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Is short hair a problem or freedom? So many women think of cutting their hair short but are either unsure about the result, afraid to look ridiculous or uncertain about the choice of the right and most flattering cut. When considering a short hairstyle, we are usually afraid that once we cut our hair short, we will lose our femininity or end up with something outdated. No, worries, here are the latest trends of short choppy haircuts with the brightest examples in pictures. You will be amazed at how incredibly jazzy you may look with short hair. Add the feeling of ease, so desirable through the warm seasons and you’ll see that going short, actually, has multiple benefits and choices.

Choppy jagged ends and a multi-layered dimension with a lively shattered effect are the leading tendencies in today’s short haircuts. Modern cuts can boast of fun disconnected layering with an unkempt touch and a fabulous feel of movement.

All the choppy haircuts for short hair are mainly performed on the basis of bob, pixie or A-line cuts, however, they make a completely new fresh impression. Contrasting textures and lines along with color enhancers are able to bring your usual style to the new, previously unknown heights. You simply can’t miss these novel brilliant ideas of your innovated looks for the current spring and long-awaited summer.

A choppy bob style is very popular right now, same as this trendy hair color – many young women are opting for gray and white hair hues. Blame it on Queen Elsa or perhaps the impressive wisdom of someone’s very influential grandmother – but ultra-light hair is all the rage in color trends – would you expect?



With hair salons closed in many parts of the world, several of us are ringing in the New Year with longer locks. As our communities prepare to reopen, the Internet provides us with inspiration for our next fresh look, and hair trends indicate that that look is choppy.

The short, choppy hairstyles for women looking for a change come in all shapes and sizes. Some patterns that we have seen are:

  • Natural waves. Requiring little to no maintenance, hairstyles that accommodate hair’s natural shape are all about optimizing your time and your hair’s health.
  • Pastel highlights. Subtle and DIY, pastel colors and highlights are a hit among those working from home. Pink and purple are some of the most popular colors.
  • Mullets, pixies, and almost-bobs. Symmetrical in cut, these looks require almost no styling.

The following article features these styles, and many more! Young or old, we have a short, choppy haircut for every woman who wants to vamp up their look.

  1. Windswept Frost


This short choppy haircut features a long top layer. Chic and casual, you can toss this look to the side if you cannot slick it down. Fine hair favors this style because short bottom layers give a filling effect.

  1. The Modern Audrey


Superstar Audrey Hepburn was famous for her dark, pixie-style haircut. This choppy pixie, popularized by Audrey Tautou of Amélie fame, puts a modern twist on the classic. Easy to style, this look works especially well with stubborn wavy hair.

  1. Bangs to the Back


A favorite among the younger generations, short choppy haircuts for older women often get ignored. This look blends modern chops with the sleeker looks of yore: a v-cut bang makes this style versatile, as well as easy to grow out.

  1. Wet and Wild


Popular in the 2000’s, the wet look is coming back into vogue. This long-banged crop uses ample gel to sculpt volume that lasts. Grown-out back layers give this short choppy hairstyle more material to work with, while a long side bang acts as a blank canvas to make this look your own.

  1. Jamie Lee Flirtis


Actress and director Jamie Lee Curtis is famous for her super-short hair. This choppy pixie is a slightly longer, choppier, and flirtier take on the old (and current) favorite. Feathered bangs and chin-length front layers delicately frame the face, while short, choppy back layers balance the hairstyle. Why not have it both ways?

  1. Sculpted Red


There’s nothing more eye-catching than red hair. This short choppy hairstyle uses subtle layering and serious sculpting to show every angle of the model’s coppery tones. Bangs from the face, while a side-part teases umber lowlights.

  1. Platinum Point


Short, choppy hairstyles for women come in (and for) all shapes and sizes. This look uses a straight razor to add texture and reduce density in the model’s thick, blonde hair. Cropped side layers show off the model’s strong facial bone structure, while also bringing attention to the sculpted layers at the top of the head.

  1. Cheeky Waves


Softening a choppy pixie usually means adding long top layers and embracing hair’s natural wave. This look nails both objectives. Longer strands underscore choppy layers, while hair softly curls at the cheekbone. Subtle highlights augment the effect.

  1. Edgy Ice


Achieving white-blonde hair is a talent of its own. This short choppy hairstyle radiates alternative edge, using stick-straight top layers to create a bedhead effect. Slightly-grown-out bottom layers contribute to this style’s intentional mess while also giving shape to the chaos.

  1. Throw Back Thrown Forward


For those of you who remember the late ‘90s, frosted tips are a throwback. This look (literally) throws them forward. Choppy layers flow toward the front of the face, restrained by mid-length side layers and a side-swept bang. This hairstyle reworks an old fad into something chic and elegant for all ages.

  1. Rich Rose Gold


Luxurious and quirky, rose gold is for the up-and-coming woman who wants to put some punch into her look. This choppy pixie shows off every dimension of the color, bringing out the rose as well as the gold. Ideal for fine hair, a forward-swept bang completes the look.

  1. The Almost Bob


Too short to be a pixie and too long to be a bob, this look hits somewhere in the middle of the two looks. Subtle choppy layers bring out the model’s natural waves, which helps fill out her otherwise-fine tresses. Teasing at the crown of the head also brings fullness to the look.

  1. Long Sleek Pixie


We have already seen how long top layers contribute to the bedhead effect. This style reminds us that not all choppy hairstyles need to embrace the “choppy” look. Natural bottom layers draw the eye to a platinum-blonde top layer, which defines the overall shape of the look. Sleek and professional, this short “choppy” haircut still invites opportunities to experiment with color.

  1. Honey Mist Auburn


Fashion is bringing frosted tips back into vogue. This wavy pixie provides a subtle way to embrace the style, opting for an auburn base dye instead of the usual dark brown or black. The frosted tips look softer under red tones, adopting a honeyed hue.

  1. The Long Undercut


Undercuts typically call for shaved bottom layers, but not this sassy short style. The long(er) and voluminous top characteristic of undercuts remains the same, while bottom layers are neat without being shaven. This short choppy haircut is great for women who want to follow tried and true trends.

  1. Pale Pink Princess


Pastel purple is making waves. So is pastel pink! Blending seamlessly with platinum blonde, this color is a hit among women whose workplaces have stricter dress codes. A choppy pixie, like the one pictured here, brings out the color without making it the main highlight of the look.

  1. Icy Blonde Boy Cut


Featuring thick front combing and heavy layers, this short, choppy haircut gives strong anime vibes. Platinum blonde enhances this look, while the model’s naturally smooth waves contribute to dimension and shine. This look is perfect for creatives seeking to amplify their appearance.

  1. Lavender Frost


An extra-long top layer and frosted tips shows that a single hairstyle can really check off all the trends. This messy pixie uses lavender gray to create a softer frosted effect, without losing the intensity of the style’s unique shape.

  1. Gray Glamor


Silvery gray hair is all the rage right now. However, this demanding color requires extensive bleaching, which can do serious damage to longer locks. Cutting your hair is one strategy to avoid damage, and this short, chunky look goes well with almost every face shape and hair texture. Even layers make this style a breeze to grow out, while a swooping bang frames the cheekbones.

  1. White Lights


Do you love gray, but do not want to go all the way? Gray highlights are an amazing way to trial the color. This look allows highlights to peek through choppy layers, while platinum blonde gives a subtle contrast to the style. This hairstyle is amazing for both professional and party situations.

  1. Foxy and Firey


Cropped under layers give structure to this haircut, which showcases the model’s naturally wavy hair. Cranberry highlights and burgundy lowlights lend dimension to the style, while a side bang adds softness to the face. Paired with undulating top layers, this choppy hairstyle is the fix for the natural redhead in your life.

  1. Playful Purple


Featuring short back layers, this frosted look blends into professional situations. A white-blonde top layer with pastel lavender tones gives a pearlescent aspect to the style, while a long side layer adds asymmetric appeal. This hairstyle is perfect for women who want to look both quirky and clean-cut.

  1. From Peach to Pink


Those with hard water know the struggles of brassy blonde hair. Pink highlights and feathery layers, however, are a creative way to conceal the damage. Pink blends with discoloration to produce a soft peach, a color that goes well with the model’s skin. A near-pixie haircut will make color correction a breeze when time allows.

  1. The Crop


Super short, this hairstyle is ideal for women who want their hair to style itself. A touch of gel shapes short back layers, while a thick top layer and short bangs frame the face. Platinum blonde on naturally dark hair brightens the cheekbones, eyes and nose. This sleek pixie is sure to catch attention without being high maintenance.

  1. Ashy Boy Cut


Ashy blonde hair gets a bad rap. It is perceived as dull next to its platinum and strawberry cousins. Thankfully, perception does not mean reality!  This edgy choppy pixie cut features a thick top layer, full of textured lengths that encourage experimentation and play.

  1. The Anti-Karen


Short, choppy haircuts for fine hair typically require some styling to add volume and shape. This look goes for large curls, which wave gracefully over a buzzed bottom layer. Lavender-silver highlights give this style attitude, while bangs help this look frame the face.

  1. A Pixie of Many Colors


When many women choose to get a short choppy haircut, they also choose to go blonde. This isn’t a strange coincidence. Short hairstyles, like the super-short pixie pictured here, put the face front and center. Blonde tends to brighten the face, as well as conceal its flaws. This look shows that going blonde isn’t necessary to rock a short look. Instead, focus on how your style frames your face. Here, long side layers highlight the model’s cheekbones, while a shorter bang showcases her strong brow line.

  1. Straight and Spiky


There is no choppy haircut that says “I own the place” more than this super-short, choppy pixie. Bringing out everyone’s inner dictator, it works well with every face shape and styles itself in minutes. This style is perfect for seasoned business owners who want their competitors to know who’s boss.

  1. The Cropped Bob


Cropped bobs are a great way to test short hair without fully committing. Longer top layers give the feeling of a bob, while cropped layers around the nape take weight off the overall style. Perfect for summer, this hairstyle is great for women who seek simplicity and sass.

  1. Strawberries and Cream


Soft and sweet, this pastel look is reminiscent of strawberry shortcake and ice cream on a hot summer day. Wavy top layers produce an airy effect. Atop rose gold, white-blonde layers give all the essence of icing. Choppy but not hard, this hairstyle works best for women who can pull-off a full head of color.

  1. Copper and Blonde Side Crop


Copper and blonde are a winning color combo. This choppy pixie allows bright blonde highlights to peep out of the model’s coppery red locks, giving all the essence of leaves waving in the wind on an autumn day. A strong side part gives volume to the top, which adds welcome length to the model’s round face.

  1. Thick, But Not Slick


There is a myth in the beauty industry that thick hair looks best when sleek and cropped. Thick hairstyles are often thinned with a straight razor before adding movement. This look challenges these beliefs with by featuring movement with little to no thinning. Short back layers keep this style lightweight and fun, while longer front layers give the illusion of length in this fabulous short style.

  1. The Fancy Fauxhawk


Nothing screams “high school” like a fauxhawk (or, if you are daring, a full mohawk). This look upgrades teenage punk trends to something both elegant and edgy. Featuring platinum blonde atop dark roots, this short choppy hairstyle has dimension and flair that will spice up any style.

  1. The Long Buzz


Single-length buzz cuts take courage to pull off. This look is for the bold. Spiking hair at the top of the head gives dimension to this choppy buzz. Platinum blonde shines bright and daring, especially on slightly-grown-out roots. This style lets everyone know that you are a woman that no one wants to mess with.

  1. Messy, Natural Waves


Does your hair get frizzy in humid weather? Get a style that gives you permission to embrace your natural state. This choppy long pixie cut features irregular layers that move with the natural wave of the model’s hair. And frizz? It becomes part of the intentional mess.

  1. Gray Goddess


For many modern women, going natural is the way when going gray. Hair’s texture usually changes with its color, so women often opt for shorter, more manageable cuts as they age. With long, textured layers, this long pixie is a modern look that suits women in all stages of life.

  1. The Quarantine Clip


The recent pandemic has made some of us forget what haircuts – and showers – look like. This grown-out choppy boy cut is a symbol of a world that has seen neither for nearly a year. Highlights and lowlights add dimension, while a swoopy side bang gives a semblance of shape to this quarantine-chic look.

  1. The Un-Chop


This hairstyle is so smooth, it loses its choppy effect. Cropped lower layers bump up a long, smooth top layer. The model’s naturally fine hair adds to the shine, while lowlights give color and dimension. Long bangs highlight the cheekbones without boxing in the face. This is a choppy hairstyle for women who want to try a new style without committing fully to overhauling their hair.

  1. “Graceful” Glowing Gleam


This style for gray hair is all about bringing out hair’s natural color, softness, and shine. This short choppy bob keeps hair healthy, while a small amount of product brings out body and shine. A short, thick side bang brings out the model’s strong brow line and accentuates her heart-shaped face.

  1. Swooping Smiles


Out of all the short choppy haircuts in the world, the strong side part has always been among the most popular. This sunny style will keep you on the bright side! Near-platinum blonde brightens the face, while the longest layers touch just above the chin. This look is destined to bring out your smile!

  1. Luxurious Lavender


If you couldn’t tell already, lavender is one of the hottest color choices of the season. This hairstyle takes advantage of the model’s natural waves, which brings out the pearlescent qualities of her pastel purple highlights. This choppy haircut is ideal for women who want to bring out their creative edge.

  1. The Soccer Mom


If the Adidas® jacket wasn’t enough, this easy-to-style bob has all the markings of a soccer mom. Long bangs give this look sass and class, while natural waves add volume to this choppy bob. Whether on the field or at the PTA meeting, this look is perfect for a woman’s busy lifestyle.

  1. The Modern Mullet


The mullet is becoming the choice short choppy hairstyle for women growing out a pixie cut. Bangs and feathered layers frame the face, while the “party in the back” invites nostalgia for a classic style. This look is perfect for women who want to try something new, or who want to help bring back a legendary cut.

  1. Silver Sass


Growing old has its perks. Experimenting with your hair is one of them! Short choppy hairstyles for women are also for all ages. Wispy layers give volume and attitude to the model’s wispy white hair. Dark lowlights also add a welcome contrast to the style.

  1. The Un-Chop, Part Two


Like the original un-chop, this look adds so much softness to a choppy hairstyle that it no longer looks like a typical choppy cut. Wispy near-curtain bangs frame the face. Natural waves add a slight bounce, while thick-bristled brushing contributes to body and shine. The model’s fine hair textu

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If you’re a bit of a rebel or love boho style, today’s gallery of shaggy, extreme and choppy bobs is just right for keeping track of what’s hot right now.  There’s been a big shift in hair color trends this year and there are so many different hair color ideas on offer – from bright copper, to taupe with ash-blonde highlighting, lots of styles with silver and white highlights, summery glossy blue/sea-green plus sophisticated graphite-gray and plum/purple highlights!  So if you’re ready for adventure let’s get going:-

Warm brown with golden-blonde striped highlights on bob for round faces

Blonde and Brown Bob

Strong straight lines, with golden highlights accentuating the vertical movement, make this a favorite for women with a round, oval or heart face.  The back is teased to exaggerate the depth from front to back and the tips are heavily textured into sharp shapes to complete a highly fashionable look!

Choppy layered bob with gold & ash-blonde highlights for thick hair

Blonde Choppy Hair

This fab angled bob has lots of the latest hair-fashion features creating a super-trendy image!  The waves are random and edgy, with heavily textured tips for a ragged finish.  The color is dark-blonde, with medium gold highlighting, but there are also some ash-blonde touches near the tips breaking away from a ‘pretty’ look!

Gorgeous everyday choppy bob in all-over copper color for short hair

Red Bob

This is another easy-care, one-length bob that has fantastic texture and movement.  The hair is trimmed in long layers, with close layers at the tips to create that lovely spiky look along the bottom edge.  The deep straight across bangs suit round, oval, heart and long face shapes and there’s just a slight wave here and there!

Choppy texture & beige-blonde highlights on day-to-evening A-line bob

Sassy Bob

If your hair isn’t thick enough for a stacked-back bob, try this lovely A-line bob!  It a great style for giving fine and medium hair the appearance of extra thickness and texture.  The pretty beige-blonde shades show it’s a contemporary look and the vertical highlighting creates lots of texture over blunt-cut tips.

Glossy blue waves over sea-green on medium bob

Blue Bob

This is a hair-fashion-fusion style, which mixes wiggly flat waves with straightened, sharply textured tips for a modern, style-clash vibe!  Underneath the textured top layers, there’s a cute aqua shade creating 3D effect to make hair appear denser.  And the softly gleaming blue color and spiky tips make this choppy bob a fab summer hairstyle option!

Sophisticated blonde angled bob with extreme stacked back

Black and Blonde Hair

If your hair is thick, this is a great up-to-date hairstyle with a closely stack-cut layered back.  The fantastic bump of volume at the back sweeps down in expertly graduated line to create a slight pin-curl at the front.  The side-swept fringe drapes casually over one side of the face and the pale blonde over dark roots says ‘urban-chic’ loud and clear!

Messy one-length bob with dual neutral blonde highlights

Curly Choppy Bob

Here’s a jaunty windswept look that makes a great daily hairstyle with plenty of contemporary style!  Hair is cut to fall at chin-length, which flatters most face shapes and the blend of neutral, beige-blonde highlights adds a denser look.  With a little natural wave and a flattering side-swept fringe, this easy-care style suits fine and medium hair!

Cutting-edge blonde shaggy bob with messy finish

Windblown Choppy Hair

This is a boho hairstyle to show-off your avant-garde style!  It can be achieved on medium and thick hair types with natural volume and when not styled to look messy, it’s still a fabulous white-blonde angled bob, with touches of gold balayage.  The diagonal bangs and chin-length make this a good style for round, long, oval and heart faces!

Spicy ginger & blonde updated long bob

Blonde Bob with Side Part

Get a new hairdo to go with your trendy, black leather jacket this season.  This vintage 60’s angled bob is brought right up to date with ginger and blonde vertical highlights.  There’s teasing to get the bump of volume at the back and long, elongated sharp tips create a contrasting texture in this confident look!

Masses of movement & texture on chic short beige-blonde bob

Layered Bob

Short choppy bob haircut for women: This is another hot look with cool, beige-blonde dual-highlights creating loads of texture in the hair styled towards the front.  The extra-long bangs are swept sideways across the face, making this a good length of bob for round, long and heart faces.

Softly tousled medium bob with subtle blonde highlights for fine hair

Curly Bob

This medium angled bob has a fashionably steep graduation from the layered back down to wispy tips just touching the collar-bone.  This is a bob you can achieve on most hair types, including fine hair, as tousled waves add volume and the subtle blonde highlights also create 3-D depth in the lower lengths.

Edgy plum, white & silver balayage on messy  bob

Blonde and Purple Bob

This messy bob has short layers on top (adding flattering height for round faces), long bangs and thinned sides ending in wispy tips.  The trendy white-blonde highlighting accentuates top waves, soft lavender mingles with golden-blonde shades and the long, textured tips are silver-blue.  Good cut for round, oval and heart faces.

Ultra-chic black bob with graphite-gray & sea-green gloss – short wavy choppy bob hairstyle for thick hair

Black Curly Bob

You can’t beat a touch of French style for creating a classy, chic and contemporary look.  The hair is styled for a soft, casual look with gentle waves and gray/sea-green tones accentuating the curved lines.  By contrast, the ends lightly textured to create a touch of spikiness.  Great bob for long, heart, oval and round faces.

Pearly blonde wavy bob with over dark roots on cute angled bob with ringlets

Golden Curly Bob

This pretty blonde angled bob has lovely curly texture around the back to soften the stacked-layers.  The loose twist waves at the sides meet the side-swept fringe in a flowing line that frames the face and head in a very feminine and attractive way!  Fine white highlights add a pearly look to the pale blonde shade.

Edgy windswept long brunette bob for fine straight hair – choppy bob hairstyle with bangs


Wispy Choppy Bob

This bed-head bob haircut creates a youthful, carefree vibe on medium or fine hair in need of some extra volume.  The parting is crooked, creating a casually draped long fringe over one side of the face and the ends are heavily textured to create super-fine, sharp tips.  Teasing at the sides and back adds volume and shape to fine and medium hair.

Textured razor-cut bob for thick brunette hair

Short Hair

This versatile bob haircut can have a shaggy finish for leisure wear and a smoothly styled, professional look for work!  Thick hair looks great with long, textured tips forming a tapered curved shape around the head.  This trendy style suits long, heart and round faces and has a touch of height plus straight bangs with fine tips.

Eye-catching plum & purple highlights on brunette bob

Purple Bob

Darker skin-tones can wear this lovely plum and purple hair color design to create a summer (or winter) look that’s full of contemporary style!  The medium bob has long layers and a tousled angle from back to front.  The styling is ‘messy’, making it an easy-care, medium bob that’s full of color, texture and lively movement!

Bright copper & orange highlights on shaggy bob

Red Curly Bob

Pale skin-tones, with a warm undertone, look wonderful in copper face-framing bobs.  This style has cute wavy volume in the graduated sides, above straight spiky tips.  Long bangs draw attention to eye color and darker roots with bright orange highlighting, creates amazing color depth on a lively, youthful look!

Snazzy messy taupe & silver-gray bob with disconnected layers

Curly Grey Hair

This edgy medium bob with disconnected, wispy layers is a slightly grunge look.  There’s a contrast between the delicate touches of gold-blonde balayage on the top and the silver-gray ombré accentuating the wispy, textured tips.  The light-taupe shade between is the height of contemporary fashion and broken waves add volume on fine hair.

Chunky easy-care bright copper bob on thick hair

Orange Bob

This trendy chin-length bob is a great way to get control of thick hair in an attractive every day style.  The hair is only layered at the tips to create a lovely, rounded shaped that’s perfectly tapered into the nape.  The side-parting creates an extra-long fringe and random yellow balayage adds a modern ‘cool’ vibe!

Super-trendy long bob with edgy disconnected layers & yellow highlights

Fresh Bob

Here’s a very different bob haircut that’s a medium-bob with fabulously long wispy tips.  Fine or medium hair is cut in layers and tousled to create lots of cute, casual texture.  On a light-brown base, unusual yellow-blonde highlights add the finishing touch to a youthful and attractive new look!

Choppy blonde bob with uneven tips and bend-waves

Wispy and Choppy Bob

It’s amazing how much a choppy haircut can emphasize the prettiness of a face!  This totally up-to-date look has loose, flat waves in gold-blonde highlighted with trendy white touches over medium brown roots.  The ends are textured for a ragged, uneven line that accentuates the model’s soft pretty features.

choppy bob hairstyles

25 Amazing Choppy Bob Hairstyles for Short & Medium HairImage result for Choppy Bob25 Amazing Choppy Bob Hairstyles for Short & Medium Hair25 Amazing Choppy Bob Hairstyles for Short & Medium Hair25 Amazing Choppy Bob Hairstyles for Short & Medium Hair25 Amazing Choppy Bob Hairstyles for Short & Medium Hair25 Amazing Choppy Bob Hairstyles for Short & Medium Hair25 Amazing Choppy Bob Hairstyles for Short & Medium Hair25 Amazing Choppy Bob Hairstyles for Short & Medium Hair25 Amazing Choppy Bob Hairstyles for Short & Medium Hair25 Amazing Choppy Bob Hairstyles for Short & Medium Hair25 Amazing Choppy Bob Hairstyles for Short & Medium Hair25 Amazing Choppy Bob Hairstyles for Short & Medium Hair25 Amazing Choppy Bob Hairstyles for Short & Medium Hair25 Amazing Choppy Bob Hairstyles for Short & Medium Hair25 Amazing Choppy Bob Hairstyles for Short & Medium Hair25 Amazing Choppy Bob Hairstyles for Short & Medium Hair25 Amazing Choppy Bob Hairstyles for Short & Medium Hair

Choppy, shaggy and ‘windswept’ bobs are intended to break-away from the same old ideas about how we present ourselves and offer an alternative to mainstream looks!  So don’t be afraid to try something completely different, in consultation with your stylist and colorist, and let your inner goddess have free rein!

Short choppy haircuts

70 Overwhelming Ideas for Short Choppy Haircuts

Is short hair a problem or freedom? So many women think of cutting their hair short but are either unsure about the result, afraid to look ridiculous or uncertain about the choice of the right and most flattering cut. When considering a short hairstyle, we are usually afraid that once we cut our hair short, we will lose our femininity or end up with something outdated. No, worries, here are the latest trends of short choppy haircuts with the brightest examples in pictures. You will be amazed at how incredibly jazzy you may look with short hair. Add the feeling of ease, so desirable through the warm seasons and you’ll see that going short, actually, has multiple benefits and choices.

Short Choppy Haircuts

Choppy jagged ends and a multi-layered dimension with a lively shattered effect are the leading tendencies in today’s short haircuts. Modern cuts can boast of fun disconnected layering with an unkempt touch and a fabulous feel of movement.

All the choppy haircuts for short hair are mainly performed on the basis of bob, pixie or A-line cuts, however, they make a completely new fresh impression. Contrasting textures and lines along with color enhancers are able to bring your usual style to the new, previously unknown heights. You simply can’t miss these novel brilliant ideas of your innovated looks for the current spring and long-awaited summer.

#1: Going Gray

A choppy bob style is very popular right now, same as this trendy hair color – many young women are opting for gray and white hair hues. Blame it on Queen Elsa or perhaps the impressive wisdom of someone’s very influential grandmother – but ultra-light hair is all the rage in color trends – would you expect?

#2: Short Undercut Pixie with Choppy Top

Short choppy hair doesn’t always have to look tomboyish, but it can if you want. If that’s the vibe you’re going for, be sure to keep the bangs extra short and the top extra choppy. Add v-shaped “sideburns” and an undercut.

#3: Layered and Sideswept

This layered, sideswept style is a nice choice for thick hair that needs a lighter look! From the blonde hue to the choppy sections that add the illusion of weightlessness, this is a good pick for girls who feel buried in their hair.

#4: Choppy Pixie Cut

While long hair can rack up your hours in front of the mirror holding styling tools, short hair will increase your budget for new styling products. It’s a fair trade! Not quite wake-up-and-go, these itty bitty layers are as close as it gets. Work with your hair’s natural texture to create post-shower definition.

#5: Choppy Style for Fine Hair

Choppy haircuts work for any hair type, even fine hair. Extra layering adds the illusion of thickness. A professional stylist can shape fine hair into a punky style with tons of dimension. Women with thinner hair are used to shampooing it often, and with a super short style, frequent washing and styling isn’t too time-consuming.

#6: Straight Cut Bob with Finely Chopped Layers

One of the sassiest and most straightforward hairstyles for women with short locks is the straight cut bob. If you want a softer, more natural-looking appearance, ask your hairdresser for finely chopped layers and the balayage.

#7: Two-Toned Choppy Cut

Go for some retro street cred by pairing two seemingly different looks. Platinum layers fall on top of a natural brown buzz cut. The difference in lengths, colors and textures makes one hot, trendy style for short hair.

#8: Choppy Pastel Burgundy Hair

Choppy layers are so cute when treated to multi-tonal color. Part pastel, part full-saturation, this berry hue adds an extra fantasy element to the pixie cut. Spend time picking the fun hue that goes not just with your skin and eye coloring, but with most of your wardrobe.

#9: Messy Choppy Bob for Fine Hair

Fine hair looks much thicker when it’s cut into choppy layers. A blonde balayage color that goes from extreme dark tones to extreme light shades helps create a sense of depth and added texture. Messy styling is also part of making your fine hair look thicker, so be sure to shake it out after it’s completely dry, to increase its volume.

#10: White Blonde Choppy Piece-y Bob

Bright blonde hair is a great way to rock a shaggy bob. Slice through the layers to achieve a more voluminous look. Lots of choppy layers will also help plump up flatness and disguise the problem areas if you’re dealing with super-fine hair.

#11: Frosted Choppy Haircut

Thick hair looks great in a pixie bob with highlights. Older women actually tend to look younger when they remove the golden tones from their blonde hair. Getting the highlights a tiny bit closer to gray means you can achieve a natural look without actually going gray.

#12: Choppy Pixie with Angled Layers

Short choppy layered hair looks cool and quirky in the form of the pixie cut, especially when you incorporate a mixture of long and short angled layers. Youthful and zesty, it adds a ton of dimension and texture to your hairstyle.

#13: Messy and Gorgeous

The tousled look is sexy and relevant in today’s beauty world, and, so, now’s the time for a short choppy haircut that doesn’t require you to go too short. Instead, go for an a-line cut with fun layers that will work either for thin hair or thick locks.

#14: Soft Messy Tapered Pixie

Add a little height to your short choppy layered hair by teasing the crown. The soft tones of the blonde balayage work wonderfully to create a sophisticated, high-end look that can double as trendy and stylish on the weekends.

#15: Layered Ash Blonde Pixie Bob

The short layered bob is a fabulous way to implement volume in case you have fine or lacklustre hair. Experiment with unusual shades, like this highlighted ash blonde instead of honey blonde, for added depth and interest.

#16: Gray Choppy Under-Shaved Pixie

If you’re feeling brave and craving a change, this disconnected haircut is out of the norm (in a good way) and makes a serious style statement. It’s minimalistic; underneath is under-shaved, whereas the choppy gray lengths on the top are dominant, which creates a brilliant and unique contrast.

#17: Angled Shaggy Bob

A medium-length bob is a timeless style that gives fine haired women a boost of volume and confidence. Adding in some choppy, layered sections contributes more fully to the overall style.

#18: Edgy Choppy Pixie with Undercut

Being totally edgy and alternative, short choppy haircuts like the one pictured here are becoming increasingly popular. Its piecey nature builds a tousled look that is fun, hip, and sharp. Especially well-suited for the younger crowd, all you need is confidence to rock it.

#19: Cute Short Curly Shag

Cute and messy, this curly shag is perfect for you if you enjoy sporting “I just got out of bed” hairstyles. Simplistic and easy to style, it works for hair of all thicknesses and flatters practically any face shape.

#20: Long Silver Feathered Pixie

To be on-trend, ask for a major style update. The common bob can be shortened to the long pixie and the mousy dishwater blonde lightened to the radiant silvery white. You can also opt for a feathered effect with layers that are longer on the sides and shorter around the crown for maximum impact.

#21: Short Bob with Random Long Layers

Short choppy hair can be given extra body and fullness thanks to random lengthy layers left throughout the cut or only on the sides. You may also incorporate contrasting colors to make the longer layers stand out even more.

#22: Wavy Messy Bob for Fine Hair

Scrunching your disconnected waves gives an overall appearance of thick hair that can stand up to the elements. In fact, the side-parted piece-y bob has a messy, windblown look that is natural and down-to-earth. The pearl blonde balayage is summery and youthful.

#23: Length Variation

For thick hair this may not work, but if you have fine to medium strands, you can try this bob that is so cute with its varied lengths. Pair it with an icy blonde hair color and curl each section with a small to medium barrel iron to punch it up a bit.

#24: Boyish Choppy Tapered Pixie

For a masculine, androgynous look, consider a tapered pixie where your locks moderately become shorter from the front to the back of your head. Speaking of choppy bangs, ask your hair stylist to make them a bit softer so that they frame your face nicely.

#25: Feathered Pixie with V-Undercut Nape

Silver-blonde hair is sassy and fun when it’s cut into a short choppy pixie with a long top and side-swept bang. There’s an extra bit of bounce and fullness that adds a feminine edge, and the closely cropped v-shaped nape keeps the haircut sporty and fun.

#26: Short and Easy Sidesweep

Here is a cute short hairstyle for girls who want easy maintenance. Tousle towel-dried hair with your fingers and set with a light weight styling gel to keep hair going in the right direction all day.

#27: Boyish Pixie with Long Angled Bangs

When you add extra-long, swoopy bangs to short choppy hairstyles, you get ultra-feminine looks for all face shapes. Give it a tousle in the crown section and let the bangs hang down in front of your eyes for an air of mystery.

#28: Soft Touchable Pixie Undercut

The undercut pixie is bold and brazen on a woman of any age. Its shattered, cropped nature can still give off a soft, touchable feel. Pair with statement earrings for a dressy occasion and you won’t wait long for the complements!

#29: Punk with an Angle

Embrace that inner rock and roll with this white-blonde color combined with a short angled cut. This is a great look for fine hair, as it will give plenty of volume without looking fake or high-maintenance.

#30: Wispy Choppy Lavender Balayage Bob

The wispy chopped balayage bob is intense and powerful when finished off with a fashion-forward color. Pastel hues, like lavender, are trendy and look dazzling when combined with a bold lip.

#31: Straight and Wavy Choppy Bob Hairstyles

The great thing about a choppy bob is that it’s versatile and has a potential to be dressed up or down for any occasion. If you’re after a casual, everyday aesthetic, opt for straight locks. When heading to a smart casual or formal event, a wavy bob is ideal.

#32: Textured Bob with Highlighted Layers

A textured long bob is the way to go for medium length hair that feels a bit tired and boring. You can also implement contrasting highlighted layers to enhance the wow factor of your new cool hairstyle.

#33: Jagged Bob with Full Choppy Bangs

This charming feathery bob with bangs features spiky and jagged edges along with overall shattered look, which makes it irresistible. It a short go to style for miniature girls and women who feel the tomboy at heart.

#34: Long Messy Pixie with Nape Undercut

If you’re looking for a modern and unique hairstyle with bangs, check out this edgy overgrown pixie. The warm brown color brings richness and depth, and the extra-long side pieces are the perfect way to soften the angles of your face.

#35: Cool Short Cut with Color

Inspired by childhood pony toys or perhaps your favorite whimsical ice cream flavor, this fun combination of teal and purple throughout a choppy cut is the perfect example of how color and style come together for a truly fun and talked-about look.

#36: Asymmetrical Choppy Cut

Adding an ombre side-swept bang to a pixie cut is a quick update to the look that is definitely making a comeback. Using texturing pomade is a must with this edgy style. On lazy days, be sure to have cute metallic barrettes on hand to pin the long pieces back.

#37: Layered Lavender Bob with Bangs

This layered bob is another short hair alternative for those who want a more manageable length. Cutely cropped and beautifully layered, it shows off the color best when worn straight with a root lift. Use a hair thickening mousse to create more body for a fuller, more polished appearance.

#38: Tapered Feathered Pixie for Fine Hair

Why not just embrace the fact that you’re a “fine hair gal” and make the most of it with a tapered pixie? The long feathery pieces can be tousled and tucked behind the ears, and the bronde balayage with extra-light side pieces and side-swept bangs provides a special delicate touch.

#39: Choppy Messy Golden Bronde Bob

You can wear this short choppy bob hairstyle in two different ways, either blown out straight to show off all the sharp angles, or tousled and slightly wavy, for a more casual feel.

#40: Soft Feathered Black Pixie Cut

A very short pixie can be just as feminine and flirty as a longer hairstyle. The jet-black color is a magnificent choice if you have pale skin, and the long v-shaped side pieces and side-swept bangs bring all the necessary angles to make this current hairstyle edgy.

#41: Uneven Wispy Razored Pixie

Take a chance with a razor and fashion a set of unique choppy bangs that ooze a distinct rock and roll vibe. Then, tousle the top of this straight feathered pixie. The silver blonde color adds a burst of energy to the muted tone of the roots.

#42: Ear-Length Tapered Pixie Bob

The tapered pixie-bob is a stylish and modern way to wear your choppy hair when you want to keep it office-appropriate. The two-tone blonde balayage helps to emphasize the sharp difference between the long, ear-length side pieces and the closely cropped back section.

#43: Steeply Angled Razored Lob

Part your hair on one side to show off the dark roots that stand out in sharp contrast to the silver-white lengths of this A-line lob. The steep angles of choppy haircuts have a distinct fashion-forward flair that exudes an air of confidence and individuality.

#44: Thick Choppy Crop

Layered cuts offer weight relief to a full head of hair. Short cuts for thick hair are a fun way to feel suddenly weightless. The natural color makes this a pretty low-maintenance look. To keep hair flowing to one side, use a dryer when hair is still wet. Don’t let it dry on its own for a second!

#45: Inverted Bob with Shaggy Wavy Layers

The luminescent strawberry bronde balayage brings out the rich texture of naturally thick hair. Well-placed loose curls with bangs frame the eyes and cheekbones.

#46: Bob with Body

The cut of this style leaves plenty of volume in the back. It’s a great choice for thick-haired girls who want to go short but don’t want to deal with “poof” and frizz. Add in some blonde highlights to accentuate the beauty and sophistication of this cut.

#47: Super Short and Choppy

The choppy bangs get an extra wow factor with blonde highlights woven through. This spunky haircut is not for the faint of heart — but having a buzz cut (even if just partial) is something every girl has to try at least once. Trust us! This look gives an instant shot of confidence.

#48: Disconnected Inverted Shaggy Bob

Disconnected choppy haircuts are easy to manage because they show no “mistakes” in styling. The shaggy pieces add to the purposely messy silhouette.

#49: Surprise Under the Layers

This hairstyle may seem ordinary, but lift the top layer of hair up to reveal the closely cut strands beneath. The cut is popular for women who struggle with thick or coarse hair that’s difficult to straighten. This will shave some significant time off of your morning style routine.

#50: Choppy Texture and Pastel Color

Choppy haircuts are fun to try if you’ve had long hair for years. But for some, a choppy crop can be a bit too strict. Instead of just getting a cut, go for some fun and creative color, like the blue/lavender combo shown here.

#51: Cropped Choppy Hair with Bangs

Go for a cropped hairstyle that is short at the ear line and longer on top. Part the top layers to the side and pair them with bangs for a sassy, stylish look. A choppy bob is a popular alternative to a more straight laced short cut.

#52: A Rainbow of Layers

This ultra fun hair style takes the short layered bob to new heights. Starting with a blue and white base color, you can add either temporary or permanent streaks throughout. Go for pastels, bold brights or even neon.

#53: Platinum Blonde Short Chop

Pixie inspired once again, this textured style is perfect for all the blondes out there. Whether natural or salon created, all blondes should go platinum at least once in their lifetime. If you don’t want to look too severe, go with a gray-blonde hue.

#54: Messy Bob

Julianne Hough showed a high class at the FOX’s “Cause for Paws: All-Star Dog Spectacular” event. A dress that matches the color of the dog and even the hairstyles are similar!:) Wow, this is something we didn’t expect. Well, Julianne’s hairstyle is messily cool. Apply a texturizing product and blow dry without combing.

Julianne Hough edgy bob hairstyle

Helga Esteb /

#55: Messy Hairstyle for Elongated Short Haircut

All kinds of statement short haircuts flatter Victoria Beckham immensely. The edgier the look is, the stronger the impression is. One of Victoria’s old photos features a messy short hairstyle that is in tune with the modern hair trends.

short edgy hairstyle

Everett Collection /

#56: Short Feathered Cut

Another great choice for fine to medium texture, this style is common enough for any stylist to do, but still unique enough – you won’t see a ton of duplicates around town. Add in some choppy bangs if you are hoping to soften and brighten the face.

#57: Silver Choppy Hair

Say long, bleached locks goodbye and instead aim for short hair with pale coloring and dark roots that’s easier to maintain. Opting for cool-toned makeup and clothing showcases your good taste in style. To achieve this tousled ‘do, long bangs are a must. Also, curl pieces of hair away from the face, leaving the ends uncurled, and use hairspray to hold everything in place.

#58: Icy and Fluffy

Thanks to a very fine finish for the uneven ends and blondish hue this look seems so touchingly fluffy. At the same time, the sharp fringy edges and rough texture, intensified with highlights, lets us know that this girl does have a character.

#59: Fresh Texturized Bob

The fantastic feathery texture and bright refreshing hair hue are the success of this texturized bob. Additionally it’s featuring jagged ends for the back tresses and playful side-swept bangs.

#60: Springtime Upgrades for Your Pixie

That’s a fantastic choppy pixie to try on this spring. The highlighted rough-textured feathery bangs endow the look with a special sexy feel, so in tune with the awakening nature.

#61: Adorably Choppy and Blonde

This cut is perfection! Flattering for a variety of face shapes, this style is oozing cool girl chic. For short choppy hairstyles that hit their mark, ask your stylist for piecey, unkempt layers and carefree highlights with natural appeal. This cut is just long enough to make for endless styling options.

#62: Shortcut to Sass

This haircut is filled with choppy layers that work well with today’s tousled look. For girls who like to have fun, this style can be dyed a modern gray or very light blonde. Pair it with pierecings or some ink and you have just jumped aboard a rebellious take on the traditional short hair beauty.

#63: Short Choppy Crop

Choppy hairstyles can be a great way to show off your features. Plus, you can hide peekaboo colors beneath the textured strands. The rich tones here work so great with olive skin and green eyes. To style, blow dry hair forward and define with your favorite product.

#64: Choppy Short Bob

No matter what your age, you can wear short choppy haircuts with ease. This cropped style is ideal for a variety of hair types and colors. Add in some longer bangs to soften the face.

#65: Undercut Pixie with Long Crown Layers

If the boyish tapered pixie isn’t quite the hairdo for you, you could try the undercut version with long crown layers. It looks uneven in places, but that’s all a part of the charm! To style, use a straightener on the longer layers for a sleeker appearance. Alternatively, to get a more natural, tousled look, let it settle effortlessly and add some texture with a light hold styling product, like mousse or cream.

#66: Choppy Blonde Balayage Pixie

One of the sweetest and most impactful choppy haircuts, the long pixie is spectacularly stunning when combined with soft, fresh-looking highlights in the balayage coloring technique.

#67: Side-Parted Ash Blonde Pixie

A voluminous style with edge looks pretty current and feminine even in a rather short length. The long side-parted pixie really flatters long and heart-shaped faces.

#68: Touchable Layered Highlighted Bob

Choppy hair becomes incredibly touchable when blow dried sleek and smooth. If you want to develop further dimension, ask your colorist for balayage highlights. You can either make them loud and contrasting, or give preference to a subtler, more understated aesthetic.

#69: Choppy Pixie Cut for Thick Hair

Short choppy haircuts give you and your hair a reprieve from styling while making a bold statement. Instead of a messy up-do, try a messy pixie cut. Ask your stylist for a choppy, uneven neckline, side bangs that fall in front of your ear, and layers that are slightly longer on the top.

#70: Pretty Pixie Cut with Choppy Layers

For fine hair, pixie cuts work very well, since styling products can easily add body and lift to thin locks. Choosing a maroon shade is a fun way to make the cutesy look more unique. Keep the front and top hair longer than the back and experiment with blowing your hair out in different directions.

We have been very excited to share with you these sensational ideas for trendy short haircuts. We believe that a woman should always try to look different, interesting and, let’s say, eye-catching, in the best meaning of this word. And the easiest way to achieve this is to make a new flattering cut or style. So, find a couple of fresh stylish looks for the warm months to bring out your personality.


Hair choppy short

50 Simple Yet Sassy Styles for Short Choppy Hair

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut with the same hairstyle. One day we love the hair we have and show it off, but the next day we envy our friend with perfect locks and wish we had her mane. Those of us who love short choppy hair will be relieved to know there are at least 50 hairstyles out there to try.

Whether you want a short and minimalistic pixie, a shaggy cut to flatter your wavy hair, or something in between, there are cool ideas for everyone.

1. Short Stacked Haircut. Welcome to the club of platinum pixies! We enjoy a manageable length and side-swept bangs we can run our fingers through.

2. Stacked Bob with Choppy Layers. Face-framing pieces of this beautiful bob will make you look like a babe.

3. Choppy Pixie with Shaved Nape. The pretty and the edgy come together for this choppy rose gold pixie.

4. Short Textured Pixie with Choppy Bangs. Short hair becomes boho-chic when the top locks are made piecey.

5. Choppy Feathered Haircut with Highlights. An a-line haircut doesn’t have to look harsh. Maintain your soft and sweet self by flaunting a mix of long and short locks with highlighted longer pieces.

6. Shaggy Choppy Hairstyle. Try a choppy shaggy hairstyle that looks messy-cute. Dress it up by adding a headband one day or parting bangs to the side with a small bobby pin for another day.

7. Stacked Choppy Bob. Short choppy hair has its own special charm. Ask your stylist for a short choppy inverted bob and enjoy its perks: the cute shape, feathered layers, beautiful texture, and added volume.

8. Messy Crop with Volume. The pixie with volume maintains its chicness with tousled waves.

9. Highlighted Choppy Cut for Fine Hair. Insert a few highlights, make a deep part, and give it a little undercut for an edgy look.

10. Blonde Pixie Haircut. Take a cue from singer Katy Perry and mimic her platinum blonde pixie.

11. Side-Parted Crop with Bangs. You’ll be someone’s #hairgoals when you step out of the salon sporting this brown piecey pixie.

12. Messy Asymmetric Cut. Messy short choppy hairstyles are best for a standout look. Besides, if you are brave enough to dye your hair, it will only do good for your new asymmetric style. We suggest the trending cherry and mahogany hues!

13. Choppy Shaggy Haircut. This elongated pixie is perfect for thick wavy hair as it keeps its texture and body.

14. Uneven Choppy Crop. With an uneven cut all over, this pixie with length creates a dimensional and messy hairstyle.

15. Choppy Bob Haircut. The undercut pixie bob with longer angled bangs is both sharp and soft.

16. Undercut Haircut with Long Bangs. A short choppy pixie such as this one almost brings two different hairstyles into one: short and dark in the back, long and light in the front!

17. Super Short Spiked Haircut. Short choppy haircuts can have all the personality you want from them! Soar to new heights with a pixie that’s spiked in the front like a true Mohawk.

18. Straight Short Choppy Bob. The sweet choppy bob is amazing for creating a romantic image. If you are up for elongated front pieces, this style can become your distinctive trait that looks unusual and frames your face in a flattering way.

19. Chin-Length Cut for Thick Wavy Hair. Short choppy layers keep those locks tamed and beautiful.

20. Edgy Colorful Layered Cut. Choppy hairstyles that introduce fantastic colors are among our favorites! Look at this surreal gradient of fuchsia pink and lavender violet on the piece-y layers. This is definitely a combo to remember!

21. Choppy A-line Bob. If you have waves, curls or any other kind of texture, a choppy shaggy look will flatter you.

22. Choppy Pixie with Shaved Sides. A cut this short looks best with bangs and an extraordinary color for a soft and feminine look.

23. Choppy Tapered Pixie. Long and thick in the front, short and tapered in the back – this is how the choppy pixie rules the day.

24. Choppy Layered Bob. Curled or straight, this textured bob has all the fun and sass included!

25. Short Textured Haircut. Though this hairstyle has a tomboyish and cheeky look, if you choose your accessories and outfit right, it will appear very elegant and sophisticated.

26. Choppy Razored Pixie. For a short, choppy pixie, bring the length up just below the ears, razor-cut the hair, and feather out the back. Leave side-swept bangs uneven.

27. Choppy Short Layered Hair. This choppy cut is for those ladies who have passionate nature. If you’ve got the energy you can’t hide from the world, it’s time to get this bright layered pixie cut.

28. Platinum Choppy Hair.Platinum blonde and silver give a short choppy pixie some punch.

29. Light Brown Sliced Hairstyle. Show off your fun side with a piecey cut slightly longer in the front to keep it flirty.

30. Choppy Golden Pixie with Shadow Roots. This fun hairstyle gives you the blonde you want in the length that’s easily manageable.

31. Funky Bob with Choppy Layers. The short, choppy, layered bob keeps the length you want while staying low maintenance.

32. Silver Buzz Cut. The short choppy layers along with a buzzcut on the sides give a new meaning to bold.

33. Pretty Messy Chop. Fluff and scrunch your way through your hair to this short choppy layered hairstyle.

34. Waved Bob. A short choppy bob this luscious is best for thick wavy hair. Prepare for loads of compliments!

35. Sleek Bob Haircut. Short choppy layers for a bob with bangs mean you can flaunt this style at work or get flirty on a night out.

36. Very Short Choppy Hairstyle. If your hair is already rather short or you just want a dramatic change, texturize the top and push bangs forward.

37. Bronde Choppy Bob with Highlights. This short choppy bob has all the sass needed to conquer your day. The bright blonde balayage adds to the beauty.

38. Choppy Pixie with Very Long Bangs. There’s something about platinum that puts forth a certain amount of sass… but no one will be able to see yours behind these long bangs.

39. Short Mohawk-Like Haircut. A short choppy pixie with an undercut can deliver some extra height and a little edge with faded sideburns.

40. Choppy Hairstyle with Waves. A bedhead has never looked better for short length hair – layers and waves are added to complete the messy look.

41. Choppy Bob with Highlights and Lowlights. Triangular bobs aren’t given much credit, but you’ll look super cute with a layered and highlighted cut such as this one.

42. Choppy Messy Bob. Angled bobs can show off your playful personality if purposely made messy.

43. Thick Hair Curls with Choppy Layers. Show off your mane with a layered bob designed for curly hair.

44. Choppy Pixie Bob. The sass of a pixie, the chicness of a bob. Pick and pull locks to texturize for extra customizing.

45. Short Textured Haircut. Bring your bob to life with some messy texture and angled face-framing pieces.

46. Choppy Graduated Haircut. A blonde balayage pairs with a classic bob shape for an updated look. It’s got some cute texture and plenty of movement.

47. Blonde Shaggy Pixie. If you’re not quite ready to lose your length, consider a choppy shaggy cut such as this one, which brings long length forward and to the sides, but still keeps hair off the neck.

48. Choppy Pixie with Frosted Tips. Invoke Tinkerbell’s energy and perky sass with a razored pixie polished off with highlights.

49. Silver Bob Cut with Dark Roots. Adopt a messy highlighted bob and you’re the next bold babe on the block.

50. White Blonde Short Length Hair. Transitioning from your current hairstyle to a standout pixie is sure to boost your confidence level.

So, now that you know how to rock your short choppy hair, which style will you choose? Remember the finishing touch to any haircut is to own it with confidence!

Short Choppy Haircut - Mens Textured Fade Haircut For Short Hair

24 Short Choppy Haircuts Women are Getting in 2021

Short Choppy & Messy Bob with Balayage

Short choppy and messy bob

Instagram @tanarosehair

A short, choppy, and messy bob with balayage is a very flattering cut for those who want a versatile and short choppy hairstyle. You can style with pomade, wax, or texture spray. Short choppy haircuts love texture!

Choppy Blonde Cut with Side Bangs

Choppy short blonde cut with side bangs

Instagram @romeufelipe

Try a playful choppy blonde cut with side bangs for an ultra-seductive style. The great thing about choppy layers is that they add texture to the hair. These layers emphasize that tousled style we all love with a shorter length. The addition of side bangs is a great option if you have a square face or prefer covering up a longer forehead.

Ash Blonde Wavy Choppy Bob

Ash blonde wavy choppy short bob

Instagram @maeipaint

An ash-blonde wavy choppy bob gives you a carefree look without a lot of maintenance. Toning highlights to ash-blonde can come with a little bit of at-home maintenance, but nothing too hard for you to handle! Throw a few fun waves in for a fun, lived-in style, and you’ll look like you spent hours on your hair.

Chopped A Line Lob

Short chopped a line lob

Instagram @styled_by_carolynn

A chopped A-line lob is a shoulder-grazing chic style. While a lob can feel like an in-between length, it’s a great way to feel empowered with shorter hair without going the whole mile. If you have a finer texture, keep the style one length with some shape around the midface. For thicker hair, get it a little thinned out for added texture.

Short Lived-In Choppy Shaggy Bob

A short lived-in choppy shaggy bob is an effortless, modern take to a classic haircut. It’s an eye-catching hair trend made by Australia-based stylist Stacey Wright.

This bob is achievable on both fine and thick tresses—even curly! The length at the front helps any face shape look elongated. Feel free to add a split fringe for more shape around the face.

This cut has chipped ends that are beneficial for ladies with finer density the most. “The chipped ends make the hair feel as though it has texture without losing the bulk,” says Wright.

Soft and bold! This short haircut is made even lovelier with a soft natural balayage, too. He explains, “We wanted this color to grow out softly yet feel textured with pairing it with a choppy concave lob.”

Choppy Cut for Thick Hair

Choppy Cut for Thick Hair

Instagram @michaelsebastian1

Messy, short choppy haircuts for thick hair are a stunning way to remove the bulk off your thick hair but still keep the volume you naturally have. This all-time chic and choppy bob style doesn’t need a certain face shape to make it work.

Short Choppy Layered Cut

Short Choppy Layered Cut

Instagram @shmoakin_hair

Featuring a short choppy layered cut that offers an elegant finish. It’s a razored short and choppy bob haircut, which looks great with a bit of a texture. This short choppy haircut is flattering on most women.

Choppy Cut for Fine Thin Hair

This short choppy cut is a tousled blunt bob on fine, thin hair. It’s disheveled yet can be dressed up or down. It was created by hairstylist Asuka Jacqueline Takei of Manhattan Beach, CA

The messy waves are created by “denting”, in different directions all over.

“Since it’s a messy short crop, you don’t have to worry about making those perfect dents with whatever tool you’re using. It can be created by flat iron, curling iron, or wands,” explains Takei.

Adding highlights to short choppy haircuts will brighten around the face, and soften everywhere else to minimize crazy visible regrowth. That way you can go for few months without refreshing the color.

“This choppy haircut is especially good for women with thin hair that’s short. The blunt ends will give a fuller look. If you have thicker hair, having more texture taken out will still give this fun short choppy bob without being too bulky,” she adds.

Beautifully Short Cropped Textured Hair

Beautifully Short Cropped Textured Hair

Instagram @tara_lorenzoni85

This short textured haircut is a go-to look for its super low upkeep and versatility for styling. If you want a wash-and-go choppy layered bob, add some beach waves and an ombre of your natural hair color. It will look amazing as it grows out.

Edgy Textured Short Choppy Layered Hair

Professional stylist Lauren Fletcher of Montclair, NJ created this short choppy layered hair that’s a fun flirty platinum textured bob. “It’s a pretty classic trend as far as the cut goes, above the shoulders, a little a-line, however, the interior is seriously texturized using slide cutting,” she adds.

Short choppy hairstyles are often a low maintenance cut, but some require a good amount of styling to look like this picture every day.

To style choppy hair:

– Use a moisturizing cream

– a flexible hairspray

– a texturizing hairspray

– 1 1/4″ Marcel iron

Short Choppy Shag for Curly Hair

Short choppy shag for curly hair

Instagram @curlfrann

A short choppy shag for curly hair. Short curly shags get rid of the triangle shape that tends to appear by rounding out layers and keeping a softer length on the ends. This cut looks beautiful with round and square face shapes. Use Afterworld Organics “Moisture Lock” to hold your curls in place. You can diffuse a No- Low heat setting to eliminate frizz. Apply GM Reverie’s Ever oil after scrunching the hair to soften the curls and break any cast that may have formed by curl holding products.

Choppy Hairstyle for Women Over 60 with Straight Hair

Choppy Hairstyle for Women Over 60

Instagram @theparlour

A gorgeous choppy short hairstyle for thinning hair women over 60 is an all-time favorite straight cut bob. Dark roots and blonde highlights for a natural grey hair, plus long layers, create an illusion of depth and volume.

Cute Choppy Short Bob for Women Over 50

This choppy short bob for women over 50 offers a super chic and youthful vibe. It’s a razor cut that gives hair more movement while removing the bluntness. It looks cute and natural with long bangs and when styled with texture. This choppy short hair with bangs creates a lovely dimension when classed up with highlights.

This choppy bob hairstyle for women over 50 is a short, but sexy cut. It was created by hair stylist Elisha Rene Bosch of Scottsdale, AZ.

“This choppy bob has an undercut that was graduated at the nape. Soft pieces hang over the undercut, so round point cutting was done around the crown. Finally, free hand slide cutting was done around the face,” explains Bosch.

This chopped bob is good for women over 50 who want a wash-and-go easy style. The texture gives it a sexy vibe. Just use some mousse or root boost before blowdrying, then texture spray to finish.

Short Chopped Haircut For Fine Hair with Silver and Dark Roots

Short Chopped Haircut For Fine Hair

Instagram @chloenbrown

This chopped haircut for fine hair can’t get any better. Its choppy, wavy style allows the thin, short hair to appear thicker than it is. For maximum elegance, class it up with a black-rooted silver blonde shade.

Short Chopped Layers for Thick Wavy Hair

This is a textured bob with chopped layers for thick wavy hair. It was created by hairstylist Cindy Earl Covic of Royal Oak, MI.

“This wavy bob hairstyle was cut with 6.5 Tara shears and 6.5 kasho millennium shears. (All scissor work and no thinning shears or razor). Styled with a 1 1/4 marcel iron, alternating the curls away from the face and towards the face. (All curls around the front hair line are away from the face),” explains Covic.

This chopped bob with layers is great for all face shapes and hair types. To maintain this length it’s best to see your stylist every 8 weeks.

Covic suggests you try Bumble and Bumble Thickening Full Form Soft Mousse. Oribe Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse is also good.

“This bob style is not for a ponytail girl,” she adds. “You’ll only be able to do half up or a half up top knot. If ponytails are your thing, you can do a longer version (Lob aka long bob) for a low pony. Whatever your lifestyle, choppy bob hairstyles can be as low or high maintenance as you want.”

Short Choppy Bob for Women Over 40

This choppy and short haircut is great for women over 40. It was created and styled by hairstylist Alyssa DiVenere of McHenry County, IL. Much like a choppy bob, it’s all about texture!

“Make sure you talk to your hairstylist about products you should have at home to achieve the in-salon look on your own,” she adds.

Choppy Short Cut for Round Faces

Hairstylist Dori George of Los Angeles, CA created this beautiful short and choppy hairstyle for women with round faces. “It gives the classic beachy blonde hair style an edge. The bluntness of the cut gives you an automatic style with little effort,” says George.

Short choppy hairstyles are perfect for the woman who want versatility! The shorter length gives even fine hair a fuller appearance.

“You can style it straight for a more professional appearance or you can use a flat iron to create messy waves. A texturizing spray like Kevin Murphys “doo-over” is essential to play up the messy style,” she adds.

Short and choppy haircuts can be stylish and sophisticated!

Short A-Line Choppy Bob for Fine Hair

This choppy A-line bob cut is funky, fun, and trendy! It was created by hairstylist Hannah Goble of Franklin, TN.

“It’s actually a short style that is extremely easy to style and manage,” says Goble. “Throw in some texture spray and a couple of flat iron curls and you are good to go! Styling takes ten minutes from start to finish.”

This cut is ideal for an oval face shape and a carefree personality!

Short Choppy Pixie Cut with Choppy Layers

Short choppy pixie cut with choppy layers


This short choppy pixie cut with choppy layers has layered strands that are kept at the chin line or slightly below. At the back of the short choppy pixie, the strands are streaked, thus ensuring movement to this cut that is made close to the nape of the neck. To enhance your short choppy layered hair, opt for an ombre or balayage.

Short Choppy Crop on Top

Short choppy crop haircut

Instagram @courtneyxcentrichair

A short choppy crop on top is going to give you ample amounts of volume and texture. Choppy hair is created by a variety of techniques that soften the bluntness of a short haircut but also give moving softness. A short choppy crop loves a light texture cream like Aveda’s defining whip.

Short Textured Choppy Hair Style

Short textured choppy hair

Instagram @jgraystyle

A short textured choppy hair style that brushes right below the chin is sassy and chic. A cut that can work for all textures. If your hair is thick, don’t be afraid to get a choppy short cut. Adding a ton of texture and weight removal will do the trick. Short layered hairstyles especially those when layers start from the cheeks down, provides movement and face-framing features.

Asymmetrical Choppy & Jagged Hair

asymmetrical choppy and jagged hair

Instagram @amysha_motherofhairdressing

Don’t you love choppy cuts?

Dry cutting choppy short haircuts helps you see the form and texture better. You can create many visual points in the hair.

This is a very textured short cut without being too choppy.

To style, just blow dry with a little over-direction for body. Use the cool air setting to help the hair piece together. Then finish with a texture spray or flexible hairspray.

Short Choppy Hair with Bangs

Short choppy hair with bangs

Instagram @courtneyxcentrichair

The short choppy hair with bangs brings lightness and balance, transforming the conventional bob into a modern and stripped-down option. Short hair and choppy bangs look best with a slight wave, too.

Blonde Choppy Undercut Pixie Haircut

Choppy undercut pixie haircut

Instagram @theredclosetbeauty

A blonde, choppy undercut pixie haircut is super trendy right now. The characteristics of the undercut pixie are very low sides, cut mostly by machines, and the top part long with choppy layers. This short haircut has low maintenance and is easy to style. A pomade leaves the texture messy and modern.


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