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Hart Brakes Reviews

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There are three types of performance routers available with Hart Brakes. These include Black Hart, Platinum Hart, and Gold Hart. We ranked these by features, affordability, ease-of-use, durability, and compatibility in Hart Brakes Reviews.

Black Hart Brake Rotors Review
Platinum Hart Cross-Drilled Rotors
  • Drilled Slotted Rotors
  • Ceramic Pads
  • Highly durable
  • Ready for direct installation

Check PriceBlack Hart Brake Rotors Review
Gold Hart Slotted Brake Rotors
  • Drilled Slotted Rotors
  • Gold zinc finish
  • Designed to fit all specs, no modifications needed
  • Cross-drilled and slotted for fast heat ventilation

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hart brakes reviewsWhen you need stopping power, high-powered brakes make it easy and smooth to bring the wheels to a halt. Most of the time drivers focus on power and speed, but without anything to control your car, you would fly off the road.

No matter what you drive, you should have high-quality brakes, and one name has come up frequently for its durability and high-quality performance. Today, we bring you the 3 best Hart brakes reviews.

Hart Brakes offers a variety of different performance brakes, drilled rotors, slotted rotors, and something new for the driver who craves both.

About the Hart Brakes Brand

Hart Brakes is a high-performance brake and rotor brand that offers everything you need to stop on a dime with your vehicle.

Hart Brakes offers something new for those who want the performance of a cross-drilled and slotted rotor. The cross-drilled and diamond slotted rotors have the most stopping power, performance, and durability out of all their products.

Hart Brakes are compatible with most models and use a direct bolt system to attach to your vehicle. They offer a compatibility chart so you can check that your vehicle matches with their brake rotors and pads. Their brand is also known for its high-quality, precision rotors that are mill-balanced and made for specific models.

What are Cross-Drilled and Slotted Rotors

Hart Brakes have a unique feature that many other brake rotor brands separate. However, you can get rotors that feature cross-drilled and slotted styles. The company also offers the two styles separately.

Here is the difference:

Cross-drilled rotors look almost like OEM style blank rotors, but they have one modification to upgrade them for more performance and efficiency. They have cross-drilled allowing for heat expulsion after it builds up between the rotor and brake pad.

The drilled holes let this trapped air escape. Most mechanics will tell you that drilled rotors sometimes crack between the drill holes due to low-quality materials and extreme heat. This is why the material of a cross-drilled rotor is very important.

Slotted or diamond slotted rotors also expel trapped hot air and brake gas, but they still maintain the sturdiness of the rotor. They won’t crack like drilled rotors do.

You may notice that performance drivers like diamond slotted rotors better, but this is typical because slotted rotors work better for wet conditions as they also move water from the rotor.

With both in one rotor, Hart Brakes offers a higher-quality rotor where you get more heat expulsion, and they still maintain their performance. High ratings indicate that they are extremely durable and last for many years.

In addition to brake rotors, you also want to get brake pads that can withstand repetitive braking and hard use if you are a competitive driver. For the most reliability and fast stopping power, you want to get a brake kit that has high-performance rotors and brake pads.

Hart Brakes Reviews

When looking at Hart Brakes’ products, there are few things to keep in mind. The brand offers brake kits, brake pads, rotor kits, and single rotors. If you want to replace all of your rotors with these high-performance models, we recommend choosing the entire brake kit.

Black Hart Brake Rotors Review

What Comes with Black Hart Drilled Slotted Brake Rotors

Black HartThe black Hart Brakes kit is a complete set of rotors and ceramic pads. These are cross-drilled slotted rotors with ceramic brake pads.

Features We Love

  • Front and rear rotors
  • Four ceramic brake pads
  • Black zinc finish for more durability
  • Cross-drilled and slotted
These rotors are extremely low on dust and noise. They are made for street performance drivers, but they are just as easily used for daily commutes. They could possibly be the best for everyday stopping power due to their consistent, precise stopping power.

The ceramic pads come standard with all of Hart Brakes’ kits. These are an upgrade to your standard brake pads that come even with luxury vehicles.

With a one-year warranty and free shipping, it’s easy to exchange out your old rotors and update your performance with these rotors. The best part is that Hart Brakes guarantees these should work on any model listed on their compatibility chart, and if you do have an issue, customers are refunded within 30 days.

  • Everything’s included to install directly on your vehicle
  • Black zinc finish to protect from dust and rust
  • Cross drilled for air ventilation and fast heat dissapation
  • Precision performance and long-lasting durability
  • Pretty affordable for street performance quality
  • Newer company, still waiting for longer customers who have had the product for more than a year
  • Not as high quality as platinum brake kit


Overall, the Black Hart Brakes kit offers everything you need to get performance rotors and a sleek black look for your front and rear tires.

Platinum Hart Cross-Drilled Rotors Review

What Comes with Platinum Hart Brakes Kits

Platinum HartHart Brakes includes the complete kit of platinum cross-drilled and diamond slotted rotors with ceramic pads. It’s also more affordable than most of the brake kits on the market made from these materials.

Features We Love

  • Front and rear rotors included
  • Four ceramic brake pads
  • Complete brake kit with rotors and ceramic pads
  • Cross-drilled and slotted rotors
  • Silver zinc finish to protect your rotors
  • Highly durable
  • Ready for direct installation

For those who want stylish, modern brake upgrades, Hart Brakes creates an amazing product with both cross-drilled and diamond slotted styles. The platinum brake kit has a silver zinc finish, which really adds to the look of the rotors.

It also prevents rust and protects your brakes from deterioration. The cross-drilled holes ventilate the rotors so that trapped air can escape, but it also has diamond precision slots that wipe away any grit and debris from friction. You get more response and more durability with this design.

These rotors were designed to fit on most models, and in fact, the manufacturer states “No modifications required.” You should be able to bolt the rotors directly to your vehicle.

The ceramic brake pads boast some of the highest durability marks on the market. Currently, these materials are the most advanced and last the longest even with daily use. They are % scorched for an easy bed-in. For less noise, these pads were also shimmed to prevent vibration.

Hart Brakes offers two to three-day free shipping, and they have a customer service center you can call for any issues and installation help.
  • Highest performance materials
  • Silver zinc finish protects your rotors and pads
  • Comes with everything you need to attach
  • Fits almost all vehicles unless you use specialty brakes
  • Features cross-drilled and diamond slot ventilation
  • May not be a con, but zinc finish fades to a darker silver after break-in


If you want higher performance brakes with the best ventilation and top materials, then Hart Brakes’ platinum full brake kit is the right one. They provide precision stopping power, and the advanced ceramic formulate pads lower noise and dust. For most models, these brakes are ready to install.

Gold Hart Slotted Brake Rotors Review

What Comes with Gold Hart Brakes Kits

Gold HartLike the Black and Platinum editions, Hart Brakes offers a complete kit with a gold finish. These extremely stylish if you want to upgrade the look of your luxury or street performance vehicle.

Features We Love

  • Includes front and rear rotors
  • Includes four ceramic brake pads
  • Cross-drilled and slotted for fast heat ventilation
  • Gold zinc finish
  • Designed to fit all specs, no modifications needed

When you spot these gold zinc brake rotors, you automatically start thinking of luxury and performance. The zinc coating on the brake surface does wear off after you have driven for a while, so you should be aware that the shiny gold surface does not always stay the same. The result is that the hub, edge, and inner vanes will be gold.

If you love the look of gold rotors, then these will definitely fit your still, but this brake kit also includes some amazing stopping power. The rotors were designed with cross-drilled and slotted holes. This means that hot air gets released quickly thanks to the design, so you don’t have to worry about as much noise or stress on your brakes.
  • Gold zinc finish for stylish look and protection
  • Matches all OEM specifications, so you don’t need to make changes
  • day return policy
  • One-year warranty
  • Gold color fades after break-in period


Unless you really want the gold look, you don’t necessarily need to upgrade to this style. If you want to return the brakes within 30 days, you can do so with their day no-hassle return policy. As you take your car out on the road, the stylish color may fade.

Compare Hart Brakes vs. PowerStop

PowerStopAs far as competitors go, Hart Brakes is relatively new. Also, their coatings and finishes make their rotors slightly more monochrome and stylish.

However, PowerStop also has some amazing products and they are a relatively well-known brand in the street car performance industry.

They have custom-matched and designed components to give you the most control and braking power. Their claim is less noise, more performance, and longer durability.

The main difference is that they provide stainless steel hardware, rubberized shims, and carbon fiber brake ceramic pads.

Both Hart Brakes and PowerStop make cross-drilled and slotted rotors. Their kits include everything you need to upgrade your front and rear tires.

One thing that PowerStop does differently is include ceramic lubricant to help with the installation of the brad pads. The shims are also rubberized to reduce noise.

You should definitely check the compatibility of PowerStop brake kits with your vehicle, however. While Hart Brakes are made to fit any OEM model, PowerStop is more suited to trucks and SUVs.

They are more custom for the type of vehicle, and while that means they may work perfectly if you have the right model, you could experience more frustration if you purchase the wrong size or type.

Ultimately, Hart Brakes offers a more universal fit for most vehicles and delivers the same high-performance materials. They also have a zinc coat finish to help protect the rotors for a period of time.

  • Comes with everything you need to get the job done, including stainless steel installation hardware and high temperature ceramic brake lubricant
  • OE style replacement rotors are mill balanced to ensure a smooth ride
  • Z17 Clean Ride ceramic brake pads low dust formula validated through on-vehicle 3rd party tests in Los Angeles City Traffic
  • Dual layer high temp rubberized shims insulate noise for virtually silent braking
  • Fitment: Chevrolet Equinox ; GMC Terrain

Hart Brakes Reviews – Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to Hart Brakes, these are some of the things you need to know about the brand.

Special Features of Hart Brakes

Hart Brakes simply last a long time. It’s one of the best features of these rotors. With the different materials and a one-year warranty, you get more options to safeguard yourself from rotors and brake pads that are going to wear away quickly.

Easy Installation

You can easily upgrade your rotors with the installation kit as well. Everything you need is included. The ceramic brake pads offer more stopping power, while the drilled and slotted rotors make it easier to get out heated air that could deteriorate your brakes faster.

Better Durability

Hart Brakes states that their brake parts are designed to last several years. However, they do have a disclaimer that states that different factors affect the long-term durability.

For example, aggressive drivers may press on the pedal more and wear down the brake pads faster. If you are constantly driving in the city, these rotors may likely wear down faster.


Their one-year warranty protects you against warping and cracking. While some cross-drilled rotors have issues with this, Hart Brakes protect your products against these issues. However, the warranty does not protect against rust or brake noise.


Brake rotors that were designed with cross-drilled and slotted holes offer the most stopping power because of their unique design.

These work for street performance, daily commuting, high-volume traffic commutes, and other driving situations where you need stopping power more than most.

Operating Temperature

In addition, these brakes are made for staying at a cooler temperature. The dual cross-drilled holes and slots make it so that your brake rotors won&#;t exceed degrees Fahrenheit for normal use.

However, it&#;s also critical in reducing temperatures when you need more performance, as track days can bring your car&#;s temperature up to 1, degrees Fahrenheit. With both styles, you get the most ventilation to ensure your car stops when you need it to.

What are the best brakes?

Brake rotors are typically made from cast iron, steel, layered steel, aluminum, and high carbon fiber. The quality of the metal makes a difference in terms of stopping power and long-term durability.

Some brakes are made from cheap scrap aluminum, but the best rotors are made from high-quality materials that won’t warp or crack. In addition, you want to get brakes with ceramic pads.

While in the past, brake pads were made with semi-metallic, ceramic is better when you buy an upgrade. Ceramic pads are made from thicker materials and fired in a kiln. They are quieter and crate less brake dust. These brake pads are best for city and freeway driving.

Which brake pads have the most stopping power?

Ceramic brake pads are known for their ability to stop in most situations, but they may not be the best for heavy-duty semi-trucks. For street car performance and everyday driving, ceramic pads offer excellent stopping power.

Semi-metallic brake pads do have slightly better heat ventilation and work better for colder climates with icy roads. Ceramic may not have the best stopping power in these weather situations.


Hart Brakes are a newer rotor and brake pad brand that has grown popular online due to their durable materials and stylish zinc coating offers. Customers love how easy it is to install these brakes, and they have amazing stopping power due to their design.

There are some new styles of brake rotors coming out on the market, such as fully metallic pads. These are even stronger than semi-metallic and ceramic styles, and they work best for heavy-duty vehicles.

With eco-friendly brake designs, there is another version called a &#;non-asbestos organic (NAO) brake pad.&#; These are created using organic, recycled materials. They are made to reduce pollution and offer softer friction material than other brake rotors.

We think the Platinum Hart Brakes Kit is probably the best for the brake manufacturer. It offers the most performance and style, and you can install it on any vehicle model.
Sours: https://themotorsmasters.com/hart-brakes-reviews/

Do you like detective stories? If so, this review will be very entertaining for you.

If you are shopping for brake pads or rotors, chances are you will come across Hart Brakes products. Even if you did not hear about Hart before, we are sure that their incredibly low prices will immediately grab your attention. The thing is, who is Hart? 

In this article, we will test our puzzle-solving skills to give you an objective review of Hart Brakes rotors and pads, so you can make an informed decision as to whether their products are right for you.

At a Glance: Our Top Picks for Hart Brakes

Comparison of the Best Hart Brakes

Who is Hart? 

Generally, what you do to find out more about a brand is to visit its website. Reputable brands such as BOSCH, Centric, EBC, or PowerStop spend a great deal of time (and money) in designing their websites so visitors can learn more about them. Key aspects such as mission, vision, as well as the brand’s history are carefully written to boost credibility. Other aspects like contact information, the legal name of the company behind the brand, and physical addresses are obviously included.

Ultimately, that is the information you expect to find on any website, right? 

Well, not in the case of Hart Brakes.

All you will find on the Hart Brakes website is a generic page with a sales pitch that talks about their ceramic brake rotors and pads. Furthermore, if you click in their "About Us" page you will only get an additional paragraph talking about how good Hart products are. 

Below is a summary of what we noticed in Hart Brakes website:

  1. The website has no copyright notice in the footer (or anywhere else)

  2. The "Contact Us" page only contains a phone number and an email address.

  3. There is no physical address or legal company name anywhere.

  4. We found a Facebook page (created in December ). We used the chat to ask them about their address. After 12 hours of waiting the only answer we got was "We are located in California"

In an attempt to solve the mystery surrounding Hart Brakes, we switched to "detective mode" and dig deeper into the web. Although we could not find anything conclusive about their history or who they are, we did find some interesting facts that we share below.

  1. You can buy Hart products through their website, an Amazon store, desertcart.com, or eBay.

  2. All eBay posts are from the same user (usdirectparts) which is a Top Rated Seller. All of the 52, usdirectparts posts on eBay are directly related to Hart Brakes.

  3. If you click on usdirectparts, you will get this “Located in California, US Direct Parts was founded in …”  

We leave it up to you whether or not it is a coincidence that US Direct Parts is also located in California. What we can do is assure you that such a level of mystery around the Hart brand is certainly a red flag.

Reviews of Hart Brakes

Are you curious about Hart products? Very well, in this section, we have made a detailed review of Hart Brake products so that you have a clear idea of what to expect from them.

Hart Brake Pads:
Hart Brakes Ceramic Series Brake Pad


  • % asbestos-free formula
  • Available for a wide variety of vehicles
  • Free shipping (when bought from eBay)
  • Incredibly low price in comparison to other ceramic pads


  • They do not come with the necessary abutment service kit
  • Produce A LOT of dust, even more than semi-metallic pads
  • These brakes pads are supposed to be % scorched but actually require the same break-in process used by non-scorched brake pads
  • They are supposedly manufactured using "positive moldings", however the manner in which they wear suggests a conventional manufacturing process
  • The performance of these pads suggest that its formulation is more of a mixture of metallic and ceramic compounds than a truly "% ceramic" brake pad

Where Does This Model Land In Hart’s Lineup? 

A curious aspect of Hart ceramic brake pads is that they are marketed with all the exclusive features associated with premium pads (low dust, low noise, positive molding, etc), but at a price that is even lower than the most economical pads. In other words, according to Hart, these are the only pads you will ever need.

In fact, the brand does not offer any other variation, just these "ceramic brake pads". For most car owners this may seem like an advantage, however, for experienced drivers, this is odd.

Can I Still Use Hart Brake Pads/Rotors? 

Despite the dubious marketing used by Hart, we found during our research that actually many people are using these brake pads. No wonder. Its low price is the perfect bait for those who want to save some money.

Unfortunately, those customers quickly discovered the consequences associated with buying this kind of low-quality product. Piles of dust, squealing, and poor performance, are only a few of the complaints we compiled for you in our next section. 

Bottom Line 

Hart brake pads are a good example of the adage "you get what you pay for." Instead of saving money you most probably will end up buying another set of pads before Hart’s pads wear out. Worse yet, by using these pads you are putting yourself at risk.

In that regard, we strongly suggest you to avoid Hart brake pads. We understand that many people have a limited budget, for that reason we have dedicated an entire section to offer you reliable alternatives that do not compromise your safety or your pocket.

Hart Brake Rotors:
Hart Brakes Platinum Harts Rotors


  • Silver zinc finish
  • Striking slotted and cross drilled design
  • Available for a wide selection of vehicles
  • Ridiculously low price for a complete set of front and rear disc brake rotors


  • Prone to create cracks around the drilled holes 
  • They wear out quite fast in comparison to other brake discs
  • The dubious quality of these rotors make them prone to warping when under heavy load
  • There is no technical information available for these rotors. Weight, diameter, thickness, nothing. Quite unusual for “slotted and drilled” performance-oriented rotors
  • The rotors are shipped in “unmarked boxes and packaging” supposedly to “pass the savings to customers” However, we suspect this has more to do with not revealing where they are actually manufactured

Where Does This Model Land In Hart’s Lineup? 

In a similar fashion than Hart ceramic brake pads, there is no specific information regarding “Platinum” rotors. So the best we can do is express an opinion based on the information we were able to collect. Platinum discs are Hart's "top of the line" as they feature a slotted and perforated design in addition to silver zinc coating. That put these rotors above Hart’s Gold and Black variants.

Can I Still Use Hart Brake Pads/Rotors? 

The short answer is yes, you can use Hart Platinum rotors. However, the real question is, why are you even considering buying them? We suspect that aside from its incredible price, it has a lot to do with the "cool" factor associated with slotted and drilled rotors. So regarding Hart rotors, it all comes down to the following, how much do you value your safety?

Make no mistake, despite their appearance, Hart rotors are far from being high-performance rotors. They will warp and they will crack. If the look of your wheels is so important to you then we have good news. In the next section, we have listed similarly priced slotted and drilled rotors that won't put your life at risk.

Bottom Line

In our opinion, the biggest selling point of these rotors is their sporty appearance. Our research has made it clear to us that while the price is an important factor, the "look" of this product is what most people care about. As mentioned earlier, we invite you to read our next section to find out more about similarly priced, better-looking alternatives.

Hart Brake Kit:
Black Hart Drilled & Slotted Rotors with Ceramic Brake Pads



  • Good looking rotors
  • The kit includes the necessary hardware
  • Free shipping (only when bought from eBay)
  • Excellent price for a complete brake kit including rotors and ceramic pads


  • The 'ceramic' brake pads produce way too much dust
  • They tend to warp and crack around the drilled holes
  • You can find similar priced Front & Rear brake kits from reputable brands
  • Dubious customer support service (Hart preferred means of contact is through eBay messages)

Where Does This Model Land In Hart’s Lineup? 

Hart "Black" brake discs feature a drilled design along with a black finish which positions them as the "economy" alternative to Hart's Platinum and Gold rotors. We have no doubt that its finish is the central point of attention for most buyers, however, it is appropriate to remember that once you start using these rotors, its finish will be completely lost.

Can I Still Use Hart Brake Pads/Rotors? 

You can definitely use these rotors. However, as we have reiterated previously, doing so is probably not a good idea. Even the best brake disc manufacturers in the world, such as Brembo or EBC, are very careful with drilled rotors as they are prone to cracking. If you are really determined to use Hart rotors, then keep in mind that this type of problem will be the first one you will face.

Bottom Line 

The idea of installing a set of four perforated discs along with ceramic pads at an astounding price is without a doubt, attractive. However, if you are going to use your hard earned money on this kind of upgrade, then it is best to do it using a reputable brand that guarantees your investment.

In our next section you will find reliable alternatives that offer you all the advantages that you are looking for and thus not have the need to take risks with an unreliable brand like Hart.

If Not Hart, What Other Brake Brands Should I Consider? 

Talking about Hart Brakes is talking about "cheap" disc brakes and pads. We have nothing against products made in China, nor buying inexpensive products. Our concern has to do with the general perception that people with a limited budget have no choice but to purchase from brands like Hart. 

The truth is that such perception is completely wrong, and we are willing to prove it with facts.

So we did a little research to prove our point, something anyone could do from home. First, we chose one of the best-selling vehicles in the US, a Ford F XL 4x4, and then we Googled a front brake kit that included the same components as Hart's part number USDP-BHDS- FP two drilled & slotted front discs rotors along with the corresponding ceramic brake pads. 

The results were very promising.

  1. Base product, Hart Front Kit, drilled & slotted discs brake rotors + ceramic pads - price $

  2. Alternative #1, StopTech Front Brake Kit, drilled & slotted rotors and ceramic pads - price $

  3. Alternative #2, PowerStop Extreme (severe duty) kit, drilled & slotted rotors and ceramic pads - price $

Before drawing conclusions, we need to make two clarifications. Even though they have not a black finish, both PowerStop and StopTech discs come with high-quality anti-rust coatings. Moreover, both PowerStop and StopTech include premium stainless steel hardware to ensure minimal noise levels and maximum performance. As far as we can see in Hart product description and pictures, this particular kit does not come with the necessary abutment clips.

Simply put, you can purchase a complete front brake kit from PowerStop for about the same price as Hart’s, or if you want more peace of mind, you can spend extra $60 and go with StopTech. Either case, both PowerStop and StopTech offer better warranty and both are renowned auto parts manufacturers.

Now take a moment to think about the results. Even in the worst-case scenario, are you really willing to risk your safety for $60 dollars?

Horror Stories From Hart

Amazon is a great source of information. However, one thing that caught our attention was how many 4-star reviews were actually complaints:

  1. This Customer was really disappointed “Had this vehicle for years, always used ceramic pads and never had a dust problem. These pads coat the wheels with heavy black brake dust. Cannot possibly be ceramic pads”

  2. This Customer bought the BLACK HART DRILLED SLOTTED BRAKE Rotors Kit AND CERAMIC PAD BHCC and simply said "Poor quality"

  3. This Customer said “I'd rather pay a little more and get better pads that don't generate as much dust. My rims are covered after a few days.”

  4. This Customer also complains about dust “The kit didn’t come with hardware (clips). Also the front pads produce a lot of brake dust”

  5. This Customer complains about brake pads’ noise “ pads however do squeak some and I will consider changing them out after I get some more wear out of them”

  6. This Customer is clearly not satisfied with the product “To much brake dust”

  7. This Customer, like many others, is complaining about the dust. “I think other potential buyers should know that this set of brakes will make your front rims really, really dirty.”

  8. This Customer shared something quite disturbing “Rotors wore more than the pads”

Last but not least, there are two threads from Reddit worth mentioning.

  1. In this one, a professional technician who was asked about Hart Brakes is sharing his opinion about the importance of brands and quality of brake parts, as well as the little sense that it makes to install slotted discs in daily driver vehicles  

  2. In this one, not directly related to Hart but “eBay brakes”, a user says “Brakes are the only thing that slows you down from highway speeds to a stop. Do you really want to gamble on that?” and then proposes as an alternative to cheap eBay brakes to use AutoZone blank discs because “there is absolutely no need for a drilled/slotted rotor on 90% of cars on the road”


We apologize for not being able to solve this mystery, but even our highly developed detective skills are not enough when it comes to an intentionally cryptic brand like Hart. Now, seriously, we often forget the huge impact that brake pads and rotors have on vehicle safety. If you are a budget-conscious buyer we strongly suggest staying away from brands like Hart. Instead, we recommend opting for renowned brands like PowerStop, StopTech, C-Tek, or Duralast that will certainly provide you a safer ride.

People Also Ask

Do you have questions about Hart Brakes? You should. We certainly have a couple. In this section, we share with you what we know about this mysterious brand.

Where Are Hart Products Made?

We want to be completely transparent on this point. During our investigation, we were unable to discover where Hart Brakes products are made. However, common sense tells us that if they were made in the United States then Hart's website would highlight it. We can only assume that Hart's brake pads and rotors are made overseas, probably in China.

Who Makes Hart Products?

Good question. As mentioned earlier, we can only speculate about this point. Our best guess is that U.S. Direct Parts imports these products (presumably from China) and then distributes Hart Brakes as their "exclusive brand" through Hart's website and eBay (as usdirectparts).

Who Owns Hart?

This is arguably one of the main reasons why we distrust this brand so much. Getting information about the company behind Hart Brakes has not been possible. We discovered that U.S. Direct Parts is exclusively dedicated to marketing Hart products, however, the U.S.  Direct Parts website is even more mysterious than Hart Brakes'.

Simply put, Hart Brakes is a brand that is not interested in giving any relevant information about them.

How Long Has Hart Been Around?

That is a difficult question to answer. Auto parts manufacturers, even those just entering the market, typically include that type of information on their "about us" page since it is considered a good practice to boost credibility. Not Hart Brakes.

Their "About Us" page is literally one of the shortest we have ever seen, just 56 words. In fact, the page does not mention anything about the brand. Nevertheless, in our research on Google, we have found reviews from 7 years ago. Also, the Hart Brakes Facebook page was created in December , so we can assume the brand is probably years old.

What Kind of Warranty Does Hart Offer?

Hart Brakes offer a one-year limited warranty on manufacturer defects for its brake pads and rotors. Curiously, the warranty of Hart's rotors explicitly mentions "one year against warping and one year against cracking" It draws our attention they have redacted the warranty that way because somehow it can be interpreted as if they already know that their rotors are going to have that type of failure. 

Are Hart Brakes Any Good?

Hart brakes are definitely not good. In case you haven't read our review (yet) and skipped over to this section, let us assure you that Hart brakes pads are not the best option on the market. The dubious quality of Hart brake pads can certainly put you at risk. Furthermore, there is no point in buying Hart brake pads (or rotors) when there are better quality alternatives that offer you great value and peace of mind.


Who Chose These Products?

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Top 7 Best Hart Brakes Reviews


Our Top Picks Best Hart Brakes Reviews

Read through our Hart brakes and rotors reviews, and find out more about their features.

1. Black Hart Brake Rotors and Ceramic Pad BHCC


These Hart brakes come with a complete kit, so you can install it all together and save yourself from later trouble for a good while. While these rotors have been made as to performance brakes, how they would work on a regular street has also been kept in mind.

The advanced ceramic pads will give you consistent performance and also make sure that you can stop at shorter distances without making much noise or gather a lot of dust. This makes these rotors suitable for daily usage.

These rotors have precision slots as well as cross-drilled holes. The former feature helps generate more stopping power, and the latter allows the rotors to cool down much faster. This ensures powerful performance on basically every surface, so you can happily take your car to the hills, and you will not have to worry.a

Moreover, these brakes are also durable and will not break down or warp easily. For increased lifespan, the rotors have been coated with black zinc. This helps avoid corrosion and rust from the water, oil, and grime that could get on them.
It also means your brakes will look shiny for longer, and the black color might also be a nice touch for a lot of people. All in all, you cannot go wrong with the black hart brake rotors.

  • Smooth performance
  • Good price
  • Fast stopping
  • Ease of installation
  • Anti-corrosive coating
  • A requirement of the coating to be worn off to break the rotors in

In this Hart brakes review, we bring you another model that at first is quite reminiscent of the first one. This kit also comes for both front and rear and is ready to install when it comes. You do not have to modify anything; instead, you can directly bolt the rotors on.

To keep the noise and dust to a minimum, advanced ceramic formulated pads have been used. This gives you quiet, consistent performance. At the same time, less dust means your rotors will not be damaged very easily.

However, measures have been taken to prevent corrosion and rust on these rotors as well. They have been coated with black zinc, which will protect them from dust, water, oil, etc.

Breaking them in will take off the coating somewhat, but these rotors do not get very dirty anyway. Also, they will look good with or without the black coating.

While these rotors are slightly smaller and significantly lighter than the first model on this list, they have similar holes and slots. The slots have been designed for precise fitting and can generate good stopping power. And the cross-drilled holes significantly improve ventilation and keep the rotors generally cool.

  • Inexpensive
  • Ease of installation
  • Anti-corrosive coating
  • Good stopping power
  • Better ventilation

3. Fit Hart Brake Rotors+Ceramic Brake Pads

Fit Hummer H3,H3T Black Hart Full Kit Brake Rotors+Ceramic Brake Pads

These black Hart brakes come in a full set. They have all the signature features of the brand. The black color comes from the black zinc coating on the rotors, which leaves them looking shiny.

Although much of it will wear off while you break them in, the appearance does not deteriorate a lot, so you still do not have to worry if you have tires that show off the rotors.

The more critical perk of this coating is that it prevents rusting and corrosion, so your brakes will last quite long. Their durability is further increased through the inclusion of cross-drilled holes and precision slots. The holes greatly help with ventilation and let the rotors cool down pretty fast.

Moreover, the slots ensure a precise fit and performance. The right amount of stopping power is also generated so that you will be braking at pretty short distances. This can significantly contribute to one's safety. The advanced ceramic pads will keep things quiet, and the dust buildup to a minimum.

This model is of the same 14x14x14 dimensions as the second product on this list, but heavier at 80 lbs. And as such, slightly more expensive. It still hits a reasonable price point and considering its longevity, this is a perfect option.

  • Inexpensive
  • Ease of installation
  • Durability and longevity
  • Good stopping power
  • Lack of dust and noise
  • The necessity of the coating getting worn off

4. Fit Hart Full Kit Brake Rotors+Ceramic Pads

Fit Mercedes-Benz E Black Hart Full Kit Brake Rotors+Ceramic Pads

These rotors come specifically for Mercedes-Benz E, which immediately brings in some advantages and disadvantages. While these will fit perfectly in the intended car model, they will give you some trouble if you try them in a different car. The wire brake indicators do not often line up in such cases.

Another issue is that the sensors are offset and do not line up with separately bought sensors for the car. However, they will work with the original sensors of the car.

Generally, this set has all the excellent features of the other black Hart rotor sets, most notably the advanced ceramic formulated pads and the precision slots. The ceramic pads keep things quiet and clean, while the slots generate more stopping power, resulting in short-distance brakes.

Like the other models, these brakes are also coated with black zinc to avoid being eaten away or catch rust. This coating contributes to their appearance, as well. The cross-drilled holes help dissipate heat quickly and provide ventilation.

Easy installation is an advantage that you will find in this model too. So, overall, this is not a bad option, but it only works perfectly with the car model it was meant for.

  • Good ventilation and heat dissipation
  • Low noise and dust collection
  • Anti-corrosive coating
  • Ease of installation
  • Good fit on the right car model
  • Lack of alignment on sensors in most models
  • Misfit on wire brake indicators
 Fits Chevrolet Corvette Front Rear Black Drill Slot Brake Rotors+Ceramic Pads

This model has been intended for Chevrolet Corvettes, and the owners will not have any trouble installing the brakes. The brake rotors and ceramic pads are the only components here, instead of a full set. They are ready to install as they come. You will not need to provide any modification before bolting them on.

The cross-drilled holes remain in these rotors, too, and provide the same benefits. They increase the airflow and help the rotors drop their temperature quickly. So as opposed to many other brands, these rotors are long-lasting and can withstand some long driving on unusual terrains.

Moreover, the precision slots ensure good stopping power, keeping the stopping distance low. Dust and noise stay at a minimum due to the advanced ceramic pads.

However, to provide more longevity, the all-too-known black zinc coating is present here as well. It will give your brakes a fair bit of protection, at least until they are broken in. So, if you use a Chevrolet Corvette, go for these brakes without any worries.

  • Good ventilation
  • Good heat dissipation
  • Anti-corrosive coating
  • Ease of installation
  • Low dust and noise
  • Wearing off of black zinc coating after breaking in
Fits Optima,Sonata Full Kit Black Hart Slotted Brake Rotors and Pad

This rotor and pad combination have all the perks of its siblings. However, these are intended for Kia Optima and Sonata cars and work the best with these models. No complaints similar to the Mercedes-Benz set have been found in this combination, though. These rotors and pads are easy as ever to install.

Black zinc coating is a prominent feature in these rotors. They will keep water, dirt, oil, dust, etc. from making direct contact with the actual material of the rotors. As such, rusting and corrosion will not be a concern, at least until the rotors are broken in. But they will look good even after breaking in.

Dust will not be much of a concern per se because of the ceramic pads. They will also keep the noise low. There are precision slots in the rotors, which generate a great deal of stopping power. So, you will be able to brake at short distances – always a plus.

However, these rotors are missing drilled holes, so they will be a bit more prone to overheating. You may not want to use these rotors for very long drives on unfavorable terrains. But all things considered, this is a good buy for people with the intended car models.

  • Good fit, especially with intended cars
  • Excellent stopping power and short braking distance
  • Lack of noise
  • Lack of dust
  • Anti-corrosive coating
  • Lack of ventilation
  • Lack of heat dissipation

Cross-drilled holes are present in this kit. This provides some much-needed ventilation to the rotors and lets them release heat faster and cool off. So, you can drive off for a pretty long time without worrying that the rotors will get a heater.

This set is just as easy to install as the other names on this list. No modification will be necessary; you can directly bolt the parts on to your car. The ceramic pads will give you a noise-free experience and create very little dust.

Also, the tell-tale black zinc coating of black hart rotors can be found here. As you know by now, corrosion and rusting will not be a problem. However, the coating will wear off with the breaking-in process, as it always happens.

One glaring deficiency in this set is that it does not have precision slots. The rotors cannot guarantee a lot of stopping power or a good fit without them. But they will still likely give you enough stopping power for a normal drive. This set should be fine for anyone who is not looking for extremely high performance.

Pros & Cons of Hart Brake Rotors And Ceramic Pads BHXC

  • Good ventilation
  • Good heat dissipation
  • Ease of installation
  • Low noise and dust
  • Anti-corrosive coating

Things to Consider Before Buying The Best Hart Brakes

There are certain things that you should keep in mind while browsing through models. Here is a brief idea of what they are.

Pad Material

This could be organic, ceramic, semi-metallic, or low metallic, and every material has its advantages and disadvantages. But for daily usage, ceramic is the best option. A ceramic pad is soft enough, which helps to avoid screeching.

It creates low levels of dust, and yet manages to produce more than the sufficient amount of stopping power.


These products can come as individual rotors, in pairs, or in full sets. For obvious reasons, you will have to pay more for a complete set. On the other hand, changing all the brakes together could work to your advantage.

At the very least, try to replace the axel pairs at the same time. This means replacing both axel brakes in the front. This will help you evade uneven wearing.


You do not necessarily have to have slots. But they do help the pads with biting the surface of the rotor. This generates an increased amount of stopping power.


Drilled holes do look nice, so they could be attractive to you if you have the kind of low profile tired that display the brakes. Such holes also help the rotor to cool down faster, so they are good choices if you are going somewhere that will see more use of your brakes. Hills, mountains, or even some city environments could be like that.

Protection against Corrosion

The rotors can get wet and come in contact with oil and other kinds of grime from the road. And the presence of a silver zinc coating or some other sort of anti-corrosive layer can help avoid corrosion and rusting. This increases the lifetime of the brakes and helps them maintain a good, shiny appearance for longer.

Hart Brakes vs. Powerstop

Hart is the latest company when it comes to the auto-parts production game. Although they are new in brake components production, its product has dared to become more outstanding with each passing day.

Powerstop, on the other hand, has also proven to offer great products, and they are well known for auto-parts, especially for streetcars.

So, we will be having a healthy comparison between Hart brakes and Powerstop.

One of the distinction between is their hardware. Powerstop has a stainless steel brake with rubberized shims and a carbon-fiber ceramic brake pad. Another difference is that the Powerstop brake kit contains lubricants, which makes installation easy. Plus, a rubberized shim that helps to control noise.

Both brands have cross-drilled and slotted rotors and kits that make it easy to upgrade your front and rear tire.

When it comes to compatibility, both brands vary. In contrast, Powerstop brake pads are not very compatible with a wide variety of vehicles and require you to check them before using them. Hart brake pads are compatible with cars, especially trucks and SUVs. This is because Hart's brakes are designed to fit any OEM model. They come with a universal fit and have a zinc coat build that helps preserve the rotors from damage.

This is not to say that a Powerstopbrakes hardly fits a vehicle. They are just custom made to suit a particular vehicle. So, they can function well if you buy the perfect fit for your car.

Features of Hart's Brakes

Hart brake has all the best features that you require to have fantastic and stress-free braking. The brand has been known to have one of the best brake stopping performances. So, here are some features of the Hart brake.


One of the intriguing features of the Hart brake is its durability. Their brakes have long-lasting abilities. Meaning you can use them for a long time. Although some factors such as speed and pressure exerted by drivers on the brake may compromise its life span.

Easy Installation

All Hart brakes are easy to install. They come with installation kits that contain everything required for an easy installation.


With Hart brakes, you can expect both quality and affordability. Unlike other competitors in the market, heart brakes ensure consumers get the best quality brake pad without spending so much.

Innovative Design

The brake pad is designed to provide a maximum air supply to the rotors. With this, the rotors won't have to become so hot. This is made possible by the drilled holes and slots built in the system. The brake is also noiseless.

Are Hart Brake Pads Worth It?

Hart brake is known for its high performance and high-quality brake pads. They have everything you will need to bring your vehicle to a stop. One of the outstanding attributes of the company is its innovative nature.

They produce braking parts that are compatible with various cars that want a quality braking system's performance. Hart brakes use a direct bolt system attachment to vehicles. The company also provides a compatibility chart to allow consumers to choose the right fit of both brakes and rotors for their car.

The brand also has precision when it comes to manufacturing. Their products are mill balanced and have high stopping power, performance, and durability.

Installation of Hart Brakes

After getting a Hart brake pad, the next thing is installation. Fortunately, installing the heartbreak is quite easy, as we have mentioned in the article. However, there are some relevant steps one needs to engage to ensure secure fixing and replacement of the Hart brakes.

But before we get into the main discussion, here is a list of some of the required tools.

  • Hart ceramic brake pads
  • Brake grease
  • C-clamp
  • Brake fluid
  • Slotted rotors.
  • Jack

Now we are set for installing the product. So, here is the step by step process.

Step One

Pack your vehicle in a leveled ground and place blocks at the wheels' front to prevent the tires from sliding. Then enable the parking brake.

After that, screw out the wheel lug nuts. This will make the wheels free. Then place a jack at the bottom of the car. With that, the car button will raise, allowing you to remove the wheels.

Step Two

When the wheels are off, remove the bolts keeping the caliper in place. When done, take out the caliper.

After the caliper is out, the next step is to remove the rotors. After removing the rotors, check the hardware for worn out parts and ensure to replace them before coupling. Lack of proper inspection of these parts may result in unpleasant noise when braking.

Step Three

Replace the rotors if they are worn out since Hart breaks cannot be resurfaced. After that, install the caliper and ensure to apply grease during the process.

After that, install the caliper slide and brake pads.

Step Four 

After installing the brake pads, bleed the brakes. This will help to remove air from the lines. After that, replace the nuts and mount the tires.

Your brake pads are successfully changed, and your car is ready for use.

How to Change The  Hart Brakes

Hart Brakes Reviews (FAQs)

Here we have some of the most commonly asked queries regarding Hart Brakes:

1. When should the rotors be turned?

Turning the rotor means is to machine off a very thin layer, mostly to help repair problems. Problems in the braking system could include a pulsation in the pedal when it is pressed down. This would suggest some warping in the rotor, and turning the rotor could remove said warp.

2. Is it a problem if the brakes squeak when the pedal is stepped on?

Some breaks are noisier by default, and to reduce the noise, you might want to make some changes. You could go for a ceramic style or low-metallic, organic NAO brake pad and see how it works.

The likeliest scenario, however, is that the pad is wearing out. Brake pads often start to get noisy at the end of their useful lives.

3. Why does the brake pedal shake when the brake is applied?

The likeliest reason behind this is that you have not used the new brakes enough yet. And the brakes must be broken in when you first buy them. For this, you have to go through several braking maneuvers at different speeds. This results in a buildup of a layer of material on the rotor, and so, the brake system can work smoothly.
Another possibility is that there has been a slight warp in the rotor. If that is the case, turning it could help.

4. What happens when brakes fade?

When the brakes of a vehicle do not create enough friction, i.e., stopping power anymore, that is called brake fade. Wear on the brake rotor, pad, or both could cause this.

6. Are Hart Brakes Any Good?

Hart is a well-known company when it comes to making top-quality brakes. They make their parts from top quality material, and they have several positive ratings from consumers indicating how durable and long-lasting their product is.

7. Are Slotted Rotors Worth It?

Yes. Slotted rotors can significantly disrupt heat transfer from rotors to brakes. They can also improve the brake speed by eliminating dust and gases found amidst pads and rotor. But when compared with drill holes, drill holes have a better braking performance than slots in both city and highway driving.

8. Why are My Rotors Black?

If you ride your vehicle frequently, or even moderately, there is a wide tendency that your rotor may become black. This is usually caused by heat.

When this happens, we recommend you check your brake pad to ensure that it hasn't reached the metal backing plates. If your brakes are super hot, don't hose it to avoid softening the metals in the rotors.

9. Do Front Brakes Wear Out Faster?

For a vehicle with normal proportional valves, front brake pads or shoes wear down faster than back brakes in a ratio of about This means that a vehicle's front brake pads can be replaced one or two times before the other four can be realigned.

How Can I Increase My Brake Power?

To increase your brake power, you have to do the following. Firstly, you have to increase the disc radius of your car. The large radius will make it faster to bring the vehicle to a stop with any applied force. You can also increase the caliper-piston area, line pressure, and friction coefficient between the brake pad and the rotor.

Final Words and Recommendation

Now that you have gone through our best Hart brakes reviews, you can easily get one for yourself. Our recommendation would be to buy one which works for virtually any car. It should also give you the added benefits of cross-drilled holes and precision slots. So, you should go to one of the first three products on this list.


John D. Archer is a mechanical engineer and writer based on the area of automotive accessories at brakeshub.com, A resident expert and professional, John is passionate about all things automotive and loves to share his knowledge. He has good experience in all kind of automotive accessories. He has worked as a chief mechanical engineer in some reputed automotive garage firm.

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10 Best Brake Rotors 2021


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Honestly, the main reason I'm doing this is for aesthetics. I hate how my wheels are always caked in brake dust so I'm switching to ceramic pads. I also hate how rusty my rotors are, plus I love the look of drilled/slotted rotors.

As for performance, I will most likely never track this car (I'm afraid to, it's my baby XD), so there is absolutely nothing to justify a BBK. I just want a noticeable upgrade over stock. The ceramic pads will create more friction resulting in better braking, and they last longer. The rotors will weigh considerably less, which is important considering that they're unsprung weight. They will also stay much cooler and perform better in wet conditions.

So it's pretty much an all-around upgrade that I'm not looking to spend an ungodly amount of money on. Down the road I'll probably also get some steel braided lines, as those seem to offer better braking response.


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Brake reviews hart rotor

Brakes are always the most important one of all the integral parts of a car. Without reliable brakes in your vehicle, your life may be at risk.

You may have found the names of different brands manufacturing quality brakes for automobiles.

Hart is one of the most known brands with a range of brakes for car owners. Although this brand has very few products in the market, you may feel confused while choosing one.

Hart has also manufactured brake kits for your vehicle. It is not easy to find a brake that fits your car.

That is why we have selected the best products of this brand to make your purchase easier.


Comparison table

PLATINUM HART DRILLED SLOT BRAKE PHCCPlatinum Cross-Drilled Slotted Rotors and Ceramic Pads
Hart Full Kit Brake BHCCBlackBrake Rotors Kit+Ceramic Brake Pads
Hart BHCCBlack Cross-Drilled Slotted Rotors and Ceramic Pads
Black Hart Full Kit BrakeCross-Drilled Slotted Rotors and Ceramic Pads

Hart BHCC Drilled Slotted Brake
Black Cross-Drilled Slotted Rotors and Ceramic Pads

Top 5 Best Hart Brakes


 We have found this comprehensive brake kit useful for lots of SUV owners. With a rotors kit, pads, and other accessories, this kit is the ultimate choice to serve your purpose.

Design&#; Hart has created the crossed-drilled, diamond-slotted design for its brakes. Due to these drills, air can move through rotors smoothly.

The rotors will have no burning risks, as the heat can dissipate constantly.

Moreover, the silver-zinc coating applied to the model increases the lifespan and prevents rusting issues. Moreover, ceramic pads are best for both front and rear uses.

Performance&#; With a set of precision slots, you can find the incomparable performance of these brakes. You can easily stop your super-fast vehicle without a risk.

These hart brakes have pleased automobile owners with their high responsiveness.

Thus, precise stopping ability is one of the major features of ceramic brake pads. Brakes can stop your car with minimal noise.


  • No modification needed
  • Wear-resistant and frictionless design
  • No noise


  • The coating is not of high quality.

We have picked these brakes for their high stopping capability. Diamond slots have refined the performance, and the brakes can respond properly under wet conditions. Visit Amazon.com to check the price.

2. Hart Full Kit BrakeBHCC &#; Best for BMW X5, X6

Due to the high vehicle compatibility, we have found this brake a versatile choice. The slotted design, ceramic pads, and several other features are highly noticeable.

These black brakes have surpassed our anticipations.

Design&#; You can find these Hart brakes with high durability and a rust-resistant design. The black zinc coating is responsible for protecting the surface from rusting problems.

The crossed drilled holes across the brakes prevent the problem, like overheating. That is why rotors can last long and can serve you best.

Due to the OEM-like design, they can fit on Volkswagen and Audi A3. Besides, ceramic brake pads are also of good quality. You do not need to change those pads for several years. 

Performance&#; The braking capability is one of the most notable features of this highly engineered product from Hart.

You can stop your vehicle with little effort due to the diamond slot present on the rotor surface. You will find ultimate precision in the braking performance. 


  • No dust
  • Effective braking
  • Easy to install


You can buy these performance brakes for your race cars. You will find consistent performance and no risk of dust.

3. Hart BHCC &#; Best for Lexus cars

We have chosen another set of reliable brakes with a precision-slotted surface. Hart has mostly designed cross-drilled brakes, and this product is one of them.

High-end performance and flawless design are some of the major reasons for choosing this product. Visit Amazon.com to check the price.

Design&#; You can find no flaw in the overall design of these brakes. Due to this special design, the brakes are easily installable.

You do not need any mechanic to assemble them properly. There is a direct bolt-on design created for the hardware. That is why these brakes can last long.

Performance&#; With ceramic pads and slotted rotors, the brake set ensures a high level of responsiveness.

Moreover, due to the quality ceramic pads, you will find quiet performance.  There will be no screeching sound with these brakes.

Moreover, you will find no risk of overheating due to the holes.


  • Good stopping performance
  • Produce no noise
  • Include different hardware parts


You can choose this brake set for Lexus vehicles that need high elegance and sporty touch. You will find multiple color choices and patterns with these Hart brakes. 

4. Black Hart Full Kit Brake &#; Best for Hummer

The black, properly coated brake kit is another choice in our Hart brakes review. You can find all the distinctive Hart brake features in this kit.

Most of the users have found that these brakes have retained their original look for several years. 

Design&#; Hart has focused on both aesthetics and functionalities to design these brakes.

Although your vehicle tires may show off their rotors, you do not need to worry. Due to the special coating, there is no corrosion and rusting problem.

You will get a lasting value from these brakes. Precision slots and cross-drilled holes are common to almost all the Hart brakes.

These holes ensure ventilation, and your rotors will cool down within a short time.

Performance&#; The quiet performance of these brakes has impressed us. You will also find a precise fit and stopping power. The brake design minimizes the dust buildup level.


  • Easy installation 
  • High longevity
  • Affordable price
  • Good stopping potential


Ensure your safety with these high-quality Hart brakes. The high durable brakes also look shiny due to the coating applied to them.

5. Hart BHCC Drilled Slotted Brake &#; Best for SUVs

Hart has offered a comprehensive kit for those who need brakes and accessories. The premium coating with drilled holes has made these brakes long-lasting.

The rotor design and quality pads have persuaded us to choose this package for you.

Design&#; The gorgeous black brakes have a zinc coating on the surface. This coating minimizes friction while increasing the rotors’ lifespan.

The brakes with drilled holes and precision are easy to install. They also have a bolt-on design to let you install them without modifications.

Performance&#; These brakes are known for their effective stopping capabilities. However, for better performance, you can add ceramic pads included in the package.


  • Reliable braking performance 
  • Works better with ceramic pads
  • Zinc coating


  • Can make your front rims dirty

Hart has made advanced ceramic formulations for the pads. The crossed-drilled design ensures low noise and low dust.

Also, the ready-to-install brakes have the best design. 

Guide to buying the Best Hart brakes

You have already read our review of the best quality and most reliable Hart brakes. Still, you cannot decide on what to choose for your vehicles.

To purchase your brakes, you need to focus on many factors.


Brakes have some integrated components, including pads, rotors, and discs. However, you may not find pads and rotors in all the brake kits.

Some packages include additional hardware, like bolts and installation brackets. Another important item found in the package is the brake fluid.

Holes and rotor slots

Quality is the vital factor while checking the rotor of your brake. It has slots and holes to provide you with high-quality brakes and the best braking performance. 

For instance, drilled holes add aesthetics to the design and have a high functional value. Due to heat dissipation, you will find a longer lifespan.

Slots are small lines present on the surface for high responsiveness.

Slots and pad materials

One of the most notable parts of a brake system is the braking pad. Thus, the pad materials must be of high quality to give you a lasting value. 

It is better to have soft ceramic pads that do not cause screeching sounds while using the brake.

Moreover, ceramic has high durability and does not produce dust. To get the utmost advantage, you can replace other pads with ceramic pads.

While pad materials are important factors, you have to consider slots. These slotted pads ensure a better grip with more responsive and precise braking. They will help in minimizing wear and tear.

Color and coating on the brake kits

Some brakes are available, like gold, black, and platinum models. However, by checking the color, you can identify the coating.

In most cases, manufacturers have added zinc coating to the rotor to ensure better protection.

You can avoid wear and tear and corrosion due to this zinc coating. Thus, your brake system can last long.

Compatibility of the brakes

Your chosen Hart brakes must work with your vehicle. When you have chosen the wrong brakes, you will get no value from the deal.

To know the compatibility, you need to check your vehicle’s manufacturing year and model.

What is there in the package?

You can find a set of brake rotors and individual rotors. The comprehensive set can cost more.

However, when you have replaced all your vehicle&#;s brakes, it will be highly advantageous for you.


Does the brand, Hart itself, design its products?

Hart imports materials from China to manufacture its brakes. The professional team at Hart assembles the imported part to design brakes in their facility. 

When do I need to replace these brakes?

You must replace Hart brakes and any other branded brakes when they have become worn out.

The braking quality is the most important factor that makes a difference in the lifespan. Some brakes start wearing out at miles, while others can deteriorate at about miles.

The screeching sound indicates that you have to replace your old brakes.

I have stepped on the pedal, and the brakes produce a squeaking sound. Does it denote any problem?

Some low-quality brakes can be noisier. You can do some modifications to minimize the noise level.

You may also look for a low-metallic, ceramic brake pad to keep away from noise issues. However, brake pads also wear out over time, and they need replacement.

Why do brake pedals vibrate during the application of the brake

When you have not installed new brakes, you may find this issue. You must replace the broken brakes with the new ones.

Thus, you need to deal with different braking controls at a range of speeds. Another reason for which you can encounter the problem is the material buildup on the rotor.

The warped rotor also causes the problem.

Why do we buy slotted rotors?

These slotted rotors are the perfect options for disrupting the heat transfer process from rotors to your brakes.

Moreover, they ensure the best brake speed by removing gases and dust in your rotor and pads.

But, drill holes on your brakes provide you with comparatively better performance. 

Why do my rotors have become black?

The frequent riding of vehicles can make your rotors black due to heat. It is better to inspect the brake pad and prevent it from touching your metal backing plates.

What are the most common features found in Hart brakes?

Durability is the most common feature of hart brakes. Moreover, these brakes are very easy to install, as the packages include basic installation kits.

Hart has made its product distinctive by manufacturing innovative, noiseless brakes. Slots and drilled holes are also present in most of the Hart brakes.

Final Thoughts &#; Best Hart Brakes Reviews

Our Hart brakes review will let you find the best product of this reliable brand. Read our reviews and check the features of each of our chosen models to buy the right one.

We have analyzed customer reviews to pick every product. Thus, you may rely on our guide to purchasing the Hart brake.


Hi, I'm the initiator and writer of this blog. Cars were and will be my first love, and my favorite hobby, that's why I decided to start this blog and write about my discoveries and techniques to improve my cars or repair them.

Sours: https://www.replicarclub.com/best-hart-brakes/
“Hart” Drilled and Slotted Rotors Unboxing

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