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I know many of you guys recommend this style of toolbox for the service truck. Do some of the drawers slide out ? I have never seen one, nor do I know where any might be on display. Where might I see one ? Will there be a display at the Gordyville Farm Show ?

Somerville, IndianaRural King sells them here...The triangle shape portable tool box doesn't have drawer but is a very nice box, a place for most every tool you need for minor repair in the field...Some mount them on their combine...We bought one years ago, then traded for two more...Wish we had a couple more...Two sizes, the larger one is best here....Heavy tho when full of tools.


Thanks guys. I did find the web site. I'll check with Rural King. Haven't seen it in our local Paris store though.


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Morris, ILBig R sells them, i don't know if they have one near you. Big R in morris has the medium sized one on display, i'm too cheap to buy one.

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Manila, Ari've had a couple of them.............very durable box

I dithered for a couple of years but finally bought one last year. The air tube which raises the lid lasted about 3 months, and wasn't warrantied. Minor issue. But I decided later that I would prefer a different one. A couple of local places sell something that looks like a Montezuma, but has a swing out shelf allowing better access to the tools behind it, as well as a tray to hold spray cans of lubricant, or ether. My old box could hold spray cans, but the Montezuma doesn't.

AND, I think all the Montezumas are now made in China. At least SOME of them are. They're a good box if they are arranged to your liking. showboat

Chillicothe, MissouriWe really love ours!! we have it mounted on a service truck with an air-compressor and a welder/genorator. We bought the largest model, we have both metric and SAE wrenches, along with sockets. I have even considered getting a smaller sized box to use as a topbox on a roll around shop box. This would make working on a projects easier, with wrenches hanging on their individual hooks, which would make reaching for a specific one easier. Also, sockets are stored on pegs in lines, one row for shallow, one for deep. ours has places for 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2" drive sockets. Plus, it has areas for storage of both SAE and metric sockets in all drive sizes.

Edit: We were able to purchase our boxes through our local Orscheln Farm and Lawn
When I was in our local store, they had a display of several different models; however, I did not see the large model that is designed for both metric and SAE.

Hope this helps!

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Nice little tool box, Ones in the back of my polaris UTV, the other in the back of my old 98 chevy 3/4 ton pickup wouldn't be without them either pretty handy!

north west arkansasI bought a large one last spring and it is amazing how much quicker the repairs go when you can actually find the tools. The only complaint I have had is after a big rain event it will have a couple of drops right behind the latch.

NW WashingtonSI Dist. sells them too.

WCILWhat was the one with the swing out drawer?


When I bought mine a few years ago, this place was the cheapest.

ECILRural King has them @ mattoon for like 329.00 ---way cheaper than anywhere else ive seen--put one behind the cab of my semi--handier than a shirt pocket!!!

No moisture problems with ours but it does let a lot of dust in. Another complaint I have is that you don't want to put your best wrenches in one. Wrenches rattle on the pegs as you drive down the rub & over time wears the finish off. Some of ors are getting where it's hard to read the size. Also, tools in the bottom are hard to find. Other than that they are good boxes. WE have had our large one for several years. We carry a minimum of two sets of each size wrench in SAE & metric pl;us 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" sockets in reg & deep well in SAE & metric sizes plus a set of 3/4" SAE sockets. I have a 13 drawer x 72" Snap-on tool chest in the shop & the Montezuma will hold as many tools, if not more than the SO will.

Morris, ILDo the 3/4 sockets fit on pegs or do you just put them in the bottom?

SE ArkansasGood boxes. Everything is at your finger tips making repair jobs quicker. Have seen some write the wrench size above the pegs so it can be read when box is mounted a little too high to see the markings on the wrenches. We tilt our boxes back a bit so the wrenches don't swing and rattle so much. Put some weather stripping around the lid to help keep dust out. Haven't had any water issues. Mine is an older one with the latch on each end. How makes the look alike box showboat?

We use the pegs on the bottom left hand corner. You have to stagger most of the sockets & on biiger ones you may even have to skip a peg. We also put smaller sizes in the bigger sockets to get them all in. IIRC, the 3/4" set we have in the Montezuma box goes from 15/16" - 2". Breaker bar, rachett & extensions for the 3/4" set go in the bottom of the box. All other rachetts & extensions fit in the holes in front of the wrench pegs along with screwdrivers & nut drivers.

Crawford, MS 39743 Uniontown OH 44685The old ones with the latches on the end are the best, the new ones made in Mexico not so much good design poor construction. I had my first one for about 12 years I guess no problems no leaks, friend tore it up pretty good with a gooseneck. The new one (year old) won't last five years I can see that already quality went way down.

SW KansasMexico?.. how bout china.

Thank you for all the replies. I've got to give it a try. Nothing stays put in regular boxes, as you all know so well.


OregonSame problem. Montezuma will send you a new latch free of charge. -Mike

north west arkansasThanks, I was wondering if they would since I haven't had it very long.

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Milwaukee PACKOUT™ Large Tool Box

HomeHome ImprovementGarage Storage & OrganizationMilwaukee PACKOUT™ Large Tool Box (2459607)




SKU: 2459607

Brand: Milwaukee

The Milwaukee PACKOUT™ modular storage system is the industry's most durable and versatile storage system. The PACKOUT™ large tool box is constructed with impact resistant polymers and metal reinforced corners so it can withstand harsh jobsite environments. The tool storage box connects with all other PACKOUT™ system components via integrated locking cleats and features a 100 lbs of weight capacity. An IP65 rated weather seal protects your tools and accessories from rain and other jobsite debris. Interior organizer trays allow you to keep equipment organized to fit your needs. A carry handle and reinforced hinges ensure the large tool box is easily transportable wherever you need it. Our PACKOUT™ modular storage allows you to customize and build your own storage system to easily transport and organize your tools and accessories.

  • IP65 Rated Weather Seal
  • Metal Reinforced Top Handle
  • Metal Reinforced Corners
  • Metal Reinforced Locking Point
  • Interior Organizer Tray
  • Mounting Location for the ONE-KEY™ TICK™
  • Heavy Duty Latches
  • Reinforced Hinge
  • Exterior Dimensions - 22.1" W x 16.2" D x 11.1" H
  • Interior Dimensions - 19.7"W x 13.2" D x 8.5" H
  • Modular Connectivity with ALL PACKOUT™ Components
  • Width  --  22.1" 

  • Height  --  11.1"

  • Weight  --  12.1 lbs

  • Depth  --  16.2"

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