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GBros. Wireless Adapter for Switch

Play your Switch with your original wired controllers like Gamecube, NES, SNES, SFC Classic Edition and Wii Classic.

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GBros. connects your original wired Gamecube controller to your Switch just like a Wiimote. It even has built in home and screenshot buttons.


Windows 7 and above

GameCube controller

NES Classic controller

SNES Classic controller

Wii Classic controller

GBros. has a built in toggle that allows you to connect to your Switch and X-input capable software on Windows. ¹

Press and hold L+R+A+B+START to swap button mapping option between GameCube and Switch Pro.


Switch Pro


System Compatibility

  • Switch, Windows
  • Controller Compatibility

  • GameCube controller, NES Classic controller
  • SNES Classic controller, Wii Classic controller
  • Connection Port

  • Wii Classic controller port, original GameCube controller port
  • Distance

  • 6m – 10m
  • Connectivity / Battery

  • USB, Bluetooth®
  • AA battery
  • Dimensions / Weight

  • 100*35*29mm
  • 38g
  • Special Features

  • Switch: HOME button and Screenshot button are available.
  • Windows: Turbo functionality is available.
  • Lag – free
  • Includes

  • GBros. Adapter
  • Cable band
  • USB cable
  • Instruction manual

  • 1. requires batteries sold separately
  • Copyright © 2013~2021 8BitDo all rights reserved.

    Sours: https://www.8bitdo.com/gbros/

    PowerA GameCube Style Switch Controller now $15 at 40% off + more from $14.50

    Amazon is now offering the PowerA GameCube Style Wired Controller for Nintendo Switch at $14.99 with free shipping for Prime members or in orders over $25. Regularly $25, this is a 40% price drop, matching the lowest we have tracked in over a year, and the best price we can find. A great addition to your Switch setup, this one is as perfect for Super Smash Bros. sessions as it is for any couch co-op experience. It features a classic GameCube-like design with a “larger” D-pad and an added left shoulder button. The officially licensed controller ships with a 2-year PowerA warranty and a 10-foot detachable cord with a velcro strap as well. Rated 4+ stars from over 2,000 Amazon customers. More Switch gear deals below. 

    If the wired GameCube model above isn’t working for you, check out the PowerA Joy Con Comfort Grips. They sell for under $10 Prime shipped at Amazon and add a more traditional form-factor to the Joy-Con you already have for $5 less than the PowerA wired controller up top. Just be sure to browse through some of the other Switch accessory deals we have below. 

    More Switch accessories and collectibles:

    While we are on the subject, be sure to dive into our hands-on review of Nintendo’s all-new Zelda Skyward Sword Joy-Cons for Switch, as well as the Nintendo x TAG Heuer collaboration, and this FREE 7-day Nintendo Switch Online trial. And here’s everything you need to know about the new Switch OLED model plus details on pre-order information. 

    More on the PowerA GameCube Style Wired Controller:

    • The preferred gamepad for Super Smash Bros Ultimate
    • Classic Game Cube design plus larger d pad and added left shoulder button
    • System buttons added for compatibility with all Nintendo Switch games
    • Detachable 10 feet (3 Meter) USB cable with Velcro strap
    • Officially licensed by Nintendo with 2 year limited warranty

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    The best Nintendo Switch GameCube controller

    Which Nintendo Switch GameCube controllers are best?

    GameCube controllers, inspired by the Nintendo GameCube console from the early 2000s, are still beloved by Nintendo fans and new players. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players prefer this type of controller because it provides a similar feeling to the control layout in Melee, an earlier installment in the Smash series.

    For an officially licensed GameCube-inspired controller by a reliable brand, the top choice is the PowerA Wireless GameCube Style Controller. It comes in multiple styles and is designed to function specifically with the Nintendo Switch.

    What to know before you buy a Nintendo Switch GameCube controller

    Which games you want to play

    Depending on what games you usually play, a GameCube-style controller may not be the best option. For example, you can play Super Mario Odyssey with a GameCube controller, but dive jumping is not possible. However, the controllers are excellent for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and provide much better control than the regular joy cons.

    Wired vs. wireless

    If you have a room layout not set up for wired controllers to easily reach from the seat to the console, you may want a wireless controller. There are both wired and wireless GameCube controller options for the Nintendo Switch. If you opt for wireless, consider what batteries it needs.

    Pro controller

    For Nintendo Switch controller options aside from GameCube-style products, look at the top selections from BestReviews. Some players prefer the GameCube controller design, but others may like the pro controller better.

    What to look for in a quality Nintendo Switch GameCube controller

    Power source

    Wireless controllers usually are powered by separately purchased batteries or by a rechargeable internal battery. Wired controllers get their power through the Nintendo Switch console. Something to consider is that you must plug a wired controller into a Nintendo Switch dock as opposed to the console itself. Wireless controllers can connect to the Switch while the console is not plugged in, but you can’t easily use wired controllers on the go.

    Additional features

    The original GameCube controllers do not have modern features like certain Nintendo Switch system controls or gyroscopic motion functions. New GameCube-inspired controllers usually have the additional quality-of-life features or even turbo-mode options, but it varies depending on the model.


    The less-expensive GameCube controllers for the Nintendo Switch may not last for long periods of use. Not all controllers are designed to hold up to rough handling, and joysticks are especially vulnerable to drifting and problems, depending on the model.

    How much you can expect to spend on a Nintendo Switch GameCube controller

    You can purchase a wired option for less than $30. Wireless GameCube-style controllers run about $30-$60.

    Nintendo Switch GameCube controller FAQ

    Can you use an old GameCube controller?

    A. If you have an old GameCube controller lying around, you can use it for the Nintendo Switch. However, you need an adapter to plug it in and play. Some adapters work better than others, but one benefit of using a classic controller and an adapter like this one is that you can plug it into a PC, too.

    Is a GameCube-style controller better?

    A. It depends on the game. There is only one actual analog stick on a GameCube controller, so it is practically unusable for an FPS game. Some fighting games work better with a GameCube controller while others do not have varying input priority. If all possible inputs are equally common or you do not need to press multiple buttons at the same time during gameplay, a GameCube controller is unlikely to be superior to any other controller.

    What’s the best Nintendo Switch GameCube controller to buy?

    Top Nintendo Switch GameCube controller

    PowerA Wireless GameCube Style Controller

    PowerA Wireless GameCube Style Controller

    What you need to know: It is a wireless controller with motion controls and other functions that make the GameCube controller work efficiently for the Switch.

    What you’ll love: There are multiple design styles. It uses Bluetooth connections for a stable wireless experience. It has motion controls and all of the usual Nintendo Switch system buttons, which the original GameCube console controllers did not use.

    What you should consider: It requires two AA batteries to function, so users need to purchase replacement batteries.

    Where to buy: Sold by Amazon.

    Top Nintendo Switch GameCube controller for the money

    PowerA Wired Controller for Nintendo Switch

    PowerA Wired Controller for Nintendo Switch

    What you need to know: It is a very affordable, officially licensed wired controller option that has the classic GameCube layout.

    What you’ll love: The high-speed USB cable stretches up to 10 feet. It comes with a two-year warranty. The controller is compatible with most Nintendo Switch games and works well as a fight pad for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It is hard to beat the low price.

    What you should consider: Some customers have had issues with drifting joysticks, with the controllers drifting out of the box in instances of poor quality control.

    Where to buy: Sold by Amazon.

    Worth checking out

    Exlene Wireless GameCube Controller Switch

    Exlene Wireless GameCube Controller Switch

    What you need to know: This is a GameCube-style controller that works with both Nintendo Switch and PCs.

    What you’ll love: The controller has an added turbo function. It has motion controls and rumble function, working with all Nintendo Switch games that benefit from a GameCube design. It is rechargeable with a USB-C cable and has stable Bluetooth wireless connectivity.

    What you should consider: You have to plug the cable into the Switch to connect it the first time before it can connect wirelessly in the future.

    Where to buy: Sold by Amazon.

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    Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros Controller Battle!

    Wired Fight Pad Pro

    Rated 1 out of 5by Mummyfrom WARNING: Game-breaking bug! Do not buy!If you're buying this to play Super Smash Bros Ultimate, DON'T DO IT! There is a known glitch with these controllers that will cause your character to throw out random inputs if there's also an adapter for Gamecube controllers plugged in. Every tournament uses these adapters, so until the bug is fixed, the PDP Fight Pad Pro is utterly non-viable in competitive play (or casual play with a friend who uses a Gamecube controller) because you'll end up killing yourself with random air dodges, grabs, and aerials. PDP + Nintendo: Fix this, or refund the controllers! This sort of bug is unacceptable in a controller designed and marketed for competitive play.

    Date published: 2019-05-13

    Rated 5 out of 5by BillBfrom Great Pikachu style controllerI really like this Nintendo Switch Pikachu Wired Fight Pad Pro Nintendo Switch by PDP. I love the Pikachu style and the matt finish which gives it a comfortable nonslip grip and the addtion of the ZR and ZL triggers in the back. You can also change out the c-stick for a full-size stick with the detachable stick design. The buttons have a decent feel to them, are very responsive and the layout is good. It comes with a nice long 10 foot cord that has to be plugged into the dock. Overall after playing around with this controller I'm very happy with the look and feel plus I have had no problems. I would definitely recommend this controller.

    Date published: 2019-01-02

    Rated 5 out of 5by MarioBoyfrom Really Awesome Mario controllerThis is a great product it works well it's comfortable for gaming like smash bros. (obviously) and mario kart 8 this is a great pro controller alternative for those who don't have $70 dollars to spend but have the money for this if you had a wireless one i would snatch it up

    Date published: 2019-01-30

    Rated 5 out of 5by Tu Bebafrom This controller has great featuresI'm so happy I got a chance to review this, my older son said the controller is easy to handle, the buttons are smooth, definitely worth buying for, great gift idea. I wish it was wireless, thanks for giving me the opportunity to letting me know review your product.

    Date published: 2018-10-30

    Rated 5 out of 5by reina2472from Wired Fight Pad pokemon controllerOmg this brings back so many memories for the Nintendo I have missed being able to play... now that I have the Nintendo switch controller this is great the buttons the color and the way the controller handles easy assemble its on point I'm having so much fun playing with my kids all over again !!! Thank you tryitsampling

    Date published: 2018-10-30

    Rated 5 out of 5by leila7137from Brings me back!So, I just got this Nintendo Switch wired Fight Pad Pro controller and I couldn't wait to try it out. This brings me back to the game cube era. I didn't miss a beat with the controller or buttons. I love that the cord is 10ft long, so I can sit comfortably on my couch and still have room to play. Another great feature to this is that it is the Pokemon edition. If you loved your gamecube, this will definitely take you back! I would and will recommend this to anyone!

    Date published: 2018-10-26

    Rated 4 out of 5by Emitron19from Good, but not enoughThis controller is my favorite, but still have bad things, first, if if you change constantly the right thumbstick, starts to fall down, the d pad is way too tiny, for me at least, the back triggers have less travel time, is not an issue, but is not like a classic gamecube controller, but i like that is conected by an usb port instead of buying an extra adaptor

    Date published: 2019-05-11

    Rated 4 out of 5by Janice9487from Fun Controller!My grandson and my husband were thrilled to try the Pikacho Wired Nintendo Switch Controller. It was easy to work and fun to look at.My husband liked the little joystick addition that you could add on. They both didn't mind that it was a wired controller. We will be getting another one when available.

    Date published: 2018-11-12

    Sours: https://www.pdp.com/wired-fight-pad-pro-for-nintendo-switch

    Gamecube wired controller switch

    Product Review #005: PowerA Nintendo Switch GameCube Wired Controller

    Reviewer: Allan J.

    Manufacturer: PowerA

    Style: Nintendo GameCube Style

    MSRP Price: $24.99

    Buy PowerA's Nintendo Switch GameCube Wired Controller from Amazon here.

    If you have ever played with a GameCube controller, you know that it is one of the stranger controller styles that Nintendo has released over the years—though Nintendo hasn’t really focused on normal when it comes to controller design for most of their consoles—but strange or not, there’s just something about the controller that you’ve gotta love. Ergonomically, it just fits in your hands the right way, and the buttons, while weirdly placed, seem to just be where you need them to be.

    The GameCube controller is also the preferred controller of most competitive Smash Bros. players, as the first fiercely competitive iteration of the Smash Bros. series was Super Smash Bros. Melee, for the Nintendo GameCube. The next few generations of Nintendo consoles after the GameCube had compatibility with the GameCube controllers, either through direct ports on the console like with the Wii, or through an adapter like with the Wii U. Now, PowerA has released a wired GameCube-style controller for the Nintendo Switch, and I tested it out to see how well it performed

    Almost, But Not Quite the Same

    The first thing I noticed with the PowerA Wired GameCube Style Controller is the slightly larger D-Pad. I actually never minded that the D-Pad on the original GameCube controller was a bit on the tiny side, but a slightly larger one is certainly not a horrible thing to have—though the smaller one is a bit easier for quick movement changes in certain situations. The next features I noticed were the added L and R shoulder buttons, and the +, -, menu, and capture buttons, which are visually the only other differences found with the PowerA controller in comparison to the OG GameCube controller.

    If I am holding a GameCube controller, and then immediately pick up the PowerA version, I can definitely tell the difference weight-wise, as the OG controller carries a bit more heft. To some this may be more of a positive than a negative, but I have always preferred some weight to my controllers, as it just feels a bit more solid that way—but to each their own.

    The left toggle just felt a little off with the PowerA controller. It felt almost like the toggle was sitting up a bit too high. Sure enough, when I compared the PowerA controller to my actual GameCube controller, the toggle is slightly higher up on the PowerA. This felt a bit off, but is definitely not so bad that I couldn’t eventually adapt.

    Controller Response

    The responsiveness of the left toggle, however, was a little bit more of an issue for me. I was playing Guacamelee! and trying to complete a specific combo in a tutorial that was particularly left-toggle heavy, and it felt like I was pressing the correct buttons spot-on every time, but I just wasn’t hitting the combo. Thinking maybe I just sucked, I switched over to my Joy-Cons in the grip, and I nailed the combo right away. I was surprised that it was quite a bit more responsive on the Joy-Cons than with the PowerA controller. The rest of the buttons were actually very responsive, and I had no other issues with the controls; but again, in direct comparison to the OG controller, the buttons did feel a bit… not sure how to describe it other than maybe less solid? It just felt like the buttons, not unlike the entire controller, were lighter weight than the OG model. Again, nothing deal-breaking, just different.

    One thing that is great with the wired controllers, aside from the obvious price-point advantages, is that there is zero input lag, and if you are bringing this controller to a tournament with tons of other people in the same area, all using wireless airspace, the risk of interference is a real thing. The wired controller quite effectively eliminates that problem—though I have a 2-year-old daughter who certainly supports the argument FOR wireless—and overall, left toggle aside, the PowerA controller did perform smoothly and without issue.

    Pros & Cons

    The pros of the PowerA GameCube controller are:

    • it’s ergonomically nearly identical to the OG controller

    • it has a slightly larger D-Pad which is very responsive and smooth to play on

    • it carries a very reasonable price tag, at $24.99.

    The cons, as I discussed, are:

    • the left toggle is a bit tall for my taste and not horribly responsive

    • it does not support HD rumble, IR, motion controls, or Amiibo NFC.

    These features may or may not be all that important to some players though. It really just depends on what game you are playing and what you need it to do.

    I can say that for the money you pay for the PowerA Wired Controller - GameCube Style for Nintendo Switch that you get your money’s worth and then some. It’s not quite as good as the real thing, but it’s a good runner-up. I am happy to add this controller to my Switch lineup.

    Final Score: 7.5/10

    Buy PowerA's Nintendo Switch GameCube Wired Controller from Amazon here.

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    *Controller Provided for Review By PowerA

    Sours: https://www.jpswitchmania.com/post/product-review-005-powera-nintendo-switch-gamecube-wired-controller
    PowerA Wired GameCube Controller (Nintendo Switch)

    The Best Controller for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 2021

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is getting another new character with the addition of Min Min from Arms. But, before you start thinking about how you're going to master her unique, two-armed fighting style that focuses on independently controlling each arm with the A and B buttons rather than having a combination of smash and special attacks, you might want to think about the controller you're using.

    While you can casually play Super Smash Bros. on just about any controller your Nintendo Switch will support, it takes some serious finesse to play at a high level, especially when you're using a character with a unique style like Min Min. And, that finesse can be hard to manage when using anything but a quality controller for the game. If you're trying to master new moves, speed up your combos, or improve comfort through long play sessions, a good Smash Bros. controller can definitely help. We've tested a load of controllers and picked out those that are ready for the task.

    TL;DR – These are the BestSuper Smash Bros. Ultimate Controllers:

    1. GameCube Controller

    A Legend For a Reason

    GameCube Controller

    Let's be real – ever since Melee, an all-around better Super Smash Brothers controller has yet to come along. The classic GameCube controller is so well designed for Smash Brothers because so many of the moves in the game were built with it in mind. The prominent A button is a boon for quick jabs and smash attacks alike, while the C-stick hangs out of the way unless you need it to pull off a directional attack and struggle with switching directions on the left stick. The small B key reminds us that Special attacks are indeed special and not spam. Never mind how easy it is to roll off the A button to hit either the X or Y for a quick jump to get right over the head of your opponents.

    The triggers may be a little deep and the Z button a touch squishy, but many of us will have learned how to compensate for that. Though the GameCube controller can't directly plug into the Nintendo Switch, all it takes is a simple and affordable adapter to connect. That's a small price to pay when you consider that you'll be getting a low-latency wired connection for up to four controllers, don't need to worry about battery levels, and can use the old GameCube controllers you've had for the last 20 years.

    2. PDP Wired Fight Pad Pro

    A Great Budget Option

    PDP Wired Fight Pad Pro

    We get it — not everyone is going to feel like paying so much money for a controller that’s been around for over a decade and requires a special adapter just to plug into the Nintendo Switch. PDP solves this with the PDP Wired Fight Pad Pro. This will give you a slightly updated take on the GameCube controller while dropping the price to just $25 and using a 10-foot USB cable to plug directly into your Nintendo Switch dock.

    The PDP controller makes a few changes you might like. For one, it adds an extra Z button to the left shoulder, giving you more flexibility with how you perform grabs and dodges in the air. The triggers on the controller are great, providing plenty of space for your fingers while also offering a nice groove for your fingers to sit in. If you never quite fell in love with the GameCube controller’s tiny C-stick, you might also like the Fight Pad Pro’s taller C-stick option that’s a match for the left thumbstick. One downside we’ve noticed is that the controller can be a little loud, but probably not as loud as our shouts when an opponent ledge guards us.

    3. Nintendo Joy-Cons

    Surprisingly Decent (in a pinch)

    Nintendo Joy-Con

    Of course, if you own a Nintendo Switch, you’re already the proud owner of a pair of joy-cons. When attached to a joy-con grip, they make for a surprisingly effective controller for all types of games—Smash included.

    The tiny controller’s tinier buttons don’t inspire much confidence, but I’m always blown away at just how capable these little guys are. I like the clickiness of the buttons, but the low thumbsticks and small triggers aren’t going to be anyone’s preferred option. And if you have extra large hands, you’re going to hate it. My tallest friend (6’4”) started swearing the second the Joy-Cons graced his hands.

    Things fall apart when you’re forced only to use a single joy-con to play. The bumper/triggers are mushy, and the buttons are finger-crampingly close together. But worst of all, a single joy-con has fewer buttons than something like a GameCube controller. Nintendo solves this problem by mapping grab to SL and shield to SR. It works, but you’re probably not going to be super competitive with this setup. Of course, if you don’t have any alternatives, it’s still a fun way to get in some casual two-player action.

    These Joy-Con controllers won’t be anyone's first choice, but they're a far cry from the horrible hand-me-downs we used to play on. They work best with the included Joy-Con grip, where they feel more comfortable and are much easier to game on. Playing with a single Joy-Con, however, is not ideal and your play will suffer on the microscopic device.

    4. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

    Expensive, But Worth It

    Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
    Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

    If you’re not a GameCube diehard, the Switch Pro controller is another excellent option. As far as its design and build quality go, it's easily the most premium feeling device on the list. Nintendo’s $70 controller is heavy in the right way and offers rumble too (a feature sorely missing on the PDP and Hori controllers). Its uniform A, B, X, and Y buttons don’t incentivize the A button like the GameCube controller, which I also prefer. The thumbsticks snap back quickly and I adore the shallow click of its digital triggers—perfect for quick air dashing and rolls. There’s no C-Stick, but the Switch Pro’s secondary stick is comfortable and tall enough to easily hit from side to side—just like the PDP’s attachable version.

    However, if you’re into tournament play, you already know you’d be better off with a wired solution. Any wired controller will have better latency than a wireless controller, and some tests show the Pro controller has worse latency than even Joy-Cons. While I’m not competitive enough to notice the difference, at certain levels of play it’s going to be a deal breaker.

    But, for anyone who prefers wireless—and hasn’t sunk hundreds of hours into a GameCube controller—the Switch Pro is probably your best bet. Plus, you can still find it on Amazon. The best Wireless controller I tested, the Switch Pro controller oozes with quality. It’s heavy and ergonomic and features HD rumble. At $70, it’s not cheap—but it is versatile and feature-rich, while still feeling great for Smash. Unfortunately, at high-levels of play, the latency is a dealbreaker.

    5. PowerA Fusion Pro Wireless Controller

    Best Customizable Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Controller

    PowerA Fusion Pro Wireless Controller
    PowerA Fusion Pro Wireless Controller

    The PowerA fusion Pro Wireless Controller (read our review) is here to put the Nintendo Switch Pro controller to shame. This customizable controller lets you swap out the faceplate and the thumbsticks, and it has a handy trick in store on the underside. Yep, that’s right, four paddle controls to mirror front controls for easy access while keeping your thumbs in position on the analog sticks. Those paddles can be removed as well if you don’t need them at all times. The swappable faceplates even have a special feature with anti-friction rings that let you rotate the analog sticks smoothly.

    The controller itself is a bit beefy, but it’s accommodating large grips, magnets for attaching components, and a battery that offers 20 hours of battery life over Bluetooth, though you can also opt for a wired connection. While it’s worth noting that this controller’s ZR and ZL buttons are digital, rather than analog, and therefore have a shorter travel, that’ll be a boon for Smash Bros. players, as you’ll be able to activate your shield that much quicker without a long travel before the control actuates.

    6. Hori Nintendo Switch Wireless HoriPad

    For Smash Bros. Ultimate Players Who Also Play Other Games

    Hori Nintendo Switch Wireless HoriPad
    Hori Nintendo Switch Wireless HoriPad

    Compared to Hori's wired controller above, its wireless option doesn’t fare much better. While it's not coated in a tacky grip like the Battle Pad, it doesn’t feel much better. While the controller has a pleasing thickness, it suffers from the same “hollow” feeling and its triggers just feel godawful. They’re aggressively sloped and made from uncomfortable, sharp plastic. Basically, they’re exactly the kind of triggers you’d expect to shatter if you dropped the controller.

    It's too bad, because there’s still a few things to love about the controller, especially its great Mario- and Zelda-themed designs. The controller boasts an accelerometer and gyroscope for motion control—which is great for other games, but won’t help you in Smash. The buttons are also wonderfully mashable, and are some of the quietest I've played with. The battery is rated at 15 hours of play, and recharging is done by simply plugging it into a a micro usb cable. The triggers alone should be enough to deter you from the Wireless Horipad. Add to that, it feels cheap and, at $49.99, costs the same as higher quality controllers. While the design is solid and the buttons are decent, its not enough to redeem the weird triggers. You’d be better off with something else.

    7. Hit Box Smash Box

    Best Fight Stick Controller for Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Hit Box Smash Box

    Smash Bros. Ultimate might not seem like a game that's complicated enough to need a fight stick to play, but there are just some players who prefers the form factor and tactile feel of an arcade stick. If you're in that camp the Hit Box Smash Box might be just what you've been looking for.

    That said, it's not exactly a traditional arcade stick controller as it doesn't even have a lever. Instead you get a plethora of buttons—23 in total to be exact. So you're pretty much hitting buttons to do everything from move left to right, jump or hitting C-stick buttons for easy smash attacks (don't spam that last one). Best of all you can pull off all your moves on Hit Box's extremely clicky and tactile arcade buttons.

    8. Hori Split Pad Pro

    Best Handheld Smash Bros Controller

    Hori Split Pad Pro

    As convenient as it is that the Nintendo Switch is portable and can have its controllers simply attach to its sides, the Joy-Con aren't really the best or most comfortable controls for a lot of games, especially for larger hands. So, what if you could replace them? That's exactly what the Hori Split Pad Pro does. This controller fully replaces your Joy-Con when in handheld mode. They slide right into the same slots your Joy-Con would, but they're so much bigger.

    What does that size offer? For one, the Hori Split Pad Pro offer up much bigger thumbsticks, giving your more fine control over your movement and aim in games. They also have a larger D-Pad, making it much easier to use than the diminutive D-Pad on the Joy-Con. The triggers and bumpers also got a handy size increase. These controllers even add assignable rear triggers and a turbo function. Just note that the Split Pad Pro only works while slotted into your Nintendo Switch, as there's not wireless functionality.

    9. 8BitDo Arcade Stick

    Best Wireless Fight Stick for Smash Bros. Ultimate

    8BitDo Arcade Stick

    While a lot of us probably would never want to switch away from the classic GameCube controller for any Nintendo game with the word "Smash" in the title, there are a lot of good reasons to consider a quality fight stick to take into battle. The 8BitDo Arcade Stick is a worthy partner on the Nintendo Switch, as you can actually use it with the console wirelessly, letting you sit back and smash in comfort.

    The controller features a ball-top joystick for true arcade-style and puts the buttons you need for Smash Bros all in an easily mashable arrangement. You may find that these highly responsive buttons actually give you tighter control over your character than the mushier buttons on a GameCube controller once you get used to the different layout. Another perk of this controller is that you're not limited to using it with your Switch. It will also support your PC, so you can play a lot more fighting games with it than a classic GameCube controller. The lack of analog control from the joystick could present some issues, but you have the option of swapping components out later.

    10. 8BitDo Pro 2

    Best Tunable Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Controller

    8Bitdo Pro 2

    Video game controllers don't get much more classic looking than those coming from 8BitDo, and the 8BitDo Pro 2 (read our review) not only comes with that retro sense of style but also makes for a competent Smash Bros. Ultimate controller that you can tune to fit your tastes. At $50, the 8BitDo Pro 2 is an affordable wireless alternative to the Switch Pro controller, and it has some upgrades that may make it more valuable (especially if you play on more platforms, as it supports Windows, Mac, Android, and more via Bluetooth).

    The controller looks like the SNES controller had evolved along the same path as the Sony's DualShock controllers, and it has the symmetrical analog sticks and rumble motors to prove it. It also has motion controls to work with more Nintendo games. With 8BitDo's software, you can also customize the button mapping, swap stick behavior or invert axes, or even tune the trigger actuation depth and vibration levels. The customization setup will also let you set up commands for the back paddles, two extra special controls that'll help you get a leg up on the competition.

    Nic Vargus is a writer and tech enthusiast who thinks SSB 64 is the best in the series. He wept tears of joy when King K. Rool was announced, and you can follow him on Twitter.

    Mark Knapp is a regular contributor to IGN and an irregular Tweeter on Twitter @Techn0Mark

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