Diy medal display case

Diy medal display case DEFAULT

Cherish the achievements of your kids by giving their medals a handcrafted place to hang with these DIY medal display ideas.

1. Wood Letters Race Medal Display

Beautify a plain old coat rack with wooden letters that spell motivational words and follow it by displaying your medals underneath. Here’s the DIY.

2. DIY Medal Display Ideas

Why keep medals stashed away in a drawer when you can display them neatly on a sleek wooden holder for a visible sign of encouragement every day. Follow this DIY to make one.

3. Wooden Plank Race Medal Holder

This easy and inexpensive project takes little to achieve completion- just cut a wooden slab, sand it, paint if you want, stick on vinyl letters and screw in hooks to hold your medals, that’s it. Here’s the DIY.

4. Medal Rack Display

Having intricate detailing on your metal holder never hurts- you can go for a short quote or numbers indicating the miles you have run so far, or intend to run in your next marathon. This DIY will give you more ideas.

5. Race Medal Display Holder

This DIY is all about assembling pre-ordered supplies, such as a medal display board, hooks, and wooden lettering. It’s an easy hack to create a statement medal holder in less than an hour.

6. Old Crib Rail Medal Display

This DIYer repurposed an old crib rail with a fresh coat of stainless steel paint to mimic the utilitarian bling of her medals.

7. DIY Medal Display Ideas

Adding knobs to a wall shelf is a neat solution to get all your similar-sized medals up for display. Get the complete know-how here.

8. Running Medal Display Rack DIY

For a more grand touch, try making this wooden display rack from scratch. Add a motivational quote cut out of foam board on top to create a nice reminder of your victories. Here’s the DIY.

9. Medal Hanger Display

Add a medal display to your contemporary-style living room with an Ikea picture ledge customized with curtain hooks. Follow the DIY here.

10. DIY Marathon Medal Display

This wooden board medal organizer makes a lovely gift for the friend who takes pride in finishing marathons. Customize it with the maximum number of miles they have run and a positive quote to tie up the look together. Here’s the DIY for more inspiration.

11. Pallet Medal Display

This DIY pallet board made from reclaimed wood has been revamped with vinyl lettering and brass hooks to create a part-rustic, part-industrial-style display fit for medal storage.

12. DIY Medal/Sports Display Shelf

The area underneath your wall-mounted shelf has great potential. Screw-in an array of hooks and use it as a neat little holder for your innumerable medals. Follow the tutorial in the video.

13. DIY Harry Potter Medal Rack Display

This DIY becomes easy when you have a shapely piece of wood handy. Get some tan paint and graphic paper for the rest of the detailing.

14. Sports Medal Display Frame

If you want to place all focus on that one precious medal you’re particularly proud of, consider this elaborate memorabilia display featuring a race photo, the finisher medal and engraved info of the event below.

15. DIY Medal Hanger Display With Colorful Lights

Created from boring everyday items such as headbands, curtain rods, and calendar pages, this DIY medal holder comes to life at night, thanks to the discreet line of fairy lights tucked in behind.

16. DIY IKEA Race Medal Display

This versatile and practical medal holder DIY is a one-size-fits-all solution for keeping your race bibs, medals and occasional sports photographs all arranged in one spot.

17. Premier Tabletop Race Medal Display

Have your medals add bling and color to your work desk with this easy-to-assemble tabletop display. Involving practically no DIY, this is a great option for the lazy ones.

18. Personalized Medal Display DIY

This DIY personalized medal holder makes a lovely gift for a special someone who takes pride in his achievements. Also, it’s a subtle reminder of his true potential.

19. DIY Finisher’s Medal Display

Wrap a wooden panel with race bibs in chaotic arrangements to create a shabby chic baseboard for your medals. Here’s the DIY.

20. Mirror Frame Medal Display

For permanent storage-cum-display, consider encasing them in custom frames that will also add colorful accents on the wall. Get details here.

21. Cute Sign to Display Medals

This adorable wooden holder got a makeover from sanding and leftover white paint but what made it really stand out is the bold lettering done with SVG files. Get the tutorial here.

22. Glass Display Frame for Medals

A wall-mounted glass display frame is perfect for preserving the fanciest medals of your collection for the younger generations to rave about. Make one with this DIY.

23. War Medals Display Case

Inspired from a jewelry box idea, this DIY medal storage box is a handy solution to ensure your blingy pals never have to see the dust of the day again.

If you liked these DIY medal display ideas and have any other innovative display DIY to share, kindly leave them in the comments section!


easy DIY race medal holder & display

Three years ago my husband decided to spend the summer training for a triathlon. He was a true beginner at the sport: when he started he couldn’t run more than a mile without stopping and he’d never swum distances before. By the end of the summer he completed his first triathlon: a sprint distance that included a 5k run, a 10 mile bike, and a 350 yard swim. He ramped up his training over the next year and by the end of the next summer, he completed a Half Ironman: a 13.1 mile run, a 56 mile bike, and a 1.2 mile swim. It was amazing.

In the year and a half since then he’s continued to compete in triathlons, putting in hours of training each week, and collecting race medals that started piling up in a drawer. I’ve been so impressed with his continued work and improvement that I really wanted to get him some sort of race medal display for our 16th anniversary last month, but I couldn’t find any that I really liked. Most of the ones on Amazon were pretty pricey ($60) and didn’t seem like they’d even fit that many medals. So I decided to make one instead, and for an early father’s day present I gave him this race medal display holder:

Show off your medals with this DIY race medal display. Perfect handmade gift for runners, triathletes, and more! Click through for easy instructions.

This was really a simple, inexpensive DIY project: cut, sand, and paint a board, then apply vinyl letters and screw in hooks. If you don’t have a cutting machine you will want to find a friend with a Cricut or Silhouette to cut the vinyl letters for you.

Sign that says swim bike run with race medals hanging from it

It was fairly inexpensive as well. The one I made has 13 hooks, but you could use a wider board and add a third row of hooks as well to hold even more medals.

medals hanging on a wall, with books and watch

I used white vinyl for the letters and I love how they pop against the dark gray. The font I used is a free one called Raleway and it’s in bold.

A wood sign with hooks for hanging race medals

This race medal display is obviously geared to triathlon, but you could personalize it however you like for other races or other events. Here’s how I made it:

I started with an 8 inch pine board from Home Depot (actually 7.5 inches) and cut it to 24 inches long. I was using scrap wood I had on hand, but if you don’t have any check the cut area at the store – they often have scraps in all different sizes they’ll sell cheap. I spent a few minutes sanding it smooth, then I mixed some acrylic paint (from one of the cheap little craft paint bottles) with water to thin it out a bit and painted it on. I wiped a little paint back off with a paper towel because I wanted to make sure some of the wood grain showed through.

plain wood board, painted gray

I ended up going back over it with a little darker paint wash as well. Once I liked how it looked, I sealed it with a spray sealant. You can use any type of brush on or spray on poly. This step is important because the vinyl letters stick better if the board has been sealed.

Wood board with vinyl words swim bike run transferred onto it

After that, apply your vinyl letters directly to the board.

The next step was to drill holes where I wanted the hooks to go. I measured down the board 4.75 inches and placed a piece of masking tape across the board at that height. I put another piece on so the bottom of the tape would line up with 6 inches down from the top. Then I marked on the tape where the hooks would go. This way I didn’t run the risk of marking the wrong place on the board and then having my mark show. The holes for the top row are 3.75 inches apart, started 1.5 inches from each end of the board. The hole for the bottom row are just centered in between the top holes. These measurements on a 24 inch board give you 13 hooks.

using masking tape to mark holes for hooks on the sign

Then I just used a small drill bit to drill through the board, and then screwed in these square hooks I picked up at Home Depot.

screwing hooks into holes drilled in sign

To hang the board, you can hammer in sawtooth picture hangers or use a picture hanging kit. Once it’s loaded up with medals it is kind of heavy, so take that into consideration when you decide how and where to hang it.

DIY race medal display sign

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How to Build a Military Display Case for Your Medals

If you are looking to build a military display case for your medals and memorabilia, you will want to create a showcase that gives affords them the respect and honour that they deserve. Medals awarded for service and valour are a source of pride for a soldier, their family and the entire nation. Keep this honour and pride in mind as you build your military display case.

Step 1 – Frame

Using the square and ruler, measure an 8½x11 inch rectangle on the ¼-inch plywood. Cut out the display case backing using your ruler and exact knife. Cut two 11 inch lengths of 1x2, using the miter box and finishing saw to make sure the ends are square. Lay the pieces of 1x2-inch pine flat (wide side down), and place the plywood on top. Make sure the plywood edges match up to the 1x2 , and staple the plywood to the pine.

Turn the frame over so the pieces of 1x2 are on top. Measure the sides of the frame between the lengths of 1x2. Cut 2 lengths of 1x2 to this measurement and slide them into place. Turn the display frame over again. Make sure the plywood and 1x2 edges match up and staple the plywood to the pine. Stain the 1x2 pine frame to a color of your choice and apply 2 coats of verathane. Allow the frame to dry overnight.

Step 2 – Cut Corkboard

Measure the inside length and width of your military medal display frame. Use your square, ruler and exact knife to cut a rectangle of ½ inch corkboard to this measurement. Cut the corkboard ¼-inch large to start, shaving an edge down until if fits snugly inside the frame.

Step 3 – Attach Material to Corkboard

Lay the velvet material face down and use the corkboard rectangle to measure the amount of material you need. Leave at least a 1 inch border of material around the corkboard. Cut the material to size. Attach the material by folding the border over the edges of the corkboard, fastening it into place with fabric glue. Put a heavy book on top of the glued material, letting it dry overnight.

Step 4 – Attach Corkboard to Frame

Dry fit the velvet covered corkboard into the frame before gluing it to a proper fit. The display board should fit snugly without bulging. Use the exact knife to unglue one side and trim if necessary. To attach the display board, spread wood glue on the plywood backing inside the frame. Place the corkboard inside one side of the frame and gently drop the opposite side. Press into place and put a heavy book on the corkboard, allowing the glue to dry overnight.

Step 5 – Mounting Medals and Plaque

Have a local engraver create a brass plaque for your display. Include information such as the soldier’s name, where and when the medals were awarded and why they were awarded. Lay out your medals and plaque on the display area, centering them as you desire. If the plaque does not have an adhesive backing, use a glue gun to attach it. Fold the top of your medal’s ribbon by using a straight pin to attach it to the corkboard hidden under the fold.

My Mom DIY Medal Wall Display / Jamila Abalos

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My Mom DIY Medal Wall Display / Jamila Abalos

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