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Sheriff&#;s Biography

My promise to you as your Sheriff is to keep you informed of the activities and successes of your Sheriff’s Office.
We will work together to keep Berkeley County a wonderful place to live and raise a family.
In our Annual Report you will see the many functions of the Sheriff’s Office and how we have successfully accomplished many of our goals.
I am very proud of the men and women who work tirelessly to ensure our safety.
These dedicated members of the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office are responsible for the many successes we have experienced in our mission of “Taking Care of People.”
It is my privilege and honor to serve you as your Sheriff.
S Duane Lewis

Berkeley County Sheriff


Berkeley County Mugshots - Back Online

Just an FYI

For those who like to see who's been arrested in Berkeley County, the county's inmate lookup is now back up and running. It had been down for a hot minute.

The county inmate lookup link can be found here:

You must know the name of the person you're trying to find.

For those of you who don't know the name of the inmate you're looking for but just want to see who's been booked into the jail recently, you can go here:

Berkeley County Booking Arrests

or simply (

Once there, click on the state of South Carolina. After you do that, you can then select the county you're interested in viewing recent arrests.

On a separate note, have any of you used the two links above previously? Do you find them helpfulor are you mainly curious more than anything? 

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Visitor Rules & Regulations
All visitation is now conducted strictly through a video visitation system.
Please set up  an account at

Releasing of Inmates
The release process for inmates can take between hours once all documentation has been received at the detention center.

Property Release
Personal or valuable property can only be released by the approval of the inmate on Monday-Thursday from pm to pm.

When sending personal mail to an inmate you must follow these rules:

  • Put your name and return address on the envelope.
  • Put the inmate’s full name (the name in which they were booked under)
  • Address the envelope like the following example: John Doe Booking# c/o Smart Communication Berkeley County Detention Center PO Box   Pinellas Park, FL
  • Books must be shipped directly from the publisher or bookstore and must be in a soft cover format.
  • Religious materials and publications must be shipped from the publisher, bookstore, or individual by mail. Soft cover format is requested.
  • Magazines and newspapers must be shipped directly from a publisher or bookstore by mail subscription only.
  • All packages must be sent directly to the Detention Center for delivery and must comply with the above rules to be delivered to the inmate. All packages must be addressed like the following example: John Doe Booking# Berkeley County Detention Center California Ave. Moncks Corner, SC
  • Incoming and outgoing mail will be inspected for contraband. Any mail found to contain contraband will be held by the Detention Center and may serve as the basis for disciplinary or criminal charges or be returned to the sender.

Sending Money

For your convenience, there are three options for depositing funds to an inmate&#;s canteen account.

You may send an inmate a money order made out to the inmate in any denomination for them to deposit in their Inmate Canteen account.

The money order should be mailed directly to the inmate in the format outlined above section marked Mail.

A lobby kiosk is also available at the detention center for adding money to an inmate&#;s canteen account.

The lobby kiosk accepts cash or credit card and includes a processing fee for the deposit.

Once the transaction is completed, the inmate will have immediate access to the funds.

The lobby kiosk hours are Monday through Sunday, 8am to 10am, 6pm to 8pm, and during the hours of inmate visitation only.

Friends and family can now make deposits directly into an inmate&#;s account via the internet by clicking on the link below.

The inmate will have immediate access to the funds once the transaction is completed.

When doing an internet deposit you will need the inmates name, location, and ID number.

The detention center will not provide you with this information; you must obtain it from the inmate.

This service is provided solely by McDaniel Supply Company. Hill-Finklea Detention Center does not control or monitor this service. If you encounter any problems with a deposit please call: ()  

Dashcam Footage Shows Police Shootout in Huger, South Carolina

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