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Descendants Games


What are the most popular Descendants Games?

  1. Mal vs Uma
  2. Isle of the Lost Rush
  3. Smarte Couture
  4. Photo Shoot
  5. Mal Dress Up
  6. Descendants 3 Stories
  7. My Splendid Descendant
  8. Party at Auradon Prep
  9. The Most Evil of All
  10. Drop Zone

What are the best Descendants Games to play on mobile devices?

  1. Mal vs Uma
  2. Isle of the Lost Rush
  3. Smarte Couture
  4. Photo Shoot
  5. Descendants 3 Stories

How it all began

Have you ever wondered what really happens after the storyteller says "and they lived happily ever after"? Find out the answer while playing the Descendants Games, where all these old stories come one by one into the present.

All your favorite royal couples are married, the Beast and Belle, Jasmine and Aladdin, Mulan, those are just a few of them and guess what? They have kids now, and so do their enemies. But after Belle and Beast got married, they united all the kingdoms into one that is named Auradon over which they rule.

To make it a better place for all the good people they decided though to banish all the villains, their dark magic and spells onto an island, and they named it The Isle of the Lost. A barrier surrounded the island, making it impossible for anybody within to escape and to leave behind that wicked place. All those happened until Ben, the son of the ruling couple, decided that the villain`s kids should get a second chance to prove themselves good. They would be allowed to live between the citizens of Auradon and go to their school along with their children. And this is where the story finally gets interesting.

Descendants Characters

The first kid selected was Carlos. He is the son of Cruella de Vil and a bit of a geek. He is the one in the team that has his way with all what comes with gadgets. Funny enough, his mother induced him a great fear of dogs and the first time he met a dog he was literally mortified. Nevertheless, he is a great friend and ready to help at any time even if that means carrying the dishes around to every guest in Party at Auradon Prep game.

The next one selected was Jay, son of the infamous Jafar. He is the muscles of the team whether we are talking about our four friends or the Tourney Team. As handsome as muscular, he can charm any girl in the kingdom with his wits and charm. Once in a while, he might steal a thing or two but who can blame him? He does it just for fun. Test his physical abilities yourself in the Isle of the Lost Rush game and see for yourself what he can do to win big.

Following up, Evie was the next one to be chosen. Daughter of the Evil Queen, she has a big fowl reputation to fight, but that will not be a problem for her. In the past, her mother taught her that beauty is the most important thing, but while in Auradon, she has learned a few lessons. Beauty is still important to her though, and she is a big-time fan of anything that is related to cutting-edge fashion. You can see that for yourself in Descendants: Smarte Couture game and choose the best outfits for all the characters. Evie is so independent and doesn`t need any prince to tell her what to do. With a flick of her blue hair, she can put anybody back to his or her place.

Meet Mal of Descendants

The last but not least is Mal. Can you guess whose daughter is she? Yes, you`re right it is Maleficent. That heinous witch that can shift her appearance into anything she wants, from a poor, helpless old lady to a massive dragon that spits fire. At first, like her friends, she was misguided by her mother into being bad, and that is why when she first entered Auradon, she was nothing else but looking for trouble, more precisely, stealing Fairy Godmother`s wand, the most powerful source of magic.

Afraid of disappointing her mother, she conceived a plan along with the other three, and she almost succeeded. Fortunately, she discovered that she is not the same as her mother and that she has an independent soul that is partly good. She also happens to fall in love with Ben, the prince future-to-be-king of Auradon, and that sparks even more conflicts when the other kids left on the isle prove to be not keen on their conditions. That is when Mal has to put up with another girl from the island that took the rule while she was gone. You can see more of that in Mal vs Uma and in the other Descendants Games.

There are currently 22 free online Descendants games on our website. You can play the games on your computer or laptop, using any browser. Some of the games are also available for your tablets or Android and iOS phones. The most popular game is Mal vs Uma, which has been played times so far, and the most rated one is Isle of the Lost Rush, with votes received. These Descendants games received an aggregate rating of 83 / from a total of votes.

Sours: https://www.numuki.com/games/descendants/

The Descendants Mobile Game is Totally Wicked

Your newest obsession has finally arrived! The Descendants mobile game is here! Check out the trailer and keep on reading for all the wicked fun we had playing the game!

If you&#;ve been longing to become a student at Auradon Prep since the first time you laid eyes on the Descendants movie, your wish has finally come true! In the Descendants mobile game, you not only get to attend Auradon Prep, but you can become besties with Mal, Evie, Carlos, Jay, and the rest of the gang! (Even Jordan and Frankie from Descendants Wicked World!)

Disney Descendants Mobile Game
Dress up your character (you can be a girl or a boy!) in awesome Auradon Style! You can dress in Villain Style, Hero Style, or a combination of both. There&#;s a ton of options to choose from the more you play, so you&#;ll always look fabulous! You&#;ll unlock different outfits each time you level up, and you can use coins and gems to buy them. The game does have in-app purchases, but you get a pretty good amount of currency while completing the quests, so you really don&#;t ever need to spend real money.

Disney Descendants Mobile Game
Going on quests and completing missions means you not only get to explore Auradon, but help out Mal, Evie, and the rest of the students. Help Mal plan a party, help Evie sew costumes, and even play Tourney with Jay and Carlos. Each time you meet a new character, they get added to your JMNI so you can chat with them anytime. Don&#;t forget to click around the world on all the different objects in the background, they sometimes give you a surprise!

Disney Descendants Mobile Game
The more missions you complete, the more your school spirit grows. As your school spirit grows, so does your Legendary status, making you an Auradon legend!

Disney Descendants Mobile Game
The game is Rotten to the Core, and totally free! Grab it now on iOS, Android, Amazon, and Windows devices and let your wicked adventure begin!


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Sours: https://www.yayomg.com/descendants-mobile-game/
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Descendantsis a mobile game created by Disney. It features the characters of the Disney Channel original movie Descendantsand of the short series, Descendants: Wicked World. The game was available on App Store and Google Play.


The game features the following characters:

Official Description

Join Mal, Evie, Jay, Carlos and more of your favorite VKs and AKs for a wickedly fun adventure in the world of Descendants! Create your own stylish avatar, discover magical quests and unlock new locations to become a legend at the prestigious Auradon Prep!

Style showcase: Players can create their own unique character and stand out from the crowd with millions of fashionable combinations, from stylish Auradon preppy to edgy Isle style.

Complete missions: Organize school parties with Mal, tailor costumes with Evie for a play, and unveil more exciting quests with the help of the coolest students at Auradon Prep!

Be legendary: Players can collect special rewards along the way to raise school spirit and grow their ‘Legendary’ status.

Explore Auradon: Ride on Ben’s scooter to travel between locations and uncover iconic areas such as the Tourney Field, Gallery of Villains, Carnival Grounds and many more.

Build friendships! – Meet new Descendants to expand your contact list and form long-lasting friendships!

Players will start the game by creating their own stylish avatar with more than pieces of clothing and accessories inspired by the movie. As players unlock iconic locations in the game, they will discover fun quests like organizing school parties with Mal and tailoring costumes with Evie for a play. Players will collect special rewards along the way that will raise school spirit and help grow their ‘Legendary’ status.


School Entrance


  • Chemistry Lab
  • Library
  • Remedial Goodness


  • Cafeteria
  • Student Lounge
  • Auditorium

Athletics Area

  • Fitness Center
  • Tourney Field
  • Forest

Carnival Grounds

  • Evie's Tent
  • Mal's Tent
  • Jordan's Tent

Directions and Trivia

  • Use Ben's scooter at the School Entrance to visit off-campus locations
  • Rewards like Gems, Coins, and Apples collect automatically after a few seconds, even if you leave the room
  • Use the school directory to get around campus at Auradon Prep
  • Complete Missions to gain school Spirit and grow your Legendary status
  • JMNI stands for "Journal for Missions, Navigations, and Intelligence"
  • The Coronation Hall is located in the Cathedral in Auradon City.

Game information

  • Original Release Date: November 5,
  • Updated: September 22,
    • Latest update: Customize your fun! Introducing Choose Your Story" where you can choose which Descendants story to play next."
  • Version:
  • Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
  • Seller: Disney Electronic Content, Inc. © Disney
  • Developed By: Disney
  • In-app purchases: $ - $


  • Tyrannical Overlord: Voldi Way
  • Consigliere: John Beck
  • Creative Director: Matt Bozon
  • Executive Producer: Chris Watson
  • Producer: Barclay Smith
  • Designed By: Chris Watson and Rob Buchanan
  • Lead Programmer: Michael Covert
  • Programmers: Adam Rademacher, Justin Short, Even Wright, and Robert Koshak
  • Network Programmers: Erik Erwitt and Praveen Maturi
  • Level Designer: Nick Garcia
  • Additional Design: Adam Tierney and James Montangna
  • Art Director: Jeff Godfrey
  • Character Artists: Soyoung Kim, Max Hancock, and Lindsay Collins
  • Lead Animator: Rika Endo
  • Animators: Micheal Ackerman, Nathan Savant, Eric Oliver, Jesus Lopez, Chris Kerlegon, and Take 10 Studios
  • Animation Managers: Armando Soto and Sasha Palacio
  • Environment Artist: Luvid Gutier
  • Visual Effects Artist: Joel Benefiel
  • Lead UI Desinger: Justin Criswell
  • UI Designer: Howard Milligan
  • Technical UI Designer: Tim Righettini
  • Technical Artists: Arvind Kumar and Dan Burke
  • Additional Environment Art: Richard Evans
  • Additional Character Art: Erica Ortiz, Amanda Flagg, Maureine Good, Albert Chen, Maxime bonin, Manuel Samolo, Britney Winthrope and Clifton Evans
  • Written by: Rob Buchanan and Adam Tierney
  • Music: Tommy Pedrini
  • Audio Design: Kevin Samuels and Rory Glenn
  • Quality Assurance Manager: Jeremy Pryer
  • Quality Assurance Team: Timothy Vinton, Robbie George, Georgeina Schailer, Landon Dastrup, Jaymes Taylor, Chris Anderson, Mike Flores, and Michael Bayne
  • Community Manager: Brandis Hulett


  • Senior Producer: Stephanie Wise
  • Associate Producer: Corey Valencia
  • Executive Producer: Scott Humphries
  • Technical Directer: Binh Nguyen
  • Software Engineer: Diego Toledo
  • Undergraduate, Production Intern: Winslow Caliwag

Central Creative Content Team

  • Sr. Game Designer: Tiff Chow
  • Designer: Stephanie Chow
  • Associate Producer: Siobhan Vanaman
  • Undergraduate, Concept Art Interns: Soyoung Kim and Valerio Fabbretti
  • Director, Art & Design: Will Rosas
  • Senior Manager, Creative Development: Brian Gomez
  • Artist: Tim Tsang
  • Director, Games Content Development: Luigi Priore


  • Director, Mobile Product Marketing: Patrick W Sager
  • Manager, Mobile Product Marketing: Linda Lee
  • Lead Project Manager: Amy Lee

Franchise Management

  • Sr Mgr, Franchise & Consumer Insights: David Yang
  • Franchise Associate: Liz Heron


  • Senior Analyst, Pub & Strategy: Lucy Liu

Quality Assurance

  • Director, Quality Assurance:
  • Senior Functional Manager, Mobile QA: Kevin Connors
  • Supervisor: Shin Park
  • Project Lead: Bobby Munguia
  • Senior Tester: Carlos Barata
  • Testers: Austin Anderson, Jacob Nguyen, and Evan Lobenstein
  • Writer: Kara Cohen, Campire


External links

Sours: https://descendants.fandom.com/wiki/Descendants_(mobile_game)
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