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GIGABYTE Z Motherboards Gear VRM/CPU Liquid Cooling Solution

Taipei, Taiwan, July 29, – GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd, a leading manufacturer of motherboards, graphics cards, and hardware solutions, today announced the new Z AORUS MASTER WATERFORCE motherboard will join the Z water cooling lineup with globally leading technology, which powers the world-only Liquid Cooler AIO design to fulfill the temperature control of overclocking on the core K series Intel® Core™ processors. The phase digital power design with each phase holding up to 90 amps unleash extreme performance and optimizes overclocking ability on the new processor. GIGABYTE Z AORUS motherboards use XTREME MEMORY technology with an anti-interference design to improve memory overclocking and stability. Z AORUS MASTER WATERFORCE offers innovations as top-of-the-line audio quality, and feature-rich I/O with an integrated I/O shield, and much more, checking all the boxes for users on system performance, power management, thermals, and audio.

The 10th generation of Intel Core™ processors has been in the market, enhanced by up to 10 cores, 20 threads, and 20 MB total caches, the performance boost with the default TDP ramping up to Watts. The excess heat and TDP also boost especially when overclocking on all cores. Many users choose liquid cooling to effectively dissipate excess heat generated from high-speed operation, and further release the extreme overclocking performance of the processors. However users often hesitate since general AIO liquid cooling cannot cover VRM dissipation, and the monoblock for processor and VRM area of open liquid cooling is always difficult to purchase separately as well as raise the possibility to break the warranty. To provide users a convenient option without breaking the warranty, GIGABYTE released the Z AORUS MASTER WATERFORCE motherboard with a whole new design with AIO liquid cooling which can dissipate the heat from the processors and VRM at the same time.

It’s easy to assemble the monoblock of the Z AORUS MASTER WATERFORCE motherboard. Users only need to fasten four screws like the general AIO water cooling system to complete the assembly. Enhanced by a direct-touch heatpipe and new generation W/mK LAIRD Thermal Conductivity Pad, it increases the contact between the VRM and thermal pad which provides superior heat conduction, dropping 23% heat compared to non-liquid cooling designs. The excess heat generated from the processors and VRM pass to the monoblock, proceeding heat convection through the cooling water and three sets of dual-ball bearing at cm, which boost the heat dissipation efficiency. The AORUS Falcon logo with RGB lighting on the monoblock and digital LED lighting on fans enables lighting synchronization with system or peripherals so that users can showcase their own style. With both functionality and style, the metal backplate of AORUS motherboards adds extra sturdiness and rigidity to the motherboard while dissipates heat quickly away from the backside components and the PCB, avoiding system instability caused by overloading.

GIGABYTE Z AORUS MASTER WATERFORCE motherboard features a phase digital power design in which each phase can hold up to 90 amps with its Smart Power Stage design, delivering up to Amps for the best power balance to prevent the processors’ performance drop from VRM overheating. Solid power pin connectors on the addition of Tantalum Polymer capacitors improve the transient response of the VRM between high and low loads to reduce 22% of voltage wave, providing more stable and pure power to enhance the stability of the processor so that users won’t have to worry about overlocking failures caused by unstable power.

Aside from power and thermal management, GIGABYTE Z AORUS MASTER WATERFORCE motherboard boasts an impressive memory configuration with single-slot 32GB memory capacity. The PCB’s unique XTREME MEMORY technology with anti-interference design reduces electromagnetic interference, which ensures users’ higher overclocking performance on memory with more stability. The signal stabilizing function of the tantalum Polymer capacitors at the base of the memory slots further enhance the stability of the board especially when overclocking at XMP high frequencies, enabling overclocked RAM performance at DDR4 MHz speeds and above according to the test results.

Z AORUS MASTER WATERFORCE uses PCIe grade PCBs, PCIe slots, M.2 slots, and controllers for the highest bandwidth quality. To address this potential bottleneck, Z AORUS MASTER WATERFORCE motherboard equips with Thermal Guard II. With unique adjustments in the mechanism, the new patented design ensures that both sides of the M.2 SSD are adequately cooled to prevent thermal throttling under high-speed operation.

Z AORUS MASTER WATERFORCE integrates abundant functions. The board’s Intel® Gbps Ethernet brings ultra-fast connectivity that is faster than Gigabit Ethernet. Also, the board implements an Intel® WiFi 6 ax network adapter and AORUS high-gain WiFi smart antenna to deliver up to Gbps transmission speed. The ultra-fast Ethernet and WiFi configuration means that users have a flexible configuration with ultra-fast and stable internet connectivity. When it comes to audio, GIGABYTE is always on top of its game. Z AORUS MASTER WATERFORCE utilizes the ALC VB audio engine and pairs it with the WIMA FKP2 studio-grade audio capacitors to deliver studio-grade, high-fidelity audio.

Z AORUS MASTER WATERFORCE can easily satisfy users’ need for CPU and VRM heat dissipation, but for those users who chase top-notch and more stylish systems, the flagship motherboard Z AORUS XTREME WATERFORCE is highly recommended for an open loop water cooling system. Z AORUS XTREME WATERFORCE is based on the Z AORUS XTREME, providing extreme power, a memory circuit, and expansion design. Through the AORUS All-In-One Monoblock, the heat from CPU, chipset, and even M.2 SSD can be dissipated at the same time. Enhanced by extra thick W/mK LAIRD Thermal Conductivity Pad, the contact between the VRM, chipset, and monoblock are increased, providing superior heat conduction to avoid the instability from the system overloading. Meanwhile the fashionable outlook and embedded dual digital RGB lighting design furnish liquid cooling enthusiasts with the most premium liquid cooling system with a customized style.

Z AORUS MASTER WATERFORCE and AORUS XTREME WATERFORCE motherboards also bring back fan-favorite technologies such as RGB Fusion with support for digital lighting strips, Smart Fan 5 Technology, USB TurboCharger for ultra-fast charging on phones, and other technologies. GIGABYTE BIOS has been completely revamped with a new graphical interface that displays key information on clock speeds, memory, storage devices, fan statuses/settings, and other important hardware information in a more intuitive and user-friendly manner. Q-Flash Plus technology allows the user to maintain the system’s BIOS in a USB flash drive without installing a CPU, RAM, GPU, and other peripherals.

Z AORUS MASTER WATERFORCE and AORUS XTREME WATERFORCE motherboards are already in the market. Users definitely don’t want to miss the superior liquid cooling power of AORUS motherboards. For more information and news on GIGABYTE products, please visit the official GIGABYTE website: http://www.gigabyte.com 

Sours: https://www.gigabyte.com/Press/News/


The MPG series brings out the best in gamers by allowing full expression in color with advanced RGB lighting control and synchronization. Experiment on another level of personalization with a front LED strip that provides convenient in-game and real time notifications. With the MPG series, transform your equipment into the center of attention and top leaderboards in style.

MPG-Game In Style

The MPG Z CARBON EK X comes with a custom-designed EK cooling solution, a monoblock that aesthetically blends with the motherboard. The iconic carbon fiber and matching engraved design shows its refined quality and distinctive looks. To unleash the high performing for 10th gen Intel core processors, the custom-designed EK cooling solution that offers pristine cooling for both the CPU and VRM power delivery section is used to prevent thermal throttling, allowing gamers to sustain heavy gaming loadings without the noisy environment. It's ready for everything!




Core Boost Technology

Core Boost Technology

Combining 8+4 pin power connectors and premium layout design, that is ready for unleashing the maximum performance.

6-Layer PCB

6-Layer PCB

6 layer PCB provides higher performance and long-lasting system stability without any compromise.

Digital PWM

Digital PWM

Highest quality component digital power IC makes sure your system runs smoothly under the most extreme conditions.


PCI-E Steel Armor

Protecting VGA cards against bending and EMI for better performance, stability and strength.


premium thermal solution

Heatsinks with 7W/mK Thermal Pad

EK Custom-Designed Monoblock

A custom-designed EK cooling solution that offers pristine cooling for both the CPU and VRM power delivery section.

M.2 Shield Frozr

M.2 Shield Frozr

Strengthened built-in M.2 thermal solution. Keeps M.2 SSDs safe while preventing throttling, making them run faster.

Pump Fan Support

Pump Fan Support

Control watercooling pump speeds for best flow and noise control.

Zero Frozr Technology

Enlarged Chipset Heatsink

Larger heatsink for chipset ensures better heat dissipation and cooling effects.



Lightning 20G

Lightning 20G

Built-in USB Gen 2x2 port, offers the 20Gbps transmission speed, 4X faster than USB Gen 1.

Intel Wi-Fi 6

Intel Wi-Fi 6

The latest wireless solution supports MU-MIMO and BSS color technology, delivering speeds up to Mbps.

G Network Solution

G Network Solution

Featuring premium G LAN with LAN manager delivers better network experience.

DDR4 Boost

DDR4 Boost

The fully isolated DDR circuit to deliver pure data signals for the best gaming and overclocking performance.

Twin Turbo M.2

Twin Turbo M.2

With 2 x M.2 slots . Running at PCI-E Gen3 x4 maximizes performance for NVMe based SSDs.


With years of experience, MSI is no stranger to building high-performance motherboards. Our R&D and engineering teams have reviewed countless designs, evaluated a wide selection of high quality components, and developed products for reliability even under extreme conditions.



High performance MSI motherboards are loaded with advanced features and the latest technology to overwhelm any challenge at hand no matter whether you’re a gamer, prosumer, or PC enthusiast.



MSI motherboards are built with a variety of connectors to satisfy gamers. Enhanced audio, advanced LAN networking capabilities, USB and Mystic Light turn any gaming experience into an immerse one.

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All images and descriptions are for illustrative purposes only. Visual representation of the products may not be perfectly accurate. Product specification, functions and appearance may vary by models and differ from country to country . All specifications are subject to change without notice. Please consult the product specifications page for full details.Although we endeavor to present the most precise and comprehensive information at the time of publication, a small number of items may contain typography or photography errors. Products may not be available in all markets. We recommend you to check with your local supplier for exact offers.

Sours: https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/MPG-ZCARBON-EK-X
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MSI Spawns Liquid-Cooled Z Motherboard In Collaboration with EKWB

If you've been looking into buying one of the new 10th-Generation Intel Comet Lake-S chips, then you almost certainly know that they can be quite power-hungry, which means tons of heat will be generated. To manage this, MSI has partnered up with EKWB to build the MPG Z Carbon EK X motherboard, which comes with a purpose-built EKWB monoblock installed from the factory.

At the heart of the motherboard resides a complex, 12+1+1 phase power delivery subsystem for the CPU, and with all the RGB goodies aboard it's clear that this is not a motherboard for the faint of heart. If you're planting anything but a K in here, you're doing something wrong because this is a board built for overclocking, and the K's come with the best silicon. 

The EKWB monoblock aboard is themed to MSI's looks, and cools the CPU and VRM circuitry. This means that you pretty much have no choice but to use this motherboard in a custom loop, but that's not so bad -- just buy another board if you aren't planning on doing this. 

Beyond all that stuff, MSI's new board follows a pretty standard Z design, featuring four DDR4 memory slots, support for up to two graphics cards, high-end audio circuitry, G Ethernet and WiFi 6 AX support, along with ASmedia USB Gen2x2 controller to keep up with the latest standards.

Intriguingly, the board also comes with EKWB's leak testing kit, pressurizes the loop with air to test it.

Pricing is set at $, which is actually quite reasonable for a board of this caliber, considering that Monoblocks by themself often cost between $ and $, already.

Niels Broekhuijsen is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He covers hardware news on all components and peripherals.
Sours: https://www.tomshardware.com/news/MSI-Spawns-Liquid-Cooled-ZMotherboard-In-Collaboration-with-EKWB
Just Add Water! - MSI MPG Z590 Carbon EK X - Overview

Next Generation Connectivity




Unparalleled Performance

Next Generation Connectivity

Definitive Aesthetics

Hi-Fi Audio System

Ultra Durable


Showcasing a state-of-the-art design, excellent functionality, an impressive thermal design, next generation network connectivity, a Hi-Fi level audio system, and AORUS aesthetics, the flagship Z AORUS XTREME WATERFORCE motherboard dominates the competition.


True 16+1 Phases Digital VRM
  1. 90A Smart Power Stage
  2. 8 Layer PCB
  3. PCIe Ready Low Loss PCB
  4. 2X Cooper PCB


Intel® WiFi 6 ax 2T2R & BT 5 with 2X AORUS Antenna




Watercooling Thermal Design
  1. AORUS All-In-One Monoblock
  2. W/mK LAIRD Thermal Conductivity Pad
  3. NanoCarbon Baseplate
  4. Right-Angled Connectors


3* M.2 Connectors
  1. NVMe PCIe x4
  2. Thermal Guards II


AMP-UP Audio
  1. ALC VB Audio Codec
  3. TI Burr-Brown™ OPA
  4. Auto Impedance Sensing
  5. Audiophile Grade Capacitors
  6. Anti-pop Relay
  7. Gold Plated Audio Jacks
  8. Front Audio with ESS DAC


Supports 10th Gen. Intel Core™ Processors
  1. Dual Channel DDR4, 4 DIMMs with Ultra Durable Memory Armor


Solid Pin Power Connectors
  1. 24 pin ATX Power Connector
  2. 8+8 Pin CPU Power Connector


  1. Addressable LED Header*2
  2. RGB LED Header*2


Front USB Gen2 Type-C™


DualBIOS with Q-Flash Plus


Z AORUS XTREME WATERFORCE uses exclusive CPU/VRM/PCH watercooling monoblock to ensure stability and low temperature under full loading application and gaming.

  1. All-In-One Monoblock covers both CPU, VRM , SSD and PCH area
  2. 60% more skived fins surface area for more efficient heat transfer
  3. High density copper fins for extreme heat dissipation
  4. Leak detection circuit around whole monoblock
  5. High compatible universal G1/4 threads
  6. Automatically emergency shut down with leak detection
  7. Addressable LED light effect
  8. Adopt high thermal conductivity thermal pad
  9. Solid back-plate to prevent motherboard distortion
MaterialCopper / Acrylic
Fin Total surface area (mm2)
Fin Gap (mm)
Threads (inch)2 x G1/4
Max Pressure (mpa)
Thermal Grease (W/mK)TC (W/mK)
Thermal Pad (W/mK)6(MOS, Choke, PCH, 10G LAN, M.2)
Digital LED Pin HeaderYes, 4 pin
Digital RGB LED25(CPU 16; PCH 9)
RGB Fusion YES
Leak DetectionYES
Covered AreaMOS, Choke, PCH, 10G LAN, M.2

Waterflow Simulation

Leak Detection Area

NanoCarbon Baseplate

  1. Base plate made of aluminum instead of traditional iron ensures 3X thermal conductivity.
  2. A thin layer of NanoCarbon is coated on the base plate through electrostatic adhesion to enhance thermal radiation capability.
  3. Transfer heat from the back side PCB to the base plate so the NanoCarbon base plate can dissipate heat passively.
  4. Effectively lowers backside PWM component temperature by 10%.

NanoCarbon Coating

This specialized nanostructure of carbon molecules has extraordinary thermal conductivity.

Right-Angled Connectors

Z AORUS XTREME WATERFORCE uses revolutionary Right-Angled Connectors design, 90% of pin headers and connectors on motherboard are right-angled and relocated to one side of PCB. The never-seen-before design help easier cable management and better in-chassis air-flow when installing great amount of devices.

*Photo for reference only.

AORUS M.2 Thermal Guard II

With durability in mind, GIGABYTE provides a new thermal solution for large capacity M.2 SSD devices with double side flash. The M.2 Thermal Guard II uses a double-sided heatsink design and prevents throttling and bottlenecks on high speed M.2 SSDs by dissipating heat before it becomes an issue.

Thermal Throttling As Temperature Rises

Noise Detection

With the new Noise Detection function, you can monitor noise level of all devices including fans, CPU coolers, graphics card, etc. in real time, and you can determine how fast your fan speed needs to be. Our bundled Noise Detection cable doesn’t include any sound recording function, it simply detects sound pressure while protecting your privacy.

    Smart Fan 5

    With Smart Fan 5 users can ensure that their gaming PC can maintain its performance while staying cool. Smart Fan 5 allows users to interchange their fan headers to reflect different thermal sensors at different locations on the motherboard. Not only that, with Smart Fan 5 more hybrid fan headers that support both PWM and Voltage mode fans have been introduced to make the motherboard more liquid cooling friendly.

    Fan / Water Pump Connectors
    Noise Detection Cable
    Internal Temperature Sensors
    External Temperature Sensors

    Temperature Sensors

    Hybrid Fan Headers

    Temperature Sensor Cable x 2

    Noise Detect Cable x 1

    ■ 8 Fan / Water Pump Connectors
    ■ 8 Temperature Sensors
    ■ 2 External Temperature Sensors
    ■ 1 Noise Detection Cable
    ■ All Hybrid Fan Headers
    ■ Interoperable Fans and Sensors
    ■ Supports High Current Fans up to 24W(2A x 12V) with Over-Current Protection
    ■ Intuitive UI for Fan Control

    Bundled RGB FAN COMMANDER provide additional 8 hybrid fan headers

    * Different models have a different number of fan pin headers and temperature sensors. Smart Fan 5 function may vary by model.

    Achieve fan silence. With Fan Stop, map any fan to stop completely when temperatures drop below a specified threshold. Which fan stops, based on readings from which sensor, and at what temperature—all of it can be customized to your liking.

    Intelligent Fan Control Design

    Hybrid Fan Pin Headers

    Assume complete control over your liquid cooling setup! Smart Fan 5 receives up-to-the-second information on flow-rate and water-temperature through the Hybrid Fan Pin Headers or external thermistor sensors—giving you absolute mastery over your PC.
    • All Hybrid Fan Headers can automatically detect the type of cooling device whether it be fan or pump with different PWM or Voltage mode.

    New Smart Fan 5 Software

    Choose from different modes, Quiet to Full Speed, to match your system usage preferences.
    For each fan or pump, you can use the intuitive fan curve to define trigger thresholds and corresponding fan speeds.

    Extreme Power Design

    To unleash the full potential of the new Intel core CPU, the motherboard requires the best CPU power design. With the best quality components and GIGABYTE R&D design capability, Z AORUS XTREME WATERFORCE is a true beast among motherboards.

    16+1 Phases

    Digital Power Design
    Z AORUS XTREME WATERFORCE motherboard uses an pure digital CPU power design which includes a digital PWM Controller with Smart Power Stages and is capable of providing 90A of power from each phase for a total of A. This % digital controller, new Tantalum Polymer Capacitors array, and additional 8+8 Solid-pin CPU Power Connectors offer incredible precision and stability in delivering power to the motherboard's most power-hungry and energy-sensitive components, allowing enthusiasts to get the absolute maximum overclocking performance from the new core 10th Gen. Intel® Core™ processors.

    * Doubled from 8 phases with current balancing.

    Due to the lower resistance of the polymer materials, tantalum polymer caps generally have better ESR and ripple current specifications, as well as better performance at high frequency.

      In order to unleash the full performance of the new high core count CPUs, GIGABYTE uses true power phases, a fully load-balanced VRM design with doublers, and a tantalum polymer capacitor array. By using doublers, the power design ensures that the high power draw of the CPU is fully balanced across all MOSFETs to achieve better efficiency and lower temperatures. In contrast, MOSFETs in competitors' traditional parallel power designs are not as well balanced which leads to lower efficiency and higher temperatures. For sudden changes between idle and high load states from the CPU, GIGABYTE utilizes a tantalum polymer capacitor array directly under the CPU socket as a buffer to improve transient response and stability under high CPU frequencies.

      GIGABYTE POWER DESIGN | True Power Design

      Sours: https://www.gigabyte.com/us/Motherboard/ZAORUS-XTREME-WATERFORCE-rev-1x

      Water cooled motherboard z490

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