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Best Writing Scholarships To Choose In 2021

Are you a high school student who loves writing? Thinking of getting into a writing degree? College can be expensive, but if you land a creative writing scholarship the burden of managing finances will be off your shoulders for a bit. Writing skills are useful in everyday life and those who show promising talent should really think about pursuing writing as a career. There are a lot of opportunities for talented students out there so a skillful creative writer can make a name for himself as an author, ghostwriter, or freelancer. Most students always ask themselves “What should I do if I need a research paper written for me,” while others have no problem composing an essay in no time. If you belong with the latter, you are a perfect candidate for a writing scholarship in 2021, so start browsing and researching for some good opportunities. In this article, we have put together a list of writing scholarships that you can win and make your situation a bit better. Horror Writers Association Scholarship 2021 This is one of the writing grants given by the Horror Writers Association. This is one of the scholarships for people who want to explore the horror genre. You don’t have to be a member of the association to apply for this college scholarship fund as it is open to all writing applicants. It is worth $2500 and you can use it for writing education tuition for two years after you get this scholarship. The deadline for this is August 1st, 2021. Student Arts Scholarship 2021 If you are an undergraduate who is going to apply for an undergraduate degree in arts, you can avail of this scholarship. You have to be a resident of the Region 7W – counties Sherburne, Benton, Wright County, Stearns - in the United States to be eligible but you can apply for admission to any writing course college or university. The amount is $1,500 and you can use it to fund your education costs directly. The deadline is February 28th, 2021. Helen McCloy America Scholarship 2021 If you are a writer with an interest in mystery writing (fiction, non-fiction, screenwriting, playwriting, etc.) you can apply for this scholarship. It is only available for permanent residents or US citizens. You don’t have to be a member of the association. You have to select a specific writing class, seminar, or workshop for which you want to use this scholarship. The essay winners will get $3,000. The deadline is February 28, 2021. Norman Ross Walter Scholarship 2021 If you are one of the female school seniors from Nebraska and plan to get enrolled as an English major in accredited universities, you can apply for this scholarship. You need to show creativity, character, and high intellectual promise for the board to select you. You have to write samples including a short story, poem, essay, etc. If you win this, you will get $2,500. If you come second, you will get $1,750 and the third-place winner will get $1,250. The deadline for this is January 31st, annually. Beyoncé Formation Scholars Scholarship Award 2021 The scholarship award by Beyonce Knowles supports and encourages young women who are not afraid to be creative, daring, conscious, and confident. The scholarship essay program gives scholarships to four females who are attending or plan to attend music, literature, arts, or African American studies in four colleges. The colleges are Howard University, Spelman College, Parsons School of Design, and Berklee College of Music. You can get the details of this scholarship from the administration of any of these schools. The deadline varies from one university to the other. Alabama Grant Scholarships in 2021 If you are a resident of Alabama, you can apply for this scholarship. These essay writing scholarships are designed to help undergraduate college students in any discipline, other than divinity theology, or any other religious studies. You have to fulfill a few criteria to be eligible for these essay scholarships, such as write a quality essay, story, etc. The deadline for this varies as well. Against the Grain Artistic Award This is one of the scholarships that are for Asian-American graduate students who are pursuing a major in visual arts, graphic design, performing arts, mass communications, and journalism. The successful public applicants will be able to attend the charity event of the organization in Dallas, Texas. To be eligible, you need to be at least 50% Pacific Islander and/or Asian. Moreover, you have to be a resident of the US or be a permanent legal resident. Moreover, it is one of those scholarships and writing awards that are open to seniors or students enrolled in an accredited four-year college, junior college, or vocational institute, as English majors. The deadline for this application is May 6th, 2021. However, the deadlines for many awards have been changed so students should check the deadlines before applying for the awards. Richard G. Zimmerman Scholarship Richard Zimmerman was a long-time member of the National Press Club and this scholarship is granted in his memory. This is open for school students who are planning to continue in journalism, communications, or English as a major. Successful applicants get $5,000 each year. However, to keep getting the scholarship, you need to maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 and show financial aid. Students have to submit a couple of details, such as three work samples for the essay contest, a FAFSA form, a high school transcript, etc. while applying. Students can apply for this till March 31st, 2021. Scholarships in 2021 - Final Word You can apply for any of these scholarships and get through college with a little less of a burden due to the scholarships. You can take part in a writing contest such as an essay writing contest as well. The deadlines of a few essay applications may vary since they have been pushed back due to the pandemic.

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Welcome to the Office of Disability Support Services

How to Register with DSS

We’re happy you have chosen to attend UD and are eager to assist you while you are here. The Office of Disability Support Services (DSS) provides accommodations and services to incoming and current UD students with disabilities, psychological or medical conditions, or temporary injuries that limit their access to the UD environment.

Some examples of the academic accommodations and services we provide are testing accommodations (e.g. reduced distraction testing environment, extended time, etc.), alternative print media, and assistive technology.

In order to receive accommodations through DSS, you will need to submit documentation verifying the presence of a disability or chronic medical condition, and meet with an Accommodation Coordinator to determine what accommodations will be most helpful for you.  Documentation establishes the individual as a person with specific functional limitations and provides a rationale for reasonable accommodations.

Students should use the Student Accommodation Manger (SAM) to register with the DSS office.  Students can use SAM to review accommodations, request faculty notification emails, schedule exams, and request books in alternate formats.

Housing for Academic Year 2021-22

If you have general questions about the 2021-22 housing application process, please visit the Residence Life & Housing website for important updates and information.

  • Returning Students – If there are NO changes to the accommodations you previously requested, you ONLY need to complete page 2 “Student Section” of the Housing Accommodation Request Form (PDF).  If NEW accommodations are being requested, the “Housing Accommodation Request Form” will need to be completed by a doctor requesting the new/different accommodations.  Send the completed information by email to [email protected] or drop off in person to the DSS office. DO NOT upload this form in SAM.
  • Incoming Students – By May 17, 2021, complete and submit the Housing Accommodation Request Form (PDF) to the DSS office by email to [email protected] or by fax to 302-831-3261. During the pandemic, please do not mail or drop off the paperwork to the DSS Office. DO NOT upload this form in SAM.

    Space permitting, requests submitted after the deadline may result in a delay or inability to receive a housing  assignment that meets your accommodations.

Sours: https://sites.udel.edu/dss/
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University Of Delaware Disabilities Office

Which Sport Is Easy For Students To Get A Scholarship

Depending on the sport and NCAA division, athletic scholarships can vary significantly. Certain programs are given more scholarship potential than others for a variety of reasons, and there are various limits on how scholarship pools can be allocated. Most of this is dictated by NCAA rules about the number of scholarships that each sport's program is permitted to award. The important thing to remember is that while some sports offer, more scholarships than others, this does not necessarily imply that these sports offer the best chances of receiving a scholarship. The number of athletes vying for spots, the size of the team, the size and funding ability of the program, and, of course, the number of scholarships approved by the NCAA are all to consider when deciding the easiest sports to get a scholarship in. Lacrosse, field hockey, and baseball are the men's sports with the highest percentages of high school athletes earning college scholarships, while ice hockey, lacrosse, and soccer are the women's sports with the highest percentages of high school athletes receiving collegiate scholarships. To reiterate, there is a significant distinction between the sports that award the most scholarships overall and the sports in which students have the highest chance of receiving a scholarship. Check out this blog for updates on the sports that offer the most scholarships. For this article, we'll look at which sports are the easiest to get a scholarship in, the factors that influence this, and how this relates to your recruitment process. Following sports that are the easiest to get a scholarship for? As previously said, the best men's sports to get a scholarship in are lacrosse, ice hockey, and baseball. Looking at the number of high school athletes who go on to compete in college and earn some sort of athletic scholarship is a good way to gauge this. Let's look at lacrosse, basketball, and baseball to see if the numbers and other factors contribute to these men's sports being the easiest to get a scholarship in. Lacrosse In recent years, there have been about 110,000 high school lacrosse players and over 14,000 college lacrosse players. This means that over 12% of high school athletes progress to the next level, which is higher than in any other sports. Furthermore, there are approximately 75 programs in Division I men's lacrosse, and each program is entitled to award 12.6 athletic scholarships on an equivalency basis, which can be allocated entirely or partially among as many players as the coach chooses. So, with over 1,000 scholarships available in Division I men's lacrosse and just over 3,200 players in the division, a significant number of college lacrosse players will be able to take advantage of these opportunities, and the figures are very close in Division II lacrosse. Finally, since lacrosse is mostly common in the United States, there is little foreign competition compared to other sports. Ice Hockey In terms of making it to college, hockey is a more competitive sport, but the scholarship figures are still favorable compared to many other sports. In high school hockey, there are typically around 35,000 players, with around 3,500 going on to compete in college. This means that about 10% of players will go on to compete at some level in college, which is still a good yield when compared to other sports. Athletic scholarships, on the other hand, are only awarded at Division I and Division II levels (this applies to all sports), which account for about half of the 3,500 collegiate athletes. Athletic scholarships, on the other hand, are only awarded at Division I and Division II levels (this applies to all sports), which account for around half of the 3,500 college athletes. Men's hockey is an equivalency sport, similar to lacrosse, and teams in Division I are required to award 18 full scholarships around the team, which is a large number in comparison to other sports. With about 60 programs and 1,700 total participants in Division I Men's Hockey, there are over 1,000 scholarships available for these players, which is a very high ratio. Baseball Even though baseball is a much larger sport than lacrosse and hockey, the odds of receiving a scholarship are still high as compared to other sports. In the United States, there are over 500,000 high school baseball teams, with over 11% of those players going on to compete at the college level. Teams in Division I Men's Baseball are allowed to offer 11.7 equivalency scholarships. With 300 programs and 10,000 total athletes in Division I, athletic scholarships are available for around 35% of the field, which is a significant amount as compared to other sports. Soccer Women's soccer is extremely common, with over 380,000 high school players participating. In general, about 10% of these players will progress to a college roster spot at some stage, which, as we previously said, is a decent rate. The NCAA allows Division I Women's Soccer programs to award 14 equivalency scholarships each season, which is on the higher end of the spectrum as compared to other female sports. Also, there are over 330 Division I women's soccer schools in the division, with over 9,500 total athletes.

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STUDENT RESPONSIBILITIES FOR ALTERNATE FORMAT BOOK ACCOMMODATIONS Office of Disability Support Services (DSS) University of Delaware DSS Office, 119 Alison Hall Telephone: (302) 831-4643 Fax: (302) 831-3261 E-mail: [email protected] Textbooks in alternate formats are available to students at the University of Delaware who have met the Office of Disability Support Services’ book accommodation requirements based on provided disability documentation (see General Guidelines for Documentation of a Disability). If you are a student at the University registered with the DSS Office who does not receive textbook accommodations and you feel you may be eligible for them please contact the DSS Office at (302) 831-4643. The following are guidelines for students receiving accommodations for books in alternate format from the DSS Office. 1. Before submitting a book request: o Consider the type of classes and the amount of reading required per course. o Decide which texts you would benefit from having in an alternate format. 2. Consider which type of alternate format would benefit you. Possible alternate formats: o Audio file or mp3 – a digital voice recording of each book chapter. These recordings can be played on any mp3 player, computer, or burnt to an audio CD. o RFB&D CD – entire recorded textbook on CD (if available), playable on any RFB&D book player (players available for free rental at the DSS Office). Note: Any rented RFB&D CDs and CD players are due back to the DSS Office at the end of each academic semester. o Kurzweil – Students will be sent Kurzweil files of each book chapter. Kurzweil is a computer program available to students in the Morris Library Assistive Technologies Center (ATC) and on personal computers hooked up the UD server. This program allows students to see scanned book text while listening to the text being read, making notes, highlighting and creating guides on the interactive computer program. o Word – plain text files of book chapters with the pictures, charts and graphs edited out. Word files are used by blind or visually impaired students with screen reading programs such as JAWS. o Texthelp – Text Help is a program similar to Kurzweil which allows you to see text on a computer screen while listening to the text being read aloud. An added benefit to text help is it reads directly from any PDF file and will be available to you on any computer hooked up to the UD server. (This includes dorm rooms and computer labs.) 3. Fill out and submit one “Alternate Format Book Request Form” for EACH COURSE in which books are being requested. o The Alternate Format Book Request Form is attached to this packet and also available in a PDF download format from the ADA website. 4. Attach a copy of the course syllabus to each “Alternate Format Book Request Form” o The course syllabus serves as the official book request(s) for that course for the entire semester. The DSS Office will keep up to date with the assigned readings listed in the syllabus, sending required book chapters a week before they are due for the course. Note: If a specific class begins to deviate from the syllabus it is the student’s responsibility to inform the DSS Office of different required readings or changed due dates for required readings. 5. Deliver all completed “Alternate Format Book Request Forms” and course syllabi to the DSS office. o There can be up to a 5 business day period between the day the DSS Office receives the request and when the first set of readings is delivered. Keep this in mind, and be sure to request books and other readings in a timely manner. o “Alternate Format Book Request Forms” can be returned to: o DSS Office, 119 Alison Hall, Newark DE. 19716 o E-mailed with syllabus to [email protected] o Faxed with syllabus to (302) 831-3261 Please Note: Failure to follow established procedures could result in suspension of the accommodation and reinstatement will be at the determination of the DSS Director. I acknowledge receipt of these guidelines and regulations and agree to abide by them. _______________________________________ Signature _____________________________ Date
Sours: https://studylib.net/doc/7292398/dss-alternate-book-r..---university-of-delaware

Of dss delaware university

Double State Share (DSS)

Double State Share is a benefit available ONLY to two State of Delaware, University of Delaware, Delaware Transit Corporation, Delaware Solid Waste Authority or Delaware State Housing Authority employees and/or State of Delaware, University of Delaware, Delaware Transit Corporation, Delaware Solid Waste Authority or Delaware State Housing Authority pensioners who meet the following criteria:

  • were both employed (in a benefit eligible position) by or retired (receiving a pension check) from, the State of Delaware prior to January 1, 2012 AND
  • were married to one another prior to January 1, 2012.

Double State Share benefit eligible employees or pensioners pay a different rate  for participation in a State of Delaware health plan. Additional information can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions .

The Statewide Benefits Office (SBO) will outreach to DSS eligible individuals enrolled in a DSS plan each year to verify continued eligibility. Completion of the Double State Share Coverage Verification form ensures that the SBO is maintaining up-to-date information on the DSS eligible population. DSS eligible individuals enrolled in a DSS plan who do not complete the form WILL NOT lose eligibility for DSS, but will be contacted by the SBO or their HR/Benefits Representative to request additional information.

Sours: https://dhr.delaware.gov/benefits/dss/index.shtml
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