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Destiny 2: 10 Tips For Completing The Prophecy Dungeon Solo Flawlessly

By Charles BurgarUpdated


A perfect Prophecy Dungeon run is pretty hard, but with these tips, any Destiny 2 player can achieve the dream run.

Plenty of challenges exist inside of Destiny 2 for the most dedicated of players to beat. Completing raids, obtaining Legend in Competitive, or finishing a title are just a few examples of what the game has to offer for the hardcore.

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Out of most of Destiny 2's challenges, however, one of the most daunting is completing a dungeon solo without dying, otherwise known as solo flawless. The newest dungeon, Prophecy, has proven to be a handful for some players. Plenty of tough encounters wait, but it is by no means impossible. For those chasing the prestigious emblem, here are 10 tips for completing solo flawless Prophecy in Destiny 2.

Updated December 27th, by Charles Burgar: Destiny 2: Beyond Light has made some major changes to the sandbox. Most of these changes have made the Prophecy dungeon much harder than previously. Acolyte Eyes no longer guarantee a Warmind Cell when slain while Hive and Taken Mods no longer work in this dungeon. We have updated the guide to reflect these changes and added a few more tips in their stead, covering recommended gear choices and tips for the Rainbow Road section of the dungeon.

10 Recommended Gear

Now that Taken and Hive Mods no longer work in the dungeon, you are going to have to rely on Combat Style Mods and good weaponry to survive in this dungeon. Fortunately, Beyond Light has brought some fantastic weapons that should make this dungeon much easier.


  • Hunter: Way of the Pathfinder is the safest option. Use The Sixth Coyote Exotic with Gambler's Dodge and maximize your mobility stat. You should be able to go invisible at-will due to how small the arenas in this dungeon are. If you're confident with your Guardian's damage resistance, Revenant is solid for its crowd control and AoE damage.
  • Warlock: Attunement of Grace is excellent for this dungeon since it grants on-demand healing and damage buffs. Use either Karnstein Armlets or Sunbracers for more healing. Attunement of Hunger is also great for the second encounter if you can kill enemies fast enough.
  • Titan: Titans have it the worst with this dungeon. Code of the Protector is the safest option, providing overshields and a defensive bubble when needed. Use Crest of Alpha Lupi or Rat King to stay alive.


  • Anarchy: This weapon trivializes most encounters. It does excellent passive damage against bosses, can lay traps for enemy spawn points, and it destroys Taken Blights in one bolt. Highly recommended.
  • Witherhoard: Use this if you don't have Anarchy or are going to use a Sword on Kell Echo.
  • The Lament: Swords are risky in solo flawless runs but can trivialize boss fights. Use this weapon during the first and final encounters to kill the boss in one phase. Highly recommended for Titans and Warlocks.
  • Xenophage: Xenophage can snipe targets from range, kill majors in a few shots, and can spawn Warmind Cells if you have the Wrath of Rasputin Mod equipped. This weapon covers most of your bases for each encounter if you lack any of the above weapons.
  • Rat King: Use this weapon for the invisibility effect. With the Masterwork, this weapon grants health every time you go invisible from reloading. This is an excellent choice if you have a hard time staying alive.


  • Damage Resistance Mods (1 energy, Chest): Chest armor can equip damage resistance Mods that reduce incoming damage by 25%, 40% with two Mods. Concussive Dampener and Melee Damage Resistance are both excellent choices. Combat Style Mods can also provide damage resistance.
  • Special Ammo Finisher (2 energy, Universal): Use this to make sure you have Special ammo for killing majors or damaging bosses.
  • Combat Style Mods: These Mods can make you much tougher to kill or clear waves of enemies for you. Combat Style Mods are covered in more detail in the next section.

9 Use Combat Style Mods

Before you consider a solo flawless Prophecy run, you should have a few Combat Style Mods in your collections. These Mods focus on using Charged with Light or Warmind Cells to even the odds, the former providing powerful buffs while the latter annihilates targets with a deadly AoE explosion.

To make this dungeon easier, here are a few Combat Style Mods that will make a solo flawless run much easier:

  • Protective Light (2 energy, Void): This Mod grants 50% damage resistance for a variable duration after your shields break. The duration is based on your Charged with Light stacks. Two stacks give ten seconds of damage resistance, a cap that is easy to hit when paired with Taking Charge.
  • Warmind's Protection (2 energy, Void): Warmind Cells cause enemies near them to deal 50% less damage to you, an effect that stacks with other damage resistance Mods and effects.
  • Global Reach (1 energy, Universal): Warmind Cells deal increased damage and cover a much larger radius. This is essential for the Hexahedron encounter, allowing your Warmind Cells to clear the entire room on their own.
  • Wrath of Rasputin (1 energy, Solar): Solar splash damage can generate Warmind Cells. This works with Sunshot, Xenophage, One Thousand Voices, Solar Rocket and Grenade Launchers, as well as any Solar weapons with Dragonfly.

8 Upgrade Mobility

Nothing is worse than dying to Taken Knight's fire attack during any encounter. Concussive Dampener is great for countering this, but it can only do so much.

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No dungeon encourages a high mobility stat more than Prophecy. A mobility stat of 70 or higher is best for quickly strafing out of Knight fire or dodging Hobgoblin projectiles. Using Traction and the Powerful Friends mod from Season of Dawn are two great ways of increasing a player's mobility stat.

7 Bring Anarchy For Blights

To speed up the wasteland sections of the dungeon, it is highly recommended to obtain Anarchy.

One Anarchy bolt is enough to fully destroy a Taken Blight from full health. After the first encounter, head to the Blights and fire one Anarchy bolt onto the orb. By the time players reach the next one, the last Blight should be destroyed. Repeat this to speed up the Wasteland encounter.

6 Utilize Invisibility, Crowd Control, Or Healing

This entire dungeon will throw hundreds of projectiles and enemies towards you. It's important to be able to avoid these projectiles outright by turning invisible or out-healing the damage being received. If you own the Beyond Light expansion, you can also freeze enemies with Stasis to stay alive.

Hunters should use Way of the Pathfinder on Nightstalker with Gambler's Dodge. With the Sixth Coyote Exotic, Hunters can stay invisible at will for long periods while granting time to heal and reposition. Warlocks should either use the Attunement of Grace Dawnblade or Attunement of Hunger Voidwalker to utilize overheal grenades and Devour, respectively. Titans have it hardest for Prophecy, but utilizing Crest of Alpha Lupi with Towering Barricades can be invaluable for tanking damage. The Code of the Commander spec for Sentinel is great for maintaining their health and ability energy thanks to Detonators.

5 Tunnels Skip

To save some time for each solo flawless attempt, players can skip the opening tunnels encounter if they have either a Sword or Salvation's Grip

If you do not own Beyond Light

Spawn into the tunnels and climb up the nearest orb in the room. Warlocks should use top tree Dawnblade, Hunters should use STOMP-EE5 with triple jump, and Titans should use Lion Rampants. Equip a sword, then jump into the diagonal tube leading up to the boss arena, swinging the sword repeatedly to climb up. Once the player reaches close to the top, swing to the side of the platform and use a jump or dash to climb up. Jump across the arena to the central platform to start the first boss fight.

If you own Beyond Light

Equip Salvation's Grip and fire Stasis crystals along the pipe. Climb up a Stasis crystal, fire another one above your location, then repeat this process until you climb to the top of the pipe. You should be able to use your movement ability to reach the Phalanx Echo arena.

4 Phalanx Echo Tips

Phalanx Echo is all about positioning. Playing too close to the edge of the arena is certain death, so it's best to stay as close to the middle as possible. Since dark tends to be at the edge of the arena, cleanse dark plates first before moving on to light.

As for dealing with Knights, players should either use Witherhoard or Falling Guillotine to quickly dispose of them. Try to isolate one Knight as to not get blasted by three fire attacks at once. Psions will spawn on a timer throughout the encounter, multiplying if not dealt with. Use Warmind Cells, Trinity Ghoul, Riskrunner, or Witherhoard to quickly take care of them.

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For plates, players can cleanse two at once if they position themselves exactly in between both plates while high in the air, well above both plates. This cuts the time down to damage phase by half if done properly.

3 Hexahedron Tips

Upon starting the encounter, immediately take out the two Taken Hobgoblins that spawn before they can start sniping. Use a Warmind Cell-compatible weapon and destroy the following groups of rank and file enemies to spawn a Warmind Cell. Detonate the cell to kill any remaining enemies. Knights can be killed with Anarchy, Witherhoard, Xenophage, or even a Sword. Keep in mind that defeating a Knight will also spawn a Hobgoblin.

Toland will lead the way in every encounter. Cleansing the plate he's on six times will start the final boss. When Toland appears above the cube, cleanse the side that has no lit cube symbol on it. To make transitioning between rooms easier, touch the central plate then immediately run away from it to prevent being locked in place. Once players reach the boss, it should be fairly easy to defeat both of them with Supers or Power weapons.

2 Rainbow Road Tips

Take your time when you reach this encounter. There are a few Vandals along the path that will attempt to snipe your Sparrow. Since you aren't on a time limit, feel free to equip a Sniper Rifle during this section and take them down from a distance. If you're out of Special ammo, a Scout Rifle works as well.

By far the scariest part of the encounter is the gravity lift at the end of the path. When you're on the last set of platforms that lead down to the lift, use a Scout or Sniper Rifle and snipe any Taken Phalanxes that spawn. These enemies are glitchy and will respawn repeatedly until you kill them. Failing to do this can cause their shield to kill you while heading up the gravity lift. For added safety, let your Sparrow despawn before heading up the lift so it doesn't collide with your character and kill you.

1 Kell Echo Tips

The final encounter is arguably the most stressful moment in the entire run. Staying cool is important but so is add control. Killing all of the Psions at the start of the encounter is key to staying alive. It is highly recommended to use Warmind Cells to take care of these Psions before they start multiplying.

Once a side has been cleansed, stay for a few seconds and immediately kill the Ogre that spawns. Leaving the Ogres alive is a surefire way to die. Use invisibility or healing as much as possible during the first part.

Once you make your way to the fight proper, use Anarchy or Witherhoard to deal constant damage to the boss. If you have a Well of Radiance or Ward of Dawn Super at the ready, you can instead use The Lament Sword and burst the boss down in a couple of seconds. Focus on the Hobgoblins first before damaging the boss. There isn't an enraged timer in this encounter, meaning players can take as many damage phases as they need to kill Kell Echo. Anarchy or Witherhoard on their own should be able to defeat Kell in 4 phases while Lament can easily do it in one with an added risk factor. No matter which strategy you employ, stay calm. As long as you can manage the Psions and Hobgoblins that spawn, this encounter shouldn't give you too much trouble.

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Hey folks. I got my solo flawless Prophecy emblem this morning and while the info is still in my head I figured I'd write it all out. Someone posted a vid of them finishing a solo Pit of Heresy run on this subreddit a month or so back, and that inspired me to try soloing Pit, then solo flawless Pit, then solo Prophecy, and then this morning solo flawless Prophecy. Hopefully by writing all this out I can pay it forward a bit and inspire someone else to give it a shot, because solo flawless challenges are the most rewarding things I've ever done in Destiny. This build incorporates some Charged With Light and Warmind Cell mods, but those'll be easier to obtain next season so hopefully that won't be too big a barrier. Let's get into the meat of it:


For every single encounter I ran Attunement of Hunger with Contraverse Hold. There's almost always plenty of red bars to keep Devour flowing and Contraverse will give you extra damage reduction when you're panic eating your grenade. I also used a Seventh Seraph SMG (masterworked of course) for every encounter. As far as mods go the following were necessary: Taking Charge, Protective Light, Global Reach, and Cellular Suppression. I also used Incinerating Light but I wouldn't deem that necessary. Recovery was, if not necessary, a lifesaver and I used Concussive Dampener throughout the dungeon as it significantly lessens damage from Knights. Finally I left Grenade Launcher Scavenger on my boots and put either double Sword Ammo Finder or single Machine Gun Ammo finder in my helm depending on the heavy I used in each encounter.

Intro Encounter

Loadout: Witherhoard (preferably with catalyst,) 7th Seraph SMG, Falling Guillotine

Dangerous Moments: None.

There's not a lot to say about this as it's pretty easy. Eat your grenade every time Thralls spawn and kill them all in an area where Knights can't shoot you before you even think about motes. Hit two Knights with Witherhoard and stand in the zone you need til they're both dead, pick up the orbs and cleanse. No special timings, nothing tricky here.


Phalanx Echo

Loadout: Same as before, Melee Damage Resistance mod in chest

Dangerous Moments: Start of encounter, being booped off edge, messing up timings and spawning too many enemies at once.

This is, IMO, the hardest encounter in the dungeon but luckily it's first so you can easily restart if your flawless attempt gets scuttled. Psions will spawn every time you cleanse a pillar, and Knights will spawn whenever you kill the last Knight. You need to be comfortable with these spawning mechanics because by far the most dangerous part of the fight is the beginning, when there are two Psion spawns and three Knight spawns. After you start the encounter run to the right through an "arch" of two pillars and eat your grenade. A taken spawn will appear behind the center of the two pillars, Witherhoard the ground there and switch to SMG. A Knight will spawn and immediately start taking Witherhoard damage and then Psions will spawn and all instantly die to the Witherhoard; since your SMG is out it'll also spawn a Warmind Cell. Tag the cell to suppress everything except the boss, then finish the Psions, Knight, and Cell in that order. That should leave you with zero Psions and two suppressed Knights and you can breathe out now.

From here on the fight follows a rhythm: A) kill two of the three Knights, B) gather motes and cleanse C) clear Psions, D) kill last Knight to force a new Knight spawn. Getting greedy on timings is the number one reason you'll die in this fight so take it slow, there's no enrage and as long as you're in control you can do this all day. Here's some more detail on each step: A) I killed 99% of the Knights by directly hitting each one (of two, not all three) once with Witherhoard and hiding on healing rift in whatever zone I needed until they both died. If you make a mistake and spawn the wrong motes, no sweat at all just kill all three and go through another cycle. It's crucially important that you only collect with one Knight alive though, they can kill you very quickly with the boss. B) Gather the motes you need, hiding as often as is necessary to prevent dying. You'll spawn 6 motes and only need 5, so plan on getting all three from one kill if they're close together and if not grab two then all three from the other. I liked to run across the arena to a hiding spot on the other side, as this prevents too much fire buildup and doesn't give the boss a chance to sneak up and boop you. When you have all five motes float up above the battlefield, head towards your targeted plate and cleanse. C) In an ideal world you have your grenade available here. What you want to do is immediately shoot a Witherhoard at one spawn, eat your grenade as they spawn, then work on the other Psions. If you don't have grenade, soften a Psion with SMG shots and melee them. If you have neither then hide and rift, or at least hide and only engage Psions that chase you until you have a Cell spawn or one of your Devour abilities. You want to tag any Cell spawns IMMEDIATELY, this'll suppress all non-boss enemies meaning no fire, no Psion splitting, no damage taken for a really long time. Detonate cells to clear Psions quickly, or leave Cells to keep everything suppressed, it's up to you. D) Just hit the last Knight with Witherhoard. Make no attempt to spawn the correct motes or do anything flashy, remember you're in control and you want to keep it.

Finally after you've cleansed 4 times it's time to DPS the boss. Open with a direct Wither, then super, then switch to Falling Guillotine and go ham, using heavy attack whenever it's up and the boss does not have his shield in front of him. Switch back to Wither and retag after every other heavy attack. When Goblins spawn your job is no longer boss DPS; eat your grenade and use Falling Guillotine to kill them. They spawn four per wave, two total waves so count what you've killed and kill them all before getting some final damage on the boss. You can also style and periodically Wither the boss while there are Goblins up and he'll take a little extra damage as you clear adds. After some amount of time the boss's shield will come back up and three Knights will spawn (no Psions) so just go back to A). I was able to reliably two-cycle this boss, but three or four is extremely doable so don't feel like you need to damage the boss instead of clearing Goblins.

Closing tip: you will get booped off the arena periodically by the boss. Be prepared and immediately switch to sword and do a light attack, this will give you forward momentum which will either allow you to scramble up the ledge of the arena or allow you to float onto the underside of the rings that encircle the arena. If you land on the rings, a 5 second timer will count down, after which you'll be deposited safely above the enemies.



Loadout: Kinetic sniper (I used Izanagi's Burden.) From here on use 7th Seraph MG (preferably with Auto-Loading Holster) in heavy and switch Melee Damage Resistance to Void Damage Resistance in the chest.

Dangerous moments: Hobgoblins spawn and it's unsafe to be close to blights (due to immense adds,) or away from blights (due to Minotaurs.)

Not too much to say here because it's not too hard as long as you take it slow. Use your sniper to kill all three Hobgoblins before you engage anything else, tag cells as often as possible for suppression, don't be afraid to use your MG and super for orange bars and general add clear. Go slow and steady, and if a Minotaur tags you on your sparrow abandon it and get a new sparrow.



Loadout: From here on out we're ONLY swapping the kinetic weapon, all mods and other weapons stay the same. Use Witherhoard again here.

Dangerous moments: Any acolyte spawn, cube is rotated without access to Devour, both Knights are killed (meaning both Hobgoblins are active.)


This encounter is all about control of the battlefield; if you fail to maintain a safe state or try to cleanse greedily, you can die within two seconds. Acolytes spawn on a timer and are immediately your number one priority, no matter what you were doing previously. Try to eat a grenade while they're spawning and lay down a Wither under one of the spawns, then swap to SMG. Use Cells gratuitously to suppress/clear Acolytes. Additionally Acolyte Eyes are squishier than Acolytes, do more damage, and will proc Devour, so if the Acolytes are spawning them focus them first for free heals and grenade energy. Once all Acolytes are dead kill both Hobgoblins, either with Cells or MG; there are two enemies in this encounter that are ALWAYS present (until you cleanse) and are EITHER a Hobgoblin or Knight. By killing both Hobgoblins you force both Knights to spawn, which not only allows you to generate motes but also Knights have less potential to quickly kill you than Hobgoblins. Keep in mind though that when you kill both Knights, both Hobgoblins will be up. In an ideal world you'd kill all Acolytes, then both Hobgoblins, then both Knights (spawning the motes you need,) then you'd kill at least one Hobgoblin and collect motes and cleanse. We do not always live in an ideal world, so keep your safety in mind above all else. Acolytes need to be dealt with immediately on spawn, even if you have the cleansing mote if you are not on top of the plate you need to cleanse you need to drop the mote and clear Acolytes. Like the rest of the encounters in this dungeon, there is no time pressure so just keep your cool and control the arena.

Here are some more general tips: you have no dedicate use for your heavy ammo or super so go nuts with them. If you use your super to clear an Acolyte spawn instantly that's a fantastic use for it. After you cleanse any Knights and Hobgoblins will despawn but Acolytes will still spawn on a timer. Make sure you will not get a flood of Acolytes when you go to the center, and also make sure you have your grenade and an okay amount of ammo before you go to the center. You can just hang out and spawnkill Acolytes for ammo and energy forever and it's not illegal, no one can stop you. Finally after you go to the center and the cube rotates, use that break to check which zone you need to cleanse next, then do the standard grenade gulp into Withering an Acolyte spawn.



Loadout: Any kinetic sniper

Dangerous moments: None

Back in the wastes don't bother clearing any enemies, just beeline the Kell Echo and eventually the door.

This encounter is extremely easy as long as you breathe and take your time. That said if you're going for flawless you're going to be fatigued at this point, remember to get up and stretch or drink some water. I recommend being on your sparrow but not boosting, starting on the center ribbon, for most of this encounter. If a Vandal tags you, immediately jump off your sparrow, eat a grenade or rift, and resummon your sparrow or kill the Vandal before continuing. After the section with rotating ribbons and before the section with blights abandon the ribbons entirely and jump down using the platforms. Use your sniper to clear out Vandals on the next platform before continuing. You can jump from the last grey platform directly into the tractor beam so you don't need to engage the enemies on the final orange platform. Finally use super and heavy to clear Thrall, you'll get them back in the next room and you cannot get cocky this close to the end.


Kell Echo

Loadout: Witherhoard

Dangerous moments: Ogre spawns, Psion spawns in certain arenas, entire damage phase.

This is a marathon of an encounter. Just like the rest of the dungeon, remaining cool, not getting greedy, and controlling the arena are paramount but the damage phase has the added complication of time/positioning pressure. On top of that you'll probably have to do at least five cycles. Let's get into the meant of it:

Just like every other fight, whenever red bars (in this case Psions) are spawning, eat your grenade and Wither one of the spawns. Use Cells to suppress and clear the room. There are two arenas where a Cell will reliably clear all Psions in the room and two where they won't; be aware of which arena you're currently in and be prepared to spend a lot more time clearing Psions if you're in one of the bad ones. Once you cleanse a corner and kill an Ogre you'll have some cover and breathing room but until then you'll probably have to kill or rift in order to heal. Psions spawn on a timer and the Knights work like they worked in the first encounter (once you've killed all of them another round spawns) but thankfully there's only two this time. You can do a similar trick to the first encounter where you leave one Knight up while you cleanse but in my experience the arena's big enough that you don't NEED to do that. Once the Psions are dispatched generate motes for the plate you want to cleanse and do so. If Psions are spawning while you have the mote in your hands just drop it, that cleanse isn't worth your life and potential flawless run. Once you cleanse the Kell copy in that corner will despawn and an Ogre will spawn; if this is the first Ogre of the add phase don't be afraid to super it but otherwise two Withers will do. After you cleanse the last plate the Knights will despawn but Psions and the last Ogre will not. You can survive going to the boss with the Ogre shooting you but you can't survive if there are also Psions, clear Psions before going down. Additionally you can spend as much time as you want here in the add room, make sure you have enough ammo (ideally full Wither and at least MG shots) and super before going down.

Once you go down to the boss room immediately hit him with a Wither and super, then pump some MG into him while Wither reloads. The strat here is to keep Wither ticking at all times and kill Hobgoblins as soon as possible while keeping cover between you and the boss (so he doesn't send you backwards.) You can maximize DPS by putting a Wither on the boss and another below him but in my experience this kind of focus on damage over staying alive is the kind of shit that gets you killed on the last encounter of a grueling solo flawless run so only even attempt it on the first platform before any Hobgoblins spawn and on the last after they're all dead. When Hobgoblins spawn kill them with your MG before you worry any more about the boss and don't be afraid to eat your grenade to heal. There will be times that they both snipe you and both of their retributive bolts will hit you and you'll be thankful you're a Warlock with yummy grenades and rifts. Finally prioritize staying inside the boss's circle, but be aware that being outside the circle will not instantly kill you, so if it's not safe to move up don't move up until it is. Try to keep cover between you and the boss when he does his knockback move, and don't cheekily peek out for more damage while you're confident it'll hit the cover; it can send you backwards if you are behind cover but to the side of it. When the boss teleports away at the end of the hallway you can stay in that area as long as you need. Shake your arms out, take a few deep breaths, drink some water, spam an emote or two to get your morale up. It's a very long fight and dungeon and you need to be very focused because you're drain-tanking every encounter, make sure to take care of yourself and offset the inevitable fatigue. Finally it took me five cycles to kill the boss but it can probably be done in four if you're executing perfectly. With that many cycles I don't think it's worth it to try to maximize damage and do it in four, I think it's much better to go safe and slow and do it in six relaxed cycles than four heart-pounding edge-of-your-seat cycles.


That's the entire dungeon! Once you kill the Kell you'll automatically be transported to the end room so don't bother running to the end in case you fuck up and fall. Solo flawless Prophecy is the hardest and most rewarding thing I've done in Destiny and with enough prep and practice you too can claim the beautiful synthpop emblem.

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Hey Warlocks. Looking to knock out some Legendary Lost Sectors or fight your way through Presage solo? I&#;ve got a retro build for you that combines the best tech of Season of the Worthy with the star Exotic of the now-shelved Reckoning activity. Put down that Stasis staff, because it&#;s time to come back to the light.


  • Kinetic — Anything / Bow / Scout Rifle
  • Energy — Salvager&#;s Salvo / Bow / Scout Rifle
  • Heavy — Xenophage


  • Exotic Chest — Phoenix Protocol

Well of Radiance plus Phoenix Protocol is a powerful set that, in combination with Xenophage, will let you melt bosses, wipe out rooms, and keep your Super up as much as possible. If you&#;ve been using a Sword in your Heavy slot for the last few seasons, I truly cannot overemphasize how good Xenophage is. It chews through Champions, blows through shields even on Match Game, and does splash damage — but can&#;t hurt you. With regards to your other weapons, it depends if you&#;re in a Champion-rich environment. If not, go wild with Salvager&#;s Salvo, which is just an incredibly fun and useful weapon in most scenarios. Otherwise, you&#;re going to want to go dual Primary. My preference is some combination of Scout Rifle, Bow, and Pulse Rifle for Anti-Barrier, Overload, and Unstoppable mods respectively, though you could also use a Sniper Rifle.

Destiny 2

More Destiny 2 Beyond Light:

Core Mods

  • Warmind&#;s Protection — One of the best Warmind mods for high-level content, Warmind’s Protection causes enemies around a cell to deal reduced damage. This allows us to just produce a cell and leave it on the ground, acting as a debuff for any foe around it. If you&#;re playing solo, you don&#;t have to worry about teammates shooting your cells, and you always have the option of detonating them if things are getting hairy.
  • Wrath of Rasputin — We need a way to make Warmind Cells to use them, and unless you&#;re running IKELOS or Seventh Seraph weapons, Wrath of Rasputin is the most reliable way to do that. The mod gives you a chance to generate cells on Solar splash damage kills, which means every Xenophage kill has a chance to pop one out.
  • Global Reach — Standard auxiliary Warmind Cell mod which increases the range of Warmind&#;s Protection.

Additional Mods

Machine Gun Ammo Finder, Machine Gun Reserves, and Machine Gun Scavenger are all extremely useful mods that will help ensure you don&#;t run out of Xenophage ammo. You can work Charged With Light into the build via Incinerating Light or Light From Darkness, and then use it to boost your damage with High-Energy Fire or your survivability with Protective Light. Alternately, you can getting Elemental Wells in the mix and use them to boost your Xenophage damage with Font of Might. Finally, Inferno Whip can give you another way of putting down Unstoppable Champions.

That&#;s the build! It&#;s a great way to handle high-level content on your own, but it also plays well with others in Nightfalls and Gambit. Try it out and let me know what you think.

Solo Prophecy in Season of the Lost - Destiny 2 - HOW ANYONE CAN SOLO Prophecy - NO RAID WEAPONS!
Is it possible to solo prophecy as a warlock without taken mods?
I've been trying to solo the dungeon, but it's been a pain, especially on the phalanx part. Are there any tips for a warlok?

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Prophecy dungeon warlock solo

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EASILY Solo Flawless Prophecy Dungeon: NO ANARCHY - Season Of The Splicer Edition: WARLOCK

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