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The Sims Freeplay, a seven-year-old mobile game, will no longer be available in seven countries starting on July 5. On Wednesday, one of the community managers on EA’s forum announced that due to “regional standards,” the game is being removed from iOS and Adroid app stores in China, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar and Egypt.

The Sims Freeplay is a free-to-play Sims mobile game (not to be confused with The Sims Mobile, released earlier this year). Freeplay has been around since 2011 on iOS, moving to Android, Blackberry, and Kindle Fire in following years.

Players who have the game downloaded on their devices will still be able to play, but there will be no further updates or purchases available, which means the game may stop working at a later date. There will also will be no way to retrieve saved data if you’re switching to a new device.

This removal follows the release of a highly-anticipatedapp update on June 18: allowing female Sims to get pregnant for the first time since the game’s release. While married couples were able to have babies simply by clicking on the crib before, this update allows any female Sim, regardless of marital status, to become pregnant.

While no explicit cause was given about the ban, the official statement from EA emphasized the game’s diverse values.

We’ve always been proud that our in-game experiences embrace values as broad and diverse as our incredible Sims community. This has been important to us, as we know it is to you.

In light of regional standards, starting July 5, 2018, The Sims FreePlay won’t be available in the China, and six other countries’ App Store. After this date, you won’t be able to download it from the storefronts.

This has caused fans to speculate that the removal is due to the game’s LGBT content. The Sims series has always allowed for same-sex relationships. Marriage and adoption options for same-sex couples have been introduced throughout the franchise.

An update to The Sims 4in 2016 was notable for removing gender restrictions on clothing and accessories and allowing for a wide range of gender customization options including body frame, toilet usage position, and ability to become pregnant or get others pregnant.

The gender customization options are not part of The Sims Freeplay, however, and since same-sex relationships have been allowed in the mobile game since it was released in 2011, it is unclear as to why this ban is being put in place just now.

There is no news on what this means for the main Sims games or for The Sims Mobile.


Former creative director of Maxis / The Sims, Ray Mazza, hosted an AMA (Ask Me Anything) post on Reddit today.  While the man is well experienced in other areas of game development, many fans were more curious about his ten years at Maxis as an engineer, designer, lead designer, & creative director on Sims games.

Q: What mark did you have on the Sims franchise that you are most proud of?

A: In The Sims 2, it was the coding that made the service Sims real people. In TS1, the maid, cop, firefighter, etc, would all do their jobs, but that’s it. In The Sims 2, if you struck up a conversation with them you’d be able to make friends with them, and invite them over, get romantic, even marry them. It was always so much fun to make a cop part of your family, and have them change into their uniform, etc.

In The Sims 3, I had a broader influence on the game, and I’m very proud of the open world aspect that the design team worked on together. It fundamentally changed how the Sims was played — being able to walk across the street and visit your neighbor.

For something that I was solely responsible for, it was a lot of the build mode advancements — being able to work on a free form placement mode outside of the grid, adding lots of “clutter” objects and locations to put them, being able to freely rotate objects, etc, and officially support it. Even being able to drag walls back and forth without having to demolish your home! It gave builders such a great leap in their tools to make better looking homes and I was quite proud of that.

One smaller piece that I’m proud of that I feel like mentioning even though it’s tiny is that you can collect meteorites around the landscape. I made sure that the bulk of them were named after real meteorite types (e.g. Carbonaceous Chondrite or Eucrite, etc) and had similar relative rarities to what’s found on earth. I always loved how games could teach you things in a fun way, and this was one of those aspects.

Q: What was the initial inspiration for a game like the Sims?

A: It’s funny, The Sims was kind of an accident…

The Sims was originally intended to be more of a feng shui simulator. You’d build a home and decorate it, and then the Sims were only added as a way to score you and let you know how you did by walking around and reacting to the home. But then they ended up being everyone’s favorite part, so the dev team leaned into that aspect. The Sims was born!

Q: Who at Maxis is responsible for the character canon in The Sims and which characters cross over to new editions of the game?

A: That has evolved over time, and there have been different people on each title responsible for that, usually on the world building part of the team. There are enough people involved that I can’t really give names. It’s not just a single genius toiling away. On The Sims 3, it was mostly driven by producers and writers, and a ton of thought goes into where the game fit into the timeline of the universe, and which characters could be part of that continuous universe story thread.

Q: Now that Maxis imploded on itself what is your opinion on the Sims 4 questionable launch and lack of features?

A: My opinion is that making a Sims sequel is incredibly challenging.

As a designer, it hurts, because you always want your game to be better than before in every way, but in order to make new things, we had to make compromises on features established from previous games. Also, if it were up to the design team, we’d just keep working on the game until it blows all previous base games out of the water, but the schedule (and budget) do not allow that to be possible. In the future, I’d personally like to see development that can re-use a lot more of what came before without having to remake it all.

As for Maxis, I don’t think it has imploded on itself, and I think we can expect great things from them in the future. I know they’ve learned a lot from developing TS4, and they have some great talent that has recently returned to the company from TS2 days.

EDIT: I previously had a statement about how fans compare a new base game to previous base game plus expansions, and that wasn’t accurate and was an over-generalization. The Sims community let me know I was wrong there, and I don’t want to perpetuate that, so I removed it.

Q: Do you know about the dozens of ways there are to kill your “creations” (Sims)?

A: I can’t keep track of them all — burning, starvation, drowning, scared to death, devoured by flies, old age, electrocution, eaten by a cow plant (yup), various emotions… and there’s also becoming the undead (mummy, vampire, werewolf, etc).

I like that the way you die affects the color of your ghost in some of the Sims games.

There’s a story about Will Wright, the creator of The Sims, wanting to add a giant pair of scissors to the game (like the size of a person) just so that it could have a Run With Scissors interaction on it that would kill you.

Q: Do you play the Sims games on a regular basis? Which one is your favorite and least favorite?

A: I used to play Sims games a LOT. The Sims (1) came out while I was in college, and I remember picking it up with my then-girlfriend (now wife) and then playing it for endless hours. The checkout clerk told me, “be careful, or you won’t sleep.” He was right.

So I developed a love of Sims games before working at Maxis, and I remember playing them alongside Diablo II : )

I loved The Sims 2, but I probably played The Sims 3 the most. What was great for me about The Sims 3 was that even though I was a co-lead designer and I knew so much about how the game operated and I had written so many of the designs, it still managed to surprise me time and again. My favorite aspects were the creative ones — filling out a town with Sims that I’d made, painting screenshots on the easel from images I’d taken in game, writing novels and naming them, etc. I also loved the first expansion, “World Adventures” for the exploration aspects of going through tombs.

For least favorite, I would say the console games, just because I found the control schemes prevented me from becoming absorbed.

I played Sims games right up until I left Maxis in January of 2014. At that point, I basically devoted most of my free time to working on Merge Dragons. In fact, I have played what I would consider very few games since then, as I’ve put almost all my free time into developing Merge Dragons.

Even though Ray Mazza says he loved working at Maxis, he has moved on to spend most of the time on his new game called Merge Dragons. There is plenty more to learn from Mr. Mazza so read the rest of the AMA over on Reddit.

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It is here, at the end of the loop, where the real issues with Sims Mobile start to emerge:

  • The social loop doesn’t feed strongly back into the core loop and leaves the player feeling unrewarded

  • The social loop is way too far from the core to serve as motivation, and as I’ll show, it’s not sufficient to drive player through the game.

While the first part focused on visible systemic changes that were introduced to streamline the game for f2p and mobile, in this part I will talk more about design under the hood in order to get to the answer for our initial question: Why is the game not performing well.

I want to post a hypothesis: We’re seeing the game struggling because it lacks meaningful choices or goals, it mechanizes motivations, and it doesn’t reward the player.

It becomes clear soon after few days of playing: The core design of the mobile game is at odds with what made the PC game so successful. Here's what I mean by that:

  1. The nurturing and narrative aspects are suppressed

  2. The progression doesn’t validate player’s time and investment

  3. The core loop is broken

These issues do not exist in a vacuum, but they are the biggest part of the systemic oversight of player motivation. As I’ll show, the lack of meaningful, immediate actions diminishes the ability to care for your Sims. Hard-to-read progression defies a will to grind for better objects. Funneling the core loop into social leaves the player out to dry without feeling rewarded.



The nurturing aspect from the original Sims game was excellent. The needs system in The Sims have three main benefits:

  1. give players immediate call to actions
  2. build narrative
  3. create a need for better items

These combine into the loop I described earlier:

Sim is hungry → Sim needs a fridge to make food → Player needs to buy a fridge → Player needs money → Sim needs to get a job

Through intrinsic motivation (Sim is hungry) comes caring (I need to care) and emotional attachment. Caring for the needs is the building block of the game, like swapping candies in CCS, you’ll repeat this action, again and again, driven by curiosity what happens next.

By completing these steps a set of more complex needs emerge such as relationships or and career. Just like in real life, player ponders: How do I afford a better house?

Because Sims need the player, the player cares for the Sims. This is where nurturing builds the narrative: Completing these steps naturally tells the story. Because of the combination of intuitive, human needs, the ability to fulfill them through game mechanics and a clear feedback, the game doesn’t need to take the player by the hand.


Originally, setting up your house is finding an intersection of affordability, function and personal expression. Furniture caters the needs or improves skills (learning). Better furniture makes for faster progression, and granular improvements to your house also improve your Sims’ overall well-being; Sims want to live in nice houses.


The ultimate guide to The Sims Mobile - Everything you need to know about Sims on the go

The Sims Mobile launched around the globe just a little while ago, and already we're falling in love with the trials and tribulations of our new creations as we avoid work whilst forcing them to endure it with little to no sleep.

It's an addictive world when you get stuck into The Sims Mobile and we've got content to keep you stuck in for days.

We've got a riveting daily diary that'll throw you into the shoes of a sim, plenty of guides to walk you through the game and all of the latest news we hear.

We'll update this list in the future, so bookmark this and keep coming back for all of the latest news and articles on The Sims Mobile.

the sims mobileFEATURES:

Want more? Check out our growing collection of The Sims Mobile articles!


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'The Sims Mobile' Beginner's Guide: How to Move Furniture, Find Friends, End Parties and More

Just started playing The Sims Mobile and aren't sure how everything works? Our beginner's guide will help you figure out stuff like how to move furniture, end parties and more.

The Sims Mobile has just released and boy is there a lot to learn about how this new world works. Although the mobile version of the game is somewhat stripped down compared the PC version, there's still plenty to do and figure out. Below we've put together a guide to everything you'll need to know up to Sim level 7. For more Sims Mobile tips and tricks, be sure to check out our additional guides listed below:

Sim's Mobile Beginner's Guide: Everything You Need To Know In Levels 1 - 7

Your New Home: How To Move Furniture, Buy New Items And More

When you first step into your lovely little fixer-upper, you'll be given some quick clean up tasks and then you're on to your first decorating project. After choosing which room you want to focus on first, you'll be directed to purchase a few items for that space. Adding new furniture and other items add value to your lifestyle and in turn unlock more items you can use, so you'll be working hard to improve these all the time. Here's a few tips we've learned about furnishing your home in the early days.

  • How To Buy Furniture - Go to the furniture icon in the bottom right-hand corner of your game screen. The game will show you all available collections for your current location. For example, at home you will see Home Item, Career and Hobby Collections, while at work you'll see items and collections related to your career. Initially, the only collections available at your house are some limited Home Collections items. As you level up, more collections will unlock. The same is true for career and hobby related items as well.
  • How To Move Furniture - moving furniture isn't too difficult once you figure it out. Simply press and hold on an item you want to move until it's placement menu appears. At the bottom of the menu you'll see a button for rotating the item around. Drag on this button to move your piece of furniture or tap on it to rotate the item. Pro Tip: You can move furniture both at home and at your workplace!
  • Why Are Flies Buzzing On My Furniture? - so this is kind of a weird feature of the game, but if you notice the sound of flies buzzing around the furniture in one of your rooms, it means the item is broken. If an item is broken, you can't use again until you fix it -- which, annoyingly, will cost you a few simoleons.
  • How To Get Appliances And Cook - one feature you'll notice missing from your home furnishings menu is basic home appliances like a stove or microwave. You unlock these a few different ways. Some, like the refrigerator and microwave, are items you'll unlock by completing chapters of your career. These items will appear in your Career related furnishings once they are unlocked. To really cook though, you'll need to learn the Cooking hobby, which doesn't unlock until you reach level 8, so don't stress about that one for now.
  • How To Build Rooms, Move Walls Etc. - the time will come when you'll unlock the ability to expand your home. You can only build box shapes and there is no way to move or remove existing walls so plan carefully. Even though you can't remove walls, you can change the size of a room by going into the furniture menu and tapping on the build icon and then "Rooms". You'll then see an movement icon appear in the center of each room. Hold and drag on it to move the room or press on it to reveal arrows on each wall. Drag these arrows to resize the room.

Your New Career: On Completing Events, Leveling Up Fast And More

Your very first sim in the game is immediately thrust into the barista life, but later you'll unlock the ability to choose some other careers as well. Here's some info and tips on making the most of your career early on.

  • Career Chapters - once you unlock and begin a career, you'll have career chapters to complete in order to increase your sim's career level. To complete a chapter you have to gather a specific number of career points. You earn these by completing ccareer-relatedevents. Every time you finish a career chapter, you'll earn premium currency and unlock more items related to your career.
  • Career Events- once you've started a chapter of a career, you'll need to complete events to get the career points needed for leveling up. If you tap on the sim icon in the lower right-hand corner of your game screen, you'll see you progress on relationship, hobby and career chapters. Simple tap on the career chapter to travel to your workplace and complete an event. Once an event is started, you can leave you sim to it alone and he or she will complete it within a certain amount of time. If you're really wanting to grind the levels though, you can tap on any of the stars above people and items to complete actions that will get the event finished quicker.
    • Risky Actions - this is another kind of quirky detail, but from time to time you'll see a risky event come up and if you choose to do it you have the chance to earn a lot of stars which will speed up your event progress quite a bit. Risky actions are risky, but if you build up enough confidence by completing other actions first, you'll increase your chances of success. Even if you fail at a risky action, you still earn stars so, they aren't anything to be afraid of.
    • Career Event Rewards- Once you complete a career event your be awarded with several useful resources:
      • XP Points - you gather these to reach higher levels in the game
      • Career Points - you gather these to complete chapters of your career story.
      • Home Tickets - needed to purchase certain items in the home decor menu.
      • Simoleons - needed to purchase various items in the game, repair furniture and more.
  • Career Decorations and Items - just like you can decorate your home with new furniture, you'll unlock different career related items along the way too. Some are purely ornamental, but other give you a boost in your career. For example, the Mismatched Mug Rack, which unlocks at Barista Career Level 3 will give your Sim a head start when completing career events.

Your New Relationships: On Friendships, Parties And More

The third component of your Sims life is relationships and there is quite a bit to unpack here. Just like in real life, your relationships include friends, lovers, babies, and so on. Building those relationships takes time and you'll find yourself going to a few parties you wish would just end already. Here's are best tips for making the most of your relationships early on.

  • How To Start A Relationship - so making friends or finding a sweetheart in the Sims Mobile is pretty easy. Just tap on some random person you see walking down the street and make an introduction. If you want things to stay platonic, a non-flirty introduction is best. If you're looking to hook up, go ahead and get your flirt on. Once you've been introduced, you have the option to begin a relationship event and you'll be off on the start of a beautiful new relationship!
  • Relationship Stories- once you complete your first relationship event, you'll be given the option to decide what kind of friendship/lover's story it'll be. The type you choose will unlock a set of relationship chapters in that particular story. If you complete these stories, you'll unlock new clothing, accessories, hairstyles and so forth.
    • Relationship Chapters and Events- like with the career path, your friendships will have chapters which are completed by participating in friendship events. At the end of a friendship event you'll earn the following rewards:
      • XP Points - you gather these to reach higher levels in the game
      • Relationship Points - you gather these to complete chapters of your career story.
      • Sim Tickets - needed to unlock more Sims to add to your game.
  • Why Is My Sim Sparkling? - You might sometimes notice you Sim sparkling a bit. Don't worry. This means he or she is happy or inspired.
  • How To See Your Real World Friends In The Game - you can add real-world friends by putting in their friend code through the arrow tab on the right-hand side of the game screen. Once they've been added to your friend list, you can visit their homes, attend their parties or invite them to yours.
  • Parties- Parties are kind of an unusual social feature you unlock once you reach level 6. When you go to a party you have 10 party energy points to complete actions with. These actions will gain points for the entire party which will give everyone attending rewards once it finishes, depending on the level the party reaches. In addition to the whole party rewards you, you also fill up a personal party meter when you complete actions and will earn some rewards for yourself if you fill it completely.
    • Cake - one of the rewards you'll sometime get at a part or for logging in each day is Cake. Cake is used to refill you party energy points if you don't want to wait for them to recharge on their own.

Can You End A Party Early? - sadly, if you hosted a party and you wish it would end, you'll just have to wait for the timer to run out as there's no stopping them early.

Sims Mobile is actually BETTER than The Sims 4?
The Sims Mobile

Electronic Arts

The Sims is the type of game that’s perfect for mobile devices.

Shaping the lives of your little avatars happens to be extremely addictive when it’s happening on your iOS/Android-powered device. This version of the popular life builder game is on par with The Sims experience that originated on PC.

There are a ton of aspects to keep track of when considering how your Sim goes through life – their friends, career, home setup, personality quirks, and so much more. Taking advantage of everything this game has to offer should be a priority on your digital to-do list. This essential guide will make your life as a Sim as rewarding as possible.

Here are the top 10 The Sims Mobile tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know:

1. Always Knock Out Those Tasks on Your To Do List and Complete Quests

The Sims Mobile


The Sims’ daily missions can be found by simply checking out your to-do list. You should always make it a habit of completing these goals since they throw a ton of rewards your way, such as Simoleons and XP. Checking off every task that’s on your to-do list means you’ll walk away with even more XP and a Cupcake (this item is used to give your Sim all their energy back should they be lacking some).

• The to-do list missions are fairly simple, so completing them shouldn’t be much of a hassle. Quests require a bit more work since they focus on completing chapters of a certain story or other types of tasks. Tending to these quests means you’ll end up getting some SimCash and Simoleons in your digital pocket. New quests open up as soon as you complete one, so make sure to stay busy by focusing on them!

2. Handle Those Events! And Get Risky…

The Sims Mobile

Smartphones – Gadget Hacks

• Each of your Sims has certain Events they’ll need to complete in order to get Home Tickets, Simoleons, and points that cater to the task at hand. There are Career, Hobby, and Relationship Events to stay busy with. As soon as an event begins, a time limit will pop up and it’s usually pretty long. If you have enough Energy, you can speed up the passing time by completing event-related actions.

• Make sure you build up enough confidence before you try and complete a risky action – doing so raises your chances of success, plus it shaves off a few extra seconds off an Event’s time meter. Leveling up your Sim within their chosen career means you’ll unlock Career Order Items – placing them within the location of your job gives you a head start during future work shifts.

3. Come Across an Extra Long Event? Put Your Sim to Work and Simply Log Off

The Sims Mobile

Sims Community

• If you come across an extra lengthy Event and activate it, just let your Sim work on their own. There’s no need to waste your time completing a whole bunch of actions in this case – simply log out of the game for a day. By the time you return, your Sim will have completed that event without using any energy and get access to a host of big rewards.

4. The Sims Mobile Careers

The Sims Mobile

Electronic Arts

• One of the best The Sims Mobile tips we have for you is regarding careers. Your Sim has to have a job of some sort, correct? OF COURSE! Here’s the full listing of career options this game offers – Barista, Culinary, Fashion, Medical, Law, DJ, and Business. Unlocking each one can be done by doing the following:

Barista: Visit Parkside
Culinary: Visit Market Square
Fashion: Visit Market Square
Medical: Visit Market Square
Law: Make it to Player Level 15
DJ: Make it to Player Level 23
Business: Make it to Player Level 15

5. How to Get Married on the Sims Mobile

The Sims Mobile

Electronic Arts

• When you find a companion worthy of marriage, you’ll need to increase your relationship level with them. You’ll have to rely on flirty and romantic conversation options while interacting with your future wife/husband during Relationship Events. As you reach new relationship levels, newer romantic options open up. Once you raise a Sims couple’s relationship level to 10, they’ll become Soulmates. That’s when you’ll get the chance to propose to your digital lover.

• After that person says yes, you’ll have to do some outdoor decorating. Go do some shopping, click on the Outdoors tab, and pick up the following items – the Wedding Arch, Floral Pillar and Windowed Rose Lattice (you’ll need to reach level 10 to make these items purchasable, by the way). After that, you’ll need to do the following:

– become close with three friends who are level 2 and above
– talk with your sim’s lover and reassure their cold feet
– sit at a table and speak with your partner about their wedding vows

• Once all that’s done, tap on the Wedding Arch to get the ceremony started and you’ll be married soon after! Congrats!

6. Choose Your Sims’ Traits Wisely

The Sims Mobile


• Over time, your Sim will gain the ability to acquire Traits. Traits offer bonuses to your character in a multitude of areas. For example, picking the “Ambitious” trait for a Sim means they’ll perform better at any career option they fulfill. Traits are tied to a one-, two-, and three-star level. The higher the rating, the better the Traits benefit will be for your Sim.

• Collecting certain Heirlooms is the only way towards leveling up certain traits. Check out the list below to see the full lineup of traits a Sim can acquire and what Heirloom levels it up (note that each Sim can attach a total of four traits to themselves):

Generous: gives you better Daily Rewards; needs Poppy’s Generosity Charm to level up
Lucky: gives you Bonus XP when at home
Party Animal: gives you Bonus Party XP at parties; needs Buddy’s Party Charm to level up
Ambitious: these Sims are better at all Careers; needs Gabby’s Ambition Charm to level up
Charismatic: these Sims are better at Business and Law Careers; needs T.O.B.O.R.’s Charisma Charm to level up
Creative: these Sims are better at the Fashion Career; needs Violet’s Creativity Charm to level up
Foodie: these Sims are better at Barista and Culinary Careers
Genius: these Sims are better at the Medical Career; needs Dr. F’s Genius Charm to level up
Kind of a Big Deal: these Sims are better at the DJ Career; needs Goth Boy’s Groove Charm to level up
Active: these Sims are better at the Yoga Hobby
Artisan: these Sims are better at the Cooking and Writing Hobbies; needs Trevor’s Artisan Charm to level it up
Musical: these Sims are better at the Guitar and Piano Hobbies; needs DJ Candy’s Rhythm Charm to level up
Talented: these Sims are better at all Hobbies; needs Chef Gino’s Talent Charm to level up
Alluring: these Sims are better at Romantic Events; needs Yuki’s Allure Charm to level up
Competitive: these Sims are better at Rival Events
Outgoing: these Sims are better at Friendly Events; needs Hopper’s Outgoing Charm to level up
Flirty: these Sims occasionally get a bonus when being Flirty with others; needs Chaz’s Flirty Charm to level up
Good: these Sims occasionally get a bonus when being Friendly with others
Mean: these Sims occasionally get a bonus when being Insulting with others; needs Carl’s Mean Charm to level up
Pickpocket: these Sims occasionally sneak a few Simoleons when interacting with others

7. Stay Energized!

• In order to complete any Event-related tasks, your Sim will need to have enough energy to do so. There’s a ton of ways to keep your Sim energized, such as eating cupcakes, going to bed, using the toilet, taking a shower, or simply relaxing in the tub. You can tap on a Sims energy bar to see which energy filling options are available to them at any time.

• Note that you can only use these options once every day or once every few hours. Thankfully, any of the Sims you’ve created can apply any of those methods to themselves after another one has already used it. So if one of your Sims has already taken a shower, they’ll have to wait to use it again. Meanwhile, another Sim can complete the same action and so on.

8. Don’t Forget to Socialize!

The Sims Mobile

Electronic Arts

• Getting closer to your buddies and future lover is done by socializing with them. You can interact with them instantly by clicking on the Sim icon sitting in the bottom left corner of the screen. Once it opens, you can click on any one that you want to meet up with by clicking on “Socialize.” That person will come straight to you and activate a Relationship Event.

• Completing these Events grants you XP, Relationship Points with that person, and Sim Tickets. If your companionship level with a person increases, new story options will open up and lead you to new levels of friendship or romance.

9. Click on That Green Triangle for Some Assistance

• The green triangle icon that rests in the top middle section of your screen is a very helpful guide. Once you click on it, it should set you on the path towards improving the score for a certain attribute. For instance, it’ll push you towards improving your Lifestyle Score by expanding your wardrobe, buying home catalog items, and collecting heirlooms.

• It also keeps track of the current item renovation level you’re at and how close you are to hitting the next one. You’ll find out which special items become available once you make it to a certain level (for example, getting to the “Home Sweet Homeowner” level ranking means you’ll unlock a new room). Make sure to decorate your home and the buildings your Sims’ careers are housed in to continually increase your Lifestyle Score and unlock new items.

10. There’s Video Advertisements? YEP!

• When presented with the option of watching one, do it every time. They tend to pop up after you complete an event. All you have to do next is watch the ad and pick up your newly earned goodies. You’ll get some much-needed Simoleons and other Event completion rewards. You may even unlock a special item from time to time, too.


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UPDATE: The Sims Mobile Team has issued a statement saying that they’ve “mistakenly” pushed out the swatch prices that are much more expensive than expected. We should expect the team to push out an update with lower prices soon.

In case you missed it, The Sims Mobile recently received its Winterfest update. Snuck in with the lights and snow, however, was a big change to the way players purchase items inside the game. In short, each swatch of an item must be purchased individually. The community is, understandably, in an uproar. But player outrage got me thinking – is The Sims Mobile more expensive to play than its computer based counterpart, The Sims 4? Dusting off my math skills, I decided to jump in and find out.

As a current player of The Sims Mobile, I’ve collected a few Sims Cash items of my own prior to this update. For the purposes of this article, I’ll only be looking at what I haven’t purchased yet. Additionally, all prices are based off of my level and lifestyle rank – 27 and Passionately Posh, respectively.

I started with my favorite portion of the game – Create A Sim. Since I seriously lack any and all building skills no matter the platform, this is where I spend the most of my time.

Since the store tells us that 7,500 Sims Cash can be purchased for $99.99 USD, that gives us an exact measurement between Sims Cash and real life currency.

Out of all the female hairs available to me, I was only missing 4 that were purchasable with Sims Cash. 4 hairs with 68 swatches in total came out to an absolutely staggering $205.79 USD. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get better as we go on.

  • 13 female tops, 96 swatches – $1,218.44
  • 5 female bottoms, 55 swatches – $ 176.72
  • 10 female outfits, 85 swatches – $1,988.80
  • 8 female pairs of shoes, 70 swatches – $336.90
  • 8 makeup options, 69 swatches – $344.05
  • 1 pair of glasses, 9 swatches – $0.36
  • 5 pairs of earrings, 45 swatches – $70.19
  • 6 necklaces, 50 swatches – $206.65
  • 2 bracelets, 12 swatches – $25.92
  • 1 pair of gloves, 9 swatches – $2.15
  • 1 pair of socks, 9 swatches – $0.60
  • 3 hats, 27 swatches – $70.19

That brings the total of only female Create-A-Sim items to $4,646.76.

There are a lot of theories circulating the community about why exactly the team behind Sims Mobile would make such a poor business decision, but from our end it just looks like a money grab. For reference, the current asking price for all available The Sims 4 content is, by comparison, a measly $539.73 USD.

I am beyond saddened and disappointed by the direction The Sims Mobile is taking. I can say with absolute certainty that this is not a game I would ever spend time or money on in its current state. Hopefully, the appropriate people at EA hear the communities concerns and make the changes this game deserves.


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