Floating dock frame kit

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Why FWM Aluminum Docks?

Innovative, Versatile, Durable

Our industry-leading aluminum docks are easy to install, extraordinarily durable and practically maintenance free. They feature a lightweight, modular frame design that makes it easy for you to create your own custom dock in any layout or configuration you choose.


Superior Construction, Exceptional Stability

Crafted with passion and purpose by highly skilled aluminum welders and fabricators in our cutting-edge New Hampshire manufacturing facility since 1975.

Superior Materials and Construction

Attractive Look and Feel; Customizable with Variety of Decking Surfaces

Exceptional Stability in the Water

Easy-to-Connect Dock Sections and Accessories

Little to No Maintenance Required

Easy to Install, Remove, Expand

Slip-Resistant Surfaces for Safety

Environmentally Friendly


Perfect for Nearly All Waterfront Uses

Our stationary, rolling and floating dock systems are ideal for homeowners, marinas and commercial uses, public parks and recreation areas, and much more.


We make it easy to enhance your enjoyment of your waterfront home.

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FWM Docks manufactures versatile, durable dock products and accessories are perfect for small to mid-size marinas.

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Camps and Parks

Create attractive, low-maintenance docks, best swimming floats, boat and kayak launches; easily rearrange or expand your layout for special events or changing needs.

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Trail Systems

Our products can also be used to created elevated walkways (up to 10’ above the ground) to make it easier for hikers to traverse wet areas in parks and nature trails

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We’re Here For You

Q: How much does a new FWM Dock cost?

A typical small 20’ residential dock system usually starts at around $2,500. The price varies based on square footage and dock style. Floating docks tend to cost a little bit more due to the additional material used and more rugged anchoring. We benchmark our pricing with other competitive brands throughout the country. If you find that the free quote your dock specialist provided to you is way too high (or too low) something could be amiss, and it typically means we are not comparing apples to apples. All factors considered, you will not find a better value than FWM.

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Sours: https://fwmdocks.com/fwm-aluminum-docks/

Thank you for all your patience and help getting my order to me in such a short time! You provided excellent customer service. If you were an Amazon merchant, I would rate you 5 stars! The piling cap is just right for our application. We are creating a "rocket ship" for our church VBS and it makes a perfect nose cone. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Lucy T.

Thank you for everything you did to help with our dock!

Jay and Denise H.

I have received the cap for my vertical 15 inch (15 1/4' OD) sewer pipe/fountain pump pipe.   The 15 1/2 is a perfect fit with a wiggle room to remove it easily for winter pump extraction, yet tight enough to keep debris out.  I wanted to thank you very much for the follow-up to make sure I had what I needed.  It could have very easily not worked. Your time in contacting me was an excellent example of customer service.  I hope to do business with you again some-day if I ever build my lake or if anybody is looking for the products Dock Accents represents.

Anthony B.

Sours: https://www.dockaccents.com/product/floating-dock-kit-10-x-20-ft/
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Dock Kits

Tiger Docks can tailor-design a floating dock specifically for your waterfront environment. Our in-house design group will configure any size and shape to match your dock needs. Our kits are easy to assemble and install.

Types of Dock Kits

Tiger Docks is a manufacturer of dock kits, which include wood, steel, and roof Docks. Depending on your waterfront site, Tiger can make suggestions on what type of dock kit would be most suitable for your environment.

Basic kit includes encapsulated float drums, galvanized steel hardware, lumber bill of material list with cut-to specifications (you purchase the lumber locally), assembly instructions, easy-to-read drawing package, and complimentary technical assistance.

Optional accessories available include bumpers, dock cleats, swim ladders, marine stair systems, power stations, mooring whips, benches, flagpoles, dock storage lockers, aerators, fountains, de-icers and no-icers, and much more.


Check out some of these photos of customers that put together their own docks.

Sours: http://tigerdocks.com/
How to Build a Floating Dock - Sea Port Marine - Thruflow

Our Dockmaster “Do it Yourself” kit is designed for the budget minded and handyman type of person, who has some basic construction knowledge, tools and ability. If you can build the deck panels yourself..you’ll save money.

If you prefer, completely decked, water ready dock packages are available !!
All Dockmaster dock frames are completely welded. No frame assembly is required. This makes for a more structurally rigid frame. They are NOT loose, lengths of aluminum, supplied in a cardboard box with a bag of hardware, that takes you hours to assemble.Bolt together docks are not as strong or stable as our welded frames.
Our finished KR 26 or KR 30 ft kit is comprised of:
  • 1- 10ft long – 4 leg adjuster aluminum frame.
  • 1 – 10ft long – 2 leg adjuster aluminum frame.
  • 1 – 6ft. long aluminum ramp frame ( 1-10′ ramp in KR30)
  • 1- pair of aluminum 3ft legs,
  • 1- pair of aluminum 4ft legs,
  • 1- pair of aluminum 6ft legs,
  • Approx 150lbs,bundled, shipping weight

Watch the Videos and See How easy it is!


DOCKMASTER Dock frames and leg pads are completely welded and assembled. No frame or leg assembly required

DOCKMASTER Dock frames and leg pads are completely welded and assembled. No frame or leg assembly required

Don’t be fooled !!

Just like bolt together furniture (that takes hours of frustrating time to assemble) bolt together dock components that come in a cardboard box are very similar. The manufacturer is supplying loose aluminum extrusions and is counting on you and your valuable time to do the final assembly. It takes hours of frustrating time to assemble a dock from a cardboard box, with an assortment of extrusions,screws, pins and bolts, that… just like bolt together furniture … will loosen up over time and use, thus affecting the stability and structural integrity of the dock frames.

Summer Fun SHOULD NOT require you to assemble a mechano set of frame pieces.These are just some of the components a bolt together dock may require.

Summer Fun SHOULD NOT require you to assemble a mechano set of frame pieces.These are just some of the components a bolt together dock may require.

Buy a Dockmaster dock

Dockmaster dock frames are completely welded frames..no frustrating frame assembly required .. They’re welded frames..Dockmaster’s unique design is engineered for maximum durability and simplicity making the frames virtually maintenance free – the frames won’t loosen up over the years.

Dockmaster docks are built to last – Buy Dockmaster-Quality Equals Value

5' X 26' Packaged in 10'lengths for shipment only weighs 150lbs-Bundled

5′ X 26′ Packaged in 10’lengths for shipment
only weighs 150lbs-Bundled

"Our dock frames are completely assembled,welded, rigid structure!! "Not shipped in a cardboard box requiring hardware & hours of assembly time !"

“Our dock frames are completely assembled,welded, rigid structure!!
“Not shipped in a cardboard box requiring hardware & hours of assembly time !”


5′ X 26′ Dock kit completed, decked and installed

DockMaster dock kits are available in 4′,5′,6′ and 8′ widths.

Frame weigh as little as 45lbs.  1-2 person install

Frame weigh as little as 45lbs.
1-2 person install

Dockmaster Dock Kits include all hardware to attach the frames and legs. A complete bill of material for the purchase of the deck boards and screws. An illustrated, easy to follow,step by step, assembly guide for the top deck panels.

Don’t want to take on the deck panel DIY project??.  We can supply the deck panels completely assembled. Request pricing as a complete package, making your Dockmaster dock ready to install and level.

Once you receive your aluminum frame kit there are virtually 6 easy steps to complete your 26ft package.

Dockmaster kits are very easy to transport as they are light weight and are only 10ft long. Shipping is responsibility of purchaser, however we will supply you with a quote for shipping upon request to your area.

Example of Over Hundred feet of Dock kit in pickup truck. From Store to shore made easy.

Example of Over Hundred feet of Dock kit in pickup truck. From Store to shore made easy.

The Dockmaster 26ft dock kits can easily be added to, for longer docks, by the purchase of additional aluminum frames. All frames are pre-drilled to accept additional lengths. Other popular ‘T’ or ‘L’ style dock configurations can easily be achieved as these are sectional frames. Leg lengths can be modified in both the kits or the additional frames to mirror the water depths required for your shoreline.

Frames weigh as little as 45lbs, the removable, top deck panels,built to plan,even less, so installation and removal of our docks is a relatively simple, 1 or 2 person task

Best dock at the Best price = Best dock value for your money.

See more photos in the photo gallery or use our dock design tool to create your own dock lay-out

Dockmaster removable docks are recommended for temporary boat moorings. Not to be considered for permanent moorings for boats. Boat lifts are recommended for safe and proper mooring of boats at dock sides.

DockMaster dock kits include a bill of material, a cut list and a step-by-step, illustrated assembly guide for customer supplied decking.

Specifications and Sample Pricing

The DockMaster frame is constructed of 6061-T6 Aircraft quality aluminum all welded frames that add superior strength. All welded frames = no frame assembly required.
Sours: https://dockmaster.ca/dock-kits/diy-dock-kits/

Frame floating kit dock

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Do-it-yourself Floating Dock Kit

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