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Pottery Barn Teen Releases Furniture Collection Inspired by &#;Fantastic Beasts&#; Films

Designers take inspiration from all sorts of places, from nature and history to music and movies. Yes, it’s not at all uncommon for themed decor to come out after the release of a feature film, bringing its scenes and characters to life through one-of-a-kind pieces. But when Pottery Barn found inspiration in the Fantastic Beasts movies, they worked directly with Warner Bros. to create a line of products that perfectly captured their aesthetic without sacrificing any of their own signature style.

Pieces from Pottery Barn Teen's new "Fantastic Beasts" furniture collection

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These new pieces are part of the Pottery Barn Teen collection, and are clearly targeted at teens and teens at heart who were captivated by the Harry Potter spin-offs. The piece collection makes it easy to drape an entire room in the Fantastic Beasts-style through furniture, bedding, and accessories. The art deco design elements are front and center to mirror the film’s s setting. Shades of gray, blue, and greens pair flawlessly with metallics to emulate the characteristics of the film’s creatures, including the phoenix, moth, snake, and raven featured prominently in the series.

The Nagini Mirror featured in Pottery Barn Teen's new "Fantastic Beasts" furniture collection.
The Niffler Critter beanbag featured in Pottery Barn Teen's new "Fantastic Beasts" furniture collection

While some items represent the film in general ways, other pieces are notably specific. For example, the Magical Spells table lamp features a wand-holding hand supporting an orb-shaped light. A large black bean bag features the face of the Niffler Critter. Newt Scamander makes an appearance to the collection as a suitcase shelf, and the easily-identifiable Nagini Mirror is encircled in wriggling snakes.

The Newt Scamander suitcase shelf featured in Pottery Barn Teen's new "Fantastic Beasts" furniture collection

Fantastic accessories include pillow covers in the design of the Nagini Mirror and Wanded Pillow, as well as the Magical Threat Clock directly out of the MACUSA headquarters.

The Magical Threat Clock featured in Pottery Barn Teen's new "Fantastic Beasts" furniture collection

As a centerpiece for the room design, the Wren Wingback Upholstered Bed comes in 13 color options, and can be topped with either the Fantastic Beasts Tencel Quilt + Sham or the Art Nouveau Duvet Cover + Sham.

Adorn the walls with a 52” x 52” Celestial Dome Tapestry, complete with magical creatures and astrological elements. There are also plenty of lamp, throw rug, and wall hanging options to go around. There’s even a shimmering Ministry of Magic robe to lounge in.

Bedding featured in Pottery Barn Teen's new "Fantastic Beasts" furniture collection
Phoenix lamp featured in Pottery Barn Teen's new "Fantastic Beasts" furniture collection

While the artwork and attention to detail are remarkable, Pottery Barn Teen also took a step towards corporate responsibility by ensuring that many of their Fantastic Beasts products were fair-trade certified, ensuring safe working conditions for those who manufacture the goods. Plus, there is at least one linen labeled with the Oeko-Tex® certification, which means the fabric was tested in a third-party lab and verified to be free from over harmful substances. Think of it as a step above organic bedding.

The Nagini earring holder featured in Pottery Barn Teen's new "Fantastic Beasts" furniture collection
Pieces from Pottery Barn Teen's new "Fantastic Beasts" furniture collection

When it comes to creating a magical fantasy film, nobody does it like Warner Bros. When it comes to designing bedroom decor that takes you to another world, Pottery Barn is your one-stop shop. No wonder new this collection looks so good.


PB Teen

Chenille Phoenix Throw


For those of you who are dying to live inside—or apparate to—the magical world of Fantastic Beasts, now you finally have your chance. Pottery Barn Teen has just launched an entirely new home collection based off of the enchanting movies, and you could be living just like your favorite witches and wizards in the Wizarding World faster than you can say Accio!

Each piece in the collection acknowledges a special part of the Fantastic Beasts world (one that's shared with Harry Potter),including adorable pieces that pay homage nifflers—the small, furry creatures that love to steal shiny things—like a comfy-looking beanbag chair and golden bookends. There's also a version of Newt Scamander's infamous never-ending briefcase that was turned into a rustic mounting drawer to hold all of your treasures.

There are also pillows emblazoned with an image of Nagini the serpent and a saying that reads, "Wanded And Extremely Dangerous," as well as the softest Phoenix chenille throw. Whether you consider yourself a witch, wizard, or even a no-maj, you'll be sure to enjoy the collection at PB Teen.

For those who aren't the biggest Fantastic Beasts fans, or haven't yet seen the movies, don't worry—Pottery Barn also has an entire collection dedicated to the Harry Potter series, including house-specific decor items (go Gryffindor, am I right?) and pieces specially made with the quidditch lover at heart.

Tencel Quilt + Sham


Nagini Pillow Cover


Niffler Beanbag


Phoenix Vanity Mirror


Elevator Jewelry Holder


Suitcase Shelf


Magical Spells Table Lamp


Celestial Tapestry


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Wands at the Ready! A New Fantastic Beasts Home Collection Is Coming to Pottery Barn Teen

Grab your galleons! Pottery Barn Teen has released a collection of decor inspired by J.K. Rowling&#x;s Fantastic Beasts franchise.

Dropped at midnight on August 29 at, the magical decor is designed for those who love the Wizarding World so much, they want to live in it. From Nagini-emblazoned pillows to wand-shaped table lamps, each product nods to the magic and characters of Fantastic Beasts &#x; the latest five-film story that takes place within the original Harry Potter universe decades before the Boy Who Lived was born.

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While there are some bigger items in the collection &#x; like the Chelsea Wise Dresser and the Wren Wingback Bed &#x; most of the products are more decorative, and can be used to add a spellbinding touch to your decor.

Pottery Barn Teen Fantastic Beasts Collection
Credit: Pottery Barn Teen
Pottery Barn Teen Fantastic Beasts Collection
Credit: Pottery Barn Teen
Pottery Barn Teen Fantastic Beasts Collection
Credit: Pottery Barn Teen

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Fans can add a dash of magic to their bedrooms with Elder Wand-inspired sheets, a chenille Phoenix throw blanket and even a pillow cover that reads Wanded and Extremely Dangerous &#x; perfect for curling up for a movie marathon.

Pottery Barn Teen Fantastic Beasts Collection
Credit: Pottery Barn Teen
Pottery Barn Teen Fantastic Beasts Collection
Credit: Pottery Barn Teen
Pottery Barn Teen Fantastic Beasts Collection
Credit: Pottery Barn Teen

Prices for the enchanting collection start at $ on

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If Harry Potter is right up your Diagon Alley but you never really gotten into Fantastic Beasts, fear not. Pottery Barn is also releasing a new selection from their Harry Potter-themed collection &#x; which first debuted in &#x; on August The drop will include themed tumblers, placemats, coasters, pillows and more.

The Harry Potter collection can be found at

Fantastic Beasts - Pottery Barn Teen

The New Fantastic Beasts Merch At Pottery Barn Teen Would Make Newt Scamander Proud

If you've been trying to save some Galleons, stop reading now: There's a new Fantastic Beasts collection at Pottery Barn Teen and a new selection of Harry Potter home accessories at Pottery Barn. The collections have arrived just in time for the holidays, and you're going to want to add everything to your wish list for It's all available now, and I've picked out 13 of my favorites for you to check out below.

Since , the Williams-Sonoma, Inc.-owned Pottery Barn has been the home for luxe Harry Potter home decor options. Last year, the luxury cooking and dining brand Williams Sonoma got in on the action, launching its own lineup of Harry Potter goods.

This year's Pottery Barn Teen collection has a decidedly different flair than previous ones, because it's inspired not by Harry Potter, but by Fantastic Beasts, the movie franchise launched in with the film Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. Starring Eddie Redmayne as Newt Scamander, the films are prequels to the events of Harry Potter, and they center on a whole new cast of characters and creatures — including the adorable Niffler, who you'll spot in the home items below.

Take a look at some of my favorite items from the new Fantastic Beasts collection for Pottery Barn Teen and the updated Harry Potter collection for Pottery Barn below:

Fantastic Beasts: Magical Spells Table Lamp

Fantastic Beasts: Elder Wand Sheet Set

Fantastic Beasts: Nagini Pillow Cover

Fantastic Beasts: Chenille Phoenix Throw

Fantastic Beasts: Wizarding World Phoenix Vanity Mirror

Fantastic Beasts: Art Nouveau Elevator Jewelry Holder

Fantastic Beasts: Moth Wall Jewelry Holders

A Niffler Critter Beanbag

Moth Wall Jewelry Holders

Harry Potter: Golden Snitch String Lights

Harry Potter: Floating Candle

Harry Potter: Hogwarts House Napkins

Harry Potter: Marauders Map Serving Tray

Harry Potter: Christmas Garland

See the full collections now on Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn Teen.


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