hp healing

Here are some Food Souls worth mentioning in regards to Top Showdown. Everything has exceptions depending on the situation so practice good judgment and use this as a reference for fact checking what use a given Food Soul has.

Some good contenders for your Top SD team:

All the Ranking URs

  • Turkey, White Truffle - AOE damage capabilities
  • Souffle - AOE Damage and slaying effect
  • Mapo Tofu - backmost damage
  • Pizza - Heal Block
  • Longjing Tea - DPS tank
  • Oyster - Team buff with artifact

Pineapple Bun - Only source of AOE stun on basic skill, Heal-block on energy skill.
Healers - Healers should only be brought to battle if it has Artifacts that can strongly contribute some form of utility. They are generally more useful if there is a Class restriction.

  • Cloud Tea T3, T5 - Damage boost and CC immunity
  • Tangyuan T5 - Team Damage boost, invincibility, CC
  • Sweet Tofu T5 - best healing in the game, skill damage boost
  • Blue Cheese - no arti but guarantees crits

Some Food Souls you may want to avoid using:

  • 5* SRs - unless they provide some other utility, they generally will not have the base HP to survive nor the base stats to provide noticeable damage vs high * URs.
  • Peking Duck - while useful in places like Catacombs and Showdown, Peking Duck’s horrendous damage contribution and silencing effect will more often than not backfire in Top Showdown. Silencing the enemy can still allow dangerous artifact skills to go off (activated by basic attacks, crit hits, etc.), hurting your chances of defeating the team.
  • Foie Gras - same problems as Peking Duck. With way lower base speed, her charm is unreliable for many. Enemies charmed can still proc artifact skills that would target your team.
  • Beer - a poor choice for many depending on a given player’s portfolio of artifacts. Without artifacts, Beer locks Food Souls out of using their basic and energy skills, which are far more beneficial than dealing damage with just basic attacks. Of course make your own judgment on the matter based on what artifacts are at your disposal.
  • Healers - Healers should be avoided if it does not have an artifact. It’s better to allocate the slot to another damage dealer.
  • Defenders - Only use if it has Artifacts, else a damage dealer should be used instead.
  1. Hp 450 laptop
  2. Icd 10 laceration chin
  3. Target white ornaments

Uh... where's Sky Showdown?

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I go to log into Food Fantasy to register for Sky Showdown

But when I go to events, it's not there. Even the pop-up isn't.

user uploaded image

I even checked my Sky Showdown timers. It was still counting down as usual.

user uploaded image

I'm first off getting a bit worried. Will I be able to get Double Scoop? Am I the only one with this problem? doES thIS gaME HATE ME?!

Yes I tried closing out and restarting the game. Won't work. hELp-

also did I forget to mention this happened to me Friday?

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This might have happened because you had registered for a sky showdown but missed it. After you signed up the first time, you won't be able to register for the next one (even if you missed it and didn't participate), thus disappearing the button that allows you to view sky showdowns.

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Rip same happened to me

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