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As promised, here it is, a better way to conceptualize masks in Substance Painter. This video is a response to Allegorithmic&#;s youtube tutor&#;s perplexing insistence that a black mask is transparent.

If you want the abridged version of the video response, here it is: A black mask isn&#;t transparent. Black is the color of night and blindness and not seeing and so nobody would ever equate black with transparent. And it&#;s not. It&#;s opaque. A black mask covers and obscures everything in its layer. Now, if everything in its fill layer is obscured, the upshot is that the layer beneath it is revealed. Revealing one thing by obscuring another is not the same as the obfuscation being transparent. To sum up, black blocks its layer revealing the layer beneath. White does the opposite.


8 super tips for Substance Painter

No matter what you’re working on, how you apply textures to your model will make the difference between a final project that’s outstanding or just mediocre. 

There’s no point putting hours into producing a fantastic sculpt only to let it down with some subpar texturing, so we’ve collected advice from concept artist Daniel Hahn and character artist Jakub Chechelski on advancing your technique to help you produce realistic, compelling texturing effects in Substance Painter. 

For more great tips on Substance Painter, check out our event Vertex, where founder and CEO at Allegorithmic Sébastien Deguy will be giving an insightful talk! 

Create a texture library

Daniel Hahn: "If I don’t want to go through the whole process of creating UV maps for my robots I usually render the models out in three to four different material passes for the same perspective. This way I can decide really late in Photoshop where to put which materials. 

"The Photoshop layer masks come in handy in that process. I have a designated folder for my textures, where I have dirt stains, oil leaks, rust textures and logos. The best thing is to have them ready as PNGs with no backgrounds so you can throw them on quickly." 

Jakub Chechelski: "Be aware of the lighting that you use in Substance Painter during texturing. Every environment will make your colour look different, because of the source of the light. The safest bet is to use one of the studio light environments, as the light is white."

Keep your workflow non-destructive 

Jakub Chechelski: "Probably the best way to texture in Substance Painter is by using Fill layers, instead of general layers. You can choose your fill colour (e.g. red), mask it and paint your mask. That gives you the ability to change the hue of your fill to a darker, lighter or completely different colour."

Start early with dirt and decals

Daniel Hahn: "Get textures, decals, labels and logos in place early on, as this way you can get an impression of the big picture along the concepting process. It’s important not to lose the overall concept idea when it comes to the details.

I try to do this in 2D as well as in 3D. ZBrush has a great way of Polypainting along the concepting process. In 2D, just be sure to only flatten the logo layers when you are sure you want to mirror the concept, otherwise you end up with flipped texts. I usually want to have the possibility to decide very late whether I flip the image or not."

Smart masks and generators

Jakub Chechelski: "These two are a great addition to Substance Painter, as they enable you to create a really interesting look within seconds. Keep in mind that it is always a good idea to break them up even more: add another paint layer over your generator/mask and paint out details in some places, break the opacity!"

Create a strong base

Jakub Chechelski: "I always try to create a base for every material that looks interesting. Firstly, you can always reuse it and secondly, it makes material look realistic. Instead of making your leather pure black, give it a few extra layers with different shades of black, purple and dark red. 

The same thing applies to the roughness channel; just make sure not to overdo it – the last thing you want is to make your character look like a Christmas tree."

Make use of UV Maps 

Daniel Hahn: "Substance Painter is a good choice as a 3D texturing tool when you want to show a character in more than one view or scene. Uncharted 4 from Naughty Dog and Robo Recall from Epic Games were mainly textured using Substance Painter – it works for real-time rendered gaming characters and for ray-traced ones alike. 

The crucial thing to do is to create a solid and clean UV map of your character. As I model in ZBrush, the tool to do that is the UV Master in the plug-ins section. With a nice UV map, Substance Painter’s smart materials can create edge damages and great wear effects."

Think through your wear and tear

Jakub Chechelski: "This is where you have to think about how your  character will move, which part of their clothing/armour is going to touch and wear off, and what parts are prone to damage. Just because the shoes look muddy or dirty, this doesn’t mean that you need to add mud on the face. 

"The same thing applies to damage; if your character has a shield, it is most likely going to be worn and scratched, but the same thing doesn’t apply to his belts."

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A short step by step beginner tutorial on how to use Polygon Fill to create non-destructive editable masks in Substance Painter.


1. Add a new Fill Layer to your material&#;s layer stack.

2. Add a black mask to the fill layer and make sure to have it selected for the next step (it is by default).



3. Enable Polygon Fill by clicking the Polygon Fill button in the upper toolbar:


Now your mesh&#; UV layout will appear over your 3d-model.


4. Select the fill mode you want to use in the Polygon Fill&#;s properties panel to the right.


The square polygon box fill mode is very practical for many circumstances. By default the fill colour is set to white, so it&#;s just to start selecting polygons if you also use a black mask.

5. LMB-select the polygons you want to mask out on your 3d-model.


Tip: Enable 3D/2D view in the upper toolbar to access your UV map for even easier selection.

Tip: You can also use &#;Marquee-select&#; or box select by holding down LMB and drag-selecting multiple polygons for quicker selections. This is way easier to use with the 2D-view than the 3d-view.

Tip: Change the Polygon Fill properties colour to black in order to paint out polygons that gets selected by mistake. Typically you&#;ll end up selecting both interior and exterior polygons if you work in 3d-view and not 2d.

Tip: If you want to blend between effects of your mask set the colour value to a greytone.

6. Lastly assign a material to your Fill Layer by dragging it from the shelf to the Fill Layer&#;s Material mode button, or do some other texturing magic, and finally lean back and enjoy the beauty of your Polygon Filled layer.


For more tutorials like this, check out my Youtube-channel.

Like this:


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Substance Painter - Getting Started + Using Masks

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Mask substance painter

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Substance Painter 2021.1 New Feature: Geometry Mask

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