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Brunswick's Seven Ball Brands Register With PBA Through

In a widely anticipated move, Brunswick announced today that it has product registered all seven of its bowling ball brands with the PBA Tour.

The move means balls under the brands of Brunswick, Columbia , DV8, Ebonite, Hammer, Radical, and Track can be thrown in PBA competition. Brunswick and Hammer bowling shoes and all of the accessories for Ultimate Bowling Products and Powerhouse brands are also product registered.

Brunswick reported in a news release the deal with the PBA Tour was for three years and was a multimillion-dollar sponsorship.

Just last month, Brunswick made waves in the bowling industry with its announced acquisition of the brands of Ebonite International, which included Columbia , Ebonite, Hammer and Track.

“The PBA sponsorship was one of our top priorities as a follow up to the recent Ebonite acquisition,” Brunswick CEO Corey Dykstra said in the release. “This multi-year agreement with the PBA confirms our commitment to all of our consumer brands and to growing the sport of bowling.”

Brunswick also reported the agreement solidified Brunswick as the “Exclusive Official Capital Equipment and Lane Maintenance Supplier” to the PBA through As such, the PBA will use Brunswick MAX lane machines, cleaners, conditioners and cloth exclusively on the PBA Tour and the PBA50 Tour.

In addition, the release says Brunswick will also furnish the bowling equipment for PBA arena events conducted during the next three seasons, including pinsetters, ball returns, Sync scoring systems, and Pro Lane synthetic lanes. Brunswick will supply MAX crown bowling pins to be used during televised PBA Tour competitions and will be named as the preferred bowling ball brand at PBA Tour pro-am events.

“We are very excited to continue the long-standing partnership between Brunswick and the PBA,” PBA CEO Colie Edison said in the release. “This relationship has been productive for more than 60 years, and we appreciate Brunswick’s tradition of supporting competitive bowling and look forward to continuing to deliver outstanding value to their brands.”

The season on the PBA Tour gets underway Jan. 15 with the PBA Hall of Fame Classic. All qualifying and match play rounds will be broadcast live on FloBowling.

Sours: https://www.flobowling.com

Mo Pinel added to Radical ball team

Brunswick Bowling has announced that it has signed an agreement to add renowned bowling ball developer Mo Pinel to the Radical Bowling Technologies team.

Pinel will serve as Technology Developer for the Radical brand, bringing patented technologies and years of core design experience.

“By adding Mo to the Radical team, we will be able to differentiate the balls with unique core designs that provide unmatched ball dynamics and satisfaction for serious bowlers,” said Brian Graham, Brunswick director of sales and marketing for consumer products.

Recognized as one of the most colorful personalities in bowling, Pinel has famously revolutionized ball technology several times over the past 25 years, a Brunswick press release noted.

In , he introduced the AMF Sumo, the first mass-market flaring bowling ball. Six years later, he developed the Hammer 3D Offset for Faball, widely credited as the ball that forevermore changed ball design. His most recent venture with MoRich included the development of a number of extremely aggressive balls with strong hook motion.

“I am excited to be on a team that will be focused on developing and implementing innovative bowling ball technologies,” said Pinel. “The Radical Bowling Technologies brand will speak to the technically minded league bowler, and this is a significant audience in today’s bowling ball business.”

“Integrating Mo into Radical Bowling Technologies will certainly add creativity and innovation,” said Brunswick’s Graham. “This is going to be very interesting.”

Bob Johnson

Bob Johnson has received more national writing awards than any other bowling writer — close to 70 over the course of his year career. He began at age 16 as a staff writer and then assistant editor for the weekly Pacific Bowler newspaper in his native California, and within three years was writing feature stories for Bowlers Journal. He has written for the magazine ever since, except for a five-year span when he was hired as the founding editor of another magazine. He moved to Chicago in and spent 13 years in the Windy City, including five as Bowlers Journal’s Editor. In , Johnson received the Robert E. Kennedy Award as California’s top undergraduate high school journalist. Five years earlier, on the lanes, he had shared the Bantam Division Doubles championship in the Orange County Junior Bowling Association Championships. Today, he continues to work full-time for Bowlers Journal as its Senior Editor, to write his popular “Strikes Me” column, and to edit Luby Publishing Inc.’s weekly business-to-business Cyber Report.

Sours: https://www.bowlersjournal.com/mo-pinel-added-to-radical-ball-team/
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Brunswick signs agreement to add Radical Bowling Balls

RadicalBowlingLogo.jpgBrunswick Bowling today announced a major deal with Radical Bowling– the high-tech ball company owned by notable bowling ball innovator Phil Cardinale.

The agreement will move the production of Radical bowling balls to the Brunswick manufacturing plant, and the brand will be renamed Radical Bowling Technologies. Cardinale will continue his role in the development, sales and promotion of the Radical Bowling Technologies product line.

"I'm thrilled to team up with Brunswick," said Cardinale. "Brunswick gives us stability and first-class manufacturing for our balls, and this agreement will allow Radical to expand its reach with improved sales and distribution to pro shops and consumers around the world. In return, I bring a cult following for Radical balls – bowlers who aren't Brunswick customers."

Brian Graham, director of sales and marketing for Brunswick consumer products, concurred, saying, "Partnering with Phil and creating Radical Bowling Technologies is a great example of how we're growing our overall position in the bowling consumer products business. This brand will allow us to expand our product offerings to reach a new customer that is looking for a technological edge in their bowling balls."

Cardinale's creativity and business instincts are certainly among the most valuable assets gained by Brunswick in the deal. He first broke into the bowling business in after throwing a perfect game with a ball that had its drilling specs reversed.

He got an audience with the ball manufacturer's owner after informing the company of the error, then helped remake the company into Track Bowling, his first bowling venture.

In the 25 years since, Cardinale founded and ran several other successful bowling ball companies, building up the estimable reputation and fan-base he enjoys today. He is perhaps best known for thinking of everything.

"My role, in all of my companies, has been to have the whole spectrum covered – the cores, the cover stocks and the programs (branding/packaging/marketing)," said Cardinale. "We make sure to appeal to the whole chain – the distributor, the pro shop and the consumer, so all three parties benefit from the sale. We want there to be "Wow!" in the whole program, not just in the ball."


Sours: https://www.bowlingdigital.com/bowl/node/
Correct Ball Choice During Transition - #MoMonday

There are lots of brands that make bowling balls these days but many of the brands are owned by a much smaller amount of companies.

In the bowling industry the main brands like Brunswick, Storm, and Ebonite are a bit like General Motors, each company owns many brands.

This page will attempt to index all of the major players in the industry so lets start with the bowling ball manufactures and then move on to the bowling accessory companies.

The Top Bowling Ball Manufacturers of

The big five include:

  • Brunswick – Which also owns DV8 & Radical
  • Storm – Which also owns RotoGrip
  • Ebonite – Which also owns Columbia , Hammer, & Track
  • Global – Which also owns AMF
  • Motiv

Click on any of those to jump to that section on this page.

There are also a few smaller brands which may have their own quirks but also may have some serious followers and fans.

These brands include those like:

  • Pyramid
  • Lord Field
  • Lane Masters
  • Lane #1
  • Moxy

Let’s look at each brand individually.


Brunswick owns the brand of it’s own name along with DV8 & Radical.

Ebonite International

Ebonite own their own brand along with:

  • Columbia
  • Hammer
  • Track


Storm bowling also owns:


Motive is a stand alone company owning only their own name brand.


Global is a stand alone company owning their own name brand.

Lane #1

This is a company that made a number of very popular balls in the ’s under the Buzzsaw lable. These days they still make balls and have a core group of ball junkies that still love their products.

In addition to ball companies there are other companies that predominantly make bowling equipment and accessories instead of actual balls.

These companies include major players like Dexter and VISE but many other smaller companies which we’ll now cover one at a time.

Sours: https://mountsbowling.com/bowling-brands/

Owns radical bowling who

Mo Pinel

American mechanical engineer, product designer and bowler

Maurice Louis Pinel Jr ( – March 5, ) was an American mechanical engineer, product designer and bowler who changed the game of ten-pin bowling with his innovative bowling ball designs, notably using asymmetric core masses which allowed the ball to curve more aggressively in its path down the lane. Pinel's popular ball designs starting in helped bowlers achieve higher scores, and thus contributed to the "score inflation" controversy of the s.[1]

Personal life[edit]

Pinel was born on Long Island in New York in His father was an engineer and instructor of metallurgy who returned to college for a law degree and graduated cum laude from Brooklyn Law School in , subsequently working as a patent attorney in metallurgy.[2]

Pinel graduated from Cornell University with a degree in chemical engineering. He stayed in Ithaca to pursue drag racing and tennis.[3] He married Patricia Ann Norris. They had a son in Robert Alan Pinel entered Columbia University in and became a trial lawyer in Pennsylvania.[4]

Pinel married a second time, and had a total of four children. His third marriage was to Monica Westfall-Pinel in in Ohio.[3] He died at age 78 from complications of COVID on March 5, , in Baton Rouge after he had been conducting bowling seminars in Florida and Louisiana.[1][3]


Pinel twice suffered serious injuries in drag racing, so he left motorsports and took up competitive bowling in He experimented with adding weights inside bowling balls, and in he presented his ideas to bowling ball manufacturers, who were not interested.[3] Pinel was in another car crash, and he stopped competing to focus on the business side. He coached bowlers, he co-owned a lane resurfacing company, and he operated a bowling alley in Rome, New York. He wrote a book on bowling: The See It, Feel It, Do It System![1]

In the late s, Pinel hit upon the idea of using asymmetrical masses inside a bowling ball. The intention was that the ball could be thrown in a way that gave it a greater change of trajectory in the middle part of the ball's travel, so that it curved more sharply into the pins at the end.[3] He filed a patent in April U.S. Patent 5,,

Pinel teamed with Phil Cardinale of Track, a small bowling ball maker, to create a new asymmetric-mass ball called the Shark in The Track Shark showed so much promise that AMF Bowling, a large bowling equipment company, hired Pinel away from Track. For AMF, Pinel formed a new eccentric mass to create the AMF Sumo model in The Sumo sold so well that AMF gave Pinel a commemorative medallion when sales reached , balls. But AMF had assigned Pinel a royalty for each ball, and they felt he was getting too much money. AMF severed the contract in , after which Pinel was quickly hired by Faball, known for the popular Hammer model with polyurethane technology. Pinel designed an asymmetric core to start Faball's Hammer 3D Offset line. The new ball proved so popular that Faball's manufacturing side struggled to meet high customer demand. Faball was suddenly enjoying about $12&#;million in annual sales while AMF fell from $12&#;million to $1&#;million.[3]

In , Pinel and his lane-resurfacing partner Rich Sadles teamed in a new venture: MoRich, based in Virginia. MoRich was formed to produce bowling balls with even more radically eccentric masses. But other bowling ball manufacturers were now offering similar models, and they were better positioned to influence the market. Pinel exhausted his capital trying to keep MoRich competitive, finally closing the doors in [3]

Phil Cardinale had become the head of Radical Bowling, a boutique brand owned by Brunswick Bowling. Brunswick and Cardinale hired Pinel as director of technology, and to serve as brand ambassador. Pinel and Radical produced a series of videos for YouTube, and Pinel drove around the US in his car, coaching players and promoting Radical's ball designs. His final assignment for Radical was a multi-state tour of the Deep South in to tell bowlers about the physics of the game.[3]


External links[edit]

Sours: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mo_Pinel
USBC Nationals Arsenal Building 101 - #RadicalRundown

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