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This Korean design aesthetic will help you turn your small living space into a cozy home

Your small apartment doesn’t have to feel cramped and uncomfortable for long.

Like Seo Dal Mi’s gorgeous room in “Start-Up” and Ahn Jeong Ah’s super-sensible house in “Record of Youth,” you can easily turn a tiny living area into a cozy nook that will help you relax and get all your work done in 2021.

But first, you'll need a little house inspo, so search for "ja-chi-bang" on Instagram or Pinterest now.

This Korean design aesthetic has been helping millennials achieve the K-drama home of their dreams through minimalist furniture, warm lighting and the smart use of space.

Because the pandemic has given us plenty of time inside our homes, it's also allowed us to assess what is missing, what needs to be done, and what else can be done inside our small living spaces.



But first, what is ja-chi-bang?

Ja-chi-bang is a Korean word for small studio apartments where people live alone.

Room inspos posted online vary from person to person, but each of them reflects the owner's creativity, personality and aesthetic.

And, with the rise of K-dramas and many young Filipinos purchasing condos, the ja-chi-bang craze also reached our shores.

On Facebook, a group called Home Buddies, has gathered a lively community of young Filipino fans of ja-chi-bang, where they share photos of their living spaces, ask for advice on where to get home pieces, or simply share their latest acquisition. 

Frances Lim Cabatuando, who started the FB group, said those who want Korean minimalist homes usually go for neutral wall paint, minimalist wooden furniture, cozy textiles, warm lamps, and plants.

But despite the minimalist charm, home owners still like to add small trinkets or decor here and there that would give the space some personality.

"The idea is to make a really small apartment feel warm and cozy, even when you’re just alone," Frances explained.

"You try to make your small space intimate and personal because it’s your place," she added.



New year, new house

Going minimal can be both a practical and fulfilling way to welcome 2021.

According to Frances, one of the best tips for those who want to start a ja-chi-bang journey is learning how to let go of certain belongings to make room for things you really like.

"It’s hard to let go of that stuffed toy you grew up with. It’s hard to let go of a gift you don’t really like anymore but was given by someone special. But a minimalist room is called such because it really has a few things! Just the basics and maybe a few unnecessary things that make you happy," she said.

"You might be surprised how close you are to achieving your dream minimalist room just by discarding things," she added.

People who live alone are also not obligated to fill up all the space they may have.



"We’re taught to maximize the small space we have so we try to fill up every corner with containers, cabinets, etc, but having empty walls or corners will actually give you room to breathe," Frances said.

"Just because you see an empty corner doesn’t mean you’re wasting space. You’re actually creating space."

You also have to remember that you're not alone.

Many Filipinos have been renovating their rooms and houses in the past few months since COVID-19 put everything on a standstill.

"The pandemic made us look into our homes and made us assess what is missing or what needs to be done," Interior Designer Katherine Anne G. Correa, the program chairperson of De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde Interior Design Program, explained.

"Making us decide that 'Oops, the space is not enough,' or 'I need to re-decorate because I feel stressed and I want a relaxing vibe for my home' — That feeling. Why? Because, nowadays, 90% or more of our time is spent at home," she said. — LA, GMA News 

If you need more ja-chi-bang ideas and other house inspos, you can join Home Buddies on Facebook or follow Nobi Home on Instagram.


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Where to Buy Pieces to Complete Your Korean-Inspired Room


Pleated Lampshade – P1399

Because one lighting source just isn’t enough! You’ve probably seen this iconic lampshade all over Pinterest as you try to build your room inspo board, and there’s no wonder why everyone loves them. A key theme in Korean-inspired rooms is the use of light wood furniture, and this pleated lampshade takes the normal desk lamp game to the next level.

Get it here.


Wooden Bed Frame

If you’re getting a new bed frame, you might as well invest in a good one. Low-height furniture is another common theme in the K-room aesthetic, including panel bed frames. Phirewood PH customizes them: from light to dark wood and frames that come with smart storage solutions. You can also have them painted in white!

Made to order bed frames start at P9500 for a twin/single size. For more information, visit Phirewood’s page.


Gingham Bed Sheet – starts at P849

Since beds are one of the biggest pieces of furniture in your room that you probably spend more time in than at your desk (we’re not judging), you might as well get cute sheets too. Gingham is a very popular print in Korean bedrooms, and the fluffy comforter just adds a cozier feeling.

Get it here.


Digital Clock – P389

We all want to start the New Year by being productive AF, there’s no better way of being reminded of tasks to be done by placing a clock on your desk. This digital clock also has an alarm function and can be mounted on the wall.

Get it here.


Scented Candle – P220

Scented candles were one of 2020’s biggest trends: they don’t only bring relaxation but also make a cute decoration piece in every space. But the usual ones are oftentimes cured in glass containers or tins. If you’re looking for something unique, this white cube candle would make a great prop in your room. Place it on a wooden or cloth coaster and you’ve got a cute corner in your space!

Get it here.

Get These Aesthetic Bookshelves for Your Room, Starting at P300


Desk Calendar – P279

Never miss out on your next schedule! This IKEA-inspired wooden calendar is a perfect addition to any desk space. It doesn’t have a year in it, which makes it a great piece you can keep on using for the next years. A good investment for a cheap price!

Get it here.


Fabric Organizer – P45

Organizers come in very handy especially when you have too many items on your shelves. That just makes the minimalist aesthetic harder to achieve! Instead of displaying different trinkets and items in different colors, place them in organizers like this white grid fabric organizer to make the overall look of your room more cohesive.

Get it here.

These Minimalist Storage Solutions Will Keep Your Room Clean and ~Aesthetic~


Assorted Postcards – P50

Spruce up your desk area (or any corner of your room, really) by setting up an inspo wall. It can be an assortment of photographs, inspiring photos, or postcards from your travels – anything that makes you feel inspired and motivated! Scream is a local brand that makes aesthetic af postcards and stickers that are a perfect addition to your wall. P.S. Their color palette is *chef’s kiss*.

Get their postcards here.

These Local Stores Will Help You Achieve Your Aesthetic Room Dreams


Do you have other ideas to achieve a Korean-inspired bedroom? Share with us below!

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If you’re anything like us, you could scroll for hours through pictures of beautiful K-Pop bedroom decor ideas. There’s so much that can be done, but where to start? These 6 tips will help you create your dream room without breaking the bank.

1. Decorate a wire wall square grid.

These square grids are extremely versatile and can be used to display just about any kind of K-Pop memorabilia.

With the help of small clothespins, you can hang photocards, slogans, keychains, string lights, and more.

2. Display digital prints or polaroids in a creative way.

Prints only cost a few cents to make and can be organized into a collage on your wall. From heart-shaped to organized rows, the possibilities are endless.

Creating a garland by stringing rope or ribbon is another option to display your favorite pictures. Tip: Use fairy lights as the string of your garland for an aesthetically pleasing look.

3. Pick a color scheme.

The most cohesive rooms follow a theme. Though it’s completely optional, it’s a good thing to keep in mind! A soft, white room feels airy and light.

A pink-based room is girly and youthful. For a more subtle approach, decorating a neutral-colored room with pops of pink (or any bright color) can bring the desired look without going overboard.

4. Make use of unique spaces.

If you don’t have much space in your room, make use of spaces like the perimeter of your desk and the surrounding wall.

Using vertical space and/or incorporating box shelving is another way to make use of space when square footage is lacking.

5. Incorporate some words.

A way to avoid having 25 pictures of your bias’s face in a row (Not like that’s a bad thing, though) is adding some sentimental words. From wall art lyrics…

…to whatever phrase you want to cut out of paper, the choice is yours!

6. Make it authentically YOU.

It’s fun to get inspiration from rooms you see online, but at the end of the day, this is your space. Decorate it however you see fit! Whether that means adding just a little touch here and there…

…or being a bit heavy-handed with the merch…

…your room is your space to express yourself. Happy decorating!

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ENG) 5평 원룸의 360도 변신,,,★ 가을 룸투어 (KOREA ROOM TOUR, 랜선 집들이)

Anything that smells of Korea is mushrooming all over the world. Boy / girl band, make up, until the drama has many fans, especially women. So fanatical, they want to like the idol. As in the Korean drama, the bedroom has its own charm. The nicely laid out rooms make the residents feel at home for a long time in it to do various activities.

Well, for those of you who often watch korean drama must be amazed to see the actor who is beautiful and beautiful-looking. When watching Korean drama scenes we often encounter room designs, homes that are applied that tend to be simple not much furniture and look modern. Indeed, the design of a room or a house a la korea tends to be simple not much oranamen color let alone excessive furniture, of course this can be emulated when will arrange our own room or house, because this korean design looks nice, beautiful and modern so we feel comfortable and comfortable occupy room or room in our house.
It would not hurt to organize your room into a Korean drama. The concept can be tailored to your taste, minimalist, traditional, or classical. As reference material, you can search it on the internet.

Korean-style bedroom designs are still using the modern classic style is also the latest modern style. If you look at korean drama room doors are still using a sliding door, then the bed is under and the feel of the room is designed with classic but still lifting modern elements. Other korean designs are modern and typically adopt minimalist style with not much use of oranamen colors and furniture. So do not be surprised at korean rarely found color of room or room colorful.

Well, in this article we will discuss about the right design to arrange your bedroom into a korean-style room. So for the K-Popers or K-Drama Lovers would be very comfortable to be there.

So, what is the right arrangement for a korean-style bedroom? Here’s the review;

Sliding Door

Sliding Door for Korean Style Bedroom

The design of the room in Korea in earlier times almost the same as in Japan, the door using a sliding door. The material comes from wood and paper that increasingly coalesce traditional nuances. Let’s add look like in Korea, you can coat your room floor with wooden board or parquet. Traditional themes like this are widely applied to classical Korean dramas.

Pastel Color Wall Paint

Pastel Color Wall Paint for Korean Style Bedroom

If you are a fan of Ginseng Country movie, would already know if they generally use a pastel wall paint? Well, this idea can also apply to your room. Pastel colors will give a warm impression on a room. Another advantage is that you can easily mix it with a variety of colors on your furniture and stuff.

Not Much of Furniture

Not Much of Furniture for Korean Style Bedroom

Take the time to clean your room and sort out unused items for sale or donation. This is because Korean rooms always look casual, neat, and clean. Too much furniture will also look crowded when viewed. Arranging a room with a little furniture makes it easier when you clean it.

Low Cots

Low Cots for Korean Style Bedroom

Koreans prefer to sleep with low cots or even do not use a cot or a mattress. You can choose between it to arrange your korean style bedroom. Everyone has their own taste. If you are not used to sleeping on the floor with only a mattress then make a bed with a low / short size.

Simple and Interesting Setup

Simple And Interesting Setup for Korean Style Bedroom

Having a narrow room does not mean you can not try this idea, you know. In fact most rooms in Korean drama are not too broad. The solution is to structuring the furniture maximum. Choose a small piece of furniture then take advantage of empty space, such as a wall to put outboard shelves to display your books, photos, or collections.

Modern Shown with Bright Color

Modern Shown with Bright Color for Korean Style Bedroom

If you prefer a modern concept, you can add some bright colors to your room, for example for sheets, curtains, carpets, or other accessories. But remember, don’t be too much color, because the Korean impression will be lost. Rooms in Korea tend to apply the concept of natural and minimalist.

Use Box Lights

Use Box Lights Use Box Lights for Korean Style Bedroom

It’s incomplete if your room is not equipped with adequate lighting. To further refine your Korean drama style room, place a box-shaped light. You can choose a desk lamp, a standing lamp, or a chandelier. The shape of the box on the lights give a distinctive traditional impression of Ginseng Country.

Super Minimalist

Super Minimalist Bedroom for Korean Style Bedroom

Super stylish korea-style room design is perfect for those of you who have a narrow-sized bedroom.


Ethnic Theme for Korean Style Bedroom

Who says a Korean-style bedroom can not be given an ethnic touch? Use some furniture made of wood that still has a natural brown color, then the ethnic impression will be present in your bedroom.

Tea Room in the Bedroom

Tea Room for Korean Style Bedroom

One characteristic of Korean culture is its people’s habit of drinking tea. Adding a small space inside your bedroom as a special place to enjoy warm tea while breathing fresh air coming in from the ancient korean-style windows is a unique idea worth a try.

Classic and Luxury

Classic and Luxury for Korean Style Bedroom

For those of you lovers of classic korean dramas, this bedroom type will definitely make you feel at home for long in the room.

Bottom Drawer

Bottom Drawer for Korean Style Bedroom

Minimalist room spaces, wooden tiles, and simple beds with drawers underneath really depict korean typical bedrooms.

Large Window

Large Windows for Korean Style Bedroom

Source : Pinterest

One characteristic of korean-style bedroom is jumbo-sized windows. With a super large room windows, guaranteed you will not be late awake because the morning sun will directly break through.

Okay, that was an idea to organize your bedroom into a korean style bedrooms. Interested to try it at home ?? ^^

Awesome Bedroom Interior Decorating Ideas Korean Style And Tips

Awesome Bedroom Interior Decorating Ideas Korean Style And Tips

Beautiful Classic Korean Style Bedroom Furniture

Beautiful Classic Korean Style Bedroom Furniture

Colorful Korean Style Bedroom

Colorful Korean Style Bedroom

Cute Korean Interior Design Inspiration

Cute Korean Interior Design Inspiration

Epic Korean Style Bedroom

Epic Korean Style Bedroom

Korean Bdroom Tradition Meets Modernism

Korean Bdroom Tradition Meets Modernism

Korean Interior Design Inspiration

Korean Interior Design Inspiration

Korean Style Kids Bedroom Furniture Set

Korean Style Kids Bedroom Furniture Set

Korean Style Wooden Bedroom Furniture

Korean Style Wooden Bedroom Furniture

Marvelous Korean Style Bedroom Design

Marvelous Korean Style Bedroom Design

Modern Korean Style Bedroom Decoration Renderings By Heypik

Modern Korean Style Bedroom Decoration Renderings By Heypik

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Sours: https://architecturein.com/2017/11/27/how-to-create-a-korean-style-bedroom/

Aesthetic room korean

10 Easy Steps To Get A Cosy Korean-Style Bedroom

Korean-style bedroom interior design spacious room floor chair and bed on the floor

Photo from Pinterest

Korean-style bedroom interior design simple and stylish

Photo from Pinterest

One key feature of a Korean-style bedroom is low furniture! Since olden days in Korea as well as other parts of Asia, people are used to a home lifestyle close to the floor like sitting and sleeping on the floor, and working and eating at low tables. Get a low bed frame and low bedside tables for a cosy look!

For times when you want to lounge around in your room but don't want to get your bed dirty, some cosy floor chairs will come in handy!

#7 Only practical furniture

Korean-style bedroom interior design simple study area

Photo from Pinterest

Korean-style bedroom interior design grey and white minimalist

Photo from Pinterest

Korean interior design is minimalistic and function is more important than form. Pick furniture that is practical to use and without fancy designs or embellishments.

#8 Place your bed near the window

Korean-style bedroom interior design minimalist

Photo from Pinterest

One thing that you'll notice in Korean bedrooms is that the bed is usually placed near or right under the window.

#9 Bookshelves

Korean-style bedroom interior design girly and cute

Photo from Pinterest

Korean-style bedroom interior design grey and white simple

Photo from Pinterest

Bookshelves with decorative items are another element of Korean interior design. Choose a simple shelving unit and use it to display books and knick knacks! The shelves look simple and practical on a whole while still letting you express your style with decorative items.

#10 Small decorative items

Korean-style bedroom interior design shabby chic cute decor

Photo from Pinterest

Korean-style bedroom interior design cute room with stuffed plush toys

Photo from Pinterest

It's subtlety over grandiosity when it comes to Korean interior decorating. Large-scale and ornate decorative items can look too loud and overwhelming.

Instead, build a stylish and visually-cohesive space with a collection of small and simple decorative pieces that look good together. Go for things like small art prints, plants, wall hangings and even plush toys and cute light nights! The key to decorating is to leave most of the walls bare, so fight the urge to overdecorate and display just a few small items on the walls.

Feeling an urge to give your room a makeover now? 😎

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