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Trike conversion???

Ok, if this info. could help you i had to wait patiently to convert a regular 1953 schwinn 26inch girl's frame in to a trike my self,here you will always find a friendly hand to help you in any proyect but like anything everything takes time and patience .

my proyect ended up just as i wanted something diffrent like i said before it is a 26inch frame but the rear trike set up is from a 24inch non schwinn that i got from a verry good member of this wonderfull site , ( Chris ) unchained ,the frame i also got from another great member( Robert ) Road Master it was simple after that.

By the frame been a 26inch and rear 24inch wheel set up i had to find a 24inch front fork NOS uncut SCHWINN wish it was a task but it got found at my local bike shop ( thank's Maisonet :wink: ) it was pure luck.

My proyect when in it's way here are some pic's.





hope this will help you !, you will find what you need here give it some time and it will get to you . good luck on you're proyect !


Sours: https://ratrodbikes.com/forum/threads/trike-conversion.31672/

Lowrider Trike Conversion Kit 7 Speed 2407-T Use with Hollow-Hub Wheel 15mm Bearing

Lowrider Trike Conversion Kit 7 Speed 2407-T Use with Hollow-Hub Wheel 15mm Bearing


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Product Details

  • Trike Conversion Kit 7 Speed 2407-T Axle 15mm Black.
  • this trike need special wheel right and left wheel 26" 36/SpokeTrike Alloy Hollow-Hub Left & Right Wheel Set ASIN: B0749FXXSM 24" 36/SpokeTrike Alloy Hollow-Hub Left & Right Wheel Set ASIN: B0749FXXSM 20" 36/SpokeTrike Alloy Hollow-Hub Left & Right Wheel Set ASIN: B07KKPPFCTck.
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‏ : ‎No
Item Weight ‏ : ‎10.45 Pounds (4.7 kg)
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎Lowrider
ASIN ‏ : ‎B01IB3VWW2


Trike Conversion Kit 7 Speed 2407-T Axle 15mm Black. this trike need special wheel right and left wheel 24" 36/ Spoke Trike Alloy Hollow-Hub Left & Right Wheel Set ASIN: B0749FXXSM ******* 20" 36/Spoke Trike Alloy Hollow-Hub Left & Right Wheel Set ASIN: B07KKPPFCT ****** Fits: 20/26 Inch Axle Size: 15mm Fits Chain: 1/2x3/32 Material: Steel Freewheels: 7 Speed Color: Black Brand: Lowrider Use with Hollow-Hub Wheel 15mm Bearing

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Customer Questions & Answers

  • Question: Can i put this on a beach cruiser frame with Fat tire wheels?

    Answer: Yes, if your beach cruiser is already using a derailleur for gearing. You just remove the chain, rear brake, and the back wheel, insert the kit where the wheel was (you may have to spread the fork (I used a car jack to do that), and carry on. There is some chain tightening required, some locking out of the outer chain ring if you have a front derailleur mechanism, and a some adjustments of the rear brake because the kit comes with a disc brake, which is still controlled by the cable from the front handlebar. Make sure you order the wheels and tires at the same time. This will simplify the install. There was a time I would have done this stuff myself, but I am trying to simplify my life so I got a bike mechanic on the case.
  • Question: Could this be used to convert my Schwinn stingray chopper bike into a trike?

    Answer: I used it to convert a Schwinn Lil' Chik into a tricycle for a 95 year old friend of mine. the difficulty for me was having to rebuild the back axle holes of the bicycle to accommodate this specific trike conversion piece . It is extremely well built and despite having to modify the rear end to ensure a sturdy build it is well worth the money. However, it will take some custom work.
  • Question: Will this fit the wide 20" & wide 24" tires?

    Answer: y
  • Question: can this product be converted to single speed freewheel?

    Answer: No that’s not it’s purpo
  • Question: Will it fits wheels big enough to use 4 inch wide tires on this conversion??

    Answer: Probably not.

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W.•• ••ue

September 9, 2020

Decent product not so decent seller

Decent trike kit. Comes with drum brake and 7 speed shimano cassette preinstalled. Mine worked with minor adjustments. The seller on the other hand "top lowrider" (def not US based) not so great. Kit came package in the lightest way thin foam plastic and Saran Wrap. Arrived cratched and the axle threads were damage on one side. When I contacted the seller. They accused me of damaging it during installation and asked for pictures. Nope not giving email to an offshore entity. In the end I able to repair the threads my self and finish my project

Am•• ••er

November 9, 2017

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Sours: https://www.ubuy.vn/en/product/CZ3O2SK-lowrider-trike-conversion-kit-7-speed-2407-t-use-with-hollow-hub-wheel-15mm-bearing
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