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Unitronic Stage 2 : 280HP / 325LB-FT

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APR is pleased to present the ultimate engine control unit (ECU) upgrade for the 2.0T EA888 Gen 1 engine!

APR’s ECU Upgrades are the best dollar-per-horsepower modification one can make to the 2.0T engine. The upgrades dramatically increase horsepower and torque, making for an exceptionally quicker and more exciting vehicle. This is made possible through APR’s optimization of the factory engine management system to take full advantage of the engine’s capabilities, without needing any end-user adjustment. The software loads to the factory ECU through the OBD-II port, resulting in a clean and headache-free install. Furthermore, for those looking for tuning with a limited powertrain warranty, APR Plus has you covered!

Applicable Vehicles: 

  • Audi A3 2.0T (8P)
  • Audi A4 2.0T (B8/B8.6)
  • Audi A5 2.0T (B8/B8.5)
  • Audi A6 2.0T (B8/B8.5)
  • Audi Q3 2.0T
  • Audi Q5 2.0T
  • Audi TT 2.0T 
  • Audi Allroad 2.0T
  • Volkswagen CC 2.0T
  • Volkswagen EOS 2.0T
  • Volkswagen Passat 2.0T(B6/B7)
  • Volkswagen Jetta GLI 2.0T (MK6) 
  • Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0T (MK1)

At Home APR Flashing - How does it work?

USP Motorsports has made at home APR Software as easy as 1, 2, 3...

1. Purchase the software applicable to your vehicle (this page)

2. Purchase the required hardware (APR Cheetah Cable) - Links below

3. Complete the form that will be emailed to you after checkout. This will arrange all the necessary steps to complete the flashing process.  

Required Hardware: APR Software Flashing Cheetah Cable (Get Up to 80% back of what you paid for this*)

Recommended Hardware Kit: APR At Home ECU/TCU Flashing Kit (This kit includes the cheetah cable above)

After checkout, you will receive an email from USP Motorsports with instructions on how your ECU can be flashed. 

NOTE: This software must be purchased along with a required APR Software Flashing Cheetah Cable. (Note: We highly recommend getting the complete APR At Home ECU/TCU Flashing Kit to avoid any potential issues during the flashing process)

APR ECU Upgrade Stages (Only Stage 1 Is Included With This Purchase)

APR’s ECU Upgrades are available in multiple stages, supporting various octanes both with or without any hardware modifications. Software is available for use with a high flow intake system, high flow Race DP exhaust system or both. All stages are fully compatible with an upgraded intercooler, catback exhaust, or other minor bolt on modifications. Finally, each stage is offered with special “Low Torque” software, designed to limit peak torque for use with an unmodified factory manual clutch.


APR Stage I ECU Upgrade

The APR Stage I ECU Upgrade requires no hardware modifications and is available with 253-261 HP and 309-317 FT-LBS of torque, depending on octane. Gains as high at 67-71 HP and 93-101 FT-LBS of torque are available throughout the power band! Lower torque files are available, limiting torque to 292-299 FT-LBS. This software must be used with the factory intake and factory exhaust DP.


APR Stage I ECU Upgrade with Intake

The APR Stage I (Intake) ECU Upgrade requires a high flow intake system and is available with 257-268 HP and 312-336 FT-LBS torque, depending on octane. Gains as high as 70-84 HP and 95-120 FT-LBS of torque are available throughout the power band! Lower torque files are available, limiting torque to 295-300 FT-LBS. This software must be used with a high flow intake system and factory exhaust DP.


APR Stage II ECU Upgrade with Intake and Race DP

The APR Stage II ECU Upgrade requires a high flow intake system and high flow Race DP exhaust system and is available with 270-283 HP and 319-350 FT-LBS of torque, depending on octane. Gains as high as 77-95 HP and 102-134 FT-LBS of torque are available throughout the power band! Lower torque files are available, limiting torque to 305-307 FT-LBS. This software must be used with a high flow intake system and high flow Race DP exhaust system.


APR World Class Calibration Expertise

Tuning 101:

The 2.0T engine uses a Continental Simos 18 ECU for engine management. Basically, it’s a computer that tells the engine how to operate. Tuning software, like the APR ECU Upgrade, tells the engine how to make more power. It does this by running more boost pressure, optimizing the cam shaft positions, valve lift actuation, adjusting the air/fuel ratio, advancing ignition timing, and more.


A Better Engine Management System:

The 2.0T’s ECU is incredible. Without the driver knowing otherwise, the ECU makes intelligent adjustments to the engine’s operations to keep it running smoothly. Unlike ECUs found in many other makes and models, when properly tuned, the ECU eliminates the need for custom tuning to maximize output, even when weather conditions change dramatically.


How APR Differs from the Competition:

The ECU is powerful but extremely difficult to master. Without mastery, the ECU must be simplified, removing what makes it so desirable. The result is an incomplete product that often requires end user adjustment to maximize output in limited scenarios. On the contrary, APR’s Engineers spent years mastering the ECU to unlock its full potential. With complete access to the thousands of maps, tables, and variables within, as well as a high-level understanding of how it works, APR’s Engineers were able to take advantage of everything the ECU has to offer. Power is maximized in nearly all scenarios, eliminating the need for end-user adjustments. High-performance operational modes are enabled and calibrated to deliver smooth daily driving, with a snappy and responsive throttle during moments of spirited driving. Mastery of the boost control system makes for an impressively predictable driving experience as the turbo spools quickly, delivering instant power, while torque-by-gear helps with traction control and protects the engine from being lugged out in tall gears. Lastly, advanced high-output protection routines are enabled, allowing the ECU to make constant adjustments to airflow and fuel to cool and protect the engine, all without the driver knowing otherwise.


Acceleration Enhancements:

Beyond horsepower and torque enhancements, APR’s Calibration Engineers were able to increase the acceleration rate of the vehicle through other calibrations changes. Ignition delay is reduced resulting in a more responsive pedal without altering overall throttle sensitivity. Furthermore, throttle lag commonly noticed at slow speeds and while reapplying throttle has been reduced.


Speed Limiter:

APR’s ECU upgrade increases the vehicle's top speed limiter for blistering sprints around the track or across the Autobahn without the speed limiter shutting down the fun.


Left Foot Braking:

APR's Left Foot Braking feature allows more control over the vehicle’s throttle. The factory equipped vehicle's throttle input is disabled while pressing the accelerator and brake at the same time. Left Foot Braking, a common motorsport driving technique, allows the driver complete control over the vehicle’s throttle and braking system, which may give the vehicle the edge it needs at the track.


Motorsport Rev Limiter:

APR’s Motorsport Rev Limiter allows the engine to reach max RPM without the ECU slowing down acceleration nearly 150 RPM earlier. The result is more power to redline and a definable redline feeling as seen on Audi Quattro GMBH vehicles such as the RS4, RS5, and R8.


Increased Fuel Economy:

APR’s Calibration Engineers paid close attention to several parameters directly related to fuel economy, especially while cruising at highway speeds. Depending on driving style and fuel quality, better miles per gallon may be achieved.


APR ECU Explorer

APR’s proprietary ECU Explorer gives APR’s Calibration Engineers unparalleled access to the vehicle’s entire engine management system. Typical commercially available data logging tools, used by most tuners, only allow logging up to 12 engine-operating variables at extremely low data rates. These tools are also limited to a small, specific list of variables. APR’s ECU Explorer is capable of logging every variable found within the ECU with far more variables logged at once, at very high data rates.


APR ECU Composer

APR’s proprietary ECU Composer is used for altering the engine management system. With full access to every table, map, and variable within the ECU, APR’s Calibration Engineers are not limited to a handful of maps as is common for most tuning companies.


APR ECU Assembly

APR’s Electrical Engineers have the ability to alter the code structure of the ECU. Through code levels changes, APR's Engineers are able to add features to the ECU. Other changes allow higher torque limits than those achievable through only modifying calibration data or using piggyback devices as is the case for many tuners. On the highly modified end, this often allows APR to make turbo upgrades operate without the need for external manual controllers.


APR Direct Port Programming

APR’s DirectPort Programming is now available! Any APR Dealer in the world, connected to the Internet, has direct access to APR’s latest ECU upgrades for loading directly over the vehicle's OBD-II port. This completely eliminates the need to remove and open the ECU for currently available files and can be uninstalled at any time!


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  3. Honda element center caps
  4. Black rustoleum paint
  5. Snap periodic report ny

Looking to Tune your MK6 Jetta GLI?

Tuning your MK6 Jetta 2.0t is most often one of the first mods you would do to your vehicle.  This is generally the first modification because software tunes are by far the biggest bang for you buck when it comes to getting more power out of your MK6 Jetta GLI.  With the Uniconnect+ cable you have the ability to flash your MK6 GLI in the comfort of your garage.  No need to pay labor fees to have someone flash your vehicle, and have the ability to flash the car back to stock before you take it to the dealer for service.

Tune your MK6 Jetta GLI from Home with this Uniconnect DIY Video

This Uniconnect Cable will allow you to install a Tune on your MK6 GLI at home.

Uniconnect Cable for MK6 Jetta GLI

Just Add the Tune you Want to your Order

Once your order has been placed we will need the VIN number of the vehicle you will be flashing so we can allocate the tune to your vehicle.  Once you receive the cable you can load the Unitronic software onto your vehicle.

ECU Tunes

DSG Tunes

Combo Deals

What do I need to flash my MK6 GLI?

The only items required would be the Uniconnect+ Cable, a laptop that meets the minimum requirements (found HERE), and a battery charger to keep the battery voltage above the minimum requirements during flashing.

Why Unitronic Over the other Tuners?

If you are looking to flash your MK6 GLI on your own there are a limited number of options you have.  Of those options Unitronic is the most established and reliable brands.  This means they do a ton of testing and tuning to ensure your vehicle not only makes great power, but its driveable too.  You will also have the support you need to take care of any trouble you might encounter during this process.  The last thing you need is to go with a tuner who you cant even get on the phone.

Why Flash My Own Car?

Flashing your own vehicle means you don't have to drive long distances, sit around in waiting areas or pay labor for someone to flash your vehicle.  This doesnt even take into account all the additional features you get from the Uniconnect+ cable.

What else can the Uniconnect+ Cable Do?
The cable has a ton of great features.  Aside from being able to install your MK6 GLI tune, you can also Data log to help you track down issues, scan and erase ECU faults, Flash your vehicle back to stock, and adjust advanced settings including no lift shifting and launch control.

Do you need an internet connection to Tune with the Uniconnect+?

Yes, a stable Internet Connection is required, as a connection to Unitronic's servers is necessary to use UniConnect+.  UniConnect+ is not just "map switching".  UniConnect+ empowers end users with the freedom to actually reflash their ECU memory.

Can I switch with the Engine Running?

On a standard production ECU, erasing the ECU memory, and re-writing it with new data is not possible while the engine is in operation.

Does Unitronic offer a MK6 GLI E85 Tune?

Not at this time.  E85 requires additional fueling which exceeds the ability of the factory fuel system.   E85 Tunes also requires calibration adjustments based on actual Ethanol content from fill-up to fill-up which makes E85 tunes very tricky.

Am I limited to which tune I can install on my car?

No you are not.  You can purchase and install Stage 1 (for 91 octane), Stage 1+ (93 octane), Stage 2 (w/ downpipe) and Stage 2+ (K04 turbo)

Will the dealer know that I have a tune?

If anyone at the dealer test drives a tuned MK6 GLI, they will certainly know that it has performance software.  In regards to the dealer being able to detect the tune it is unclear at this time.  There is a flagging system called TD1 which will make a note if it detects if a vehicle has been tuned.  As far as we know the flash counter is not used to determine if it has been tuned at this time.  We do recommend flashing your MK6 GLI back to stock with your Uniconnect+ cable before bringing your vehicle to the Dealer.

Will they know if I flash it back to stock?

At this time we are not aware of any Untronic flashed vehicle that was put back to stock, which was TD1 flagged when it went in for service.

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MK6.5 Jetta GLI ECS Tuning Catback Exhaust

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