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Madden 20 Zero Chill Update: New Ghosts of Madden Present, Out of Position Players Revealed

With five days until Christmas Day, EA’s Madden Ultimate Team is continuing to bring gifts via MUT content. There are brand new player cards now available for the Madden 20 Zero Chill program including Ghosts of Madden Present and the return of Out of Position Players. Here’s a look at who all was released on Friday, December 20, and how to get them.

New Ghosts of Madden Present players revealed

Within the past several days, Madden 20 Zero Chill added their latest Ghosts of Madden Future bringing high-rated cards for future stars of the league. The Ghosts of Madden Present are as one would guess, the players that are the stars of today’s NFL.

Receiving new 94 overall cards as part of the program are Madden cover star Patrick Mahomes, Rams running back Todd Gurley, and ROLB Leighton Vander Esch of the Cowboys. There’s also a 95 OVR Ghosts of Madden Present Master J.J. Watt available.

These new player items are available through the Zero Chill player items, packs, and bundles at Madden Ultimate Team Store. There are several specific Ghosts of Madden offers at the store using the Kindling currency.

  • 93 OVR Ghosts of Madden Future player for 5,620 Kindling
  • 94 OVR Ghosts of Madden Present player for 7,800 Kindling

They’re also up for sale at the Auction Browser. To get the J.J. Watt Master item requires building a set of the Mahomes, Gurley, and Vander Esch cards, or hitting the Auction Browser and paying a high price in Madden Coins.

Madden 20 Zero Chill Out of Position Players

The Madden 20 Zero Chill program also features the return of Out of Position players. These are upgraded cards that feature players available for positions they normally don’t play. It can add provide some unique strategies for Madden Ultimate Teams, depending on special plays that one might run or defensive needs.

Leading the way is the Out of Position Master Calvin Johnson at free safety. It’s a 95 OVR card for Megatron who previously was featured with a MUT 10th Anniversary card also at FS position. To get the new OOP Johnson requires building a set consisting of the 93 OVR Mike Evans and Patrick Ricard cards, shown below.

There are four other Out of Position players available. As shown in the final image of the tweet above they are: MLB Landon Collins (Redskins, 85 OVR), LOLB Josh Allen (Jaguars, 87), WR Joe Webb III (Texans, 89), and TE Taysom Hill (Saints, 91).

The Madden 20 Zero Chill promotion includes the Kindling currency, which you can use to purchase packs and player offers. For Out of Position they have the following player deals for Kindling:

  • 85+ OOP Player for 925 Kindling
  • 93 OVR OOP Hero for 5,6250 Kindling

Otherwise, head over to the Auction Browser and hope to swoop in for a good deal using Madden Coins. See more details about the new player items on the MUTHEAD website.

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For the second update of the Zero Chill Program, EA has released Ghosts of Madden Present and Out-of-Position (OOP) Players! Check out all of today's latest content below:

Ghosts of Madden Present

You can acquire Ghosts of Madden Present by purchasing a 94 OVR Ghosts of Madden Present pack for 7,800 Kindling in the Store. This pack gives you 1x Random Ghosts of Madden Present player item. Ghost Watt can be acquired by finishing his Master set. Once you complete the Ghosts of Madden Present Set, you will receive Master J.J. Watt (auctionable), his Power Up item, and NAT versions of all 3 players used in the set (Mahomes, Gurley, and Vander Esch).

Out-of-Position Players

You can acquire OOP Players by purchasing a 93 OVR OOP Hero pack for 5,620 Kindling or an 85+ OOP Player pack for 920 Kindling in the Store. FS Calvin Johnson can be acquired by finishing his Master set that requires OOP Mike Evans and OOP Patrick Ricard. Once you complete the OOP Master Set, you will receive Master FS Johnson (auctionable) and his Power Up item.

New Challenges

In addition to Ghosts of Madden Present and OOP content, EA also released new solo challenges. Details below:

A Mutmas Carol: 6 additional Challenges, 4,500 Coins, 60 Kindling, 18 Stars possible

OOP Training Camp: 14 Challenges, 7,700 Coins, 140 Kindling, 70 Stars possible

What are your thoughts on today's Ghosts of Madden Present and OOP Players?

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Madden 21 Ultimate Team: Zero Chill gets its first update with Ghosts of Madden Present – JJ Watt, Alvin Kamara, Eric Kendricks

Earlier this week, Zero Chill made its way back to MUT with the launch of the signature winter program.

It contains lots of players, brings plenty of packs into the store, and sees several new challenges make it’s way to Solo’s and online H2H.

Over the next three weeks, the duration of the program, there will be plenty of updates bringing new challenges and players to Ultimate Team.

Now, just a few days after its release, there has already been an update with the Ghosts of Madden Present being added.

Here is everything you need to know about the latest update to MUT Zero Chill.

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Ghosts of Madden Present

In addition to a new solo challenge, five more players can now be acquired as part of Zero Chill’s Ghosts of Madden Present program.

JJ Watt, Master, (95 OVR)

click to enlarge
+ 5

This is the 2nd time JJ Watt has been the master card in a Ghosts of Madden Present promo.

And thats testament to his incredible career. The two-time defensive player of the year and sack-leader has a monster card.

He has one of the better value defensive end cards already in MUT in the form of his TOTW 3 card, but now he has one of the best cards in the entire game.

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With 96 play rec, 95 tackle, 94 strength, 94 pursuit, 91 block shed and hit power, this card is immense.

It is alread reaching a lofty 387k coins on Xbox and 398k coins on PS.

Alvin Kamara (95 OVR)

click to enlarge
+ 5

A HB that is as good recieving as he is running, this card will be in plenty of teams soon enough.

This is absolutely one of the best HB cards in the gamer at this point, and if paired with recievers who excel in blocking he will dominate.

With 97 break tackle, 95 agility, 95 acceleration, 94 speed, 94 change of direction, 94 juke, 90 spin, 90 stiff arm and 90 carrying, it's going to take 95+ OVR defenders to stop him.

Eric Kendricks (93 OVR)

click to enlarge
+ 5

This Kendricks card is elite. If you manage to get him your team will have gotten its QB of the defense.

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Aimed at playing amazing coverage, he has elite stats for a LB.

With 93 play rec, 92 tackle, 92 pursuit, 91 zone cover and 89 hit power - not much is getting past him in the middle of the field.

Cam Newton (91 OVR)

click to enlarge
+ 5

Due to a difficult season in the NFL, this card is a jump from his 83 OVR Ultimate Kickoff card.

With 87 speed, 89 acceleration and 85 agility this is a fairly mobile QB card, albeit there are better. However, add 95 throw power and 90 throw on run and you get a decent balance between mobile QB and pocket passer.

Xavier Rhodes (89 OVR)

click to enlarge
+ 5

Available for around 40k coins on both platforms, this is a bit of a bargain card.

With 91 speed, 90 acceleration and 91 jump he will keep up with all but the best receivers.

Add 88 press and 87 man cover and he can be a staple on your secondary for a long time.

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Ghosts of Madden Present, a new round of OOP players, and the 7th sequence in "How the Grouch Won MUTmas" released this morning in MUT. We also got a preview of one of this week's 'The 50' players that will release tomorrow. Check out all of today's new content below:


Ghosts of Madden Present

95 J.J. Watt (Master)
95 Alvin Kamara (Found in the 89+ Ghost of Present Madden Pack in the Store)
93 Eric Kendricks
91 Cam Newton
89 Xavier Rhodes


95 Taysom Hill (TE)
93 Mike Evans (CB)
90 Cordarrelle Patterson (HB)
87 Chad Johnson (K)
84 Robert Woods (TE)


The following new Sets can be found in MUT with today's Zero Chill release:

  • Present Master: J.J. Watt - Exchange Ghosts of Madden 1x Kendricks, 2x Newton, and 4x Rhodes for 95 OVR J.J. Watt. You will also receive his Power Up and NAT versions of all 3 players you put into the set.
  • OOP Master: Taysom Hill - Exchange 1x Evans, 2x Patterson, 4x Johnson, and 6x Woods for 95 OVR OOP Taysom Hill.


How the Grouch Won MUTmas

The 7th sequence in the Grouch solo challenge sequence was released today. Similar to House Rules, today's solo sequence has the following special conditions:

20 Yards for a First Down
5 Points for a First Down
5 Points for a Passing TD
10 Points for a Rushing TD
No Special Teams

  • Reindeer Games - 7 Challenges, 3,500 Coins, 35 Stars possible


The following new items can be found in the Store (cost listed first):

89+ Ghost of Madden Present - 14,750 Snow. Contains 1x 89+ Ghost of Present Madden Player.
Present Spectral Pack - 1,050 Points. Contains 1x 89+ Ghost of Present Madden Player and 1x Chill Factor Rank Up quicksell. Limit of 1. Expires on 12/24 in the evening around 7-8 PM ET.


In Other News

This week's release of 'The 50' is scheduled for tomorrow instead of the usual Friday cadence. Here's a preview of one player from that release:


What are your thoughts on today's Zero Chill release?


Of present ghost madden

Madden 20 MUT: Zero Chill's Ghosts of Madden Continues

The Zero Chill promo continued on with the Ghosts of Madden element, this time going with Ghosts of Madden Present. The Madden 20 MUT team also released an Out of Position Players set, with the return of Calvin Johnson once again leading that crew at FS.

So with the Out of Position Players, the Calvin Johnson set will take Patrick Ricard (93) at defensive tackle and Mike Evans (93) at cornerback.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The other players included in this Out of Position release are:

  • Taysom Hill – TE
  • Joe Webb – WR
  • Josh Allen – LOLB
  • Landon Collins – MLB

Ghosts of Madden Present got J.J. Watt as the set Master, and with that one you do need all three other players to finish the set. This includes Patrick Mahomes (94), Todd Gurley (94), and Leighton Vander Esch (94).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Out of Position players did get some new Solos, and there’s also a small subset of new challenges for MUTmas Carol.

All of this will be updated in our Madden Zero Chill promo guide.


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