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It was exactly thirty-five years ago that the great crossword-puzzle craze began to sweep this country. Like mah-jongg, which came along a bit earlier, crossword puzzles might have been expected to suffer a sudden and permanent loss of favor when the force of the craze had spent itself; instead, they have endured and prospered, and though they are not much talked about nowadays, they continue to have their millions of ardent addicts. Probably the most important person in the world of the crossword puzzle is a slight, charming sixty-one-year-old woman named Margaret Farrar, who helped launch the craze in her youth and is currently the revered crossword-puzzle editor of the Times. We stopped in at the Times shrine the other day and had a pleasant, reminiscent chat with Mrs. Farrar, who gave us to understand at once that she was not the inventor of the crossword puzzle. That honor goes to one Arthur Winn, an editor of the old New York Sunday World, in which, on December 21, , the first crossword puzzle appeared. It was shaped like a diamond, had no black squares, contained thirty-two words, and was called a word-cross puzzle. It scored a mild success, and the puzzle was made a regular feature of the paper. The present square shape and pattern of black-and-white squares, as well as the reversed name, were developed before , when Mrs. Farrar, then Miss Petherbridge, and newly graduated from Smith, got a job as secretary to John O’Hara Cosgrave, editor of the magazine section of the Sunday World. One of Miss Petherbridge’s duties was to see that the puzzles appeared without typographical errors, which had long been a vexation to readers. (To the distress of Mr. Cosgrave, F. P. A., an early crossword-puzzle fan, often called public attention to these errors in his famous column “The Conning Tower.”) Miss Petherbridge proved so good at preventing errors that she soon became the unofficial crossword-puzzle editor, and was even permitted to try her hand at making puzzles.

In , a couple of ambitious young men named Simon and Schuster, having made up their minds to start a publishing house, hit on the idea of bringing out a collection of unpublished Sunday World puzzles. They arranged to pay Miss Petherbridge and two colleagues seventy-five dollars for assembling fifty puzzles. By the time the puzzles were ready, Simon and Schuster had begun to doubt the pulling power of puzzles, and to avoid the risk of beginning their corporate existence with a flop, they brought out the book under an alias—the Plaza Publishing Company. As a selling gimmick, a freshly sharpened pencil was attached to each copy of the book, which sold for the then substantial price of a dollar thirty-five. It was an instant success, forty thousand copies being snapped up in the first three months. Quickly emerging from behind their alias, Simon and Schuster, as Simon & Schuster, brought out two more crossword-puzzle books, both compiled by Miss Petherbridge; as the year ended, total sales of the three books reached three hundred and fifty thousand copies.

Mrs. Farrar lighted a cigarette and shook her head in wonder as she recalled those days. “For a while there, I was busy day and night constructing puzzles,” she said. “In , I married the publisher John Farrar, and when our children started coming along, I gave up my newspaper-puzzle work and limited myself to editing the books, which Simon & Schuster published at the rate of two a year. In , the Times decided to start a Sunday crossword puzzle, and asked me to be editor. Our three children were no longer babies, so I accepted, and I’ve been here ever since. We added the daily crossword in Oh, and of course the S. & S. books keep coming out; I’ve just finished editing the eighty-second, to be published this summer.”

The Times puzzles are sent in by people known to Mrs. Farrar as “constructors.” They work on a free-lance basis, and are paid twenty-five dollars for the large Sunday puzzle and ten dollars for the small dally puzzle. Among the Times’ regular contributors are a high-school principal, an advertising man, and an actress; a good many puzzles also come from inmates of penitentiaries, who presumably have plenty of time on their hands. What are Mrs. Farrar’s requirements for an acceptable puzzle? “First, that it be what’s called an allover interlock,” Mrs. Farrar said, looking serious. “This means that every part of the puzzle is connected with every other part. We use symmetrical patterns of black-and-white squares and allow no unkeyed letters—that is, letters that appear in only one word of the puzzle. Unlike us, the British are always using unkeyed letters This makes the puzzles more difficult for the solver, because he often has only one chance at a letter, but easier for the constructor, because he doesn’t have to make every letter fit both horizontally and vertically. We keep the black squares in our puzzles down to a sixth or less of the total number of squares, and try for a low word count, since the longer the words the harder the puzzle. We don’t allow two-letter words and we avoid as much as possible obsolete words, variants, obscure words, and clichés—words like ‘gnu’ and ‘emu’ and ‘proa.’ Their odd letter structures make them awfully useful in filling difficult spots, but they’re a bore by now.”

Mrs. Farrar chooses puzzles by simply sitting down and solving them. “If I find them interesting and accurate and neither too easy nor too hard, I assume that others will feel the same way,” she said. “I favor using lots of book titles, play titles, names in the news, and so on. I also favor puzzles with a unifying theme—what I call the inner-clue puzzle, which was invented by one of our best constructors, Harold T. Bers. For example, an inner-clue puzzle he did for us recently was called ‘Catalogue’ and had answers that were words or phrases like ‘catbird seat,’ ‘catacombs,’ ‘Kitty Hawk,’ and ‘pussyfoot.’ ”

Our final question was whether the Times puzzles ever contained mistakes. “Oh dear, yes!” Mrs. Farrar said, looking quite serene. “Most of our mistakes are typos, but occasionally there’ll be an error of fact. Not long ago, a constructor sent in a puzzle that asked for Long John Silver’s distinguishing characteristic, in nine letters. The answer, of course, was ‘wooden leg.’ Well, we’d just used Long John Silver in a puzzle, so I switched it to Captain Ahab’s distinguishing characteristic After the puzzle came out, I got a letter from an eight-year-old boy complaining that while he’d found that the only answer that fitted was ‘wooden leg,’ as a reader of ”Moby Dick’ he knew that Captain Ahab had an ivory leg. Perfectly true, but I couldn’t help wondering, rather testily, what an eight-year-old was doing reading ‘Moby Dick.’ ” ♦


Usage examples of idol.

I am adoring, what are they but idols of stone without speech or feeling?

So much belief, so much authority seemed to have been invested by the builders in these primitive, faceless idols, guardians of the blithe, naked Ama girls, that Bond had a ridiculous urge to kneel and ask for their blessing as the Crusaders had once done before their God.

The old annalists had it that Tigernmas had forsaken the ancient gods and turned to worship an idol dedicated to blood and vengeance.

Palimak and his party had left the warrens of the Idol of Asper and were now carrying a strange burden to the airship.

Across from him, hovering over the little island that was home to the Idol of Asper, was the airship.

The living man was clutching a horrible stone idol of unknown origin, about foot in height, regarding whose nature authorities at Sydney University, the Royal Society, and the Museum in College Street all profess complete bafflement, and which the survivor says he found in the cabin of the yacht, in a small carved shrine of common pattern.

If he would rid himself of the odious Bute and take back their idol Pitt they would have nothing with which to complain.

But Bute had troubles of his own and in his inability to master them had made George realize that his idol had feet of clay.

Yussef Ali along the winding hallways, down the steps--Kathulos was not in the idol room--and along the tunnel, then through the rooms of the Temple of Dreams and out into the street, where the street lamps gleamed drearily through the fogs and a slight drizzle.

That idol, enshrined in the high temple at Ilarnek, was subsequently worshipped beneath the gibbous moon throughout the land of Mnar.

From moon to moon the chalk lay before the main idol in the greegree house, and thus absorbed the qualities that made it powerful in the spirit world.

Once the grinning idol of Hoom, devil god of the Chac Yuul, had leered down upon the splendid hall, squatting like a huge, obscene toad atop the dais of many steps.

It is true that shortly before the second war began he turned against his idol, eventually relinquished or was fired from all his offices and even joined those who were conspiring to assassinate Hitler.

For at least two thirds of our miseries spring from human stupidity, human malice and those great motivators and justifiers of malice and stupidity, idealism, dogmatism and proselytizing zeal on behalf of religious or political idols.

The faith which the genuine keelman has in his athletic idol is almost touching.

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Highly revered one
Crossword Clue & Answers

This clue has been rated as RARE

1 January

We found 3 answers for the crossword clue 'Highly revered one'.

Based on the recent crossword puzzles featuring 'Highly revered one' we have classified it as a cryptic crossword clue.

We have given Highly revered one a popularity rating of 'Rare' because it has featured in more than one crossword publication but is not common.

Highly revered one is a 3 word phrase featuring 18 letters.

Crossword Answers

4 Letters

Large gregarious predatory feline of Africa and India having a tawny coat with a shaggy mane in the male

7 Letters

A person who is part mortal and part god

8 Letters


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Clue: Revered person

Revered person is a crossword puzzle clue that we have spotted 17 times. There are related clues (shown below).

Referring crossword puzzle answers

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Person crossword revered

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Crossword Clue: Revered religious image

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  • Symbol on a laptop screen
  • Symbol on a smartphone
  • Symbol on a tablet screen
  • Symbol on an iPad screen
  • Symbol on an iPhone
  • Symbol representing an app
  • Symbol that might be clicked
  • Symbol to click on
  • Symbol you can tap on a screen
  • Symbol
  • Symbolic graphic
  • Symbolic image
  • Symbolic picture
  • Thing between you and an open window?
  • Well-known symbol
  • Thing to click
  • Spot for a cursor, maybe
  • Tablet symbol
  • U2's Bono, e.g.
  • Worshiped one
  • Worshipped one
  • Uncle Sam, for one
  • Uncritically admired object
  • What a model might become
  • What a mouse often stops at
  • St. Patrick, for the Irish
  • Scissors, for "cut," on a PC
  • Stand-in for a file
  • Screen appearance
  • Screen figure
  • Screen graphic
  • Screen illustration that's clicked on
  • Screen image or screen idol
  • Screen image
  • Screen pic
  • Screen picture
  • Screen symbol to click on
  • Screen symbol
  • Screen trash can, e.g.
  • Tappable image on a Galaxy phone
  • Tappable image
  • Tappable picture
  • Tapped image
  • Tapped pic
  • Tapped smartphone image
  • Tapped symbol
  • Target of a tiny arrow
  • Universally known figure
  • Universally known symbol
  • Taskbar component
  • Taskbar feature
  • Small image you can tap on a smartphone
  • Small logo, often
  • Small picture on a computer screen
  • Small picture on a laptop screen
  • Seattle's Space Needle or St. Louis's Gateway Arch
  • Small program opener
  • What the mouse might stop on
  • Tiny file folder or paper clip
  • You can click on it
  • Tiny paper clip, e.g.
  • Small trash can symbol on a computer screen, for example
  • Tiny trash can, e.g.
  • Smaller-than-life depiction
  • Smartphone app logo
  • Smartphone app symbol
  • Smartphone art
  • Smartphone graphic
  • Smartphone image
  • Smartphone screen feature
  • Smartphone screen image
  • Smartphone-screen image
  • Smartphone symbol
  • Sect symbol
  • You might click on one
  • Sect's symbol
  • Smiley face, e.g.
  • Temple figure
  • Where a mouse may pause
  • Token
  • "User friendly" feature
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  • Zoom's contains a video camera

Recent Usage of Revered religious image in Crossword Puzzles

Here are all of the places we know of that have used Revered religious image in their crossword puzzles:

  • Universal Crossword - Feb. 2,

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