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Apex Legends Best Iron Sights for Every Weapon

Do Iron Sights Matter?

Unless you don't care about winning, they do. Some of the skins have different iron sights which can give YOU the edge! So, why not have a look and see which ones can help you? Check it out below!

The weapons with default iron sights only are not listed.

11. Wingman

The Death Ray.

Youtube link (sight in action):

Death Ray in action.

What sight is best for the Wingman and why:

The Death Ray is the best iron sight for the Wingman.

  • The risers on either side of the red dot extend higher, which helps you to focus more on the enemy in front of you. That is if you even see him, to begin with!
  • The overall body of the Wingman is much slimmer and allows you a much better field of view than the original.

10. Peacekeeper

The Lonestar.

What sight is best for the Peacekeeper and why:

The Lonestar and Superstar both have the best iron sight for the PK.

  • The side risers are higher, focusing more on the enemy.
  • The center bead is slightly taller, making it easier to align with enemies. Or, in your case, easier to align with the wall NEXT to your enemy…

9. Longbow

What sight is best for the Longbow and why:

The McFly has the best iron sights for the Longbow.

  • The main reason is that the thickness of the risers around the red dot is thinner and thus obstructs your view less. I DOES help if you can see the enemy after all.

8. Havoc

Quantum chaos.

What sight is best for the Havoc and why:

Quantum chaos.

  • The frame around the sight itself is slightly more open and less cluttered, which helps improve the field of view and focus. And that’s what it’s all about, the view, isn’t it?

7. G7 Scout

G7 Scout Gold Dragon with default iron sights.

What sight is best for the G7 Scout and why:

The G7 Scout does not have iron sight variation between skins.

  • The default iron sights are the only option, but you can make it easier for yourself by choosing your favorite G7 skin, which may or may not make it easier for you.
  • The G7 Scout iron sights are pretty bad as iron sights go.

6. Hemlok

Hemlok Cyberian with default iron sights.

What sight is best for the Hemlok and why:

  • The Hemlok does not have iron sight variations and thus the default iron sight is the only option.
  • The ring around the red dot narrows down the area in which you see the enemy, helping you bring the enemy into your sights as you try to find him in your field of vision.

5. Flatline

Flatline Heavy Metal.

Youtube link (sight in action):

Heavy Metal gameplay.

What sight is best for the Flatline and why:

Heavy Metal or Heatsink. (Both the same)

  • The top of the vertical orange riser is not as squarely aligned with the gun, which makes it easier to focus on the sight itself. Unless you’re one of the spray and pray crew… then sights don’t really count, do they?
  • There is more open space around the top of the sight and this gives you a better sight-picture when you ADS (aim down sight)

4. R301

The Last Spartan

What sight is best for the R-301 and why:

The Last Spartan.

  • Although the main sight is the default, the v-shape created by the spurs on the side of the upper barrel allows more focus on the sight itself.

3. Alternator

Alternator LED Rez with default iron sights.

Youtube link (sight in action):

Alternator in action.

What sight is best for the Alternator and why:

The best iron sight for the Alternator is the default iron sight. Guess why? Because it’s the only one!

  • It has 2 horizontal bars extending outwards which shrink as you shoot. In other words, it tells you how much ammo is left in your mag so that you know when to reload…
  • It has a free-floating red dot which gives a clear view of your enemies.

2. Prowler

Dark Fright.

Youtube link (sight in action):

Dark Fright in action.
What sight is best for the Prowler and why:

The Dark Fright iron sight is best for the Prowler.

  • The front sight on this skin is a little more open at the top which gives the red dot more room and makes it easier to see your targets clearly. How would you beam your enemies if you can’t even see them?
  • It has a free-floating red dot which allows for pinpoint aiming accuracy and does not obstruct your vision unnecessarily with a metal riser.

1. R99

Zero Point.

Youtube link (sight in action):

Zero Point gameplay.

What sight is best for the R-99 and why:

The Zero Point iron sight is best for the R99.

  • It has parallel vertical risers on either side of the red dot to help focus your target in front of the sight. This doesn’t obstruct your vision as much as the original sight.
  • The free-floating red dot is very good for precise aiming on an enemy player as it gives a definite point of aim, unlike sights which have a solid metal bar of which only the tip gives accurate shots.
  • This iron sight is unique to the Zero Point skin, although the iron sights on the Kill Switch and Outlands Avalanche are similar.

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Original Post

I wanted to buy some weapons skins from the crafting materials we are getting this season, and I was wondering if there are any really good legendary weapons skins out there that I don't know of. A skin where the model changes, and it's better than the base version.


For example,


Wingman: The Merciless wing and the Death Ray are the best models for this skin (competitively) because its model is the skinniest amongst the other models. In contrast, using Thermal rise will put you at a disadvantage because it has the bulkiest model (which means you can't see your targets as well after shooting).


R-99: The Kill Switch and Outlands Avalanche model have the cleaner iron sights for the r-99. Although the tube can get in your line of vision sometimes.


Peacekeeper: The Lonestar and the Superstar model have the cleaner iron sights for the peacekeeper.


Are there any weapon skins like these that change the model of the gun for the better?

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The R-99 SMG is a sub machine gun that utilizes Light Rounds.svgLight Rounds.

Damage profile[]

Fortified.svgFortified Legends[note 2]


Main article: Attachments



Pros and cons[]

  • High damage per second.
  • Highest fire rate of all weapons.
  • Small speed penalty when aiming down sights.
  • Lowest damage per shot of all weapons.
  • High recoil.
  • 1× headshot multiplier at 39+ meters.
  • Players with poor aim might get punished more often by using the R-99 rather than by using other weapons because of its ammo capacity and high fire rate.
  • Being a weapon with high fire rate, players need to get a high amount of ammo


Originally designated and manufactured by the Lastimosa Armory as the R-97CN A3, the R-99 SMG was intended for use with the Frontier Colonial Navy, hence the "CN" classification. The Colonial Navy would often conduct Orbital Boarding Parties on hostile ships in high orbit or entering the atmosphere, so they needed a weapon platform that was compact and had the ability to spit lead downrange in low gravity or extremely confined areas such as cockpits or ship corridors.[1]


There are a total of 70 weapon skins for the R-99 SMG: 19 Legendary, 7 Epic, 28 Rare and 16 Common.

  • Legend TokensDeath Reel - Needs The Problem Solver
  1. 1.01.1This skin is reactive.
  • PlayStation+ PackJigsaw - May 2019
  • PlayStation+ PackDiamond Cutter - February 2021
*NEW* Pay to Win skin for the R-99? (Season 4 Apex Legends)

The R-99 submachine gun is one of the favorite weapons of nearly every professional Apex player and streamer alike. The ridiculous rate of fire combined with a small amount of accuracy can turn this weapon into a close-range beam of death capable of downing nearly anyone quickly.

It’s one of the guns that has also been around since release. So, it’s no surprise that it has received many, many legendary, epic, and rare skins throughout the year since the game launched.

Below, you’ll find my personal top ten best skins for the R-99 ranked in this list.!

1. Rule of Law

First up is the very first legendary skin for the R-99 on this list. Rule of Law is not only the best R-99 skin, but one of the best in the entire game.

The Rule of Law looks like it was taken straight out of the hands of a formerly living cowboy. It’s equal parts western and and gilded. The leather bits and premium wooden parts just add to the classic design. It’s a great addition to any player’s arsenal, too.

To unlock this weapon skin for the R-99 permanently, you’ll need to receive it in an Apex pack or fork over 1200 crafting metals.

2. The Alchemist

Taking the second slot is this next R-99 legendary skin: the Alchemist.

The Alchemist is appropriately named. Covering the entire weapon is a plethora of golden trinkets, pieces, decals, and otherwise. Combined with the black body of the weapon, it’s visually striking without being overly gaudy. It’s another excellent choice for anyone who loves rocking the R-99 in their kit.

Like the previous skin, if you want the Alchemist yourself, then you’ll need 1200 crafting metals to add it as a permanent option.

3. The Problem Solver

Coming in at third, we have the recolored version of the second place weapon skin. The Problem Solver is my third place choice for the R-99.

Compared to the glory that is the Alchemist, this weapon is a lot more subdued. It still has the bayonet attached to the front of the weapon, but this one looks like the jungle commando version instead otherwise. The gold is not camo and more conventional materials. It’s a lot less grand, but some players appreciate that far more.

The Problem Solver can solve your not-knowing-what-skin-to-go-with problem for the cost of 1200 crafting metals.

4. The Kill Switch

Next up, we have the fourth of the purchaseable legendary skins available for the R-99: the Kill Switch.

This particular skin looks like some skilled junkyard mechanic threw it together. The parts of the weapon appear to almost be toy-like, reminding me more of a Nerf gun than any actual weapon. Everything looks jury-rigged together, and that’s the main appeal to this one for many players. If you like it, you like it. If not, there are many other skins available that may suit your tastes more.

To make this skin your own, you’ll need to purchase it using 1200 crafting metals in-game.

5. Outlands Avalanche

The reskinned version of the previous skin, and final legendary skin available for the R-99 is up next. The Outlands Avalanche is my fifth place choice.

This one has a decidedly winter motif. I don’t feel it has the same level of strung-together charm as the previous skin, but if you’re a fan of alpine locales or snow in general, then this one may be far more up your alley. It doesn’t look half as jury-rigged as the previous skin either.

This wintry addition to your R-99 can be added to your collection for 1200 crafting metals.

6. Eye of the Storm

For the next five places, we have the default epic skins available for the R-99. Kicking off them in sixth is my personal favorite of the epics: Eye of the Storm.

Eye of the Storm is a great choice for a budget R-99 skin. The deep sapphire blue color that most of the body of the weapon takes on is vivid without being too gaudy. The inner portion of the weapon skin also shows a perpetual lightning bolt effect for good measure.

Plus, as it’s an epic skin, Eye of the Storm only costs 400 crafting metals to unlock permanently across all characters.

7. Break the Enemy

Coming in at seventh is the next of the epic skins. Break the Enemy is my next choice.

The skin shows off a very prominent purple hue adorning the majority of the weapon. Sadly, I’m not the biggest fan of the inner weapon skin effect, but the rest of the colored weapon is pretty solid overall, making this one a decent choice.

If you want the skin yourself, 400 crafting metals is all that’s needed to unlock it forever.

8. Trial by Fire

Next up in eighth place overall is the third epic skin, Trial by Fire.

Trial by Fire looks and feels hot. The majority of the weapon’s body is covered in a fiery red-orange color. Plus, the middle of the weapon shows a weapon effect that makes the weapon appear it’s actively housing live flames!

Like all other epic skins, this one costs 400 crafting metals to unlock the skin indefinitely for all Apex Legends.

9. Code of Honor

Moving on to ninth place, we have the second to last of the base epic skins available. Code of Honor is my ninth best R-99 skin choice.

This epic R-99 skin shows the submachine gun in a vivid emerald green getup. I’m not the biggest fan of how in-your-face this particular weapon skin is, but the weapon effect is pretty neat. It shows a Matrix-like green and black pattern streaming throughout the middle of the weapon.

If you want this particular epic skin, it costs 400 crafting metals to unlock.

10. Off the Grid

Finally, taking our final spot on the list is the last of the epic skins. Off the Grid is the tenth and final R-99 skin to appear on this list.

This particular weapon skin is probably my least favorite of all the available R-99 epics. The color isn’t really my favorite, and the weapon effect is the most lackluster option out of all of them. Still, it’s far better than many of the blander rare and common options out there. Many players get this epic skin just for the color alone, too.

Off the Grid costs 400 crafting metals to unlock. Alternatively, you can receive it at random from any Apex pack just like the rest of the skins on this list.

What’s your favorite R-99 skin?


Skin best r99

What is the best R99 skin?

What is the best R99 skin?

Top 10 Best R-99 Skins in Apex Legends

  • Rule of Law. First up is the very first legendary skin for the R-99 on this list.
  • The Alchemist. Taking the second slot is this next R-99 legendary skin: the Alchemist.
  • The Problem Solver.
  • The Kill Switch.
  • Outlands Avalanche.
  • Eye of the Storm.
  • Break the Enemy.
  • Trial by Fire.

How do you get zero point R99 skin?

Time to zero in on your enemies. Grab the Season 4 Battle Pass, free for all #OAPremier members, and automatically unlock the Legendary Zero Point R99 skin.

How do you get the Judge Jury Executioner lifeline?

At the beginning of the Iron Crown event, the only way to obtain the Judge Jury Executioner skin was to open Apex Packs that cost 700 Apex Coins. Due to immense community backlash, however, the skins were made available in the shop within a rotation.

How much does a collection event cost?

Based on previous events, it seems that the Collection Events Packs will cost 700 Apex Coins. Therefore, without taking into account any bundles that may crop up, 22 packs will set you back 15,400 premium coins – you’ll have to grab the other two via the challenges that Respawn has confirmed.

How much does it cost to buy a whole apex event?

As most fans may know, each Event Apex Pack costs 700 Apex Coins. Therefore, buying 24 Apex Packs requires 16,800 Apex Coins, equivalent to the $160 that one has to pay for 18,200 coins.

How much do 10 Apex packs cost?

2,000 (+150 bonus) Apex Coins — $19.99. 4,000 (+350 bonus) Apex Coins — $39.99. 6,000 (+750 bonus) Apex Coins — $59.99. 10,000 (1,500 bonus) Apex Coins — $99.99.

How much is a 100 Apex pack?

Straight up, each Apex pack is 100 Apex Coins which is basically 99 cents. However, if you purchase one of the Apex coin bundles, like the $99.99 bundle, you’ll receive bonus coins. Breaking down each bundle, the $99.99 bundle gets you enough coins for 115 boxes which essentially makes the cost per box 87 cents.

Is it worth buying Apex packs?

If you absolutely positively Cannot live without cosmetics, Yes. If you are a Wraith main and want that cool looking melee weapon/banner/pose, Yes. Though it does take five hundred Apex packs to get it guaranteed at number five hundred. If you’re part of the hardcore crowd that wants to look the part, Yes.

Should I save apex coins?

If you save up your Apex Coins you can get 1,000 from a premium battle pass track, which costs 950 to enter, meaning there’s a little bit of potential profit in it for you. You can then save those Apex Coins to pay for the next battle pass.

The NEW Overpowered R-99 Skin is Pay to Win, so I Bought it... - Apex Legends

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