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Will I get banned for buying FIFA 20 coins?

A permanently ban is given to players who are caught again buying coins. If you’re thinking of buying coins, you need to know if it’s safe first. The thing is you don’t.

Does buying FIFA 21 coins work?

You can earn FUT Coins in FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) by playing matches or by selling Items on the Transfer Market, but you can’t buy Coins. Buying Coins from a third party, promoting Coin buying, and Coin distribution is against our rules.

Can you get unbanned from FIFA 21?

In order to try and get unbanned from FIFA 21, you must first submit a ban appeal, which you can do via their official Support page here.

Can you transfer coins from 20 to 21?

You can transfer your FIFA Points from FIFA 20 to FIFA 21, using a one-time transfer available until December 31, 2020. The earliest you can transfer your FIFA Points is during the EA Access trial, the Origin Access trial, or when you first log in to FIFA 21 once you have the full game.

Is IGVault legit FIFA?

IGVault is not SAFE! I chose safe trade to buy FIFA 21 coins, the coons were delivered however, I received a warning from EA that the my account is banned do to Coins distribution. I spent a lot of time building my team and collecting coins and it’s all gone.

What is the cheapest FIFA coin website?

Cheap FIFA Coins at reliable shops

1. Mmoga$Go
2. Difmark$Go
3. Goldah$Go
4. UTstore$$$Go

Is G2G safe?

G2G imposed strict rules and policies for our sellers to adhere to. You shouldn’t be worried about making purchases from our sellers. The payment will be protected by GamerProtect system until a transaction is complete. You may also follow the general guide below while placing order.

Is nba2king safe?

don’t buy absolutely from this site ! don’t buy absolutely from this site !! they are scammers, don’t trust them!

Is buying Mt safe?

It depends on who you buy from. According to its previous experience and data, has not heard of a single player that got banned from buying NBA 2K21 MT. In fact, I have successfully purchase MT coins from U4GM many times. It can Guarantee All NBA 2K21 MT resources buyers purchase from its are safe 100%.

Where can I buy mt for 2k20?

Players can buy mt points for any platform at U4gm, which is the most trusted NBA 2K MT points seller on the market, (U4gm is rated with 4.4 out of 5 scores in TrustPilot. 87% of their reviews got 5 stars.) Compared with many sellers on the market, U4gm has the obvious price advantage.

Is 5mmo Reddit 2k19 legit?

Yes they are very legit. I’ve spent about $150 with them and it was fast and easy every time. I bought from them before and they’re legit. Just don’t spend too much at one time.

Does buying Mt get you banned?

You can earn NBA 2K20 MT by playing NBA 2K20 MyTEAM, but this takes a lot of time. Now the hard truth is that there is always a risk of getting banned while buying mt 2k20.

Can you buy mt in 2k21?

You can purchase NBA 2k21 MT from NBA2K21MT.COM to improve your strength and competitiveness.

Can you buy MT with VC?

MyTeam. In MyTeam, you can only spend VC, as the gamemode has it’s own currency called MT. You can spend this VC on packs.

How do I get more mt?

How to Get MT Fast in 2K20?

  1. Domination.
  2. Triple Threat online/offline.
  3. Stay up to date on Dressing Codes.
  4. Watch out for the challenges.
  5. Buy Low, Sell High.
  6. Play Daily (If Possible)
  7. Focus On One Game Mode.
  8. Don’t waste your MT on junk cards.

Is there a way to get free VC in NBA 2K20?

Play to the strength of your build. Use the Pick and Roll effectively, and you’ll get lots of VC. Head to the boards for rebounds. If you pass the rock to another player and they score, you’ll get lots of VC.

How can I get VC without playing MyCareer?

For those of you looking to earn some quick VC without playing any games, feel free to take advantage of MyLeague mode. Just start up a season, and simulate a match. You can jump into a simulated game with one minute left on the clock. As long as you finish the game in this way, you’ll earn VC.


Clash of Clans Marketplaces on the internet:

There are various Clash of Clans marketplaces on the internet to trade COC account. However, there are many scammers on the Internet on those marketplaces too. So, any Clash of Clans buyers should know some essential facts about Clash of Clans marketplaces before purchasing an account.

In this post, we will answer these questions and at the end, we will give you a special offer.

Reasons to get a COC account?

Where to find a safe and legit Clash of Clans Marketplace?

How to recognize and avoid scammers?

What to look when choosing a COC account?

Brief introduce to Clash of Clans game:

Clash of Clans (COC) is an online multiplayer game which developed and published by Finnish game developer Supercell.

The game was released for iOS platforms on August 2, 2012, and on Google Play for Android on October 7, 2013. Players form communities called clans, train troops, and attack other players to earn resources.

There are four currencies or resources in the game. Gold and elixir can be used to build and upgrade defenses and traps to protect the player against other player’s attacks, and to build and upgrade buildings and troops.

Main reason to get a Clash of Clans account:

Unfortunately, COC is a very time-consuming game, you’ll need to spend 1 to 2 Years to reach Town Hall 12 or 13.

In fact, It usually takes many months before you can unlock strong units and make a Powerful base that can defend itself. To cut through all that, you need to get a Clash of Clans account.

Most popular Clash of Clans Marketplaces:

There are many Clash of Clans marketplaces that sell COC accounts, Like Igvault,G2G and PlayerAuctions, etc…

On these sites, there are many sellers which offer hundreds of COC accounts from Town Hall 9 to 13 for different prices. You can find your suitable account and buy it.

When choosing COC Accounts, there are several factors players are looking for, Price, After-sale Support, the safety of the account, and the payment process.


Igvault is a Chinese company. They sell virtual goods market since 2006. In Igvault every one can trade their accounts, Gold, gems of different games.

The most popular product in Igvault is Leagues of Legends accounts, WoW gold and FIFA gold.

Support: 8/10

Igvault has great 24/7 Live support, buyers can always contact them.

Sometimes support can’t help you instantly, and they must ask their supervisor to answer your questions in 24h with email.

Withdrawal: 8/10

The withdrawal process is simple and fast. They pay to sellers one day after the withdrawal order, except for Saturdays and Sundays.

Withdrawal with Skrill, PayPal, Webmoney and Bank Transfer is accepted.

Buying process: 6/10

The buying process is not completely straight forward To get a Clash of Clans account in Igvault, you must first verify your identity with a selfie and passport in your hand.

After successful verification, the buyer can place an order and get the account.

Payment method: 10/10

They accept all kind of payments, like PayPal, Skrill, Paysafe, Webmoney, Alipay etc…

Account Safety: 5/10

Everything is good about Igvault except for one important problem, In Igvault there are many Clash of Clans accounts for sale with various sellers. Some sellers are good, However, some sellers are scammers. So you must be very careful.

All Clash of Clans accounts in Igvault have 7 to 20 days guarantee, but this guarantee is not efficient. If a customer buys a Clash of Clans account from scammers, there is not any guarantee to get his money back.

Conclusion for Igvault: 7.4/10

Igvault is a good place to get Clash of Clans accounts, but you must be careful when choosing an account there. We give 7.4/10 to Igvault overall.

Do we recommend choosing a COC account in those big markets?:

There is a fact here that any customer should concern before choosing a Clash of Clans account. Most of the accounts on those marketplaces are scams. So we don’t recommend them at all.

I’ve seen many people scammed by sellers on Igvault, G2G and PlayerAuctions. Here is an example watch screenshot below, these are negative comments for one of the top COC sellers on Igvault. 

scammed clash of clans account buyers

These sites give customers 5-20 days guarantee if anything happens to the account during this time, customers can raise a dispute to make a chance to take back their valuable money.

But this guarantee period cannot save customers from a scam COC account for sale, because of two reasons.

Reason 1: When the customer raises a dispute during guarantee time, the seller can refuse to accept his fault and in most cases, these marketplaces, give the right to the seller and the customer cannot take back his money.

Reason 2: Scammer sellers wait until the end of the guarantee period, after that, They will take back their account from the customer by changing supercell email. So because the guarantee time has finished before, the customer cannot raise a dispute and take back his money!

So by choosing from these Clash of Clans marketplaces, you are putting your valuable money at risk.

I’m not saying all the Clash of Clans accounts there, are scams or all sellers are scammers, However, I confidently can say more than 60% percent of Clash of Clans accounts on those marketplaces have problems.

How to avoid scammers when choosing an account:

If you want to get a Clash of Clans account from those big Clash of Clans marketplaces (I don’t recommend), you should first look at the seller’s reputation and see all negative comments on the seller’s profile, then decide to buy from that seller or not.

Don’t choose accounts from new sellers or sellers with lower 95% satisfying rate.

Maybe you see a top seller which already sold thousands of COC accounts, first look at the seller’s comment section. If there are 3 or 4 negative comments which say they lose their accounts, don’t get any account from that seller!

If you are looking for a legit Clash of Clans marketplace to find completely safe and secure COC accounts for sale, give it a try on Buy-clash.

Get COC accounts from responsible marketplace:

Buy Clash of Clans account

Buy-clash is a Clash of Clans marketplace with 100% Safe and Legit COC accounts for sale, where Clash of Clans players can get safe and legit accounts confidently. We care a lot about our customers.

We get these accounts from its real owner connected to Google Play or Apple ID, After that, we will connect all the accounts to supercell ID with a fresh Email, So you can play with our accounts confidently.

Because we ourselves connect all Clash of Clans accounts to a fresh Gmail, no one can make inconvenience for our customers (We are first and only marketplace doing this).

All the Clash of Clans accounts which we sell here, Have Lifetime Warranty. It means we will refund you if any problem happens any time for the accounts.

Instant Delivery:

After completing payment, you can play with the COC account instantly. After purchase, an email containing account login information (Gmail address, Password, Backup codes) will be automatically sent to your email address (Please check the Spam folder too).

Payment Method:

We accept All Debit and Credit cards, Visa and Master Cards. (USA residents must change their IP Addresses to check out successfully.)

Visit all Clash of Clans accounts we sell here.

Here is some frequently asked questions choosing a Clash of Clans account:

Should I get a COC account?

By purchasing an account, you are saving many years of effort, and you will be able to play with a High-Level Clash of Clans account instantly.
However, you must be careful because many scammers want to scam players by selling the COC account on the internet.

What is the Average Price for a COC account?

The average price for a COC TH 10 is 20-30 Euro for TH11 30-60, TH12 30-90, TH13 40-130, and TH14 50-160 Euro. For a max TH13, the price is around 150-250 Euro, and TH 14 max is about 180-300 Euro.

What to look when choosing a Clash of Clans account?

1-Town Hall Level: First you need to check the Town Hall level. In Buy-clash Only Clash of Clans accounts with Town Hall 10, 11, 12, and 13 is available.
With a higher Town Hall Level, you’ll be able to use more variant troops, Heroes, and defenses. The higher the town hall level, the more expensive the account.

2-Level of Heroes: Heroes are an essential part of your village. You can plan different strategies with your heroes to attack enemies. So after checking the Town Hall level, you should check the level of heroes.

3-Level of Walls: Walls are much important. Without strong walls, you’ll lose every battle easily. Upgrading Walls are difficult and time-consumable, so before choosing an account, you need to check the level of Walls.

4-Gems: Gems will help you to upgrade your defense, troops, heroes Instantly. You can also buy Gems in the game, but they are very costly.
So, it’s better to choose a COC account with a good number of gems.

Where to get a safe and legit COC account?

There are various Clash of Clans marketplaces on the internet to get an account. However, you must be careful in those marketplaces because there are lots of scammers.
If you want to get a Clash of Clans accounts confidently, we recommend buying from a legit marketplace.

Is there any place to get a free Clash of Clans account?

There is not any place to get a Clash of Clans account for free. It’s not logical that you spend years of your life playing on the account and eventually give it away for free to a stranger. If I see any website trying to give me a free account, I’m sure it is a scam.

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How safe is csgo.igvault?
Advertised by Valve Guides, a fairly big csgo channel, saying you can buy skins for cheaper than on the Steam market... I looked at some prices on the site and this appears true, but is it safe to buy from this site? Also, Why couldn't I just buy the skins from the site and later on sell the skins for a higher price on the Steam market?
If you know about the site, or have used the site, please inform me.

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2020 IGVault scam - Fake reviews - How to get your money back if you got scammed

IGVault review

IGVault is founded in 2006 and was a big success from the. They conquered the European gaming market first after making a worldwide move. Nowadays millions of players trust IGVault with their suburb gaming service. They offer fast transactions, speedy delivery and the most competitive prices we have seen in a while.

Suburb customer service

Because they are active in so many countries, their customer support speaks a lot of languages.  We bought our gaming items like FIFA coins a lot of times. One time we did not fill in the information correctly. Completely our fault, but the customer support did not stop until they found a suitable solution. We got the coins we paid for in a timely manner. 5 star support in multiple languages. What more do you want?

Game selection

While most other websites offer between 1 and 10 games. IGVault offers a massive wide selection of games. Honestly they offer any game that they can help you with. One of the most complete gaming companies in the world. By far. A selection of their games can be found on the bottom (on mobile) and in the sidebar (desktop). If you need anything for one of these games, pick them. They are worth it. One of our favourite sellers for multiple online games.

They also offer gaming accounts, CDKeys, Skins and a lot of other game related items. You can also sell your items, gold etc. to them for a good price.

“This is game service”

A lot of online gaming companies that sell goods for MMO, MMORPG’s and other online games are only after your money. IGVault is not. They put customer service and experience first. They always keep their website up to date and use the newest technology for the safest and most reliable transactions.

They do not use bots or hacks to obtain their goods. That makes them of the few good guys in this industry in our opinion. We have checked some transactions we did with them with our tools and could not find a trace of botting of cheating. Suburb!

Loyalty program

Loyal buyers can get a massive amount of rewards. For each purchase you can get IGVault points, so you get a discount on their already discounted prices, the next time you order stuff from them.  You can always check how many IGVault points you have gathered so far in your own account.


You can pay your order with all the big companies that offer buyer protection for anything you order. We have paid IGvault successful with PayPal, Skrill, our creditcard (mastercard), Telefphone and SOFORT banking. That’s just a selection of all their options, there are tons more.

Our final opinion

IGVault is safe, reliable, professional and one of the best sellers in the business. Their customer support is by far the best of the best. They are also the cheapest most of the time compared to others. If we buy our gaming items, we do it at IGvault. 5 stars for this good company.


Legit is igvault

Igvault PoE Currency

Buy Exalted Orb, Chaos Orb, and other PoE Currency at Igvault at cheap prices. You will receive the currency within 10 mins. Cheap Orbs from the trustworthy shop with excellent 7x 24 online service.
The face to face delivery method guarantees safety. All PoE currency items are 100% safe and never be scammed.

Why buy POE Currency at IGVault?

At IGVault, they do not want Path Of Exile players to be left behind in the game just because of lack of POE Orbs. Therefore, they have been offering players with cheap POE Currency. Thousands of POE players has been trusting us, as our powerful delivery system helps us guarantee a fast delivery.

How to receive your POE Currency?

We use the 'Face to Face' delivery method for all the POE Currency orders. The face to face delivery method requires both our presence and yours at the same time in the game. Therefore, after having placed your order on IGVault, please contact us via our 24/7 Live Support. If you know the coordinates of our meeting point for this game, you can use the 'I’m online' button on IGVault, which is a way to notify us that you are waiting for us in the game.

What do we guarantee?

The safety of your account is something that really matters to us, which is why our transactions are cautiously undertaken. In the very rare case that your account is suspended or your POE Currency is confiscated because of a transaction with IGVault, a full compensation would be given to you, whether it is a re-delivery of POE Orbs or a full refund, once IGVault’s involvement is confirmed.

I bought 2 League of Legends Account for $50 and This is What Happened

If You Are Looking For “igvault” Then Here Are The Pages Which You Can Easily Access To The Pages That You Are Looking For. You Can Easily Input Your Login Details And Access The Account Without Any Issues.

ZERO POINT | Buy Fortnite Accounts | IGvault

iGVault Buyer Protections iGVault is the most secure place to buy and sell ingame currency & ingame items & game accounts & Digital Games CDKeys. Our proprietary security technology,PlayerGuardian, keeps you, your payments, and your trades protected and private. The protections below are provided to all iGVault buyers.

Buy Fortnite items | Fortnite Bundles | Traps – iGVault

iGVault Buyer Protections iGVault is the most secure place to buy and sell ingame currency & ingame items & game accounts & Digital Games CDKeys. Our propri

iGVault Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of www ……

Better give my money back f*ckng scammers!!! I’m never buying accounts from your site ever again if i dont get my money back. The least i can get is a refund !!! Because i spend alot of time playing on that account and investing REAL money into it !!! Reply. You’ve already flagged this. Reply from iGVault. 7 days ago.

iGVault: Buy and Sell Maple story Mesos – Buy Maple story …

iGVault Buyer Protections iGVault is the most secure place to buy and sell game Coins & Items & Acc & CDKEYS.Our proprietary security technology,PlayerGuardian, keeps you, your payments, and your trades protected and private.The protections below are provided to all iGVault buyers.


Is igvault legit, does it work? I tell my experince using it and I show if it’s worth it to spend money on it. 1st song provided by NCSElektronomia – Limitl…

NULLPUNKT | Fortnite Konten kaufen | IGVault

IGVault bietet beste Spieler-zu-Spieler-Handelsmöglichkeiten. Mit Geldangeboten können Sie sicher und einfach Spielwaren kaufen und verkaufen. Bester Markt für Spieleprodukte, 100% Sicherheit beim Kauf und Verkauf von WOW Gold, FIFA Coins, Dofus Kamas, League of Legends-Konten, COC-Konten bei iGVault.

Plataforma de bienes virtuales IGVault | Mercado confiable …

IGVault proporciona los mejores intercambios de jugador a jugador. Puede comprar y vender de forma segura y sencilla productos de juego con ofertas

These Are The Tops Links For “igvault”. And We Hope That You Have Successfully Logged Into The igvault Still, If You Have Any Issues Do Let Us Know In The Comment Section Below.


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