Bathroom vanity cabinet kits

Bathroom vanity cabinet kits DEFAULT

Framed RTA Bathroom Cabinets

RTA Bathroom Cabinets

RTA bathroom vanity cabinets have the exact characteristics as the Kitchen cabinets. This means they are ready to assemble in a carton when they arrive. RTA cabinets work very well in bathrooms as there are usually a smaller amount of cabinets than the kitchen and the design is fairly simple.

It is important to understand the sizing of these cabinets. If it is a full set of cabinets, a complete bath room,you will always have a Vanity Sink Base. You will always locate it so the plumbing is accessible. RTA bathroom cabinets also come in 3” increments. Several fillers are available. Base fillers and wall fillers so it is simple to make the cabinets look like just as good as custom cabinets. The height of modern bathroom vanities are evolving. The older bathrooms usually had 30 inch high cabinets plus the vanity top. Now days, 31 ½” and 32” are pretty standard. However some people want kitchen height of 34 ½ inches as American people are getting taller. With a 34 ½” high vanity and a normal top it will be a total height of about 36 inches. The RTA bath room should have at least one 3 drawer base cabinet. The balance should depend on the design and size of the room. Bathroom cabinets differ from kitchen cabinets in that they normally are not as tall. They are never as deep. Normal depth of the bathroom vanity is 21 inches compared to 24 inches in the kitchens. However for smaller bathrooms such as powder rooms that are very small the depth can be 18 inches.

RTA Bathroom Cabinets come in a carton with everything inside to complete the assembly. It is a good idea to be a DIY person or hire an outside carpenter or contractor.

Assembly instructions are readily available on our website and on the internet. RTA bathroom cabinets come in many colors and styles. In most cases, the RTA bathroom cabinets match the kitchen cabinets. But, not always as many times white cabinets will be chosen for the RTA bathrooms and the laundry rooms. All you need for the assembly of RTA vanity or bathroom cabinets is a screw driver and a rubber mallet. Usually most people use normal wood glue as well in the joints and sometimes also use screws in addition for additional stability.

RTA bathroom vanity tops are usually not 3 CM thick as the kitchen. We normally use 2 CM only and that is very adequate. Sink depth can vary as well. Be sure to specify the depth of the bowl as it is important. Also the sink bowl color should be chosen early. Most of the time it will be bone or white but you have options to order special color sinks. If it is a solid surface top, the vanity bowl can be integrated so there are no seams.

All in all, the RTA bathroom should be beautiful, functional and economical.

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How to Paint Your Bathroom Vanity

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Kits bathroom vanity cabinet

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