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UFC Fight Night 74 Results: Burning Questions Heading into UFC

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The Fight: Demetrious Johnson vs. John Dodson
The Real Fight: John Dodson vs. The Best Fighter in MMA Today

The Stakes

At one point, Demetrious Johnson seemed beatable. Like his title reign would be a trivial fact, rather than something special. But month by month, fight by fight, Mighty Mouse became an unstoppable force unlike any other in MMA today. 

Now he faces an old foe in John Dodson. He was one of the fighters that made Johnson look decent, but not particularly remarkable, during the early days of his reign. If Johnson can dominate Dodson the way he has dominated his other recent foes, it will cement his place as the top pound-for-pound fighter in today's Jon Jones-less MMA landscape.

The Question

Can John Dodson upend Demetrious Johnson?


At long last, Johnson seems to be getting the respect he deserves. It took long enough, of course. The flyweight champ has defended his title six times, finishing four of those fights. While some may question the legitimacy of his competition on the whole, it's hard to argue with a win over a formidable Ali Bagautinov and a face-peeling first-round KO of Joseph Benavidez.

If he once again adds Dodson to his list of victims, and if he does so in that kind of dominant fashion, it will mean he has truly, honestly cleared out his division in a way that we haven't seen in a long time. 

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UFC play-by-play and live results

Nazareno Malegarie vs. Joaquim Silva

Joe Riggs vs. Ron Stallings

Clay Collard vs. Tiago Trator

Jessica Andrade vs. Raquel Pennington

Francisco Rivera vs. John Lineker

Ross Pearson vs. Paul Felder

Paige VanZant vs. Alex Chambers

Jan Blachowicz vs. Corey Anderson

Anthony Johnson vs. Jimi Manuwa

Andrei Arlovski vs. Frank Mir

Demetrious Johnson vs. John Dodson

LAS VEGAS – MMAjunkie is on scene and reporting live from today&#;s UFC event.

The card, which features flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson vs. John Dodson, takes place at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. The main card airs on pay-per-view following prelims on FOX Sports 1 and UFC Fight Pass.

Follow along with our round-by-round updates and official results beginning at approximately 7 p.m. ET (4 p.m. PT) for the preliminary card and 10 p.m. ET for the main card.

To discuss the show, be sure to check out our UFC discussion thread. You can also get behind-the-scenes coverage and other event notes from on-site reporter John Morgan (@MMAjunkieJohn) on Twitter.

Enjoy the fights, everyone.

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Nazareno Malegarie ( MMA, UFC) vs. Joaquim Silva ( MMA, UFC)

Round 1 &#; Touch of gloves to start the night. Malegarie circles on the outside to start. He leads with a left up eats a counter right. They engage with big punches quickly. Malegarie with a kick that just catches the groin, but we fight on. Silva seems to be finding the best punches early. He walks into a counter left. Silva still holding the center. Malegarie landing with the left hook. Malegarie answering back with a straight right. Uppercut for Silva. Silva changing levels but really just looking to strike so far. Leaping knee from Silva. Silva really sitting down on his punches. Malegarie drops levels and drives in for the takedown. He presses Silva to the cage. Silva wraps the neck as he defends and turns off the cage, eventually pulling away. Malegarie starting to land a few big left hands, as well. Good exchange in the final minute. Both men landing flush. Malegarie cut along the left side of his head. Leaping knee from Silva to close. Good round to start, and MMAjunkie gives it to Silva in a close round,

Round 2 &#; Malegarie engages quickly, and this time, he gets a quick takedown, moving to top position. He can&#;t keep the fight there, as Silva crawls back up to his feet and wants to strike. Malegarie landing the left hand, but Silva firing back, as well. Blood running down Malegarie&#;s face. Silva is throwing hard and controlling the center, but Malegarie seems to be landing cleaner a little bit more often. Silva scores with a check hook, as well. Good stuff from both men. Silva rushes forward with a leaping knee, but Malegarie there to block it an counter with the left. Both men moving well and throwing hard. The left for Malegarie is really his best weapon. Silva scores a knee to the body. Both men flurry at the bell in another active round. MMAjunkie gives it to Malegarie in another close one,

Round 3 &#; Neither fighter can feel comfortable with the score thus far after a few evenly contested rounds. Silva really controlling the center, but Malegarie is moving well and scoring with his left. Silva&#;s face starting to shoe the wear. Malegarie still pounding in the left hook. Silva walking forward, and it&#;s all a matter of who lands in the exchanges. Halfway through the final round, and both men digging deeps and still throwing. The blood again running down Malegarie&#;s face. Silva lands a leaping knee but eats a hook when he lands. Silva with a high kick that&#;s blocked. Malegarie extends looking to strike. Malegarie stating bust, and he gets a takedown, but Silva immediately back to his feet. Left hand continue to land for Malegarie. Kick to the body for Silva. Time winding down. Malegarie lands a left as Silva tries another knee. Good fight. MMAjunkie gives the final to Malegarie, , awarding him the fight But the rounds were close.

Result: Joaquim Silva def. Nazareno Malegarie via split decision (, , )
Recap: Joaquim Silva outworks ex-&#;TUF: Brazil 4&#; teammate Nazareno Malegarie
Photos: Joaquim Silva def. Nazareno Malegarie via photos
Division: Lightweight
Broadcast: UFC Fight Pass
Referee: Chris Tognoni
Judging: Cardu Urso (, giving Malegarie rounds 2 and 3), Adelaide Byrd (), Marcos Rosales ()

Joe Riggs ( MMA, UFC) vs. Ron Stallings ( MMA, UFC)

Round 1 &#; Stallings with an early low kick. A second follows. Riggs yet to throw. Another leg kick comes in before Riggs punches up top. Right hands traded from the southpaws. Stallings still working the legs. Stallings scores with a jab. He pops it out again. Riggs pawing at his eyes. Uppercut for Stallings. Riggs looks hurt, but he fights on. He battles his way off the cage. Two punches land for Riggs, but Stallings answers with a straight left. Stallings lands two jabs, and Riggs wipes his eyes again. Riggs shoots inside and gets it to the floor, but Stallings goes for the triangle. He adjusts to an armbar and then the kimura that he uses to sweep. From there, he elects to go back to the feet. Riggs cut by the right eye. He drives in for another takedown. Ninety seconds left, and Riggs is on top. Riggs trying to punch from the top. Elbow comes in. Riggs stands and eats an upkick. He drives back down and sets up on top before kneeing the body. MMAjunkie gives the round to Stallings,

Round 2 &#; Riggs comes out punching and drops Stallings with a big left that freezes him. Riggs rushes forward and gets on top, slamming away with elbows from the top. Stallings cut over his left eye. Riggs looking to do damage from inside his opponent&#;s guard. Stallings keeping the guard closed for now and trying to punch from his back. Riggs happy to stay heavy on top. Stallings needs to get up, but Riggs happy to strike as long as they&#;re on the floor. Riggs postures and eats an upkick. Referee calls time, as he was still downed. Doctor called in check on things. Riggs appears to be saying he can&#;t see. That&#;s the fight, and referee Jason Herzog calls it a disqualification. Doesn&#;t appear the damage to the eye came from the kick. Perhaps should have been a no contest.

Result: Joe Riggs def. Ron Stallings via disqualification (illegal upkick) &#; Round 2,
Recap: On one good eye, Joe Riggs gets DQ win over Ron Stallings
Photos: Joe Riggs vs. Ron Stallings photos
Division: Middleweight
Broadcast: UFC Fight Pass
Referee: Jason Herzog

Clay Collard ( MMA, UFC) vs. Tiago Trator ( MMA, UFC)

Round 1 &#; Collard with an early low kick and a few jabs as he moves well to start. leaping switch kick. Trator hangs back and lands a counter left. Collard very busy early. He&#;s not landing flush, but he&#;s throwing. Trator gets inside and scores with a knee. Collard moves into a Thai clinch and drives Trator to the cage. Punches traded inside. Collard with a few big shots to the body before he pulls away. Collard with his hands low, and he points to his chin before landing a big right. Collard continues to leave his hands down, but Trator moves inside and slips around to the back. Trator pulls the action to the floor, but Collard with a quick sweep to the top. Big left hand from the top. Trator dives on to the leg and drags Collard to the floor. He lets go but moves to mount. Less than a minute. Collard walks the cage and escapes. On the feet, Trator again trips him to the floor. Trator for the choke in the closing seconds, but Collard lasts until the bell. MMAjunkie gives the first round to Trator on the late rally, Close round with Collard&#;s early work.

Round 2 &#; Collard out early again and lands with a kick to the body. Collard catches a low kick but can&#;t quite get his opponent off-balance. Trator with a nice right hand, but Collard answers with a flurry. Collard the busier fighter, but Trator covering well and answering. Trator moves inside. Dirty boxing inside before Collard pulls away. Missed spinning strikes from both. Collard getting a little loose now. Trator with a glancing right. Collard with a straight, and Trator hits the floor. Collard pounding away with punches, but Trator grabs his arm. Not there, so Trator moves up and gets the reversal. Trator advances to mount. Collard turns to his knees as he looks to escape. One minute left. Trator again gets to the back. He&#;s too high, and Collard shakes him off. Collard with a wild knee to the body, and he punches away in the final seconds. MMAjunkie gives the round to Collard,

Round 3 &#; Trator out quick and scores with a left. Collard still moving well and striking. Trator with the nice hooks landing flush. Low kick buckles Collard&#;s legs. Collard moving around and still fighting with his hands down. He lands a nice left hand. Trator answers with a big right. Back and forth. Both men scoring with their hands. Three minutes remain. Trator with a big overhand right. Collard bleeding from his nose. Collard still throwing from all angles. Trator short on a takedown, and he eats a few punches as punishment. Trator misses on a trip. Collard slips a big right and scores a takedown. He lets Trator up. Kick to the body for Collard. Collard tries for another takedown to no avail. They battle against the cage. One minute left. Trator gets to the back. Collard tries to pull away. He rolls forward to escape. He rolls again and attacks the legs. Not there, and Trator settles up top. Close final round again, but MMAjunkie gives it to Trator, , awarding him the fight Very close though.

Result: Tiago Trator def. Clay Collard via split decision (, , )
Recap: Tiago Trator gets past Clay Collard with close split decision
Photos: Tiago Trator vs. Clay Collard photos
Division: Featherweight
Broadcast: FOX Sports 1
Referee: John McCarthy
Judging: Adelaide Byrd (, giving Trator rounds 1 and 3), Tony Weeks (, giving Collard rounds 1 and 2), Derek Cleary (, giving Trator rounds 1 and 3)

Jessica Andrade ( MMA, UFC) vs. Raquel Pennington ( MMA, UFC)

Round 1 &#; Andrade rushes forward with punches, but Pennington able to avoid any damage and work into the clinch. Andrade looks for a single leg. She elevates Pennington and does finally get her to the floor. Pennington with an open guard on her back. Andrade in control but not able to open up with strikes. Pennington rolls to stand, and Andrade tries to rush to her back. She can&#;t quite get there. Pennington turns in, and she scores with a few short shots, but Andrade stays close and again drags her to the floor. Pennington right back up. She punches again. Another takedown from Andrade, but she can&#;t keep the fight there. Pennington with good punches inside. One minute. Pennington scoring well when she lets her hands go. Andrade trying to stay in tight and fight in the clinch. Knees traded. Another trip from Andrade, and Pennington punches from her back. MMAjunkie sees the first for Pennington, , despite the takedowns.

Round 2 &#; Low kicks traded to start. Andrade lands a left hook. More low kicks from Andrade. Pennington lands two punches. A right hands lands flush. Andrade works into the clinch, but Pennington gets free. Punches traded back in the center of the cage. Pennington landing well with her hands. Andrade using low kicks. Andrade grabs the neck and falls back for a guillotine. Pennington works to her feet and pulls free. More exchanges, and Andrade scores with a knee. More work from Andrade, though Pennington covers up. Andrade again looks for the guillotine. She falls to her back and squeezes from full guard. Andrade finally lets go. One minute left. Pennington postures and tries to punch. Andrade tries to attack the leg. Instead, Pennington gets on her back and starts looking for the choke. Final seconds, but Andrade just can&#;t quite last until the bell, and she reluctantly taps.

Result: Raquel Pennington def. Jessica Andrade via submission (rear-naked choke) &#; Round 2,
Recap: Raquel Pennington taps Jessica Andrade on &#;revenge tour&#;
Photos: Raquel Pennington vs. Jessica Andrade photos
Division: Women&#;s bantamweight
Broadcast: FOX Sports 1
Referee: Herb Dean

John Lineker ( MMA, UFC) vs. Francisco Rivera ( MMA, UFC)

Round 1 &#; The circle in the center. Lineker misses a big left. Rivera trying to use his range. Lineker finally gets inside, and they start to tee off. Bombs traded in the pocket. Rivera wobbled and falls. Lineker all over him with punches, but Rivera crawls back to his feet. Lineker still swinging. Rivera doing the same. This is madness. Both men just standing in front of each other and firing wild shots. Rivera lands, too. He&#;s still hurts, and he falls forward into a takedown. Lineker falls back to the guillotine. He squeezes, and a wounded Rivera has to tap. Unbelievable. That was a fight.

Result: John Lineker def. Francisco Rivera via submission (guillotine choke) &#; Round 1,
Recap: John Lineker taps Francisco Rivera in first after crazy slugfest
Photos: John Lineker vs. Francisco Rivera photos
Division: Bantamweight
Rankings: Lineker No. 8 (flyweight)
Broadcast: FOX Sports 1
Referee: Chris Tognoni

Paul Felder ( MMA, UFC) vs. Ross Pearson ( MMA, UFC)

Round 1 &#; Pearson with a jab as Felder throws a knee to the body. More knees from Felder. They move into the clinch. Pearson pressing his opponent against the fence. Felder with another knee to the body as he over hooks the arm. Big elbow from Felder. Pearson circles off the cage. They continue to work in the clinch. Felder circles off. He briefly changes levels before finally backing away. Pearson slips under a high kick and pushes his opponent to the floor. Felder&#;s left leg is on the shoulder, so Pearson has to patiently work free. He stands and kicks the legs. Pearson avoids upkicks and moves back inside. Felder working fro, guard. He&#;s looking for options before getting to a seated position and then to his feet. Felder with an elbow inside, and Pearson answers to the body. They break at the bell, and Pearson lands a high kick as Felder tries a spinning strike. Felder falls, and the round ends. MMAjunkie gives the first to Felder,

Round 2 &#; Pearson moving well to start. He kicks the lead leg. Felder does the same. Pearson with a nice lead left. Jab scores for Pearson. Felder back with a powerful low kick. Pearson moving well, never staying set. Knees score for Felder, and Pearson has to scamper away and reset. Pearson misses a spinning strike. He lands with a jab. Pearson goes to the body and then the chin. He&#;s striking looks very slick right now. Kicks traded. Pearson making Fedler chase him and then looking for counters. Two minutes left. Felder misses a spinning kick. Felder scores with a second one straight to the body. Felder with a knee, but Pearson answers with punches. Felder chops the legs. Pearson still digging to the body. Pearson scores with a big left hand. Felder misses a big spinning high kick. Fun round, and MMAjunkie gives it to Pearson,

Round 3 &#; Felder comes out looking fired up. Pearson still has plenty in the tank. Pearson with a kick to the legs. Felder still the aggressor, but Pearson moving well and measuring the distance just right. Pearson whiffs on a few bog hooks to the head but scores to the body. Felder the one walking forward, but Pearson doing well in his slips and counters. He pops Felder&#;s head back.Pearson misses a spinning punch but follows with a left and then moves into the clinch. They grind against the cage. Felder circles off just past the halfway mark. Knee to the body, and he backs away. Pearson starts winging punches, but Felder slips them all. Low kick for Pearson, and he blocks a backfist. Felder bleeding from the nose. He&#;s pushing, but Pearson slips another shot and lands a big left. One minute left. Felder throwing bombs. He scores with a spinning high kick. Pearson still moving well. He throws a high kick. Big shots from both in the closing seconds. Fun fight. MMAjunkie gives the final round to Pearson, , and awards him the fight

Result: Ross Pearson def. Paul Felder via split decision (, , )
Recap: Ross Pearson ekes out close split call over Paul Felder
Photos: Ross Pearson vs. Paul Felder photos
Division: Lightweight
Broadcast: FOX Sports 1
Referee: Jason Herzog
Judging: Cardo Urso (, giving Felder rounds 1 and 3), Adalaide Byrd (), Derek Cleary (, giving Pearson rounds 2 and 3)

Alex Chambers ( MMA, UFC) vs. Paige VanZant ( MMA, UFC)

Round 1 &#; VanZant with an early low kick, and they move into the clinch. Chambers looking to brawl early, but she pulls away. VanZant walking froward. She lands a knee to the body and punches up top. Chambers retreats, but VanZant grabs her with a thai clinch. Knees from VanZant before she pulls away. Leg kicks traded on the restart. She&#;s retreating but does land a nice right hand. VanZant swarming though. Back into the clinch. Chambers looks for a takedown, but it&#;s not there. Beautiful toss for VanZant, but she backs away to the feet. Chambers lands a right hand on the restart. Back into the clinch. Foot stomps from VanZant. They trade inside. VanZant with the Thai clinch again and scores a knee before they break. VanZant just the busier fighter. Chambers grabs a leg and wants the takedown but slips to the floor. She crawls back up, but VanZant is right in her face. They finish in the clinch. MMAjunkie gives the first to VanZant,

Round 2 &#; VanZant walks forward and scores a kick to the body.Chambers trying to brawl, but VanZant grabs her and tosses her against the fence. More work from the clinch. VanZant is just relentless with her efforts. Knees to the body and just controlling the position and pace. Chambers finally gets off the fence and looks to punch, but VanZant answers with a flurry and resets in the dominant spot. VanZant tries to slip in a choke on the feet and slide around to the back, but Chambers is able to turn inside. Still, VanZant just absolutely smothering with her clinch work. Chambers trying to work in punches with her back to the cage. VanZant swings back, and Chambers is hurt. She falls to the floor but crawls back up as VanZant unloads. VanZant wants the finish.She stays aggressive. Chambers on the canvas again, but she lasts until the bell. MMAjunkie gives the round to VanZant,

Round 3 &#; VanZant right back to work. She walks through a few punches to get inside, and Chambers goes to the floor. She crawls back up, but VanZant is all over her and pushes her down again. VanZant looking for the rear-naked choke. Not there. VanZant goes to mount and then turns out for the armbar. Slick work, and it&#;s there, and Chambers has to tap.

Result: Paige VanZant def. Alex Chambers via submission (armbar) &#; Round 3,
Recap: Paige VanZant dominates, taps Alex Chambers with armbar
Photos: Paige VanZant vs. Alex Chambers photos
Division: Strawweight
Broadcast: Pay-per-view
Referee: John McCarthy

Corey Anderson ( MMA, UFC) vs. Jan Blachowicz ( MMA, UFC)

Round 1 &#; Blachowicz with a low kick before missing on a big left. Anderson swing sback and just misses a big hook. Anderson light on his feet early. Blachowicz kicks the legs. Blachowicz with a big kick to the body. Anderson moving well, but Blachowicz catches him with a straight. Blachowicz with another big kick to the body. Anderson with a right hand up top. He&#;s hanging tough, and they move into the clinch. Blachowicz drops for a takedown and gets the action to the floor. Anderson refuses to stay there and crawl right back up. Halfway into the opening round. Anderson shoots in for a takedown. Blachowicz defends well, but Anderson&#;s second effort gets it to the floor. Blachowicz with a closed guard. Blachowicz turns for the arm. He almost has it, but Anderson rolls with it. They&#;re against the cage, so the position opens, and they return to the feet. Anderson moving forward. Blachowicz covers well and defends a few knees. They finish against the fence. MMAjunkie gives it to Blachowicz,

Round 2 &#; Blachowicz with a nice lead uppercut and a kick to the body. Anderson answers with an uppercut of his own and drives in for a takedown. Blachowicz working from guard. Anderson tries to sneak in a few elbows. Blachowicz keeps the guard closed. He&#;s controlling the wrists from underneath. Anderson does work them free and sneak in a few punches. Anderson scoring with his left hand. Blachowicz looking for potential submissions, but Anderson staying busy and pulling free. Two minutes remaining. Anderson scoring points with his positioning, and Blachowicz seems content for now to work from his back. Anderson postures up and kicks the legs before diving back down with a punch to the head. Blachowicz in half-guard. Anderson pounding away with elbows. Blachowicz blocking most of them, but he&#;s still on his back. Round ends there. MMAjunkie gives it to Anderson,

Round 3 &#; Anderson wastes no time and goes immediately in for the takedown. He gets it, and he goes to work from the top. Blachowicz gets up to a seated position, but Anderson pulls him flat to the ground. Half-guard again for Blachowicz, but he&#;s stuck on the floor. Anderson tries to step over to mount. Blachowicz defends, but he&#;s still on the ground. Anderson happy to grind away from the top. Two minutes left. Anderson stands, and Blachowicz stays on his back. Not exciting work, but it&#;s effective from Anderson. One minute left, and Blachowicz gets to his knees. he goes for the choke and misses, and Blachowicz gets to his feet. One quick punch before Anderson shoots again. Blachowicz down and looks for the kimura, but it&#;s not there. Anderson finishes the round on top. MMAjunkie gives him the round, , and awards him the fight Borderline in the third, and Blachowicz has a nasty welt over his right eye.

Result: Corey Anderson def. Jan Blachowicz via unanimous decision (, , )
Recap: Corey Anderson rolls over Jan Blachowicz – including two s
Photos: Corey Anderson vs. Jan Blachowicz photos
Division: Light heavyweight
Rankings: Blachowicz honorable mention
Broadcast: Pay-per-view
Referee: Herb Dean
Judging: Patricia Morse Jarman (, giving scores in rounds 2 and 3), Sal D&#;Amato (, giving scores in rounds 2 and 3), Chris Lee (giving Blachowicz round an giving Anderson scores in rounds 2 and 3)

Anthony Johnson ( MMA, UFC) vs. Jimi Manuwa ( MMA, UFC)

Round 1 &#; Manuwa with an early low kick. Johnson answers with two big hooks that miss. Johnson with a low kick and then big punches. He&#;s swinging hard to start. Johnson scores a jab and then drives in for a takedown, dropping Manuwa to the floor. Manuwa rolls to his knees and covers. Johnson tags him with a few right hands. Manuwa trying to get back to this feet. He does, and he gets a warning for grabbing the fence before Johnson dumps him again to the floor. Manuwa holding tight underneath. Johnson trying to stay busy. Manuwa happy to hold underneath. He does finally turn back and rise, and we reset. Manuwa with a low kick, and he moves into the clinch. Johnson against the fence in the closing seconds. He circles off, and we finish there. MMAjunkie gives the first to Johnson,

Round 2 &#; Johnson lands a right to start, and Manuwa looks like he wants to trade. Manuwa with a kick that scores, but Johnson looks ready to ponce. Big punches coming. He lands a right to the chin, and Manuwa falls to the floor. Johnson follows with punches from the top, and that&#;s the fight.

Result: Anthony Johnson def. Jimi Manuwa via knockout (punches) &#; Round 2,
Recap: Anthony Johnson drills Jimi Manuwa for second-round knockout
Photos: Anthony Johnson vs. Jimi Manuwa photos
Division: Light heavyweight
Rankings: Johnson No. 3, Manuwa No. 15
Broadcast: Pay-per-view
Referee: Jason Herzog

Andrei Arlovski ( MMA, UFC) vs. Frank Mir ( MMA, UFC)

Round 1 &#; Both men paw their jabs to set range. Arlovski scores with a quick right, but Mir gets through it and moves into the clinch. Arlovski defends well against the fence, and they break. Arlovski scores with a right on the reset. He&#;s moving very quickly. Mir lands a left. Arlovski continues to pump the jab and then fire in the right behind it. Mir trying to slip it and counter. Mir works into the clinch again, but Arlovski looks comfortable there, and he turns off the cage and pulls away. Mir trying to counter off Arlovski&#;s right hand. So far, he&#;s avoiding damage, but he&#;s not answering. Back into the clinch, and again there&#;s nothing there. Another exchange sees Mir sneak in an uppercut. Mo moves back into the clinch. Arlovski stays on his feet with ease and circles off the fence. They battle against the cage. Arlovski lands with a knee as he breaks away. Round ends on the feet, and MMAjunkie gives it to Arlovski,

Round 2 &#; Arlovski still pumping his jab. Mir comes out orthodox and shoots inside. He gets close and gets the takedown. Arlovski in guard. Mir up on his feet and looking to throw. He sneaks in a few punches and forearms. Arlovski trying to tie things up underneath. Mir looks frustrated and stay in position, and Arlovski earns his standup. High kick from Arlovski. Mir ducks in with a left hand and moves into the clinch. Nothing there. Mir just staring at Arlovski. He rushes forward and throws a knee. Mir knows he can slip the right and seems to be very comfortable with it. He just misses a big left. Arlovski still bouncing. He just lands a right. Mir misses on a left and has a spinning elbow blocked. Both men looking tired with one minute left. Arlovski lands a right. Mir just staring at him, daring him to throw it. Arlovski just misses a front kick to the face. Mir loses his mouthpiece. Mir again just standing there. Arlovski looks frustrated. MMAjunkie gives the second to Mir,

Round 3 &#; Touch of gloves to start the final round. Mir again orthodox, and he walks into the clinch. Arlovski spins off the cage. He has a body lock and drives in a few knees, but there&#;s a quick restart. Mir slips a punch and gets inside and nearly scores the takedown, but Arlovski again defends well and presses in the clinch from the outside. Arlovski works in a short elbow. Arlovski staying busy on the outside with short knees, but it&#;s not much, and they&#;re reset again. Mir shoots but can&#;t get the takedown. They exchange, and Mir scores with a left. Arlovski goes to the floor, but he crawls back to his feet. They work in the clinch, and Arlovski circles off the cage. Quick recovery from Arlovski. They jockey for position. Time winding down, and the crowd wants them to separate. The referee does it for them. Eighty seconds left. Mir blocks a front kick and starts staring again. Arlovski scores a straight left, and Mir&#;s legs buckle a bit. Two more punches from Arlovski. Mir misses a leaping left. Back into the clinch. Mir is bleeding near his right eye. They break and trade shots in the final seconds. Odd fight. MMAjunkie scores the final round for Mir, , giving him the fight But could go either way. Arlovski may have stolen it at the end.

Result: Andrei Arlovski def. Frank Mir via unanimous decision (, , )
Recap: Andrei Arlovski makes it six straight with decision over Frank Mir
Photos: Andrei Arlovski vs. Frank Mir photos
Division: Heavywight
Rankings: Arlovski No. 5, Mir No. 11
Broadcast: Pay-per-view
Referee: John McCarthy
Judging: Sal D&#;Amato (, giving Arlovski rounds 1 and 3), Chris Lee (, giving Arlovski rounds 1 and 3), Adalaide Byrd ()

Demetrious Johnson ( MMA, UFC) vs. John Dodson ( MMA, UFC)

Round 1 &#; The fighters pass on a touch of gloves in the final instructions. Quick movement to start. Dodson not smiling. All business. Both men paw out a few jabs. Johnson kicks the legs. Johnson dropping down, looking to change levels. Dodson blocks a high kick and counters ot the body. Quick pace, as expected. Johnson grabs a clinch, and Dodson peppers his ribs. Halfway into the first. Johnson with a kick to the body. He gets in deep on a takedown but can&#;t get the fight to the floor. Johnson scores with two right hands that pops Dodson&#;s head back. Johnson in on a takedown, but Dodson again able to remain upright. Dodson kicks the body. Johnson trying to exchange, but Dodson moving well to avoid. Close first, but MMAjunkie leans slightly toward Johnson,

Round 2 &#; Dodson out quick. Kicks traded. Johnson short on a takedown. He follows immediately with strikes. Dodson grabs a leg and drives Johnson to the floor, but he can&#;t keep him there. Punches traded on the restart. Johnson again looking for the takedown, but Dodson won&#;t allow it. Johnson staying very aggressive and looking to set the pace. Dodson does score a nice counter left. He tosses an off-balance Johnson to the floor, but he quickly scurries back to his feet. Johnson kicks to the body. Right hand from Johnson and into the clinch. Dodson circles off the cage. Ninety seconds left. Crowd boos when they go briefly to the clinch. They break away, and Johnson scores a nice right hand. They move to the fence, and Johnson tries to leap up for a guillotine. He falls off but again recovers quickly. High kick from Johnson in the final seconds. Round ends on the feet, and MMAjunkie gives it again to Dodson, Again very close.

Round 3 &#; Johnson moves inside quickly for a takedown, but Dodson defends well against the fence. Strikes traded inside. They eventually break. Right hand for Johnson, and Dodson smiles. Johnson shoots inside, and Dodson again is able to defend and stay upright. Short punches from Dodson. Johnson changes his grip but still can&#;t score a takedown. Dodson with incredible balance. Elbow from Johnson as he breaks. Right hand and a left for Johnson. Dodson lands low, but Johnson doesn&#;t want a break. Johnson again inside. Dodson sneaks off the cage, and we restart. Johnson lands a left. Dodson is bleeding from the nose. Johnson shoots again, but Dodson stuffs it. Johnson unrelenting. He gets the takedown and then tries to attack the neck in the final minute. Dodson scrambles up. Dodson seems to be slowing just a touch. Johnson with a flying attack right at the end. MMAjunkie scores it for Johnson,

Round 4 &#; Johnson keeping the pressure high. Two right hands land. Dodson felt those. Johnson gets inside again on the takedown. Dodson defends, circles off and resets. Dodson is fighting well, but Johnson just a cut above. Johnson in and out of range in a heartbeat. Dodson does land a nice left to the body. Dodson wants a takedown, but Johnson pulls out of it and stays upright. He lands a big right hand. Johnson is just completely fluid and his movements seem effortless. Two minutes left. More clinchwork. They break, and Johnson is firing in hard right hands. Dodson inside, but he can&#;t do anything with the position. Johnson measures him for a left hand. Johnson gets a takedown in the final minute. Dodson gets back to his feet, but he just doesn&#;t seem to have any options. Johnson showing no weakness. Right hand for Johnson lands clean. Bell sounds, and Dodson lands a left hand just after the bell, but Johnson just turns and walks away.

Round 5 &#; Dodson still with enough energy to try and make this a fight, but Johnson is just so good. Crowd comes to life. Dodson trying to respond. Johnson with a big right hand but eats a knee in the process. Still, Johnson gets inside, wraps the body and slams him to the floor. Dodson gets to his knees agains the cage. Johnson stays tight as they rise, but he backs away. Right hand for Johnson on the restart. Another one scores, and Dodson wobbles a bit. Two minutes remain. Johnson inside on the takedown. Again he lifts and slams Dodson to the floor. Dodson gets right back up and lands a right, but Johnson scampers away. Johnson scores with a right. One minute left. Dodson with a knee to the body. Johnson showboating a bit, looking incredible comfortable. Boos from the crowd as they work in the clinch. They break before the bell. Dodson raises his arms, but his bloodied face tells the story. No embrace from the fighters. MMAjunkie gives the final round to Johnson, , awarding him the fight Could even be

Result: Demetrious Johnson def. John Dodson via unanimous decision (, , )
Recap: Demetrious Johnson near perfect in second title win over John Dodson
Photos: Demetrious Johnson vs. John Dodson photos
Division: Flyweight
Rankings: Johnson No. 1 (No. 3 pound-for-pound), Dodson No. 2 (honorable mention pound-for-pound)
Broadcast: Pay-per-view
Referee: Herb Dean
Judging: Marcos Rosales (, giving Dodson round 2), Tony Weeks (, giving Dodson round 2), Derek Cleary ()

Sours: https://mmajunkie.usatoday.com//09/ufcplay-by-play-and-live-results
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UFC Fight Night play-by-play and live results

Round 1 &#; Both men intense but patient to start, moving around and pumping out a jab. Barriault pressing forward, and they trade low kicks. Right hands fired behind it. Both men firing heavy leather when they throw but not overdoing it early with wild volume. Barriault seems to be the man on the front foot at most times, though Lungiambula is picking his shots to rush forward. Lungiambula also careful not to get trapped on the fence, sliding laterally when he gets backed up to the cage. Two minutes left. Lungiambula changes level and rushes forward for a double. Not there, but a second effort from the clinch brings it down. Barriault quickly scrambles back to his feet and slide away. Straight punches traded inside. Lungiambula with a late trip, but Barriault again straight back to his feet. Clean right from Barriault at the end. Good round, but MMA Junkie leans toward Barriault,

Round 2 &#; They engage again quickly, with Barriault again controlling the center and the man walking forward. Lungiambula comfortable waiting and seeking out the big counters. He landing with some of them, but he&#;s letting Barriault set the pace. Lungiambula catches a kick and sweeps Barriault but can&#;t get him all the way to the floor. They&#;re swinging in close in the pocket. Punches and kicks traded. Lungiambula shoots forward and creates a scramble. No takedown, but he lands a few big shots. Barriault swings back. Lungiambula now starting to really land more frequently. His mouth is wide open, but he is staying busy. Barriault wades forward with three punches that land. He kicks to the body. Lungiambula swinging back. Low knee lands to the cup for Lungiambula. Replays show it was the foot that carried up and landed on the groin. Barriault takes just a short break, and he&#;s right back to work. Lungiambula firing huge power shots, while Barriault adding in kicks, as well. Another close round, but MMA Junkie leans toward Barriault,

Round 3 &#; Barriault continues to be the one moving forward and keeping the volume high, scoring with combinations and then looking to slip the counters. Lungiambula still throwing hard, so Barriault has to be careful. Lungiambula reaches out, and he pokes the left eye. Referee Chris Tognoni sees it calls in the doctor. It seems to be closing, but Barriault says he can compete. Lungiambula receives a stern warning, and we continue. Quick action on the restart. Barriault with straight punches and combinations. Lungiambula with the huge shots in reply, but he&#;s not landing quite as frequently. Still, Lungiambula is spirited here in the late stages of the third. They&#;re trading in the pocket. Collar ties and big punches. One minute left, and they work from the clinch. Barriault has some blood smeared on his face. Still, he&#;s relentless moving forward. Lungiambula is walking backwards and trying to find the big counter. More punches from the collar tie. Fighting in close. Great finish. MMA Junkie gives it again to Barriault, , awarding him the fight

Result: Marc-Andre Barriault def. Dalcha Lungiambula via unanimous decision (, , )
Photos: UFC Fight Night Best photos from Las Vegas
Records: Marc-Andre Barriault ( MMA, UFC), Dalcha Lungiambula ( MMA, UFC)
Division: Middleweight
Broadcast: ESPN+
Referee: Chris Tognoni
Judging: Derek Cleary (, giving Barriault rounds 1 and 3), Sal D&#;Amato (, giving Barriault rounds 2 and 3), Bryan Miner ()

Sours: https://mmajunkie.usatoday.com/lists/ufc-fight-nightderek-brunson-darren-till-play-by-play-live-results

UFC Weigh-in Results

UFC , which is headlined by the UFC flyweight title fight between Demetrious Johnson and John Dodson and the heavyweight bout between Andrei Arlovski and Frank Mir, airs live on Pay-Per-View from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas at 10pm ET / 7pm PT.

Four prelim bouts will air live on FOX Sports 1 at 8pm ET / 5pm PT, and the event's first two prelims will air exclusively on UFC FIGHT PASS beginning at 7pm ET / 4pm PT.

Main Event - UFC flyweight title
John Dodson () VS Demetrious Johnson ()

Pay-Per-View Main Card
Frank Mir () VS Andrei Arlovski ()
Jimi Manuwa () VS Anthony Johnson ()
Corey Anderson () VS Jan Blachowicz ()
Alex Chambers () VS Paige VanZant ()

FOX Sports 1 Prelims
Paul Felder () VS Ross Pearson ()
John Lineker () VS Francisco Rivera ()
Jessica Andrade () VS Raquel Pennington ()
Clay Collard () VS Tiago Trator ()

UFC FIGHT PASS Early Prelims
Ron Stallings () VS Joe Riggs (*)
Nazareno Malegarie () VS Joaquim "Netto BJJ” Silva ()

*Riggs made weight on his second attempt after initially weighing in at pounds

Sours: https://www.ufc.com/news/ufcweigh-results

Free ufc fight 191


UFC mixed martial arts event in

UFC Johnson vs. Dodson 2 was a mixed martial arts event held on September 5, , at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.[3]


Initially, a UFC Light Heavyweight Championship bout between current champion Daniel Cormier and top contender Alexander Gustafsson was linked as a possible event headliner.[4] Although never officially announced by the UFC, the bout between Cormier and Gustafsson would not take place at this event and would instead be postponed and moved to UFC [5]

During the live Fox Sports 1 broadcast of UFC Fight Night: Mir vs. Duffee, it was confirmed that a UFC Flyweight Championship bout between current champion Demetrious Johnson and top contender John Dodson would headline the event.[6] Their first fight at UFC on Fox: Johnson vs. Dodson ended in a unanimous decision victory for Johnson.[7]

The co-main event featured a heavyweight bout between former UFC Heavyweight championsAndrei Arlovski and Frank Mir.[8]

Anthony Johnson was originally expected to face Jan Błachowicz on the card. However, Johnson was pulled from the bout on July 30 in favor of a fight with Jimi Manuwa at the event.[9] In turn, Błachowicz faced The Ultimate Fighter 19 light heavyweight winner Corey Anderson.[10]

Raquel Pennington was initially expected to face Leslie Smith at UFC However, Smith was forced to pull out of the event due to injury.[11] Subsequently, Pennington was pulled from the card entirely in favor of a bout with former title challenger Liz Carmouche at this event.[12] In turn, Carmouche pulled out of the fight just days after being added, citing injury and was replaced by Jéssica Andrade. This fight was a rematch, as Andrade beat Pennington via split decision at UFC [13]

Andre Fili was expected to face Clay Collard at the event.[14] However, less than one week after the bout was announced, Fili was forced out of the bout with an injury and was replaced by Tiago Trator.[15]


Main Card
Weight class Method Round Time Notes
Flyweight Demetrious Johnson (c) def. John DodsonDecision (unanimous) (49–46, 49–46, 50–45) 5 [a]
Heavyweight Andrei Arlovskidef. Frank MirDecision (unanimous) (29–28, 29–28, 30–27) 3
Light Heavyweight Anthony Johnsondef. Jimi ManuwaKO (punches) 2
Light Heavyweight Corey Andersondef. Jan BłachowiczDecision (unanimous) (30–25, 30–25, 29–26) 3
Women's Strawweight Paige VanZantdef. Alex ChambersSubmission (armbar) 3
Preliminary Card (Fox Sports 1)
Lightweight Ross Pearsondef. Paul FelderDecision (split) (28–29, 30–27, 29–28) 3
Bantamweight John Linekerdef. Francisco RiveraSubmission (guillotine choke) 1
Women's Bantamweight Raquel Penningtondef. Jéssica AndradeSubmission (rear-naked choke) 2
Featherweight Tiago Tratordef. Clay CollardDecision (split) (29–28, 28–29, 29–28) 3
Preliminary Card (UFC Fight Pass)
Middleweight Joe Riggsdef. Ron StallingsDisqualification (illegal upkick) 2
Lightweight Joaquim Silvadef. Nazareno MalegarieDecision (split) (28–29, 30–27, 30–27) 3


Reported payout[edit]

The following is the reported payout to the fighters as reported to the Nevada State Athletic Commission. It does not include sponsor money and also does not include the UFC's traditional "fight night" bonuses.[18]

  • Demetrious Johnson: $, (includes $58, win bonus) def. John Dodson: $60,
  • Andrei Arlovski: $, (no win bonus) def. Frank Mir: $,
  • Anthony Johnson: $, (includes $, win bonus) def. Jimi Manuwa: $24,
  • Corey Anderson: $58, (includes $29, win bonus) def. Jan Błachowicz: $34,
  • Paige VanZant: $24, (includes $12, win bonus) def. Alex Chambers: $12,
  • Ross Pearson: $90, (includes $45, win bonus) def. Paul Felder: $18,
  • John Lineker: $48, (includes $24, win bonus) def. Francisco Rivera: $23,
  • Raquel Pennington: $20, (includes $10, win bonus) def. Jéssica Andrade: $20,
  • Tiago Trator: $20, (includes $10, win bonus) def. Clay Collard: $10,
  • Joe Riggs: $32, (includes $16, win bonus) def. Ronald Stallings: $12,
  • Joaquim Silva: $20, (includes $10, win bonus) def. Nazareno Malegarie: $10,

Bonus awards[edit]

The following fighters were awarded $50, bonuses:[19]

  • Fight of the Night: John Lineker vs. Francisco Rivera
  • Performance of the Night: Anthony Johnson and Raquel Pennington

See also[edit]


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Sours: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UFC_
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