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Each Dark Souls game features peculiar unseen crows who will exchange items with the player through a nest. In Dark Souls 3, this invisible trader is found upon the rooftop of Firelink Shrine. This guide will show you how to find the crow’s nest, and lists every tradable item along with what you will receive in return.

If you've played the previous Dark Souls games, you are probably familiar with Snuggly the Crow, or Dyna and Tillo. In Dark Souls 3, another invisible trade crow (or crows?) is available just outside of Firelink Shrine.

The unseen crows in previous Dark Souls games typically asked for items that had a specific property. Snuggly wanted items that were warm and soft, while Dyna and Tillo wanted items that were silky or smooth. However, it's hard to tell what property the crow in Dark Souls 3 is looking for, so we've put together a list of tradeable items below to make things easier.

To locate the crow’s nest, you must first gain access to the locked tower beside Firelink Shrine. Purchase the Tower Key from the Shrine Handmaid for 20, souls, then go up the staircase to the second floor of Firelink Shrine. Exit through the rounded archways on the right that lead outside toward a large mysterious tree.

Continue up the staircase past the tree to reach the locked tower gate. A small ladder should be to your left. Use the Tower Key to unlock the tower gate, and proceed up the spiral stairwell. Upon reaching the bridge that connects the two towers, walk about halfway down the bridge, and face the rooftop to the left.

Drop down off the edge of the bridge and land on the rooftop. Go towards the center point of the rooftop to find a large birds nest. As you approach the nest, you will hear a voice that squawks, “You, you. Me, me, pickle pee! Me me, pump-a-rum!” This is the voice of a strange invisible crow who will trade specific items with you via the crow’s nest.

To trade an item, stand in the crow’s nest, and choose an item from your inventory that you wish to trade. Select the item in your inventory menu, then select Leave to place the item in the nest. If the unseen crow accepts the trade, you will receive one or more new items in the nest. If not, the crow will give a verbal indication.

For more helpful Dark Souls 3 tips, head over to USGamer’s Dark Souls 3 Walkthrough and Guide. We have various tutorials and features, as well as a full walkthrough in progress. May the flame guide your path!

Below is a list of all tradeable crow’s nest items, along with what you can expect to receive in return. You can only trade one of each item type per playthrough. However, this resets during a New Game Plus playthrough. Remember to return to this nest to trade for fun or useful items throughout your journey.

Item Placed in NestExchanged Item in Return
Lightning UrnIron Helm
SiegbrauArmor of the Sun
Homeward BoneIron Bracelets, Call Over Gesture
Seed of a Giant TreeIron Leggings
Undead Bone ShardPorcine Shield
Firebomb, Rope FirebombLarge Titanite Shard
Black Firebomb, Rope Black FirebombTitanite Chunk
Blacksmith HammerTitanite Scale
AvelynTitanite Scale
Prism StoneTwinkling Titanite
Large Leather ShieldTwinkling Titanite
Alluring SkullHello Carving
Hidden BlessingThank You Carving
Divine BlessingVery Good! Carving
Shriving StoneI’m Sorry Carving
Yorshka’s ChimeHelp Me! Carving
Cleric’s Sacred ChimeHelp Me! Carving
Priest’s ChimeHelp Me! Carving
Saint-Tree BellvineHelp Me! Carving
Caitha’s ChimeHelp Me! Carving
Crystal ChimeHelp Me! Carving
Xanthous CrownLightning Gem
Moaning ShieldBlessed Gem
EleonoraHollow Gem
Vertebra ShackleLucatiel’s Mask
Loretta’s BoneRing of Sacrifice
Coiled Sword FragmentTitanite Slab
Mendicant’s StaffSunlight Shield

If you drop down off the side of the rooftop, you will find a small opening leading to a walkway beneath the nest. Investigate this area for hidden collectible items. Also, be sure to kick down the ladder that you saw to the left of the tower gate. This ladder will allow you to have easy access to the rooftop without having to ascend the tower stairwell.

Sours: https://www.usgamer.net/articles/dark-soulsall-crows-nest-trade-items-pickle-pee-pump-a-rum-crow


Snuggly (Warm and Fuzzy) is a special Character in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered. Located in the Northern Undead Asylum, she will trade items with you. To trade, drop the item you are offering, then quit your game and reload. When you come back, your reward will be in the nest.

Where to find Snuggly

In the Northern Undead Asylum, after the door opened post-fight with Asylum Demon, there's a path going up towards a large crow. Snuggly can be found by going up that path and then taking a right about mid-way, it's nest with blue eggs on a small ledge.

Map here

Snuggly Trading

Note: You do not have to save and quit the game to trade items (Xbox One you do). Simply jumping off the edge to your death and then re-spawning at the bonfire will have the same effect.You can also use a Homeward Bone or equivalent. As long as your game has to go through a loading screen, Snuggly will have your exchanged item.

  • IMPORTANT: Only one item is exchanged at a time. Dropping more than one of an item, either separately or in a stack, or dropping different items and trading it away will result in the exchange of only the last item dropped, and the loss of all the excess items, without any additional gain. Only drop one item at a time.
  • This barter merchant is located in the Northern Undead Asylum, she is accessible the moment you beat the first boss of the game (not many people have something to trade at this point in NG, though).
  • After stepping out from the large crow's nest and facing towards the Asylum, Snuggly's small nest is located a bit downwards and to the left (before the torch Hollows).
  • Once you trade an item, you cannot trade the same item again on the same playthrough.
  • If you drop an invalid item inside the nest Snuggly will tell you if she doesn't want it, either saying she has enough if you already traded that item or that the item isn't soft and warm if she doesn't want it at all. If she says nothing (and you dropped the item in the correct location) she will carry out the conversion as soon as you leave the area.
  • It is important to drop the item into the nest. It will be gone if you drop it in front of it.
  • For the Pyromancy Flame trades, Snuggly will only accept flames withoutany additional upgrades (+1, +2, etc).
  • Upgrade the Pyromancy Flame to +15, then ascend it from the Blighttown swamp NPC to the higher level Pyromancy Flame (can be upgraded to +5 eventually), trade this ascended version with Snuggly will gain a Red Titanite Slab.


Before patch you could trade items with Snuggly infinitely or so as long as you had the item to trade (do not try it now).

  1. Place the item you want to trade in the nest.
  2. Quit and reload (or die, but that's slower).
  3. BEFORE you pick up the item Snuggly gives you, drop another (identical) item, if you change the item type, you wont be able to trade that one again until next play through.
  4. Now pick up the item she gave you.
  5. Repeat (OR if you want to stop trading, pick up the item you just placed so you can continue at another time)
  • This exploit has been corrected in patch If you try to trade ANY item already traded at any point in the past (per play through), it will simply disappear. Snuggly will then no longer accept the item for further trades. (It has been confirmed that patch has removed the infinite trading with Snuggly)
  • If you are trading for twinkling titanite and run out of the moss clumps you are trading, you can just leave the last traded titanite there and continue at a later time.

Sours: https://darksouls.wiki.fextralife.com/Snuggly
  1. Wood stove boise
  2. Goku black rose
  3. Beetlejuice full musical

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Sours: http://darksouls.wikidot.com/hawk-girl
Dark Souls Remastered - Snuggly The Crow (Item Exchange \u0026 Item Locations Guide)
I'm not gonna type out how to get to him.. im lazy.. youtube it or discuss it yourselves..
I found diff wikis had dif items.. so for the Gamefaq community heres a list i assembled..

Can only drop one at a time.. Don't waste and lose items.. It don't work.. Don't accidently use item lol, drop item I accidently used my Egg Vermifuge i found from dead double headed snake lizard

Placed item] - [Received item] (Where to farm Place item..some incomplete)
Cracked Red Eye Orb - Curse Cure Stone x 2(Purging Stone?)

Rubbish - Chunk of Titanite*
*For Standard Upgrade +10~+14, or Thunder Upgrade up to +4

Sunlight Medal - Chunk of White Titanite*
*Holy Upgrade up to +9, or Dark Upgrade up to +4

Bloodred Moss Clump - Shining Titanite*(Farm trees in garden/forest)
*Can Upgrade +5 for items that normally cannot be upgraded. Unique upgrade up to +5.

Purple Moss Clump - Shining Titanite (Farm trees in garden/forest)

Blooming Purple Moss Clump - Shining Titanite x 2(Farm trees in garden/forest)

Egg Vermifuge and Egg Shell(Can do both) - Dragon's Scale* (Farm double snake headed lizards)
*Can upgrade "Dragon's" items. Can also be used to increase your Rank with the Dragon Covenant.

Humanity - Ring of Sacrifice*
*You lose nothing during death. The ring breaks afterward.

Twin Humanity - Ring of Noble Sacrifice*
*Same as Ring Of Sacrifice, but also curses/breaks Curse.

Prism Stone - Demon's Titanite* The crow says something diff here.. "No no, not that one, Enough Enough" You can only give him 1 it looks like
*Upgrades "Demon's" items, up to +5.

Dung Pie - Demon's Titanite.

Pendant - Proof of Vengeance/Proof of Revenge* (Game also says this is for story when you grab it as your gift.. so maybe hang onto it?)
*Use to increase your ranking with Blades of the Darkmoon.

Ragged Bag - Demon's Great Hammer/Maul
*A type of head wear for monks.

Sun Insect - Old Witch's Ring*
*Wearer can talk to Spider Princess aka Egg Princess.

Cranium/Skeleton Lantern - Ring of Mist/Fog*
*Wearer appears less visible.

Heres some more from a diff wiki

Dried Finger - Chunk of Blue Titanite
Seven Color(Prism?) Stone - Demon Titanite
Magical Fire - Red Titanite
Xanthous Crown - Ring Of Divine Protection And Favor
Ring of the Sun Princess - Divine Blessing x2

Some names on the diff wikis had similar items, but slightly diff names.. prolly from translation errors I changed all names of items to their English game version for any items I could confirm from my item list.

Feel free to add more if you find any..

I tried Alluring Skull, Lloyd's Talisman, Transient Curse, Homeward Bone, Binoculars, Copper Coin, Rotten Pine Resin, Charcoal Pine Resin, Poison Throwing Knife, Firebomb, Purging Stone, Green Blossom and the Crow didn't want any of these
Sours: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/dark-souls/

Trade list souls dark

Dark Souls Wiki Guide

Snuggly the Crow is located on a ledge to the left when revisiting the Northern Undead Asylum. (Don't be confused by the nests used to transfer between the Undead Asylum and Firelink Shrine. When you find the right nest, Snuggly will begin speaking to you. This nest is much smaller and off on a precarious ledge.) He trades you items from particular items that are dropped in his nest. Once the exchange has been made he will not take that item again and request to be given something different. To make the exchange simply drop the item, quit and reload the save.

Item DroppedItem Received
Bloodred Moss Clump Twinkling Titanite
Purple Moss Clump Twinkling Titanite
Blooming Purple Moss Clump 2 Twinkling Titanite
Cracked Red Eye Orb 2 Purging Stones
Prism Stone Demon Titanite
Rubbish Titanite Chunk
Dried Finger Blue Titanite Chunk
Dung Pie Demon Titanite
Egg Vermifuge Dragon Scale
Humanity Ring of Sacrifice
Pyromancy Flame Red Titanite Chunk
Twin Humanities Rare Ring of Sacrifice
Skull Lantern Ring of Fog
Sunlight Maggot Old Witchs Ring
Sunlight Medal White Titanite Chunk
Xanthous Crown Ring of Favor and Protection
Sack Demon's Great Hammer

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Dark Souls

Dark Souls

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Sours: https://www.ign.com/wikis/dark-souls/Snuggly_the_Crow
Dark Souls - How to trade with Snuggly the Crow

Pickle Pee, Pump-a-Rum

Pickleplum the Crow -dks3
General Info
n/an/aFirelink Shrinen/a

Pickle Pee, Pump-a-Rum Crow (or "Nestling") is an NPC in Dark Souls 3.

  • You cannot attack this NPC and you cannot see her.




In order to trade with it/them, drop an item (by selecting 'leave' in the item menu) on either the roof nest or the nest in the shrine rafters, and pick up the item she gives you in return. Do not leave the area or exit the game or the item she dropped will be lost. If she doesn't want the item you offered, she will say no, and will return your item. 

You may only trade one of each item per New Game cycle.

Note: You also learn the Call Over Gesture the first time you trade an item that gives a "Pickle pee" response from the crow. (Eleonora, Mendicant's Staff and Avelyn still needs verification)

Note: None of the weapons you offer must be upgraded for the trade to be accepted (for example, if you offer a Avelyn+1 the trade won't go off).




First encounter dialogue

You, you! Me me Pickle Pee! Me, me Pump-a-rum!"

(trade) "Pump-a-rum, pump-a-rum!"

(trade) "Pickle-pee, pickle-pee!"

(no trade) "You, you. No, no. That no pickle pee, that no pump-a-rum."

(same item) "You, you. Not that. Enough, enough."

(all items?) "???"



  • "Pickle-pee" and "Pump-a-rum" come from an old children's poem called "The Ceremonial Band" by James Reeves. In the poem, "pickle-pee" is the sound of a fife and "pump-a-rum" is the sound of a drum.
  • The crow is referred to as "Nestling" in the end credits, and is voiced by Clare Corbett. The official strategy guide refers to the crow as 'The Nestling of Firelink Shrine (Snuggly The Crow)" and states the crow is rumored to be named Snuggly.
  • Demon's Souls version is known as Sparkly the Crow, because she only accepted sparkling items.
  • Dark Souls version is known as Snuggly the Crow, because she only accepted warm and soft items.
  • Dark Souls II version is known as Dyna & Tilo.




Sours: https://darksouls3.wiki.fextralife.com/Pickle+Pee,+Pump-a-Rum+Crow

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