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Why Fans Already Hate Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare

As YouTube user BigTimeMikey put it, "So dumb. i am sick of the jump suits, and sick of all the hi tech b.s. and now space??? Really? i just want to go back to what made COD greatawesome war games, with good storylines and fun online multiplay. if i want all the above stuff, i will play star wars or other futuristic games. i havent bought COD since Ghosts, and will not till they go back to making modern war games again."

It makes sense that fans would want more of the classic action and gritty stories that turned the Call of Duty franchise into a juggernaut with games like Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2. Plenty of gamers played for the multiplayer suite, sure, but the single-player campaigns that followed the story of Soap McTavish and Captain Price also earned a lot of fans. It's a little funny, but sending soldiers into space to fight extraterrestrials just might be alienating the fan base.


Why Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Isn&#;t As Bad As You Remember

Call of Duty is one of the biggest franchises ever to hit the sphere of gaming, even though there is a new game every single year, it continues to sell by the shed load. Despite its fantastic commercial success, it has still churned out entries that both fans and critics found disappointing. One of the biggest offenders and whipping boys of the franchise is Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, but is it really as bad as the world would have you believe?

Initially, when Infinite Warfare released I was put off by the negative reaction by my friends, other fans and the community. It was yet another Call of Duty set in the “near” future and took players the furthest away from the franchises’ roots by sending them into space. Gone were the gritty trenches of WW2, and the realism of fighting terrorists in a modern age that mirrored what we saw daily on the news. Instead, we were fighting robots with made-up guns on distant planets, flying spaceships and fighting in outer space. At first glance, Infinite Warfare had more in common with Halo that it did its previous entries. 

In Call of Duty terms, Infinite Warfare didn’t do that well. The game sits at a very respectable 77/ on Metacritic, but with only a user score of out of It sold million units, which is the lowest in the franchise since Call of Duty 4 was released. After numerous entries in the future and near future, there was a general consensus that the fan base was burnt out on fighting in this era. There were loud calls for the series to return to its roots, the fans and critics wanted Call of Duty to go back to basics and back to WW2. Activision eventually listened, releasing WWII and announcing a reboot of the Modern Warfare sub-franchise. This fatigue and the player’s lack of interest in playing in the future seem to be the biggest reasons this game didn’t do well and isn’t remembered fondly. However, player fatigue is contextual, and when you take the game out of the time it was released, is it still a poor game?

call of duty infinite warfare

After working for a year in China, when I returned Infinite Warfare was dirt cheap, I picked it up along with the Modern Warfare remaster at a bargain price and decided to take the plunge. Even if I didn’t like it, I spent next to nothing on it; it was the very definition of a win-win situation. When I was installing the game, the fan reactions were playing on my mind, I was still very aware of how poorly this game was received. My expectations were understandably low. What I found to my surprise, was a game that had all the hallmarks and quality of a Call of Duty game but actually tried and experimented with new things on top of an old formula. 

I realized as I traversed planets, shooting robots, that previously when I had played other FPS games set in space, I had wished it had been Call of Duty. I had wanted that experience but with the tight, twitchy controls that I knew and loved from COD, I now had my very wish. By setting the game in the future it also had room to do new things, like space flight. The starship that you captain is reminiscent of Mass Effect, it displays a map to you and you can choose a point to go to. This creates a semi-linear experience where you can choose your missions and creates the chance for optional side-missions. The latter had a most-wanted list, that saw you hunt down enemy generals and cross them off. It was a fun and rewarding experience that I would actually love to see return in some form.

Then there was the actual space flight, who would have thought that they would be engaged in dogfights in outer space in a Call of Duty game? Whilst these sections may have not been what fans wanted, their inclusion was a complete change for the series, and the developers should be given credit for trying to shake up a formula that stays the same year upon year. I can confidently say that Infinite Warfare is not the best Call of Duty game whether you played it in or 3 years later. I can say, however, with just as much confidence, that the game is a lot better than the stigmas that are attached to it would have you believe. It is a solid game that actually tried new things, in a series that was going stale, some of the mechanics might not win you over but for the price that the game can be bought at, it is definitely worth the gamble.

What&#;s your reaction?

Billy Clarke
Was bitten by a radioactive spider and acquired the incredible ability to transform his thoughts on video games into words on a screen. Follow him on instagram @boocannon64 to see him geek out
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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is a first-person shooter developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision, and was released on November 4, It is the 13th installment of the Call of Duty franchise, and takes place even further into the future than some preceding titles that were already futuristic enough; this caused heavy criticism by critics and gamers alike.

Bad Qualities

  1. The futuristic setting, while good, it's rather unfitting to Call of Duty franchise.
  2. This game was released at a horrible time, Call of Duty fans were sick of futuristic Call of Duty at the time, and to add insult to injury this game takes place further into the future.
  3. The reveal trailer looks made weakly comparing to another Call of Duty reveal trailers.
  4. Supply Drops are back in the hands of Infinity Ward.
  5. Short campaign, just like many games in the series.
  6. The multiplayer is so bland that it makes the campaign more enjoyable than the multiplayer, as the hit detection is from BO3, the supply drops are from Advanced Warfare, and the specialist abilities are also from BO3. In general, it just didn't do much different from Black Ops 3 to differentiate itself, while Black Ops 3 did a lot to differentiate itself from Advanced Warfare and other Call of Duty games in general.
  7. The robot character, Ethan, is more human than any of the human characters excluding Reyes.
  8. The leaning system is back from Call of Duty: Ghosts but not totally, as it's available only in single player mode.
  9. Poor use of celebrity actors, with the exception of Kit Harington (best known as Jon Snow from Game of Thrones), who plays Admiral Salen Kotch, the main antagonist of the campaign.
    • Even then, his character has no apparent motivations behind what he is doing, and he doesn't exactly fit the role of Space Hitler since he always looks like he's about to cry.
    • To make matters worse, despite the massive publicity he got in the trailers, he only gets roughly six minutes of screen-time. This is much less than half the amount of time Jonathan Irons (voiced by Kevin Spacey) had in Advanced Warfare.
    • UFC Champion Conor McGregor appears in the game as Bradley Fillion, a high-ranking SDF officer, but gets no real development. In fact, he does not even get to speak a sentence.
    • Peter Weller (the original RoboCop) also appears as Caleb Thies, another SDF high-rank, and despite having a speaking role in a trailer and being built up as a major threat, he gets even less screen time than Kotch. He doesn't even get any lines, either; he's introduced and then thrown away in the span of one mission.
  10. Regarding the PC version, there is no cross-play between the Steam and Microsoft Store versions.
    • On the other hand, there are far fewer players in the Microsoft Store version compared to the Steam version.
  11. The Multiplayer Beta wasn't available for PC, probably due content from BO3 being leaked from the PC version of the Multiplayer Beta.
  12. Balance issues: several guns, one example being the NV4's Flatline variant, can be rather overpowered and were frequently used as crutches in multiplayer. Guns with a higher rate of fire and the Akimbo M almost always dominate the others. It's almost like the Akimbo FMG9 from Modern Warfare 3.
  13. Poor visual variation in weapons, despite bringing the weapon customization system from BO3, you could attach a long barrel, an extended magazine, a quickdraw and the weapon doesn't even changes visually.
  14. Duplicated weapon variants in supply drops with a small bonus, becoming more improbable to get new stuff.
  15. As with previous games in the series, the online community has all but vanished. This one in particular, however, vanished much faster.
  16. An absurd file size; thanks to the bundling with MWR and the texture resolutions (most of them being at least 4K), it comes up at an atrociously huge one-hundred and thirty gigabytes. Of that, IW takes up at least 55GB (confirmed on Xbox One).
  17. The "Nuclear" Killstreak aka the "De-Atomizer Strike" is harder and more limited to obtain, you need to do 25 kills with specific weapon variations instead with any weapons like in former games.
  18. MWR on the PC shipped with a broken config file which, for many players, caused the game to crash on startup, flashing an "out of memory" error, requiring the player to faff around in safe mode to actually get the game to start.
  19. Akeel Min Riah is terrible, and perhaps the worst villain of the Call of Duty franchise. He basically achieves what he does because everyone else picks up the Idiot Ball whenever he is present. Also because of the integral "target the wrong things" and "blow up" functions of the Earth's defense cannons.
  20. The way the SDF acts are more akin to cartoon villains than video game villains.
  21. As mentioned below, the heroes often do idiotic things throughout the campaign, for example, in fleet day, the UNSA sent out their entire fleet in one location!! It went as well as you'd expect.
  22. On this topic, the main story-line has some seriously hamfisted moments:
    • At one point Reyes is blasted out into space, and is left floating with no oxygen for long enough for E3N's arms to freeze around him and he not only survives, he wakes up with a clean bill of health and goes right back to shooting people. Suspension of disbelief can only go so far.
    • The game tries to paint the death of Omar as a tragic, shocking and sad moment - which is somewhat jarring considering his death was his own damn fault for doing something absurdly stupid at the worst possible moment.
    • Everyone except Nora dies in the end, in some of the most contrived manners possible.

Good Qualities

  1. As mentioned above, the game came out at a terrible time for what it is. The game started development in , when people were getting tired of modern day shooters and going for a futuristic setting was likely the devs attempt to address this complaint. Unfortunately, players attitudes had turned against futuristic shooters in the three years between start of development and release, making the devs attempt at addressing fans' complaints backfire in a major way.
  2. The sequence in singleplayer where the player has to hold pressure on a comrade's wound and slowly feels their heart stop via the controller vibration is a pretty creative use of force feedback.
  3. The campaign features side missions for the first time in the series and while some of them are just quick battles with little context, the side missions with context are great, arguably even better than the main missions.
  4. Compared to Black Ops III, the holiday events had more rewards, like a nuclear variant for the M shotgun, unlike BO3 which had nothing.
  5. This is the first Call of Duty game by Infinity Ward which has medals, emblem editor, and combat record, although the last two weren't available at launch.
  6. The Fate and Fortune Card system in Zombies is slightly better than the GobbleGum system from BO3.
  7. Graphically beautiful.&#;The space battles, in particular, look great.
  8. Nick Reyes and Ethan are likable characters. Reyes in particular gets props for being the first player character in an Infinity Ward-developed Call of Duty game to be something more than a faceless, voiceless player stand-in.
  9. The loading times are surprisingly short.
  10. The soundtrack is awesome. The same composer is making the music for the new Modern Warfare.
  11. Decent zombie and campaign stories, with the campaign being a big improvement over the one in Black Ops III.
  12. With the Season Pass (excluding the UDM) and challenges in multiplayer, all supply drop fire weapons are unlocked. These are also unlockable in zombies once you get them in the magic wheel.
  13. The game includes Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, a remastered release of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare for the current-gen consoles and PC, if you pre-order a legacy edition. However, it suffered the same fate as any current-gen Call of Duty titles by adding microtransactions and Supply Drops to a remaster of a nine-year-old game and releasing DLC map packs that were fully unlocked from the original PC release ($10 for Xbox and PS3 version) at a higher price ($15) for all platforms than the one from the original releases.
  14. The Combat Rigs in multiplayer were much better and had better customization than the specialists in BO3. You can choose between three payloads (the IW version of specialist weapons and abilities from BO3) for each rig and three different traits (similar to the traditional perks) for each rig. You can also switch between combat rigs during a match.
  15. The game had a notorious reward system: when you unlock a camouflage with supply drops it will be for one type of weapon instead for only one weapon like BO3, you have the option of purchase specific weapon and scorestreaks variants (with some limitations), supply drops sales are purchasable with in-game currency (unlike BO3 which the sales were only purchasable with real currency), weekly contracts to get in-game currency and quartermaster content, and Mission Teams to unlock exclusive content.
  16. Despite being short, the primarily Gundam-inspired campaign is passible, though it does depend very heavily on the good guys making dumb decisions, usually followed by the&#;Olympus Mons&#;randomly appearing and undoing whatever they just did.
  17. Infinity Ward has been opting less for recycling content, for example, they bring new breathing and regeneration sound effects, as they were using the same samples since Call of Duty 2.
  18. While still far from perfect, it's not nearly as bad as most people (especially those who haven't even played the game and based their thoughts on the initial trailer) make it out to be. To quote Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg, it was "the wrong game at the wrong moment".
  19. Ethan's death was an emotional moment.
  20. The Zombies Mode is pretty Good and worth checking out.


  • The YouTube trailer for the game is one of the most disliked videos on the site, receiving million dislikes. At some point, it was only behind the music video of Justin Bieber's Baby, but afterwards it got surpassed by other videos.


Infinite Warfare - An Underrated Masterpiece

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A Frustrating Review of Infinite Warfare Zombies - A Game I Wanted to Like

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