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When I first got acquainted to Hilda series, I fell in love with it from the first moment! I somitemes even imagine that my white puppy named Snowball is like Twig) So me and mom made these cute plush couple for you to enjoy your Hilda and Twig adventures closer to reality. ●●●About our Twig plush●●● ●made of fleece fabric, it's very pleasant to touch and to hold him in your arms. ●his tail, his antlers and his pose resemble Twig very much ●Twig plush's diamensions are 10x10x20 cm = 3.9x3.9x7.8 in ●You're welcome to choose Hilda doll together with your Twig Plush. In this case I need +1 week to your order, to make your Hilda. ●●● Materials ●●● Fleece fabric, polyester filling ●●● Colors ●●● Your screen may reflect the colors with a slight difference from the real ones ●●● Cleaning ●●● To clean our plush, please, use dry clean or wet wipes. ●●●Message me, if you have any questions, please●●●Twig is made to order●●● If you're ordering only Twig, we make him within 7-10 days. If you're taking Twig+Hilda, they need at least 14 days to get made. After that we ship the plush to you and they travel to you during some time. Please, take this into consideration.

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deer-fox(can also be written as "deer fox"or "deerfox") is a furry creature resembling, as the name suggests, a cross between a deer and a fox.

In the graphic novels, only a single specimen is ever seen; Hilda's pet deer-fox Twig. The animated series shows more deer-foxes in Season 2's "Chapter 9: The Deerfox", and most information regarding the species comes from that episode.


Deer-Foxes have the head, body, and tail of a fox, but with antlers and hooved feet like a deer. They have fluffy tails that are roughly as long as their bodies.[1]

Babies and cubs resemble a fox more than a deer, while adults resemble deer more than a fox. This is shown with how adult deer-foxes have long, deerlike legs, while cubs and babies have legs more like those of a fox.

Both male and female have antlers, though the antlers of the male are larger. Alpha-males have the largest antlers.


Deer-Foxes are extremely rare, to the point that most people believe them to be just the stuff of legends, and at least in the animated series there are no scientific books about them, just folktales. In the tie-in novel "Hilda and the White Woff", Hilda does mention she found a book about Deerfoxes in the library, and according to Hilda's Book of Beasts and Spirits, most information regarding Deer foxes is handed down through the ages in fairy tales and folklore.

Deer-Foxes live in herds. Most of the time, they reside in a different dimension called the land of starlight[1], that they can enter and leave with help of a path made of hard light. Occasionally, they leave this world to visit the woods around Trolberg for unknown reasons. According to "Hilda and the White Woff", they do this every spring in an event called the Great Deer Fox Migration. According to Hilda's book of Beasts and Spirits however, the migration happens every few years.

Deer-foxes can bark like dogs and howl like wolves. They are at least partly carnivorous, and expert foragers.[1]

Deer-foxes are more intelligent than either regular foxes or regular deer.[1]

It is unknown how long it takes a deer-fox to reach their full size, but it is estimated to be at least several years. In the animated series, Twig has clearly been living with Hilda for a few years already (the tie-in novel states Hilda and Twig first met five years ago), and he is still a cub; the only change he underwent in that time is that his antlers grew from two stumps to fully functional, though tiny, antlers. In the Graphic Novels, a year passes between "Hilda and the Bird Parade" and "Hilda and the Stone Forest" (the annual Bird Parade is held in both stories), yet Twig does not grow notably larger between these stories.


Deer-foxes can find themselves drawn to a kindres spirit, and become a fiercely loyal compaion to that creature. Once a deerfox has chosen a companion, it will remain loyal to that companion of the rest of their lives.[1] Besides humans, they have also befriended Forest Giants and wood spirits.[1]

Species' Members


  • In the animated series, David has said that Twig's antlers are pointy, and they held their own against a garden spade, implying that they are stronger than they look. This is presumably true for all deer-fox.
  • In "Chapter 2: The Draugen", it is revealed that sailors believe a deer-fox on board a ship will bring bad luck. This implies that Deer-Foxes have been known for at least three hundred years or more, since that is how old Nicholas is.


Season 2 Chapter 9 62

Twig's father leading his herd

Season 2 Chapter 9 64

entrance to their home dimension

Season 2 Chapter 9 68

Deer-Foxes in their home dimension.

Screenshot (1286)

Twig's parents at the gate of their realm

Deer fox book


Sours: https://hildatheseries.fandom.com/wiki/Deer-foxes
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Hands down, Twig is the best character on Hilda.

Sure, he most often is shown running in the background, or used when the animators need a quick reaction shot, but he has the greatest expressions, the most enduring personality, and such a graceful gait it’s impossible not to love him. At least if you have a heart. With “The Deerfox,” written by Luke Pearson and directed by Andy Coyle, Pearson has decided it’s time to explore where this best boy came from. And it turns into one of the most heart-wrenching and emotionally charged episodes of the series so far. We’re talking E.T. levels of feels over here. (By the way, spoilers.)

I could barely handle it.

I know I’m about to bring in personal elements, but how we react to a story is influenced by what we have going on in our lives. And when we encounter a text that mirrors and parallels what we’re going through, it’s difficult to just be like oh look at how well this is constructed or check out that neat bit of animation. (Though this episode does feature a more elaborate construction than usual and wonderful animation to boot). See “The Deerfox” understands what it means to lose a pet. Whether they ran away, had to be given away, or they passed away, the filmmakers here know that sinking loss, that overwhelming grief. They bring it all into the episode.

I lost my dog around the end of last year. She was nearly fifteen, a diva, a dragon looking wild thing. We got her after my freshman year of college and she wandered through crowds of friends, boyfriends, and family. Up until that last week, she was in good health. Then, something inside her body broke and by the end of the week, she was hooked up to an oxygen machine under the dull fluorescent veterinarian lights, her oxygen levels dropping so low her body couldn’t compensate. Sound dropped out of the room. A stillness dropped over us. The experience broke me.

Obviously, the creators were not going to write Twig away in “The Deerfox.” But Coyle and Pearson channeled that frantic desperation, that manic worry into every scene featuring Hilda and Johanna. Hilda tries to do everything he can to recover Twig, retraces old steps, farms her usual channels for as much information as possible, puts herself at risk, and flashes all the times she neglected Twig or ignored him or took him for granted because he became such a staple of her life.

Pearson and Coyle play up a metaphorical death element here. Over the course of the episode, we learn that Twig has been separated from his herd, these majestic inter-dimensional creatures that remind me of the Lord of the Mountain from Breath of the Wild and the rainicorns in Adventure Time. Twig keeps getting called toward the light. Even after they find him and battle a malevolent red wolf, he still turns toward the light. And Hilda knows she has to let him go.

Nothing about this seems right, she knows, the story shouldn’t be going like this, but that’s the way it’s going. And Hilda can only stand to the side and try to cope, try not to be overwhelmed by memories, memories of the walks and the special dinners and the way they filled the room and befriended other people and how they once tried to jump out the car window to chase a squirrel and hid treats for later and often just wanted to be in your presence though they didn’t want you to bother them and threw trash around the bathrooms and knew the exact outfit you wore when it was time to go on a walk, but at the same time, never wanting to let those memories go. Was unable to let them go because they are part of her identity now.

Yes, Twig’s return at the end does feel like backpedaling to a degree. Sure, Twig deciding to stay with the other deerfoxes may have provided a gentle way to approach death for Hilda’s young audience. Yet, so many awful things have happened, we’ve suffered through so much, maybe it’s all right he returned. Maybe that’s something we needed.

Continued below

With that in mind, I’m going to devote today’s thoughts to several great Twig moments throughout “The Deerfox.”


1.) Breakfast Time


2.) On the Prowl


3.) Breath of the Wild


4.) Defender’s Crest


5.) The Hero of the Wild

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You cry



Twig is a principal character of the Hildagraphic novel and television series; he serves as Hilda's pet deer-fox and proves to be a cute but trusty adventure companion.


Twig is a small, white deer-fox. He has black antlers on the top of his head and has a long, bushy tail, and some spots on his back.

In his younger days, his antlers were little more than two tiny bumps on his head.


Twig is a protective, trusty and brave animal who likes to help Hilda. When he is protective, he goes in front of Hilda and growls at anyone that she doesn’t know when they go up to her. However, he can also be scared, as seen in "Chapter 1: The Hidden People", when he gets scared by a troll. He also isn't too fond of Water Spirits, as proven in "Chapter 7: The Lost Clan", when he refused to come along with Hilda and Frida when a water spirit gave them a ride to the island of the Lindworm.

He is usually quick to realize something is not right, or a certain person/creature cannot be trusted. He has a sharp sense of smell; he was even able to follow the scent of a Marra despite her ability to teleport.


Hilda loves Twig very much. He has been her pet since before the start of either the graphic novel series or the animated series, and is very loyal to her. He will try to defend her even against bigger opponents or if he's outnumbered.

A flashback in "The Deerfox" shows that the two met when Twig was trapped underneath some rocks and young Hilda saved him, after which he returned the favor by rescuing her from an eagle, but in doing so got separated from his Deer-Fox Herd.

He also gets along well with Hilda's other friends, David, Frida, and Alfur, and Hilda's mother Johanna.


  • Twig's antlers have been said by David to be pointy and were able to hold their own against a hit from a garden spade, implying that they are much stronger than they look.
  • In the original publication of Hildafolk, Twig had blue fur, a white underbelly, and white antlers. He can still be seen as such in the hardcover release of Hilda and the Troll, but he was recolored for the paperback version.
  • Hilda gave Twig his name based on how his underdeveloped antlers reminded her of little twigs.
  • In a community stream on May 21st, 2020 at 11PM ( GMT +0 ), director of television series, Andy Coyle, confirmed that Twig is yet to be a fully grown deer-fox. This was proven correct when "Chapter 9: The Deerfox" showed what adult deer-fox look like.
  • The book "Hilda and the White Woff" claims that Hilda first met Twig five years ago, but after she rescued him it wasn't until two years later that he returned the favor and became her pet. The animated series does not state how long ago exactly they met, and both events happened on the same day.
Sours: https://hildatheseries.fandom.com/wiki/Twig

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