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Asia Map Quiz: Strengthen Your Geography!

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Asia, which in combination with Europe forms so-called Eurasia, is the largest continent on Earth. The area of ​​Asia reaches nearly 45 million square kilometers. If you want to test your knowledge about this continent, and more precisely the location of individual Asian countries on the map, you've come to the right place! In this Asia Map Quiz, we will check your knowledge about the countries that are in it. Thanks to this test solution, you'll be able to tell where any Asian country is located. After solving the quiz a few times, you will certainly know Asia by heart!

Asia - A Brief Description

Before starting the Asia Map quiz, it would be worth learning about the history of this beautiful continent.

The origin of the name "Asia" is not entirely known. Many links are directed from such languages ​​as Greek - asis (river silt), Assyrian - assu (rising sun), or Akkadian - aṣû (entrance, country of the east). The land area of ​​Asia lies entirely in the northern hemisphere. Asia borders Africa and Europe in the west and the Pacific Ocean is in the east of this continent.

There are 48 official countries in Asia. Russia is the largest and Maldives is the smallest. There are also countries that are not recognized internationally, such as Northern Cyprus and Abkhazia (see the whole list here). China is the most populous Asian country, and Christmas Island the least.

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Asia Map Quiz - How To Play?

The quiz rules are child's play. Each question will present a map of Asia with one country highlighted in red. Your task is to say which country has been marked. The quiz contains 15 questions, so you have to guess exactly 15 Asian countries in order to get a perfect score on the quiz. This test will definitely help you identify the location of individual countries in Asia. So don't waste more time and work; show your knowledge and try to get the most points! Good luck!


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Asia Countries and Capitals Map Puzzle

More Map Puzzles, More Maps and Early ReadingMore Map Puzzles, More Maps and Early Reading

Click and drag the Asian Country or capital to the correct place on the map.

The countries and capitals of Asia are easy and fun to learn with this map puzzle.

Use it as a quiz to test your (or your children's) knowledge of the world. Since the map is visual and spatial, it helps reinforce knowledge of the location and size of the countries in Asia. Asia is the largest continent, and contains two of the four largest countries in the world, China and Russia, and the seventh largest, India. It is the eastern part of the Eurasian land mass.

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