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Best Mods For The Outer Worlds

By Mitchel Rayner


The Outer Worlds is already a fantastic RPG, but these mods go the extra mile and make the game an even better experience.

The Outer Worlds is a first-person RPG developed by Obsidian Entertainment, known the world over for their work on Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords and Fallout: New Vegas. Their attention to detail and world-building are top notch, and the Outer Worlds is no exception. Taking place in the Halcyon system, the game takes place in a hyper-corporate universe where underground mercenaries and employers of all kinds run rampant in every town and space port.

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Just like many games of its nature, the open-world RPG tends to be a popular area for the modding community to work their magic on. Based on the amazing work that has been done with other Obsidian titles, The Outer Worlds  has had a niche but passionate modding community that has improved many qualities about the game and gives players many new options to play around with.

10 Skip Startup Splash

When first buying a game, the startup screens and an epic title page can be an exciting introduction to the new adventure you’re about to embark on. However, after opening the game enough times, players are bound to get a little tired of the window dressing and want to get straight into the game. Thankfully, the Skip Startup Splash mod is a handy addition to the game that lets players skip directly to the main menu upon the start of the game. This mod is perfect for all the time-sensitive gamers out there who want to get right to the action.

9 Bigger UI

For a game that focuses heavily on text dialogue and important character choices, having a readable UI is very important. Unfortunately, many players critiqued The Outer Worlds for having incredibly small lettering in its text boxes. The Bigger UI mod solves the problem by letting players manually adjust the size of the UI to increase letter size, clarity of health bars, and any general on-screen information that needs to be enlarged. As long as you don’t obscure your own view, the UI can be at your total control with no penalty.

8 Supernova Patch

A fun trend in recent games has been to add difficulty settings that are absolutely punishing in every respect. The Outer Worlds takes an attempt at an absurd difficulty level with its inclusion of the Supernova difficulty, which only allows fast travel to your ship which is the only place you can save, perma-death for all of your companion characters, the requirement of eating, drinking and sleeping to survive, stronger enemies, and many more difficult adjustments.

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If all of these aren’t intensities aren’t quite for you, the Supernova Patch allows players to manually turn on and off each of these features, which makes for an immensely personalized experience.

7 Minimal HUD

For players who crave a straightforward visual experience, the Minimal HUD mod gives players the opportunity to customize their Heads-Up Display however they please. Players can choose to only have a health bar present, the health bars of companion characters, or absolutely nothing. HUDs in RPGs tend to get a little busy and can sometimes ruin the immersion, but this mod allows players to take that into their own hands and remove anything on-screen actions that the player already has memorized, and create a personalized visual experience that specifically works for them.

6 Terraformed Reshade

Made especially famous within the Skyrim modding community, graphical changes and upgrades have been created by fans to keep modernizing and improving a game. One of the many reshading mods that The Outer Worlds offers is the Terraformed Reshade, which has become popular amongst fans for deepening the colors, improving the graphical fidelity, and improving draw distance. The Outer Worlds has many breathtaking vistas and lush skies and fan mods have been able to make the game reach its full visual attention.

5 Chromatic Aberration Remover

The Chromatic Aberration Remover mod was created to combat one of The Outer Worlds most criticized aspects: its visual style. Although most likely done to create a visual allusion the sci-fi media that it is harkening back to, the chromatic aberration (the look of an unfocused lens creating fuzzy colors) ultimately didn’t make the game look as great as it could.

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The visual filter made the colors pop in a non-complimenting way, and there are no ways turn it off in-game. With the Chromatic Aberration Remover mod, this filter is removed and allows the graphics of The Outer Worlds to shine like they never have before.

4 Obsidian Reshade

One of the many popular reshade mods in The Outer Worlds community, the Obsidian Reshade is named after the developer and expands the color output, and adds HDR and noticeable sharpness to the images. Fans have recommended that pairing this reshade with turning off motion blur in the game settings to create the best way to view The Outer Worlds. Landscapes look crisp and detailed, characters look more vibrant, and space looks even more vast and explorable.

3 Tweaked Outer Worlds

For those wanting to take the visuals completely into their own hands, the Tweaked Outer Worlds mod is the one for you. This mod provides players with full control over many of the graphical options of the game, all of which aren’t available in the base game’s options menu. The ability to disable motion blur, depth of field, mouse smoothing, mouse acceleration, and chromatic aberration changes a lot about the visual identity of the game, and offers more than any of the other visual mods that are available.

2 FPSConfig For Performance Boost

While many mods tend to try and improve a game’s mechanics or make a game look better, the FPSConfig For Performance Boost actually does the exact opposite and removes many of the shaders and makes the game look a bit worse, specifically for the purpose of being able to comfortably run on older computers, or computers that can’t meet the requirements to run The Outer Worlds. It takes some thinking outside the box to make a mod that decreases the graphical fidelity of a game, but at the end of the day, it makes the game more accessible for PC gamers of every kind.

1 Dev-Console Unlock

The mod to rule them all: having the Dev-Console available gives the player access to many fun (and often game-breaking) options previously only accessible to the creators of the game. You can alter your level whenever you’d like, change the power ratings of your armor and weapons, add money to your wallet, start any quest whenever you would like, get infinite health, and much more. This is the ultimate mod for changing the game to anything you can imagine within the options available for developers, and you can be as over-powered or under-powered as you see fit.

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The 15 Best Mods For The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worldswas one of the most killer RPG releases of 2019, delivering a Fallout-esque sci-fi role-playing game to a world that had been deprived of a solo Fallout experience since 2015. It brings the player to the far-off star system known as Halcyon which has been carved up by predatory corporations, leaving a dangerous string of colonies eternally on the brink of disaster.

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As incredible as this Obsidian Entertainment RPG was, there is always room for improvement, and players often pick up on things that were overlooked on the road to a game's launching. Other times, a player can come up with their own way of improving the game for themselves specifically. That's where mods come in.

All mods mentioned in this article can be found on Nexus Mods, and links will be provided with each entry.

Updated on July 26th, 2021 by Josh Davison:The nice thing about Obsidian RPGs, and open-world RPGs in general, is that they are perfect palettes for improvements and alterations. The modding community is always more than ready to take advantage of such a thing and creates all manner of mods for the game. Outer Worlds is no exception to this rule, as there are countless interesting, fun, and generally entertaining mods out there to install into your gaming rig.

15 FPSconfig For Performance Boost

Not everyone has a particularly strong gaming rig, and the modding communities of the internet are always looking to help those who can't reliably run the latest game release. That's where the FPSconfig for Performance Boost mod comes in from users VladCorvi and Crystrex on Nexus Mods come in.

This mod retools the textures, tones, and lighting of Outer Worlds to make it more accessible to players with less powerful gaming PCs. To the uploader's credit, they admit it doesn't do too much for the FPS of the game, but it does help reduce strain on the GPU.

14 Kick Me Vicar

Vicar Max is an interesting character with a complex backstory and morales. However, he can also be a bit of a jerk, and that makes it easy to want to dunk on him. Thankfully, the Kick Me Vicar sign can give the player a bit of satisfaction. This one comes from user Bythetwinmoons.

It's fairly simple; the mod adds a "kick me" sign to the back of Vicar Max so that the world can see that should indeed kick him when it gets the chance.

13 Unlimited Flaws

Have you ever wanted your Outer Worlds character to be completely hobbled by life and left a bit bumbling if well-meaning? That's where the Unlimited Flaws mod, also from Bythetwinmoons, comes in. It allows the player to have as many flaws as there are in the game.

It adds a unique bit of difficulty beyond the regular difficulty increases that a videogame implements. Instead of just making damage, the environment, and enemies more punishing, it allows the characters' own shortcomings to make the experience more difficult.

12 Armor And Clothing With Mod Slots

This is a mod for mods. The Armor and Clothing With Mod Slots addition to Outer Worlds allows the player to insert mod upgrades into every piece of clothing they acquire. Not every piece of clothing and armor in the game can be upgraded in the vanilla version of the game, forcing the player into choosing specific armor sets if they want to have more advantages in combat.

This mod, also by prolific modder Bythetwinmoons, allows the player to upgrade any piece of clothing they want so that they can look fashionable and still survive the unforgiving wilds and marauders of Halcyon.

11 Companions Get Perk Every Level

Yet another mod from Bythetwinmoons, the Companions Get Perk Every Level mod allows the player's various companions throughout the game to get a new perk every level instead of every five.

This makes the companions more powerful, versatile, and helpful as the player chooses the destiny of the Halcyon space colony. It may make the game easier, but it also allows the companions to become fully-formed spacers in their own right.

10 Neutral LUT

When it comes to altering a game with a mod, the visuals are usually among the first things that come to mind. While The Outer Worlds' vibrant color palette is one of the main things many players enjoy about the game, it's not for everyone. That's where the Neutral LUT ReShade mod comes in, adding a more neutral color tone as well as making shadowed areas more visible for the player's benefit.

While TheOuter Worlds' tone is more comedic and over-the-top than many of its contemporaries, it's understandable that some players would want a visual environment that feels more grounded and fitting for the roleplaying experience they wish to have. This mod was designed and uploaded to Nexus Mods by user AQtun81.

9 Obsidian ReShade

On the other end of things, some players have worked to make The Outer Worlds even more vibrant and lively than it originally was. The Obsidian ReShade mod is intended to do just that, improving the colors, sharpness, and HDR of the game's graphics. This one comes from Nexus Mods user Jb0238177, who also recommends upping the gamma to 72% for the latest version of this mod.

While the visuals of The Outer Worlds are stunning, there's always room to try something a little different in the name of improving a player's experience.

8 Supernova Patch

Supernova is the highest difficulty setting in The Outer Worlds. In addition to making combat more deadly, it achieves this by hampering the player in several ways, including placing restrictions on saving and fast traveling. The Supernova Patch by Nexus Mod user Expired6978 allows the player to save and fast travel unrestricted even in Supernova mode as well as customizing the difficulty settings in Supernova on a case-by-case basis.

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Giving a player more freedom is almost always appreciated, and this is an excellent example of a modder giving the player options that the devs may have overlooked.

7 Dev-Console Unlock Guide

This is less of a mod and more of a guide for players to make their own tweaks to the game. The Dev-Console Unlock Guide was authored by Otis_Inf and Sunbeam and uploaded by Nexus Mod user stoker25. It provides the first steps needed for a player to mod their game on their own by showing them how to access the Unreal Engine 4 developer console within Outer Worlds.

That said, the user will need to download the dynamic link library (DLL) separately, though the guide also shows how to access that as well.

6 Ultimate New Game Plus Save

Who hasn't played TheOuter Worlds and wished they were a majestic titan trodding over their enemies with ease and talking their way through any situation without any trouble? If so, the Ultimate New Game Plus Save mod by author MrWheyne and uploader SupremoGuerreiro is definitely worth a download.

This save file allows the player to experience The Outer Worlds with every stat maxed out, making combat a breeze and allowing the player to pass every skill check with no problem. That said, the guide does recommend not using this on the first The Outer Worlds playthrough, as it interferes with how the game is intended to be experienced.

5 ADA Replacements

This isn't a specific mod as much as a common genre of mods that exists in the Outer Worlds community. ADA is the ship artificial intelligence that helps guide the player through Halcyon, but many players have opted to replace ADA's avatar with one of their own choosing.

This ranges from Jenna by Sladernimo, to Amadeus by MasterZeroFX, to Petra from Fire Emblemby SuperSalad. Everyone should get some say in what their ship's AI looks and sounds like, and these mods allow the player to do just that.

4 Outer Souls - Deprived

Have you ever played The Outer Worlds and just wished that it would challenge you a little more? Then check out Outer Souls - Deprived by user Kyim to fulfill these wishes. This is a modified version of Supernova that removes health regeneration, makes reloading slower, speeds up weapon degradation, lowers stats to their minimum, and throws on another myriad of player character downgrades to make the game a true challenge.

This is an experience specifically tailored to those who want to face a new level of difficulty in The Outer Worlds, so prepare to die before diving into this one.

3 WOW Maximum Performance Boost

The "Wonderfully Optimized Worlds" Maximum Performance Boost by user sp0ckraters kicks up the optimization of The Outer Worlds with settings that it claims are recommended by Unreal Engine 4 developers. Whether or not that is truly the case, it does improve the performance of The Outer Worlds on less powerful PCs, so it's doing some good in the world.

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Not every gamer has a powerful PC, and The Outer Worlds is still a fairly new game, so it's nice to see a mod like this on Nexus that is looking out for players with less powerful systems.

2 Really Hardcore Mode

Another difficulty-enhancing mod for TheOuter Worlds comes from Wolf7808 with Really Hardcore Mode. This one is simpler than the "Outer Souls - Deprived" mod in that it removes all skill and attribute bonuses.

The more options that a player has, the better, so Really Hardcore Mode is another very welcome addition to the Outer Worlds modding catalog.

1 The Tweaked Outer Worlds

The most popular mod for The Outer Worlds on Nexus Mods is The Tweaked Outer Worlds by AsyxA. This one is a relatively straightforward mod intended to improve the performance of the game on all PC setups. It mainly removes GFX effects and mouth smoothing, which otherwise can't be altered within the game on an individual basis. However, it has been updated since its original upload to modify the game in other regards.

Smoothing out the game's optimization is one of the most appreciated services of the modding community. Mods like this are often considered a necessary add-on for many PC gamers.

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[Top 10] The Outer Worlds Best Mods

What Are The Best Outer Worlds Mods?

Sometimes a mod can add more fun to a game so give these mods a try.

10. Skip Startup Splash No-Intro Video 

The Skip Startup Splash mod is a very simple mod that allows you to jump right into a game without choosing to watch the intro video or by skipping it manually. It’s worth it if you really want to get right into the action and create your character

How the mod makes more fun:

  • Perfect for speed runs
  • For anyone who just wants to play and skip the cutscene

Get the mod here:

Skip Startup Splash

9. The Outer Souls- Deprived

The Outer Souls mod adds more with a modified supernova difficulty with this in mind it is not for everyone. Everything is altered to make things extremely more difficult so be prepared.

How the mod makes it more fun:

  • Makes supernova difficulty more difficult
  • Gives a challenge to anyone who loves challenges 
  • Character is already set since this is a save file

Get the mod here:

Outer Souls

8. The Tweaked Outer Worlds

Basic tweaks that disable any unwanted gfx effects and mouse smoothing. Settings which can’t be disabled by in-game menus.

How the mod makes it more fun

  • Makes everything smoother
  • Makes gameplay much better to look at

Get the mod here:

Tweaked Outer Worlds

7. Potato Mode

Gives your game a retro look by tweaking the graphics to look not very crisp but smooth. It makes for a great gameplay experience.

How the mod makes it more fun:

  • Gives a flat cartoony look
  • Allows the game to run smoothly

Get the Mod here:

Potato Mode

6. Subtler World

A simple re-shade preset that adds image sharpness and makes the color palette a bit subtler so it can be easy on the eye without changing overall style much. This mod is intended to be used as-is

How this mod makes it more fun:

  • Good on the eyes
  • Allows for a crisper playthrough

Get the Mod here:

Subtler World

5. Neutral LUT

A Reshade to replace the games stylized color palette with something more neutral.

How this mod makes the game more fun:

  • A change in color palette can make for an interesting experience 

Get the mod here:

Neutral LUT

4. Ultimate New Game Plus Save

A new start with a character maxed out in all possible fields. Now you can play through and feel overpowered.

How this Mod makes the game more fun:

  • New game plus is always fun
  • Overpowered from the beginning 
  • Let the speed runs begin 

Get the Mod here:

Ultimate NG+

3. Better ADA Portrait- Jenna Upgrade

Replaces the portrait textures of ADA with better-looking textures. Changes ADA into Jenna, it’s always nice to make a change.

How this Mod makes the game more fun:

  • A small change to ADA makes for different playthroughs

Get the mod here:

ADA to Jenna

2. Hardcore- There is no easy way out

A modified save game with drastically increased difficulty when you want a challenge at the start. Be prepared to fight for your life.

How this mod makes the game more fun:

  • Added difficulty perfect for those seeking a challenge
  • Premade save file adds to the challenge

Get the Mod here:


1. REM over ADA

Anyone that loves anime that wants to see one of their beloved waifus every time they go back to the ship. The mod replaced ADA with REM from Re: Zero.

How this mod makes the game more fun:

  • Changing ADA is always a plus
  • We all need a ship wife

Get the mod here:

REM over ADA

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3 Best Looking Reshade Presets for The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds mods & Workbench guide - how to repair, tinker, install mods, and use the Workbench

The Workbench in The Outer Worlds, among many other useful things, gives you the ability to apply all sorts of powerful mods to your weapons and armor. This alone makes the Workbench one of the greatest tools available to you, and the best part is that you can find at least one in pretty much every region of the game, including your own ship, the Unreliable.

Our The Outer Worlds Mods & Workbench guide will ensure that you know exactly how to use this powerful piece of tech! We'll go over tinkering to improve weapons and armour, adding mods to weapons, repairing damaged equipment, and more.

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The Outer Worlds Mods & Workbench guide

Guide by Ollie Toms, mods list by Dave Irwin

The Outer Worlds Workbench - overview

The Outer Worlds Mods & Workbench overview

The Workbench in The Outer Worlds is used for multiple tasks, all of which involve maintaining and upgrading your weapons and armor. Below are the key functions of a Workbench in this regard:

  • Modify - you can choose to modify an existing weapon or piece of armor as long as you have a suitable modification to add to it. You can see a full list of all your mods in the fourth tab of your inventory.
  • Tinker - you can spend Bits (the main currency of The Outer Worlds) to improve the level of a piece of equipment, increasing its effectiveness.
  • Repair - You can repair damaged weapons and armor, bringing its durability (and therefore its effectiveness) back up to 100% - provided you have the Parts.
  • Break Down - You can use the Workbench to break down weapons or armor into Weapon Parts and Armor Parts, just as you can do from your inventory.

Now let's take a closer look at the primary functions of the Workbench in The Outer Worlds, and how to use each one properly and to full effect.

The Outer Worlds mods

How to install mods - modify using the Workbench

One of the most important aspects of using the Workbench to upgrade your equipment is using the Modify function to attach mods such as scopes and magazines to your weaponry, or to your armor. To do this, interact with a Workbench, then navigate to the "Modify" option, select a viable weapon or piece of armor, and select "Install Mod". You'll then be presented with a screen that allows you to choose between the available mods to attach to different parts of your chosen equipment.

Most equipment will have two or three slots where mods can be installed, and each mod will only accept installation into a particular slot type. For example, you can't add a Magazine mod to the Barrel slot of your weapon. You can switch between the available slots in your equipment by selecting the icons displayed under "Workbench Modifications".

Choosing the right mods for the right equipment is very important for maximising the potential of your gear. For example, a mod that reduces recoil might not matter too much on a bolt-action rifle, but it will be much more beneficial on an Assault Rifle or LMG.

Another very important aspect of installing mods onto weapons, in particular, is that you can install certain Magazine mods to change the Damage Type of your weapon, making it more useful against certain enemy types. For full details on Damage Types, check out our The Outer Worlds Weapons guide.

And finally - there's a semi-permanence to installing a mod in a piece of equipment. You can replace it with another viable mod if you wish, but the previously installed mod will be destroyed. So make sure you're installing the right mod on the right piece of gear!

The Outer Worlds mods list

The Outer Worlds mods list

Now you know all about the mods, here are all the mods you can find in The Outer Worlds. They're separated into three different categories: Ranged, Melee, and Armor.

Ranged weapon mods

Weapon mod nameType of modEffects of mod when equipped
Exact-O-SightSightPost Armor damage dealt increased by 15%.
Extend-O-SightSightChange scope to Extend-O-Sight. Weapon Range increased by 25%.
FunTimes BarrelBarrelCritical Damage increased by 25%.
Gyro SightSightRanged weapon spread reduced by 20%.
Mag-2-MeltMagazineChange damage type to Corrosion.
Mag-2-PowerMagazineChange damage type to Plasma.
Mag-2-RayMagazineChange damage type to N-ray. Reduce damage dealt by 50%.
Mag-2-ZapMagazineChange damage type to Shock.
Mag-NumMagazineMagazine size increased by 50%
SpeedyMate BarrelBarrelRate of fire increased by 15%
Super Scoper 2000SightChange scope to 6x scope.
Sure N' StraightBarrelRanged weapon spread reduced by 25%. Ranged weapon sway reduced by 80%.
Whisper Quiet MuzzlerBarrelFiring Noise reduced by 66.6%

Melee weapon mods

Weapon mod nameType of modEffects of mod when equipped
Mr. AcidAttackChange damage type to Corrosion.
Mr. NAttackChange damage type to N-ray.
Mr. OuchAttackIncrease Power Attack damage by 20%.
Mr. PowerAttackChange damage type to Plasma.
Mr. ZapAttackChange damage type to Shock.
SpeedGripMagazineMelee weapon attack speed increased by 15%.
SureGripMagazineMelee weapon durability increased by 25%.

Armor mods

Weapon mod nameType of modEffects of mod when equipped
AnodizedArmoringCorrosion armor rating increased by 5.
BackpackUtilityCarrying Capacity increased by 20kg.
Chrono-Field AggregatorGadgetRestores some TTD meter when you land a critical hit.
Electro-charged surfaceGadgetShocks enemies that strike you in melee range.
Geographic ScannerUtilityInteractable highlight range increased by 5 metres.
GroundedArmoringShock armor rating increased by 10.
Hunter KitSkill kitRanged weapon skills increased by 5.
InsulatedArmoringPlasma armor rating increased by 5.
LaminatedArmoringN-Ray armor rating increased by 5.
Leaper InjectorsUtilityDodge distance increased by 30%.
Nightingale StepUtilityVolume of footsteps reduced by 25%. Radius of footstep sound reduced by 25%.
Reactive KinematicGadgetGives you a shield projector.
Silver Tongue KitSkill kitDialog skills increased by 5. Leadership skills increased by 10.
Skeletar-Muscular-Adreno-StimulatorGadgetIncreases movement speed while TTD is activated.
Tech KitSkill kitTech skills increased by 5.
Thug KitSkill kitMelee weapon skills increased by 5. Defence skills increased by 10.
ToughenedArmoringPhysical armor rating increased by 3.

The Outer Worlds Workbench - Repair

Repair items using The Outer Worlds Workbench

Another very important aspect of maintaining your equipment which the Workbench can help accommodate is the repairing of damaged weaponry and armor. Each weapon or piece of armor you use has a durability meter which gradually depletes when used. As it depletes, the equipment's effectiveness is reduced. For weapons, this means lower damage; for armor, this means a lower armor rating.

Using a Workbench, you can repair damaged items, bringing their durability back up to 100% - in exchange for Weapon Parts and Armor Parts. These Parts can be acquired by Breaking Down unwanted weaponry and armor (another function of the Workbench). But it's important to note that as long as you've got an Engineering Skill of at least 20, you'll be able to do both these things (repairing and breaking down) from your inventory, and will not have need of a Workbench to do this.

The Outer Worlds Workbench - Tinker

Tinker equipment - how to improve weapons and armor

The last (and possibly most important) function of the Workbench is to allow players to "Tinker" with existing weapons or armor by using the "Tinker" option at the top, and selecting the item you wish to improve. Tinkering a piece of equipment will increase its level, improving its damage (if it's a weapon) or its armor rating (if it's a piece of armor).

Doing this costs Bits, and the cost will increase exponentially the more times you tinker a single piece of gear. It's also important to note that you cannot increase an item's level more than 5 levels beyond your current character level. So if you're at level 15, the highest you can tinker a weapon up to is level 20.

Despite this, tinkering is amazingly useful for making sure your weapons and armor develop and improve along with you; and it allows you to stick to a specific weapon or piece of armor that you like, rather than being forced to leave it behind as other less interesting items outstrip it in terms of effectiveness.

Just make sure you have the Bits.

The Outer Worlds Workbench guide

That's everything that the Workbench in The Outer Worlds enables you to do, and all of the mods you'll be able to attach to your various weapons and armor; hopefully you have emerged with a greater understanding of just how instrumental the Workbench can be in equipping you with the right tools for the job, and making sure your equipment never lets you down during your adventures across Halcyon and beyond.

Sours: https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/the-outer-worlds-mods-workbench-guide-how-to-repair-tinker-install-mods-and-use-the-workbench

Modding outer worlds

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The Outer Worlds - How to Unlock Console Commands - Tutorial

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