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Benjamin Moore Amherst Gray (HC-167)

Consider yourself lucky. He could have asked for black like my son :)

He actually did ask for that a few years ago! Black/gold were the colors of the baseball team he was playing for at the time. We were going to add a chair rail and do black below and gold above. We were having trouble finding a gold we could agree on. Everything he wanted at the time was very garish. Anyway, we never got around to doing it. And now he doesn't play for that team anymore and doesn't want that color scheme so a good thing we didn't do it. Although it is the color scheme of the schools and I assume he'll play for the school team, so I guess it would have still worked.

Anyway, I am not sure what happened, but his older sister was home this weekend and we were looking at more colors, and he agreed to do Coventry Gray. Much, much lighter. A gray with blue undertones, which works with his window shades and the bedding he picked. I am relieved!

amyktexas- do you have any pictures you could post? I would love to see. If you don't post pictures, I totally understand.

I am now thinking about painting my dining room (above the chair rail) a very dark gray. Maybe I will move those dark samples from DS's room to the dining room...


Updated: Exterior Grays

I thought I would update this Exterior Gray post since gray is still a very popular choice to use for exteriors. I have added a few new photos of gray painted exteriors with the their color listed. Enjoy!One question I am asked often is if I have any good recommendations for an exterior gray paint color:


via     Ben Moore Copley Gray HC-104


via     Benjamin Moore Amherst Gray HC-167

Gray for exteriors is very popular right now. And for good reason- gray is a classic color that works with any exterior color scheme and combination. I think gray works best with white trim or a lighter version of the color.If you are trying to decide which gray to paint, a good way to start would be to decide which gray undertone do you think will work best with your exterior.Grays with blue undertones:


via       Stonington Gray HC-170


via    Ben Moore Storm AF-700 (yes, undertones are blue!)


via   Ben Moore Smoke Embers AC-28

* Remember that if you want blue exterior walls, you have to pick a blue-gray color to prevent it from looking like a baby blue.Grays with green undertones:


via             Sherwin Williams Intellectual Gray SW 7045, and the trim color is Sherwin Williams Pearly White SW7009.


via   Nantucket Gray HC-111

Same color as above- Nantucket Gray HC-111:


via    Nantucket Gray HC-111


Lighting makes such a huge difference- be sure to sample day and night!

via   Sag Harbor Gray


Ben Moore Stone Gray 2112-40



via   Edgecomb Gray HC-173


via     Sandy Hook Gray HC-108


Ben Moore Seagull Gray (stain) Trim- Cloud White



Charcoal grays are beautiful with white trim:

via  Ben Moore Amherst Gray HC-167


via  Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal HC-166, Trim:Pure White OC-64


Ben Moore Chelsea Gray during the day in sunlight:

via  Chelsea Gray HC-168


And here not in direct sunlight:

via    Ben Moore Chelsea Gray HC-168

Please don’t forget to sample the color day and night! If you need help choosing your exterior paint colors, contact me today at [email protected]

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Over the past year or so, I was keen on changing the colour palette in our home. After taking an interest in home design, I learned the type of style I was attracted to and what exactly fit our family and home. What I mean by that is I’m the only girl in our household, therefore pink isn’t something I care to accent our home with, but maybe my wardrobe instead. I love a mixture of styles but I feel most comfortable with a neutral colour palette. Neutral is most likely known as a safe zone in the home design department, but if you’re on a tight budget it makes sense to go with neutral for higher priced decor items that will stick around for years to come. I love adding natural elements such as plants, fabric and wood into a space which really makes the environment feel comfortable and inviting. And I’m a sucker for contrast as I love black and charcoal greys next to lighter tones with a little punch of colour — those are the types of interiors I’m always pinning! I wanted to make our home a little more modern with a neutral colour palette but still keep some country charm. The first part of a makeover and most effective way to change up a space is by painting the walls, therefore our entire main level was painted! The kitchen and living room were once two different colours, seen here, and I painted over them using the colour “pure white” by Benjamin Moore. This keeps the room flow uniform. Pure white is extremely light but not quite white, it has a sight grey/blue undertone which gives a bit of contrast next to white and works well with cooler tones and I needed the wall colour to flow with our kitchen cabinets; heres some grey kitchen inspiration from a past post. By mid October, I finished painting our kitchen cabinets in Chelsea Gray by Benjamin Moore. I must say it has really changed our whole main level! Although it’s a little more on the warm side of the grey spectrum, it looks cooler in our kitchen, my guess is because our counter tops and backsplash have brown and cream undertones throughout. Chelsea Gray feels like a true grey!

Since majority of our home interior is painted in a grey hues, I thought it was only necessary to share some of my favourite grey paint colours and I’ve literally went over every grey shade in the Benjamin Moore fan deck!
Favourite Grey Paint Colours by Benjamin Moore

Wrought Iron

Very bold and saturated. If your looking to make a statement, this pure deep masculine colour will do just the trick. The wood vanity brings out so much warmth next to Wrought Iron!
Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron- Grey Paint Coloursvia
Favourite Grey Paint Colours by Benjamin Moore. Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron


Cool and light, this is the perfect medium neutral-toned grey to make your furnishings pop. It’s the perfect colour for a den or a masculine space.

Benjamin Moore Stormvia

Gray Owl

Classic, soft and complementary, this is a great primary colour for your home. Gray Owl is very popular and many people lighten to 50% for an extra light and airy feel. We used Gray Owl in Max’s nursery here.
Grey Owl by Benjamin Moore - Grey Paint ColoursviaGray Owl by Benjamin Moorevia

Chelsea Gray

This polished cool and confident grey adds a touch of refined quality to any room. Chelsea Gray is seen most on cabinets and other furnishings, that’s because this colour is the perfect balance between cool and warm, giving you the best of both worlds!

Chelsea Gray by Benjamin Moore - Grey Paint ColoursviaChelsea Gray Benjamin Moore- Grey Paint Coloursvia

Kendall Charcoal

Rich and luxurious, Kendall Charcoal looks great contrasted against pure white. This colour gives ultimate presentation to any room. The white picture frames draw in your eye as Kendall Charcoal does a great job illuminating them.

Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal - Grey Paint ColoursviaBenjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal - Grey Paint Coloursvia

Whale Gray

This colour is bold and excites with a slam of cool hues. Whale gray has a blue undertone which looks beautiful paired with rich classical accents. Diamonds and bling bling is what I’m talkin’ about!

Benjamin Moore Whale Grayvia


This soft pale shade of grey compliments every colour. It’s so subtile and calming even when your home is a mess it wont feel that way, promise!Benjamin Moore Moonshinevia

Galveston Gray

This colour is extremely welcoming with a neutral earthtone hue. It’s sure to warm up your space and it will make your guests feel right at home.

Benjamin Moore Galveston Grayvia

Amherst Gray

This colour is very timeless and can be used from traditional to modern spaces. Amherst is known to brighten and give an enduring historic finish to your exterior as well. You can never go wrong with this colour (it’s a personal fav).

Benjamin-Moore-Amherst-Gray.-Benjamin-Moore-Amherst-Gray-BenjaminMooreAmherstGray-Duxbury-ArchitectsviaAmherst Gray Benjamin Moorevia

Well, which colour do you like the most!? My top three are Gray Owl, Kendall Charcoal and Chelsea Gray. Make sure to come back, I’ll be sharing my kitchen cabinet reveal soon!

Thanks for stopping by,


Best Gray Paint Cololurs by Benjamin Moore

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These 20 Amazing Benjamin Moore exterior paint colors will eliminate all the headache and stress involved in finding an exterior paint color for your home.

When it comes to our home’s exterior it’s safe to say we all want it to look beautiful and put together. That’s not asking much right? Right.

Well, we have a clear vision of what we want, now where do we begin?

The exterior paint color of course! Finding the right exterior paint color for your home is the first step to take to boost your curb appeal.

I’m aware, choosing a paint color can be stressful. I find people tend to get so overwhelmed with all the choices there are. That’s one of the reasons why I like putting together lists like this one. I already have a list of BM Best Grays to prove my love of list-making. I also find that a lot of people tend to have an easier time choosing from paint colors that have been already tested and loved.

Also, isn’t everything ten times easier when the choices are narrowed down for you? I mean who’s against an awesome list?

You’ll be happy to hear that today I am providing 20 of the absolute best, most inspiring Benjamin Moore exterior paint colors. Yes, I said 20. I told you I really love making lists.


painting checklist

Kendall Charcoal HC-166

LRV: 12.96

Kendall Charcoal is a very popular Benjamin Moore paint colors. It’s a deep rich gray that has a little bit of warmth to it. It also has a slight green undertone to it. It works beautifully on a home’s exterior. Kendall Charcoal looks best with a bright white trim like BM Oxford White.

Revere Pewter HC-172

LRV: 55.51

Revere Pewter is such a fantastic classic color, especially for the exterior. Being that this is a light neutral pewter color, it will look a bit lighter outside. Revere is a light gray with warmer undertones or as what we lovingly call a greige. It also has a bit of green in its undertone. On the exterior, it looks pale with almost a bit of a creaminess to it.

Amherst Gray HC-167

LRV: 17.12

Amherst Gray is another popular darker shade from Benjamin Moore. It’s similar to Kendall Charcoal, but not quite as dark. Amherst also has a green undertone. This is a timeless color that works well with all styles of homes. Like all paint colors, Amherst gray will look lighter on the exterior.

Need a lighter gray to coordinate with Amerst? Try BM Gray Owl.

Simply White OC-117

LRV: 91.7

Benjamin Moore’s Simply White is an excellent shade of white for a home’s exterior. I know you may de thinking, Cate, white is white. Choosing a white paint color can be confusing. Trust me, there are off-white, cool whites, true whites, etc. I can go on and on but I’ll save that for another time.

Simply White is an off-white which makes it an amazing exterior paint color option. It is a warm white with a touch of yellow in it The warmth in it keeps it from looking too blindingly bright on the exterior. The subtle warmth provides an overall soft and timeless feel.

Charcoal Slate HC-178

LRV: 12.71

Charcoal Slate is another dark gray paint color. This one is slightly different than some of the others mentioned in that it has a blue undertone to it. This deep rich gray is a color that is very on trend at the moment. Charcoal Slate is bold yet very elegant at the same time. Its an excellent exterior house color option.

Chelsea Gray HC-168

eLRV: 22.16

Chelsea Gray is another Benjamin Moore color that is very popular. It’s a gorgeous mid-toned gray that has a very slight green undertone to it. Chelsea is more on the warm side however unless it’s compared to a cool gray paint color, it’s hard to distinguish. Chelsea Gray looks beautiful with all types of stone.

Storm AF-700

LRV: 34.78

Yes, another BM gray paint color. I have to give the people what they want, and GRAY is it. Now, in terms of this particular gray paint color Storm, it is slightly cooler than some of the other gray options I’ve mentioned. It’s medium toned yet a bit lighter than colors like Chelsea Gray and Amhurst Gray. Another fantastic neutral gray exterior color option.

Swiss Coffee OC-45

LRV: 83.93

Swiss Coffee is a beautiful light exterior color. Not everyone wants a dark, bold paint color for their home and that’s when lighter, colors such as Swiss coffee come into play. It is a warm, creamy off-white with the perfect balance of yellow/ gray undertone to it. The gray in the color keeps it from going too yellow and the yellow is what gives it it’s warmth. Benjamin Moore’s Swiss Coffee is an excellent off white exterior color option.

Newburg Green HC-158

LRV: 8.79

Newburg Green is my personal favorite from this list. If you know anything about me, you know I’m a fan of blue/green colors and Newburg is one of those colors. I’d consider this color on the teal side. It’s a darker rich teal that reminds me of my favorite teal Sherwin Williams paint color Riverway. Newburg Green is a gorgeous exterior color option.

Hale Navy HC-154

LRV: 6.3

Hale Navy is a very trendy Benjamin Moore paint color. We are seeing deep rich navy blues like this everywhere now. Hale Navy is exactly what you think of when you think of the color navy blue. It’s not too bright, which makes it a fantastic option as an exterior paint color.

I think now is a good time to talk about testing paint samples.

Instead of physically going to your nearest paint store to grab your samples, you need to try  Samplize Peel & Stick paint samples.

Why should you try Samplize?

  • Super affordable
  • Mess-free
  • Non-damaging
  • Made with real manufacturer paint
  • Displays color just like a wall
  • Environmental friendly
  • Reusable

These peel & stick paint samples are super affordable and allow you to test a paint color in all different areas of a room without the mess of a traditional paint sample! 

 You know how I feel about testing paint colors, it’s a must! 

Don’t create more work for yourself. OrderSamplizenow and have them shipped directly to you.  No-fuss, no mess! Check them out for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.


Oxford Gray 2128-40

LRV: 27.78

Oxford Gray is a beautiful slate blue paint color. Slate blues work wonders on exteriors because they are not blindingly bright. They have some gray in them which mutes the color a bit and keeps them more on the neutral side. Oxford Gray is the perfect example of a gray blue paint color. Another fun fact is that Oxford Gray is part of the Color Trends 2020 Palette.

Copley Gray HC-104

LRV: 24.51

Copley Gray is, in fact, another gray. However, it is a warmer gray that can be considered a greige. Like most paint colors, it tends to look different than the paint chip when painted on a surface. Copley Gray is a Medium Gray with a little bit of a green undertone in it. A great complementary paint color to use with it would be BM Thunder. If you tend to prefer warmer gray, Copley Gray may just be the exterior color for you.

Normandy 2129-40

LRV: 20.45

BM Normandy is another one of those dusty blue gray paint colors that we all know and love. It’s blue, but not excessively blue. The gray in the color keeps it from looking like a baby blue. Normandy is a fantastic choice as an exterior paint color.

Black Satin 2131-10

LRV: 2.49

Black and dark charcoal colors are what’s trending now in exterior paint colors. These beautiful dark colors are popping up everywhere. They are so bold and really make a statement on the exterior of a home. Benjamin Moore Black Satin is a rich deep color with a bit of a green/blue undertone. Its striking hue is a sensational choice for a dramatic exterior color.

Sag Harbor Gray HC-95

LRV: 41.54

Sag Harbor Gray is another gray paint color option. I know, I know. But, hear me out. Sag Harbor Gray is a complex gray that can look different in different settings. There are times it looks more like an olive-gray color and then at times, it will look more greige. In regards to using it as an exterior paint color, it tends to look more like a green-gray.

Fairview Taupe HC-85

LRV: 16.33

Taupe is a fantastic color. It’s a great go-to warm neutral especially for the gray trend because it’s cooler and grayer than beige and warmer than gray. Darker taupes like Fairview Taupe work better for exteriors. Fairview is more of a grayed down brown. It’s a valuable color to use when you have stone on your home as it works well with many types of stone.

Weekend Getaway 473

LRV: 38.6

Weekend Getaway is probably the most appropriately named paint color. This Benjamin Moore color is a beautiful shade of light green. It’s exactly what you picture when you think of a weekend getaway home. It’s light and airy and would look stunning on an exterior of a beach home.

Collingwood OC-28

LRV: 62.14

Collingwood is a gorgeous neutral paint color that has a mix of warm and cool undertones. This color leans more on the greige side and will read as a light and creamy gray on the exterior. Collingwood is an excellent option for when you want something light, but not quite white.

White Heron OC-57

LRV: 88.85

If you are looking for an exterior paint color that is light bright and airy, White Heron may be the color for you. This shade of white has a blue undertone and is cooler than Swiss Coffee and Simply White. White Heron is a clean crisp white that works well with cool grays such as BM Storm.

Hawthorne Yellow HC-4

Hawthorne Yellow is the perfect shade of yellow. This yellow has a slight gray undertone to it, which makes it a very usable color, especially on an exterior. Hawthorne Yellow would make another great beach house color. I know yellow can be a bold color choice for a full exterior and it’s not for everyone one. Instead, try using it on your front door for a fantastic pop of color!

READ MORE: front door colors

QUICK LIST – The BEST Benjamin Moore Exterior Paint Colors

Here’s a quick list of all the fantastic Benjamin Moore exterior paint colors I mentioned.

  1. Kendall Charcoal
  2. Revere Pewter
  3. Amherst Gray
  4. Simply White
  5. Charcoal Slate
  6. Chelsea Gray
  7. Storm
  8. Swiss Coffee
  9. Newburg Green
  10. Hale Navy
  11. Oxford Gray
  12. Copley Gray
  13. Normandy
  14. Black Satin
  15. Sag Harbor Gray
  16. Fairview Taupe
  17. Weekend Getaway
  18. Collingwood
  19. White Heron
  20. Hawthorne Yellow

Benjamin Moore Exterior Paint Colors – Final Thoughts

As I come to the end, I have a few final thoughts I’d like to add regarding Benjamin Moore Exterior Paint Colors.

First and foremost, the color you see on the computer screen will look different in a real swatch. That’s why I always suggest swatching your paint colors first so you can see firsthand how the color will truly look. Choosing the wrong paint color is an expensive painting mistake you do not want to make

*Try Samplize to easily test out your paint colors.

Secondly, you want to keep in mind that when you are choosing a Benjamin Moore exterior paint color, the color will look a bit lighter on the exterior. This is because it’s outside in the sunlight. So again, SWATCH SWATCH SWATCH! But seriously, swatch some colors you originally like and a few that are a shade darker. You’ll be surprised at how lighter some of the darker colors will look.


I know this list consisted of several shades of gray but gray is a classic neutral paint color that works well as an exterior paint color. There no denying that painting your exterior is not cheap, I can attest to that. That being said, if you plan on investing that money into having your home painted, you want to make sure you choose a paint color you will love for all the years to come.

I have to say this list of Benjamin Moore exterior paint colors is a great place to start if you are looking for an exterior color option. There are a few timeless classics that will never go out of style, then there are a few darker, more trendy colors. Whatever it is you are looking for can be found on this list.

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