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Gate 41 Compression

People with Gate 41 Compression never stop wanting new feelings. Their dreams come true when they focus only on them and cut out the rest.

The gates of the “Dream” are moving decisively to meet their desire, then they retreat. In retreat, they prepare for the next action.

Their gift is to limit themselves in resources and fantasies, and through this strengthen their main dream and not dissipate into everything else. The “Dream” gate in Human Design is associated with a start initiation codon. They are the fuel to make your dreams come true. They recognize those feelings and sensations that will help direct energy in the right direction and not spill it left and right. Clarity &#; where to direct your drive &#; comes with time, when all superficial fantasies fade into the background, and the most burning desire remains in the foreground, which you want to start. Patience, waiting helps them to separate the wheat from the chaff.

People with the gates of &#;Fantasy&#; indulge in dreams of new experiences and feelings that they are hypothetically capable of experiencing. Such people are looking for new experiences. Looking for new sensory experiences, excitement or lust.

Gate 41 Compression Human Design


Without 30 gates, the “Dream” gates do not know where or with whom to ground their fantasies in the realities of life.

Such people may be confused about how they feel. Without 30s, people with 41 feel that they want changes, something new, but they don&#;t know which ones.

The man with the “Dream” gate is able to let go of his many fantasies. Instead, direct your drive and strength into the most urgent and catching dream, kindle a real fire of desire in yourself. If the dream inspires, they have enough energy to go through the new experience entirely. Patience and anticipation for a man with 41 gates is a blessing. It is important not to rush into decisions, how to feel them, and only then decide.

Gate 41 Compression on the Map

Gate 41 Compression is located in Root Center which is responsible for life adrenaline and pressure. You can read interesting information about this Center here.

Gate 41 and Gate 30 together form Channel Recognition. You can read interesting information about this Channel here.



Gate 41 &#; Decrease &#; Contraction

Human Design System - Unleash your Life Force and BadasseryHuman Design System - Unleash your Life Force and Badassery
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Gate 41 &#; Decrease &#; Contraction

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Gate 41 - Decrease - Contraction

If you want to know which gates are activated in your individual design, get your personal Human Design Chart from us, as mentioned above. Then in your chart, you will find a red column on the left, these are your unconscious gates, and on the right of your Human Design chart, you will find a black column. These black numbers are your conscious activated gates. And then, on my website, you can open the respective gates and read through which aspects are activated as a potential in your design. 🙂

The true purpose of gate 41 if YOU follow your strategy and authority and thus unleash the potential of the gate:

With Gate 41, limitation and diminishment are the basis for maximizing potential.

Thanks to Gate 41, you carry within you the confidence and hope to go on so that you do not give up prematurely.

You are under enormous pressure to begin a new life cycle. Your life wisdom is to EXPECT NOTHING but surrender entirely to the new cycle and experience without expectation and get the most out of the experience.

With Gate 41, patience is an important virtue AND, as always, the genetic strategy and authority.


The Not-Self quality of gate 41 if you do NOT follow your strategy and authority, but base your decisions on your mind`s command:

Then you are driven by blind hope.

You chase after your fantasies with Gate 41 or project your fantasies onto something, be it job, yourself, partner, etc., and are blinded by it.

You tend to live in castles in the air that have nothing to do with reality and deny reality.

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 In the e-book, we have also added the following additional information to each gate that is not on the website:

1. what kind of gate (whether individual, collective or tribal)
2. to which channel this gate belongs with the channel name
3. when this gate is activated in the annual transits

Gate 41 - Decrease - Contraction

Gate 41 - Decrease - Contraction

Of course, this article is only a tiny glimpse into Gate 41, and to understand Gate 41 even better in your Human Design, you need to look at it in the context of Type, Strategy & Authority, and the rest of the definitions of your individual Human Design, then you will an even bigger picture.

AND, unfortunately, to be able to tap into and unleash the full potential of this gate, it is NOT enough to just know that you have this gate, because then you will still be far from living it, or really fulfilling its potential. Most often the potential of this gate will be distorted by your mind.  

Therefore, it is essential to tap into the potential of your design through STRATEGY AND AUTHORITY. As a CONSEQUENCE, you will unleash the potential of each gate in your individual design. But this can only be done mechanically through your individual strategy and authority and not mentally.

Because if you don&#;t live according to your strategy and authority, you can have the greatest and most brilliant gates in your design and have your perfect symphony of type, strategy and authority, your channels and your gates, BUT you will NOT live the potential of all these gates or rather suppress and distort it IF YOU don&#;t live according to your strategy and authority but have your openness and your Mind be the slavedriver in your life.

In my in-depth analysis, we look at the gate IN CONTEXT, and in the context of the planet, that activates the gate, the lines in detriment, and exaltation, and of course, your design and thus what it means to YOU individually! Most people are blown away by the in-depth analyses when they discover that they have such a brilliant potential, some of which they haven&#;t even tapped into yet, and are then motivated by following their Strategy & Authority to unleash their full potential!!! 🙂

Gate 41 - Decrease - Contraction


Angelina Fabian

Gate 41 - Decrease - Contraction

Gate 40 &#; Deliverance &#; AlonenessGate 42 &#; Increase &#; Growth

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From January 22 through 27 the sun will be in Gate 41, FANTASY, also known as IMAGINATION. In the I-Ching this hexagram is called DECREASE. 

Gate 41 marks the start of the Human Design year.

People with FANTASY defined in their chart may find themselves lost in various versions of their life and they sometimes fail to mention these scenarios to the other people involved. Needless to say hilarity ensues. That said, they also find themselves to be the object of someone else's FANTASY because all of these energies really do go both ways.

These individuals have the unique ability to creatively IMAGINE various outcomes in their lives. But people with this energy defined should be careful to not act on these FANTASIES. It's important to sit back and wait for right timing. The FANTASY seems very real and actionable but it is internal thought and therefore not privy to most people’s authority. The very act of IMAGINING however can energetically create the opportunities they seek.

What does this mean for you? Well isn't it also grand to now have access to the power for FANTASY when you are thinking about the new year? Allow yourself to really go there in your mind and IMAGINE all the various outcomes of your choices right now. Let your mind go wild and then simply relax and let it go. This just might draw some pretty spectacular opportunities your way.

Otherwise what does FANTASY mean to you? Does it bother you when other people seem lost in FANTASY? Are you someone who allows yourself to FANTASIZE about your life? Why not? Do you imagine the day ahead in every permutation? Do you get set on one specific outcome? How does that work out for you? What about in the bedroom? Do you find it fun to play out your FANTASIES? Do your FANTASIES seem real to you? Do people swear you’ve made commitments to them when you have no idea what they are talking about? Do you feel betrayed when someone you love fails to act out your FANTASY of your relationship? What if your shared your FANTASIES with the people in your life?

Use your words my friends and HAPPY NEW YEAR!  

Human Design - Gate 41

We enter Gate 41, Line 2 at UT today, January 22,

Gate 41

The limitation of resources which maximizes the development of potential. Fantasizing and recognizing the one feeling of value begins the next cycle.

Right Angle Cross of the Unexpected 4
Godhead - Keepers of the Wheel

Line 2 - Caution

Humanism tempered by pragmatism.


Exaltation: A conservative nature that does not risk its own security in aiding others. Energy for one's own feelings but not for others.


Detriment: A desire for recognition that throws caution to the wind, depleting valuable resources for only temporary gain. The energy for the display of feelings for recognition.

Quarter of Mutation, the Realm of Sirius
Theme: Purpose fulfilled through Transformation
Mystical Theme: Accepting Death

Gate 60 < Gate 41 > Gate 19

This Gate is part of the Channel of Recognition, A Design of Focused Energy, linking the Root Center (Gate 41) with the Solar Plexus (Gate 30). Gate 41 is part of the Collective Sensing (Abstract) Circuit with the keynote of sharing.

Gate 41 initiates the uniquely human experiential way as a hunger to experience emotion. It begins with the desire to interact with others through feelings. When this initiating Root pressure of desire builds, it may manifest as a vague expectation, a sexual fantasy, or a restless need to experience something new with someone. We can't be sure what this new experience is or when it will happen or with whom. Gate 41 drives us toward satisfying our desires and fulfilling our destiny, both of which rest in the hands of the fates (Gate ) We may bring balance to this unfocused and often confusing restlessness by writing or daydreaming about what it might be like to fulfill our wildest desires, or by vicariously experiencing them through literature and movies. Gate 41 holds the potential for all human experiences, but releases or initiates only one at a time. This is its limitation, and ours. Each new experience that we enter into through our Strategy and Authority holds a promise that a new feeling awaits discovery. By letting go of expectations, we can move freely through each encounter and avoid becoming pessimistic about future ones. Without Gate 30 there is a feeling of wanting something, but not knowing what it is that we want.

The Daily View reflects the impact the Sun (70% of the neutrino influence) is having on humanity as it moves through the Gates and Lines of the Mandala.  Transits are potentials that you can witness in others and the world around you, and, if correct for you, as you follow your individual Strategy and Authority, may become a part of your experience as well.

Please refer to The Definitive Book of Human Designfor more detail and information.


Gate 41 design human

From January 22 through 27 the sun will be in Gate 41, FANTASY, also known as IMAGINATION. In the I-Ching this hexagram is called DECREASE. 

Gate 41 marks the start of the Human Design year.

People with FANTASY defined in their chart may find themselves lost in various versions of their life and they sometimes fail to mention these scenarios to the other people involved. Needless to say hilarity ensues. That said, they also find themselves to be the object of someone else's FANTASY because all of these energies really do go both ways.

These individuals have the unique ability to creatively IMAGINE various outcomes in their lives. But people with this energy defined should be careful to not act on these FANTASIES. It's important to sit back and wait for right timing. The FANTASY seems very real and actionable but it is internal thought and therefore not privy to most people’s authority. The very act of IMAGINING however can energetically create the opportunities they seek.

What does this mean for you? Well isn't it also grand to now have access to the power for FANTASY when you are thinking about the new year? Allow yourself to really go there in your mind and IMAGINE all the various outcomes of your choices right now. Let your mind go wild and then simply relax and let it go. This just might draw some pretty spectacular opportunities your way.

Otherwise what does FANTASY mean to you? Does it bother you when other people seem lost in FANTASY? Are you someone who allows yourself to FANTASIZE about your life? Why not? Do you imagine the day ahead in every permutation? Do you get set on one specific outcome? How does that work out for you? What about in the bedroom? Do you find it fun to play out your FANTASIES? Do your FANTASIES seem real to you? Do people swear you’ve made commitments to them when you have no idea what they are talking about? Do you feel betrayed when someone you love fails to act out your FANTASY of your relationship? What if your shared your FANTASIES with the people in your life?

Use your words my friends and HAPPY NEW YEAR!  

Gate 30 - Human Design - Alokanand Díaz

The Human Design New Year—Gate 41

At the beginning of this year, I proposed a reevaluation of the way we approach The New Year. The idea that a single day serves to integrate the knowledge of the previous year, complete the cycles, and wipe the slate clean seems (to me) out of touch with our natural world in which everything has a season. We can witness the earth’s processes in the plants and animals around us, and yet we assign ourselves an arbitrary calendar that leaves little room for our organic growth. 

The last six weeks of our Gregorian calendar often culminates with festivities of gratitude, celebrations of joy, and actions considered out of love that inadvertently and/or inevitably leave many folks mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausted. And then we are expected to flip it all around on Day 1 of The New Year. In Human Design, the new year doesn’t start until the sun moves into Gate This year that transit occurs today, on January The last three weeks we have experienced the oppositional, driving, pressurizing and limiting energies of Gates 38, 54, 61, and These gates have introduced us to what will launch us into the next year, and hopefully we have allowed ourselves the grace and the time to integrate the lessons of the last one.

The gates are based on the 64 Hexagrams of the IChing and Gate 41 is known as Decrease—The Gate of Contraction. In our DNA, there are 64 possible codon combinations and the start codon (Methonine) corresponds to Gate  Think of it in terms of the contraction before birth. In order for life to come through, in order for us to embark on a new human experience, we undergo a contraction that launches us into the new. It is in this contraction, this root pressure-fueled desire, that all the possibilities for the experience exist. We fantasize about what they could be, what the future holds.

As a Hexagram, 41 teaches us that the decrease of our superficial ego leads to success without blame. When we sacrifice the seed phrases that support our ego emotions—such as believing in ourselves/humans as the center of the world or that we are somehow born deficient—and our pride to ask for help—because collaboration is the key to progress—we become more closely aligned with Cosmic harmony. This in turn reduces resistance to our goals, creating success without the blame of compromise.

In the US we were fortunate for the limited eventfulness this week, but that doesn’t mean that all of our feelings are uncomplicated. If this New Year has felt uneasy so far, you are not alone. Nor is this feeling unexplainable or unnatural. Giving ourselves time to integrate lessons, clearing out that which no longer serves us or our old goals and creating the space for what is to come provides the launchpad for a new experience.

I’d be skeptical of anyone who tells you we’re in the clear, but at least we can aim to navigate this year with flexibility and critical thinking. If you’re curious about how to work with this energy further, let’s chat. It’s not going to be the same for everyone, but with some new tools you can find yourself growing, creating, and practicing with ease. 


Now discussing:


Human Design Gates

A Gate is a door belonging to a Center. There are 64 Gates, each relating to their corresponding Hexagram in the I-Ching system as well as to a specific codon of your codons DNA. Gates are potentials, energies, intelligences, resources. Since a Gate is an electromagnetic field, there is always involved with it a deep attraction and repulsion mechanism.

Out of the 64 activable Gates, only a maximum of 26 will be so. Look at your HD Chart, see if there are some Gates colored red and black; if so, your aura has less than 26 activated Gates. Nothing bad! It just shows that these potentials have been activated twice – sometimes, they may have received triple or quadruple imprints from various planets of our solar system. The cosmic program cannot activate all of the 64 Gates in your BodyGraph.

The black-colored Gates are your conscious resources; the red-colored ones, your unconscious energies. The former were being activated at your birth time; the later, 3 months before. Red and black Gates are combining into a unique configuration of potentials – your uniqueness – to create an energetic field with some defined Centers and some defined Channels realizing together a Type and its Strategy, a character Profile, one or more Inner Authorities, a Purpose of life… YOU! perfect and unique… ready to contribute the world with your talents and energies.

When activated – colored red and/or black – Gates are stable, reliable forces of your uniqueness. If a Gate is undefined – colored white – it is open; as such it mirrors what’s around; hence it is one of your vulnerability point; vulnerable to the corresponding energy when this later close to you hits it in. This is called “conditioning”.

Gate #1

Gate of Self Expression is the gate of the creative self. This energy wants to create in a big way and with a unique style. This creation energy is determined to draw attention to oneself. – source

Gate #2

Gate of Higher Knowledge is the energy of the driver of the self and moves your soul forward. The irony with this energy is that while you may have little awareness of your own direction, you are a great guide to others. – source

Gate #3

Gate of Ordering is the energy to finish or complete things. When tasks or projects get started they set off in a direction but they do not always have a clear path or a visible resolution. This energy helps to order or organize the solution so it can come to pass. – source

Gate #4: Answer

Gate of Formulization gives you the drive to want to find the answer. Not just any answer but the ONE answer. – source


The answer to what you may wonder. It doesn't matter. It's just the answer. Answers come from the Gate 4 without a lot of regard for validity. Validity is located in other parts of this circuit. Remember, this whole channel is about generating a hypothesis. Doubt leads to a possible or potential answer. As we move deeper into the circuit, we come up with the theory and what need to be proven over time. The answers we experience in the Gate 4 are merely possibilities. People with the Gate 4, especially with an open Head and a first line profile will be under pressure to come up with an answer. Answers can sometimes just "plop" out of this person's mouth. Just remember, that answering is simply an energy. Just because someone has an answer doesn't make it right. – source

Gate #5: Patterns

Gate of Fixed Rhythms energy is a mechanical need to have fixed rhythm in your life. Your habits will have an unconscious push to have rhythm. Perhaps you eat at 6 pm and nothing should interfere with that schedule. – source


The Gate 5 is deeply rhythmic. People with this energy need and like routines. When you have the 5, you like to have a regular routine. It's vital that you maintain this routine in order to feel effective and to feel good. You may find that you need a consistent routine every day and that if your routine gets interrupted, you have a hard time getting your day going. When you respond, as a Generator with this Gate, you will respond to opportunities for work and sex that are rhythmic. The Gate 5 likes routine, even intimacy and work that has a pattern, consistency and a rhythm. – source

Gate #6

Gate of Friction is the energy of sexual reproduction and influences when to reproduce, or not. On another level, this energy controls who is allowed in your inner circle and who is an outsider. – source

Gate #7: Role Of The Self In Interaction

Gate of The Role of the Self is energy that pushes for leadership. It can take on many flavors like democratic or dictator depending on the situation and the energy supporting it. – source


The Gate 7 and the 31 have to work together. The 7 provides direction and support in leadership to the Because it is designed to support the leadership, the not-self Gate 7 often struggles to try to take leadership but, usually without much success. The Gate 7 makes tremendous peace with itself when it realizes that it is here to serve a leadership that is bigger than itself. The Gate 7 needs to commit to service and leadership that is for the greater good of the whole. Neither the 7 or the 31 alone can provide leadership. The 31 without the 7 has a leaders voice but no direction. The 7 without the 31 struggles to be heard. These are energies that have to be recognized and are, by nature, truly democratic in their highest expression. You cannot force leadership with this energy. It won't last. People with either the Gate 7 or the Gate 31 are recognized as natural leaders. It is quite common for them to be put into leadership roles by a group. That is where they are supposed to be. – source

Gate #8

Gate of Contribution is energy to make a contribution, be an example or do something that makes a statement, often in a big way. This is not contributing to a group effort. This is individual energy and it will contribute to the group by example, so that the collective can say, ''Hey look at that, that is the way to do it.'. – source

Gate #9: Detail (Focus)

Gate of Focus is the power and the energy to remain focused. This energy is driven to repeat and experiment. Without the its complementary gate 52, this energy can exhibit attributes of ADD or ADHD. – source


Whenever you see this in a chart, you know there is always to capacity for obsessive behavior and thinking. To a certain degree, the 9 will amp up all the energies of a chart, especially if the energy makes it to the throat and isn't split off. The Gate 9 has the ability to focus, but not necessarily concentrate. This gate is a crucial player in ADD-like behavior. With the Gate 9 you are focused but you are constantly moving, staying focused but not concentrating. If you have this energy you may often seem obsessive to others, as if you can't let an idea go. With the Gate 9, it's true. You can't let it go. You can think about it no matter what you're doing. You just might not be able to stop and concentrate on it, unless you find someone with the Gate Both Gates are crucial for learning and taking Logic into collective behavioral patterns. – source

Gate #10

Gate of Behavior of the Self. The drive to empowering others. The shadow side can appear blaming or feel blamed._The Gate of the Behavior of Self carries energy about understanding behavior within the norms of your human society. How it is expressed may take on flavors of complete acceptance of norms, challenging norms when appropriate or complete defiance. Your expression will remain consistent within your theme or style of expression. This is the energy of self-love. This is also the consistent energy to love others. – source

Gate #11

Gate of Ideas is the bringing together of ideas in the formation of the story. It is sensing energy and is not logical. It is the sorting and piecing of images to create the bigger picture or story. – source

Gate #12

Gate of Caution is the energy of speaking from heart in an individual way. The energy that says, ''I love you''. It can express itself through shyness as it is vulnerable. – source

Gate #13

Gate of Listener is the energy of listening and being open. This energy attracts others to come and share their experiences with you. Sometimes these will be secrets they didn't intend to share, because the energy of this gate evoked their expression. – source

Gate #14

Gate of Power Skills energy fuels your direction in life. It is in the channel of the beat and is called ''Keeper of the Keys''. It carries with it an assurance that wealth or the accumulation of material things is guaranteed. This energy is fuel to empower the self. – source

Gate # Extremes

Gate of Extremes is energy that expresses itself through extreme rhythms. Whether it be your personal cycle with respect to times you eat, get up and go to sleep or other patterns, the gate of extremes will demand a change from a repetitive cycle after a while. This is also the energy of the love of humanity, the concern for fellow humans and the drive to bring other humans into the flow of life. – source


The Gate 15 is a powerful, multi-faceted energy. The Gate 15 is the Gate of extremes, extremes in rhythm, particularly. People with the 15 are always trying to find their rhythm, but it changes all the time. If the 15 can find a consistent rhythm, it will be different and extreme. This can sometimes make relationships challenging, especially if a person with the Gate 15 is in a relationship with a person with the Gate 5. People with the Gate 15 have a big aura. They are usually aware of it and try to hide. They can't. The aura of the Gate 15 walks into the room before the person actually does. Everyone really is turning around to look at you! The Gate 15 is the Gate of the Love of Humanity. The rhythm and flow of the 5 leads to the the expression of love for humanity when it is aligned with the rhythm of Life Force. The extremes of the 15 can lead to extreme measures on the part of the 15 to take care of and love humanity. This can be a martyr Gate. Hopefully it is paired with the 10 so that it can also be about empowerment. This energy not only gives us a deep connection to our Divine Siblings, but it also ties us to the natural world. It is the energy for nature, flow, animals and the elementals. The energy here clearly shows us that our fate and the fate of the natural world are inextricably intertwined. When we work with the 15th Gate, we are called to ask ourselves what contribution do we seek to make to the world and to our Divine Siblings? Where do we have rhythm and where do we need to adjust our rhythm to be more "in the flow"? What does the natural world seek to share with us and do we need to align ourselves more with nature? – source

Gate # Skills

Gate of Skills energy is talent for life which has an enthusiasm for expression. Music, dance, art, and speaking are common expressions of this energy. Without the complementary Gate of Depth (gate 48), the expression of this energy may be varied and shallow. Coupled with gate 48, there is depth. For example, in the group known as The Beatles, John Lennon had the 48 and Paul McCartney has the – source


The Gate 16 is the energy for communicating with enthusiasm the correct expression of mastery, but only if it comes into connection with the Gate On its own, the Gate 16 is enthusiasm without depth. This is the "just do it" gate. The Gate 16 will just do things, and figure out the details later. The good news is that the Gate 16 is usually imbued with natural talent and can often "get away" with the superficial expression of talent it carries. But, without the Gate 48, the 16 lacks the depth of mastery and intuitive correct expression. The Gate 16 leaps and then looks, hopefully there is luck in the chart otherwise we have a crashed "house of cards"the Wizard of Oz without the curtain. The Gate 16 gives us the energy to leap out of bed and get truly excited about our creative endeavors. This is the gate of skills, not so much depth, so there is youthfulness in our excitement. We still have much to learn as we master our creative process but, like the Fool Card in the Tarot, every journey starts with an excited first step. – source

Gate # Opinions

Gate of Opinions logic there is the question, the hypothesis and then opinions about that hypothesis. This energy of the Gate of Opinions is here to offer its opinions about what will work and what will not. Opinions are necessary to find the best and most logical solution, but they are not always welcome as they often feel personal by nature. – source


The energy of logic is mastery over time through correction of patterns. The Gate 17 is the first corrective energy we see in Logical Circuitry but it is really an illusion. Without energy for proving and mastery over time, the Gate 17 is just opinions. This energy can be really hard for people to carry, especially if they are not good at waiting for people to ask. The Gate 17 just plops out those opinions, not always recognizing that opinions are just ideas. Without the recognition, the opinions are often energetically repelling and the giver of the thought ignored. Logic has resistance built into it. It isn't about beliefs. You don't have to prove beliefs. Logic demands proof. The Gate 17 is merely proposing an idea and when people with this gate can learn about the beauty of their idea instead of acting with certainty that their thought is correct, then they can play their part in creating collective mastery. The Gate 17, the Gate of Opinions, in its lowest expression is all about blurting out opinions. Just like the Scientific Method, there is doubt and a need for duplicable proof in the circuit. The Gate 17 correlates with the part of the Scientific Method that is about setting up a hypothesis. The highest expression of the Gate 17 is the expression of an opening for a new possibility or a new pattern. With the energy of the Gate 17 we launch new ideas, ideas that are still to be proven. It's an energy of curiosity, not certainty. Of course, we all know what the low expression of the Gate of Opinions isright? Just remember, opinions are best heard and shared when they are asked for. – source

Gate # Correction

Gate of Correction is logical energy to bring about a better way of doing things. This is the guy who invented the bread slicer. This energy is trying to bring joy to life, to save time or avoid mistakes. But correction can feel personal so express it with prudence. – source


The intuition to make things perfect. This is also a splenic gate so there is no thinking here, just intuitive understanding. And, of course, fear. The fear of the 18 is that nothing will be perfect and, as with all splenic gates, the potential here is for someone to shut down because they'll never "get it right" or others will "never get it right". The 18 can feel harsh, especially if it is not recognized. There is no motor connected to the The energy has to be recognized and call out by others. When it is asked for, it is brilliant and vital. We need people who can "fix" things and know how to make them better. This is the gate of the Editor and the Accountant. They can find the perfect pattern and bring it out in a powerful way. This is the gift and the curse of the And, of course, because it is intuitive, and closely located to the Root, often people with this gate feel pressured to share their correction. And people either react poorlyor they don't listen. Sometimes we call the Gate 18 the "SeeI told you soGate". – source

Gate #19

Gate of Wanting is the energy that wants and needs community. It wants unrestricted access to community. People with this energy may also appear to be overly sensitive or easily disturbed and distracted. – source

Gate #20

Gate of The Now is the energy of contemplation and recognition of what deeds should be brought into form. – source

Gate #21

Gate of The Hunter/Huntress is the Hunter/Huntress who controls where you live, what you want and what you eat. This energy has the drive to create or gather material things and wealth. – source

Gate #22

Gate of Openness is the energy to be open as an individual to hear the emotional wishes of the collective. A person with this energy can easily ''work a room'' if they are in the mood. – source

Gate #23

Gate of Assimilation is the energy of bringing the knowing of something forward and integrating it into expression. – source

Gate #24

Gate of Rationalizing is the energy to ponder over and over in thought until that thought can be brought forward in rational terms or in a rational way. – source

Gate #25

Gate of The Spirit of the Self is the love of the spirit of the soul within you. This is also the love of the greater Spirit, as in God or the Divine or whatever definition you choose. – source


We move from the shock of initiation into the Love Of Spirit. Here we have a sweet, loving energy that has absolutely no shock in it. This is pure love and you feel it when you stand in the aura of this energy. The challenge for people with the Gate 25 is understanding why other people do the things they do…the Gate 25 is all about love. When they witness things that they perceive as “not loving” they can be confused. But, if they try to speak into the situation, they can not change it. This is projected. Be love but don’t spread love unless invited. Again, there is no convincing here. Only being. The Gate 25, especially in line 5 has very powerful healing abilities. These are natural hands-on healers and they do not need any training. When you have an open spleen and the Gate 25 you have a natural healer and a medical intuitive who can heal with the Power Of Love. When we die to the ego (Will Center) we move into true love, identity and direction. The Love of the Spirit is the giver of direction to love. “What would Love do?” is the question of the But, when connected with the 51, it can have to energy for “Tough Love”…the Willpower to give the “right” love, even when it feels strong and harsh. – source

Gate #26

Gate of The Egoist is the gate of the deal maker or the salesman. From this energy can come manipulation and lies, or truth. – source

Gate #27

Gate of Caring is nurturing energy and is the need to care and take care of one another. This caring is tribal and is directed toward family, group or team. It is about providing nourishment and protection to preserve the unit. – source

Gate #28

Gate of The Game Player energy is the struggle for the meaning of life, the struggle to find your divine connection. Through the struggle you become incredibly wise about the meaning of life. The shadow side is the fear that life has no meaning. – source

Gate #29

Gate of Saying Yes energy is the drive to say ''Yes''. It may lead to over commitment, but the energy includes the perseverance to push through where others quit. – source

Gate #30

Gate of Recognition of Feelings is the energy to recognize feelings that are pushing for change. Once recognized, the emotion to change is conceptualized into action that will relieve the pain or sadness and create real change. – source

Gate # Democracy

Gate of Leading is the voice of the leader. The leadership is only truly successful when properly supported by its complementary gate 7, The Role of the Self. – source


Here we have natural leadership that must be recognized in order to be effective. This is the expression of democracyleadership that has been proven effective over time through repeated applications of theory. This is the final expression of the Understanding Circuit, leadership based on mastery and repeated truths. People with this energy will naturally be recognized as leaders but cannot assume leadership without recognition. Their leadership will not be effective without the recognition of the collective. Again, this is leadership that has to be recognized and serves best when it seeks to serve the people. The best question to ask yourself if you are working with this energy is, "How may I be of service?" Let the group you are leading tell you how they want to be led. This is the real secret to being an effective leader with this energy. You are simply the figurehead for the group. Serve the group. Unify it and be ready to delegate and share the power. – source

Gate #32

Gate of Continuity is an instinctive gate to adapt to change and carry on. The drive is to follow socially embraced behavior. Over time, social behavior changes and when that behavior becomes the norm, you are able to adapt quickly. – source

Gate #33

Gate of Privacy is the energy to retreat and reflect on experiences and events before moving on. Before this energy can be expressed, there must be a period of time to retreat and collect thoughts in order to structure them into a cohesive expression or story. – source

Gate #34

Gate of Power is the busiest, most capable energy in the chart. This is a design of the multitasker. It carries an enormous amount of power, but only in response. When the 34 is not busy, they are in agony. – source

Gate #35

Gate of Change is the sense of a need for change. The sense that the wheel needs to turn. It is not a logical next step, but a sense that this is the right direction to go. Like walking around a wheel there will need to be another step and then another step to keep the wheel turning. – source

Gate #36

Gate of Crisis moves for change through the pain and confusion of experience. This energy is driven to express a change, a next step on the journey to bring light to a cloudy and darkened scene. The cycle works in continuous fashion: crisis, reflection, and expression of change followed by relief and then building crisis and round again you go. – source

Gate #37

Gate of Friendship is the family or tribal side of community. This is the emotional side of being part of the tribe. There is always a strong underlying desire to be part of a group, family or community. – source

Gate #38

Gate of The Fighter is the energy to find out what is worth struggling for. It is about finding meaning in life and, through this process, becoming wise about the struggle to find meaning. – source

Gate #39

Gate of The Provocateur is the energy to provoke into action. It is an energetic burst to create change from the emotional stillness or sadness. – source

Gate #40

Gate of Aloneness energy is part of the channel of community, yet this is the lonely side. This is the energy of being separate from the group or the family. – source

Gate #41

Gate of Contraction is the energy of contracting or pulling back. It is an emotional energy of regrouping in preparation for the next expansion. – source

Gate #42

Gate of Growth is the energy of maximizing the potential then bringing it to closure. Closure or completion of growth is necessary to allow the next step to be taken. – source

Gate #43

Gate of Insight is the energy of awareness and knowing. To communicate the observed insight successfully, however, you need to wait to be recognized before speaking. The voice of this channel is, ''I know''. – source

Gate #44

Gate of Alertness is the energy to look at past patterns, assess current supply and determine proper action to take. The outcome is awareness about what needs to occur to ensure that material needs will be met. – source

Gate #45

Gate of Gatherer energy is about having control of things and allowing others to use those things for a price. Whether it is physical, emotional, or mental this energy seeks reward for allowing others to use what is yours. – source

Gate #46

Gate of The Determination of the Self is the energy of the love of the physical body, or the love of the flesh. It manifests in the desire for touch, the drive to maintain fitness, and the joy of living in the physical plane. – source

Gate #47

Gate of Realizing energy is to pull the abstract pieces from the complementary gate 64 into a whole cohesive idea in the ''AHA!'' moment. This is the epiphany and is the creation of a whole concept or process from the abstract, without using logic. Before it was pieces and now it is a whole. – source

Gate # Depth

Gate of Depth, you tend to do or analyze things in great depth. You look at the size and scope of it all and work it in great detail. You may on occasion struggle with feelings that your work is inadequate due to this drive to do things deeply. – source


The Gate 48 is a splenic fear-based gate. The fear of the 48 is a fear of inadequacy. The Gate 48 is afraid that they will never know "enough". The challenge with the 48 is to "just do it", even if you are scared. This is a splenic fear Gate and the fears of the Spleen are in the "now". When you push through the moment, the fear dissipates and the 48 can then begin to collect data over time to prove that they do, indeed, know enough. This is definitely one of the "getting stuck" Gates. The fear of the 48 feels very real, even though others observing it may find it amusing. Usually people with the 48 are way over prepared for everything. The 48 is also the Gate of Taste. This can be taste from a designers perspective. The 48 is sometimes called the Interior Design Gate. People with the 48 have an intuitive understanding of beauty and design and long for things to be designed with taste. It is also the Gate of physical taste. People with the 48 can have elaborate palates and desires for rich culinary experiences or they can be very picky eaters, especially if they are children. – source

Gate #49

Gate of Principles is the energy of principles and revolution. If the activity or behavior is not within the boundaries of the perceived principles, then this energy will push for revolution and change until it falls within the range of the principle. – source

Gate #50

Gate of Values is the energy of values and rules. This gate controls or dictates the rules for the tribe. These rules are all about caring and making sure the tribe is cohesive. The rules are often related to food and provisions. – source

Gate #51

Gate of Shock. Name of this gate says it all - Shock. People with this energy tend to come out with shocking statements or actions. Sometimes it may be subtle and at other times quite dramatic. Either way, this energy is trying to shock others into connection with the greater sense of Spirit, God or the Divine. – source


The 51 is one of the most interesting Gates in the Human Design system. It is deeply competitive or projects competitive energy and is the shock aspect of initiation. People with the 51 are quite shocking and depending on the planetary alignment in their charts, many people with this gate will be shocking just for fun! Of course, this energy is radiated and so people with the 51 receive amplified shocking experiences. The 51 can have many shocking experiences that are initiating forces in their lives. Ra has the 51 and he was “shocked” into receiving the Human Design information. People with shock in their charts often have to have very intense, life-changing experiences before they can move into the Love Of Spirit. You will find that many people who you read for with the 51 have had near-death experiences or some other kind of amazing story of shock and survival. As much as we resist shock, shock has a powerful role in starting things. In response to shock, we change. If we don’t change, we can become bitter. When you see this gate, you have to look at the context of what else is in the chart. Are they 3rd line profiles? If so, they may experiment with shock. Do they have open throats? If so, shocking things may just “plop” out of their mouths and everyone in the room becomes initiated. Shock is designed to shake things up. The little boy who pointed out that the Emperer was naked probably had the Gate He spoke the obvious truth but it wasn’t “Proper”. Truth and shock aren’t always proper but important if we are going to really be initiated. – source

Gate # Stillness

Gate of Inaction is the stillness to see the whole picture and achieve concentration. At times we must withdraw to truly concentrate. – source


The energy of this gate is the potential to sit very still and concentrate. Sometimes you might call this gate the "Couch Potato" Gate. People with this energy have an ability to sit very still and quietly for long periods of time. The irony of this gate is that without its harmonic, this is just sitting still without focus. Concentration but with no directionsometimes demonstrated by an ability to sit for long hours doing nothing. The 52 makes for great wild-life photographersyou can sit in the blind for hours just watching and waiting, as long as you don't get distracted. You really need both gates to create a collective experience for learning. It's always good when you get both gates together in a group who has the objective of learning. This is a highly creative energy. one that empowers us to concentrate on the goal, hold our gaze, wait in stillness until there is right timing and then, only then, take right actions. – source

Gate #53

Gate of Beginnings is the gate of getting things started. This energy contains potential to mutate since sometimes, to get things started, you need to mutate the process. – source

Gate #54

Gate of Ambition is the gate of big ambitions. You like to do things in a big or grand way. Perhaps over the top?. – source

Gate #55

Gate of Spirit is emotional energy seeking to bring abundance. Linked to spirit it can be abundance of spirit, but the abundance can come in many forms. This energy may feel stuck at times. – source

Gate #56

Gate of Stimulation is the energy that brings the ideas and the past events into expression, often through stories. This is the energy of a story teller and is great for teaching and framing information that may be abstract, into cohesive pieces that can be remembered. – source

Gate #57

Gate of Intuitive Insight penetrating intuitive insight, or can really struggle for clarity._Sometimes called the psychic gate, the Intuitive Insight Gate is about knowing in the now. This gate gives you consistent energy to experience intuition and a knowingness beyond this physical reality. – source

Gate # Joy Of Life

Gate of Aliveness is the energy for the zest or joy in life. It is the insatiable desire to make it better and to challenge the norm to find a better way. – source


People with this gate always have a smile on their face, if they live their strategy. These people intuitively understand the nature of Joy and don't tend to take things too seriouslyexcept Joy. However, it they are not living their strategy, people with the Gate 58 can take a big beating in their Joy of life. This is a dual system, after all. This is Joyor not. People with the 58 can be some of the most bitter people on the planet. But that bitterness comes from understanding the potential for joy and not being able to experience it. The Joy can be restored by living strategy and waiting for the right timing for correction. The ultimate beauty of this energy is that it stems from the energy of mastery and correction. All that critical energy that we've been talking about in the Logic circuit is all about helping people discover joy. It's really so simple. – source

Gate #59

Gate of Sexuality is the gate of seduction and the gateway to the sacral sexual power. This will often be the energy and drive to sexually reproduce. It can be the energy of coming together in an intimate way in a non-sexual relationship. – source

Gate #60

Gate of Acceptance. Get things started one needs a push or surge of energy. The Gate of Acceptance energy is like a car starting with bursts of surges. Not all tasks are like the yard dash where the path is straight forward. This energy pushes you off the starting line, but not so fast that you can't change your course once you get going. – source

Gate #61

Gate of Mystery is about reaching to know the unknowable. This energy is about the ''why's'' in life. It can be about striving to know the answers just for sport. It is about the ability to ''know'' by just knowing, not thru logic, and trying to understand the Big Picture. – source

Gate # Details

Gate of Detail is the energy of small detail. This is bringing into words what does not have a name. By naming something and assigning scope and details to an object or a concept etc., there is a basis for discussion. – source


The Gate 62, like the Gate 17 has ideas but, because we are now connecting to the Throat Center, the potential for access to energy improves. The Gate 62 is the gate of practical, organizational answers and people with this energy have the capacity to organize things and provide practical ways to implement the energy of the Gate People with the Gate 62 usually have very neat closets and filing systems. They are organized. Even if they don't look organized, they know where everything is. This is the energy for details, the small details that keep the momentum of opinions flowing towards energy. The Gate 62 asks, "What if we did it like this? What if we put this over here and place all the files in this basket? Then would we be able to create an organizational pattern?" This is the gate of the computer programmer or the professional organizer. The 62 always has a practical experiment going. This is the energy for creating the structure and application of the experiment. The 62 determines the statistical tests to be done, what equipment to use and how to log the data.These are really practical people. The Gate 62 is the energy for articulating plans and ideas in an organized, logical manner. The Gate 62 connects the energy from the realm of possibility to the Throat Center and creates, through articulation, the possibility of manifestation. – source

Gate # Doubt

Gate of Doubt is the energy of logical questioning. It is the first step of analysis in the logic circuit. When the first cell phone was invented, this gate asked the questions, ''Is it safe? Will it work? Will people actually use them?'' This energy starts the drive to find the answer through logic. – source


The Gate 63 contains the inspiration for logic. The 63 on its own is full of doubt and suspicion followed by a demand for proof. This particular gate can have some interesting challenges built into it. Doubt and suspicions are energies. And like all energies in the Human Design chart, they flow, almost reflexively. People with the gate 63 will have a tendency to be doubtful and suspicious of everything, including their own insights and abilities. Although, this is valuable process for logic, this can be a difficult personal energy. The doubt and suspicion expressed by the 63 is intended to be pointed towards information not towards people or towards yourself. When you see the 63 combined with the 48, a first line profile and an open Head and Ajna, you have a potent combination for mental paralysis and deep interpersonal inadequacy. Remember, these are collective energies and not at all intended to be expressed towards the self. The purpose of these energies is to correct the expression of information in the world. The other aspect of this doubt is recognizing that the doubt in the head is just a thought or idea and not necessarily true. It takes time to justify suspicion and doubt. You need proof. When you are out in the world freely expressing doubt and suspicion, is it usually met with resistance. Doubt is better left in your head until you have the data and you are asked to share. – source

Gate #64

Gate of Confusion energy is the abstract. ''We have all these little pieces of the puzzle, how do they go together?'' You have the ability to identify all the pieces, but may struggle to put it all together. In looking at all the pieces it can be a bit confusing or dizzying. – source

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