Invisible floating christmas tree

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We have so many DIY Christmas Tree Projects featured on our site, and today we are doing to make this floating ornament Christmas tree mobile that you can decorate in your porch, hallway, room and even dining table. This is really a creative and cool way to decorate home for Christmas! All you have to do is to use Christmas ball ornaments hung from a mobile in a pattern that creates the illusion of a tree! You can change the color and add ribbon flowers or lights for fancier decorations, cool!

DIY Invisible Hanging Ornament Christmas Tree Mobile-Video

Get the full step-by-step tutorial via the link: NotMartha – Christmas Tree Ornament Mobile.

Shawn Charland shares the video with written details on making this invisible Christmas tree to decorate holiday from the ceiling.

Youtobe: Shawn Charland

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20+ Unique DIY Christmas Tree Ideas and Projects Anyone Will Love

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Christmas Tree Ornament Mobile

Christmas Tree Ornament Mobile

Here is how I made my Christmas tree ornament mobile, it was easier than it looks, promise.

The Supplies

Christmas Tree Ornament Mobile

  • a 17&#; steamer rack from a restaurant supply store
  • about 5 feet of lightweight jack chain
  • a small carabiner
  • basic ornament hooks
  • one roll, feet, monofilament jewelry string (not the stretchy sort)
  • jewelry crimp beads or tubes
  • jewelry crimping tool
  • lanyard hooks
  • ornaments

Note: In the photo above I show earring wire instead of ornament hooks. I changed that later as I found ornament hooks made it far easier to move ornaments around after they&#;d been hung. Also, my supplies are based on a 4 foot tall mobile using almost ornaments, you&#;ll need to adjust amounts if you make one larger or smaller.

Creating the Mobile Frame

Creating the frame for my ornament tree mobile turned out to be fairly simple. I used a lot of hooks to allow for easy adjustment and additions as the mobile was being assembled. I gathered materials from a restaurant supply store, a hardware store and the jewelry section of a craft store.

Christmas Tree Ornament Mobile

For the top of the mobile I needed something that would allow me to easily secure a lot of hanging points without them sliding around too much. The perfect thing turned out to be a inch steamer rack bought for about $6 from a restaurant supply store (I found mine at Encore Restaurant Equipment in the SODO neighborhood of Seattle). The rack comes with folding feet attached that were easy to pop out with a little bending.

Christmas Tree Ornament Mobile

Turn the rack upside down and the spots where the legs were secured neatly become four hanging points.

Christmas Tree Ornament Mobile

I bought some inexpensive jack chain to use for hanging. You can open and close the links in the chain with needle nose pliers so there isn&#;t any need for heavy duty wire cutters. I separated four lengths of chain, attached them to the points using lanyard hooks found in the jewelry supply section of a craft store.

Christmas Tree Ornament Mobile

I joined the chains using another lanyard hook, and put that on a little carabiner which hung from the hook in the ceiling.

Christmas Tree Ornament Mobile

Notes: Why so many hooks and bits? Because it makes it is simple to adjust and shorten the chain and can later be disassembled and reassembled with very little effort and without needing tools. I kept the same thing in mind when creating the lines that the ornaments were suspended from. This added a bit of visual clutter but made the entire thing mobile easy to adjust and reuse in another year.

Suspending the Ornaments

Christmas Tree Ornament Mobile

I used jewelry monofilament secured with crimp tubes to hold the ornaments. I simply created loops at both ends. I made a bunch of different lengths (details on that below). I secured each line to points in the rack grid using lanyard hooks, and hung a basic wire ornament hook at the bottom ends. The lanyard hooks at the top are strong enough to hold heavier ornaments, and because they close they won&#;t fall off if the mobile is bumped. The basic ornament hooks allow one to easily move ornaments around from one spot to another. My tip to you: Keep the lines as separate as possible while you&#;re working with them. I spent more time untangling clear threads than doing anything else on this project. It was maddening. After I discovered just how maddening I started hanging them in groups by length from a curtain rod and weighing them down with an ornament to keep them separated, doing this made the hanging of the ornaments go quickly.

Notes: The use of ornament hooks allows for ornaments to easily be moved around. It does add visual clutter, though. If you want to create a mobile that would only be used once securing the monofilament line directly to the ornaments would look much tidier. I initially planned to use earring wire hooks that closed to hang the ornaments but quickly found that they were frustrating to fiddle with every time I wanted to move an ornament from one spot to another. They were prettier, though, and because those close as well would hold ornaments more securely if the mobile is moved around. (Which I don&#;t suggest as it tangles the lines horribly. So horribly.) Crimp tools come in three sizes Micro, Regular and Mighty (large). I used the regular size. I did try to use nylon sewing thread but found that the crimps didn&#;t secure it well enough. I did consider using nylon sewing thread with micro crimp beads and the micro crimping tool but think one would need a lot of patience and really great lighting to get all that done. The monofilament jewelry string is pretty stiff and easy to work with.

Determining Placement and Lengths

Christmas Tree Ornament Mobile

Figuring out where to put the hanging points on the rack involved a bit of math, most all of which I abandoned. I&#;ll do my best to describe what I did.

I decided to create rings on the rack, with the longer threads hanging on the outside rings to create the cone tree shape. Actually it creates tiers, think a tall skinny wedding cake. I figured that my ornaments were usually about 2 or 3 inches in diameter so I needed to space the rings a little more than 1 inch apart so that the ornaments would have room to hang without being crowded by the longer threads around them. I spaced the rings about inches apart. This gave me a center point and 6 rings to work with, with the last ring being the outer edge of the rack, like so:

Christmas Tree Ornament Mobile

I determined I wanted my tree to be about four feet in total height from the top ornament to the bottom. I made the first ornament, the center point, hang inches, and added length from there. For my needs, each set of string needed to be inches longer than the last. Each ring on the hanging rack held for different lengths of string. I added 2 inches to the length of string I actually cut to allow for the loops.

To figure out how many ornaments per ring I, well, completely made it up. I decided the first ring should hold seven ornaments and went up by four from there. So the number of ornaments went: 1, 7, 11, 15, 19, 23, I divided the four lengths of string between those, giving the longest length more ornaments to help the triangle effect. Whew. So I cut this many at these lengths for these rings:

  • For the Center Point: &#;
  • For Ring 1: one at &#;, one at &#;, two at &#;, three at &#;
  • For Ring 2: two at &#;, two at &#;, three at &#;, four at &#;
  • For Ring 3: three at &#;, three at &#;, four at &#;, five at &#;
  • For Ring 4: four at &#;, four at &#;, five at &#;, six at &#;
  • For Ring 5: five at &#;, five at &#;, six at &#;, seven at &#;
  • For Ring 6: six at &#;, six at &#;, seven at &#;, eight at &#;

Christmas Tree Ornament Mobile

In order to make the measuring a cutting go as quickly as possible I taped a cloth measuring tape to a tabletop and marked each length with the number I needed to cut with sticky notes. So all it took was to stretch some string out and clip at the needed point. Keep these in groups at this point forward, it will make it far easier later. I looped and crimped the ends, then hung them in groups on a curtain rod weighted down by an ornament.

Christmas Tree Ornament Mobile

To figure out where my rings would fall on the rack I tied a cotton string to my center point and marked it at inch intervals. Then I swung the string around and put as many hooks as I needed on each given ring. I usually put them on the X and Y axis first, then filled in the quadrants. It went faster than it sounds, promise. I spaced the hooks, aka the hanging points, like so:

Christmas Tree Ornament Mobile

Looking up at the mobile from below you can sort of see the rings emerging:

Christmas Tree Ornament Mobile

And after this I attached a hook into my ceiling and hung the rack. I found the best way to hang everything is to work from the center out, hang each set of lengths of monofilament string spacing it around it&#;s designated ring as evenly as possible, then hang ornaments before moving on to the next set of lengths of string. By weighing the strings down as you go along it will help them from getting tangled as you work. You can add or move string, and move ornaments around if needed. I didn&#;t worry too much about getting everything just perfect and I think it worked to my advantage, the slightly controlled randomness gives it a nicely organic look. At least I hope so.

Christmas Tree Ornament Mobile

If I were to do it again I would make my tree taller and more dramatic. I think I would try to squeeze in one more ring and stagger the ornaments with even more lengths of string, maybe in increments by the inch. As it was I found that there are lots of spots where two of the same length are side by side. If I had more money to devote I would buy glass ornaments that don&#;t have a metal cap, just a glass loop at the top, and would skip the ornament hooks to make it look tidier.

Christmas Tree Ornament Mobile

I&#;m growing more and more fond of the mobile with clear glass ornaments.

update: Here is a photo of the mobile taken apart and ready for storage, the ornament hooks in a bag and each set of lengths of string committed to it&#;s own numbered envelope. The envelopes were orphans from previous years of Christmas cards that I had saved (reuse!). I left the hanging hooks on the rack so when I return to put it up again next year it will be very quick and easy.

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Introduction: Floating Christmas Tree

This past Christmas, my mom told me not to put up our plastic Christmas tree. It was just too much work to set up and clean up after. So, I had a better idea.

Step 1: Materials

-A roll of fishing wire
-Some cardboard

-A broom (to sweep up the glass ornaments you drop and break)

Step 2: Instructions

1. Cut cardboard into a large circle (the circumference of the size of tree you want) and poke holes in random spots in the cardboard.
2. Cut desired length of fishing wire and stick through holes. Secure with lots of tape.
3. On the bottom end, loop an ornament through and tie a knot.
4. Cut excess string sticking out of the knot.
5. Repeat until the ornaments resemble a tree outline. Remember to hang the ones in the middle higher up and the ones along the edge lower.
6. Hang up to your ceiling somehow. (I used rope.)
7. Stand back and admire. Take pictures and brag :)

Step 3:

Lastly, place presents under it! :D

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How to make a floating Christmas tree.

Mum creates incredible ‘invisible’ Christmas tree using FISHING LINE & people are in love with it

EVERY year new Christmas tree trends appear, but one woman is taking it back to basics with her minimalistic look.

The mum has made an incredible ‘floating’ Christmas tree - out of fishing line, a clothes rail and some old board.

The mum went for a minimalistic look this year - an invisible tree


She came up with the idea as part of a cheeky elf prank, and people are seriously impressed with how it turned out. 

The mum shared her minimalist tree to Facebook group Kmart Home Decor & Hacks Australia, where she said:Oops! My son's elf Trixie made the tree disappear.

“For anyone interested in making: All baubles from kmart (of course!)

“Fishing line from $2 shop. Cheaper than from kmart.” 

She created the unique design using fishing line, but you can probably use thread with the same effect


The mum, thought to be from Australia, explained she used a freestanding clothes rail to create the look, saying: “I hung the board using fishing line to the freestanding rail.”

She tied on baubles in strategic places, and while she used fishing line, you could probably use fine thread to re-create the look. 

Her novel tree has gone down a storm online, with hundreds of people liking her unique tree.

Commenting on the design, one person said: “You are very very clever!”

She used a free-standing clothes rail and attached a board to it, then added the string and baubles


Another wrote: “That is the best thing I’ve seen.”

A third posted: “That's dedication.”

Someone else thought: “A good job! amazing well done.”

While this person added: “Maybe we need to up our game.”




Her original design has racked up hundreds of like on Facebook as people praised her dedication


Meanwhile an ex-retail worker reveals how to make fake trees look ‘bigger and fuller’ in an instant.

Plus this mum transforms son’s dinosaur toys with gold paint & they make great budget Christmas decorations.

And experts share the one mistake not to make when putting up your Christmas lights this year.

Adorable Koala hides in family's Christmas tree

Christmas invisible tree floating

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