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The Aldor Reputation and Rewards Guide

The Aldor is a faction made up almost exclusively of Draenei, located in Shattrath City and Shadowmoon Valley. The Aldor reputation offers some of the game's best Shoulder enchantments, as well as extremely useful and unique profession patterns.

The Aldor reputation is somewhat special in that it is sort of mutually exclusive with the Scryers reputation. Initially, you will have to choose which of the two reputations you wish to progress, and upon choosing the Aldor, you will become Hostile with the Scryers and Friendly with the Aldor, and vice-versa. Moreover, reputation you gain with one of these two factions causes you to lose the same amount plus an additional 10% reputation with the other.

This choice is not permanent, but will take a considerable amount of time and effort to reverse as you will have to farm reputation all the way back up from Hostile.

To begin your reputation with the Aldor you must first complete the A'dal quest, offered by Haggard War Veteran, an NPC who can be found roaming around Shattrath City. This will then unlock the City of Light quest, which will then allow you to choose between the Scryers and Aldor.

Draenei characters will start out with Friendly reputation, while Blood Elves begin at Unfriendly. This does not mean Blood Elf characters cannot gain reputation with the Aldor, just that it takes longer.

Note that you cannot gain reputation from quests or turn-ins with the Aldor until you choose them as described above.

There are several ways of gaining reputation with the Aldor, mainly by turning in items that grant reputation, but there are also some quests in Outland that grant reputation with this faction.

Mark of Kil'jaeden IconMark of Kil'jaeden are the most common of the items you will find that you are able to turn in for reputation with the Aldor. These Marks drop from Cabal mobs in the Bone Wastes of Terokkar Forest and Kil'sorrow mobs in Kil'sorrow Fortress in Nagrand.

You are able to turn in Marks of Kil'jaeden to Adyen the Lightwarden until you reach Honored. This NPC offers the following quests related to the Marks of Kil'jaeden.

  • Marks of Kil'jaeden is a one-time quest that will unlock two repeatable quests once first completed. It requires 10 Marks of Kil'jaeden, and completion of this quest will grant you 250 Reputation with the Aldor and unlock these two repeatable quests.
    • More Marks of Kil'jaeden grants you 250 reputation in exchange for 10 Mark of Kil'jaeden IconMark of Kil'jaeden.
    • Single Mark of Kil'jaeden grants you 25 reputation in exchange for 1 Mark of Kil'jaeden IconMark of Kil'jaeden.

Mark of Sargeras IconMark of Sargeras is another item that can be turned in to Adyen the Lightwarden, but these can be turned in all the way to Exalted level. They come from higher level members of the Burning Legion throughout Outland, and can be more difficult to acquire than Mark of Kil'jaeden IconMark of Kil'jaeden, so saving them until you are no longer able to turn in Marks of Kil'jaeden is recommended. The following quests are offered by Adyen in relation to the Marks of Sargeras.

  • Marks of Sargeras is a one-time quest that will unlock two repeatable quests once first completed. It requires 10 Marks of Sargeras, and completion of this quest will grant you 250 Reputation with the Aldor and unlock these two repeatable quests.
    • More Marks of Sargeras grants you 250 reputation in exchange for 10 Mark of Sargeras IconMark of Sargeras.
    • Single Mark of Sargeras grants you 25 reputation in exchange for 1 Mark of Sargeras IconMark of Sargeras.

Fel Armament IconFel Armament is another item that can be turned in repeatedly in exchange for reputation; this item is turned in to Ishanah, who is located on the Aldor Rise in Shattrath City. Like the Mark of Sargeras IconMark of Sargeras, Fel Armaments can be turned in until you reach Exalted reputation with the Aldor.

The Fel Armament is a rare drop that can come from any mobs that are able to drop either Marks of Kil'jaeden or Sargeras.

A Cleansing Light is a one-time quest that turns into a repeatable version of itself (called Fel Armaments) upon completion. Both versions of the quest require 1 Fel Armament IconFel Armament in exchange for 350 reputation with the Aldor and 1 Holy Dust IconHoly Dust.

There are a few quests throughout Outland that give reputation with the Aldor. It is important to note that you must align yourself with the Aldor before completing any of these quests, as you will not gain any reputation from completing them if you did not previously choose Aldor in Shattrath.

  • Assist Exarch Orelis (10 reputation)
  • Outside Assistance (25 reputation)
  • Naaru Technology (75 reputation)
  • B'naar Console Transcription (75 reputation)
  • Ishanah's Help (150 reputation)
  • Aldor No More (150 reputation)
  • Distraction at Manaforge B'naar (250 reputation)
  • Measuring Warp Energies (250 reputation)
  • Shutting Down Manaforge B'naar (250 reputation)
  • Attack on Manaforge Coruu (250 reputation)
  • Shutting Down Manaforge Coruu (250 reputation)
  • Shutting Down Manaforge Duro (250 reputation)
  • Sunfury Briefings (250 reputation)
  • Shutting Down Manaforge Ara (250 reputation)
  • A Dark Pact (250 reputation)
  • Socrethar's Shadow (350 reputation)
  • Deathblow to the Legion (1000 reputation
  • Altruis (75 reputation)
  • The Warden's Cage (75 reputation)
  • The Ashtongue Corruptors (250 reputation)
  • Oronu the Elder (250 reputation)
  • Tablets of Baa'ri (250 reputation)
  • Reclaiming Holy Grounds (250 reputation)
  • The Ashtongue Tribe (250 reputation)
  • A Necessary Distraction (250 reputation)
  • Karabor Training Grounds (250 reputation)
  • Return to the Aldor (75 reputation)
  • Varedis Must Be Stopped (1000 Reputation)

There are two different reputation reward vendors for the Aldor, one offering Shoulder enchants and one offering all the other reputation reward items.

Shoulder enchants are purchased from Inscriber Saalyn, who is located in the Aldor bank in Shattrath. Aldor Shoulder enchants are purchased with Holy Dust IconHoly Dust instead of Gold. Holy Dust is only obtainable by turning in Fel Armament IconFel Armaments to Ishanah.

Quartermaster Endarin is the quartermaster for the Aldor and he can also be found in the Aldor bank in Shattrath City.

  • 26 May 2021: Guide added.

Best Way To Grind Aldor Reputation

I have been just now getting into playing The Burning Crusade expansion and have reached the point to choose which faction I want and I have chosen Aldor. So, what is the best way to grind the Aldor rep so I can get the high reputation items?

Cool…you have made it to Shattrath City. Luckily for you, you have chosen to be Aldor instead of Scryer. Why do I say that? Simple…at least on my server it is much cheaper to level up your rep with Aldor.

First things first, you must do the Aldor quest. This will really help out your rep as a quest reward you can gain quite a bit of Aldor rep (+3,500) for the first quest. All you have to do for the quest is talk to Khadgar after completing the A’dal quest after getting the tour around Shattrath City.

After doing that quest, if you find yourself with a lot of WoW gold then you can purchase  Mark of Kil’Jaeden from the auction house and turn them in until you hit Honored with Aldor. If you do not have extra gold around (who does?) then you can also grind for these Marks in Terokkar Forest at the Cabal camp which is due west of the caravan camp (around 37,50 coords) where you can receive quests south of Shattrath City.

After you are Honored with Aldor you will want to gather  Mark of Sargeras. Once again the AH can be a great place to buy these if you have the gold available. If you don’t there is a great grinding spot for these in Netherstorm at the Arklon Ruins (around 39,73 coords) southeast of Area 52. You can turn in these all the way to Exalted.

As well as getting the Marks to turn in for rep. You can also get  Fel Armament to turn in at Shattrath City for Aldor rep also. The drop rate on these is pretty low compared to the Marks but of course they can give you more of a rep. reward. The best place to grind these is actually in The Arcatraz which is a level 70 instance. I wouldn’t really buy these from the AH since they tend to be pretty pricey.

Don’t worry they also have a low chance to drop when you are grinding for the Mark of Sargeras also so you don’t HAVE to do the instance if you don’t want to.

There is a lot of information here but it will help you hit the Exalted status with Aldor in a timely manner.

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[Gold Making] Grinding Guide Part 2: Farming Reputation Items for Aldor and Scryer

Grinding Guide Part 2: Farming Reputation Items for Aldor and Scryer
The Burning Crusade (TBC) has improved greatly on the platform of reputation, making it extremely usefull in terms of items and enchants to reach the status of  »Exalted ». If you are only interested in plain reputation, you should just run through instances associated with the respective factions.

In the list below you will find the best spots to farm various reputation items for both personal use and profit.

Mark%20of%20Sargeras.jpgMark of Sargeras: Gives 25 reputation with the Aldor. Sells for 1 Gold average at AH*. Stacks in lots of 250.
Fel%20Armament.jpg Fel Armament: Gives 350 reputation with the Aldor. Sells for 15 Gold average at AH. Stacks in lots of 250.

  • Legion HoldSMVlegionhold.jpgThe absolute best spot to farm Aldor Marks and Armaments is Legion Hold in Shadowmoon Valley.
    In the center of the encampment you will find 3 groups of Warlocks, they aren’t chained (= If you pull one group, you won’t pull another too). They have very low armory and around 5000 HP, which means they are easy to take down. You should keep and eye out for the Elite Pitlord patrolling the area. He can easily be avoided, though.
  • Death’s DoorBladesedgemountainsDD.jpgDeath’s Door in Blade’s Edge Mountains is another grinding spot, perfectly suited for grinding Aldor Marks and Armaments. The mobs are more spread out, which means you will not be attacked by mobs that spawn suddenly.


Sunfury%20Signet.jpgSunfury Signet: Gives 25 reputation with the Scryers. Sells for 1 Gold average at AH. Stacks in lots of 250.
Arcane%20Tome.jpg Arcane Tome: Gives 350 reputation with the Scryers. Sells for 15 Gold average at AH. Stacks in lots of 250.


  • Southern side of Black Temple (BT)The southern side of Black Temple located in Shadowmoon Valley is filled with Sunfury mobs. The mobs have low HP, so you can solo-kill or AoE here. This place can be camped by 3-5 players and you still won’t have to wait on respawns, because there are so many of them.
  • Mana ForgesNetherstormmanaforge.jpgMana Forges in Netherstorm are great for farming Scryer Signets and Tomes. The mobs are low leveled, so you can take them down easily.


    Remember: Aldor and Scryer marks are tradeable against each other. If you find all Scryer farming spots camped, go on and take a look at the Aldor spots. Then you can either sell the Armaments and the Marks to fund yourself and buy the Scryer Marks/Tomes off AH. You could advertise them as exchangeable in the Trade Channel. Most of the times there will be someone doing the exact same thing as you.


    This was Part 2 of my 2-step grinding guide.

    Please, leave a comment if:

    You have any additional information that I should add to this guide.
    You have any suggestions about the Text Formatting.
    You want to leave a comment about how it worked out.

    – Mike

    AH = Auction House

World of Warcraft Classic TBC Faction Reputation Guide, Episode 2 (Aldor, Scryer, Lower City)

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Farm aldor rep

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Where to farm Netherweave Cloth and Marks of Sargeras for Aldor Rep in TBC Classic

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