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Walgreens photo print

No account or install needed! You can start printing your photos right now, straight from your phone or computer. Whether you want to print a few photos or a few hundred (or thousands!), you will be able to enjoy 1-hour pickup at your nearest store. All your photos will be printed on a US Kodak photo paper to ensure a high quality printing service. Plus, you do not have to pay online (except for home delivery, a $2.99 flat fee is applied): go to your nearest Walgreens, check your photos and pay for your order. So you only pay in-store for the photos you are satisfied with!

Photo Prints & Gifts

We offer lots of different products that make great, personalized photo gifts or even wall art! From canvas prints to photo posters in a variety of sizes, to even photo cards and magnets. This is the best and easiest way to give your memories a second life!

Uploading your photos is fast and secure. You can definitely enjoy your printing experience either you want to order Prints, Greeting cards, Posters and Magnets. You can print individual photos or directly import photos from your albums; ideal for large photo collection.

Photo collage and inspirations

You can easily transform your memories into stunning wall art and decorations for your home or even dorm room. Vision boards are another way to stay motivated and conquer your goals in style! Canvas prints make great gifts and posters are a surefire way to go big with your best memories. These make perfect Christmas, birthday, Valentine’s Day, or even everyday gifts!

Walgreens photo app

With the Walgreens photo printing app, your photos are available for pickup in one hour at the Walgreens pharmacy that is the most convenient for you! We go fast, so you can slow down and enjoy the moments that truly matter.
Don’t feel like leaving the house? No worries, we offer home delivery for your most precious memories delivered directly to your door!

Photo sizes

We have a wide variety of prints ranging from the classic 4×6 or 5×7 print – perfect for making a photo album or even scrapbooking! Square prints are a great way to print your favorite Instagram snaps to bring your feed to life. 8×10 prints offer great quality with a bigger size print. 4×4 square prints are also available to print; perfect for your Instagram photos.

Photo cards

You have the ability to browse our card templates by occasion: birthday, Christmas time, Super Bowl, wedding, graduation, etc. Our greeting cards are designed by our community of independent designers are are ready to use: just select your favorite photo to place in the card. Cards are also available for same-day pickup.

Walgreens Photo center

One hour pickup

We offer both in-store pick-up in 1-hour, or your prints shipped directly to your home or loved ones. Keep in touch with friends and family by sending a photo package to them, no matter how far away.

Home delivery

The Picta photo print app also offers delivery to prisons and detention facilities thanks to the home delivery option. For same-day pickup, you can get your order anytime. Your photos will be kept for three weeks.

Walgreens photo coupon and promo code

We do offer Walgreens photo coupons for your photos. Check out our current Walgreens coupon or enter your email at checkout to receive one in your inbox.

Your discount code PICTAPHOTO40 can get you up to 40% off your order: prints, photo books, cards, posters, canvas and magnets included.

Sours: https://pictaphoto.com/print-photos/walgreens

With about 10,000 brick-and-mortar buildings scattered across the US, it’s not hard to find a local Walgreens. Most of the time, they’re reserved for prescription refills and the occasional grocery. But what many people do not realize is that the chain is equipped with printers to meet your spur-of-the-moment photo needs. And, surprisingly, Walgreens even offer a canvas print!

This exciting premise got us asking: Is this drugstore truly the convenient option that it seems to be? And can the output quality compare to products produced by professional photo printing services?

We put in an order for ourselves to get to the bottom of what goes into the Walgreens canvas print!

Our Take on Walgreen's Canvas Print

Walgreens online canvas prints

Product Name: Walgreens Canvas Prints

Product Description: The Walgreens canvas print is a customized image printed onto canvas and stretched onto a frame.

Brand: Walgreens

Offer price: 39.99

Currency: USD

Availability: InStock

Offer URL: https://pwlink.co/walgreens-canvas-prints

  • Price
  • Turn-Around Time
  • Image Quality
  • Materials

Walgreens Canvas Print Review Summary

Overall, Walgreen’s canvas photo prints are surprisingly attractive and accessible. With a “same-day” pick up promise, they deliver results faster than any of their competitors. However, buyers should be aware that not all Walgreens locations necessarily have the materials and staff to make canvas prints.

Order Online, Pick up In-Store!

Perhaps the biggest draw to ordering through Walgreens is perceived convenience. Unlike otherpopular online canvas print options, Walgreens hosts thousands of print locations that you can physically visit. Though they’ll also ship orders to a given address, they’re unique in that you can pick up your order along with your various sundries. 

In theory, the process is as simple as forwarding a file and waiting a few hours in a queue. Whether procuring a canvas is actually that simple, however, is another matter entirely.

Building the Canvas

As you’d expect, the first step of this process is to import your photograph into Walgreens’ editing wizard. You can either source shots directly from your computer or opt to bring in photographs from social platforms like Instagram. 

For the most part, there’s not a whole lot of editing or embellishing that you can do to enhance your image through the Walgreens site. Beyond resizing, changing aspect ratio, and determining image layout, the editing wizard isn’t capable of much. For this reason, we suggest processing images to print-quality before uploading it to the site. 

On the flip side, there’s not much fuss that goes into preparing your order before checkout. With a simplified design and minimal frills, it’s easy to get a Walgreens canvas print order in quickly.

Same-Day Printing Promise(?)

One of Walgreen’s biggest selling points is its same-day pick-up services. Users can search the site for participating Walgreens stores equipped with print supplies, place an order, and pick up their canvas print on their own. 

Unfortunately, not every Walgreens has equal resources, meaning that same-day pick-up is not always a guarantee. My local store seemed to be particularly understaffed. In fact, it lacked any dedicated staff assigned to the photo department. Though I placed my order five hours before the store closing time, they could not complete my order before shutting down for the night.

That being said, my print was ready within 24 hours of placing my purchase. While not quite living up to the advertised offer, there’s no doubt that the Walgreens boasts one of the quickest turnaround times. 

The Finished Product, Piece by Piece

Some Pleasant Surprises

I’ll admit it – I didn’t have high expectations for Walgreens as a serious print hub. However, they far surpassed my assumptions. 

What struck me immediately was the overall color quality of the canvas print. Void of any color casts, the greens and oranges of my images really popped without appearing overly saturated. 

Though matte materials sometimes tend to flatten out tones, the matte canvas I received had a rich array of shadows and highlights. Details remained sharp, and the enlargement process didn’t seem to produce any distortion or pixelation. 

Ready to Hang

One great thing about picking up a canvas print in-store is the lack of time spent in transit. Secure in a sturdy cardboard box, my canvas didn’t have to endure the bumps and bruises that come with riding in the back of delivery trucks. 

Aside from its lack of physical imperfections, the canvas comes with a saw-tooth hook already screwed securely to its back. That means that orders require little-to-no prep work between unwrapping the packaging to hanging one the wall.

Walgreens even has a limited number of black floating frames available in-store. Though they only come in a few sizes, the thought of having a framed, wall-ready piece of art ready within the span of 24 hours is certainly tempting.

Mystery Materials

Unfortunately, there’s little information available about what goes into a Walgreens canvas print. In our experience, that’s a red flag to be wary of. 

Though the construction of the piece seemed solid, the canvas itself felt cheap. The surface was a little chalky, and it didn’t seem like there was any sort of protective layers in place to prevent scratches.

For those looking for an heirloom meant to withstand years of wear and tear, Walgreens may not be the choice for you. Without concrete information on the materials used, the longevity of these canvases is anyone’s guess.

Comparing Prices

If you’re coming to Walgreens looking for a bargain, you may be surprised to learn that it is not the least expensive option out there. When looking at price tags alone, they may seem to be one of the more affordable options. However, Walgreens lacks the frequent flash sales that online print shops often host. 

For instance, I ordered an 11×14″ print from Walgreens for $49.99. The equivalent order from competitor CanvasChamp has a base price of $72.99, which is significantly pricier. However, CanvasChamp almost always has one promotion or another that brings the price of their 11×14″ prints below $10 each.

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Our Take:

So, where does all of this leave the Walgreens canvas print?

In short, there’s a time and place for this product. It’s not the most glamorous, and it lacks the strict oversight that other operations have going for them. It doesn’t even boast the lowest price tag of the bunch.

But that doesn’t mean that this humble option doesn’t have a few tricks up its sleeves. With surprisingly good image quality, Walgreens can supply you with a vibrant canvas in less than a day. For those seeking acceptable quality at lightning-fast speeds, this service can’t be beaten. 

It’s unlikely that we’ll turn to the pharmacy for gallery-ready prints any time soon. But, when it comes to last-minute gifts and accessible artwork at affordable prices, Walgreens has your back.

Get Your Walgreens Canvas Print

Sours: https://www.photoworkout.com/walgreens-canvas-print-review/
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Canvas Prints

Your photos capture all the print-worthy moments of your life. Celebrate those meaningful memories by getting them off your camera and onto your walls. Our customers love their photo canvas gifts!:

I used my daughter's favorite engagement photos and sent the Collage.com canvas to her and her fiancé as an engagement gift. They love it!! - Victoria

I created a collage for my best friend, of his two kids, who is a newly single dad. His walls were bare in his new home and I thought they needed something. Not only did you give me a great discount and the picture was amazing! He told me this was the most meaningful, amazing gift he had ever received. Thanks so much! - Stephanie

I love the panoramic photos on canvas, and have had several done from Collage.com. This one is my favorite! It looks more like a painting than a picture. It is from my daughter's mission trip to Costa Rica, and the canvas captured the beauty there. Thank you!! - Anita

Display special moments
Sours: https://www.collage.com/canvas-prints
Walgreens Canvas \u0026 Wood Panel Prints REVIEW 2017

Collage Canvas Prints

Our Collage Canvas Prints Capture The Beauty of Photos

Capturing special moments with photography is the best way to hang on to your most treasured memories. Most of the time, our favorite images remain digitally stored, away from daily view in our homes where friends and family can appreciate them. Why not celebrate your most precious remembrances and personal milestones as wall décor and liven up your living room, bedroom or kitchen with a unique flair? Not only can your photos refresh your decorating style with color and texture, but they can also create a personal touch which you can share with your loved ones year round. With our canvas photo collage, you can create your very own assortment of your favorite family photos or special moments that you will always want to hold on to. Canvas collages will allow you to admire your wedding photos, snapshots of your children, family vacations and many other moments from the past while introducing a beautiful centerpiece which will add to your room’s distinctive style. Expressing your creativity with your precious photographic memories as a canvas collage will inspire your relatives and neighbors alike.

Collage Canvas Are Perfect For Any Display of your Family Photos and Cherished Moments

With numerous layouts to choose from, you will find the perfect assortment to showcase your favorite collection of photos. Collage canvases are a great way to display your family’s best portraits together in an artistic array. Maybe you took an unforgettable family road trip and have several photos commemorating the enjoyable moments from your vacation. You won’t have to settle on a single favorite with the collage canvas. Find the layout that you like best and create a unique collection, displaying the most memorable times from your journey. With so many layouts to choose from, you won’t have to worry about having too many or too few of your favorites to admire as your new wall art.

Collage Canvas Specifications

  • Collage canvases come in 6 different sizes including two square options and one panoramic size: 16x16, 16x20, 20x60, 24x24, 24x36, and 30x40
  • Portrait and landscape orientations are available to further customize your new wall art.
  • Perfect for any décor, collage canvases are available with a gallery-wrapped edge or floating frame for any decorating taste.
  • Choose from numerous layouts and backgrounds to express your individual creativity.
  • Hanging hardware is included so they are ready to hang as soon as they arrive.
MailPix offers canvas collage prints in a variety of sizes and layouts. Did you know we also offer poster collage prints? Printed on matte photo paper, you can select from various background colors and photo arrangements to perfectly display your best photographic treasures. MailPix isn't just for high quality canvas prints, we're known for cheap picture printswith the best in color, clarity, and contrast online! If you were looking online for 'where can i get a canvas print?' MailPix has you covered, we specialize in canvas printing and all photo processing needs.

With 6 different sizes, the collage canvas is the perfect accent or centerpiece for any room

Have you been searching for the perfect wall décor to center above the mantle in your living room? Maybe you have a blank wall or unadorned corner in your kitchen that needs a splash of color. No matter which part of the house you are looking to beautify, you will find a collage canvas size that you can easily work with to refresh your space. You can further customize your look by choosing either a portrait or landscape orientation. In addition to our smaller and larger collage canvas sizes, you can choose from two square dimensions or go big with an exciting panoramic option which is perfect for a wide wall above your sofa that is in need of an update. No need to worry about fitting your new canvas in with your current wall hangings. You can easily find a size and orientation that works well with your current layout or use it as an inspiration to get started with your new decorating project. Choose from our wide array of dimensions which include 16x16, 16x20, 20x60, 24x24, 24x36, and 30x40.

Further add to your room’s style with multiple background options

Are you just getting started with the design of your living room? Maybe you’re adding the final touches to your kitchen walls. Whether you are looking to complete a room upstairs or downstairs, the collage canvases have many backgrounds available to accent your new wall décor and will fit into any style, modern or traditional. Is your living room decorated with floral designs? Maybe your bedroom has a simple yet colorful modern feel. The many backgrounds at your disposal will allow you to create the perfect work of art, not only with your most treasured photographic memories but also with a complete selection of colors, themes and patterns that will make your new collage canvas a perfect match for your existing style or stand out as your new masterpiece of wall art. Finding just the right combination or color and designs has never been easier. Our 24x36 prints are the perfect way to fill in any space you want. Order a 24x36 print and see how it stands out amongst your decor.

Give your wall a touch of class with our gallery-wrapped options

Our gallery-wrapped canvas edge option will give your wall an exciting and new artistic flair. Cultivate the feeling of a professional gallery in your living room, bedroom or kitchen. Choose from either a photo-wrapped edge or a neutral color edge option. Our gallery wrapped canvas printsare perfect for adding a unique look to your interior decor while showcasing your fondest memories.

The floating frame collage will give your space a polished look

In addition to the gallery-wrapped edges, you can also choose to enhance your collage with a striking floating frame canvas. Give your canvas a finished look that your family and friends will admire. With either a black or a walnut frame available, you can easily compliment a room of any color or style. The floating collage canvas will inspire and create a photographic masterpiece that everyone can enjoy for years to come.

Hanging hardware is already installed for easy hanging

Each collage canvas includes hanging hardware which will allow you to conveniently hang your new masterpiece in any location as soon as it is delivered to your door. No need to hunt for hanging wires or hooks at the hardware store. Enjoy your new canvas collage within minutes.

Collage canvas prints will tell a story through photos

Whether you have a collection of snapshots from your camping trip last summer or you have a compilation of professional family photos, the collage canvas will make a perfect addition to your home. Your photos together will tell the story of your family and friends and will be admired by all for years to come. With multiple sizes, layouts and backgrounds to choose from, you will be sure to find the perfect collage canvas to fit in with your décor and showcase your favorite memories.

Our quality canvas prints are guaranteed against fading for 100 years or we will happily reprint them at no charge.

Sours: https://www.mailpix.com/canvas/collage-canvas/

Collage canvas walgreens

Walgreens Photo Collage Maker Recipes

how-to-print-a-4x4-collage-photo-at-walgreens-youtube image

2019-07-29  · Karen shows how to use Walgreens online photo editor to create a 4x4 collage print with photos that are sized perfectly for Die 1098 Photo Collage Pop-up ava...
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Author Karen Burniston
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2021-02-05  · Best online tools for a photo collage maker found here. Grab your best images or use a photo editor to improve them first. Then create a collage of your dreams with a shape collage, vision board or other creative photo collection. Play around with some creative ideas and make a collage board. Share the digital version OR you can print a hard copy. Either way it's a fun way to be creative …
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Estimated Reading Time 8 mins
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Create your own custom collage photo products with free same-day pickup from Walgreens
From photo.walgreens.com
Location Collage Photo Products | Walgreens
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2010-06-17  · You can get a FREE 8 x10 collage print! I think these photo collages are so cool! You can be very creative! To get your FREE one: Just go to the Walgreens site. Create an 8 x10 collage. At checkout use coupon code: GOBIG8X10 to get your 8 x 10 collage for FREE. PLUS – have it shipped to your local Walgreens for FREE and pick-up there.
From thethriftycouple.com
Estimated Reading Time 40 secs
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Apply a Walgreens Photo coupon on the app to double down on savings. Same day pickup. For your last-minute photo needs, Walgreens Photo offers convenient same day pickup. Look for the Same Day logo across the site to see which products are eligible. On the top banner, you can also click the pink "Same Day" tab for an organized list of offers. Everything from enlargements to posters and even ...
From coupons.cnn.com
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Collage.com makes it easy to effortlessly create your own professional-grade hardcover or softcover photo album books. Upload your favorite photos from your phone, computer, Facebook, or Google Photos and then arrange them with one click. Your custom photo book is acid-free, with archival-quality paper. Every photo album book and order is backed with our Just Right 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
From collage.com
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50% off All Canvas Prints. Same day pickup at Walgreens. Enter coupon code CANV50 in checkout. Ready to hang high-quality canvas. Portrait, landscape or square in a range of sizes. Same-day pick up from your local Walgreens. In partnership with. Get Started.
From printicular.com
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Fotor’s photo collage maker allows you to make stunning photo collages for free and showcase your best photos in stylish designs on social media quickly. With hundreds of photo collage templates, adjustable cells and borders at your fingertips, you can easily add your own beautiful photos, text, and graphics to create your own photo collages in minutes with Fotor’s free collage maker.
From fotor.com
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Create a new account. FAQs. Need help? Live chat
From walgreens.com
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Photo Books 3. From $9.99 . Learn more . Your memories, framed . into a whole new light with smart displays 4. Learn more . Find the right photos faster . Your photos are automatically organized and searchable so you can easily find the photo you’re looking for. Easily save and share what matters . Share photos and albums with friends and family. Color pop . Bring moments to life with ...
From photos.google.com
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Print photos at Walgreens Give the extraordinary gift of memories. Print photos or create personalized photo cards, canvas prints, floating frames, wood panels, photo mugs, printbooks and more. Have them delivered to your door or printed for same day pickup at your local Walgreens.
From printicular.com
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2019-01-08  · Photo collage posters and prints are a great way for you to tell your story, your way. Preserve and highlight your favorite memories with a charming collage poster from Shutterfly. Collage posters are the perfect way to display your favorite photos in one unique print. This unique way of showcasing several photos in one print makes for a unique piece of wall décor that is sure to be the …
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2018-07-13  · Walgreens' mobile app has a photo center section that allows you to upload, edit and order photo prints. There are a few other photo products that you can order through the app such as greeting cards, collage prints, canvas prints, posters, wood panels and framed magnets; but most photo gifts can only be ordered on the Walgreens Photo website.
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Walgreens.com; Help; Feedback; screen reader only | | | Sign In ... Collage Products ; Split Canvas Prints ; Acrylic Panel New! Pillows + Blankets. 16x16 Pillow ; 14x20 Pillow ; Fleece Blanket ; Plush Fleece Blanket ; Sherpa Fleece Blanket ; See all ; Tabletop. Acrylic Photo Blocks New! 3x3 Photo Cube ; Wood Easel Calendar ; 5x7 Glass Print ; Mini Canvas Print ; Glass Plates - Round ; Glass ...
From photo.walgreens.com
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Show your favorite people how much they mean to you with a customized love photo collage featuring your best photos together. 114 templates. Create a blank Love Photo Collage. Create blank. (opens in a new tab or window) Grey Minimal Wedding Polaroid Photo Collage. White and Gold Rustic Summer Wedding Photo Collage.
From canva.com
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The Walgreens photo cost is affordable without losing any quality even with the expedited Walgreens photo development. Print your treasured memories on an 8×10 photo enlargement and pick up a frame and gift bag right after! It’s the perfect gift to make your loved one’s feel special. Whenever you’re looking to brighten someone’s day with a gift, our Walgreens free photo app is sure to ...
From 1hourphoto.com
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Create a custom greeting card at Walgreens. Personalize your card with a favorite photo or layout. Create cards for birthdays, holidays, thank yous and more!
From photo.walgreens.com
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Create photo books, personalize photo cards & stationery, and share photos with family and friends at Shutterfly.com.
From shutterfly.com
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Your go-to for Pharmacy, Health & Wellness and Photo products. Refill prescriptions online, order items for delivery or store pickup, and create Photo Gifts.
From walgreens.com
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Nov 29, 2016 - Explore Cherie Taylor-Vicknair's board "Walgreens photo ideas" on Pinterest. See more ideas about walgreens photo, photo, photography mini sessions.
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Collage.com offers both photo wrap and color wrap designs to match your style. To create colorful edges for your print, choose Cover Front or No Crop under Edge Options in the builder. You can then add a color or pattern background to your canvas for the color wrap look. We also offer both standard and floating frame options. Standard frames are available for rectangle canvases and include a 1 ...
From collage.com
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Recipe cookbook - gather your recipes in a beautiful recipe cookbook of the highest quality!. Bulk Photo Book Printing. 8.5x11 Custom Cover Photo Book. When it comes to awesome photo display, DIY photo albums are one of the best ways to present to cool pics. Upload your own photos and images, add your own personal branding elements or mix and match elements from different templates. Photo ...
From indiapeacecentre.org
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Walgreens Photo Center | Homepage. Welcome to Walgreens! Here are two easy ways to get started: Upload Photos Order Prints. Upload photos from your phone, tablet, desktop, Facebook, Google Photos and Instagram. Quick Start.
From photo.walgreens.com
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Google Photos | Photo library import
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This is the 3rd photo mug I've made with Collage. They have all come out amazing. I can't wait to make another one. By: Susan, 3 days ago. Reviewing: 11 Oz. Mug. My two projects with Collage are both huge successes! The canvas print is perfect -- and it was completed in record time! The cup is even nicer than I anticipated. Great service, wonderful products and very good communications! Thanks ...
From collage.com
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2018-09-26  · photo book offline f r pc free, photo book online, photobook malaysia, photobook uk, photobook paris, photo book awards 2018, photo book poland, photobook leipzig, photobooks finest, photobook making drylab, Our Best Gallery of Photo Book Layout Templates Free Of 44 Perfect Cookbook Templates [ Recipe Book & Recipe Cards]
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2011-02-22  · Here is my finished collage that I uploaded to the Walgreens website. I picked up a printed copy an hour later at their store a few blocks from my house. It was easy, fast, and inexpensive. Here are the steps for creating a photo collage like this one. 1. Pick a theme that is fitting for the person being celebrated. It could be a favorite sport, hobby, food, vacation spot, or tradition. You ...
From theyummylife.com
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Facebook | Photo library import
From cloudloader-wm.livelink.io
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2021-03-13  · Choose a photo. Note that it will need to be a photo with a large file size in order to be able to print it out at 18 inches and have it look good. Crop your photo into a square, keeping the resolution as high as possible. If you are using a photo processor, go ahead and crop it to 18×18 inches at 150 dpi. Save it as a .jpg.
From itsalwaysautumn.com
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Sours: https://www.tfrecipes.com/walgreens-photo-collage-maker/
My Favorite Photo Wall Decor - Walgreens Same Day Prints - Home Decor

Canvas and Decor Pricing and Shipping

Please see below for pricing and shipping information for products in the Canvas and Decor product category.

Gift Pricing 



2x3 Magnet  


3x3 Photo Cube  


4x4 Framed Magnet  


4x6 Framed Magnet  


4x6 Magnet  


5x7 Glass Print  


14x20 Pillow  


18x18 Pillow  


Acrylic Paperweight  


Beach Towel  


Christmas Stocking  


Compact Mirror  


Cutting Board  


Dish Towel  


Fancy Metal Easel  


Fleece Blanket, 50x60  


Fleece Blanket, 60x80  


Keepsake Box  


Personalized Floor Mat  






Plush Fleece Blanket, 50x60  


Plush Fleece Blanket, 60x80  


Porcelain Plate  


Pot Holder  


Rectangular Glass Tray  


Round Glass Plate  


Sherpa Fleece Blanket  


Shower Curtain  


Square Glass Plate  


Stone Coasters 


Stone Heart

Stone Trivet

Tapestry Blanket  




TilePix (3-Pack)  




Wood Magnet Set  


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Gift Shipping and Handling

QuantityStandard (USPS)2-Day (Expedited)Rush (Overnight)
1 gift$5.99 total$13.99 total$24.99 total
Ea. add'l giftadd $1.99add $3.99add $5.99

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Canvas Pricing

SizePrice: UnframedPrice: Framed
Canvas Print, 5x7$12.99Not Available
Canvas Print, 8x10$39.99$59.99
Canvas Print, 11x14 $49.99$69.99
Canvas Print, 12x12$49.99$69.99
Canvas Print, 16x20$89.99$119.99
Canvas Print, 20x24 (not available for same day pickup)$149.99$199.99
Canvas Print, 20x30 (not available for same day pickup)$169.99$249.99

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Collage Canvas 

SizePrice: UnframedPrice: Framed
8x10 Collage Canvas$44.99$64.99
12x12 Collage Canvas$54.99$74.99
11x14 Collage Canvas$54.99$74.99
16x20 Collage Canvas$94.99$124.99

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Acrylic Panel, Custom Floating Frame, Metal Panel, Wood Hanger and Wood Panel Pricing

11x14 Acrylic Panel$79.99
5x7 Custom Floating Frame $49.99
8x10 Custom Floating Frame$49.99
4x6 Custom Floating Frame$49.99
4x4 Custom Floating Frame$49.99
Metal Panel, 5x7$29.99
Metal Panel, 8x10$36.99
Metal Panel, 11x14 (available for same day pickup)$59.99
Metal Panel, 12x12$59.99
Metal Panel, 16x20$69.99
Metal Panel, 20x24$99.99
Metal Panel, 20x30$129.99
Premium Wood Panel, 8x10 (available for same day pickup)$49.99
Wood Hanger Board Print$29.99
Wood Panel, 5x7 (available for same day pickup)$24.99
Wood Panel, 8x10 (available for same day pickup)$39.99
Wood Panel, 11x14$59.99
Wood Panel, 12x12$59.99
Wood Panel, 16x20$69.99
Wood Panel, 20x30$99.99

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Wood Panel Collage 

5x7 Wood Panel Collage$25.99
8x10 Wood Panel Collage$41.99

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Canvas (small 5x7, 8x10, and 11x14 Wood Hanger) Shipping and Handling

SizeQuantityEconomyStandard (USPS)2-Day (Expedited)Overnight (Rush)
5x7 or 8x10 size, Wood Hanger (11x14)1 product$7.99 total$19.99 total$31.99 total$37.99 total
SizeQuantityEconomyStandard (USPS)2-Day (Expedited)Overnight (Rush)
Ea. add'l Productadd $4.00add $5.49add $7.00add $7.00

Canvas (large 11x14, 12x12,16x20,20x30, Custom Floating Frames, 11x14 Acrylic Panel)
SizeQuantityEconomy Standard (USPS)2-Day (Expedited)Overnight (Rush)
11x14, 12x12, 16x20, 20x24, 20x30 or Custom Floating Frame, Acrylic Panel1 product$14.99 total$25.99 total$36.99 total$41.99 total
Ea. add'l Productadd $7.00add $8.99add $10.00add $10.00

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Split Canvas

Split Canvas Set of 2(2) 8x10$67.98
(2) 11x14$84.98
(2) 16x20$152.98
Split Canvas Set of 3(3) 8x10$101.48
(3) 11x14$127.48
(3) 12x12$127.48
Split Canvas Set of 4(4) 8x10$139.96
(4) 12x12$169.96

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Photo Sets
Available in canvas sets, wood panel sets & magnet sets. Sets are available for a 15% discount already included in price. Available in Same Day Pickup only. 

Canvas (2) 8x10,(1) 11x14$110.48
(3) 11x14$127.48
(3) 16x20$229.48
Wood Panel8x10$135.97
Framed Magnets(4) 4x4, (4) 4x6$23.77

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Sours: https://wagcco.secure.force.com/pkb2/articles/Information/Wall-Decor-Pricing-and-Shipping-2-0

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Sale Prices Shown Below!


Sale Pricing Shown Below!

');Product Description

Collage Canvas Prints

Collage Canvas Prints are perfect for any occasion. Build a wall of prints they’ll love with your favorite memories. Whether its a wedding or a birthday party, you’re sure to create an arrangement you enjoy. Get a beautiful wall layout at an amazing price at Print Shop

Sours: https://www.printshoplab.com/products/canvas/collage-canvas

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