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Days Gone Glitches Highlighted in Funny Compilation Video

By Dalton Cooper


YouTuber Quite Shallow puts together a compilation video that collects some of the more amusing glitches and technical problems encountered by players in Days Gone.

Days Gone was poised to be one of the big PS4 exclusive of 2019, but the game has launched to mixed reviews. Part of the reason why Days Gone has been criticized since launch is thanks to its glitches and technical issues, which are a little more prevalent than fans are used to when it comes to high budget PS4 exclusives. YouTuber Quite Shallow has now taken some of the more amusing Days Gone glitches and put them together in a funny compilation video that highlights some of the game's most head-shaking hiccups.

In the video, we see a number of Days Gone glitches and other technical issues, like an NPC appearing out of thin air, fire disappearing, protagonist Deacon St. John teleporting through buildings, and Freakers (the game's version of zombies) blocked by invisible walls. However, the video doesn't just point out some of Days Gone's glitches.

The video also takes aim at Days Gone's shaky AI and stealth mechanics. In the video, we see the AI enemies fail to act despite Deacon being in clear view of them. In one instance, Deacon stabs an enemy, who screams loudly, only for nearby enemies to just watch and take no action. In another instance, we see enemies just run at Deacon in a straight line to get mowed down one after another. Friendly AI is also shown to be fairly incompetent in the clips used in the video.

Most of these Days Gone glitches are fairly amusing, but the game has also had its fair share of major technical problems as well. For example, there was one Days Gone bug that caused full system crashes on PS4. Another bug caused audio issues that forced players to fully reset the game to fix it.

Perhaps Days Gone just needed some more time in the oven. After all, developers SIE Bend Studio had to cut features that were previously advertised for the game, like Days Gone's choice system, but maybe it could have kept the choices and polished the rest of the experience if it was delayed just one more time before launch.

Meanwhile, the lackluster technical performance by Days Gone hasn't seemed to put a big dent in its sales. In fact, Days Gone is reportedly selling quite well, especially in the UK, so perhaps it will sell enough to justify development on a sequel that could iron out problems with the first game.

Days Gone is out now, exclusively for PS4.


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Days Gone is the perfect balance between storytelling and RPG mechanics, but what happens when the RPG mechanics, i.e – the levelling system, takes far too long?
You’ve got zombies to kill! You want the most powerful weapons, the fastest, zombie crushingest bike, and a stamina bar that doesn’t buckle under the pressure of a few hundred zombies trying to nip at your heals, right now!

Well, we’ve got you covered in this Days Gone fast XP and Credits farming glitch. Strap yourselves in!

Step 1.

Get yourself over to the Belknap Caves Ambush Camp.

Step 2.

Once you arrive, locate both fuel cans, and take them to the cave just below the camp.

Step 3.

Place one can outside the entrance, and hurl the other into the cave at the horde to alert them. As soon as the horde starts to charge at you, launch a molotov at the gas can to cause an explosion.

Step 4.

Back away from the horde and shoot the can just outside the cave to cause another explosion, which will hopefully make the undead, dead again!

Step 5.

Finish off the last few freakers. Once dead, go and collect their ears… nice.

Step 6.

Jump on your bike and ride to the circular bunker hatch located in the camp, jump off your bike and quicksave.

Step 7.

Once the icon in the corner confirms you’ve saved, roll off of the edge and plummet to your death!

Step 8.

You’ve spawned back at your bike and the zombies are below you in the cave again, you still have the XP and Swarmer ears, meaning the Days Gone XP glitch worked. Now it’s time to repeat the process until you’re ready to sell the ears to a camp. Good luck out there!

Have any questions? Drop us a message on Twitter, we always reply! For more exploits and glitches on your favourite games, jump over to this page. Or visit our YouTube channel.

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  • Genre: Shooter, Adventure
  • Platforms: PlayStation 4
  • Developer: Bend Game Studio
  • Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment America
  • Ratings: ESRB M
  • First Release (Any platform): Apr 25, 2019

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Glitches ps4 gone days

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