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Minecraft house ideas: modern houses, treehouses, and more

On the hunt for some great Minecraft house ideas? From modern houses to underground bases, from treehouses to farmhouses, we've got a fantastic selection of Minecraft homes for you to check out below, each of which make the most of every type of Minecraft block that its architects chose to use. No matter what kind of home you're looking to create, you'll find inspiration with these houses! Check them out below.

Minecraft house ideas and designs:

Note: if you're after other architectural projects besides houses, be sure to check out our list of things to build in Minecraft!

Wooden Minecraft house

These primarily wooden Minecraft houses are perfect examples of how you can create a beautiful home without spending days upon days gathering exotic materials like Netherite and Copper!

The first Minecraft house on our list comes from YouTuber WiederDude, who shows us how to make a quaint and attractive early-game home almost entirely out of wooden materials and glass.

If your tastes are inclined a little more to the robust and symmetrical, then check out this wooden Minecraft house by Greg Builds, who gives a step-by-step and block-by-block rundown on creating his surprisingly spacious Minecraft home. Just plant your Minecraft Banner of choice outside to make it your own!

Minecraft farmhouse

If you're looking to build a self-sufficient Minecraft farmhouse, these lovely Minecraft houses will provide everything you need to grow as much food as you like.

This beautifully designed farmhouse by JUNS MAB Architecture is a cut above most other Minecraft farmhouses, thanks in no small part to the wonderful modular raised design of its little square farms. There's also plenty of room inside the foundations for later expansion if you so wish!

A simpler but perhaps more functional Minecraft farmhouse by YouTuber Cubey, the real strength of this cosy and unassuming home is the ability to expand it by adding more farms as you please.

Underground Minecraft house

Whoever said underground bases in Minecraft have to be ugly? These sunken houses are striking, functional, and fairly easy to build as long as you follow the below tutorials. They also provide excellent protection against Minecraft mobs - as long as you light up your home properly!

Folli brings us our first Underground Minecraft house, which you can enter and exit from all four cardinal directions. The soft Glowstone and understated decorations also give this underground base a warm and comforting vibe which looks particularly great with the best Minecraft shaders enabled.

If you're looking for a slightly roomier underground home that can fit everything from enchanting rooms to potion-making laboratories, check out the underground Minecraft house that YouTuber ItsMarloe puts together in the above video. The circular modular design not only looks great, but also gives you plenty of space for all your needs.

Modern Minecraft house

If you crave a more modern aesthetic for your new Minecraft house, check out the below builds for inspiration.

Rizzial's video above shows you exactly how to build his clean and angular modern Minecraft house, complete with fully-furnished interior.

Another build by JUNS MAB Architecture, this striking Minecraft house will certainly stand out against the crowd, with the right-angled spine running throughout giving it both a distinctive look and the possibility of expansion later on!

Minecraft treehouse

Now let's look at some excellent examples of early-game Minecraft treehouses. Again, they're predominantly wooden, so you can build them pretty early on! Just be ready to fight the Bees for rights to live in your tree of choice!

An intricately crafted treehouse by YouTube Shock Frost is made excellent by the Glowstone dangling from the tree branches, and the curling roots that give the entire tree a suitably grand appearance.

Grian actually walks us through three different Minecraft treehouse designs in the above video, each of which are simple to build and utilise easily obtainable resources, so you don't have to resort to using Minecraft commands or powerful mods like WorldEdit.

Japanese Minecraft house

If you're like me, you'll love the look of these compact and characterful Minecraft houses inspired by traditional Japanese architecture.

Our first Japanese-inspired Minecraft house comes from TheBlackBeltPanda, and it's both easy to build and housed inside a single chunk of 16x16 blocks! Check out that sliding door, too. Good job, Panda.

The Nether Brick-infused roof and Quartz-infused walls give Cortezerino's Japanese Minecraft house a striking and characterful look that'll make sure your house stands out on any Minecraft server.

And that pretty much wraps up this Minecraft house ideas guide! Hopefully you've gained a few morsels of inspiration from the above builds. If you're looking for more colours and looks to choose from when creating your house, check out our list of the best Minecraft texture packs. It's also important to build your house in the best possible location, so be sure to consult our guides on the best Minecraft seeds, and how to make a Minecraft map.


Minecraft: 10 Modern House Design Ideas That Are Stunning

Sky's the limit when it comes to designing houses and bases in Minecraft. With every new update, the materials and blocks are introduced into the game, which allows players to unleash their imagination and get creative. Moreover, whether one prefers survival or creative mode, building is simply an essential part of Minecraft.

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Occasionally, the abundance of blocks, designs and ideas can get overwhelming. Or, maybe the constant creation of traditional houses starts to feel tedious. In that case, the modern home is a great alternative. For players not sure where to start, take a look at these gorgeous modern Minecraft builds.

10 Skewed Desert Home

Building in the desert is a challenge not many Minecraft players choose to undertake. The environment just isn't as aesthetically pleasing as in other biomes, and it's not the best choice for survival due to low resources like wood and livestock. However, that doesn't mean it's impossible to make a cool-looking modern build in a desert biome. In fact, it could be argued that modern houses look the best in desert biomes due to their airy, simple and minimalistic appearance. This modern home with a skewed roof built on sand by pqroxysm on Reddit is as nice on the outside as it is on the inside, with plenty of natural light.

9 The Grand Mansion

Players not afraid to take on bigger builds should attempt building a large mansion house at least once in their Minecraft career. It's a long task that requires grinding for resources, if one is playing survival mode, but it's definitely worth the effort. This absolutely massive mansion created by symphonyStarcraft on Reddit showcases everything that's great about modern builds. The glass and white concrete clashes nicely with the lush and green jungle biome background. And of course, the pool just looks amazing with shaders on.

8 Black And White With Gardens

Given Minecraft's otherwise so traditional style, it can be difficult to come up with solutions on where to place crop farming areas and storage systems. However, even with modern builds it's possible to integrate the more medieval RPG style features of Minecraft into a cohesive whole.

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Building a medium-sized black and white mansion like UltraTyrannomax on Reddit did, with the farm disguised as a type of garden area is one of the answers to the problem. The wheat and pumpkins blend in perfectly.

7 Wood Meets Concrete Mansion

New builders might think that modern builds rely solely on one material: concrete. However, it's perfectly fine to combine several different kinds of materials. Plus, if concrete is not available, it can often be substituted for quartz blocks if the player can afford it. Reddit user MiguePlayz22 combines several block types in his design seamlessly. There's concrete, quartz, glass and even wood, a material which is normally not used that much in modern builds. The bottom line is, it's okay to play around with different patterns and blocks, even when trying to create something minimalistic.

6 Unique Dark Grey Home

There's one common feature that tends to be prevalent in almost every modern build: white concrete, or white blocks in general. However, sometimes white blocks or materials just aren't readily available. That doesn't mean creating a modern house is impossible. Having a dark color like this dark grey concrete as a primary color instead actually makes a modern build look more unique and have more personality. Don't be afraid of switch the main color of the build to something different, just like iKerbit on Reddit did in this fantastic design.

5 The Ultimate Modern Island Base

When planning a home in Minecraft, finding the right location is absolutely key. A good spot can completely change the way a house looks, simply due to its gorgeous, aesthetically pleasing surroundings. That's exactly what makes this ultimate Minecraft modern mansion base so incredibly good.

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Reddit user lemonskev was persuaded by their kids to try Minecraft, and this base was the result of it. It not only has all the things one could hope for in a survival base, but also a cool infinity pool overlooking the surrounding nature.

Speaking of choosing the best environment, a great addition to any modern house is the close presence of water. There's just something incredibly special about connecting with water, which in Minecraft makes for easy transportation on boat or fishing for food and treasure. With shaders on, water also just looks incredibly good. It definitely complements this simple yet gorgeous quartz-based modern build designed by Reddit user TwentyCharactersL0ng. The most unique part has to be the quartz bridge acting as an entrance to an open living room.

3 Modern Home With Indoor Garden

As mentioned previously, modern builds will typically use a lot of glass and concrete. However, early game these resources are somewhat expensive to come by. Not to worry, however, because wood also functions perfectly fine as the main building block for a nice modern home. This ingenious primarily wooden design created by Reddit user OtamaTheWorld has an adorable greenhouse in the middle, which gives it its signature modern appearance. That, and the variation of dark oak and acacia wood, as well as the pillars arranged next to one another.

2 The Underwater Base

Underwater houses are not a classic choice for early game in Minecraft, but the effort is usually worth it. Building one in a coral reef biome in particular is a great idea due to the wonderful environment and aesthetic appearance. OtamaTheWorld on Reddit showcases some of his talent in this small yet elegant underwater build that has all the survival necessities for a starting Minecraft player. Using quartz blocks and black concrete, the simple build blends in quite nicely with the colorful coral reef environment.

1 Start Small - Modern Starter

Many of the designs showcased here might feel daunting for beginner builders. Luckily, a great Minecraft build doesn't have to be a massive mansion. Sometimes, it's the small builds that really manage to capture people's hearts and provide all the necessities a good Minecraft home needs. OtamaTheWorld on Reddit proves this by sharing a small five-by-five Minecraft modern house build. It's the perfect design to practice modern building style with, and ideal for anyone building in survival with limited resources.

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