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The final three Houses in the cycle are about finally leaving behind your seperate, autonomous self or good, and fusing your identity with something greater than yourself. This is where you reunite with the collective, losing who you are to become a more prominent member of society. The first step into this last quarter is crossing the Midheaven and entering your 10th House of your career and public life.

Your career, in this sense, isn't just your chosen profession. It is the role in society you fill, what you want to be seen as, the title you want, and the position of power you wish to have. You may or may not become a famous celebrity, but your chances of becoming well-known for these planets. Being so career and success oriented, as well as so focused on your public image, guarantees that you will become recognized for your achievements. Of course, like many celebrities, you may come to realize the dark side of this placement lies in a lack of well-deserved privacy. As the House opposite the 4th, planets in the 10th are inescapably public. Putting yourself out there means that people see every side of you in all shades of complexity, where they can talk about you, scrutinize every action, and then align themselves into extreme camps of lovers or haters. It is in this last quarter - and especially in the 10th - that your capacity for self-love is put to the test.



You can think of the 10th House as the exterior image of the home, as seen from the street, or at a distance.



  • Publicity and your public reputation

  • Career, or the meaningful professional ambitions we wish our life to be defined by

  • The future (aspirations, goals, plans)

  • Status (power, honours, esteem, fame, popularity, wealth) and social hierarchy

  • Authority figures (parents, teachers, community leaders, employers, government, etc.) and your relationship to those in power



10 SUN.jpg

Parents, teachers, coaches, and other influential adults all played a part in shaping you into the star you are today. From a very young age, you understood that their public image and their career was very important to them. Much of their own identity was derived from the work they were seen doing, and much of their self-respect is dependent on how well they did for themselves. Your mother (or women in general) was seen to depend on men for status, wealth, and self-worth, or to resent her own feelings of powerlessness. But this was something you were determined to never do. You wanted to be strong, powerful, and authoritative in your own right, not to sit in someone else’s shadow. You wanted to be seen, to shine brighter than those around you; to be put up in stage and adored by millions of fans and followers. Many with this placement begin as child stars. Others begin later on in life, choosing to get into a prominent career with single-minded determination.

The legacy of your parent’s influences state that to this day your identity and self-worth relies heavily on your career and professional achievements. Even more important than success is having a job that looks good on you, for your two biggest fears are failure and embarrassment. The ideal career for you is a creative one where you can shine as an individual, for you have a difficult time bowing down to authority or playing second fiddle to someone else. You do best in a management or leadership position where you wield power and influence other people. But this can also lead to you becoming arrogant, selfish, and even dictatorial. When the entirety of your self-esteem is derived from your title, status, wealth, and success, there is little you will not do to keep yourself in the limelight. Your goal-oriented work ethic and the enormous amount of energy you devote to achievement leads to you becoming a high-ranking, respected person within your field. You seldom have a problem finding a job, getting promoted, earning a raise, and bearing responsibility. It is not difficult for you to become well-liked and popular.


10 MOON.jpg

With your Moon in the 10th House, the most prominent figure in creating your public identity was likely to be your mother-figure, or the more nurturing parent. From her (or them) you modelled your sensitive, emotional side, and learned to be more compassionate and empathetic. She was your primary influence in image-building. On one hand she was a changeable, contradictory, receptive, and turbulent person, dramatic and moodily so, reacting to influences in her own life at the slightest slight. But on the other she deeply craved security within her own life, and she placed an emphasis on the structure of home, family, and traditional comforts. She was deeply complex, and she taught you how to express yourself publicly.

Modeling your public image off of your mother, you placed your emotions in the public sphere as well. But emotions want to be hidden, protected, kept safe and structured behind a heavy veil in the heart. With your Moon situated at the very top of your chart, she is always exposed and subject to reacting to the people, situations, and environment around you. In the 10th House, as she is always out in the open; she is always being affected by everything going on around you. You cannot shield yourself from the harsh words of others, neither can you stop empathizing with the hurting souls around you. You express all your emotions all the time; you may even cry in public places and in front of people. As a result your reputation is laden with accusations of being dramatic, emotional, moody, and far too sensitive for your own good. Being as you are touchy when it comes to your public image, reputation, status, and what people think about you, this can create problems. You look at the world from your public position and only ask to be loved in return. Why does it have to be so difficult for you to receive the admiration you crave?


10 MERCURY.jpg

With Mercury placed in the 10th House, you grew up with parents who valued education, intelligence, and usable skills. They embodied many Mercurial qualities – they were talkative, fickle, inquisitive, intelligent, and witty. They were highly social people who were always out and about doing something. Possessing a very active, inquisitive mind, they wanted to learn the facts about everything. On the other half of Mercury, however, there is a more difficult side. Adults may have been so unpredictable that they became completely volatile, so two-faced it seem they had multiple personalities, and so unstable as to be mentally unwell. Highly changeable and never settled, you grew up in household where you had to act out, speak loudly, and sometimes become someone else in order to get and keep your parent’s attention. The many masks of Mercury you wear are your ticket getting noticed, and your talent with words is the key to your success later on.

Mercury, in shaping your public image, shapes the path your career takes. You are likely to have more than one job or hold more than one title at once. You change your career frequently either due to boredom, changing your mind, or because you are always on the move. Because you can adapt to many different kinds of people and many different kinds of roles, you have the ability to become whatever you are needed to be. And because you so highly communicative, you can diplomatically approach those in authority and negotiate to get what you want. You should pursue professional vocations that are intellectually stimulating, which utilize your talent for words and your manual skills. This includes writing, public speaking, teaching, reporting, lecturing, and other jobs which involve learning and communicating information. It also includes work in trades, science, and media. Through your career you want to be seen as a bright, intelligent, and capable person who can don a variety of roles. More than anything, you just want your voice to be heard.


10 VENUS.jpg

When you were young, influential adults praised beauty, artistic talent, social harmony, and feminine charm. In this way, you were brought up to believe that was what people liked and wanted from you, and so you publicly promoted the Venusian side of your personality to gain love and attention from those around you. Women with this placement often want to be seen as beautiful, while men want to be known for their wealth. Both want to be seen as a great artistic talent, stylish in taste and fashion, social in high society, and graciously polite with other people. Both want to be surrounded with beautiful, wealthy, artistic people as well. Being so consumed with having the right “image”, you may find yourself drawn to Capricorn types of personalities who share these values with you. With them you form close ties as friends or siblings. But the underside of the relationship is coloured in jealousy as they become your rival for the attention of the crowd. Venus contains a dark side of vanity, laziness, social drama, and materialism. To avoid being cast in this negative light, it helps to find a career where you are seen expressing your Venus in a powerful, positive, and influential way.

Your career is a major part of your public image, as it is what most people are defined as to the rest of the world. Venus influences your professional goals, ambition, motivation, ideas of success and achievement, and as she is unavoidably a part of your reputation, she has a heavy hand in choosing what kind of career you should pursue. To your job you bring your beauty and your artistic talents to the fore. You gifted in that you can pleasure others and make them happy, making high-profile special connections and pleasing clients left and right. Your materialism and want for indulgence drives you into making lots of money (hopefully enough to keep up with your spending habits). Your lively social life and desire to be seen gives you plenty of networking skills. This ability to form relationships with those who might benefit you through their status, connections, or wealth is perhaps one of the biggest factors in your success. For these reasons you do best in the art, beauty, fashion, entertainment, cultural, or food industries. Venus defines success as being the naked queen outstretched on silk bedding, being fed grapes from adoring servants. In a curious mix of vanity and generosity, her beauty and social graces are offered as a gift for the people to appreciate.


10 MARS.jpg

Beginning when you were very young, your relationship with those in power (your parents in particular) was turbulent, as you were caught between your anger towards and your loyalty to them. As children we all have an innate need to receive love, praise, and approval from our parents, acting in ways that we hope with get their attention. One way or another your parents taught you how to be independent, how to fight for what you wanted, how to ambitiously go after your goals, and to not let others beat you into submission. Sometimes you learned by their example and sometimes you learned from fighting with them. In either case you began to adopt your very dominant, aggressive public persona to ward off attackers and abusers. From these early experiences (particularly with men) you developed abhorrence for weakness and an overarching desire to be seen as strong and powerful. Mars in the 10th House shows that you put all of your masculine qualities into your public sphere of life, thereby demanding to be seen as an authority yourself. This need to become the independent leader of your public image can create further tensions with management later on in life, however, just as it did with your parents in your youth.

Your chosen vocation is an integral part of your public image. Your professional goals, ambition, motivation, achievements, and success are all influenced by your Mars’ drive and aggression. But so your relationship with those situated above you: your boss, law enforcement, the government, the wealthy, and those in power. On top of your hostile attitude you have a violent temper, a destructive competitive streak, and a latent dominance that makes it hard for you to work well with others. Conflict between you and those in authority is ongoing and seem inevitable, and you are frequently resent by your peer for your bossiness and attitude of superiority. It is for those reasons that you work best when self-employed. Once you have been given the freedom and independence you demand you can begin to climb upward at lightning speed. Your status is born off the sweat of your brow and the single-minded determination it takes to make it in this world.


10 CERES.jpg

Ceres is weakened in this placement. Planets that sit in the 10th House have their roots in the influential, authoritative adults of our childhood. From them we are told how to act and what to do, and we carry these messages into our public image, where we want to be seen in a certain way. Having Ceres here means that your parents were often out in the public world of their career rather than at home with you. You spent your time with several other adults and child care services, all of which had a hand in taking care of you, and which all sent you messages of the “right” way to behave. Children with this placement are pushed to develop their public image much earlier in life than other children do because they are constantly trying to please all these adults at once. Love and approval was given to you conditionally based on performance or achievement, and failing to meet those expectations made you feel rejected and abandoned. Fast forward to adulthood and now you are trying to please the public through your chosen career, wishing to be famous but resenting fame at the same time.

Because of your early experiences, you are very comfortable living in the public eye. From your complex relationship with your parents (where you love one another and are close, but the love comes with expectations for your performance) you move into the public eye fairly easily. Stage fright never bothers you, and you tend to become very popular in one way or another. We are all comfortable with what we are familiar with, and you are all-too familiar with being pushed to perform and adapting your actions to the demands of other people. As an adult you may even still crave that accountability, even if it comes from years of oppression and manipulation, simply because it is all you know. In your career (which is every adult’s public identity) you will seek to be nurtured and approved of by others, just like a well-behaved child does with their parents. You just want love and attention; but instead of getting it from home, you seek to get it from the larger mass of people around you. What impresses them – sexual attractiveness, intelligence, wealth, power? You can be all those things and more, if it means someone will like you. The most important thing you must do for yourself is to learn to love yourself outside of what you do. Ideally, before you begin having children.


10 JUPITER.jpg

Jupiter here suggests that a parent (or both parents) emulated the entertaining, larger-than-life qualities of this planet, giving you praise and attention when you acted out in this way. Theatrical emotional displays, exaggerated stories, and a very dramatic way of being was every day. They knew how to manipulate people’s emotions with their own displays of anger, guilt, and sadness – something you were on the receiving end up a lot. But they also worked as teachers, instilling you with a healthy interest in social studies, spirituality, and open-minded questioning. While there were difficult times where you had to compete with them for attention, your relationship with both is favourable overall. They offered you help and advice when you needed it, and thanks to their leadership you feel confident dealing with authority as an adult.

In your career and public life you naturally excel thanks to your winning personality and lucky Jupiter by your side. You do best when you are given authority and plenty of freedom to do whatever you want. You have admirable leadership skills and have no problem taking the reins and leading the charge forward. At times this can breed arrogance and a false sense of superiority, and other times it can result in reckless pursuit of drugs and alcohol. Yet regardless of your hedonistic tendencies and sometimes inflated ego, you remain confident in yourself and able to deal successfully with other people, earning the respect of the peers you work with. Your ideal career will use Jupiter’s best qualities and allow this part of your personality to freely and publicly express itself. It may involve travelling from one corner of the globe to the next, introducing you to foreign lands and cultures to experience firsthand. Or it may involve more of a “mental” travel, where you learn about ideas from all over the world; humanity, spirituality, history, philosophy, politics, and culture. Or you could become an entertainer (of any kind), a teacher, a politician, a spiritual leader, an artist, or a thinker of profound thoughts.


10 SATURN.jpg

This is a very good placement for Saturn. Despite its mostly negative reputation as a harbinger of difficulty and frustration, his aptitude for focus and achievement works well in the public sphere. As is usual the messages we feel bearing down on us from the top of our chart have their roots in the authorities we bowed down to when we were young. In your case, you received strict, Saturn-like messages of obedience and subordination. A parent or other influential adult was experienced as critical and demanding, and at times even cold and unloving. They alone decided what you were to do; they ran your life, your image, and set goals for you to accomplish. Nothing you did ever felt like it was good enough, and you always felt like they were never impressed with the effort you put into pleasing them. On a more positive note the parent was also pragmatic, disciplined, and protective, even patient and calm. They were a symbol of strength and solidarity for you, an inspiration for determination and overcoming life’s obstacles. You were constantly searching for ways to earn their approval. You found it easiest to please them when you followed their rules and emulated them – thereby integrating their likeness into your public image.

These internalized lessons you learned about becoming more Saturn-like in order to gain the approval of others is something that is still seen your personality today. You earn respect and admiration by gaining traditional meters of success: an impressive career doing meaningful work, adoration from the crowd, a personal fortune, large property, accumulated possessions, the perfect family, and the perfect body. You are very sensitive when it comes to how people see you, and you want to be seen in the right way. The career you chose is one you decided was socially acceptable, even impressive, from an outsider’s perspective. This need to be viewed as “proper” transcends your image and becomes a part of your moral make-up as well; anybody who does not control themselves, who does not hold themselves to your traditional view of how people “should be”, are harshly judged and criticized as such. But do not so readily condemn others who have liberated themselves from seeking the approval of their parents. You may have grown up being told how to look, how to act, how to speak, and how to measure your success – you may still even tip-toe around the parents that told you these things – but not everybody ascribes to such restrictive doctrine.


10 CHIRON.jpg

Having Chiron here means that a large portion of your self-esteem relies on how successful you are. One or both of your parents pushed you to succeed in school and in your career, putting pressure on you to prove yourself in front of the world at large. Perhaps they bore down on you when you made a mistake, got upset when you did not do what they wanted, or put you down if you didn’t live up to their standards. They may have even used scare tactics to coerce you into believing you had to do certain things in order to be successful, and if you didn’t you were doomed to be a failure. In any case, there is a strong possibility that your Chiron fears and feelings of inadequacy first emerged as a feeling of rejection from your parents. Alternatively, you parents could have been teachers or Wounded Healers themselves. They were bitter and resentful over other people’s success, wealth, and fame, feeling disenfranchised no matter how hard they tried. Yet they worked in industries where they helped others realize their own dreams and made them come true. They may have believed they were a failure and suffered from feelings of inadequacy. In this way they became Chiron: sad, insecure, fearful, and anxious, but also compelled to help others do better than they ever could.

Your biggest obstacles come from your career, status, wealth, and public image. Your parents’ fears and feelings surround their careers become your own when you emerge into adulthood. Even as an independent adult out on your own, you still have a deep-seated fear of not living up to your parent’s expectations. It is difficult for you to set and reach your professional goals. You have ambition and high standards for yourself, being as your self-worth relies on how much you can show for your achievements. But your fear of failure and embarrassment hold you back. Too scared of the possible ridicule and riddled with insecurity, your anxiety gets the better of you and you quit before you do anything noteworthy. Even when you do set yourself up for success, follow through, and make progress in the direction you wanted, you fail to recognize your accomplishments as accomplishments. You should look into a career path where you can use your pain as an inspiration to help others. Like perhaps your parents, you may look into work where you are teaching or empower others to succeed where you never could. However, you may likewise then share their resentment at watching your prodigies surpass you and go on to bigger and better things.


10 URANUS.jpg

Early relationships with authority figures such as parents, teachers, coaches, adult family friends, and community leaders, are the starting points of our 10th House development. Wanting the love and attention of those above us, we make an effort to emulate what they like and respect in order to receive positive praise. But having Uranus in the 10th House creates difficulties in your relationship with authority, being as this is the planet that ignites revolution and overthrows power structures they don’t like. You recognized your parents as erratic in nature; highly changeable in mood and temperament, eccentric in behaviour, and unpredictable in what they were going to do next. They may have been mentally unstable. Or they may have just been weird and passionate people. On a positive note they introduced to you to human issues, science, and innovation, and in many ways encouraged you not to readily “bow down” to any person in authority. But on the more difficult side you grew up caught between freedom and restraint, being locked down in some ways and free to run wild in others. Rebellion against authority is a common theme in your public life. Your independent streak runs deep into your personality, even in your career later on in adulthood.

Stemming from these childhood experiences with authority, you grow up aware of the fact that you are capable of handling your career yourself. You do not play along with corporate hierarchies or succumb to the rank of others. Management has a difficult time controlling you because you seem to do whatever you want, and your relationship with leaders is strained because you do not respect their opinion just because they are a leader. You demand to be respected as an equal. You want to be trusted with the freedom to handle your responsibilities how you see fit. For these reasons you work best alone, in management, or with complete control over your projects. You are fiercely independent, restless, and constantly on the move, achieving success because of your work ethic and unique creativity. If you do not agree with how the business is being run you will not hesitate to leave. Because of this your career path can be someone erratic, with unexpected changes and spontaneous decisions changing your direction. The best career options would cater to your individuality. Freelance work in the science, technology, and media industries are obvious choices. But the most important thing is that you can be yourself and work by yourself.


10 NEPTUNE.jpg

This placement seems to suggest a parent (or parents) who needed you to help them, save them, or take care of them in some way. You saw them be selflessly giving, sensitive, generous, gentle, and kind to those around them. Yet they remained somehow a victim and a martyr. You saw enormous creative talent and artistic imagination, and spirituality spurred by their idealized version of the world. But at the same time you saw depression, alcoholism, and even addiction run rampantly throughout their lives. Your view of them was confusing, and your relationship with them was confusing. They depended on you for help and support as much as you did them. Sometimes it seemed like you were the caregiver and they were the child, even though they held authority over you. You learned from a young age how to become whatever they needed. Your intuition guided you towards what they wanted, and you adopted whatever persona you had to be in order to make them happy.

These qualities carry over into your career later on in your adult life, where the authorities are management, clients, and the public world. Initially there is some difficulty in choosing the right career, as Neptune casts illusions and delusions around success, achievement, ambition, and your professional goals. You have such high aspirations and inflated expectations for how amazing this career will be that you are bound to be disappointed with the reality that you get. Without any clear goals and not knowing how to get what you want (or even what you want), it can seem like your public life is a place of dashed dreams that will never come true. The illness that plagues you is that you spend too much time becoming what other people want you to be for them. The best remedy is to look at the types of careers that utilize Neptune’s strengths and give this part of your personality a sense of fulfillment. Into your career you bring a lot of creativity, imagination, and artistic talent. You have a strong intuition for trends and can accurately guess what the public wants. And you love helping people. These things mean a career in the arts, media, marketing, in front of a camera, or any type of counselling suite you very well. You may end up with a more unusual career than you originally thought, but you can serve to inspire the masses with your dream job.


10 PLUTO.jpg

This planet is tremendously powerful when placed here. It all begins with the authorities you dealt with as a child; the influential adults you encountered came to structure the way you viewed power later on in life. The early relationships between you and your parents contain many themes of power and control, and the way you viewed them may indeed be coloured in Pluto’s darker shades. In mom and dad you saw intensity, ruthlessness, strength, and enormous willpower. One or both were full of pent-up anger and frustration, which despite being kept hidden you sensed present in the air around them. They may have been experienced as powerful, manipulative, untrustworthy, even omnipresent, all under a veil of subtly. But you also saw their struggles and how they overcame the challenges in their life, and those messages of endurance and transformation stuck with you just as well. From watching these adults and living under the weight of their influence, parts of your own personality began to develop. You crafted an obsessive campaign for power to compensate your earlier feelings of helplessness. You wanted to be in control, you wanted to feel like you yourself were influential - basically, you wanted to become one of the powers that be.

Pluto messages get absorbed from your parents and then transferred into your public image, where you build up your career and reputation around her intensity. Your desire for power and desire to influence other people’s lives is what compels you to be so driven. Your intensity is unmatched. Achievement and success are passionate points for you; some may even say your passion borders on the extreme. Luckily, this enthusiasm is matched by flares of energy and warmth that compels others to support and want to do business with. However, power struggles and issues around control also create tension when how you want to be represented clashes with others involved in your career. You should take care to make sure that your fervent drive for accomplishment is well-placed in a career that is meaningful and exciting for you. It should serve as an outlet for both your ambition and your complex emotions, and it should be one that can endure an inevitable transformation of self. You are destined for an eventual twist of fate and possible loss of prestige in the public sphere, and you must be prepared to tear down your old career and completely rebuild a new image for yourself.

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Planets in the 10th house

10th house is the part of Kendra. It is one of the most auspicious house in the horoscope.10th house represents profession of an individual. The planet placed in the 10th house is also considered as benefic The Sun , Jupiter, Mercury and Saturn are the most karak planets for the 10th house. If the planets placed in their own sign or Exalted sign or friendly sign then they produce positive results in professions, the native gets success in all his endeavours. On the contrary if the planet in the 10th house is in debilitation or in inimical sign the native has to struggle all through the career. unnecessarily.

Sun in the 10th house

Sun in the 10 house leads to career as Administrative officer, Government jobs, Medicine, Financial Management, Food grains, Gold Silver ornament business, State minister .

Moon in the 10th house

The Moon in the 10th house leads to career in Printing and stationery, Publisher, Career on the coast, Water works department, irrigation department, Merchant Navy, Dairy, liquor related business, Garment business, floriculture.

Mars in the 10th house

Mars in the 10th house leads to Public works department, Chemist, Medicine, Doctor, Scientist, Engineer, Mitary, Police, Weapon dealers, Electricity related career ,  Machinery management technician, dealer for utensils, Fire works, Shipping management.

Mercury in the 10th house

The suitable career for the native having Mercury in the 10th house are Banking, Writer, Insurance sector, Artist, Astrologer, Book binding, Justice, teacher, Editor, Translator, Soap industry, Incense Industry, Furniture, Chartered Accountant, poet, Journalist, priest.

Jupiter in the 10th house

The most appropriate career for those who have Jupiter in the 10th house are Government Job,  Philosopher, religious teacher, teacher, Principal, Banker,. Sale purchase business, coach, Justice, Advocate. Minister.

Venus in the 10th house

The right career matching to the native having venus in the 10 house are Acting, musician, Singing, Fasion inductry, Television media, fancy garments, creativity, floriculture, Perfume industry, broadcasting and communication, Automobile industry.

Saturn in the 10th house

The Saturn in the 10th house is considered to be karak. The most suitabl career for 10th house Saturn in the natal chart leads to career as Workshop management, politics, Coal industry, Transport business, office worker, Postman, robber, Agriculture, Iron scrap business,small scale industry, Judge, worker, Jailor, Hotel & club  Management,

Rahu in the 10th house

Rahu in the 10th house leads to the field of politics, Electrical Engineer, Secret cell, Battery Manufacturing, Novelist,

Ketu in the 10th house

The appropriate career with ketu in the 10th house leads to business related jobs, Chemical industry, glass industry, harships in career

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The Tenth House
House of Capricorn Element: Earth
Ruling Planet: Saturn
Area of Consciousness Universal
Awareness through the experience of recognition and authority

For Transits or Progressions of Tenth House click here

Sun in Tenth House 10

When the Sun is in the 10th House, consciousness is gaining experience of having status and recognition and the responsibilities connected with this. A 10th House person is accountable to those who are able to confer authority and give him the recognition, which he craves. The cusp of H10 - the Midheaven - is the highest point of the chart: all that a 10th House person does publicly, if not privately, needs to be able to bear the scrutiny which he will be exposed to as a result of occupying this elevated position. In the 10th House a person has to abide by whatever rules he has chosen to live by or be broken by them. Unless the Sun is afflicted by Uranus or Pluto, this placement produces a pragmatic attitude to conformity. What matters to a person with the Sun in H10 are status, recognition and the leverage that comes from having a platform from which to work; in return for these he is usually prepared to play the game.

For a 10th House person a career is the customary route to recognition. On the ladder of his profession he expects to rise by dint of hard work. The prospect of promotion is his motivation. In the House of Saturn the rewards often come late and only as a result of considerable effort. A 10th House person who does not expect to work hard for recognition, has failed to under­stand something very fundamental about the nature of the success that comes through the 10th House.

For 10th House women, the yearning for recognition is every bit as strong, even if the opportunities are not so numerous. Societies the world over have been slow to extend approval to a woman with ambition. It has been said of the 10th House, that, if a person cannot have recognition he will settle for notoriety - and this, many women have had to do, although the fruits of this kind of fame tend to be rather bitter because there is something inherently conservative about the house of Saturn and a H10 person would rather be with the Establishment than against it. Tenth House women who have gained status through marriage also tend to feel that this is an ersatz commodity and may be deeply envious of their husbands.

Women with the Sun in H10 who do have careers are likely to fit motherhood around them. They are rarely content with domesticity over a long period.

There does not appear to be any one profession, which attracts 10th House people. They will be found wherever there is a career structure and the promise of stability and promotion. They are more likely to make employees than entrepreneurs.

Mercury in Tenth House 10

Mercury in the 10th House gives a liking for structure order and hierarchy. Unless the Sun is in the 9th House or Mercury receives an aspect from Uranus or Neptune, there tends to be a marked preference for ‘hard fact’ over abstractions. When Mercury is in H10 with the Sun it reinforces the ambitiousness and pragmatism conferred by this placement. A person with this combination makes self-advancement his priority and the benchmark of success.

When Mercury is in H10 and the Sun in H9 then a person, tends to adapt the famous Sufi description, "bows in the next world but stands in this". Although this combination confers much interest in philosophical and spiritual ideas, and in remote places, a person’s allegiance remains with his own society and he is usually ambitious for a position within it. This combination is common in the charts of clergymen and lawyers who draw on universally applicable principles to sanction law and order and earn themselves status in the process.

When Mercury is in H10 and the Sun in H11 then a person is likely to make his career in anorganisation, which serves the public, good. This combination tends to reduce the radicalism of the Sun in the house of Aquarius and makes a person more inclined to work to preserve the status quo than to change it. This combination produces members of the armed forces, the police force and career civil servants.

Venus in Tenth House 10

In the 10th House Venus, unless afflicted, facilitates the process of self-advance­ment. This placement augurs well for a successful and enjoyable career in which lucky breaks reduce the need to strive.

Venus in H10 may also bring an advantageous marriage, most likely to a person older and more established. If a man is bringing the Capricornian experience into his life through the marriage partner, the wife almost certainly will be more mature. In the charts of either sex an unafflicted Venus in H10 suggests that the Father was much admired and there remains throughout life, a respect for authority figures.

Mars in Tenth House 10

With Mars in H10 a person projects himself through his career and is likely to bring a competitive attitude to this area of his life. A person with Mars in H10has to do things in his own way and is confident of his own abilities. He is happier therefore wielding authority than submitting to it, which probably accounts for the tense relationship a person with this placement so commonly has with both colleagues and superiors. Mars in H10 is frequently insubordinate. A person with this placement is likely to have experienced his Father as a forceful personality and learnt his own assertiveness, as much through resisting the Father’s regime, as by copying his example.

Jupiter in Tenth House 10

Jupiter in H10 bodes well for advancement in life. In the house of Saturn, Jupiter is given discipline and staying power and so, provided the content of his work is perceived to be worthwhile, a person with this placement is usually happy to build a career. Like Venus, Jupiter in H10 gives lucky breaks and ease, both in dealing with and wielding authority. Unless Jupiter is afflicted, this planet in H10 indicates that the relationship with the Father was characterised by mutual trust and respect, and was a source of encouragement to the child.

Saturn in Tenth House 10

Saturn in the 10th House is the planet of Karma in its Own House. Unsurprisingly its effect on a person’s life is very pronounced. The sign and position of the Moon will shed light on why there should be such a need to have to struggle against an undertow which threatens to pull down all-a-person builds in his life, and which is resisted only by constant effort, self-discipline and sound judgment. Saturn in the 10th House, as the lives of Hitler and Napoleon demonstrate, does not rule out eminence and acclaim but it means that a person will face the consequences of all he has put into motion during his lifetime.

A person with Saturn in H10 frequently starts life with obstacles blocking his way, including a father with a negative and critical attitude to the child or the marked absence of a father figure during the formative years. Either way the child’s self-confidence is seriously undermined. If the father is absent the child frequently feels a sense of shame and un­worthiness for which he may attempt to compensate by achievement. Alterna­tively there may be insufficient self-confidence for him to make anything other than the most hesitant of progress in a career. Amongst those who do strive to succeed, it is notable that they commonly become disillusioned with their choice of career at the point when they are in sight of the glittering prizes, or suffer professional disgrace. Either way they are perceived by others as having ‘blown it’.

Unless Saturn is aspected by Uranus or Pluto a person with this placement, never having known an easy exchange with his father, tends to be awed, if not overwhelmed by authority figures. If Uranus or Pluto make stressful aspects then there is likely to be a negative and defensive attitude to authority.

Uranus in Tenth House 10

Uranus in the 10th House indicates that there is a developmental need to be freed up from reliance upon authority figures and externally imposed discipline. This placement can produce profoundly anti-establishment people and is common amongst exiles, who have left the fatherland because of what was perceived to be too stifling a regime. In such cases, the father is normally seen as embodying the values, which the child rejects in the name of individual freedom. If Uranus is retrograde the anti-authority stance tends to be less overt but there is, nonetheless, a resistance to all externally imposed authority, which in turn makes for a chequered career. Whether retrograde or direct, Uranus in H10 makes a person critical of procedures and reluctant to conform to any system. He is usually far better off working for himself than trying to be a company man.

Neptune in Tenth House 10

With Neptune in the 10th House a person has difficulty in settling for anything which is ordinary: this placement has the effect of making conventional achievement seem trivial and unworthy to the Neptunian, who may either try to live out a fantasy in which he seeks to elevate himself by claiming special powers - usually psychic or spiritual - or seek some kind of idealistic work. Should he make such a connection then he will be prepared to sacrifice much in the way of material reward and social standing for his cause. Neptune in Capricorn is capable of giving a very practical and effective expression.

Pluto in Tenth House 10

With Pluto in the 10th House the soul is learning about power, as something external to himself. Through the many lifetimes in which Pluto is in H10, the soul will come to know all the permutations of the relationship between an indivi­dual and authority: there will be lifetimes in which the personality craves power which he does not have, others in which he has authority and recog­nition, and others again in which the personality rejects all externally imposed authority in order to develop a power base within himself. Whatever the nature of the lesson about power which is being learned, a person with Pluto in H10 is never indifferent to authority figures, including his father or the most dominant parent. If the child reveres the parent then he is likely to be learning to work with power; if the child rejects the parent or is rejected by him, then he is likely to be learning to be his own authority source, themes which will be born out only by the pattern of the chart as a whole.

Moon in Tenth House 10

The Moon in the 10th House indicates that the past life experience has involved exposure to lifestyles, which gave direct experience of status and externally imposed authority, both of which continue to hold great fascination for the Moon person. This placement confers either a longing for personal recog­nition or an attraction and deference towards powerful people, especially powerful women.

A child with this placement of the Moon is commonly born to parents, one of whom at least, either occupies a position of authority on some scale or craves recognition, which is felt to be lacking. Mostly that parent will be the mother who places great emphasis on achievement and measures success according to conventional criteria. The child himself tends to comply with those ambitions of the parent, which extend to himself and allows himself to be directed. Throughout his life the person with the Moon in H10 tends to be impressed, both by people with status and seniority and those who have power over him by dint of the hold they have on his emotions. Far from resisting people who use this kind of control, a person with the Moon in H10 is likely to encourage their involvement in his life and is happy to defer to their perceived superiority. The point here is that a person with the Moon in H10 tends to give over control of his life to those to whom he becomes emotionally attached. Where the past life experience has been one of holding a position of authority, a person may be haunted by the memory all his life if the present incarnation does not give him scope to repeat the experience.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Developments in our society in the last 50 years make it easier for women with an emphasised 10th House to gain status and recognition in their own right rather than having to bring it into their lives by means of the partner. Nevertheless, conventional perceptions of the woman’s role, coup­led with a failure to appreciate, whilst at school, the extent of their own ambitiousness, still makes it very common for 10th House women to reach the Saturn Return without having taken even the most basic of steps towards setting themselves up in a career, which will give them the rewards they seek. The consequences of this tend to be frustration and a sense that there is a piece of their life missing. It is notable that men with an emphasised 10th House do not to leave themselves out in the cold in the same way. Maybe this is because they are encouraged both directly and indirectly to recognise their ambitions.

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10th House Generational Planetary Placements (Jupiter-Pluto)

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