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The Summoners War and Street Fighter V: Champion Edition / SFV collab event isn&#;t stopping yet! With the collaboration, five popular characters from the Street Fighter series that have been loved for over 30 years &#; RYU, KEN, CHUN-LI, M. BISON and DHALSIM &#; have been added to the game as collaboration units. Plenty of new players are trying out Summoners War because of the SFV collab!

As such, Com2us is having a Collab Festival Event that provides various in-game items as rewards for users when they participate in the event. The event will run until 1 November, consisting of 4 types of events, by using accumulated points acquired from completing missions.

First, &#;CHUN-LI&#;s Attendance Gifts&#;, an event which provides in-game items when you log in to the game every day will be held. In addition, users can participate in the &#;RYU & KEN&#;s Legend Rune Crafting&#; event to craft the highest grade rune, 6★ Legendary Runes, which is one of the core contents of Summoners War&#;s strategical gameplay, of their choice.

Moreover, &#;M. BISON&#;s Mysterious Gifts&#; event offers various in-game items such as the collaboration special exclusive background and Mystical Scrolls according to the cumulative points. Also, &#;DHALSIM&#;s Secret Shop&#; event will be held so users can get the in-game items including the &#;Street Fighter V Scroll&#; by using the Fighter&#;s Coins acquired from the collaboration monster&#;s event dungeon.

Summoners War: Sky Arena

Publisher: Com2Us

Developer: Com2Us

Release Date:

Android, iOS

Summoners War: Sky Arena, is a mobile turn-based strategy massively multiplayer online game created by South Korean game developer, Com2uS. Summon monsters and battle against other players!

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Mobile RPG Summoners War is getting a big boost of fighting spirit, as they announced a Summoners War X Street Fighter collaboration.

Developers Com2US shared a teaser image via the game&#;s Facebook community teasing which characters would be added to the game.

No photo description available.

Two of the silhouettes resemble Dhalsim and Karin, who are also in the Street Fighter V roster. The one on the far right is definitely Ryu or Ken, though the last two are a mystery.

The Summoners War X Street Fighter event starts on August 31st. Fans can also follow the game&#;s Facebook page for more information.

This marks the first major brand collaboration for Summoners War, which launched in The game is available on Android and iOS.

Interested in Street Fighter V? Read our review of Street Fighter V: Champion Edition.

Summoners War: Sky Arena

Publisher: Com2Us

Developer: Com2Us

Release Date:

Android, iOS

Summoners War: Sky Arena, is a mobile turn-based strategy massively multiplayer online game created by South Korean game developer, Com2uS. Summon monsters and battle against other players!

Tags:Street Fighter V: Champion EditionSummoners War

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The announcement came as a surprise to many: Summoners War has partnered with Street Fighter V. After days of speculation, we now know which Street Fighter characters will be joining the SW universe. The Summoners War development team spoke to the two communities that are currently buzzing. They explained the broad out lines of this temporary collaboration.

Find in this Q&A news, everything you need to know about this partnership. It's not fair, a publicity stunt and the collaboration promises to be particularly rich!

What is the nature of the collaboration between Summoners War and Street Fighter V: Champion Edition?

The developer team is well aware that the two games are very different. However, they both excel in their genre and have their own community. It is precisely from this desire to bring these two active communities together that this partnership was born.

Summoner War has therefore decided to integrate 5 new monsters featuring 5 iconic characters from Street Fighter. The names and appearances will be the same and were easily taken over. It was more complicated to faithfully adapt the gameplay and the power of the characters. The two development teams worked hand in hand to get the best results.

Which monsters will be included in Summoners War?

One can imagine that the choice of the 5 characters was not easy. The lucky ones are Ryu, Ken, Mr. Bison, Chun-Li and Dhalsim. None of them will exist in unawakened form for the occasion.


The Street Fighter Ryu character in Summoners War
  • Hadoken: Causes damage and has a 50% chance to reduce the enemy's power for 2 turns;
  • Shoryuken: Sends an uppercut to the enemy wounding and marking him for 2 turns. There's a 30% chance of triggering Hadoken consecutively;
  • Jodan Sanrengeki : attacks the enemy, removing all of its beneficial effects. If he has none left after the attack, Ryu hits him at New and reduces the target's defence for 2 turns. Inflicts a final ultimate hit if the defence is successfully reduced.


The Street Fighter Ken character in Summoners War
  • Hadoken: Causes damage and has a 50% chance to reduce the enemy's power for 2 turns;
  • Tatsumaki Senpukyaku: Attacks all enemies 3 times with a 30% chance of removing one buff each and a 30% chance of absorbing 10% of the attack gauge;
  • Shinryuken: attacks the same target three times, leaving one mark per hit for 2 rounds. Damage increases if the target has adverse effects that affect it. You gain a New turn if all attacks are critical hits.

Mr. Bison

The Street Fighter Mr. Bison character in Summoners War
  • Psycho Inferno: Increases Psycho Power to attack a target with 50% of the provocation for 1 turn ;
  • Psycho Crusher : surrounds himself with Psycho Power to jump on an enemy, provoke him and reduce his power for 1 turn. It also increases its attack power according to its max PV;
  • Black Moon (Passive): When a provoked enemy dies, Mr. Bison fills his Attack Rating to the full extent of his Attack Rating and recovers 20% of his maximum VPs.


The Street Fighter Chun-Li character in Summoners War
  • Kikoken: Sends energy to injure its target with a 50% chance of reducing its attack gauge by 30%;
  • Spinning Bird Kick: Attacks all enemies twice, each shot has a 50% chance to reduce their attack speed for 2 turns ;
  • Hoyokusen: Attacks 7 times the target reducing the attack gauge by 20% with each hit. If it falls to 0, the next moves ignore the opponent's defense. The 7th move always ignores it.


The Street Fighter Dhaslim character in Summoners War
  • Yoga Punch: Attacks an enemy with a 30% chance of stunning them for 1 turn;
  • Yoga Fire: Spits flames at the enemy with a 50% chance to remove all effects and a 50% chance to inflict continuous burn damage for 2 turns;
  • Yoga Sunburst: spits a huge flame to touch all enemies 3 times. Each time Dhaslim has a 25% chance to stun them for 1 turn. Damage increases if enemies are already burned.

So the Street Fighter characters come to Summoners War with well-known skills. While there are currently only 5 of them, the development team clearly implied that others might follow.

How long does the collaboration last?

The collaboration is temporary and will only last 2 months (September-October). It will therefore be impossible to get the Street Fighter monsters outside this period.

After this time, Summoners War will integrate 5 new monsters with the same characteristics and skills: Striker, Shadow Claw, Slayer, Blade Dancer and Poison Master. They can be used as a base or as materials to improve the characters that come from the collaboration. So there will be no losses!

Monsters Street Fighter in Summoners War

The monsters can be obtained via the classic methods of invocation (invocations and scrolls) with predefined rates of chance. There will also be the possibility to win during these 2 months scrolls Street Fighter V guaranteeing the obtaining of these special monsters.

That's all you need to know about this collaboration between Summoners War and Street Fighter V which will begin in September. 🙂

Bagelmon Challenged Me! - Avengers vs. Summoners War Collab?!

Greetings from Com2uS!​


Summoners War X Street Fighter V Collaboration Event No. 3!

Enjoy the various events that CHUN-LI/ RYU/ KEN/ M. BISON/ DHALSIM prepared.


1. CHUN-LI's Attendance Gifts

2. RYU & KEN's Legend Rune Crafting

3. M. BISON's Mysterious Gifts

4. DHALSIM's Secret Shop


■ Event Schedule

After the update in each server - Nov. 1st am PST

* This event has no separate reward collection time. Please make sure to collect your rewards before the event ends (Nov. 1st am PST).


■ Event Details


[How to acquire points]

Use 1 Energy - 1pts

Use 1 Arena Invitation Ticket - 3pts

Use 1 Dimension Hole Energy - 5pts

Summon default 3★+ Monster once - 10pts

Summon Street Fighter V Collaboration Monster once - pts


[How to acquire bonus points]

Get 1 Fighter's Coin from the Event Dungeon - 3pts


* What's the Fighter's Coin?

: It's an item that can be acquired from the Collab Monster's Event Dungeon.

Please refer to the [v update notice] for more info,


* Points can be acquired unlimitedly during the event.

* Entering World Arena or summons performed via Monster Summoning Pieces won't count.

* Summoning Collaboration Monsters will not count for the "Summon default 3★+ Monster once" and only count for the "Summon Street Fighter V Collaboration Monster once" and you will acquire pts.​



■ EVENT 1. CHUN-LI's Attendance Gifts

Visit CHUN-LI every day!

Get [ Energy + , Mana Stones] when you check in once a day.

* Resets every day at 8am PDT.



■ EVENT 2. Craft Two 6★ Legendary Runes with RYU & KEN!

Use acquired points to craft 6★ Legendary Rune with RYU & KEN, up to 2 times.


Step 1) Select a Rune type, rune number and main property!

pts are required to select the Rune Type 

and pts are required to select each of the Rune Number and Main Property!

You can select starting from the Rune Type in order, 

and be careful when you make your decision because you won't be able to change it afterwards.

* You cannot craft the same Rune Number / Rune Type when crafting two Runes.

* You can craft the second rune when you confirm the first rune's property.


Step 2) Change the sub-properties of the Rune!

Sub-properties are designated randomly and you can use pts to change sub-properties.

* pts will be deducted instantly when you tap the [Change Button] and the previously granted sub-properties will be changed to random sub-properties.

* You can't restore the previous sub-properties once you've changed it by tapping the [Change > Select Button].

* You'll acquire the Rune with the currently granted properties when you tap the [Craft Button].



■ EVENT 3. M. BISON's Mysterious Gifts

Select either [20 Energy] or [, Mana Stones] as a reward whenever you accumulate points!

Also collect rewards based on the accumulated points!


- 1,pts: Mystical Scroll x1

- 2,pts: Mystical Scroll x2

- 3,pts: Mana Stone x,

- 4,pts: Mystical Scroll x2

- 5,pts: Mana Stone x,

- 6,pts: Mystical Scroll x3

- 8,pts: Crystal x

- 10,pts: Mystical Scroll x3

- 12,pts: Crystal x

- 14,pts: Mystical Scroll x5

- 16,pts: ★Exclusive! Street Fighter V Collab Special Profile Background [RYU's Theme]★

- 18,pts: Mystical Scroll x5

- 20,pts: Mystical Scroll x10


* Accumulated Points are the sum of collected points and bonus points.



■ EVENT 4. DHALSIM's Secret Shop

Find the Event Dungeon of Collab Monsters!

You can purchase various items using [Fighter's Coins] acquired from the dungeon.


- Street Fighter V Collab Scroll x1

: Fighter's Coin x1, (Purchase available up to 1 time)


- Devilmon x1 

: Fighter's Coin x (Purchase available up to 1 time)


- Reappraisal Stone x1

: Fighter's Coin x (Purchase available up to 1 time)


- Crystal x

: Fighter's Coin x (Purchase available up to 2 times)


- 5★ Rainbowmon (Lv. 1) x1

: Fighter's Coin x (Purchase available up to 1 time)


- 4★ Rainbowmon (Lv. 1) x1

: Fighter's Coin x70 (Purchase available up to 2 times)


- Ancient Coin x50

: Fighter's Coin x (Purchase available up to 2 times)


- EXP Booster (12H) x1

: Fighter's Coin x50 (Purchase available up to 1 time)


- Symbol of Harmony/ Transcendence/ Chaos + Rune Piece (10 each)

: Fighter's Coin x50 (No purchase limits)


- Angelmon x1 (Random attribute)

: Fighter's Coin x30 (No purchase limits)

* Awakened Angelmon (MAX Lv.) will be given.


* What's the Street Fighter V Scroll?

One Monster among Collaboration Monsters (RYU/ M. BISON/ CHUN-LI/ DHALSIM) with one attribute (Fire/ Water/ Wind/ Light/ Dark) will be summoned.




※ Please Read

- Please restart the game if you're playing when the event begins to avoid any delays.

- Please try restarting the game if you don't see your reward at the Inbox.

- The duration and remaining time for the event will be displayed in the time zone of the area that you reside in.

- For questions or customer support, please contact our Customer Support by visiting


Collab summoners war

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Summoners War X Street Fighter V Collaboration Trailer

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