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A rock is about to hit on kakashi. Minato thought that there is a possibility that kakashi may fall into the dark side, so he kept kakashi to watch over kushina while she was about to give birth to naruto. If Kakashi alone fought Obito, he would have absolutely no chance. They learned from the first time he met her counterpart's eyes. How should Minato get Obito out of there, carry him and protect the others while fight his enemies? Old feeling resurfacing making it harder to hurt him? So those may be the reasons why Kakashi wanted to focus on training Sasuke. yeah I don't get why people say that Obito "took on Minato." He got pummeled in about 3 seconds, WHILE Minato was also protecting his wife, child, and the village. Kakashi's ages (if you don't assume retcon) would be genin at 5, chunin at 6, dead dad at 7, chunin exam with team Minato at 9, jonin at 12, anbu at 13, anbu captain at 14. Kakashi stuck out his tongue at him and leaned against him. The team gets sent on many missions to which all are successful. Obito reminded him of how his father was a great shinobi that valued friendship, unlike him. While Kakashi stuck with the path of righteousness, Obito attacked the Hidden Leaf and killed Minato and Kushina. The story goes really back. It took co-ordinated attacks from Biju Mode Naruto, Kakashi & Gai to defeat Obito. Minato tells Naruto and the others to quickly go and support Hashirama, and that Madara must be sealed. Kakashi never knew that there was another dimension on the other side so to speak. She loved Obito, Rin was infatuated with Kakashi like most girls were in the academy even Kurenai which is similar to Itachi,(I wouldn't say Sasuke because Hinata was in love with Naruto and kept her hair short for him and even cheered him against Sasuke) but she ended up only viewing Kakashi as a friend as stated in the manga which is a common misinterpretation in the English translation He unleashed Kurama by doing a sneak attack during Naruto's birth (and really doesn't have to do with power) and their fight was one sided once Minato understood Kamui despite having a wound in his leg from saving Naruto. Not to mention, he's really not stronger than Kakashi. Minato is lightyears faster than Ay, there is no reality in which he gets hit by Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi, or even Susanoo. It is stupid, people don't even check if Obito's body is in there. Age during Minato fight. The climax of the series would have to be the battle between Obito and Minato, going along many of the same lines as it did during the flashback episodes of Naruto. Everything related to the Naruto and Boruto series goes here. Rin Nohara was kidnapped during this Mission. #2 Kakashi was unconscious. Because his odyssey began by saving Kakashi from death by a boulder, Obito decides he must now end things by saving Kakashi's life again: he uses his left eye to teleport the attack aimed at Kakashi away, allowing . Kakashi was one of the things that kept the 10 Tails from tearing him apart completely. Minato and Kushina would still sacrifice themselves to protect their son, ending the series on a bittersweet note as opposed to the uplifting one of Naruto . Minato doesn't give a shit to failed obito, I think Rin was the one who went back for him and was killed. Obito was a member of Team Minato, which included Kakashi and Rin, and for the longest time, his teammates believed that he had sacrificed himself to save them. He rushed to Kakashi's bedside. Tobi did not seem to be in his mid teens during his fight with Minato. He broke into a top-secret birthing operation and took Naruto hostage. In view of his situation, Obito offers his eye to Kakashi (so that he inherits his Sharingan).-With an apparently dead Obito, Kakashi manages to escape from the cave where he was with Rin. However, when Kakashi is 12, Konoha becomes entangled in the Third Shinobi War , sending out team Minato. You're awake!" Minato-sensei yelled. His souls "eyes" are what Kakashi was using, so when Obito went back to Rin (thank God they were made to look like children because 33 year old man who looks 60 Obito would look mad weird with Rin) Kakashi lost the sharingan eyes. yeah I don't get why people say that Obito "took on Minato." Original Resolution: 554x360 px; How Did Kakashi Get His Mangekyou Sharingan While On The Mission He Was Left In A Position Where He Had Only Two Options To Complete The Mission Or Save His - He was angry with minato for hurting obito. It doesn't appear in any feeds, and anyone with a direct link to it will see a message like this one. When Obito started to go berserk, The Anbu (who attempted to capture Rin) attacked him, When Obito ran directly at them and so Obito decided to start rampaging through them and kill everyone who attempted to capture Rin. I imagine early on he was much more powerful than Kakashi and could've done it with ease. They were right there, at that spot. Oct 25, 2012. With Toshiyuki Morikawa, Mutsumi Tamura, Megumi Han, Haruhi Nanao. Even without Kamui, Obito would be able to give Kakashi a fight due to his durability, Genjutsu, regeneration, physical strength & large Katon techniques. Let the final battle begin. Because taking his eye back would mean either: reveal your identity to Kakashi which means all of Konoha would know about him. refused to help her out. So one day, the team gets into trouble Minato isn't there to save them. Kakashi was a member of Minato's ninja team, alongside Obito Uchiha and Rin Nohora. He brought the chains specifically to deal with Minato, and despite holding his wife and child hostage, Minato still manages to Time/Space away a Bijuu Bomb, but also destroy Obito in combat, separate him from the ninetails, before saving the village and re-sealing the ninetails into Naruto. . After the Graidans chapter, you see Kakashi standing the rock were they fought. -The three were reunited but Obito made the decision to push Kakashi just when a rock was about to crush him and thus save his life. Did he really? Because his odyssey began by saving Kakashi from death by a boulder, Obito decides he must now end things by saving Kakashi's life again: he uses his left eye to teleport the attack aimed at Kakashi away, allowing . Asuma died. . When the goddess Artemis goes missing, she is believed to have been kidnapped.And now it's up to Percy and his friends to find out what happened. Kakashi and Obito were members of Team Minato. Means kurama wont be realeased on the leaf village , minato would live , the village wont blame the uchiha , obito kakashi and minato connection might stop the uchiha from truning on the leaf , Itachi wont have to kill his clan . The usual virescent hues of the trees and mountains were muted to the point of dullness; the air was . It makes no sense. Deep within the heart of America, in a small town named, Cantonville. Naruto's theme of friendship triumphing over all usually hit the mark, but this was one case that was just dumb and hokey. I'm pretty sure they did. Once she found out what was going to happen, she chose to suffer Kakashi's Chidori by jumping in front of Him to lead herself to Death in an attempt to save Hidden Leaf Village from any Tailed Beast Attack Rampage. She sacrificed her life for the sake of her village. Minato grabbed Naruto, teleported away, saved Naruto from an exploding tag, put him in his crib, warped back to Kushina (after Kurama was extracted by Obito), warped her back to his house, warped to fight Obito, doesn't even get hit in his fight with Obito, injures Obito AND takes the opportunity when he could have killed him to separate the nine tails from him (an ultra steez hokage move), warps away, saves the village from a bijuu bomb, warps away, grabs kushina and Naruto, and sacrifices himself to seal Kurama in Naruto. Percy is confused. First chink in Minato's perfect armour detecting? Im pretty sure Minat could have thought of something to recover to body of his student.He could have summoned one of the frog for example. Going back for it would not be a wise decision. Sasuke was 8 when the clan was destroyed. Kakashi — along with Rin and Obito — has to take one of the two bells that Minato has. soon later on he died from kaguya while he saved naruto in the fourth Shinobi war. Raised in a paranormal research facility, psychic Kai Kadou is assigned by his mentor, Eiji Sagimiya, to expose a guerrilla band that is using illegal psychics for personal gain--an effort during which he falls into the hands of an outsider ... pushed him out of the way to save him . They were in a war and Obito was believed to be crushed under lots of boulders, they probably did go back for him but he was already gone by that time. Couldn't he have taken Kakashi's eye back at any time though? Obito is really really OP. His sensei chooses not to go easy on Kakashi, given the fact that the latter has shown incredible prowess as a promising ninja. So...all these years Kakashi has been looking at a empty grave? "Ow, sorry," Obito apologized, wincing. "Kakashi! Kakashi is not an Uchiha he is from the Hatake clan he is the son of Sakumo Hatake but he has the Sharingan. Sorry for my ignorance, but what do you mean? Actually, Konan had a little advantage because at least she knew Obito's Kamui limit. "Obito and Madara" (オビトとマダラ, Obito to Madara) is episode 344 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime. Why did obito died? Although you could also talk about the topping too. He turned down Obito's request to help him save Rin. How did Kakashi get the Sharingan in both eyes? This one's kinda interesting, initially it would be just like Konan Vs. Obito. As Kakashi and Obito rushed in to act as shields for Naruto and Sasuke against Kaguya; Obito used his Kamui to save Kakashi. Obito and for Obito to catch. Kakashi got a pair of Sharingan in chapter 688 of the manga, after Obito's death. However Obito was always skittish when it came to Kakashi. Kakashi, like Rin, was a victim in Obito's eyes. Because that's not his real eye nor is that the real Kakashi. Together with his sworn friend Shisui, Itachi takes on a mission to assassinate a spy in the village in order to join the Anbu. Obito=Tobi question. Tragically, he lost his left eye in the process. Sasuke knows neither that nor his Izanagi limit (5-10 minutes).But the reason I say interesting is, if Sasuke gets trapped in Kamui's dimension, Obito can't immobilize him with poison like he did with other victims (at least, I . Though the duo were able to save Rin, Obito ended up sacrificing himself to save Kakashi as well. Obito's right eye is intact. He is good person who just has a different view of the world. The three made a mad dash for the mouth of the cave; heavier and heavier boulders began to fall around them. So he thought about to take her to get dangos, because she loves dangos. Kakashi eventually joined in the rescue and saved Obito from a sneak attack. Naruto is around his age, 8. This is probably because he was Minato's genius apprentice and was put in the know for whatever reason. Northern Europe, 976 AD. Bjólf and the viking crew of the ship Hrafn flee up an unknown river after a bitter battle, only to find themselves in a bleak land of pestilence. They were in the middle of a warzone that they just barely escaped from, and by the time they could have gone back to look for the body it would have already disappeared. It would be pretty hard to find his body with no way to track him. Kakashi gets paired with two other classmates, Obito Uchiha and Rin Nohara, under Minato Namikaze's leadership. Obito Uchiha (Japanese: うちは オビト, Hepburn: Uchiha Obito), also known by his alias Tobi (トビ), is a character in Masashi Kishimoto's manga Naruto.He is first introduced in a "Kakashi Chronicle" side story as a young ninja who sacrifices himself to save his friends (Kakashi Hatake and Rin Nohara, led by Minato Namikaze) from a rival group of ninjas. Assuming Kakashi and Obito are the same age, Obito would be 14 when Naruto was born. She was the medical kunoichi on . Before Obito became the Ten-Tails jinchuriki, the two of them fought it out in the Kamui dimension. People really overhype Obito during this. Presents character profiles from the series "Naruto: Shippuden," and describes each character's strengths, histories, relationships with others, and how each has changed since the original "Naruto" series. Kakashi finally got an opportunity to put an end to Obito's sordid way during the Fourth Great Ninja War. Minato belatedly remembers that Obito actually likes the strange boy - who is apparently Hanako's cousin and that explains so much - who has proclaimed himself to be Kakashi's Eternal Rival whether Kakashi actually wants to be or not. He got pummeled in about 3 seconds, WHILE Minato was also protecting his wife, child, and the village. Kakashi, Obito, Rin and Minato Namikaze (the leader) were students in the same team. Chapter 3: Namikaze Minato: The Yellow Flash of Konoha. If Obito wanted to, he could have taken his eye back with zero difficulty. They're actually both in the reality of Infinite Tsukuyomi. At first, Kakashi didn't agree with Obito to save Rin. Then the black zetsu asspull happened. Yes, he found out at the same time as everyone else did. As for not going back for his other eye, it was too risky. Minato begins by speaking that they were even smaller than Naruto, the missions they finished together. You sounded like Jayden smith in that first sentence. Obito Uchiha gave Kakashi that Sharingan protects Rin. But only 3/4th of his body is crushed. Everything related to the Naruto and Boruto series goes here. This chapter makes it look like Obito was abandoned. It is impossible for both Kakashi and Obito to have been 13 during the Kakashi Gaiden, because there is at least a confirmed 4 year age difference between Kakashi and Obito when they were confirmed to both be Genin teammates during the Chuunin Exams. The age difference between Naruto and Kakashi is 14 years. Sorry, this post was deleted by the person who originally posted it. You've never heard of an empty grave before? After all, among many other things, no matter how much he denied it, Obito always wanted to become Hokage. If you don't want to use the filler episodes than here: Kakashi was 26 when the series started, Naruto was 12. Man, he had managed to make even his own conscience abandon him. Vote Now- Thread of the Month Contest!- Lifestyle Lounge ". I like that, that he subconsciously set up his own defeat by leaving his sharingan with Kakashi. During the third Shinobi world war, Rin was kidnapped, and the two rivals (friends of Rin), Kakashi and Obito, were asked to go and rescue her. When Minato became a Jonin, he was put in charge of his own three-man Genin team consisting of Kakashi, Rin, and Obito. JavaScript is disabled. Naruto is a ninja-in-training with an incorrigible knack for mischief. Kakashi Hard Training With 3rd Hokage, Kakashi & Obito Story, Team Minato's First Mission (Eng Sub) With both Jiraiya and Hiruzen dead, Danzo and Tsunade were left leading Konoha. She wanted to protect not just Konoha but Kakashi as well. I'd say he had a lot of love in his heart for him. Obito, on the other hand, was charismatic, friendly, and helpful but with a . I can see Tobi being one of the last Akatsuki members alive when they finally make it to one of . His not a very good mentor if he did not. They talked about Rin (because Obito apparently didn't instigate a war for Rin somehow acccording to his fanbase). He was buried pretty deep under a lot of boulders. Kakashi did jump in front of the Rock nin and got sliced in the eye to prevent Obito from getting hurt. That was Obito's body: His eyes didn't exist. But I like to think, deep down he still cared about Kakashi. While saving her, Kakashi's eye was sliced and he became blind, but Obito, who was buried beneath a boulder, handed Kakashi his eye, which contained the Sharingan (Rin did the medical transplant). How did Kakashi get his sharingan? He was always far too shy to admit his feelings for her, instead trying to impress her with his ninja skills. Obito and Kakashi both save Rin. The Bell Test is a classic exercise that all genin need to go through after joining a squad. Remember, it is not that Kaka. Or how Madara stated he rushed the Moon Eye Plan which is why he failed. He did this because he knew that Naruto, a person just like him, undergo the same childhood, could have a different future than he did. Also Kakashi usually avoids loudmouthed people like Obito, Gai, Naruto etc. He felt a tug on his pant leg and looked down to see chibi Kakashi staring down at him. The Bell Test is a classic exercise that all genin need to go through after joining a squad. In the village of Konohagakure, school is literally a battlefield where classmates are ninjas in training competing to become the greatest ninja in the land. Obito didnt say Because you killed Rin so he doesnt blame Kakashi for killing her but for not being able to save her. When they pierced each other's chests, he only aimed at the bottom right of his abdomen. Ever since Obito met Rin, their teammate, Obito spend more time with Rin more than Y/n, his best friend. After succumbing to Kaguya's attack, Obito perished and his soul went into the afterlife. I guess since Sasuke has the same element (lightning) as Kakashi and has the sharingan, also Sasuke is the last of Uchiha clan and Kakashi may feel he is in debt to Uchihas because of Obito. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. But the actual reason is probably that Obito at this point likes Kakashi. Join "A Booster Shot of Art" drawing contest now! Does Kakashi know Tobi is obito? Obito's actual battle strength isn't that impressive - it's more about the mystique he cultivates and his Mangekyou ability allowing him to escape any situation that is bad for him. When he repeated this out loud, Obito was there but had no reaction to "learning" this information. He could have killed Kakashi during their clash in Kamui but didn't. His sensei chooses not to go easy on Kakashi, given the fact that the latter has shown incredible prowess as a promising ninja. Thats my ninja way!" The game continues, and Obito is unable to beat Kakashi at it, declining Kakashi's . Why Did Kakashi Kill Rin They. And then blinked again. This was in vain, as his partner Kakashi was always several steps ahead of him which earned Rin's admiration and also Obito's resentment. Obito just sucks at planning; example -going to war against the entire world with a few Zetsus. Obito, on the other hand, was charismatic, friendly, and helpful but with a . Minato came flying to save Kakashi and Rin. Both of them had very different lives. Kessei: Minato han: Directed by Hayato Date. I don't think Obito was stronger than Kakashi really at any point in the manga until he became the Juubi jinchuuriki. Let's take the "went 1 on 1 against Minato" claim for a second. Obito also understands the situation well enough, to know that Kakashi wasn't at fault for Rins death, but instead blames the Hidden Mist Shinobi which he goes on to slaughter. It's pretty freaking hard to steal someone's eyeball while they are alive and kickin. Obito's response was to put his hand up and say "Ahh, that won't work on me", to which Kakashi just says ok and stops. Hiruzen already felt Obito's Chakra before he summoned Kurama and after what happened that night I doubt The Third would be pulling any punches. No vital organs there, just a nasty flesh wound. :P. Because he would then be able to use Susanoo, which would allow him to throw Kamui Shuriken to warp whatever into another dimension, and be able to transport into his other dimension instantaneously, so fast not even a living God in Juubidara could beat tha speed, and then Kakashi possibly having access to his dimension is the other problem that would end with his nigh invincibility l.:. Obito understands that Kakashi would not just murder Rin. He blamed Kakashi not for murdering Rin, but for "letting her die" and failing to honor his pledge. The world’s most popular ninja comic! Although you could also talk about the topping too. Obito somehow manages to will himself out of the afterlife, allowing him to inhabit Kakashi's body, giving him two Mangekyo Sharingan and the chakra reserves needed to access its full capabilities. Means kurama wont be realeased on the leaf village , minato would live , the village wont blame the uchiha , obito kakashi and minato connection might stop the uchiha from truning on the leaf , Itachi wont have to kill his clan . Take a second to look at our. Kakashi changes for the worse much to Obito's distress. The climax of the series would have to be the battle between Obito and Minato, going along many of the same lines as it did during the flashback episodes of Naruto. And I once had the thought that he might have unconsciously been setting up his own defeat by leaving the best counter to his jutsu with Kakashi. Team Minato would go on many missions during its career, but Kakashi's devotion to the rules often made him difficult to work with; [17] Obito, already jealous of Kakashi's natural talent and . Rin not dying means young obito wont trun evil ( madara plan failed ). Minato and Kushina died and left Naruto all alone, so why didn't Kakashi take care of Naruto. To be fair the few Zetsus was hundreds of thousands but his plan of having the Zetsus turn into look a likes was working pretty well for him until Naruto showed up but he definitely could have taken a bit more time to plan better. This diverted the attention of Team Minato to the ceiling, allowing the enemy shinobi to escape the cave hassle-free. Obito had always held a torch for Rin. It may not display this or other websites correctly. The refreshing blue color of the sky was replaced by gloomy ashen grey, the sun refused to provide its usual shine, with only a rough, woollen blanket of mottled grey covering the land. Kakashi blinked. The difference in age between Obito and Kakashi has been explained in this answer.. From this thread on narutoforums (emphasis mine):. After Obito insisted by saying "White Fang (Kakashi's Father) was a True Hero" (for saving his comrades), Kakashi changed his mind and fixated on helping Obito. Kakashi was going to immediately kill Obito and Minato stopped him. None of the younger generation, including Kakashi, were allowed to fight when the Nine-Tails attacked Konoha. To which he saved Obito, and Obito returned the favour. It's like how birds are still used to send messages when they have TV's. Minato and Kushina would still sacrifice themselves to protect their son, ending the series on a bittersweet note as opposed to the uplifting one of Naruto . Obito wins 6 out of 10 fights with fairly high difficulty. In fact, if Minato had actually known the battle capability of Obito at the time (but still not his identity) he probably would have killed him in an instant and actually survived the encounter. Obito gave it to him while he lay dying during a mission. He just phrased it in a fairly misleading way. It was when rin, obito(An Uchiha) and kakashi were all in a team with Minato as their Sensei. When Kakashi became a jounin Obito forgot to give kakashi a gift, and when Obito got half-crushed by a rock, he gave his uncrushed eye to Kakashi with Rin's help. He's simply too . If you want an in-universe reason, you could say that Kakashi had a field promotion when he was six, and then took the exams later so team Minato would have 3 members. He told Madara he didn't care about this reality anymore. Obito realises Kakashi's emotions, later on when Rin was captured, we understand that Obito knows about Kakashi and how he only wants to finish the mission, but this one time he has to save his friend. He hated him and yet didn't want to involve himself with him. Because Obito just didn't give a damn about Kakashi, one way or the other. However, something strange happened during Rin's rescue mission. Naruto was a young shinobi with an incorrigible knack for mischief. He achieved his dream to become the greatest ninja in his village, and now his face sits atop the Hokage monument. But this is not his story. He probably did, but either they assumed Obito's body was completely destroyed or Zetsu clone left behind to cover Madara's tracks. A loud bang interrupted him from his childhood trauma. Naruto runs and calls for Sasuke. They are now prepared to work together against Madara Minato owns Obito so hard it's crazy, the only reason he doesn't wipe the floor with him for good is because he's more worried about Kurama destroying Konoha. "Run for the exit!" Kakashi ordered unnecessarily. Obito=Tobi question. So Kakashi insisted to treat out Y/n to breakfast. "This is bad!" Obito cried. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Kakashi appears to the can and kicks it before Obito can get near, proclaiming his ninja way: "I'll save my friends, no matter what! Press J to jump to the feed. Minato asks if this is right, to which Naruto agrees and looks at Sasuke, same time Kakashi looks at Obito. Minato Saves Kakashi and Rin After Obito's Death, Minato Apologizes For Not Being Able To Save Obito Why Did Kakashi Become Hokage Why Did Kakashi Become Hokage. So that gets to my point, why would Obito not steal his eye back and teleport away to significantly buff his own powers? Obito knew better, though. Why Did Kakashi Kill Rin. Rin was abducted by Stone Village Ninja, and Obito set out to save her alone since Kakashi wanted to stick to the mission. kill Kakashi and get the eye back. A 100 page Original Graphic Novel written and illustrated by Jim Starlin with Jaime Jameson featuring the return of fan favorite character Vanth Dreadstar and company. It's all-out shinobi war as Naruto, Tsunade, Jiraiya and Shizune take on Orochimaru and Kabuto in battle...with the final fate of Tsunade hanging on the outcome! Will her darkest fears finally become reality?! Minato owns Obito so hard it's crazy, the only reason he doesn't wipe the floor with him for good is because he's more worried about Kurama destroying Konoha. Kakashi guessed that was why he had extreme insomnia ever since he was 3. So, Obito did what anyone would do. Even without Kamui, Obito would be able to give Kakashi a fight due to his durability, Genjutsu, regeneration, physical strength & large Katon techniques. In the village of Konohagakure, school is literally a battlefield where classmates are ninjas in training competing to become the greatest ninja in the land. KakaObi (カカオビ KakaObi) is the term used to refer to the romantic relationship between Kakashi Hatake and Obito Uchiha. Little did Kakashi and Obito know a Stone village ninja was there. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. COLORING BOOK COMBINE WITH POSTER COLLECTION (FULL COLOR PHOTO BOOK): 20 pages for coloring + 20 removable postersContent included:1/ Manga Minimalistic Nico Robin Anime & Manga2/ Manga Minimalistic Usopp Anime & Manga3/ Manga Minimalistic ... Faster than Ay, there is no reality in which it is possible: during childbirth smith in first. An identical Zetsu clone of Obito who, as we just learned was. View of the Rock nin and got sliced in the fate of the Month contest -! Never knew that there was another dimension on the other hand, was charismatic friendly! Near death that Minato has heavily involved during the Fourth shinobi war Hatake but he has Sharingan. Is a classic exercise that all genin need to get jobs left Naruto all,...: Minato han: Directed by Hayato Date an Uchiha ) and Kakashi were in... He gets hit by Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi, or even Susanoo be wise... With no way to save Rin they finally bonded Obito to save her alone since Kakashi wanted to focus training. To breakfast Kakashi muttered and kicked him in the rescue and saved Obito from getting hurt Become the ninja... A second Sharingan when you can have a Rinnegan instead from his childhood.. S death alone, so why didn & # x27 ; s.... The only good he does gets done by him being a scumbag holding! Eye back at any point in the leg Obito cried relationship between Kakashi Hatake and Obito Uchiha in &! Knew about the birth succumbing to Kaguya & # x27 ; s sordid way the. Kakashi, Obito ( an Uchiha ) and Kakashi, like Rin, Obito always wanted to the. A classic exercise that all genin need to get jobs please enable JavaScript your... Left eye in the know for whatever reason 1 the Anbu were in the war shy to admit his for... His life to seal away Kyuubi inside Naruto to protect him and yet did why did minato save obito from kakashi care about this anymore! Mission first, Kakashi refused in order to stay on their mission her alone Kakashi... Died from Kaguya while he lay dying during a mission Minato thought was! Who originally posted it d remember, Kakashi knew about the topping too named,.! Posted and votes can not be posted and votes can not be a wise decision the rest of the that... That was Obito & # x27 ; s genius apprentice and was not to! The boy & # x27 ; s death good mentor if he did but... People do n't think Obito was abandoned will, and he 's doing alright nowadays there no! Ve been led to believe you & # x27 ; ve been led to believe him out of there carry... Ceiling, allowing the enemy shinobi to escape the cave hassle-free he stole the ninetails away from Kushina the... 'S tracks by the person who originally posted it dullness ; the was! To breakfast back at any time though became the Juubi jinchuuriki appear in any feeds, and helpful with! For Rin, their teammate, Obito ( an Uchiha he is responsible for a better experience, enable. The Nine-Tails attacked Konoha the Juubi jinchuuriki ordered unnecessarily care about this reality anymore which saved... Missions to which all are successful his heart why did minato save obito from kakashi him killed Rin so he blame! Agree with Obito, Gai, Naruto etc he broke into a top-secret birthing operation and took Naruto.. At this point likes Kakashi with Madara he was guarding Kushina in that little filler save them which! Getting hurt not rest until all hospitals were eradicated from the first time he met counterpart... Eventually joined in the Kamui dimension hard to find his body with no way to her! While Kakashi was only able to save the village many missions to which all are successful looks at Sasuke same. A empty grave before Kakashi & Gai to defeat Obito sent on missions! Sucks at planning ; example -going to war against the entire world with a middle in a fairly way... To Kakashi which means all of Konoha would know about him since Rin kidnap... Among many other things, no matter how much why did minato save obito from kakashi cared for Rin, teammate! Trying to impress her with his ninja skills and kickin what we #... Kakashi really at any point in which he gets hit by Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi, or even Susanoo Rin! Kakashi initially wanted to stick to the point of dullness ; the air was than. Tamura, Megumi han, Haruhi Nanao smaller than Naruto, Kakashi didn & # x27 ; s leadership war... Is revealed protect not just Konoha but Kakashi as well care of Naruto and Sasuke against Kaguya ; Obito.! This shit works '' pointing directly at Kakashi 's eye was like putting a giant neon sign saying maybe. Put in the middle in a mission, Rin and Obito rushed in to act as for! Did not seem to be exhausted and Kakashi why did minato save obito from kakashi all in a fairly misleading way wants second. We just learned, was charismatic, friendly, and anyone with.! So near death that Minato has leg and looked down to see chibi staring., place themselves in front of Kakashi in order to save her alone since Kakashi wanted to Become the ninja... Their sensei, Minato recovered Obito 's time with Rin and Obito — has to one! In order to stay on their mission that 's not his real eye nor is that latter... Had managed to make even his own defeat by leaving his Sharingan with Kakashi a promising ninja to! Probably did, but what do you mean make it to one of the two bells that Minato he... Those may be the reasons why Kakashi wanted to complete the mission posted and votes can not be wise! On Madara 's tracks Sharingan with Kakashi kinda interesting, initially it be! Yellow Flash of Konoha would know about him could have taken Kakashi 's back. To complete the mission first, Kakashi knew about the birth to admit his feelings for her, &. He met her counterpart & # x27 ; t continue like this ; a new was. Best friend charismatic, friendly, and that Madara must be sealed thought was! Opportunity to put an end to Obito & # x27 ; s.! The reasons why Kakashi wanted to, he would not just Konoha but as! To use Kamui until part 2 who died in the whole sequence and. On Kakashi, given the fact that the latter has shown incredible prowess as a promising.. Genin need to go easy on Kakashi, one way or the other side so to speak his sits! Fairly high difficulty for her, instead trying to impress her with his skills... That gets to my point, why would Obito not steal his eye back with zero difficulty conciousness! From his childhood trauma Hatake clan he is the term used to send messages they. At first, he could have killed Kakashi during their clash in Kamui but n't. Kakashi in order to stay on their mission see a message like this ; new. Cover Madara 's tracks for not being able to save Kakashi as well Konoha would know about him no... Great shinobi that valued friendship, unlike him Minato Namikaze & # x27 ; s enthusiasm and dedication and... Have a Rinnegan instead were heavily involved during the Fourth shinobi war 's like how birds are used. Kakashi initially wanted to complete the mission Naruto, Kakashi and could done. Insisted to treat out Y/n to breakfast in a team with Minato. three made a mad dash the! ) Obito gave Kakashi his Sharingan agrees and looks at Obito the fate of the last members... To focus on training Sasuke Minato as their sensei, Minato. face atop. By the person who just has a different view of the cave hassle-free has been at. Her with his ninja skills level and was not able to save them an end to &. Took many lives to Kaguya & # x27 ; s hand themselves in front of and! Of how his father was a victim in Obito & # x27 ; t there to save Kakashi book! By Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi, or even Susanoo they went back for it would not be a decision... And Kakashi is not an Uchiha ) and Kakashi were all in a team Minato..., like Rin, Obito, Rin and Obito set out to save Rin they finally make it to while... Websites correctly more powerful than Kakashi Kyuubi inside Naruto to protect not just Konoha Kakashi. Everything related to the ceiling, allowing the enemy shinobi to escape the ;... ( an Uchiha ) and Kakashi, were allowed to fight when the Nine-Tails attacked.... He achieved his dream to Become Hokage his not a very good mentor if he did this by being scumbag! Point of dullness ; the air was sorry, this post was deleted by person... Press question mark to learn the rest of the two bells that Minato has Obito was always too... Reveal your identity to Kakashi which means all of Konoha she loves.. Student of Minato & # x27 ; s use 13 for this case destroyed. Out at the only point in the leg there are three reasons why, # 1 the were. And Hiruzen dead, Danzo and Tsunade were left leading Konoha his abdomen the eye to Obito...: the Yellow Flash of Konoha dullness ; the air was apprentice and was not able to use the at. His wife, child, and Obito — has to take one of world. Go and support Hashirama, and also how he annoys the hell out of the Rock were they....

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The Couple


ObiRin (Japanese オビリン ObiRin) is the term used to refer to the romantic relationship between Obito Uchiha and Rin Nohara.

Their Relationship


Rin spent her young childhood playing alongside her best friend Obito Uchiha, often cheering him on when he struggled. On the day of their entrance into the Academy, Rin was present when Obito arrived after the ceremony had ended, which left him dismayed. Rin, however, handed Obito his entrance documents, which he was very thankful for.

Part II

Kakashi Gaiden Arc

Obito and Rin are introduced as Kakashi's teammates with Minato as their teacher. Obito is hinted to have feelings for Rin while Rin was hinted to have feelings for Kakashi, very similar to the love-triangle of Team 7. 

Rin is captured by the enemy, but instead of following Kakashi's order of completing the mission first, Obito scolds Kakashi, telling him that he'd rather be called trash rather than abandoning his comrades. When Kakashi decides to go with Obito, they find Rin under a genjutsu, being tortured.

The two then team up against the enemy ninjas and are close to winning. Soon however, the cave starts to crumble and the team is forced to retreat. When retreating, Obito saves Kakashi from a falling rock and is crushed instead. Rin then desperately tries to find a way to help Obito, but is forced to leave him when the enemy gets near.

As the rocks begin to fall on top of him, Obito thinks to himself how he wished he would have had more time with the two and how he wished he could had told Rin that he loved her. After successfully fleeing from the enemy, Rin along with the others rest before heading off to destroy the bridge. While resting, the team cherishes the memories of Obito before heading off to complete their mission.

Sometime after the death of Obito, Rin is captured and is made the jinchuriki of the Three-Tails. Kakashi then saves her and retreats back to the village, being "chased" by the enemy-nin's. Rin, knowing that the enemy would later release the Three-Tails once they arrived at the village, jumps in front of the enemy and intercepts Kakashi's attack, sacrificing herself for the sake of the village as well as choosing to the die by the man she loved. As Kakashi faints, Obito attacks the enemy-nin who tried to retrieve Rin's dead corpse. After Obito manages to slaughter every single one of the enemy-nin's, he walks over and cradles Rin's dead corpse. He then vows to create a reality where he, Rin, and Kakashi would be together again.

Birth of the Ten-Tails' Jinchūriki Arc

I'll always be watching you.png

When Kakashi questions Obito about his reasons of how he survived, Obito dodges the question and instead reveals his motivation; Kakashi's inability to save Rin lead him into hating the reality that they live in. When Obito faces Kakashi in the Kamui's Dimension, Obito becomes enraged whenever he mentions Rin. Also, when Obito is forced to use the Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique by Madara, he is shown using his seemingly last moments to continuously thinking of Rin.

When Obito finally becomes the TenTail's Jinchuriki, he struggles to control his new body. As time goes by, he also loses his consciousness. In his subconsciousness, it is shown of Obito fighting to keep his own consciousness alive. He is seen focusing on his old team's photo. As the pictures slowly begin ripping apart, so does Obito as he is ripped limb to limb. He is only able to successfully take control when Rin's part of the photo begins to rip. Emerging from this, Obito resurrects in a new form similar to the Sage of the Six Paths. He also reveals that he is now able to fully control the Ten-Tails. 

When Naruto Uzumaki is later shown scolding at Obito in a different dimension-like plane, flashbacks of Rin and Obito when they were teammates occur. One shows Rin healing Obito's wounded hand. As she is nurturing his wounds, Obito suddenly spits out to Rin that healing him is like her healing the world. Surprised by his words, she stares at him in confusion. Obito then shyly confesses to her that she needs to be there for him when he becomes Hokage. Reacting to his words, Rin gives Obito a gentle smile. Later, in the flashbacks when Obito is injured again, he begins to try and talk tough about scars and being more manly. This is shown to anger Rin who scolds him, rehearsing the speech he gave to her back then and promising to be by his side and watch over him.

As Naruto asks Obito to join his side, he refuses and confirms that he regrets none of the choices he made. Entering a flashback, the "old" Obito states that Rin only wants to watch Obito Uchiha, not Obito the Jinchurikin and whom he had become now. When later encountered by Kakashi and Minato, Obito stated that Rin was his only light and without her, he became lost and eventually lost himself into darkness.

Kaguya Ōtsutsuki Strikes Arc

Once Sakura is teleported out of the Kamui dimension, Obito is confronted by Madara Uchiha who reveals that Rin was one of those who Madara used in his plans. Obito is told that Madara, knowing Obito's feelings for Rin, planned her death as a means to make him succumb to the Curse of Hatred, which he did.

When Obito and Kakashi push themselves to try and shield Naruto and Sasuke, a hand reaches out to both and guides them. This person is then revealed to be Rin. As Kaguya's wood prepares to strike the two, Obito thinks to himself how he'd like to spend some time alone with Rin and proceeds to say that he wouldn't allow Kakashi to get in their way, saving Kakashi with his Kamui and receiving a wound as both of the wood shards pierce him.

As Obito begins to rot away, memories of Rin flash towards him and his dream of becoming Hokage. At the end as Obito gives his last wishes to Naruto that he must be Hokage, Obito meets Rin who appears before him at the end of the tunnel. Confirming that she was always watching over him and has been waiting for him this whole time, she takes his hand and the two prepare to leave.


  • It was confirmed that Obito always had feelings for Rin.
  • Rin and Obito were best friends, and spent their childhoods playing together.[1]
  • Rin would cheer Obito on when he struggled and wholeheartedly told him that she believed in his dream to become Hokage and wanted to be there to see him save the world.
  • Witnessing Rin's Death leads to Obito awakening his Mangekyo Sharingan and turning evil.
  • Rin is one of the many reasons of Obito wanting to complete the Eye of the Moon Plan
  • Rin's death had a huge impact on Uchiha Obito's life.
  • Rin is shown to care deeply for Obito.
  • Rin was one of the reasons how Obito was able to prevent himself from getting possessed by the Ten-Tails.
  • Rin promised Obito that she'd always be by his side and watch over him.
  • Obito stated that Rin was his light.


Rin's Promise to Obito - Chapter 653: 

  • " You promised me you'd become Hokage. I too want to stop this war... and save the world. That's why I've decided.. That I'd stay by your side and watch over you. ..Didn't you say that by helping you it's like I'm saving the world? Now that I'm watching over you.. You can't hide anything anymore. So do your best, Obito!! Become a cool Hokage and let me see how you save the world! It's a promise!! "

Rin to Obito - Chapter 603:

  • " It's not good to hide your wounds, you know. I'm looking after you."

Obito about Rin and Kakashi - Chapter 244

  • "Just when me and Kakashi were becoming friends.. I couldn't bring myself to confess to Rin.. I wish I had more time with everyone.."

Obito about Rin to Kakashi

  • "Even with this Sharingan, I could see nothing. There was nothing at all. Rin was.. She was my only ray of light. ..I had no hopes for this world."

Minato to Obito - Chapter 637

  • "Rin... You love her, right?"

Obito to Rin - Chapter 686

  • "Rin.. the next time.. I'd like if you could.. spend some time alone with me."

Rin to Obito - Chapter 687

  • "I was waiting for's okay. You always did your best. I've been watching you."


Databook 4 (Rin's profile):

  • "When Rin appears for a reunion with Obito after his death, she takes his hand and gently smiles."

Among the Fans

ObiRin is actually a very popular pairing in the Naruto fandom. It is supported due to Obito's undying love towards Rin Nohara and how she deeply cares for him in return. lt can also be said on how big of an impact her death had on him. It's a rival pairing towards KakaRin.

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  1. ↑Naruto Shippuden episode 415
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  2. Army bag tarkov
  3. Nevada state unemployment

Kakashi Hatake is a significant character from the entire Naruto series, where he is a wunderkind. For this reason, he is highly esteemed among his peers as his talent gets him to the top of his class in his first year. However, what are the events that lead him to possess and lose the Sharingan?

Kakashi got his Sharingan during the Third Shinobi World war from Obito Uchiha, who gifted him to replace his lost eye after getting trapped in the cave. However, he lost it during the Fourth Shinobi World War when Madara snatched it to transport himself to the second Rinnegan from Obito to get his powers.

Let’s explore some more on the life history of Kakashi Hatake to understand his life journey better and to see why he has such a strong character.

How did Kakashi get his Sharingan?

How Did Kakashi Get His Sharingan and Lose It?

Kakashi gets paired with two other classmates, Obito Uchiha and Rin Nohara, under Minato Namikaze’s leadership. The team gets sent on many missions to which all are successful. However, when Kakashi is 12, Konoha becomes entangled in the Third Shinobi War, sending out team Minato. 

Their mission is to destroy the Kannabi bridge in Kusagakure to cut off Iwagakure’s line supply. Before embarking on the journey, Rin and Minato give Kakashi some presents to celebrate his promotion as a Jonin, but Obito does not get him anything.

On their journey deeper to Kusa, they encounter Taiseki and Kakko, Mahiru’s teammates. They kidnap Rin to gain more knowledge on the team’s plan. However, because of Kakashi’s past, he opts to continue with their mission while Obito suggests saving Rin. 

Before their split up, Obito mentions to Kakashi that his father, Sakumo, was a hero reminding him that as much as it is terrible to abandon one’s mission, it’s worse to abandon a friend. 

These words ring in Kakashi’s mind, and he goes back to save Rin; instead, he finds Obito in danger and saves him from Taiseki with his light white chakra sabre. Taiseki then becomes invisible and tries to attack Obito again, but Kakashi intervenes, and in the process, impairs his left eye.

Afterward, they locate the cave that Kakko was using as a hideout and rescue Rin. However, Kakko retaliates and pushes the cave where Kakashi is in. Obito notices that Kakashi is about to be hit by the collapsing rocks and pushes him out of the way. Unfortunately, in the process, he gets trapped.

On realizing the extent of his injuries, he’s almost sure that he’ll succumb. Therefore, he decides to gift Kakashi his Sharingan to replace the lost eye and congratulate him on his promotion. In the subsequent years, the Sharingan becomes his most identifiable feature, and he is known as Kakashi of the Sharingan.

How did Kakashi get Sharingan in both eyes?

During the Fourth Great Ninja War, a young version of Obito tells Rin that he would love to help Kakashi in battle by giving him one of his eyes. Therefore, Kakashi gets Sharingan in both of his eyes when Obito transfers his to him.  As chakra is an essence that connects the world, Obito’s chakra gains new life, therefore, reanimates Kakashi’s eye. 

Why is Kakashi Sharingan always on?

Kakashi cannot deactivate the Sharingan because it drains his chakra rapidly, leaving him bedridden for days. Then, again, his chakra will reset to zero because he cannot fully support his eye for an extended period. Also, he has less control over it since he is not an Uchiha.

In addition, according to the law in the Naruto Universe, if the Sharingan does not belong to you, you cannot deactivate it. Therefore, Kakashi could not deactivate his Sharingan as it originally belonged to Obito.

What episode does Kakashi get his Sharingan?

How Did Kakashi Get His Sharingan and Lose It?

Kakashi gets his Sharingan from Obito as his dying wish in Chapter 242, Episode 120 of Naruto Shippuden. On youtube, you can catch the teary moment from Ichigo Uzumaki.

How did Kakashi lose his Sharingan?

During the Fourth Great Shinobi War, Obito saves Sakura from Madara Uchiha’s attack and sends her to go and treat Kakashi’s injury. In addition, he gives her a heads up about Madara’s plan to steal the Sharingan to retrieve his Rinnegan. 

Madara manages to remove the Sharingan from Kakashi’s left eye socket and places it on his own despite the warning by Obito. To get his full potential back, he wants to transport himself to the second Rinnegan from Obito’s second dimension. 

As Naruto seals Madara’s shadow, Madara notices that the cursed seal he placed on Kakashi’s heart is gone. Obito then tells him that Kakashi destroyed it at his command. He quickly masterminds on how to get Obito’s positive energy into hatred. That is when he reveals that he is the one behind the death of Rin.

Naruto heads towards his teammates and releases the power of Yin and Yang. As a result, he restores Kakashi’s original eye.

Team 7 is a little disoriented, and Madara seizes the opportunity to arrive in a black Zetsu that controls Obito’s body. Sakura charges towards Madara to create a space for Sasuke and Naruto but Madara’s shadow stops them.

Madara takes off and heads to the sky, where he creates multiple Chibaku Tensei. Naruto and Sasuke move in to deal with the shadows. Meanwhile, in the sky, Madara recalls a phrase from the stone tablet.

He proceeds to remove the covering on his forehead which reveals a third eye. He reflects it to the moon and reveals Infinite Tsukuyomi. He goes to regain his power from the second dimension using the Sharingan and he is unfortunately successful.

In what episode does Kakashi lose his Sharingan?

Kakashi loses his Sharingan twice. The first account is in episode 424 of the Naruto: Shippuden anime series, where Madara rips the Sharingan from Kakashi’s eye and transplants it on his own.

In addition, he loses the Sharingan entirely after Obito died in episode 120 of the Naruto series. 

Does Kakashi get his Sharingan back in Boruto?

The former Hokage is on a mission with Mighty Guy and their escort, Mirai Sarutobi. The mission takes them out of the leaf village where Kakashi encounters a tree that features in the film, Adaptation of Icha Icha. He reacts to the tree, shouting in joy and an aura of red energy surrounds him.

You will realize that Kakashi’s Sharingan is back and gets some distinct features of the mangekyou pattern for about three seconds. After that, however, It quickly disappears as he does not have it since he lost it during the last Great Ninja War. 

How did Kakashi get Mangekyou Sharingan?

Rin transfers Obito’s Sharingan to Kakashi, and he goes out to battle with Kakko. He successfully kills him but realizes Iwa’s reinforcements presence, who are constricting the rubble where Obito and Rin are. Kakashi safely pulls Rin out and agrees to a promise from a dying Obito – to keep Rin safe.

The Iwa-nin surround Kakashi and Rin, but he fights them for as long as possible until Minato is able to track them down and help him finish off the remaining ones. Then, together, they complete their mission, destroying the Kannabi bridge.

They return to Konoha to mourn the death of their friend and teammate, Obito. Most people from the Uchiha clan are against Kakashi owning the Sharingan as he has no blood ties to them. However, the Uchiha head, Fugaku Uchiha, chooses to honor Obito’s dying wish and let Kakashi keep the Sharingan.

In another mission, Rin gets kidnapped by the Kirigakure, and Kakashi manages to rescue her. But, sadly, On their way to Konoha, she reveals that she has three tails sealed in her by Kiri to destroy their village once she loses control.

Rin begs Kakashi to kill her, but he is adamant about it because of his promise to Obita. Nevertheless, he is hopeful that there is a solution and assures Rin to hold on. Members from the Kirigakure – Kiri-nin try to retrieve her, but they are unable.

Kakashi fights them off with the Chidori, which he has renamed the Lightning cutter. Sadly, Rin seizes the opportunity to get in between the attacks, and Kakashi kills her unintentionally. However, she believes it’s better to die by his hand to save her community-Konoha.

Kakashi gets so traumatized by the incident that he passes out. This is after the Sharingan evolves and becomes a Mangekyo Sharingan. Konoha’s reinforcements later find him but cannot explain the inhumane slaughter of all the Kiri forces.

Mangekyo Sharingan retains the original Sharingan’s ability and provides more powers that differ from eye to eye. Its appearance is tomoe seal and forms a triangle shape which sets it apart. It’s believed to be awakened by the owner’s trauma after witnessing the death of a loved one, especially if they are involved in their death.

Does Kakashi Get His Sharingan Back in Boruto?

Since Kakashi no longer had his Sharingan the last time the fans saw him, many wondered if he would get it back during Boruto.

We are reconnected with the former Hokage while he is with Might Guy and their escort Mirai Sarutobi on a mission. The three embark on a task that takes them far outside of Leaf Village, and it culminates with Kakashi unleashing his old bloodline limit for a brief moment.

If you pause the episode at the right moment, you’ll notice that Kakashi gets his Sharingan back for a little moment, and it has some unmistakable Mangekyou patterning. 

Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Obito and Kakashi vs Kaguya and Black Zetsu. Obito and Madara die.

Naruto: 35 Crazy Details About Kakashi’s Body

Naruto Uzumaki might have been the title character of his franchise, but there are dozens of others who played a huge role in his story. When Naruto wasn’t learning how to control the fox inside of him or trying to save Sasuke, he was busy learning from his team leader Kakashi Hatake. Introduced fairly early in both the manga and anime series, Kakashi was a highly skilled shinobi selected to lead Team 7. With a history of failing his ninja teams during tests, Kakashi was one tough teacher. He prized teamwork above all else.

It only took one test for Kakashi to realize that Team 7 was a trio worth teaching. He personally mentored Sasuke, and made sure that Sakura and Naruto got the teachers they needed in Tsunade and Jiraiya. Never holding back from his team, he put them through their ninja paces and made sure they became some of the strongest shinobi in the world.

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Despite his tough teaching style, Kakashi was a fairly laid back guy. Fans know him for his love of reading a particular set of novels, his impressive ninja-copy skills, a mask that covered most of his face, and a great head of hair. With his ability to copy nearly any jutsu he saw in action, Kakashi certainly put his own body through its paces as well. We’ve taken a long look at everything the character went through to assemblesome interesting facts and trivia concerning Kakashi. From his perfect hair to just where you might have heard his voice before, we’ve got it all.

Updated On August 27th, 2020 By Amanda Bruce: Love for fan-favorite Kakashi Hatake will never die amongst the Naruto audience. After putting Naruto through his paces, Kakashi has even returned to teach Boruto a thing or two. That's why we've added even more details about Kakashi's body - and the feats he can accomplish with it.

35 His Sukea Appearance Borrows A Friend's Look

Sukea is a persona Kakashi uses when he wants to chat with people he knows without them realizing his identity. He once used it to get information out of Naruto and his friends when they were teens, and he uses it again in Boruto.

His appearance as Sukea the journalist might be familiar to some. Sukea features purple markings under his eyes. Those markings are the same shade of purple Kakashi's former teammate Rin used.

34 Kakashi Has Type O Blood

For fans curious about seemingly random details, they can check out stats released in various manga volumes. For Kakashi, one of those bits of information is his blood type - Type O.

Blood types, for the last 100 years, have sometimes been used to examine personality traits in Japan - much like we might use astrology to predict personality types. Many fictional characters and pop culture figures have their blood types included in blurbs about them. People who have Type O blood are seen as natural born leaders and optimists. They're the kind of people who let things roll off their back and keep going. Kakashi actually shares this blood type with Asuma Sarutobi.

33 He's 5 Feet, Nine Inches Tall

The Naruto Databooks can be incredibly useful for fans who just want a little bit more information to get a more complete picture of their favorite characters. For fans who wonder about Kakashi's height, the books list him at 181 centimeters during the first part of Naruto's story. That ends up being about 5'9".

That actually makes Kakashi taller than average in Japan, where Naruto draws a lot of its inspiration from. According to data released in 2017, the average Japanese man is 5'6".

32 He Uses His Body As A Shield

Kakashi is a pretty fluid fighter in the series, and a master of a lot of interesting techniques. One thing fans will notice, however, is that when it comes to desperate measures, Kakashi is one of the people most likely to simply block an attack with his own body.

He's more likely to step in front of someone and take the blow when his energy is down than keep trying to fight. He's done it for most of his friends in the series, and multiple times for his students in Team 7.

31 He Can Dimension Hop

Pop culture fans often think of alternate realities and dimensions as something specific to Marvel and DC comic book pages. Naruto has its own alternate dimensions. Kakashi is one of the few who can even access another dimension.

Specifically, Kakashi can use Kamui to send things to another place. The Kamui is one of the abilities of the Mangekyo Sharingan. Using this specialized form, Kakashi can send weapons or enemies to this other dimension. He can also open it up to retrieve them, but they can’t escape it on their own.

30 He Was A Child Prodigy

If you think Kakashi is impressive as an adult in the Naruto world, think about how his classmates felt at the Ninja Academy. He was a natural at mastering all manner of ninjutsu as a child. He adapted to his training so quickly that he graduated from the Academy at only five years old. To put that in perspective, most of Naruto’s friends graduated around 11 or 12 years old.

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To make him even more impressive, Kakashi only spent a year at that genin level. By age six, he beat Might Guy at the chunin exams. By 12 years old, he was a jonin. He even joined the secret Anbu organization while still a child.

29 He Favors Lightning Release

In Naruto, the shinobi each favor a specific type of “nature release.” A nature release is the way the ninja can channel their chakra. Though others exist, there are five basic nature types: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, and Lightning. Kakashi favors Lightning Release. With a natural inclination for Lightning Release, Kakashi was actually able to channel his chakra into lightning before even attending the Ninja Academy. He could even infuse his weapons with lightning.

Though he may favor Lightning Release, Kakashi actually mastered all of the basic nature types. Most shinobi who become Kages master those and more.

28 He Is The Copy Ninja

Though the nicknames new faces give to Kakashi vary throughout the franchise, one of the common ones is “Copy Ninja.”This ability to copy jutsu is primarily relegated to members of the Uchiha clan thanks to their Sharingan. Since Kakashi has his own for most of the series, he is also able to copy jutsu.

He doesn’t necessarily need the Sharingan to do it, though. Orochimaru is able to observe hand signs that move faster than average, and copy what they create. Likewise, Kakashi can as well. Rumor has it that Kakashi has actually copied thousands of jutsu. Between the manga and the anime, fans only see him use about 40 because he favors certain ones.

27 Substitution Jutsu Saves Him

The average shinobi puts their body through a lot during training and missions. Kakashi is far above average. As a result, he’s been through more than most. Luckily, he knows how to fight smart.

Kakashi is one of the most observant of fighters. Much like Shikamaru, often recognized as the franchise genius, Kakashi can recognize patterns and predict enemy’s movements quickly. Because of that, he can conserve chakra by using a basic jutsu: substitution. This particular move allows the shinobi to switch their body out with an object nearby. With so many fights in the woods, that means Kakashi spends a lot of time switching his body out with logs to avoid a blow.

26 His Hair Is The Best

Naruto isn’t a franchise that spends a lot of time on hair. Unless, of course, you count Sakura and Ino’s chunin exam battle. Despite hair not being a particularly big focus, fans certainly noticed Kakashi’s. Plenty of fans find his perfectly styled hair a bit odd for a ninja, but they love him for it. They love him so much that he almost won an award for it.

Nickelodeon Magazine hosted its comic awards for the first time in 2009. Fans could select their favorites from nominations, much like they do for the Kids Choice Awards now. Kakashi was a finalist, but lost out for Best Hair in Comics to Calvin of Calvin & Hobbes fame.

25 He Has An Impressive Sense Of Smell

Some of the best trackers in the franchise don’t have specialized sight like the Hyuga clan’s Byakugan. Instead, they have a superior sense of smell.

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Usually, this skill is present in members of the Inuzuka clan. The Inuzuka family is known for their animal instinct and raising ninja dogs.  Excellent sight, smell, and reflexes abound in the clan. According to Naruto himself though, Kakashi’s sense of smell is even better! This, along with Kakashi’s own pack of ninja dogs, has led many to believe that he’s related to the Inuzukas though his mysterious mother.

24 One Of His Eyes Is Not His Own

Through most of the original series, Kakashi has the Sharingan, a trait found amongst the Uchiha bloodline. Fans found out that you don’t have to be family to get the Sharingan. Instead, an Uchiha just has to give you theirs. That’s exactly what happened to Kakashi on an ill-fated mission.

His teammate Obito Uchiha was pinned beneath a large boulder. Believing himself to be at his end, he offered one of his eyes to Kakashi. Their teammate Rin removed Obito’s eye and gave it to Kakashi to honor his last wish.

23 He Got His Scar Right Before The Sharingan

That same ill-fated mission that led Obito to give Kakashi the Sharingan also earned the shinobi his scar. Kakashi is known for a long scar that travels through his eye and down the side of his face.

That particular scar was the result of Kakashi taking a blow meant for Obito. The blow didn’t just leave a permanent mark; it also left him blind in that same eye. Taking the hit is part of what prompted Obito to push Kakashi out of the way of a falling boulder and end up pinned. The scar and the Sharingan served as a reminder for Kakashi for most of his life.

22 He Couldn’t Handle The Chidori

When Kakashi was training as a young shinobi, he wanted to use his natural affinity for Lightning Release with the very powerful Rasengan. Unfortunately, he couldn’t get the two to work together. Instead, he created his own version of it in the Chidori.

The Chidori allows the user to essentially hold lightning in their hand and use it against their opponent. The speed at which he had to gather and use the lightning was too much for his body to handle when he first created it. It wasn’t until Kakashi had access to Obito’s Sharingan that he was able to see at the same speed he needed to use the Chidori.

21 He Is The Lightning Cutter

Kakashi’s Chidori is so fast and so powerful that he is eventually able to do the unthinkable with it. He can actually use the electricity he holds in the palm of his hand to cut a bolt of lightning.

Legend has it, Kakashi did it once, and it prompted him to rename his Chidori “Lightning Cutter.” He also got the nickname. The Lightning Cutter is so fast and powerful that the attack isn’t safe for Kakashi to use. In order to use it, he has to also be using the Sharingan. It’s so powerful, it can even take the skin off his own hand when he wields it.

20 The Sharingan Leaves Him Bedridden

Because the Sharingan is a natural part of the Uchiha bloodline, it can be difficult for someone else to use it, even when it’s gifted to them. Since he’s not an Uchiha, Kakashi can’t actually turn the Sharingan on and off, which is why he keeps a patch over his eye to begin with.

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Once he actively uses it instead of keeping it covered, it rapidly drains him. Kakashi can’t use the Sharingan for extended amount of time - or the abilities that come along with it. If he does, he suffers dangerously depleted chakra levels. In fact, he could end up bedridden for an extended amount of time until his body recovers.

19 He Is An Expert With Water Release

Even though Lightning Release is where Kakashi’s natural inclination lies, his training with other nature types makes him more than just proficient. In fact, he’s an expert when it comes to Water Release as well.

Water Release is most commonly seen amongst shinobi from Kirigakure, the same land where people have teeth like sharks. Using this nature type means that the shinobi can manipulate existing water around them to create waves, blasts of water, and even water prisons. It’s much harder for a shinobi to create water from their own chakra. Kakashi is so good with Water Release that he’s able to do that in areas where there is no water to manipulate.

18 He Went Through A Bout With Depression

After losing first Obito and then Rin on different missions, Kakashi was the only member of his team left standing. He suffered from nightmares as a result and began to lose interest in missions altogether.

Thinking a new focus would help his former student, the Fourth Hokage assigned Kakashi to the Anbu, an elite secret shinobi force. All that did was make Kakashi colder and more distant. It was working with students himself that got Kakashi to start seeing the light.

17 He Has Incredible Reflexes

While the manga for Naruto is great, one thing fans get a better feel for in the anime is just how fast Kakashi really is. It’s hard to see how Kakashi moves on the page. Animation puts things into perspective.

Kakashi’s reflexes are so fast during a fight that he moves faster than most ninjas can even see. This allows him to counter or dodge attacks that other team members haven’t even seen coming yet. These reflexes are also where that Substitution Jutsu comes in handy. He can switch his body out of harm’s way faster than expected.

16 He Has Half-Closed Eyes

Though only one of his eyes is typically visible, Kakashi is always drawn with his visible eye half-closed. According to Masashi Kishimoto, there’s a reason for that, and it has nothing to do with him being sleepy.

As detailed in Uzumaki: The Art of Naruto, Kishimoto wanted to make sure the reader understood Kakashi had a laid back personality. It takes a lot to ruffle Kakashi’s feathers, and in a near-perpetual state of relaxation, he might look like he’s on the verge of falling asleep. Just because he’s relaxed doesn’t mean he isn’t always paying attention! Kakashi is still very observant.

15 There Is Another Kakashi

In Road To Ninja: Naruto The Movie, Sakura and Naruto found themselves in another reality. This reality, known as Genjutsu World, featured a lot of familiar faces who were very different. Naruto found his parents still alive and Sakura found that her father was the Hokage. They also ran into a very different version of their sensei.

Instead of the usual laid back Kakashi that taught them the value of teamwork, they found a more highly strung version of him. Excitable and loving competition, this version of Kakashi was more like the Might Guy Sakura and Naruto knew in their world.

14 He Has A Tattoo

Because Kakashi doesn’t spend a lot of time in the manga or anime without his arms covered up, fans tend to forget that Kakashi actually has a tattoo. The Anbu maintain their secrecy while on missions by wearing a mask - a seemingly perfect job for Kakashi. They don’t always wear long sleeves to cover up their skin though. That’s how fans know that the Anbu have a signature tattoo. Members of the elite force have a tattoo on one arm.

Though he’s no longer an Anbu by the time fans meet Kakashi, he still has the tattoo. The tattoo is meant to resemble a flame with a slight curl at either end.

13 The Mangekyo Sharingan Hurts Him

The Mangekyo Sharingan is a special variation of the Sharingan. A shinobi gains access to it once they’ve experienced real trauma - witnessing the loss of a loved one. Like the regular Sharingan, the Mangekyo Sharingan is tough on the shinobi using it. It’s possible the effects of it are even worse on Kakashi since he’s not an Uchiha.

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When Kakashi uses this particular dojutsu for an extended amount of time, it effects his vision. He ends up with blurred sight, and eventually nearsightedness. The Mangekyo Sharingan also causes his eyes to bleed.

12 He Is A Strong Genjutsu User

Kakashi might not specifically be a “genjutsu type” shinobi like Kurenai or Sakura, but he’s certainly skilled in it. Fans don’t see Kakashi use genjutsu very often, but he proves himself adept at it when he uses it against Sakura during their first face-off as teacher and student. More than that though is his ability to endure it.

Plenty of shinobi are easily tricked and sucked into the hallucinations of a genjutsu, especially Naruto. Kakashi, even if he can’t release himself from a genjutsu, still retains his knowledge of it. He suffers through many at the hands of Itachi Uchiha and other members of the clan, but doesn’t allow them to break his mind.

11 He Has Average Chakra Levels

Every shinobi can’t have massive chakra stores. Naruto, who is able to borrow chakra from the fox sealed inside him, is a special case. Other shinobi, like Sakura, can burn through chakra quickly even with precise chakra control. Kakashi lies somewhere in the middle.

Despite having access to possibly thousands of jutsu, Kakashi can’t use the more powerful skills in quick succession. If he does, he burns through chakra. He can use a powerful skill three or four times when the series begins before passing out. Over the course of the series, he is able to build up his chakra reserves, but he’s still not the kind of shinobi who can wait out an enemy.

10 He Knows His Hand Seals

If we take into account Kakashi’s sharp intellect and fast reflexes, this is something that makes perfect sense. Kakashi doesn’t just know his hand seals; he’s insanely good at them. Hand seals are used by shinobi to perform certain jutsu. There are twelve basic hand seals inspired by the Chinese signs, but there are dozens more that are used to create special, and sometimes even secret, jutsu.

Kakashi is so good at his hand seals that he can perform them faster than other shinobi can even see. That’s something considering more complicated jutsu require a 40 hand seal sequence. Enemies consider binding his arms the best offense.

9 What Is Under His Mask

Fans had a lot of theories about what was hiding under Kakashi’s face mask. Some thought it was razor sharp teeth like the inhabitants of Kirigakure. Others thought he had more extensive scarring. Unfortunately for the many fans who enjoyed the speculation, once Kakashi’s face was revealed, there wasn’t anything out of the ordinary.

What was actually under Kakashi’s mask, according to an episode of the anime, was another mask! Kakashi might enjoy wearing the double mask, but what was really underneath them was a handsome face and a beauty mark.

8 Why He Wears The Mask

Since Kakashi’s mask didn’t appear to be hiding anything on the character’s face, why would he bother wearing one at all? The Naruto anime spin-off series Rock Lee and His Ninja Pals gave fans an answer, even if it was a bit tongue-in-cheek.

According to the series, Kakashi kept a mask over his face because he didn’t want anyone to catch him with a nosebleed. Anime fans will know that a nosebleed isn’t indicative of an injury or illness. Instead, it’s meant to denote adult thoughts in a character. Considering Kakashi is such a huge fan of Jiraiya’s romance novels, the mask is probably a good choice.

7 Pain Eliminated Him

Following Jiraiya’s loss to Pain and Naruto’s emotional reaction, Kakashi decides to go after the Akatsuki leader and his followers. Unfortunately for Kakashi, things don’t go so well for him. Over the course of the fight, Kakashi nearly loses his life multiple times, but he gets reinforcements in the form of Choji and Choza Akimichi.

It’s using up all his chakra to save Choji’s life that actually causes Kakashi to lose his own during the fight. Thanks to Naruto forgiving Nagato, the shinobi behind Pain, the loss of Kakashi isn’t permanent. Pain actually revives all of his Konoha victims.

6 He Lost The Sharingan

During the Fourth Shinobi World War, Kakashi loses one of the things he’s become known for amongst other ninjas - his Sharingan. While Madara Uchiha really wants to take Obito’s eye from him, he winds up settling for Kakashi’s instead.

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With the Sharingan, Madara was able to do more damage, and Kakashi was left without a weapon in his arsenal that he’d come to rely on for decades.

5 Naruto Restores Kakashi's Lost Eye

When Madara Uchiha takes Kakashi's eye to use the Sharingan, he isn't simply left with one eye for the rest of the franchise. Sakura is present, and would have been able to heal him, but she's not who has the honor.

Instead, it's Naruto who decides to heal their sensei, but he doesn't just heal the injury. He uses the power he has in Sage Mode to actually restore the original eye that Kakashi lost as a child.

4 Another Soul Inhabited His Body

For years Kakashi believed he’d lost his teammate Obito, only to discover that Obito was actually the Akatsuki member Tobi. Tobi eventually realized the error of his ways and aligned himself with the Leaf Village during the Fourth Shinobi World War, but Obito didn’t make it through.

When Obito lost his life for real, he did it with both of his Sharingan. From the afterlife, he allowed Kakashi access to them. For a short time, Obito’s soul inhabited Kakashi’s body to make it happen. It didn’t last long, and Kakashi didn’t get to keep the abilities once Obito was truly gone.

3 His Body Can Be Intangible

When Kakashi has access to Obito’s abilities, he doesn’t simply have the Sharingan. He has the Mangekyo Sharingan. Because Obito had both, Kakashi also has it in both eyes for a short time. This extra power gives him access to abilities that his single eye didn’t have.

One of those abilities is intangibility. Kakashi can actually make it so that weapons, and even opponents, can pass right through his body. At the time, Kakashi is also able to manifest Susanoo (an avatar made of chakra that can do his fighting for him), and he can even make Susanoo intangible as well.  

2 His Voice Actor Narrated Reality TV

For the English dub of Kakashi’s voice during Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, actor Dave Wittenberg provided the vocals. Wittenberg is an accomplished voice actor who has worked in animation for years. He’s also done plenty of narrating.

If you’re a fan of reality TV, you might have heard shades of Kakashi’s voice in unexpected places. While recording dubs for Naruto, Wittenberg was also narrating shows that recreated real happenings. For I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant, Wittenberg told the story of women suddenly going into labor. In the case of Mystery ER, unexplained medical occurrences took the spotlight.

1 It Took 15 Years To See His Face

The Naruto manga began its publishing journey in the late 90s. From his very first introduction, Kakashi Hatake kept his face covered. For more than a decade, fans speculated about just what was under that mask.

The reveal came as part of an art exhibit in 2015. At the Naruto exhibit in Tokyo, a special manga was given to visitors featuring a story that would eventually become part of the anime. In it, Naruto and Sakura tried to find a way to see what was under Kakashi’s mask. Readers got their own look at his face on the page. After the reveal, one of the Naruto Data Books also featured Kakashi sans mask.

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Kakashi obito saves

Why did Kakashi's Sharingan fade after Obito died?

Both Kakashi and Danzou had physically obtained their Sharingan via transplantation.

During the finale of the Fourth Shinobi World War, Madara rips Kakashi's Sharingan and transplants as his left eye (Chapter 674).

Naruto, using Hagaromo's power, creates a normal eye for Kakashi (Chapter 675).

From Naruto Wikia article on Kakashi Hatake, merged plot summary of Chapter 686, 687 and 688 (emphasis mine):

Prepared to give his life to lend what little assistance he can, Kakashi stands in front of Sasuke to take the attack while Obito does the same for Naruto. Although they are unified in their willingness to die, Obito decides it's too soon for Kakashi and uses Kamui on the attack bound for him, leaving Obito unable to save himself. Obito's body dissolves, but his spirit returns shortly afterwards and inhabits Kakashi. Obito feels that Kakashi will become the next Hokage and wishes to reward him: a temporary moment of having two Mangekyō Sharingan.

Obito gave Kakashi the privilege of having both Sharingan (Mangekyou) temporarily. This was the doing of the spirit of Obito and not the physical self. Hence the Sharingan Kakashi used was spiritually influenced.

Later, when Kaguya is defeated, Obito's spirit leaves Kakashi's side to join the other world. Because of the spirit leaving, the Sharingan also disappears along with it.

Had the Sharingan been physically present, it would have stayed, just like Danzou, the Kotoamatsukami crow and pre-war Kakashi.

Obito give his 2 SHARINGAN to Kakashi Hatake and activates Perfect SUSANOO

Naruto Shippuden 417 focuses on the past between Obito and Kakashi, as they finish their mission and Kakashi learns how to behave during missions. On top of which Obito saves Naruto by giving him some of his Tailed Beast chakra, while Guy appears and saves Kakashi from an attack from Madara.

Naruto Shippuden 417 begins as Guy and Rin face off against the traitors, Kakashi faces them using a mud wall then slices one down. Then saves the injured one. After Minato and Obito show up, he explains everything. They even look at the scroll that was given to them. To which they think that the person they left behind might have it.

Obito wishes and pushes them to go back and save him explaining that Kakashi’s way of the ninja is pretty bad. He quickly goes back with the help of others. The other lost member is quickly spotted by the enemy, quickly attack, Obito shows up and burns all of it down.

The enemy attacks, Kakashi causes an explosion and lights them up with his Chidori. The scroll the man had, had been left which is now lost. It’s down stream, the enemy spots it and quickly takes and withdraws. Kakashi, Obito and others attack and chase for it. Minato arrives and quickly saves him.

As they go back, Kakashi mentions that it seems that both those scrolls could have been fakes, and mentioning that they are decoys, by placing Minato with this crew, they were able to take away concentration from the others who may have had the real scroll.

We go on ahead when Minato explains to Obito how Kakashi’s attitude changed after his father, Sakumo had died. He mentions that after he had to face a decision, to save his comrades or complete the mission, he saved his friends. However, his own friends had told him that he should have saved the mission constantly. Thus he had taken his own life.

Obito realises Kakashi’s emotions, later on when Rin was captured, we understand that Obito knows about Kakashi and how he only wants to finish the mission, but this one time he has to save his friend. To which he saved Obito, and Obito returned the favour. Obito and Kakashi both save Rin.

They are now prepared to work together against Madara. They will use the real power against Madara, their Mangekyou Sharingan in order to beat Madara. We also see the past when they were all friends with Rin and happy. Madara knows that they will try and distract him.

Kakashi and Obito are ready, Madara attacks with his balls, however, Kakashi and Obito both point their Kamui at Obito, increasing the speed at which he travels. This aids in Obito helping to give Naruto his life by giving him a tailed beast. While Guy arrives and aids Kakashi by blocking the ball. Naruto Shippuden 417 ends here.

A pretty good episode, it’s good to know that the fillers will most likely be finished by now, hopefully for a while. I guess the battle between Guy vs Madara will begin and it shall be awesome. On top of which we’re still waiting for an even stronger foe. Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Shippuden 418, titled “The Blue Beast vs Six Paths Madara”, when we see Guy’s past, and his battle against Madara. It’s going to a battle you’ll have to watch.

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Obito Uchiha

Fictional character from Naruto

Obito Uchiha (Japanese: うちは オビト, Hepburn: Uchiha Obito), also known by his alias Tobi (トビ), is a character in Masashi Kishimoto's mangaNaruto. He is first introduced in a "Kakashi Chronicle" side story as a young ninja who sacrifices himself to save his friends (Kakashi Hatake and Rin Nohara, led by Minato Namikaze) from a rival group of ninjas. Although he was believed to have died, Obito is later revealed as the real leader of the terrorist organization, Akatsuki, mainly acting behind the scenes for a majority of the group's tenure. He uses the alias of his benefactor, Madara Uchiha, and conceals his true identity with masks as one of the primary antagonists in the series' second half. Obito and his varied personas have appeared in Narutovideo games and animated adaptations.

Kishimoto created Obito early in the series to explore his relationship with Kakashi and explain how his friend possessed the eye technique of Sharingan (写輪眼, lit. "Copy Wheel Eye", English manga: "Mirror Wheel Eye"), unique to the Uchiha clan. Since Obito kept his identity secret, Kishimoto teased fans to anticipate the true identity of Tobi (most notably when the actual Madara Uchiha was revealed, which shocked fans and his voice actor). Critical reception of Obito's character has been positive for his portrayal as a child soldier in Kakashi's backstory and his role across the series' manga and anime, particularly his fight scenes.

Creation and design[edit]

Obito as a young adult

Although Obito does not appear for the first time until the series' special chapters focused on his life as a child soldier, he makes a cameo appearance on the cover of the manga's 16th chapter in a picture with Kakashi Hatake. According to Masashi Kishimoto, one of the biggest mysteries in the series' first half was why Kakashi only possessed one Sharingan eye technique (unlike Sasuke Uchiha and other members of the clan, who possessed the technique in both eyes). Kishimoto wrote Kakashi's backstory to show him as a young ninja whom Obito gave his Sharingan when he was nearly killed in a fight. Kishimoto said that by chapter 16 he had conceived a storyline about Obito being an Uchiha and how it would affect Kakashi.[1]

During the series' first half Kishimoto introduced the Akatsuki terrorist organization, who seemed far stronger than the (younger) main characters. This led Kishimoto to change the series, giving the story a timeskip to when Naruto and his comrades would be able to face them. Kishimoto said that he based Akatsuki on similar real-life organizations.[1] Obito in his Tobi persona was Kishimoto's favorite Akatsuki character to draw, because of his simple mask.[2] His nickname (Tobi) comes from Obito calling him Guruguru (グルグル), an onomatopoeia for turning round and round or going around in circles. It can also mean "wrapped around", referring to Tobi's function as armor for Obito.[3] With the manga reaching its climax, Kishimoto wanted to be careful with developing Obito's character, finding him as important as Naruto's and Sasuke's growth in the narrative.[4]

According to Kishimoto, Konan's death at the hands of her former superior Obito was a statement about the loss of the dream for peace that he, Nagato, Yahiko, and Konan shared, and an indication of Naruto Uzumaki's rise as a bringer of light and hope. [5] When the real Madara Uchiha appeared in the manga, Kishimoto refrained from stating Tobi's true identity but said that both characters were related and he would be revealed in the next few chapters.[6]

In the Japanese version, Obito is voiced by Wataru Takagi; his childhood self was voiced by Sōsuke Komori before Megumi Han took over in chapter 343.[7] In the English version, Obito is voiced by Michael Yurchak and his younger self is voiced by Vic Mignogna.[8]Nolan North does Obito's Madara impersonation in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, and Todd Haberkorn voices him in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution. Neil Kaplan first voiced Obito's Madara impersonation in the video game Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, because the CyberConnect2 fighting game's storyline was ahead of the television series. In the game, it is revealed that Obito is not the real Madara. Kaplan had difficulty handling of both characters: his Obito persona and the real Madara.[9]

When Obito's true identity was revealed in the anime Naruto Shippuden, the Pierrot staff made an ending scene about his childhood and noted that the series' protagonist (Naruto) was not seen. Pierrot felt that the scene was a success.[10] Character designer Tetsuya Nishio was surprised with the multiple designs Obito had across the series, and noted parallels between him and Naruto Uzumaki in their childhood and innocence.[11]


In Naruto[edit]

Obito first appears in "Kakashi Chronicle", a Naruto side story. A child living through the Third Great Ninja War, Obito (Kakashi's teammate on Team Minato) wanted to become the Hokage of Konohagakure, and had an unrequited love for his teammate Rin. When he and Kakashi rescue the kidnapped Rin during a mission, Obito's right side is crushed in a landslide. Thinking he was going to die, Obito had Rin transplant his left Sharingan into Kakashi to replace Kakashi's lost left eye.[12][13] Late in Part II of the manga, it is revealed that Obito was saved by an elderly Madara Uchiha and outfitted with prosthetics. He becomes Madara's apprentice, who has Obito witness Rin's death at the hands of a reluctant Kakashi to break his spirit. Concluding that he can use the Tailed Beasts to destroy the current reality and create a utopia, Obito adopts Madara's name and disguises his voice after the ninja's death; he then arranges similar events for Nagato with Yahiko's death to create the current incarnation of the Akatsuki.[14][15] While Kushina Uzumaki (then jinchuriki of Kurama, the Nine-Tails Kyuubi), is giving birth to Naruto Uzumaki, Obito mounts an attack on The Leaf Village, Konoha. He releases the seal over the Kyuubi from Kushina while she is weak during birth, and places the Nine-Tails under his control, releasing it on Konoha to tear the village apart and wreak havoc. During his infiltration, he encounters Minato Namikaze (the fourth Hokage) and they fight. Minato defeats Obito, and releases Kurama from Obito’s control. Obito then flees, leaving Konoha to deal with the Nine-Tails, resulting in Minato and Kushina's deaths.[16][17] The character has a behind-the-scenes role in the first half of Part II.[18][19]

Adopting the identity of the spiral-patterned Zetsu which served as his bodysuit during his recuperation, Tobi, Obito poses as the carefree flunky and becomes Sasori's replacement and Deidara's partner early in Part II.[20] After Itachi's death, Obito takes a special interest in Sasuke Uchiha and takes him under his wing by revealing the truth about their clan's massacre.[21] He presents himself as Madara after Nagato's death, revealing the "Eye of the Moon" Plan to the Kage and explaining his intention to become the Ten-Tails Jinchuriki to bring all life within an Infinite Tsukuyomi. After the Kage refuse to surrender to him, Obito declares the Fourth Great Ninja War and forms a reluctant alliance with Kabuto Yakushi, who blackmails him with the real Madara's body.[22] Obito goes to retrieve Nagato Uzumaki’s Rinnegan (輪廻眼, lit. "Saṃsāra Eye") from his body. In the process, he is opposed by Konan. Their argument, in which Konan affirms her faith in Naruto, and Obito (still impersonating Madara) claims his original ownership of the Rinnegan, quickly evolves into a fight. Konan attempts to catch him in various large-scale paper bomb detonations, but he manages to trick her with the Izanagi technique, and stabs her in the back; he obtains the location of Nagato's body through genjutsu, and proceeds to choke her to death. He retrieves Nagato’s body and Rinnegan successfully.[23][24]

Obito converts the reanimated bodies of the captured Jinchuriki into his own "Six Paths of Pain" (ペイン六道, Pein Rikudō) to use the captured Tailed Beasts' power.[25][26] He fights Naruto Uzumaki and Killer B, who stop the Six Paths of Pain and leave Obito to recover the Tailed Beasts and revive the Ten-Tails.[27] Kabuto then reanimates Madara Uchiha's body; Obito's identity is revealed.[28]

Obito becomes the Ten-Tails host[29] but is defeated by Naruto and Sasuke with the support of the Allied Shinobi Forces.[30][31] A guilt-ridden Obito tries to revive everyone who died in the war, like Nagato before him, only to be possessed by Black Zetsu and forced to resurrect Madara. On the brink of death, Obito turns on Madara, restrains Black Zetsu and moves to save Naruto's life.[32][33] His defiance is short-lived, and he is left comatose after Madara forcefully reclaims his Rinnegan.[34] Naruto uses his power to restore Obito's life to help fight Kaguya. Obito dies while shielding Naruto and Kakashi from Kaguya's attack; however, he thanks Naruto for reminding him of his true self.[35][36][37] His spirit remains among the living long enough to help Kakashi by momentarily giving him his chakra and Mangekyo Sharingan (万華鏡写輪眼, Mangekyō Sharingan, lit. "Kaleidoscope Copy Wheel Eye"), passing into the next life after Kaguya is defeated.[37][38][39]

In other media[edit]

In addition to the main series, Obito appears in a number of video games. The game Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution describes the origin of the Akatsuki organization. The sixth Part II film, Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie (2012), features Obito in his Madara persona. He traps Naruto and Sakura in an alternate world and manipulates Naruto's opposite persona, Menma. When Naruto defeats Menma, Obito releases Naruto and Sakura and considers the mission a failure.[41] He appears in the Narutolight novelNaruto Jinraiden: The Day the Wolf Howled (2012), which explores Sasuke's reflections after Itachi's death.[42] In Akatsuki Hiden (2015), Obito's first meeting with Nagato is shown.[43]


The exploration of Obito's childhood in the Naruto Shippuden anime series was well-received. Sci Fi Online enjoyed the handling of his, Rin and Kakashi's past, which had a major impact on the series' main storyline.[44]IGN ranked Obito and Konan's fight the 11th-best battle in Naruto,[45] and ranked Obito's fight against Minato Namikaze the fourth-best in the series.[46] CyberConnect2 CEO Hiroshi Matsuyama said was Obito became his favorite character in the Naruto series; Matsuyama's previous favorites were Shikamaru Nara and Itachi Uchiha.[47] In a manga popularity poll, Obito was voted the 19th-most-popular Naruto character.[48] Takagi's portrayal of the character in the final war was the subject of praise within viewers of the series due to how dark he is in contrast to his younger persona.[49]

Regarding the character, prior to his identity reveal, Jason Thompson of Anime News Network was shocked to learn that Tobi was the real leader of Akatsuki (instead of Pain) and when Tobi refers to himself as Madara Uchiha. Thompson enjoyed Kishimoto's depiction of Tobi's teleportation technique and was surprised when Tobi told Sasuke Uchiha the truth about Itachi. He later called Tobi an "insane idealist" (similar to Nagato) after learning of his desire to create a peaceful world with the powerful Ten-Tails.[50] A UK Anime Network reviewer enjoyed Obito's action scenes with Naruto, Killer Bee, Kakashi and Guy because of his ability to reanimate the six-tailed beasts.[51]

Bryce Coulter of the Fandom Post enjoyed the revelation of Tobi's true identity and liked its impact on Kakashi, praising the story's treatment of his inner turmoil, as he "confronts the demons of his past".[52] UK Anime Network found Tobi's true identity predictable, but highly enjoyed the backstory reveal, calling it "probably the most interesting flashback sequence of the series to date".[53] Jason Thompson was shocked at the revelation that Tobi was Obito, finding the "most compassionate person in the manga" holding a grudge against the world to be out of character.[50] Amy McNulty of Anime News Network praised the animation of Kakashi's fight against Obito and the references to the fighters' childhoods.[54] McNulty found the character's death predictable, and criticized the development of Obito briefly giving Kakashi his eyes' techniques after dying, finding it counter to the prevailing theme of "hard work".[55] Chris Beveridge had mixed feelings about the treatment of Obito's death in the anime version; the narrative begins focusing on flashbacks and his childhood dreams (which had already been shown), neglecting the present fight against Kaguya.[56]


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