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In the latest edition of The Year in Cars, Mac&#;s Motor City Garage looks at a favorite year for many car enthusiasts:  


Nineteen-fifty-seven is a signature year for the Motor City, starting with Chevrolet, which produced one of its most beloved cars in history. Ford&#;s Thunderbird was at full zenith in &#;57, while Chrysler offered the C, Plymouth the Fury,  and DeSoto the Adventurer. The Pontiac Bonneville, Rambler Rebel, and Studebaker Silver Hawk were also unveiled in It&#;s a noteworthy year for car enthusiasts.

Styling went lower, longer, and sleeker in &#;57 as quad headlamps and inch wheels made their first appearances. The quad lamps broadened the frontal aspect, while the inch wheels lowered the stance. This is a gross generalization, but these were two key elements in the transformation from the tall, narrow, vertical designs of to the low, wide, horizontal designs of The &#;57 model year negotiates the transition, connecting the previous era to the next.

What do you find memorable about the model year? Fuel injection? Retractable hardtops? Superchargers? There was a lot going on that year. Gallery below.



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Best Cars of

One of the most noteworthy trends in was the rise of the station wagon. Before the war, this body style was regarded as a luxury suitable only a country-estate, a resort or an occasional business establishment. By , however, it had arrived as a truly popular and useful family car and accounted for more than 14% of new car sales.

Automatic transmissions, power brakes, power steering, power adjusted front seats, power window lifts and air conditioning increased in popularity. Over 80% of models had automatic transmissions.

It was at this time, car manufacturers agreed not to advertise horsepower — as it had very little connection with actual top speed. Obviously that changed.

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Our Favorite Cars for the Model Year

 Jaguar XK-SS

The XK-SS is the limited edition road going version of the D-Type. Most changes on the car were made for comfort and safety purposes. The XK-SS includes a new larger windscreen, a folding soft top, a passenger side door, luggage grid & extra luxury trim. Learn more&#;

→ Aston Martin DB MkIII Drophead Coupé

In , Aston Martin launched the ultimate version of the DB2 known as the MkIII. It was the first production car to use the new refined grill shape that would come to define the face of Aston Martin. Learn more&#;

→ Maserati GT Coupé

The Maserati GT established Maserati as a road car manufacturer as it was their first production project. From to Maserati produced over of these models which was a stark contrast to the limited number of race and road cars produced in the Maserati-Brothers era in the preceding decade. Learn more&#;

 Ford Thunderbird D/F-Code Phase I

For the Daytona Speed Weeks, Ford prepared an amarda of special cars including 15 supercharged versions of the Thunderbird. That weekend Harold Mauck ran mph for the Two-Way Flying Mile and Ford subsequently put the F-Code supercharged Thunderbird into production. Learn more&#;

 Jaguar XK Roadster

The third and final model in the XK line was the XK Easily identified by its new curved windshield, this model benefited from years of development since the first XK was launch in Jaguar described the roadster as “the same as the Hardtop Coupe, but with a convertible top, covered in the finest mohair, with fully lined interior, completely concealing the hood mechanism. Learn more&#;

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By Robert Tate, Automotive Historian and Researcher
Photos courtesy of the National Automotive History Collection

file A Legend Among the Classics 

One of the most iconic vehicles in our automotive heritage and history would be the Chevrolet and Corvette models by General Motors.

The Chevrolet models are still one of the most popular and admired American automobiles in our culture. Car collectors and enthusiasts from all over the world still talk about the Chevy models. Although Ford out sold Chevrolet that year, the Chevrolet models are still on the list as being number one among classic car collector surveys and it has become a pop culture icon.

file A Legend Among the Classics

The models were introduced to the public by Chevy dealerships on Friday, Oct. 19, The models were introduced at the time offering model-to-color combinations which many consumers liked. For example, a customer could order a model with a color called Imperial Ivory over Dusk Pearl or Larkspur Blue over Harbor Blue or Matador Red, which was a part of the solid and two-tone color combinations which were all popular in

file A Legend Among the Classics

Out of the 17 color combinations, seven were brand new for consumers. The models were available in the popular Bel Air series along with the Two Ten and One Fifty series. Chevy also produced a series of popular station wagon models including the Beauville, Two Ten Townsman, One-Fifty Handyman and the Nomad along with the great looking convertible models as well.

John Gunnell, former editor of “Old Cars Weekly,” said, “If any post-war car has earned classic status – this is the car.”

The Chevrolet also had many great, innovative features such as the Turboglide transmission which made for smoother shifting for the driver. The Chevy cars offered a horsepower Ramjet V8 engine. It became available with all transmissions except overdrive in standard passenger cars, and with the close-ratio or Corvette type power-glide in Corvettes.

file A Legend Among the Classics

The fuel injection was a first in automotive progress for General Motors. It was the first fuel injection V8 available in a standard production passenger car. The Ramjet Fuel Injection with its great overall fuel economy led to outstanding overall performances for the driver. The Chevy look was freshened with the model with a sleek and new lowness and length of its lines with high-set rear fenders. One of the most popular Chevrolet models was the Bel Air convertible model which was one of the most luxurious convertible in its class. Today it’s one of the most expensive collector cars on the market.

file A Legend Among the Classics

The Corvette models were great looking vehicles. Those twin exhausts beneath the sleek rear end-design told a great story about many performances with its beautiful handling that matched its great automotive styling. The Corvette models was a two-passenger sport car that many consumers thoroughly enjoyed. The models had offered a cubic inch V8 engine equipped with a Ramjet fuel injection.

The Corvette offered the consumer a choice of the standard four-barrel carburetor or dual four-barrel carburetors. It became a popular design with consumers and a fast car on the racing tracks among fans.

file A Legend Among the Classics

Advertising called the Corvette models “Toward an American classic the Corvette with fuel injection.” The Corvette models were very similar to the model styling designs, however, the customers loved them.

Although sales of the Corvette models were not spectacular they were at least satisfactory with 6, models which were sold for a price tag of $ 3, dollars. In conclusion, the Chevrolet and Corvette models will always have their special place in automotive history.


A special thanks to Robert Tate, Automotive Historian and Researcher, for contributing this story to the MotorCities Story of the Week Program.

For further information on photos please visit or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please do not republish the story and/or photographs without permission of MotorCities National Heritage Area. (Bibliography: Ludvigsen, Karl; “Corvette America's Star-Spangled Sports car the complete history.” Published by Automobile Quarterly publications; Dammann, H. George “Sixty years of Chevrolet” Crest Line publishing )

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