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"One person installation, one person removal, and stay dry" is the driving mantra of Pier of d'Nort. Our patented design allows a single fourteen-year-old (or a married one) to install and remove a Pier of d'Nort boat dock with no special tools, winches, vehicles, or skills. There's something inherently fun about watching something large splash into the water. It brings out the teenager in all of us.

An aluminum pier is a lifetime investment. Why shouldn't it be the best when the best is affordable? No other boat dock offers the convenience, versatility, beauty, durability, and sheer fun as a Pier of d'Nort docks - at any price!

Pier of d'Nort Docks and Piers

Consider these features:

And since we only sell direct, it's our duty to provide for you the most complete and most accurate information possible, which is what you will find here. We are also available via phone , email, or in person to answer your questions and hopefully give you complete confidence in buying our pier - as we have done for satisfied customers all over the country.

Sours: http://www.pierofdnort.com/

Buying Our Pier System

If you think Pier of d’Nort might be the right pier for you, let us know. We will happily send you our prices and answer any questions you may have. Here’s a few answers already.


We ship anywhere.  We package our piers securely as shown below, then we wrap them in plastic to keep them clean. The usual transit time is one to five days.


We sometimes deliver piers ourselves depending on schedule, location, and installation requirements. Great news if you live in Wisconsin! We can deliver your pier directly to you and even provide first time install. (separate fees apply). If we can save you some money by combining your delivery with someone else’s, we will. (take note Michiganites)

Customer Pickup

We are happy to have you come to St Germain to pick your pier up in person if you like. We’d be proud to show you around and let you see just how our pier is put together. We know you’ll be impressed.

Lead Times / Scheduling

Full pier systems can be ready for shipping, delivery, or pick up in one to three weeks depending on the time of the year. However delivery and shipping spots fill up quickly during April, May and June so call early to start your quote and save your date or to check on current lead times.

**Note that due to the pandemic, lead times may be longer than usual. Please check with the sales team to find out the most up to date information**

How we do the legs

Each and every leg is custom cut. Once they are cut to length, you will have an adjustable range of whatever amount you wish to order. Typically we will add about 30″ of leg-length to whatever the water depth is at a particular leg’s location. If the pier is twenty inches above the water, the tops of the legs will then extend 10″ above the deck, and you will have about 17″ of adjustability in the upward direction and even more in the downward direction. Most folks want their leg-tops to line up nice and neat, so they are happy to measure their water depths. Some are less concerned about that, and only provide the water depth at the end of the pier, letting us interpolate the intermediate lengths. Still others guestimate or prefer to cut their legs after installation. The downside of that is that it’s more work to cut the legs after installation than it is to measure the water depths. We leave the preference to the customer. The minimum height that can be achieved from the footpad to the top of the deck is about 21″. The maximum leg length/water depth that can be achieved is 16 feet. For water depths over about 4 1/2 ft you may want to add deep-water bracing to the last section for extra stability.

The questions we will ask
  • What kind of shoreline do you have? (determines how you start your pier)
  • How large is your lake? (determines your need for panel locks)
  • How soft or hard is your bottom? (determines footpad size)
  • How deep will you go? (determines your need for Deep Water Braces)
  • Do you prefer vinyl decking or Western Red Cedar?
  • If vinyl, which color do you prefer?
  • When would you like your pier?
  • Do you need bumpers? And what color?
  • What kind of accessability for trucks do you have?
  • Would you like white leg caps or black?
  • Do you like your coffee black or with cream?

Frames only purchase (build your own deck panels)

Many of our more handy customers purchase just the frames and build their own deck panels using our plans and locally available materials. This can save you money in two ways. You’re not paying for us to assemble them, and you’re not paying for their shipment. Our frames-only prices are included in our pricelist.

Sours: http://www.pierofdnort.com/direct-sales/our-pier-system/
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Pier of d'Nort

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  • I just installed our Pier of d'Nort dock today. It is as good as advertised -- actually -- let me revise that to, "Better than advertised!!"

    First -- a shout out to their sales staff and showroom in St. Germaine. Though we were quite sure we wanted to purchase a Pier of d'Nort dock before we stopped to see the showroom and factory (thanks to Pier of d'Nort's excellent web site), if we had any lingering doubts they were quickly allayed by outstanding personal attention and demonstrations, especially when Deb showed us how easy it is to lift and align the dock sections prior to flipping them into the water. We were also able to see all the accessories and options on the showroom floor. As a result we made a  tweak to our original plan and I'm glad we did -- the final result is definitely better.

    Second -- Our dock was delivered first thing in the morning precisely on the day it was promised. The delivery man was also knowledgeable about the product and answered a couple of my last minute questions when I was looking over the parts.

    Third -- One person can indeed install the dock with no problems. I essentially did everything myself. There was one point where I thought I would need an extra hand but by the time my wife arrived to assist me I had it figured out and was ready to go. That said, for your initial installation (when it is necessary to make leveling adjustments, etc.) two people will make it a lot easier. Now that I've got everything adjusted the way I like it I do not anticipate any problems taking it in or setting it up again by myself. (BTW - I'm 67 years old, of average fitness and strength, and I can see myself putting it in and taking it out for at least another ten years, maybe more!)

    Fourth -- we ran into one glitch mounting the "corner cutter." After a two minute call to Pier of d'Nort we clearly understood OUR mistake and a few minutes later everything fit like a charm.

    And finally -- now that it is in -- I love it.

    It is good looking. It is stable. It is also adaptable and expandable. If we decide that the "L" would be better going the other direction it would be no problem to do so. If we decide it needs to be longer to accommodate a different boat, that too would be no problem. If we want to add a bench, or flag pole, or cleats or bumpers, or any other accessory, just buy them and attach them. It could't be simpler.

    If you are thinking about a Pier of d'Nort dock (especially if you like what you see but are concerned about the price) I encourage you to read the other five star reviews and check out all the specs, details and testimonials on Pier of d'Nort's web site. I'm already glad that I decided to go with Pier of d'Nort. In fact, I feel like I already recouped some of my investment on the initial installation alone!

    Addendum: It is now just about the end of October and I can report that removing a Pier of d'Nort dock is just as easy as putting it in. I did it all by myself with no problems. The best part was being able to leave it in for late season boating and fishing and then not having to worry about getting into the icy cold water to take it out. Likewise, I expect to put it in the day after the ice goes out next year. Two thumbs up! Five stars all the way.

    Photo of Pier of d'Nort - Saint Germain, WI, United States. Our Pier of d'Nort dock. Two 4x8 sections, a 6x6 "L" with a corner cutter, and steps into the water .

    Our Pier of d'Nort dock. Two 4x8 sections, a 6x6 "L" with a corner cutter, and steps into the water .

  • We bought a place up North about nine years ago and a wooden pier came with it. We spent a lot of fun times on that pier until it collapsed with me on it and I went unexpectedly into the lake. At that point, being the practical guy I am, I decided we needed a new pier and wood was eliminated as one of the building materials, since I didn't want a repeat performance of my unplanned dip in the lake.

    I did a lot of research and decided on the Pier of D'Nort system. One of my neighbors had one and our homeowners association had purchased one, so I had been able to see firsthand  just how easy putting it in and taking it out was. Our homeowners association pier has about 100 feet of of Pier Of D"Nort pier sections to put in. With 4 or 5 guys, we were able to take it out in 45 minutes and put it in in 35 minutes. Nobody needed to get wet. If you are a do it yourself-er the first time will take longer because you will need to install the poles/feet on the pier sections and level the pier. You will also probably need to get in the water.  If you are not handy with stuff, the Pier Of D'Nort guys can deliver and install it for you. After the initial installation you should never need to get in the water again to put in in or take it out. If you put it in and take it out by yourself, be sure to buy the accessory pier decking handle for about 10 bucks, to make your job much quicker an easier. If you go with the AZEK decking instead of the cedar you will never need to paint. Think zero maintenance.

    Be sure to watch the videos on their web site on installation. It will give you a good idea of how the system works. There are hints of construction quality in the videos about  the system. If you can get a look up close at one of these piers you will see that it screams out QUALITY and INNOVATION. The fit and finish is superb and the cleverness of the design made me think, "Gee, I wish I had thought of that."  It's kind of like artistry and engineering meeting up in a great product.

    I needed a couple of accessories after we installed the pier and the transactions were easy. One was a special order item and the other was a dock bench. Even though it was in the middle of their busy summer season, Becky was able to accommodate my two separate requests. The whole staff is friendly and eager to please their customers.

    Mine pier looks great, and I think it is going to last a long time.

  • After about 30 years of having a wooden pier at our vacation home in Upper Michigan, last summer marked the end of its run. Warped and broken from years of frost/thaw cycles took their toll and the pier was dismantled and scrapped for firewood. Our task was to get a new pier for this summer.

    Up north in Michigan and Wisconsin, with all the lakes and rivers, people normally have piers for their canoes, motorboats or just for playing in the water. We researched local places in the UP and in Wisconsin and came upon Pier of d'Nort as the best choice.

    What makes their pier different? Well, first off it is a modular design. Other piers have standard sizes but once you get it you are stuck with it. This design allows you to expand in the future if you want, or scale back. Each section consists of framework that can be connected. The entire structure is a welded aluminum frame with composite decking that sits on top. The bottoms of the legs consist of ski-shaped pads, which allow easy removal from the water. Another great advantage is a nearly tool-free assembly and disassembly. A pier should be taken out for winter, so taking it in or out can be a chore. Why make it harder by fishing for nuts and bolts that fall into the water? Each 4x8 foot section can pivot on the end of the previous section, then get raised or dropped. The deck material can be pulled out without any tools, just remove some clips on the sides and lift up the panel. The rest of the frame is then easy to pivot and remove. Pier of d'Nort's web site even has a series of hands-on videos demonstrating just how easy it is to put together one of their piers.

    We also got a bench and some boat bumpers. All pier accessories fasten to the frame's dovetail-style design, allowing you to position things and lock them down with a knob and screw, tool-free along the track. The bench has an added pivoting brace that connects to the frame but easy to install as well with an open-end wrench and no loose hardware involved. All screws are stainless steel as well, so they will not get rusty and seize up on you later.

    Price-wise, this pier cost almost twice as much as other piers of a similar size, but none that we saw offered the same versatility and easy assembly like this one. We managed to get a better deal by ordering it in the offseason in October, then waiting till after Memorial Day the next year for the pier to be delivered. Throughout the process, Terry helped us understand what we were buying and reassured us about whether the pier would be anchored or possibly tip or float away in sections. No such thing. Terry's guidance throughout ordering and specifying the pier made the whole experience painless and positive.

    Nate delivered the finished pier on a sunny, mosquito-filled morning. He adjusted each leg and trimmed it to accommodate water depth variations and in less than an hour we had a beautiful pier standing in the water. Even though St. Germain is more than an hour's drive from our place, Nate arrived at 7:02 when they promised to be there between 7 and 7:30 AM. Wish other places were as punctual.

    Our overall experience with Pier of d'Nort was superb, from our first visit there a year ago till the finished pier showed up at our property. Order from these guys and I am sure they will take care of you as well.

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Sours: https://www.yelp.com/biz/pier-of-d-nort-saint-germain-2
Pier of d'Nort - World's Greatest!

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