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Main Program Downloads

Advanced Combat Tracker - Setup (

Downloads: 2426208

ACTv3 Installer - This setup will check your .NET Framework version, create a desktop icon, optionally create Start Menu items and create an uninstaller.

935 KB

Modified: 2020-11-23

Added: 2011-05-05

Advanced Combat Tracker - ZIP Archive (

Downloads: 592305

This ZIP archive contains all the files from an ACTv3 installation and also includes the ACTv3 Clipboard Sharer.

1289 KB

Modified: 2020-11-23

Added: 2011-05-05

ACTv3 Clipboard Sharer - Setup

Downloads: 45503

This separate application will allow you to send clipboard/G15/G19 data to your EQ2(or otherwise) computer while ACT is being run across the network.  (Connect from ACT's Options tab, Miscellaneous section)

398 KB

Modified: 2011-05-05

Added: 2011-05-05

The program may be run from any local location on your computer. After its first execution, it will create a .config.xml file of the same name to save general settings to within the %APPDATA%\Advanced Combat Tracker\Config folder. It will not specifically save any data to the Windows Registry, so uninstallation is simply deleting the program and associated %APPDATA% folder. If you use the EXE Installation, you may wish to use the uninstaller to remove everything.

%APPDATA% is a global system variable which resolves to a folder based on your OS and user name. Typing paths including this variable into Explorer or any other file dialog box will render the correct path.

Parsing Plugin Downloads

FFXIV Parsing PluginNEW (

Downloads: 14346527

Parsing plugin for Final Fantasy XIV. -ravahn- -More Information- -Setup Guide- -FAQ-

1171 KB

Modified: 2021-10-09

Added: 2013-11-16

EQ2 English Parsing

Downloads: 386170

The official EverQuest II English parsing plugin for ACT.

170 KB

Modified: 2020-10-04

Added: 2011-03-14

TSW Parsing Plugin

Downloads: 127055

Parsing plugin for The Secret World. -Boorish- -More Information- -Addon-

243 KB

Modified: 2018-03-28

Added: 2012-08-10

EQ2 German Parsing

Downloads: 26055

The official EverQuest II German parsing plugin for ACT.

65 KB

Modified: 2016-04-18

Added: 2011-05-02

EQ2 English-Japan Parsing

Downloads: 21002

Plugin based parsing engine for Japanese EverQuest II servers running the English client

67 KB

Modified: 2016-04-17

Added: 2011-05-02

EQ2 Russian Parsing

Downloads: 46032

The official EverQuest II Russian parsing plugin for ACT. (Localization by Karich of Barren Sky.)

261 KB

Modified: 2016-04-17

Added: 2011-05-01

Rift Parsing Plugin

Downloads: 145135

A plugin that will make ACT parse Rift combat log files (/combatlog). -Creub-/-Altuslumen-/-Grimeo-

208 KB

Modified: 2012-08-12

Added: 2011-03-20

SWTOR Parsing Plugin

Downloads: 40104

A plugin that will make ACT parse Star Wars: The Old Republic combat logs. -iotasquared-/-Lodur-

248 KB

Modified: 2012-06-12

Added: 2012-04-12

Aion Parsing Plugin

Downloads: 19243

A small plugin for ACT that will make ACT parse Aion combat logs. -Creub-/-VynK- More InformationQuickstart Guide

26 KB

Modified: 2012-05-14

Added: 2009-10-09

AoC Parser (ACTv3)

Downloads: 36692

Dalen's ACTv3 Age of Conan parsing plugin

117 KB

Modified: 2011-06-09

Added: 2011-04-19

Get Listed

Plugin Downloads

[FFXIV] CactbotNEW (v0.23.7)

Downloads: 346047

Overlay that provides raiding triggers and timelines, buff and job timers, hunt mob radar, and eureka nm tracker. Depends on the latest version of ngld's OverlayPlugin. (Download that first) Supports all languages that FFXIV runs in. (ACTx64 req)  -quisquous-  -More Information-

4706 KB

Modified: 2021-10-10

Added: 2020-01-15

TriggerTree (v1.2.0)

Downloads: 7378

An alternate interface for Custom Triggers. Categories are listed on the left and triggers for the selected category are listed on the right. Adds several features to help with writing and sharing triggers such as search, pasting a line from the log file into the regular expression, and easily adding capture groups to the regular expression.  -Mineeme-  -More Information-

295 KB

Modified: 2021-07-30

Added: 2020-03-10

Visual Sound Engine

Downloads: 2743

Captures TTS/WAV being sent through ACT and displays a descriptive visual alert in addition. -More Information-

21 KB

Modified: 2021-04-19

Added: 2021-04-19

[FFXIV+others] Overlay Plugin (v0.16.6)

Downloads: 570670

Plugin to show customizable overlays for Advanced Combat Tracker.  -ngld- -More Information-

1919 KB

Modified: 2021-04-16

Added: 2020-01-12

[EQ2] Death Count (v1.0.1)

Downloads: 1421

Plugin to list and announce EQII deaths. List window floats over EQII in windowed mode. Double-clicking a name in the list pops up another list of the incoming damage to that player prior to their death, to help diagnose the cause of death. Audio death alerts are controlled so as not to overwhelm on, say, a raid wipe. -More Information- -Mineeme-

72 KB

Modified: 2021-02-23

Added: 2021-02-07

[EQ2] Find My EQ2 Log

Downloads: 15687

This run-once plugin has the ability to download the Microsoft utility Handle, scan for open eq2log file handles and have ACT open the log file.  EQ2 should be running beforehand and ACT will be required to be running as admin for Handle to work.  A non-plugin version is also available.  More Information

9 KB

Modified: 2021-02-04

Added: 2011-03-04

[EQ2] Raid Attendance

Downloads: 16851

The Raid Attendance plugin watches the log file for 'player has joined the raid' and 'player has left the raid' entries. When it sees a 'joined' entry, it adds that player and the time they joined to the displayed attendance list. When it sees a 'left' entry, it adds a 'leave time' and calculates a duration-in-the-raid for the player. The resulting player list can be saved to an Excel file.  More Information -mineeme-

417 KB

Modified: 2020-12-11

Added: 2011-02-16

[EQ2] Adjust/Monitor Timer Mods

Downloads: 11919

This plugin shows currently active recast mods and allows you to modify the duration and effectiveness.  Mostly this is a solution to Tenure increasing CA duration -- including Traumatic Swipe.  More Information

15 KB

Modified: 2020-08-12

Added: 2008-10-04

[EQ2] Doing No Damage Plugin

Downloads: 1938

Everquest II plugin to say a message when doing "No Damage"
-More Information- -Hiburp of Maj'Dul-

34 KB

Modified: 2020-02-24

Added: 2020-02-23

[EQ2] Detriment Call Macro

Downloads: 45535

Creates /do_file_commands macro files with social text warnings about players being afflicted with certain effects.  More Information

58 KB

Modified: 2019-10-07

Added: 2008-12-23

[EQ2] Balanced Synergy

Downloads: 4608

Helps a group coordinate the casting of the Balanced Synergy spell. The plugin reduces or eliminates redundant alerts as compared to a normal Custom Trigger. Group members make a macro with a /gsay for their Balanced Synergy casting and the plugin will alert 1) that a group member has cast their spell, 2) when all required archtypes have cast their spell and the buff is active, and 3) when the buff has expired. -mineeme-

36 KB

Modified: 2019-06-08

Added: 2019-02-08

[EQ2] Harvest Tracking

Downloads: 16595

Parses your harvesting "adventures" and keeps simple stats on them categorized by harvesting action and node name, then by item name. More Information

32 KB

Modified: 2019-01-01

Added: 2008-10-04

SlimDX XAudio2 Implemenation

Downloads: 19108

A replacement sound engine for ACT based on SlimDX's XAudio2 implementation.  This plugin will allow you to select different audio devices for ACT and amplify sounds over 100% volume.

To use this you must download and install the SlimDX libraries. (Direct Link)
More Information

17 KB

Modified: 2018-05-06

Added: 2011-05-18

[EQ2] Armory Tracker

Downloads: 12268

The Armory Tracker plugin is designed to be an extension of the Dragon's Armory website. The first release includes support to track loot drops in Everquest 2. Personal dps parse tracking for better character analysis is in the works.

56 KB

Modified: 2018-01-09

Added: 2014-11-11

[EQ2] Ascension Combos

Downloads: 16741

Provides a quick way to organize triggers for EQII ascension spell combinations. A set of triggers and timers for your ascension class can be enabled and disabled with a single click. If your group or raid members 'say' a trigger phrase that references the companion spell when they cast an ascension spell, the plugin can give an audio and/or visual alert if your class can attempt a combo by casting the companion spell. More Information -mineeme-

193 KB

Modified: 2017-07-10

Added: 2017-03-12


Downloads: 23091

Chromatics is a plugin for Advanced Combat Tracker (ACT) which connects Final Fantasy XIV (and other ACT compatible games) with Razer Chroma, Logitech & Corsair RGB devices. You can use this to make your keyboard, mouse, headset, etc. react to events, custom triggers, timers & other in-game functions by creating visual alerts using the devices' countless lighting options. -More Information-

1798 KB

Modified: 2017-03-03

Added: 2015-11-29

[EQ2] Loot Tally

Downloads: 7869

(Branch of the Loot Parsing plugin)
Parses for direct looting and lotto winning of items and collects optional chat text preceding it. The plugin maintains a tally of who has won how many pieces of loot for their main character or an alt, and uses in-game commands to add/reassign/delete loot from the system. The loot logs, tally, and command history is displayable in a sortable/exportable table interface. (Available for EQ2 English-German-French) -Dracks- -More Information-

162 KB

Modified: 2013-08-13

Added: 2013-05-02

[EQ2] Loot Parsing

Downloads: 14484

Parses for direct looting and lotto winning of items and collects optional chat text preceding it. Data is displayable in a sortable/exportable table interface. (Available for EQ2 English-German-French) More Information

65 KB

Modified: 2013-02-19

Added: 2009-05-16

[EQ2] CurseView

Downloads: 10210

Plugin to keep track of who is actively pressing their cure curse buttons , and who's cure curse spell is up. Handy for healers to coordinate , and for others to have an overview. More Information -Brylcream-

549 KB

Modified: 2011-04-08

Added: 2011-04-08


Downloads: 5441

This plugin , if set up correctly ,gives you the ability to make ACT trigger sounds, tts or start timers based on what happens in other raid member's log files. More Information -Brylcream-

44 KB

Modified: 2011-04-04

Added: 2010-09-21

[EQ2] Auctioneer Plugin

Downloads: 4905

A plugin that allows you to auction items while still being closely focused on the raid. Automatically generates channel messages based on the bids you get , advances and finishes auctions up to including sending tells to the winner all this using only 1 button. -Brylcream-  More Information

11 KB

Modified: 2011-03-07

Added: 2011-03-08

Auto Attack notification/tracking

Downloads: 46695

Detects auto-melee attacks and tracks the different types as displayed by the Special column(aoe, double, etc). Each different special type can have a sound event attached. More Information

29 KB

Modified: 2010-06-19

Added: 2008-10-04

XML Share Server

Downloads: 5504

This plugin's purpose is to make it much easier to share XML settings exports of spell timers and custom triggers.  Through customized export lists, you may save timers/triggers to file, upload them via FTP or have them dynamically generated by ACT's web interface.  More Information

64 KB

Modified: 2010-03-13

Added: 2010-03-13

Timer Repeater

Downloads: 8020

Will clear and repeat a spell timer when it hits zero if it has "repeat" or "repeat combat" as the tooltip entry. If you start the timer twice within three seconds, it will kill the timer.  More Information

3 KB

Modified: 2009-12-12

Added: 2009-06-09

DPS Title

Downloads: 23452

Upon an encounter ending, the allied ExtDPS will be prefixed to the title of the encounter in the treeview of the Main tab.  More Information

2 KB

Modified: 2009-09-12

Added: 2008-10-04

Talking DPS

Downloads: 20007

Speaks current raid/group or personal DPS for the current encounter using text-to-speech. Configurable options: Report raid/group DPS or personal DPS.  Speak current encounter DPS every specified number of seconds during an encounter.  Speak mob name, encounter duration, DPS, and number of allied deaths after the current encounter ends.  More Information

17 KB

Modified: 2009-03-20

Added: 2008-11-07

Export the All encounter to clipboard

Downloads: 7278

When combat ends, the 'All' encounter of that zone is exported to the clipboard using default formatters. This plugin conflicts with normal clipboard exporting... if both are used, the automatic clipboard export of the recently finished encounter will overwrite this plugin's export. More Information

2 KB

Modified: 2008-10-04

Added: 2008-10-04

Text Clipboard Sharer

Downloads: 6491

Every second the plugin checks for new text in the Windows clipboard. If new data is found, it is sent to the ACT Clipboard Sharer, if connected.  More Information

2 KB

Modified: 2008-10-04

Added: 2008-10-04

[EQ2] Measuring Distance by /loc

Downloads: 7274

This plugin will provide an interface to give the distance between any three points.
Typing /loc in-game will fill in Location A.  More Information

13 KB

Modified: 2008-10-04

Added: 2008-10-04

The following is a generic process to install a plugin for ACT.
  1. Download the plugin
    • The plugin will have a .dll, .cs or .vb extension
    • Place the plugin in a folder where you can find it later
      • This can be a desktop folder, a My Documents folder, the ACT folder or a subfolder of ACT you create yourself
      • ACT will sometimes automatically put plugins in its own Application Data folder: %APPDATA%\Advanced Combat Tracker\Plugins
  2. Add the plugin to ACT's known plugin listing
    1. Press the Browse... button at the top of the Plugins tab
    2. Find the plugin file where you downloaded it and click the Open button in the dialog
    3. Finally press the Add/Enable Plugin button now that the file path is displayed
  3. Next Steps...
    • The newly added plugin will be listed directly below, at the top of the plugin list where you can disable/reenable it.
    • Clicking anywhere on the panel will show the plugin's info before or after the plugin is enabled
    • Once the plugin is enabled, a new tab will appear next to Plugin Listing for that plugin
      • Each plugin can make use of this new tab any way it wishes to. Commonly you will find plugin options

Secondary Downloads

Sample PHP files for use with ODBC/SQL exporting

Downloads: 2410

This file contains sample PHP files to use with a MySQL datasource.  These files are bare templates only meant to show how to make queries for certain procedures.  They have little formatting which allows you to write code around them easily.

11 KB

Modified: 2011-09-16

Added: 2008-09-28

ACT Plugin API Documentation

Downloads: 4783

7Zip executable archive of the plugin API documentation for ACT.  You may find an online version of this documentation here.

601 KB

Modified: 2020-11-23

Added: 2008-10-01

ACT Spell Timers Export

Downloads: 7658

This is an export excerpt of my own spell timers ranging from T5 to pre-TSO raids. (uncategorized)

Apparently TL servers are a thing now, so I guess this is useful, somehow. I can't say how accurate these will be.

20 KB

Modified: 2008-11-22

Added: 2008-11-22

TSO Spell Timers Export

Downloads: 5182

Compiled list of TSO timers for backup restoration purposes. I can't say how accurate they will be anymore.

21 KB

Modified: 2010-03-24

Added: 2009-09-23

ACT Plugin Sample

Downloads: 6462

Sample C# code of a mostly blank plugin.  Provides an example on making a plugin based off a UserControl thus visually editable by Visual Studio and an example of using ACT's SettingsSerializer. More Information

4 KB

Modified: 2019-09-21

Added: 2010-02-27

Find My EQ2 Log

Downloads: 2823

This program has the ability to download the Microsoft utility Handle and scan for any open eq2 log files.  EQ2 should be running beforehand.  More Information

139 KB

Modified: 2021-02-04

Added: 2011-03-04

TLS Logger

Downloads: 365

A simple .NET application that makes web requests, then logs and displays HTTPS diagnostic info as seen by .NET 4.0 APIs. It should behave similarly to ACT.

7 KB

Modified: 2019-12-31

Added: 2019-12-04

External Links

MySQL Connector/ODBC

Visits: 3654

ACT's database exporting functions rely on ODBC datasources.  This is an ODBC driver for using a MySQL server as the datasource.  This must be installed on the computer ACT is being run from.

Added: 2008-09-28

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6

Visits: 1900

This is the highest version of the .NET Framework that will work with Windows Vista.  Using this version or higher should solve the error message: "Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel."  The issue is due to ACT using TLS 1.0 in older versions of the .NET Framework where higher versions did not exist.

Added: 2019-07-18

Sours: https://advancedcombattracker.com/download.php


build status

  1. About
  2. Installing
  3. Building From Source
  4. UI Module Overview
  5. Cactbot Customization
  6. Supported Languages


cactbot is an ACT overlay that provides raiding tools for Final Fantasy XIV. This project is an overlay plugin for hibiyasleep’s OverlayPlugin which itself is a plugin for Advanced Combat Tracker.

cactbot provides these modules:

  • raidboss: built-in timelines and triggers:

timeline screenshottriggers screenshot

  • oopsyraidsy: mistake and death reporting

oopsy screenshot

  • jobs: condensed gauges with buff and proc tracking

rdm jobs screenshot

  • eureka: Eureka NM tracking map

eureka screenshot

  • fisher: Fishing cast time tracking

fisher screenshot

  • dps: extra features for dps meters

xephero screenshot

Video Examples



Install .NET Framework version 4.6.1 or above.

You must have DirectX 11 enabled for Final Fantasy XIV.

Install the 64-bit version of Advanced Combat Tracker, if you have not already.

Download and add the most recent version of ravahn’s FFXIV ACT plugin to ACT. You must enable parsing from the network and make sure that ACT is not firewalled. Make sure the settings for the FFXIV plugin have the “Include HP for Triggers” button checked. This is under Plugins -> FFXIV Settings -> Parse Options.

You must have the latest x64 version of the hibiyasleep OverlayPlugin installed and working in ACT. You must use the hibiyasleep version of OverlayPlugin and not the original RainbowMage version, as cactbot depends on several features of that version.

fflogs has a good guide to setting up ACT and OverlayPlugin if you prefer video or would like more instructions on how to set these two tools up properly.

Installing cactbot

  1. Find the latest release and download the cactbot-version-number.zip file for that release. (You likely do not want either of the Source zip files.)
  2. Right click on the zip file, go to properties. In the bottom right corner of the properties menu, click “Unblock”, and then “OK” to close the menu.
  3. Unzip the release zip file. (If there is no OverlayPlugin\addons\CactbotOverlay.dll file, you downloaded the wrong zip file.)
  4. Close ACT, if it’s still running.
  5. Copy the OverlayPlugin\ folder from inside of the unzipped folder into your existing C:\…\Advanced Combat Tracker\ folder.
  6. If you already have an existing OverlayPlugin\ folder, you will be prompted to confirm if you want to merge files with existing files. Click the checkbox and then the checkbox. If you end up with an OverlayPlugin\OverlayPlugin\ folder then you have done something wrong.

    The final directory structure should look something like this:

    Note: The cactbot\ folder does not have to be located inside of the OverlayPlugin directory, but that is where it comes by default as part of a cactbot release zip file. It can be located anywhere on disk as long as the entire cactbot\ folder is kept together.

    Note: The OverlayPlugin\ subdirectory can also be named whatever you like.

  7. Restart ACT.
  8. Now add a new overlay in the OverlayPlugin tab in ACT, and choose as the type.
  9. In the URL field, browse to an html file to load.

    ui/test/test.html is a good place to start to make sure everything is set up properly.

For more instructions about adding and configuring cactbot overlays, see the Adding Overlay Modules section.

Potential errors and workarounds

If you get an error that it can’t find FFXIV_ACT_Plugin.dll, make sure the FFXIV_ACT_Plugin.dll is in the same directory as Advanced Combat Tracker.exe.

If you get an error in the OverlayPlugin console similar to then you are still using the RainbowMage version of OverlayPlugin and need to upgrade to the latest x64 full version of the hibiyasleep OverlayPlugin instead.

If you get an error on the OverlayPlugin console similar to , then you are using an earlier version of the OverlayPlugin. You need to be using the latest x64 full version of the hibiyasleep OverlayPlugin.

If you get an error in the OverlayPlugin console similar to then you have likely installed the wrong version of the OverlayPlugin. Please reinstall the latest x64 full version of the hibiyasleep OverlayPlugin.

If you get an error in the OverlayPlugin console similar to then you have installed the wrong .NET framework version. Please install the .NET Framework version 4.6.1 or above.

If you get a CAS policy error on starting the OverlayPlugin, such as then this means that you have forgotten to unblock some/all of your DLLs (either hibiyasleep or cactbot). First, stop ACT. Then, unblock everything; the easiest way is to unblock the original zip file and re-extract rather than unblocking every file individually. Finally, restart ACT again.

If you get an overlay plugin error similar to then you likely need to unblock the ffxiv plugin. See the instructions above for unblocking DLLs.

If you get an ACT dialog that says and , then you are loading the plugin incorrectly. Cactbot is an overlay and not a direct ACT plugin. Plugins like FFXIV_ACT_PLUGIN.dll and OverlayPlugin.dll are ACT plugins and are loaded via ACT -> Plugins -> Plugin Listing -> Add/Enable Plugin. Cactbot is an overlay plugin. You load it via going to Plugins -> OverlayPlugin.dll -> New. See the adding overlay modules section for more details.

If triggers or pieces of the UI do not work, ensure that “Disable Parsing from Network Data” is not checked in the FFXIV plugin settings. Network data is required for accurate trigger timing.

If you are using cactbot for dps parsing and you don’t get any data, make sure that the DPS update rate is set to a number higher than zero in your plugin config. Setting it to 3 is a good default.

Building from source

Follow all the steps above for installing cactbot first.

  1. Follow the instructions in the dummy.txt file in CactbotOverlay/ThirdParty/OverlayPlugin.
  2. Follow the instructions in the dummy.txt file in CactbotOverlay/ThirdParty/ACT.
  3. Open the solution in Visual Studio (tested with Visual Studio 2017).
  4. Build for “Release” and “x64”.
  5. The plugin will be built as bin/x64/Release/CactbotOverlay.dll.
  6. Copy the plugin to the Advanced Combat Tracker\OverlayPlugin\addons\ directory

UI module overview

The ui/ directory contains cactbot’s ui modules. If you installed cactbot following the instructions above, this will most likely be C:\…\Advanced Combat Tracker\OverlayPlugin\cactbot\ui.

Each cactbot ui module should be added as a separate overlay. See the Adding Overlay Modules section for more details about setup.

raidboss module

To use this module, point cactbot at ui/raidboss/raidboss.html.

This module provides a visual timeline of upcoming events in a fight, as well as text and audio notifications to help increase raid awareness. Text and sound alerts can be based on the fight timeline, or come from log messages that occur in the game, similar to ACT’s “Custom Triggers”. The module is designed to look and feel similar to the BigWigs Bossmods addon for World of Warcraft.

Fight timelines are provided in files designed for the ACT Timeline plugin, documented here with some extensions.

There are three levels of text alerts, in order of escalating importance: , , and . Text messages will be in one of these, and more important levels are larger and more eye grabbing colors. Text-to-speech can be configured if you prefer that over on screen text.

Timeline files are found in ui/raidboss/data/timelines. Triggers for text and sound alerts are found in ui/raidboss/data/triggers.

In this screenshot, the raidboss module is highlighted, with the timeline circled in red, and the text alerts circled in yellow, with an -level text message visible.

raidboss screenshot

oopsyraidsy module

To use this module, point cactbot at ui/oopsyraidsy/oopsyraidsy.html.

This module provides mistake tracking and death reporting. Oopsy raidsy is meant to reduce the time wasted understanding what went wrong on fights and how people died. During the fight, only a limited number of mistakes are shown (to avoid clutter), but afterwards a full scrollable list is displayed.

When somebody dies, the last thing they took damage from is listed in the log. For example, if the log specifies: “:skull: Poutine: Iron Chariot (82173/23703)” this means that Poutine most likely died to Iron Chariot, taking 82173 damage and having 23703 health at the time. The health value itself is not perfect and may be slightly out of date by a ~second due to a hot tick or multiple simultaneous damage sources.

When mistakes are made that are avoidable, oopsy logs warning (:warning:) and failure (:no_entry_sign:) messages, explaining what went wrong.

Mistake triggers are specified for individual fights in the ui/oopsyraidsy/data folder.

oopsy screenshot

jobs module

To use this module, point cactbot at ui/jobs/jobs.html

This module provides health, mana, and tp bars, as well as icons and timer bars for big raid buffs such as The Balance and Trick Attack. It also features a food buff warning to keep up your food buff when leveling or raiding, and a visual pull countdown.

It has more fleshed out support for some jobs but is strongly a Work In Progress for others.

  • Red Mage: Shows white/black mana, tracks procs for Verstone, Verfire and Impact, and shows the state of the melee combo in progress.
  • Warrior: Shows the beast amount, and tracks the remaining Storm’s Eye buff time in gcds.
  • Monk: Shows chakra count, remaining greased lightning time, and tracks monk buffs and debuffs.

In this screenshot, the jobs module is highlighted for the Red Mage job. The health and mana bars, as well as Red Mage white/black mana tracking is circled in purple, with the large raid buff tracking pointed to beside it in orange. The first step of the melee combo has been executed, which is displayed as the yellow box above the health bar. The proc tracking is circled below in green.

jobs screenshot

eureka module

To use this module, point cactbot at ui/eureka/eureka.html

This module provides automatic tracking of NMs that are popped or have been killed. It shows gales/night timers and any local tracker link that has been pasted in chat. Any flags in chat are also temporarily included on the map.

It currently does not read the tracker information directly. However, if you click on the left/red “Copy killed NMs” button in the tracker to copy the list of currently dead NMs, you can paste it in game, e.g.

If you do not see the emoji, make sure you have installed this Windows update.

eureka screenshot

fisher module

To use this module, point cactbot at ui/fisher/fisher.html

When you cast your line at a fishing hole, this module keeps track of when you reel in particular fish so that you know what you might be getting when you hook it.

fishing screenshot

dps meters

cactbot can be used with any dps meter overlay designed for OverlayPlugin’s miniparse addon, with the option to build out more features through cactbot’s additional Javascript APIs. cactbot also auto-stops fights on wipes, so you can configure ACT’s fight time to infinity.

The xephero dps meter is based on the same dps meter built for miniparse, with the additional ability to do per-phase dps tracking, displayed in additional columns. In the screenshot below the phases are named B1, B2, B3. These autogenerate from dungeon bosses, but could be used to differentiate raid fight phases.

xephero screenshot

The rdmty dps meter is based on the same dps meter for miniparse, and updated for Stormblood jobs and recolored to match fflogs.

rdmty screenshot

pull counter module

This small module sticks the current pull count for raiding bosses on screen. This is primarily for folks who stream a lot and want to review video footage. Having a number on screen makes it easy to scrub through video and find particular pulls to review.

pull counter screenshot

test module

To use this module, point cactbot at ui/test/test.html

This module is just an onscreen test of cactbot variables and is not meant to be used while playing. It can be useful to try out to make sure everything is working as expected or to use to help debug writing your own module.

test screenshot

Adding overlay modules

Here’s an example of how to set up the raidboss overlay module. Adding other modules is exactly the same, except you need to point the URL to a different HTML file for that specific module.

To add a cactbot module is the same as adding any overlay plugin.

  1. Open ACT.
  2. Navigate to the Plugins tab of ACT and then the OverlayPlugin.dll tab inside it.

    overlay plugin tab screenshot

  3. Click the “New” button and then select Cactbot in the “Type” dropdown.

    new overlay plugin screenshot

  4. Type in any name you’d like as the name of this overlay, e.g. .
  5. A good example to start with is the raidboss module. Set the filename to be ui/raidboss/raidboss.html. Your config should look like this.

    raidboss plugin config

  6. At this point, you should see some bunched up test UI appear on screen. cactbot provides default test UI and a blue background to help with resizing and placing overlays on screen. These all go away when the overlay is locked in the config panel for the overlay.

    raidboss plugin sizing

  7. Uncheck the Enable Clickthru box on the config panel. Then, in FFXIV, click and drag the lower right corner of the raidboss overlay to resize it. Click and drag anywhere else on the raidboss overlay to move it. This will make it look a lot better. You can configure this with CSS if you want even more control. It should look something like this:

    raidboss plugin final

  8. Once the overlay is in the right place, check the Lock Overlay and the Enable Clickthru boxes.

    The “Test bar”, “ALARM TEXT”, and shaded blue background will disappear once the overlay has been locked.

  9. If you want to test the raidboss plugin, teleport to Summerford Farms, and follow these instructions.

Cactbot Customization

See this documentation for more details.

Supported Languages

cactbot is tested and works with the English, German and French versions of Final Fantasy XIV.

Unicode characters are supported thoughout, through the use of the helpers in the resources/regexes.js file. However timelines and log event triggers may be incorrect if names that appear in the ACT log events are different.

Sours: https://ezsoftware.github.io/cactbot/
  1. 2019 subaru legacy mpg
  2. Custom method center caps
  3. White ektorp cover


[TODO: act is a thing you want so you can be awesome]

We'll also add the following helpful plugins:

  • OverlayPlugin - Adds overlay support to conveniently display information in game.
  • Kagerou - A nice DPS overlay that's customizable via an easy-to-use control panel.
  • Triggernometry - Advanced custom triggers with better organization.

Installing ACT + FFXIV Plugin

Download ACT(Discord) and run through its installer.

On first run, a setup wizard will start. Follow along to select the FFXIV Plugin by clicking , choosing from the dropdown, then clicking .

Parsing Plugin Wizard

On the next screen, answer when asked if ACT is being used for EverQuest II, then click instead of choosing a log file. The FFXIV Plugin doesn't read on-disk logs, so there's nothing to more to set.

Configuring OS Permissions

ACT should always be run as Administrator and excepted from Windows Firewall to make sure it works properly. This is because ACT uses memory reading and packet inspection to collect accurate data, which Windows doesn't allow by default.

To prove these steps are necessary, open ACT and try . Without sufficient permissions, ACT will fail to parse correctly:

Test Game Connection

Error without AdministratorError without Windows Firewall exception

Making ACT always run as Administrator

Find the shortcut used to launch ACT, then . In the tab, check and hit . This ensures ACT is run as Administrator every time.

Compatibility tab

Excepting ACT from Windows Firewall

In the Windows Start Menu, type and choose the normal version (instead of Advanced Security).

On the left, click . In the new window, click , then .

Browse to where ACT was installed and select . The default install path is , but it may be elsewhere if changed during installation.

Adding an exception

Under , select both and , then click . Finally, click and to finish adding the exception.

Back in ACT, try again. It should be all clear. If not, try working through this permissions section again.

Game Connection succeeded

Configuring Other Options

Changing Encounter Timer

Some bosses have long periods without fighting that confuse ACT into thinking one fight is actually two. This split result in DPS being measured separately for each half, which isn't comparable to DPS measured as one across the entire fight.

To fix this, go to and set to .

Encounter Timer

Disabling Clipboard Auto-Export

By default, ACT copies a text version of an encouter's result to the paste buffer after each fight. This is annoying because it interrupts copy/paste and you may not paste what you expect.

To disable this, go to the tab, then uncheck .

Disabling Clipboard Export


Missing DPS Graph -- "No combatants with compatible data to graph... Try another sorting method."

The DPS Graph can fail to render if the chosen sorting options are unset or unsortable. To restore the defaults,

  1. Open
  2. Highlight in the list, then click the box to the right of below the list.
  3. Highlight in the list, then click the box to the right of below the list.

If and aren't visible below the list, scroll down using the far right scrollbar (instead of the list's scrollbar)


FFXIV_ACT_Plugin.dll -- Plugin Initialization Failed

ACT sometimes fails to attach to the game despite proper settings and running as admin. It shows for on the tab, has a completely empty dropdown under (not even an option!), and generally doesn't parse DPS.

This happens after certain game updates where the game launcher itself is also patched. The launcher patcher will run as admin, which subsequently runs the launcher and then the game as admin for that session, which blocks ACT from reading the game.

To fix, simply restart the game so it runs without elevated privileges.

Installing Extra Plugins

ACT alone is helpful, but it's hard to check DPS in real time (especially without a second monitor!), it's not very pretty, and some features could be better. This can all be fixed with extra plugins.

Overlay Plugin

The Overlay Plugin allows for displaying extra information "in game" by floating windows over the client, as if they were extra UI elements. Applications include DPS meters, spell timers, threat meters, and more.


In Final Fantasy XIV, Go to and set to . The overlays are secondary windows that float over the main game window, so true fullscreen is not supported.

Download and "unblock" it before extracting. If OverlayPlugin is already installed, update it from that link since newer features will be required later.

In ACT, go to , browse for in the extracted folder, then click . Note that there are several DLLs with similar names (e.g., ), so be careful to choose the standard .

On the tab, make sure an overlay of type exists. If not, click to add one with any name.

Also, check to hide the overlay when XIV or ACT aren't the active window.

Configuring OverlayPlugin.dll


Kagerou is a visually pleasing DPS overlay theme that's easy to configure and make pretty, even for non-technical people.



Still in tab, open the sub-tab and set the URL to .

In case Kagerou starts in a foreign language, click the to open the settings, then select a familiar language from the dropdown and click save.

The overlay can be dragged around the screen and resized using the grey triangle in the bottom right corner. To lock it in place, go back to the sub-tab and check . DON'T check or Kagerou will lose its interactivity.

To change the information displayed and theming, check the config panel. Options include player name display mode, colors, different stats, etc.

Or, if that's effort and the screenshots above are appealing, copy/paste the blob below into the tab to get those settings:


Triggernometry (Discord) is a direct upgrade to ACT's "custom triggers" feature, supporting more advanced triggers (variables, logic, math), more responses than beeps and TTS, and folders for better organization.

A guide to triggers is outside the scope of these instructions, but tl;dr triggers search live game logs using regular expressions and respond to certain events, which is how some players get warnings about boss abilities or key buffs like Trick Attack. See Triggernometry Discord for more details.


Download Triggernometry and "unblock" it before extracting.

In ACT, go to , browse for in the extracted folder, then click .

Auto-Ending Encounters

Increasing encounter duration ensures there's a single encounter per pull, even in fights with long transitions, but traditionally required manually ending the encounter on wipe so two fights wouldn't bleed into each other on ACT. Triggernometry can now end the encounter automatically on wipe in 8 player trial/raid dungeons, thanks to a trigger by MikeMatrix from the FF14 ACT Discord.

First, go to and increase encounter duration to 60 seconds or higher: Encounter Duration

Next, go to , right click a folder and press , then paste the contents of from the bottom of this page:

Import Button

Import Contents

Sours: https://gist.github.com/TomRichter/e044a3dff5c50024cf514ffb20a201a9
Best DPS Meter/Enemy Unit Frame for FFXIV - Installation/Setup (Quick Guide)

ACT FFXIV Plugin Overlays

Requires FFXIV Overlay Plugin to function.


To use this overlay, do the following:

  1. Download and configure ACT
  2. Download and configure the FFXIV Overlay Plugin
  3. Download the latest release of this overlay (click 'releases' above and download the latest version)
  4. Extract the 'FFXIV-ACT-Rainbow-Mage-Overlays' zip into your ACT installation directory
  5. Open ACT, select the 'Plugins' tab, then the 'OverlayPlugin.dll' tab, then the 'Mini Parse' tab
  6. Configure the URL field to point to the MiniParseGlow_CritMonitor_4.05.html file within the 'FFXIV-ACT-Rainbow-Mage-Overlays' folder as follows:


Modified version of @awSweeney's modified version of the classic miniparse glow to display the new Shadowbringers jobs

Sours: https://github.com/awSweeney/FFXIV-ACT-Rainbow-Mage-Overlays

Act overlay shadowbringers ffxiv

FFXIV ACT and Plugin Guide

FFXIV ACT and Plugin Guide by fold

What is ACT?

– ACT stands for Advanced Combat Tracker. In its simplest form, it is a third-party MMO combat log parser that reads from your combat log and displays multiple types of outputs (Damage, Healing, Crit%, list goes on). This is a parser that has been around since the days of EQ2, and exists in a variety of other MMOs such as SWTOR, Rift, Age of Conan and Aion. With much thanks to Ravahn, it has also been brought to FFXIV!

Where can I get ACT?

– ACT is available on their website (http://advancedcombattracker.com/download.php). Below the client download, you will also notice that Ravahn’s parsing plugin is also available for download. Make sure you get that as well.

Plugin Installation Guide:

1. After downloading the FFXIV ACT plugin (FFXIV_ACT_Plugin.dll), move it into the ACT directory. As with any .dll file you will see on this topic, you will have to unblock it before ACT can recognize it. Unblocking is simple:

Right Click > Properties

“Unblock” button on the bottom.

(NOTE: If you are downloading a .zip file with multiple .dll files, you can unblock it all at once by unblocking the .zip)

2. After extracting the .dll in your ACT folder, you will need to enable the plugin via ACT!

Go to Plugins tab in ACT, browse for the .dll in your ACT folder and click Add/Enable plugin!

FFXIV ACT Settings:

First, I’ll run down the FFXIV Settings located under the Plugins tab:


1. SupeSupe: Ignore this setting for right now lol, this is part of a JP plugin that I will cover later on.

2. Show FFXIV Overlay: Clicking this enables your Target/Focus target HP overlay. To configure this, head over to “FFXIV Overlay Settings”, as shown below.

This is the section where you can configure your HP overlay for your targets.

NOTE: Setting the color value to “Black” like I have in that screenshot will hide the HP bar and only display the text. With those above settings, my HP overlays look something like this:

3. Show Timers: Left-Clicking this opens a box which displays timers (That you configure in the Custom Triggers tab). Right Clicking locks this window. (I wouldn’t recommend touching FFXIV ACT timers, as there are better plugins for this that I will cover later on.)

4. Show Mini: Left-Clicking this opens a mini-parse window that you can move around. Right Clicking locks the window. (Similar to timers, I wouldn’t recommend touching this as there is a better plugin for it.)

5. FFXIV Process ID: This option allows you to latch on to specific FFXIV processes if you are using multiple FFXIV clients. (For example, you are on one client with a Bard, and on another client with a Black Mage, this option would allow you to switch process IDs so you can parse whichever you are playing at the time.) In most cases, just leave this on Automatic.

6. Memory Scan Speed: I usually leave this at Short Delay, but if you have a slower CPU or want to make ACT less CPU-intensive, switch to Long Delay.

7. Local IP Address: Ignore this setting~

8. Disable Parsing from Network Data: UPDATE: This option was causing issues for many ACT users in the past. Fortunately there’s two ways to work around it:

#1. Running ACT with administrative privileges

#2. Adding a firewall exception for ACT.

9. Disable Combat Log (reduces file size): Don’t check this, or else you won’t be able to parse!

10. Game Language: Set this option to the language that you are running your FFXIV client with. Since ACT reads from the combat log, it must be set to the appropriate language.

11. Parse Filter: This will filter out certain players from being parsed based on what you choose:

– None: ACT will parse everybody in the zone you are currently in.

– Self: ACT will parse only you.

– Party: ACT will parse only the party you are in, including yourself.

– Alliance: ACT will parse the alliance you are in (CT, WoD, ST), including the party you are in, including you.

(I normally have this set to Alliance)

12. Disable Damage Shield estimates: ACT parses damage absorption effects (Stoneskin, Galvanize, etc). Checking this will disable those effects from being parsed.

13. Combine Pets with Owner: This combines a pet’s (Garuda-egi, Selene, etc) damage & healing with their owner. Recommended for Summoners/Scholars.

14. Include HP for Triggers: This option allows you to create additional ACT sound triggers based on the current HP of the boss. (For example, if you want to track Darnus’s final phase transition @ 47% HP, you would check this option and create an expression “Nael Deus Darnus HP at 48” in the Triggers tab.

15. Simulate Individual DoT Crits: Never used this option either, but the word “Simulate” turns me off as you want the most accurate information when using this program. If someone has an idea of what this does, please feel free to post and I’ll update this.

16. (DEBUG) Also Show ‘Real’ DoT’ Ticks: I usually leave this unchecked, as ACT has an accurate way of parsing DoTs as it stands.

17. Parse Potency Amounts: Checking this will only parse the potency values that your abilities put out. This is incredibly useful for trying to find optimal rotations. It leaves out any of the damage variance (for example, an Aeolian Edge doing 900 instead of 1000), while still getting benefit from active buffs and modifying potency values (Blood for Blood, Raging Strikes, etc)

Basic ACT Options & Configuration

Since alot of these settings in the main ACT Options tab do not apply to the FFXIV plugin, I will only cover the basics:

Sound Settings:


These are the sound settings for any custom triggers you have in ACT. Here you can control the volume of TTS (Text-To-Speech) and .wav notifications for your custom triggers. To setup a custom trigger, head over to the Custom Triggers tab:


In this section, you can setup sound notifications for events. If anyone is familiar with DBM or Bigwigs in WoW, it works similarly to that. ACT will read an expression from the combat log, and if the text in the combat log matches the same expression as you have in the ACT settings, it will produce a sound. This feature is excellent for tracking boss abilities or any procs that your class may have.

1. Custom Trigger: Here you can set your choice of sound effect: either a “beep”, a .wav file (that you browse for using the …), or a TTS phrase. To add into that special DBM feeling, I’ve provided some .wav sounds that you can use for sound events!

Dropbox Link:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/eh8b3rbqui1e0qy/soundfiles.zip?dl=0

If you’ve played WoW before, you’ll probably be familiar with some of these sound files. You can install them anywhere (preferribly ACT folder)

2. Regular Expression: This is where you record the phrase that you want ACT to scan for in your combat log. How exactly do you know which expression to look for?

For Procs: The general phrase for procs is “You gain the effect of x.” For example, as a Black Mage wanting to track Firestarter procs, the expression found in your combat log when you get a FS proc is:

The only exception for this is River of Blood (Bloodletter resets) on Bard. River of Blood is not reported in your combat log, therefore you cannot track BL resets. :<

For Boss Abilities: The general phrase is “[Boss] readies [ability]” (For example: Twintania readies Twister.)

After these two fields are filled out, you are free to hit the Add/Edit button to save the trigger! It should look something like this once it is saved:


“General” settings under the “Main Table/Encounters”


1. Main Table update frequency (in seconds): This is how often ACT updates the parsing output. I usually have this set to 1 second so it constantly updates.

2. Number of seconds to wait after the last combat action to begin a new encounter.: This sets the number of seconds ACT has to wait for an incoming action before it splits the parse into a new encounter. This option is important for the type of parse you wish to record. Here’s an example of both parsing scenarios:

A good example for this is Twintania’s add phase. With current levels of gear, there is typically a large amount of downtime after the second set of adds are killed until Twintania comes down. Two parsing styles emerge from this: Continuous and Merged

A. Continuous Parsing: If you set the number of seconds to 25-30+, assuming you kill the adds with plenty of time to spare before Twintania descends, you will effectively be losing DPS on your parser due to the extreme amount of downtime that you deal with. While this sounds really bad, it is a more realistic way to measure DPS over the course of an entire fight.

B. Merged Parsing: If you set the number of seconds to <5, ACT will create a new encounter when the next action begins (Twintania descending). While it is not an accurate way to display damage over the entire duration of a fight, it does have its uses. If you want to see how much DPS yourself or your raid team pumps out at a specific phase (For example, Bahamut add phase), then this would be the most accurate parsing method to track this.

TL;DR – Use Continuous parsing (30+ seconds) if you want to parse an entire fight, use Merged (<5-10) if you want to track DPS during specific phases of a fight.

Third-Party Plugins & Installation Guide

If you’ve been around my stream, you’ll notice that I run quite a few plugins for cooldown counters, parsing overlays and whatnot. I’ll go through them, as well as uploading my versions through my own dropbox. Keep in mind that with all the .rars and .dlls that you download from GitHub or Dropbox, they will need to be unblocked or ACT will yell at you!


#1. Overlay Plugin:

Created By: RainbowMage (JP)

GitHub: https://github.com/RainbowMage/OverlayPlugin

Dropbox Link (For my config): https://www.dropbox.com/s/5qb6804x5a4e2by/OverlayPlugin.rar?dl=0

Installation Guide:

1. Extract that .rar to your ACT folder.

2. In ACT, browse and enable “OverlayPlugin.dll” in the OverlayPlugin folder.

3. Head over to Plugins > OverlayPlugin.dll > Mini Parse. It should look something like this:


1. Show Overlay: Enables/Disables the overlay.

2. Enable clickthru: Locks the overlay, allowing clicks to pass through.

3. URL: Set this to the “miniparse.html” which is located in the OverlayPlugin/resources/ folder.

4. Sort key: Sorts your parser based on DPS. If you wish to have it sort by heals, change the key to “enchps”

5. Sort type: Changes the type of sort, either ascending or descending.

6. Max Framerate: Not sure what this is, could be a mistranslation. I have it set to 60 :3

#2. ACT MP Timer

Created by: Anoyetta (JP)

GitHub: https://github.com/anoyetta/ACT.MPTimer/

Dropbox Link (For my config): https://www.dropbox.com/s/f97g0s10gb00dfx/ACT.MPTimer.zip?dl=0

A simple, lightweight plugin that tracks server-wide MP ticks. Extremely useful for Black Mages who are not yet familiar with the rotation.

What it looks like in action:

Installation Guide:

1. Extract the .dll into your ACT folder.

2. Locate the .dll and enable it via ACT.

3. Head over to Plugins > MP Timer tab. It appears in JP, but here is a translated version of the config:


NOTE: Right click on the preview window to change the font/colors of the bar & timer.

#3: ACT.SpecialSpellTimer

Created by: Anoyetta (JP)

GitHub: https://github.com/anoyetta/ACT.SpecialSpellTimer

Dropbox Link (For my config): https://www.dropbox.com/s/on3ztbwcwmrnd19/ACT.SpecialSpellTimer-master.zip?dl=0

Installation Guide:

1. Extract to ACT folder.

2. Locate “ACT.SpecialSpellTimer.dll” in the folder & enable it.

3. Head over to SpecialSpellTimer tab. If you used my version, it should already be translated into English.

Spell Timers:


This is the section where you can create spell timers (Similar to the ones we’ve seen in the base FFXIV ACT plugin). However, these go more in-depth.

In this example you can see one of my auto-attack timers that I use on my bard. If you wish to try this auto-attack timer out, click the “Import” button and look for “Auto-shot.xml” in the ACT.SpecialSpellTimer-master folder. Similar to how we have created custom triggers using expressions, this plugin will scan your combat log for an expression (In this case, “You hit”) and produce a bar with a two second timer that counts down. All of this can be adjusted to the spell or ability that you would like to track.



This is where the value of this pluigin comes from. The “tickers” (Known as telops in JP) produce numeric countdowns upon reading expressions from your combat log. With this we can effectively create cooldown timers that we can place over our abilities. I have already created overlays for almost every single cooldown available in the game located in the Dropbox. If you wish to import it, select “Import” and look for “FullJobCD” in the ACT.SpecialSpellTimer-master folder.

NOTE: These overlays are configured for my UI only. The annoying this about this plugin is that eachcooldown has its own respective overlay, and if you wish to tailor it fit to work for your UI, it requires you to move the timers around.

NOTE 2: Since the recent XIV patch, SE has added a “link” icon next to items, which looks something like this:

The icon made it impossible to use the “You use an [item]” expression, but there are two ways to work around it:

For Stat Potions: “You gain the effect of Medicated.”

For Ethers: “You recover X MP.” (With X being the MP return value based on the type of MP pot you use.) [/b]

For Potent Poisoning Potions: “gains the effect of Poison from Foldasaurus Rex” (Replace my name with yours!)



This is where most of the options for this plugin are located. If you wish to switch the language, the first option will let you switch between English and JP (Requires a restart of the plugin.)

Display Overlay: This displays your timers and allows you to drag them around without typing out the expression to activate it.

Display all tickers: This displays all your tickers & lets you drag them around without typing out the expression. (However, if you want to effectively move around the proper CD timers, I recommend typing out the expression in an echo and forcing the CD to appear. This lets you know which overlay belongs to what CD.)

For example, if you want to move Aetherial Manipulation without having to see the other ~100 job CD icons, type /echo You use Aetherial Manipulation

That’s it for most of the plugins that I use, as well as this guide! I’ll be keeping a close eye on upcoming plugin releases and providing guides for them.

Sours: https://guidescroll.com/2015/03/ffxiv-act-and-plugin-guide/
Best DPS Meter/Enemy Unit Frame for FFXIV - Installation/Setup (Quick Guide)

FFXIV Shadowbringers Rainbowmage ACT Setup | Ffxiv act parsing plugin



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Sours: https://igotojapan.com/video/17990224

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