Flange mount disconnect

Flange mount disconnect DEFAULT

Features & Benefits

  • Frame: Seam welded reversed open profiles with 25 mm hole pattern, according to DIN 43660. Including integrated external hole pattern
  • Door: Mounted with four hinges including door frame with 25 mm hole pattern; door can not be reversed
  • Flange door: Surface mounted with hinges, locked from the inside, including universal cut-out
  • Rear panel: Fitted by M6 torx screws; standard facilities for rear doors mounting
  • Supplied as an accessory
  • Removable roof panel
  • Lock, left door: Espagnolette 4-point locking system which does not interfere with the enclosure inner space; standard double-bit lock with 3 mm insert
  • Bottom plate: Consists of three pieces.
  • Mounting plate: Double folded and adjustable in depth by steps of 25 mm, with the MPD02 accessory
  • Earthing/Grounding: All panels are earthed/grounded through their fittings and equipped with a separate earthing stud
  • Mounting requirements: Standard delivery ready for combined installation; sides of the group of combined enclosures must be closed with side panels SPM
  • Delivery: Frame with fitted doors, rear panel, roof panel, bottom plates, mounting plate and door frame and includes earthing bolts
Sours: https://hoffman.nvent.com/en-ua/products/flange-mount-disconnect-mcf-0

Purchase panels separately.

All 24.12-in. (613 mm) and deeper enclosures using short connecting rods in the following models require a HOFFMAN platform assembly, catalog number ADSCPA, purchased separately. • ABB Controls flange-operated devices • Eaton Cutler-Hammer C361 devices • Eaton Cutler-Hammer C371 mechanisms which use C371E, F, G, K operating mechanism • General Electric Type TDA devices (see next paragraph for option) • Schneider Square D Class 9422 devices (see next paragraph for option)

The platform assembly can be omitted if long connecting rods are ordered in place of short connecting rods. • For Eaton Cutler-Hammer operating mechanisms C371E and C371F order catalog number C371CS1 connecting rod. For C371G and C371K order catalog number C371CS2 connecting rod. • For General Electric devices, order catalog number TDSR extended length drive rod • For Schneider Square D devices, order catalog number 9422-R2 extra long operating rod(s). Some devices require two rods. Consult factory for space occupied on panel when platform is used.

Sours: https://hoffman.nvent.com/en-us/products/two-door-stainless-steel-flange-mounted-disconnects-type-4x
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Article number:
TS 9951.138

Model no.:
1800H1600W0500D TS FMDC TXT

Product description
Includes operator handle interlocking kit to securely lock most commercially available operator handles to enclosure and door latch

Enhanced and greatly simplified hardware installation
A rigid trim door to accept a variety of high and low amperage operator handles
Optional high amperage adapter plate allowing future system upgrade without performing additional cutouts in the field while maintaining Type 12 rating
Blank adapter plate option for non-disconnect conversions
Easy-to-follow installation instructions for a variety of operator handle manufacturers
Reduced width hinged trim door design for more usable panel mounting space
Hinged and side access behind the operator handle cutout to make mounting the operator handle and connecting hardware easier
Expandable and modular enclosure compatible with all standard TS 8 accessories

The below operating handles represent the most common applications. Most commercially available operator handles will fit as well. Please contact Rittal if you have a specific model not shown
Low AMP Operator Handles
- Allen Bradley: 140G (≤400A), 1494C (≤200A), 1494F M1/P1/S1, 1494U H M1/P1/S1, 1494V (≤200A), 194R
- Eaton: C361, C371, Flex Shaft CH
- Siemens: FDH10/FDH20, FHOH, MFHM3RS/MFHM4X
- Square D: 9422 Type A1/A3/A9, 9422 Type A2/A4/A10
High AMP Operator Handles
- Allen Bradley: 140G (600 - 1200A), 1494C (400 - 600A), 1494F M2/S2, 1494V (400 - 600A)

Enclosure frame: Carbon steel, 1.5 mm
Roof: Carbon steel, 1.5 mm
Base plates: Carbon steel, 1.5 mm
Rear wall: carbon steel, 1.5 mm
Door: Carbon steel, 2.0 mm
Mounting plate: Carbon steel, 3.0 mm

Surface finish
Enclosure frame: Dipcoat-primed
Door, roof and rear panel: Dipcoat-primed, powder-coated on the outside, textured paint
Mounting plate and base plates: Zinc-plated

RAL 7035

Supply includes
Enclosure frame TS 8 with doors and roof plate
Rear panel
Gland plate
Mounting plate
4 eyebolts
Padlock Comfort handle
Flange Door with Low Amperage Adapter Plate, pre-installed
Ride-Up Roller 4538000, pre-installed

Number of doors

Width: 1,600 mm
Height: 1,800 mm
Depth: 500 mm
( Width: 63 ˝
Height: 70.9 ˝
Depth: 19.7 ˝ )

Weight/packaging unit
250 kg
( 551.2 lb. )

Packaging unit
1 pc(s).

Customs tariff number


Sours: https://www.rittal.com/us-en_US/products/PG0002SCHRANK1/PG0026SCHRANK1/PG0030SCHRANK1/PRO43635?variantId=9951138
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Mount disconnect flange

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TS 8 Flange Mount Disconnect Enclosure

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